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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2018 2:00am-3:01am +03

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congressman are you interested in stopping crime. al-jazeera. welcome to the al-jazeera news hour on live from our headquarters in doha with me elizabeth purana coming up in the next sixty minutes the u.s. threatens to impose more sanctions on turkey and the turkish lira tumbles. two palestinians are killed and two hundred seventy others injured and friday's in gaza protests the endian state of carola is facing the worst floods in the century more than three hundred people have died and rescues are ongoing and star turned
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politician emraan khan is said to be sworn in as prime minister of pakistan on saturday. turkey's battered currency the euro has weakened on friday after a turkish court rejected an american pastas appeal for release andrew bronson has been held on terrorism charges for nearly two years washington has threatened to impose more economic sanctions on if he isn't freed gabriel and he's owned over ports from new york. for the turkish lira it was a week that could not in soon enough he week that started with the lira sliding to a record low of seven point two against the us dollar the currency has lost nearly forty percent of its value against the dollar this year alone as a full fledged economic crisis continues to simmer the trumpet ministration this week threaten to impose additional economic sanctions on turkey over the country's
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continued house arrest of a u.s. pastor on terrorism charges the diplomatic standoff led trump on friday to again say sanctions are justified turkey has in my opinion acted very very badly so we haven't seen the last of that we are not going to take it sitting down they can take our face but some analysts say the u.s. is being overly aggressive with the sanctions and use them to march here use them to recklessly if you don't have allies on board when you use the. you erode their effectiveness over time however there are some signs of potential relief on wednesday qatar's emir tahmima bin hamad out funny visited ankara bringing with him promises of an investment package worth fifteen billion dollars that money will mainly be injected into turkey's financial markets and banks turkey also promised to inject more money into the economy here on wall street they're watching the
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events in turkey very closely but most analysts say they have not seen any significant signs yet that events there are objecting the u.s. stock market but elsewhere that's not the case markets in asia remain mixed and european stocks were mostly down primarily because many european countries remain heavily exposed to turkey's debt while the list of grievances between these two nato allies is substantial this crisis ultimately boils down to a battle of wills between two leaders the big question now which one of them will blink first until then how far will the lira fall in the meantime gabriel is on to . new york. we're talking is one of the world's fastest growing economies and the sixth largest around europe but it's facing major challenges the inflation rate has reached fifteen percent this year the highest in fourteen years turkey's budget
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deficit rose by more than half to thirteen billion and twenty seventeen the value of turkey's imports is higher than exports leading to a negative trade balance of almost seventy seven billion dollars last year bought on a positive note the economy did grow by seven point four percent in the first three months of this year well let's get more on this now we're joined by national security and foreign policy analyst and he's that joining us live on skype from helsinki in finland always good to have you with was on al-jazeera not a lot of positives right now actually the credit rating took his credit rating was cut on friday further into junk territory. our correspondent was saying that now it's a case of waiting to see who blinks first between to and the us between and the want to try but to he certainly has a lot more to lose here in the standoff. and i'm not surprised first of
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all even a broken clock is right twice a day even president trump has a good point twice a day let's face it president. turkey for the past thirteen fourteen years managed to bring the turkish economy out of the dump did they while the the turkish economy thrived on during his leadership now unfortunately president carter gone is going more and more and more towards an authoritarian anti western anti nato sort of rhetoric and not to mention the fact that he's getting more closer to the iranians the russians than the chinese but having said that we have an american and turkish jail for no reason whatsoever on top of that again as i said even a broken clock is wrong with a president who has a good point here and as you know from my previous commentary on this very network i'm not a big fan but there is
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a good point to be said that the president and his vice president ministration has a very good point and a legitimate point to make that the past and among other things other americans who are in contrary incarcerated and turkish jail three released and a president are gone is pushing a very hard line agenda towards what is not supposed to be the turkish dream stuff that's work and that is a sad day to live for us on is how much. current situation is the cause one to release american pasta andrew bronson. and given that to problems economic problems are actual name they do a lot deeper than the effects of the u.s. sanctions because andrew brown said. and the sister the kid can now mix system will not face or what will be let's put it this way and the
