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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al jazeera. blogs all robin you're watching the al-jazeera news our life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes india says farewell to the late indian prime minister who oversaw his country's transition into a nuclear power. we're committed to a whole of government effort to change the reigning regimes behavior the us announced a plan to deal with iran after withdrawing from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal.
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also concerns grow over italy's aging infrastructure following the general a bridge collapse and. i it's time to tango an international festival celebrating the south american dance opens in argentina's capital. i. welcome to the al-jazeera news our thousands of people have been paying tribute to former indian prime minister atal bihari vajpayee by the head of his creation in new delhi he was the first prime minister from the hindu nationalist b j p by was considered a consensus builder and successfully lead a coalition with multiple smaller parties to try to improve relations with pakistan but at the same time asserted india's nuclear power status ordering tests iran can has more. he was elected prime minister not once not twice but three
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times at all the hari vegemite ruled india first for thirteen days in one thousand nine hundred six but was unable to form a majority and then resigned he was prime minister for thirteen months in one thousand nine hundred broader coalition partner with troops he was once again forced to resign he completed a full term of almost six years from nine hundred ninety nine i. am the international stage he's perhaps best known for testing nuclear weapons on nine hundred ninety eight and intensifying an arms race with a neighbor pakistan at the time the tests were a source of great pride for him and celebrated nationwide today and trip skinflint if i was in india conduct a three underground nuclear tests in the poke and take the tests also placed a strain on the indian u.s. relationship and sanctions were placed on the country. in favoring one thousand
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nine hundred ninety he led negotiations with pakistan of the contested region of kashmir he pushed for a full scale diplomatic peace process another success came with the inauguration of the new delhi the whole bus service in february one thousand nine hundred nine vij by initiated a new peace process aimed towards permanently resolving the kashmir dispute and other conflicts in pakistan but in may one thousand nine hundred ninety the two countries for a two month war in the remote region of cargill i because made india declare victory is pakistan withdrew from cargill a shrewd political player pyke was able to build bridges on all sides of the political spectrum his moderate reputation brought him supporters especially from those who feared the right wing side of his b.j. party his popularity soared his he oversaw economic reforms that led to high rates of growth but he lost the election in two thousand and four after campaigning on his economic success. his slogan of india is shining didn't resonate with everyone
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especially the poor who voted overwhelmingly for rival the congress party at all but how he got piet was born in one thousand twenty four in central india and died in hospital in new delhi after being admitted to. a correspondent thomas joins me now from new delhi and not to a funeral procession certainly making its way through the streets of the capital but of course the country remembering a giant of politics despite the divisive minority public politics that he also pursued. that's right so there's tens of thousands of people on the streets of central new delhi i was down there just a short time ago and there are security cordons on all the entrances that get you to where the procession is going to pass by and we probably saw thousands probably ten thousand of the one i was asking there were many others around the city as well so many many people as you're seeing in these pictures gathering to watch that funeral procession go by he was a big figure in indian politics in part because he was the first person to serve
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a full term as prime minister who didn't come from the congress party the dominated indian politics ever since independence and he for the b j p took the party mainstream and kept them in power as you say for that long stint between one thousand nine hundred nine and two thousand and four with lots of achievements along the way economic particularly and of course as indians would see it making india a nuclear power as well of course one of the founding fathers he would be described as molding the b j p into an electable political party despite the many detractors it had over the decades. they were very much a fringe element in indian politics before him but he brought the mainstream of course now with their own government under their own dream modi and really have been the opposition to progress in the interim period as well but they really dominate indian politics now and a lot of that is june to his term as prime minister really so little. find the b.j.