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economic system will be be able to withstand any sort of backlash wave with some such a circumstance now the turkish economy having done so well for the past decade decade and a half is facing some challenges right now but let's put it this way the turkish economy for the most part and again as we know most of the turkish economy did so well on the center right government of president are gone or before the prime minister are to go on and there are certain right coalition in his government. right now what you're facing is the american pressure coming down on turkey for a whole host of reasons but let's back up a bit what you see right now is a clash of personalities we all know that president trump is a personality president so as president or a big rock and that brings a bit of sadness to all of us were witnessing this from back in san francisco or
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d.c. or new york or use that yeah is that one of our most important nato allies is being beholden to a personality ally in the war you might as well see and president parroting on and also president trump in d.c. and that's also a sad state of sort of fact that it's all about well releasing the american pasta and buns and seems like it would probably possibly be the easiest thing to do because there are as you mentioned other reasons why the turkish economy is in the states that it's and we had moody the credit rating agency has downgraded downgraded to. a weakening of public institutions and the related production and the predictability of to foreign policy making how does it go about you know addressing the easier things like when leasing pasta bronson it doesn't seem to be willing to do that but then these much deeper problems now. deeper problems
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are definitely at issue here but let's face it any sort of american pressure on any country whether we like or not the united states controls the banking system around the world any sort of pressure the a minor or major is going to have an impact on any country's economic system these economic sort of the economy big the turkish economy can only withstand some much pressure from american pressure not to mention the sanctions that may go through. turkey and also one thing we should keep in mind is turkey as a nato ally with its. east what its rapprochement what the iranians what it's getting closer to the chinese and the russians on the buton there and he can't find a lot of fans in the u.s. on the house or the senate that actually find so much sympathy so american pressure on the bank in this free or construction oil and gas and so on and so forth is going to have a major pressure want any country especially turkey's banking system and so yes
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there are some infrastructural issues having said that these issues translate into personality problems and mr erdogan and president have not had yet a chance to wrap it to sort of reconcile those personal differences aside from sort of more institutional differences that we witnessed the past few months talking about you know. getting close. to china. reaching out to countries like france germany but how much do you think of a trade investment relations with them. provided the situation with the u.s. doesn't improve and the end of the day you can have as good a relation you want to have friends cutter saudi. the great britain or germany but again the vast majority not all of the world's banking and trade sort of transactions go through one and one and sort of transaction route and
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that's new york that's american transactional route the united states decides what sanctions on those which control the vast majority of the banking transactions. turkey doesn't stand a chance now you can get some direct investment from being get some direct investment. but again your bank is beholden and also that and then on american american is now again as i said earlier even a broken clock is right twice a day american president president. problems and. he's right about this. correct as maneuvers need to come back and allies. has kept turkey. turkey away from a lot of threats facing east and north. as always great to get your thoughts on.
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we're going to move on to some other news now and israeli police in jerusalem have closed the gates of the compound after a knife attack police say an israeli palestinian man tried to stab an officer in the old city before being shot dead the closure means the worshipers will be unable to pray at the mosque jordan which is the custody of the al aqsa mosque compound has urged israel to immediately reopen it. meanwhile at least two palestinian protesters have been killed and two hundred and seventy wounded during more demonstrations near the gaza israel border fence palestinians have been staging protests every friday since march they're calling for a right to return to ancestral lands which are controlled by israel and that their families were forced to leave their also demanding an end to the israeli led blockade of the gaza strip child stratford as at a medical tent near that border fence. the medics say it's obvious that this man
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has been injured by a live round that has gone through both his legs. the medics who say that the majority of those injured are injured in the lower limbs and they say that ninety percent of the time these bullets i mean if you come over here this. it's one of the countless people. suffering the effects of tear gas inhalation medics saying they're seeing people like this all the time is not a man here who so dull to tells us has been injured by what he describes as an exploding bullet obviously we can't independently confirm this but don't to say that he's ready soldiers are using a type of ammunition that explodes in middle age and the shrapnel obviously flies out and many people are being harmed this way now hamas says that the palestinians of gaza have every right to continue these protests and as we heard
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earlier today in the mosques there were calls for these protests to happen in various locations across gaza hamas says that people here have every right to protest until israel's sea is lifted and that's despite the countless injuries we're seeing here every week. the indian state of canada isn't doing an extremely grave crisis according to its chief minister as monsoon rains continue to batter the region more than three hundred people have been killed this month the damage has been described as the worst and nearly a century but it has the latest. hundreds of soldiers have been sent to caroline to lead the rescue effort. thousands of people are stranded across the southern indian state at least two hundred twenty thousand people have sought refuge in relief camps. hundreds of homes have been swallowed by floodwater. north and central carola have been worst hit by the floods
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but the entire state is on red alert as heavy rain is predicted for several days if you have a fresh spell of flags inundating another vast areas. we have deployed our forces. the government says ten thousand kilometers of perilous roads have been destroyed. the international airport is flooded and have been temporarily closed. monsoon rains are a fact of life in india but these are the heaviest since nineteen twenty four billions of dollars worth of crops have been washed away. indian prime minister narendra modi praying for the safety and well being of the people of canada bernard smith al-jazeera. there are plenty more ahead on the news hour including. the move by the trumpet ministration that some say signals its withdrawal from the conflict in syria. russian president vladimir putin has to discuss
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a controversial gas pipeline bypassing ukraine and the nation's capital gets set to host the asian games but air pollution is proving a problem for athletes because it will have the details coming up in sports. around khan is expected to be sworn in as pakistan's prime minister on saturday has promised a new era of prosperity and justice for the country after being elected the prime minister the new prime minister by parliamentarians. party became the largest in the national assembly after last month's election but he will still need to set up a coalition government he faces a mammoth task of preventing an economic crisis and boosting jobs. the
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first thing we will do is crack down on corruption i promise you in front of god that it was stole from this country and burden us with. a single one of them. come out high the has more from islamabad. august on the new parliament has children emraan khan and their green the prime minister of pakistan there were chaotic scenes inside parliament and the opposition made a lot of noise shouting slogans against iran kron and shouting in favor of now why should the fifty prime minister who was disqualified and sent to jail his younger brother should leave for the opposition candidate for the prime minister. however the differences between the politicians in pakistan had meant that the opposition airlines had already fallen apart of august on people's party decided to abstain from the war during and of course had given emraan kong a clear advantage imran khan has spoken on the floor of parliament saying that is
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going to be bigger an accountability and he's going to deliver on the promises he made to the people of august on who have voted for jane started his political party back in nineteen ninety six and in twenty two years has begun they're going to take in prime minister. well let's get more on this knowledge on by being a south asia political specialist and she's joining us on scott from cambridge massachusetts very good to have you with us on al-jazeera so no shortage of challenges like the economy which were mentioned this security this corruption we will start with the issue that has perhaps the most outspoken about which is corruption how does he address such a deep rooted problem. well race no i see it being addressed mostly through rhetoric and emotional appeals to the public and you know this kind of band standing but i think imran khan will find you come to news and you know when he
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actually starts attending parliament because as you know he when he was involvement earlier he hardly attended any sessions as he will find out when he starts attending parliament that it's not as simple as that and absolutely there must be accountability but some of the new parliamentarians reminded him that the accountability should not be selective and it must be across the board in all sectors and not just for politicians and parliamentarians of the opposition he does that is something that yes he did say that he is going to attend parliamentary sessions and you would hotel here minister the accountability the very strict accountability that he's calling for will he apply that to the powerful military which of course has great control over the pakistani political establishment. well you know again it's not a one man show i mean democracy is not a one man show he has to do it through parliament the accountability and also as
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you know the army behind the scenes the power that they wield and it's the biggest as some of the parliamentarians we had most in dollar said it's the biggest holy cow in pakistan parliament has never really managed to debate the budget for the military i mean just let's just start with that huge chunk of pakistan's budget goes to the military and there's never really been a proper debate on that in parliament in the last two parliaments it was debated slightly and i think each time it was the time allocated was a little bit more but we're still talking like minutes and seconds and not like a proper full fledged debate so hopefully that will happen but i mean when that happens if that happens then of course the man will again be on the same kind of pressure that history to says so as his elected criticisms were to find it's not like them bill there's a bit of a difference between saying something and actually doing it and what about pakistan's for nation ship with the world what are the prospects for the very tense relationship has with neighbors and dia and pakistan and further afield with the