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peace hold on politics and really making sure that they were a force to be reckoned with remotely on friday has been front and center of the memorials to. he's been walking alongside the chariot out of the right now he's still walking by that procession to take the funeral to try to take the coffin to where that's going to be cremation about half an hour from now and render modi calling him his guru his mentor really lavishing praise on the man who has a say really dominated politics for that period of the turn of the century indeed there are very few indian politicians that can actually say that they were there then when they were pivotal moments in the country's history when you talk about india of course pakistan comes up he was there shaking hands with military dictators as well as democratically elected politicians pakistan is sending a very important delegation it sends a very important message to new delhi what is a transitional period for both countries. it's hugely symbolic
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iran plan has just effectively been elected pakistani prime minister and he has sent a delegation to new delhi a very short notice the acting information minister is here for the funeral and iran can very quickly on friday put out a statement as well saying that a vacuum has been left in the political arena of the subcontinent politics i extend my sympathies to the people of india in their hour of grief imran khan when he won the election was very quick to say that he wanted better relations with india and very quickly he's had a chance to put is actions where his mouth was and to send this delegation does send a clear signal of course india and pakistan have been bitter rivals ever since partition the been all wars the most recent of those in one hundred nine when it was prime minister imran khan here by setting this delegation by putting out this statement is saying that he wants better relations with india and india for its part issue the visas very quickly they also want better relations going forward indeed wolf
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see how the day progresses said he from new delhi for the moment and thank you of course over the border to pakistan because members of its parliament are meeting in islamabad where they are expected to endorse him run car house the next prime minister is the wrekin sam party became the largest in the national assembly after an election last month but some in the opposition disputed no card is expected to be officially sworn in on saturday that's the very latest from kemal hyder who's live for us in a slum of our senior correspondent there come on there is a time line two events that we are expecting in the national assembly where are we right now. where where dream to bring it here wave from a haitian man that day to be a cation off to manage the speaker of the house is going to good that debate is to be wrong for five minutes before awarding began
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five minutes beard. everybody to come into the family. dog are going to be locked nobody will be able to go in or out of parliament and awarding will begin to the leader of the house which means the prime minister. need to take a few. minutes that question of parliament began of course what. will become the next prime minister the indication is he has huge problems ahead for the country the economy a whole range of issues including for us as of course relations with india these are daunting tasks for a man who's never really held high office certainly not premiership. however you go all mentioning the fact that enron had indeed a very deep hole over their dead. body watch by and.
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they had. gone a few days ago conrad you're leading him on his victory. for peace and development and. there are signs however iran will have a huge challenge and one of the challenge we're going to face. day however. day why did the budget on people's party a thing that why they were that. thing from the awarding because they didn't are degree on a joint candidate. will be jordan and the leader of the house after which it will be sworn in officially on saturday morning for the moment to come all we will leave it there thanks very much . of course the u.s. has announced
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a new tussles to do specifically with iran to persuade roles government to change its ways secretary of state might pull the new unit as the u.s. increases economic pressure by imposing sanctions well earlier this year the u.s. withdrew from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal describing it as to king and. our hope is that one day soon we can reach a new agreement with iran but we must see major changes in the regime's behavior both inside and outside of its borders also possible from the united nations. the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o has unveiled what is being called the iran action group trying to make certain that all parts of the u.s. government are working on a strategy to compel iran to give up its nuclear weapons ambitions as well as to stop its efforts of supporting groups such as hamas hezbollah the who these in yemen and other such organizations that have been listed as terrorist groups under u.s.
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law even though this effort is now being unveiled the administration is denying charges that it is trying to push for regime change inside iran there's also the question of whether the u.s. is goal of trying to get other countries on board with this new effort will work notably countries within the european union which have long standing economic ties to terror on when asked whether or not the u.s. was going to have a problem getting these countries to agree to put more pressure on iran to change its ways this is what bryant hook the new special representative for iran had to say that's the purpose of maximum economic pressure the point is not to create any rifts with with other nations but when you look out the kind of money that iran provides to assad and to shia militias to lebanese hezbollah it's billions and billions of dollars and we need to get at drying up those revenue streams so far
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the beggar's of the iran action group is a very small one the ministration wasn't ready to unveil those names on thursday however brian hook did tell reporters that this is a key policy initiative of the trumpet ministration and that they are committed to trying to get iran to change its political and security ways. as beautiful as this r.d. in town he's a professor in the department of american studies at the university of tehran good to have you with us live on al-jazeera how do you think the iranian government is going to react to this new strategy by the u.s. i don't think you will hear a major reaction after all mr pomp when he was. had the similar group he called the you don't mission center when he was the head of.
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so i don't think this is a new policy the policy is basically regime change and the person that they picked to head this new group. action group is brian hook who has been hawkish towards iran since he. was in foreign policy establishment he's a john bolton protege john bolton thinks that his mission in life is to overthrow the iranian government ok so nothing has changed this is that i think if nothing has changed certainly the american government is that we try to find ways to tighten you might say that the pressure the noose around iran some are suggesting that this group will cherry pick the issues that matter most to them in the same way that george bush cherry picked the information before the iraq war in two thousand and three are we heading in that direction or is it too soon to say. maybe
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. you know using that term news is racist in nature and unfortunately in the trump administration we have a number of racist people they are going to basically repeat what they did with regard to iraq obviously iran is militarily much more advanced than iraq was when when iraq was attacked iran is able to defend itself on life afghanistan and iraq and that's going to mean something for american military leaders but at the end of the day the same people who brought you the iraq war are in the white house and they will try to basically implement the same type of activities with regard to iran demand that mr pumper hired the two of them and the preconditions that he had for talks with iran basically are demands that iran cannot meet know no country can actually meet those type of demands so at the end of the day you will hear more
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type of more. from washington and the pressure on iran is going to increase to see what happens for them and for others are to thank so much for joining us from tehran thank you. plus more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including greece launches an inquiry to find out why so many people were killed in last month's wildfires and we'll look at the fallout from a vaccine scandal that's raised fears over the safety of drugs in china. tennis controversy as the davis cup is set for a revamped political not story with cho in sports. now the indian state of carolina faces an extremely grave crisis according to its chief minister as monsoon rains battered the region at least one hundred sixty four people have been killed in the last two weeks of the damage has been described as the worst in almost a century bernard smith has more. hundreds of
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soldiers have been sent to caroline to lead the rescue effort. thousands of people are stranded across the southern indian state at least two hundred twenty thousand people have sought refuge in relief camps. hundreds of homes have been swallowed by floodwater. north and central carola have been worst hit by the floods but the entire state is on red alert as heavy rain is predicted for several days if you have a fresh spell or flood inundating and there are vast areas we have deployed our forces over there in seven districts. the government says ten thousand kilometers a perilous roads have been destroyed. the international airport is flooded and have been temporarily closed. monsoon rains are a fact of life in india but these are the heaviest since nine hundred twenty four millions of dollars worth of crops have been washed away. indian prime minister
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narendra modi says he's praying for the safety and well being of the people of carroll bernard smith al-jazeera. well rescue workers in italy are still digging through the rubble in genoa genoa after trying to bridge collapse at least thirty eight people were killed and hundreds more injured now the government is focusing its attention on its aging bridges and tunnels some of which are more than forty years old natasha butler joins us now from genuine of course natasha the rescue operation certainly the search and rescue operation continues with maybe over a dozen still missing. yes that's right the city prosecutor here in genoa says ten to twenty people are still missing they thought of being in vehicles on the bridge when it collapsed and that's why mergence the workers hundreds of them have been digging through rubble they've continued for a third night ever since the collapse on tuesday trying to shift those big slabs of
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concrete with machines they are using their hands sniffing dogs anything they can to try and see if there are any signs of life any survivors but of course is the hours and days pass that is becoming less and less likely but it is possible say rescue workers that somebody could survive in an air pocket and that is why they're continuing but ever since so this tragedy here in the city on tuesday of course the big question for everybody has been why on earth did that bridge collapse in the first place and joining me here in juneau is professor enrico muso he's with the university of genoa he is an expert in transport and economics and hopefully can shed light on some of these questions professor muso i mean what could be some of the reasons behind this collapse well the occasional reasons are on the wrist a geisha now and it's very difficult to say now which is the cause we can say that probably one of the ties collapsed because it was too subject to intense action of
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the bridge and then it collapses the and has a chain reaction the other collapse too and eventually the central pillar of the bridge collapsed too but on the other side must be said that there is a technical reason which is the issue of very very. widespread and well known reason which was that the bridge was not sufficient for the amount of traffic both city traffic and ports related traffic and into regional international traffic that used to be there and this was very well known and it has been debated for decades in this city if it was a lesser or not to build and now the infrastructure and the motorway bridge parallel to this warm. eventually the decision was yes but after thirty years of the bait the decision was yes just last year and it was too late you were telling me earlier there was also this wider responsibility in a way because many politicians perhaps had an opportunity to do something about
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this but nothing was ever done yeah because these debates eventually turned into postponing this decision the for a lot of time and some political parties and big white part of the general community too said that it was not necessary from an environmental point of view to build a motorway infrastructure because that could be sufficient actually it was so crucial and so lacking of alternatives that it was very clear that a transport system needs some degree of redundancy in some critical point in order also to do the necessary maintenance on the existing for structure what now because the government say that they are going to inspect bridges and tunnels across italy i mean that's going to be a huge job isn't it yeah when i say that this particular bridge because of it's quite all this technology which was in the fifty's and sixty's but then it has been abandoned and that's because of the fact that there was building a lot of traffic much more than any other bridge in the town you know more to