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u.s. convoy has been critical of the us. he's been critical of the u.s. but you know it's like he's also been likened to u.s. president donald trump in the way that in the way he's appealed in the deal and how the kind of rhetoric and all of that populist and all that but i think more immediately he will find when you are when you're in parliament when you're holding an office and you're but you're a statesman and as you know he's not just prime minister for his party he's prime minister for the whole country and he will find that there is a political consensus in pakistan for peace in the region with particularly with india. former cricketer now not good things to do came from india and with a message of peace he is the cultural minister in punjab in india but and i think that there is a great hope in india that imran khan as the probably only prime minister in pakistan to be sort to be sworn in as is being sworn in tomorrow who is actually
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visited india many many times as a cricketer so he really knows you know indian people i mean he has had relationships that go beyond cricket so i'm hopeful that there will be better relations with india particularly and hopefully with granderson and other countries in the region as well and what what better relations with india could that mean. an improvement in the situation and the you know seven decades long conflict and kashmir. well yes of course kashmir and also economically it would be a huge benefit if right now a huge chunk of india and pakistan strait goes through the body through the middle east and if we started trading directly it it will involve raising our g.d.p. but. the billions of dollars and as far as the she is concerned well you know there was a four point four level kashmir which people were very hopeful about but that that formula was initiated by
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a military dictator it has to go through parliament so hopefully if imran khan chooses he can revive that ballpoint formula which has been widely. praised as a very hopeful as something that can really work and if he realizes that and brings it to parliament then i really think there is a chance that that could actually work if he has the courage and the political will to do that and that leads me to my last and very brief question how hopeful are you about come leadership. well you know who's boss leadership doesn't really inspire me with a whole lot of confidence but i do but i do feel that when you're in that position that you use and now you know some of the rough edges will get rubbed off hopefully and he will get into something beyond being just it's all about we would have been largely the way he is his leadership style so far has been it is not very kind of thing but i think he will i really hope that he will sort of you know develop
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a more mature reader than he has proved to be so far and prevent you know like for example just in parliament today if we're both sides and non-coms but the killers i mean they could have both of them would have got their followers to blow up some decorum and really going at it will do that as is very good to get your expertise on this we appreciate that that has been a side of joining us live from massachusetts thank you. now the u.s. has imposed sanctions on several myanmar government personnel accusing them of ethnic cleansing against muslims it includes form of the tree and police commanders and to army units while they are the toughest sanctions so far the trumpet ministration did not target the highest levels of myanmar's military more than seven hundred thousand have fled to neighboring bond of the military crackdown last year. they don't have state says it's cutting two hundred thirty million dollars
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allocated for stabilization programs and syria says the funding would only be provided if syria engages and a credible peace process led by the united nations is being seen as a move to extricate the u.s. from the conflict as committee health records. it's yet another signal of the troubled ministrations desire to withdraw from a visible role in syria on friday it announced it was redirecting two hundred thirty million syrian stabilization funds frozen in march to other foreign policy priorities the move comes following contributions in pledges totaling three hundred million by coalition partners to help rebuild parts of syria no longer held by isis among the contributions announced this week one hundred million from saudi arabia. president trump since the start of his presidency has been carefully cultivated his relationship with the kingdom but the donation is
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a fraction in comparison to the reported four billion trump reportedly requested in march for syrian assistance and rebuilding still the u.s. says in former eisel strongholds like rocka one hundred fifty thousand displaced residents have been able to return the city's drinking water is now safe but according to a recent u.n. report up to thirty thousand eisel fighters remain in iraq and syria syria has called saudi arabia's contributions to the u.s. led rebuilding effort morally unacceptable through its state news agency it argued the coalition's only goal is to fragment the region that's what the u.s. contends is the goal of iran in syria and throughout the middle east is pushing for the withdrawal of iran's forces in syria we're going to continue to care for the iran regimes more and activity. to support iranian voices and to galvanize international support for efforts the u.s.