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a natural probably this is not the case for any other bridge in the motorway network natally but yes the reason needs in monitoring and maintain better. infrastructure even if probably we cannot assume that this is the standards for the other things of of the natural course right professor may say thank you very much indeed of course there is a full investigation ongoing the government launched that after the collapse but for now many people here are in mourning there will be a state ceremony for some of the victims on saturday because the grief is still very rural for the people of the city indeed and will continue to follow vince with you natasha through the day thank you. over to china there were four senior officials including a provisional deputy governor have been dismissed over a defective vaccines program one hundred eighty eight thousand children in shandong province had been given the injections which contained what the government called substandard medicine has more from beijing. of the four officials who've been
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dismissed one is the deputy head of the organization responsible for regulating the drug industry here in china as well as the deputy governor of jilin province these dismissals were confirmed in a report in the people's daily overnight the people's daily is the newspaper of record here in china it said that the state council which is a body headed by president xi jinping had met to discuss the case and this was the result president xi jinping it seems has been playing an active role in the fallout of the scandal which appears to be widening now this all began back in july when it was revealed that the chunk chunk biotechnology company had been falsifying production records it produced vaccines which were then given to children these are vaccines which are not dangerous they simply ineffective in effect useless so now you have thousands upon thousands of parents in china still not sure still not
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convinced they can trust the industry which provides vaccines for their children there really is a trust deficit in this area at the moment and a lot of anger in the streets when you speak to people about the scandal they say how can we trust our vaccine industry and of course foreign vaccines simply aren't available in china so people here in china have no option but to use the locally produced ones now we know also that some five hundred thousand ineffective vaccines were produced that's double the figure the government gave a month ago and that one hundred eighty eight thousand of these vaccines were administered to children we know also that fifteen officials from the company at the center of the scandal are still under investigation including its chairwoman. greek's oversees all raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help victims of fires that swept through the results east of athens last month prosecutors have
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launched an inquiry into white ninety six people were killed relatives of the victims they please failed in their response as reports from the village of one of the worst hit areas. this used to be by your kitchen the only survived the fire that swept through this neighborhood on july twenty third because he and a friend acted quickly after smelling the smoke you frightened you for we went to the main road and there was a tsunami of flames sixty meters high as soon as we saw this i said save your family take them to the sea we ran back and i grabbed my mother i should be a sequel this is where i was ended up along with hundreds of others some scorched by the flames just a little too many bits for me over the years there was absolutely no warning perhaps the authorities didn't realize the size of the phenomenon it was so sudden my house is four hundred meters from the sea the fire took three maybe four minutes to cover that distance an inquiry is now looking into why all photos he's failed to
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better coordinate their response the local mayor says five faces acted heroically but everything happens to fust madras one of the keepers i see as civil protection measures exist here as in every municipality but when you have twelve force winds blowing through pine forest and it becomes extremely inflammable the city is a government is trying to restore a sense of normality trees are being cut down even though many of them appear only superficially singed the public power corporation is restoring electricity the government will pay each stricken household an emergency some of the around five thousand dollars replace basic appliances and give pension is a double payouts this month all in the hope of reducing its political liability you know yet another name of the probe is no right to talk about political responsibility we've assumed the political responsibility already the prosecutor is an independent authority they're investigating but they won't find anything in the
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government we have no criminal liability. cities a has already earned a reputation for slowness and civil protection at the height of the refugee crisis three years ago it took months to ask brussels for help resulting in greater suffering for refugees and last year it was unable to prevent oil from a sunken tanker from soiling kilometers of pristine coastline west of athens but this time greece seems to have suffered an unprecedented number of deaths from wildfires even in two thousand and seven when two and a half percent of greek territory went up in flames the death toll did not exceed sixty for those who have lost family members say no amount of money will bring them back jumps or openness al-jazeera. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin but still ahead here on al-jazeera we are not the enemy. the media strikes back at it as a round the u.s.
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defense that journalism against attacks by president trump. and a british parliamentary committee puts its support behind the cigarettes and hopes of getting smokers to kick the habit. and we'll tell you why fans in the u.s. could see the likes of messi and other famous spanish league players on that this season table back to the sport. from the waves of the sales. to the contours of the east. well you have seen the video coming out of in parts of india carola state and what we expect to see over the next few days is more rain but i want to show you some of the rain totals they have come out of this area just in the last twenty four hours and forty hour scuse me reaching up to about three hundred millimeters in some of these cities right here but it's because the code that has reached almost just over
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six hundred millimeters in the last forty eight hours now we are looking at still very heavy rain over the next few days the rain threat down here towards the southwest is a continue but today up towards gujarat state we do expect to see very heavy rain showers coming down across most of the area extend the two tomorrow as well as we go towards next week though the rain through it is going to start to reestablish itself a little bit more towards the north and a little bit more towards the northeast we will get a breakdown here towards the south so though it's going to be good at least for the next few days we're also looking at some very heavy rain showers here across parts of. vietnam where we did see a tropical storm make landfall you can see all those clouds making their way over here towards the west that is going to continue for parts of laos thailand and then we'll be watching very closely over here towards me and mar for very heavy rain showers mudslides landslides flash flooding is going to be definitely the potential over the next few days. the weather sponsored by cattle. then there's nothing they set sail for gold. but this covered their resorts worth
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more than its weight human being. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charts the birth and the rise of the african slave trade nothing in history that is tainted to humanity. for all the gold in the world i want to just go. and this new delhi artistic expression has thrived for generations. now real estate developers want to go on. tomorrow we disappear i will close documentary on al-jazeera.
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welcome back to watching the al-jazeera news hour with links a home run a reminder of our top news stories this hour former indian prime minister atal bihari body has been taken for cremation with full state alders he was the first prime minister from the hindu nationalist be j.p. and transformed india into a nuclear power while in office. also the u.s. has announced a new task force to deal specifically with iran it says it's to persuade tehran's government to change its ways secretary of state mike pompei or announce the new unit as the u.s. increases economic pressure with more sanctions and the collapse of the bridge in
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general has drawn attention to its least aging infrastructure around that seventy percent of its fifteen thousand bridges and tunnels are more than forty years old at least thirty eight people were killed in jenin and an investigation is underway . the u.n. has invited yemen's warring factions to attend talks in geneva on september the sixth the officially recognized the any government has been fighting who through rebels for more than three years tens of thousands of people are being killed and most of the population are on the brink of starvation. newspapers across the us clear to the news from front pages on thursday instead they printed editorials fighting back against president donald trump's attacks against the media reports now from washington d.c. . here at the newseum in washington d.c. the front pages of some of the over three hundred newspapers taking part in what was billed as an attempt to end a quote dirty war on the free press and we're being displayed their goals for the
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day really are to remind the public about the value to our democracy of afraid independent press and maybe tone down the rhetoric that leads some on the fringes to violence by using inflammatory terms like enemies of the people they are the fake fake disgusting news. donald trump's attacks on the media have been rhetorical and that has its dangers but he hasn't been journalists with the espionage act or seized their records and demanded sources as president obama did instead trump is playing on suspicions about the media the house long been the charge that the mainstream media does reflect the views of the establishment and the elite and marginalizes those who question that at least and some do wonder whether donald trump is now giving the mainstream media the opportunity to present itself as m t establishments without having to conduct any self reflection answers and what you just did is inflammatory to the u.s.
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media has awoken under donald trump and is likely to take a far more adversarial position against the white house. but has the age of trump truly ushered in a new era of fearlessness for a fourth a state finally willing to speak for the people or is the press simply reflecting the unease of the establishment that trumped up ended with his victory that many of the long called for an adversarial relationship between the media and a sitting president but the question is what kind of adversarial relationship is it just simply belt based on attacks personal. attacks going back and forth that don't have substance that don't actually improve people's lives they don't highlight issues but in effect inflate the personalities and egos of major celebrity media figures and people in the trumpet ministration the polls show most americans care far more about free health care or reversing economic inequality than the alleged russian collusion that establishment voices blame for their loss in the
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last presidential election yet it's the latter that dominates the us media and those that do take an adversarial stance to the establishment on social and economic issues remain as marginalized as ever meanwhile the polls reflect a declining trust in the media nationwide trump continues his attacks she never turns the washington. british parliamentary committee has said smokers should be given greater support to use cigarettes as a way of kicking the habit in a reporter quoted medical studies that suggest electronic cigarettes or fake pink could help people stop smoking lawrence lee has more from london. sunday no denying the popularity of aping and a cigarette now days in the u.k. places like this has sprung up all over the country and almost three million people nowadays in the u.k. routinely use the cigarettes as a less harmful thing to do they assume than conventional smoking of course the science is
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a little sketchy and opinions are mixed the report this week suggest that the cigarettes are actually more harmful than people think they might be on the basis that they can cause lung infections but now an officially sanctioned reports by a government committee here suggest that not only already cigarettes are actually much better for you than conventional ones but they could even be used to help people give up smoking completely just like patches and nicotine replacement and that sort of thing and even further the authors of this report suggests that the health service hasn't made the proper distinction between conventional cigarettes. and these cigarettes and then it could even be the case that people could use these cigarettes in places like public transport and offices in a way that is currently banned that is quite controversial but here's what the chairman of the government committee had to say i don't discount the issue of the sort of nuisance value of people vaporing a lot of people complain about the smell of the sort of cloud of paper that