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denies the shifting of funds for syria signals a lessening of its strategic goals it says its humanitarian assistance is not effective and defeating eisel remains a top priority we continue to be committed to this fight and we're not backing down from that isis needs to be defeated in the u.s. government stands firmly by that for years president complained about u.s. allies not sharing the financial burden for efforts in syria including preventing syrian president bashar a law and iranian allies from creeping into newly liberated areas it is a goal saudi arabia says it shares kymberly help get al-jazeera washington. selling media reporting a ballistic missile has been launched across the border by what the rebels in yemen was fired from the yemeni city of sabah towards the southwest and some of the border city of reports say it was antiseptic the united nations has invited yemen's
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government and iran back to geneva next month for talks on resolving the country's civil war the september meeting aims to revive the u.n. back negotiations which broke down twenty sixteen nearly ten thousand people have been killed since the conflict started more than three years ago the u.n. says much of the population is on the verge of starvation. now the leader of mali's opposition party is continuing to reject the results of the presidential runoff election. says the results of a fraud. of territorial administration president. sixty seven percent of the vote has called on his support for us to continue to put pressure on authorities to protect democracy still ahead of the. second class citizens and the heavyweight world champion got into an argument
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because of rivals dad that's coming up in sport peter. hello there we've got some very heavy rain that's making its way across north america at the moment is showing up clearly on the satellite picture these bright white areas of clarity or marching their way up towards the northeast and they are getting some very heavy downpours as well so here's that system as we head through saturday stretches down through atlanta and down into texas as well eventually as we head into sunday that will sweep away towards the east it will be cooler and fresher behind it and then across the plains we've got the next system waiting in the wings this one looks like it's putting itself together on sunday and it will gradually march eastwards as we head through the next few days before the towards the south quite a few showers there over cuba through jamaica and his phone yellow and also plenty of what weather towards the west as well we're going to see yet more showers as we
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head through saturday and sunday again some of them very very heavy with the old rumble of thunder in-between the mo there will be some good spells of sunshine down towards south america and here we've got some rain that's making its way across borders are is so a rather wet day for us but still not cold we're looking at a top temperature of around twenty one degrees it will turn cooler though after that rain has cleared away to the north of that is warm forcing a function of well we're up at thirty one degrees for rio this is a chance of a shower but our temperatures hovering around twenty three. they set sail for gold. but discovered the resource worth more than its one. human be. driven by commerce enabled through politics and religion executed with brutality. in episode one slavery roots charge the birth and rise of
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the african slave trade mapping your history that the streets of humanity. for all the gold in the world want to just go on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise you have to go. through something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims a vicious beating. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is zero on al-jazeera.
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it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour these are our top stories writings agency moody's has cut turkey's credit rating third and to junk status early on friday then they awakened once again after a turkish court rejected an american pastor's opinion for release washington has threatened to impose more sanctions. if he isn't freed. more than three hundred people have died in widespread flooding in the southern indian state of carola tens of thousands have been left stranded with troops and local fishermen staging desperate for. q attempts. at least two palestinian protesters have been killed two hundred seventy wounded during new demonstrations near the gaza israel border fence it was the twenty first week of friday protests in gaza. now the united nations secretary general has published
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a report listing for proposals for increasing protections for palestinian civilians tears as report was mandated in june by the un general assembly was commission to look into ways to protect civilians in gaza and other palestinian territories from excessive and discriminate force by the israeli military well let's get more on this now our correspondent in jordan is joining us live from the u.n. headquarters in new york so what are the proposals for all those. well there are four suggestions i wouldn't necessarily call the recommendations and it's important to note that. the secretary general is not endorsing any of these options but these are some of the possibilities which he says could make the security situation for palestinian civilians as well as for rod non-governmental organizations and for the press that are in the occupied palestinian territories there are four options the first one is increasing the un's actual law presence on
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the ground that would be expanding the number of people who work for the u.n. working in the occupied west bank and in gaza on humanitarian political and economic needs of the palestinians living in both of those areas there's also a suggestion for basically spending more money providing more resources for a better chariot for economic for health care and for other deeds to support palestinian civilians the last two the which are getting perhaps most of the attention on a friday night include either the deployment of an observer mission one that would not only take close record of what is happening between israelis and palestinians in the territories but also act as a local mediation force to prevent the sorts of clashes that we have been seeing over the past several months the final would be some sort of a u.n.