1:37 pm
surrounds some people who do but we mustn't confuse that with. public risk in the way that we know cigarettes cause risks secondary smoke ng we know has an enormous risk attached to it very thing is wholly different to that and we want to encourage a public debate about. treating vaporing differently to smoking in those public places certainly to a degree all of this flies in the face of the received wisdom inside the national health service which runs public hospitals like this one in central london their advice is that the cigarettes are less harmful than conventional ones but they might not get you over your nicotine addiction and help you give up smoking and so it is still a very confused picture for smokers. indeed it is let's speak to sebastien luke in birmingham in england via skype he's
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a clinical research fellow at the university of birmingham good to have you with us live on al-jazeera at the moment look at in england there are two sort of trains of thought regarding the cigarettes the public health england organization back in february said there was a case to see cigarettes as a positive way away from smoking you say there are still some risks. good morning yes the the article which we published in the journal thorax which was published earlier this week and the research which was funded by the british long foundation looked into the effects of the east cigarette vapor when exposed to. lung cells immune cells of the lungs which play an important role fighting bacteria including their brain and what we found was when we expose the cells to the east cigarette fate of condensate it resulted in a toxic response and we found not only did it that it killed the cells but also a lower dose it resulted in a increased amount of inflammatory chemicals that the cells produced and also
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reduced their ability to clear engulf bacteria which are important in clearing faction and the key results of this study are actually that the changes that we saw we saw in the cells would be similar to that seen in patients who smoke and those patients who have long term lung disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or c a p d. so that our conclusions from this so that we should draw an amount of skepticism about the conventional belief that cigarettes are safe and we think that more research is needed in this field if that's the case and skepticism is perhaps the word we need to underline here remember covering the story from malaysia a few years ago and their issue and i think it's similar to what you have what you're talking about is the fact that while we've seen research on nicotine for nearly five decades six decades there hasn't been enough research on pure nicotine which is part of the the v.a.
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paying capsule and therefore there are huge question marks around what the long term effects of what pure nicotine does to the lungs and that's really the big issue isn't it that need still to be more research to be done. absolutely nuts are excellent points we found that some of the earliest studies certainly of our collaborators in the states when they looked at now studies they found that when they expire and expose the mouse to the cigarette fluid it seemed to be nicotine which were causing some of the effects which can be seen in long term lung conditions such as ca p.d.'s mentioned earlier and also it's a similar thing as well when they're exposed to living cells which are part of the lining of their airways when they're exposed to to the cigarette that could seem to be nicotine which were producing some of the negative effects and so obviously we've always thought nicotine is the addictive component of conventional cigarettes
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tobacco whenever release have seen it as a half or harmful agent but obviously with the research now it's becoming increasingly evident that nicotine particularly in the inhaled form is not as safe as we once fought and the debate will continue certainly for a long time to come for the moment to sebastian thanks so much for joining us from birmingham thank you those that africa families of some of these striking miners killed by the police six years ago say the government has not properly acknowledged their pain and grief or some families receive compensation of about seven million dollars others including survivors are still waiting for me to miller has more from when a car where a special ceremony has been held. the commemoration took a somber tone when the loved ones of the thirty four victims little candles and stood in silence six years after the maracana massacre the grief felt by families and survivors is evident but many are angry too they blame the government and the
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police for the deaths of the miners new evidence suggests that when striking miners was shot they were running away from police. was shot in the head the bullet is still in his skull he was told he would die if doctors removed it i am in the now because i feel like a piece of script and not good enough to work in a more i deserve to be compensated. for this it been a particularly violent strike ten other people including police officers and security guards were killed in the days before the mass shooting six police officers are facing legal proceedings but no one has so far been convicted of any crime. for the winners not willing men on. the lower. orders mine. was monetizations. and. the handling of stride.