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security council mandated peacekeeping force or armed force that is the language used in this report and this is something that sensibly could keep both sides away from each other the report does also doe that it's not just a question of protecting palestinian civilians from. any abuses by the israeli military but it's also a matter of protecting israeli citizens from rockets being fired out. them from these are israelis living in the southern part of the country however the report does not explicitly call out hamas for its firing of those rockets and for other attempts to attack israeli citizens so for options it is worth noting that both the server bishan as well as some sort of peacekeeping or armed force mission would have to be approved by the un security council and it is extremely likely that if
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such a resolution were drafted did the united states would use its veto power to keep that from actually happening and that is what i was going to ask you next was i mean what needs to happen so the u.n. security council needs to approve this and what the u.s. holding that veto power there what would happen but these proposals of they want to go into effect. well that's really the rub this resolution of this the resolution that compelled the publication of this report was done so by the general assembly and that was after the u.n. security council considered ordering the secure the secretary general to do this but the united states vetoed that resolution so it went to the general assembly this report that has now been issued doesn't have the same amount of weight but it certainly does start a lot of new conversations in the security council about how to proceed how to keep
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the israelis and the palestinians from fighting with each other this is also something that has as of right now guarded any international reaction because it's friday evening here on the east coast of the united states it is the sabbath in israel it's the end of the holy day of the week. also in the west bank and in gaza and so we're probably not going to get any reaction from either side before saturday night at the very earliest or at last thank you very much for that for now that is roslyn jordan with the latest on that report live at the u.n. thank you now to a city where the government says it may take over responsibility of the most way system off to the collapse of a bridge in genoa italy thirty eight people died and hundreds of others were and it david chase has more from genoa. they've already started to bury the dead in
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a series of private funeral of but the search for survivors still continues under the rubble of the collapsed bridge the rescuers are using heavy lifting the sheen area and search dogs. but hopes are fading with each hour the passes here that anyone else can have survived under such a weight of concrete. many of the families of the victims are boycotting the day of mourning called in the city this weekend they say it was a tragedy caused by government negligence and they want no part in the official ceremony for the marriage general or did little to reassure them in their grief this is a way of thinking this is a very every problem may become an opportunity and it's exactly what they see it right now i mean we're going to have some investment from the from the government to the collapse of the bridge which was opened in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven as a fed growing concern about the state of at least aging roads and bridges and the
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quality of the cement used in the construction boom across the country it does seem that this was created more than fifty years ago and the sheer volume of traffic these bridges are now taking not only here but in many other parts of the italian infrastructure simply was not allowed for there was too much traffic it was well known since years since and decades ago that this infrastructure was not enough for supporting all the traffic the city traffic bortz related traffic and the regional and even international traffic prosecutors in the city say ten to twenty people are still unaccounted for no warning the death toll is expected to rise. the collapse occurred just a day before italy's busiest summer holiday david chaytor al-jazeera genoa. german chancellor angela merkel has warned against expecting too much ahead of her meeting with russian president vladimir putin merkel will hold talks with the
2:40 am
russian leader near berlin on saturday she says she doesn't expect the meeting to elicit any specific results domenech a report when i'm going to merkel putin on saturday it will be for the second time in just three months on the table of the conflict in syria the situation in ukraine and the controversial nord stream two gas pipeline under the baltic sea but hanging over the meeting is this statement from donald trump a july's nato summit but germany as far as i'm concerned is captive to russia because it is getting so much of its energy from russia so we're supposed to protect germany but they are getting their energy from russia explained to the russia provides only around half of germany's annual energy consumption but most is in the form of natural gas and that is why the nord stream to gas pipeline is so contentious it's a network which when complete will transport natural gas from russia under the
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baltic sea to western europe bypassing the existing land based pipelines through ukraine and it might deprive the government in kiev as much as three billion dollars a year in revenue ministers in kiev say the project is purely political moscow insists it's just business but i sure wish i knew when you have the stomach sink that lets us get them a place to look we have always treated this project as exclusively economic we have always kept this outside the scope of any political process i would also like to say that after the launch of stream two stopping the movement of russian gas through ukraine is not intended. but russia's role in ukraine continues to concern the leaders notably angolan merkel specifically moscow's immoveable see over the minsk agreement which broker a cease fire between government and separatist forces the often does for all we hope to move forward on the issues of the minsk agreement with ukraine and russia france and germany took on responsibility many years ago we are saddened that still
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no day goes by without a violation of the cease fire but we don't give up hope and we know that through this the relationship with russia could be significantly improved. ukraine assigned to the two leaders do have common ground such as in keeping the nuclear deal both share concerns about the trumpet ministrations tariffs and diplomacy but their relationship has never been easy i think both sides have accumulated a lot of skepticism mistrust mutual reproaches and grievances that overshadow their relationship which is why few people in the german capital expect any breakthroughs as a result of this meeting dominic. burning. of ghana stands president has visited the embattled city of a week after the taliban launched a surprise attack on the provincial capital of members of armed forces and
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congratulated them on holding the city against taliban fighters he also visited some of the victims' families at least one hundred fifty soldiers and line to five civilians were killed during five days of fighting. helicopter pilot has died after his aircraft crashed while water bombing bushfires in australia about seventy five fires are burning across drought stricken in new south wales the pilot was found dead in the wreckage of his helicopter which crashed on the state's south coast last month was a stray fifth driest july on record. now greeks over seas are raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to help victims of fires that swept through resorts east of athens last month prosecutors have launched an inquiry meanwhile into why ninety six people were killed relatives of the victim say police failed in their response john vause reports from the village of marty one of the worst hit areas. yes this used to be by now your
2:44 am
kitchen he only survived the fire that swept through this neighborhood on july twenty third because he and a friend acted quickly enough to smelling the smoke you frightened you for we went to the main road and there was a tsunami of flames sixty meters high as soon as we saw this i said save your family take them to the sea we ran back and i grabbed my mother i was shaky. this is where i was ended up along with hundreds of others some scorched by the flames just a little too many pics for me after the race there was absolutely no warning perhaps the authorities didn't realize the size of the phenomenon it was so sudden my house is four hundred meters from the sea the fire took three maybe four minutes to cover that distance an inquiry is now looking into why all photos he's failed to better coordinate their response the local mayor says five faces acted heroically but everything happens to fust methods by the keepers i see as civil protection
2:45 am
measures exist here as in every municipality but when you have twelve force winds blowing through pine forest and it becomes extremely inflammable the city is a government is trying to restore a sense of normality trees are being cut down even though many of them appear only superficially singed the public power corporation is restoring electricity the government will pay each stricken household an emergency some of the around five thousand dollars replace basic appliances and give pension is a double payouts this month all in the hope of reducing its political liability you know yet another name of the probe is no right to talk about political responsibility we've assumed the political responsibility already the prosecutor is an independent authority they're investigating but they won't find anything in the government we have no criminal liability. cities are has already a reputation for slowness and civil protection at the height of the refugee crisis three years ago it took months to ask brussels for help resulting in greater
2:46 am
suffering for refugees and last year it was unable to prevent oil from a sunken tanker from soiling kilometers of pristine coastline west of athens but this time greece seems to have suffered an unprecedented number of deaths from wildfires even in two thousand and seven when two and a half percent of greek territory went up in flames the death toll did not exceed sixty for those who have lost family members say no amount of money will bring them back jumps or openness al-jazeera. to palm and is debating a bill that could make it difficult for women to pass on their citizenship to their children activists say the proposal discriminates against women and trying to stop it so being a stressed has. these women are protesting in the mid day heat in katmandu they refuse to be treated as second class citizens. its parliament is debating
2:47 am
a new bill that says women need an apology husband in order but their children to be in a palace that is activists say the constitution itself which was adopted in two thousand and fifteen is discriminatory. although it says a child of an apology mother or father can be citizen there are clauses that do not allow the poly women married to foreigners to pass on their citizenship to their children. deep the group had to go to the supreme court to get citizenship for her children now her husband whose mother is also in a poly citizen has no citizenship. my husband is trying to get citizenship for his mother his father died when he was young we went to the courts and even though the courts instructed local officials to do was necessary to give my husband citizenship the local authorities refused. bureaucrats many of whom are
2:48 am
seen as socially conservative can now make it more difficult for people like dip these husband to obtain citizenship difficult bill is deeply problematic now nepali women have to prove that the father of their child is in a palace that isn't a requirement that is just not there for men the only other way out is to say that she doesn't know their identity off the father in an already deeply patriarchal society where women face many indignities this bill is seen by these women as yet another level of discrimination. been there is a member of parliament who has been a strong advocate for women and equality. there are some parliamentarians who think men are the only ones who can save a nation's sovereignty i think women are inferior yet there are many who have come to realize they shine and they were voted in by both men and women so we are objects in this bill while the debate goes on in the parliament women's rights
2:49 am
activists say they will not stop protesting until they're treated as equal citizens sabinus russia al-jazeera that men do. thousands of people have been paying tribute to former indian prime minister. in the capital new delhi died on thursday he was the first a prime minister from the hindu nationalist. considered a consensus builder and successfully lead a coalition with multiple smaller parties to try to improve relations with at the same time asserted india's. news coming into us from costa rica where there has been an earthquake it measured a six point two and hit close to the border with panama no word on damage or casualties yet but we will bring you more information on that as it becomes available to was still ahead on the news out.