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but did other women look at what happened in britain where this was. only. down. adding to the continuing volatility here is the potential of thirteen thousand job cuts by mining company and parlor platinum people here have used the anniversary to revive their calls for better wages and living conditions these remain major issues for the mining community who say mining companies have put their profits they hear it out of people's well being. oh there are concerns that these issues are not adequately addressed some may resort to violence workers' union amcu says it will not accept job cuts and plans of mass action from al-jazeera america. all still had all been used to indonesia's couple gets to host
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the asian games but pollution is proving an additional problem for the athletes are we have a story coming up in sport. looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the world's record holder is the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about five minutes to buy a movie treatment america's guns are arming mexico's cartels on al jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. southbound on the economic heartbeat of a thriving brazil but boom times mean rising rents and the lack of public housing isabella is just one of thousands looking for
1:45 pm
a place to call home with no choice but to occupy one of the city's many vacant buildings facing an uncertain future. you find a latin america occupying brazil on al-jazeera. bookmark for the next two weeks a dancing spectacular will color the argentine capital one desire is the tango was born in the city way back in the late nineteenth century now the international tango festival and world cup attracts fans and competitors from around the globe as teresa berry explains. the old it is the dance music of when
1:46 pm
a scientist. and for two weeks the festival and world cup energizes the argentine capital. traveled from colombia to compete last year they came in third place this time they're hoping to make it to the top but i'm using some muscle trying to help me express what i feel is the most complete dumbs and the most beautiful is the anything obama's best at all us in the me and it's an arch that helps you express what you're feeling if you're angry or sad or happy or in love you can express everything in a stance. this is the world's most important tango competition almost seven hundred couples competing to win the cup it is here in the neighborhood of our tangle was born it is the place where the first port of one side is was no kadian when thousands of immigrants arrive here in search of a better life and that's why many say that tango is full of sorel because it
1:47 pm
expresses the feelings of those who had to leave everything behind in their home countries and the hardships they faced when they arrived. and they won the new one is the instrument at the heart of the sound of tango first crafted for religious services in one thousand nine hundred century germany it is now in tune with dangle . the letter though it has been playing it. since he was a child and now it helps him make a living. as a coach and how but in the beginning it was persecuted because of the way it was danced or what the songs meant that a powerful opponents like the plus the catholic church and the military but slowly is what its place and now it is all it. says this time of the year is a period that held argentines pay tribute to the dance that has come to represent the moment picked already brought it is
1:48 pm
a historic moment because it's the time when we see how time goes nurturing it still is opening up mixes with other musical cultures but we always look back to our historical references to continue to teach us and to keep us on the right path . a path that has come a long way since dunga was born but there continues to amaze arjan tines and foreigners alike. it is how long i'll just when i say this. time sport has done very much the tennis players past and present a strongly criticizing a radical revamp of the sports oldest international men's tournament the davis cup the international tennis federation or i c f voted to overhaul the one hundred eighteen year old tournament on thursday for next year they're making it into an eighteen team end of year competition saying it will elevate the davis cup to new standards so here are the main changes one hundred those two countries currently take part in the tournament over the course of the year with sixteen playing in the
1:49 pm
elite world group in the straits knock out for next year just twenty four countries will compete in qualifying twelve winners for semifinalists and two wildcards will advance to the end of year titian they'll then play a round robin format and a knockout round over the course of a week when the new format has had the backing of an investment group led by a japanese billionaire and founded by spanish footballer gerard piqué the partnership between them and the i.d.f. is said to be worth three billion dollars over twenty five years. and very very proud of my team. of course much you know they're saying everything thank you very much to all the nations that have voted in favor and the ones that have voted against. tried to prove that we can deliver to retain the reader's competition ever in tennis in the next twenty five years well it is exciting i mean
1:50 pm
the transformation is unbelievable and i'm so fortunate to be the leader of the organization at this point in time and i think it's something that the board will look back and be very proud in the nations will look back and be very proud over the years but this will help us transform tennis will find federations voted against the oval hole those from great britain the usa australia france and germany have all been multiple winners of the tournament in the past say it changes the competition completely the head of germany's tennis federation and six time grand slam champion boris becker posted this on twitter the loss of words about the decision today hash tag davis cup pack cash who won the davis cup twice with australia in the eighty's says that it's a sad day for men's tennis and that the at r.t.f. a forewarning themselves if they think top players will play an eighteen team competition of one week at the end of the year off a brief santoro who was also a two time davis cup winner for france says is the end of an institution and that
1:51 pm
business once again takes over the history and the values of sports. spanish league football returns on friday with the first round of the new season getting underway but all the talk going into it has been about the country's top announcing plans to stage a game in the united states now they say it is part of a fifteen year plan to promote la liga in north america the league is yet to confirm the date all plays teams involved but says it's committed to moving a regular season game outside if you're for the first time only this month the spanish super cup game was taken out of the country with also in a beating soviet two one in morocco now the sessions i'm going to spanish football is union in fact the union's president says the f.a. strongly objects football is not currency that can be used in business to only benefit third parties we spoke to fernando calloused a journalist at one of spain's leading sports publications he says the league is