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and it's time for sports now here's peter thank you very much we're just hours away from the start of the asian games in indonesia millions of eyes will be on the capital city of jakarta for saturday's opening ceremony we musicians and four thousand dances will greet the competitors the numbers really are staggering the asian games are actually the world's second largest sporting event after the olympics with fourteen thousand athletes taking part from forty five asian countries those athletes will take part in four hundred sixty two middle events across forty seven sports ten of which are new to the asian games including jet
2:52 am
skiing paragliding bridge and e-sports well the football at the asian games has already started and hosts indonesia's start a chance of reaching the knockout stage that's after they beat the group a minnow louse three goals to mess. up and there was a shocker south korea were beaten by malaysia in group some questionable goalkeeping from song. play for the opener for the nation to go into the. city are champions event to splash more than one hundred million dollars on christiane or another and on saturday caver verona will be the first club tasked with stopping him in his new black and white kit. consider not this will be his very first match play in the talon league and this is something new and he's very curious to know that we better and how the teams play here it's the beginning of a brand new season and the new challenge for us. from little rock to still not all
2:53 am
our lot but we only thought about christiane over an elbow we would lose sight of the hole you vent to squad the immense quality they have we must think of you ventas as a great teams and think of ourselves as a top team was a true team a squad a solid group who rate their chances against ronaldo and all the rest of tennis as one hundred eighteen year old davis cup is set for a radical revamp the international tennis federation or is changing the men's tournament from a year long one hundred thirty two team event to an eight team competition that will last just a week the new format is backed by an investment group led by a japanese billionaire and founded by a spanish footballer gerard piqué the partnership is said to be worth three billion dollars over twenty five years i'm very proud of my team. of course much there she read in thank you very much to all emissions. that you feel. and the ones that voted to get. try to prove that we
2:54 am
can deliver to read to the readers competition over in the news in the next twenty five years but not everyone is happy five federations voted against the overhaul including germany who's paid six time grand slam champion boris becker tweeted loss of words about the decision today hashtag davis cup former davis cup winner pat cash called it a sad day for men's tennis and that the i.d.f. off fooling themselves if they think top players will play an eighteen team comp over one week at the end of the year. another kenyan runner has been suspended for a doping related offense middle distance runner began betts who won bronze in the eight hundred meters at last year's world championships in london refused or failed to provide a sample to the athletics integrity unit which handles doping issues for the sport's governing body the i.w.a.
2:55 am
if it follows doping suspensions of two kenyan marathon runners in the last month. former pakistan cricket a jump shot has been banned for ten years for spot fixing the opening batsman on the right in these pictures was described by pakistan's cricket board as the linchpin in the corruption scandal that plagued pakistan's domestic t twenty two and last year. england captain joe root has confirmed that ben stokes will play the third test against india the all rounder was found not guilty of free in a british court just four days ago but he comes straight back into the starting eleven for the game of trent bridge at the expense of sam curran who was a man of the match in the first test at age beston i think that's a decision was made above our heads and he has been made available for selection from that point on it's all about the need to play for england in terms of me and in this team. he's been a fine performer for us for
2:56 am
a long period of time and no. don't want to leave some a lot better now the twenty eighteen rugby championship kicks off on saturday in sydney when australia hosts new zealand in the opening match these two teams also contest the bledisloe cup which is played within the competition structures of the rugby championship the all blacks have held the bledisloe cup since two thousand and three but the world champions on not underestimating the wallabies who actually won the last meeting between the two sides. now for us yet we look at what they're going to bring and. rightly will be more important to how we turn up and so we know we know that we're proud of them you are speaking of just how we hear you know should be right on. time now ball then slow their ball up you know what i can do with ball in hand and you know we're fully capable of scoring points we showed that jonas showed that another time so you know back row obviously has
2:57 am
a fair bit to do with the rock attacking and defense getting that getting that area sorties paramount. america's world heavyweight champion dion say while this is there's no question he'll fight englishman tyson fury this year but today we actually came close it's a fighting fury's dad john it all happened in northern ireland where tyson was weighing in for his belt against francesco p.m.s. so this weekend and then while the gate crashed proceed. i. owe. you my joint i think you can i. and that's all the support from us from now we'll have another update for you again later on thank you very much peter and that does it for this news hour but i will be back in just a couple of minutes with another full news bulletin thank you very much for watching.
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a series of breaking stories join the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most on al-jazeera the largest multi-sport event on the continent and the second largest in the world the asian games we host thousands of our competing across a mix of traditional and deliberate speed followers for even news and updates from jakarta the hosting city of the eighteenth asian games on al-jazeera national board does the debate on migration is polarized to include too strident position. in the headlines how do you define an indigenous person who they benefit isn't this more about living with difference and you're in pieces and who do they contain. the right to live anywhere in the world have every right to leave their country maybe it's time goes head to head with polk county and on al-jazeera.
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the u.s. rations to impose more sanctions on turkey as a break ins agencies downplay the country's credit rating. and are welcome to al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha with the elizabeth product also ahead a new u.n. report proposes ways to help protect palestinian civilians. the indian state of carola is facing the worst floods in a century more than three hundred people have died and rescues are ongoing and. cricket star turned politician a month columnist said to be sworn in as pakistan's prime minister on saturday.


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