1:52 pm
doing what it can to close the financial gap on them and the english premier league i think they can't be as popular as the s. premier league because they have they have the two of the greatest clubs in the word you know when you have a messy and you have barcelona you have real madrid you can do whatever you want to so now they are trying to do to be professional there something that legal wasn't before hubby had went through there and got to the president of the leader so now they're there they're racing they are they're losing but they're getting close to the premier league so premier league they talk they try to have actually the regular season game in the u.s. they failed so trying to do something that the premier league couldn't do it. brazilian club goes through to the last sixteen of south america's second tier club competition the compas in american are they not nasional of perak why out with
1:53 pm
a tuna when in rio the stables over to the lead in the thirty eighth minute which put them in front on away goals they are not over lengthier then double that advantage in the eighty ninth minute with super bowl for the win. fellow brazilians from an end they are also through having not defense or sporting out fluminense a who took the first leg to nil in rio two weeks ago had the only goal of the game through pedro he scored in the seventy eighth minute still next face deportivo cuenca of ecuador in the round of sixteen. the international committee has lifted a ban on q eight allowing it to take part in the asian games in jakarta with athletes competing under the country's flag curated been suspended since two thousand and fifteen because of what the i.o.c. called undue political interference in its country's sports bodies now some north and south korean athletes are also competing under a unified flag with basketball team a one example of that they went looking for their second asian games victory as
1:54 pm
they took on taiwan a little earlier it was a close game the teams were tied at seventy three points apiece and so it was into overtime taiwan's bouazizi lay put her team in front eighty six to eighty three and with the final throw of the game unified korea team mistook the buzzer as taiwan held on for an eighty seven to eighty five win. so some action already underway although the opening ceremony takes place on saturday games of the world's second largest sports event after the olympics with fourteen thousand athletes taking part from forty five asian countries those athletes will take part in four hundred sixty two medal events across forty seven sports ten of which a new to the asian games including jet skiing paragliding bridge and e-sports jakarta as undergoing undergone a big tidy up but air pollution the sea. philip big problem for them stepfather reports. a country better known for its diverse culture and for its
1:55 pm
sports. asian games are the largest event ever organized what and fourteen thousand athletes are arriving in the congested capital jakarta and in the city of palembang the center of yearly forest fires all stadiums have been built and renovated and city centers have undergone a transformation this is what visitors will see when they look up the air quality index just three days before the opening of the games show unhealthy levels they do sign up when beijing was hosting the olympics janish low evolution by decreasing the number of cars and closing down factories and it's maintained relatively better air quality intercut environmental issues are not a priority especially a quality the government puts the economy first air pollution has been called a silent killer in the indonesian capital with figures in two thousand and ten showing that fifty seven percent of its people suffer from respiratory diseases but
1:56 pm
indonesian at least seem unfazed having to compete against countries like china or japan which have won the most medals at previous games they say they have other worries like eighteen year old runner lalo mohammed story who last month surprised many by becoming the world champion at the under twenty hundred meter sprint in finland young against a lot of shopping mentality i need to mentally prepare myself because at the asian games i will be up against athletes that are all older than me and very experience . indonesia is aiming for sixteen gold medals especially in new sports events like bridge jet skiing roller skating and martial arts while indonesia is gearing up to what is from most to be a spectacular opening of the asian games on saturday the country wants to show the world it's capable of organizing such a big event have a. last time to prepare after vietnam withdrew as a host not everything is quite ready at. the athletes' villages near an area where
1:57 pm
a polluted river spreads a fold smell instead of cleaning it ahead of the games it is covered by in that and its smell unsuccessfully treated with chemicals others are complaining about logistical problems making it hard to reach the venues on time. games are very important for our nation important for asia the energy of issues being portrayed here that's why we have a speeded up the building of venue so the people of asia who are coming will be happy and proud. indonesia hosted the asian games for the first time in one thousand nine hundred sixty two than the still young nation built this welcome statue one of the city's landmarks fifty six years later it will once again welcome asian athletes even if it's sometimes hard to see because of the polluted air stop fast and al-jazeera. and that is. thanks very much to the people she believes there are with me. with
1:58 pm
a beautiful hard hour of news on the other side of the right so to stay with us will be a trip. to a. national bulletins for debate on migration is polarized to include too strident positions harkless and headless how do you define an indigenous person who do they benefit isn't this more about living with difference and you and visas that and who do they contain. the right to live anywhere in the world would ever want to leave their country. goes head to head with
1:59 pm
a cold commie and on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you. china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business spark the long line of china to secure its resources for the future of sub subsaharan region as a whole dow is expected to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera some journeys are tougher than others. but this route is even tougher than the current destructive. truck drivers. just to make
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a living if you crash them a place to live or even kill because of his own food. from ideas. on al-jazeera. load. to the late prime minister who oversaw his country's transition into a new. prime minister. is expected to be appointed. a new leader. were committed. to change the iranian regime. a new approach.


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