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wrote listening post. he devoted four decades of his life to the united nations and was hailed as a diplomatic rock star former u.n. secretary general and nobel peace laureate kofi annan dies of the age of eighty. ellen malcolm devika pollin you're watching out there live from london also coming up. thousands wait to be rescued across india's carolus states after the worst floods in the century and more rain is forecast. calls for action after evidence
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suggests the bomb used by the saudi led coalition that killed forty children in yemen was american made. the state funeral is held for some of the victims of tuesday's bridge collapse in genoa but some families boycott the event. former united nations secretary general kofi annan has died at the age of eighty or in ghana on rose through the ranks of the organization to serve us leader for two terms and during that time he championed efforts to end conflicts across africa asia and the middle east and even earned to nobel peace prize along with the u.n. in two thousand and one but he was criticized for failing to stop the rwandan genocide and later for a corruption scandal involving his son our diplomatic editor james bass looks at his life. a towering figure on the global stage bringing the peace bell of the
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united nations a man who did so much in the cause of global peace. the u.n. secretary general for ten years a nobel peace know. kofi annan was born in ghana joining the un in one thousand nine hundred sixty two rising through the ranks to be the organizations head of peacekeeping at the time of genocide in rwanda eight hundred thousand people were killed he later said it was one of his greatest regrets that he was not able to do more to hold the bloodshed i haave on and i go beyond sullenly says who have suddenly became the first u.n. staff to take over the top job he prepared the un for a new millennium. his ten year coincided with the arrival of a new president in the white house he is. after nine eleven the u.s. invaded afghanistan. and then dividing the u.n.
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security council. iraq. he had tried to avoid war with tireless diplomacy and by keeping a team of weapons inspectors in the country until the last moment later the un went back into baghdad after the invasion but its compound was then bombed with twenty two staff killed iraq was also the biggest controversy of his decade in the un job the oil for food program set up to help iraqis lead to massive corruption with the secretary general's own son kojo implicated i when he stepped down at the un he addressed these remarks to his successor banki moon. you have to take over the most impossible job on end of could. while that may be true i would. i would add this is also the best
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possible job that. he did not choose to go into quote retirement he was the u.n. and arab league envoy to syria in twenty twelve coming up with a plan that would have ended the war six years ago. but it was ignored by the parties that continued to fight. well recently he went to myanmar coming up with proposals that form the basis of the international community's approach to the rohingya crisis the result once again of his own personal style of diplomacy strong words but softly spoken even if you get into the shouting matches sometimes they have bigger megaphones than you have and it doesn't necessarily get you where you want to go there are times when you have to raise your voice and there are times when that i had to but generally i can get results without shouting
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our leaders from around the world have been paying tribute to. the president of ghana tweeted that he brought considerable renown to the country through his conduct and comportment in the global arena french president emmanuel micron wrote that france will never forget his calm and resolute approach to matters are the strength of his commitments and the u.n. secretary general antonio got there as wrote on and was a guiding force for good and that in these turbulence and trying times his legacy as a global champion for peace will remain a true inspiration for us all. well johnny joining me now via skype from johannesburg is amnesty international secretary general could mean idea you were closely with kofi annan as a human rights activist thank you very much for speaking to us western idea he spoke as we said you worked very closely to him spend a lot of time with him if you had to just outline some of his probably the specific
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qualities that made him such a respective respected leader what would that be. personally i would see was a vision of the was willing to push us will be on what the limitations of the u.n. is structurally alex jones and sort of allowed him to do he was as the report says fights but and was able to get results from many things and the i would say that distinguish themselves in that will we always the mind of the world what the only charter of the united nations said it starts with the words we have the peoples of the united nations it doesn't say we the nation states of the united nations only therefore use that line in the charter to argue for much greater role for civil society and non-state actors in the world cup the united nations i would say those are the three things that distinguish in some of them piers. sixty
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dollars of us now you are now the head of the amnesty and you've seen the impact of the iraq war that was something kofi annan had campaigned against and was very much against it given how it's played out how did that eventually affect him. i think he saw that as also one of the big issues that he confronted was the less a part of his tenure as something we spent on the other we each i didn't mind the united states and the united kingdom in particular that it wasn't violation of international law he was put under tremendous pressure to not stand up for what international or said in fact i think one of the most wonderful magic comments made by a similar in reference to the iraq war where because you might remember the notes
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and there are also kemp in the against the iraq war and eventually when the decision was made to proceed by the u.s. and the u.k. he said i wonder and he was suggesting it would have been to the country that if there was a right security general with those countries that have acted similarly any essentially the same because there was a black man in that position an african he was not being taken seriously so i think that you know he in the meeting that with him subsequent to him leaving. position he certainly carried i would say quite a lot of pain what happened with regard to iraq and certainly what happened with regard to the wonder now if you had to finally define as legacy we talk about his regrets we talk about things he try to achieve would be his defining legacy. see we opened up the united nations and he. was probably he
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wasn't the first but he was certainly the one that the most in terms of. taking up issues that many powerful countries didn't want to take up so for example the way to cut climate change and push for urgent action on climate change was. not a vote even though he would be the first to say that he did not succeed in getting us to be as far as he wants to be on the question of. gender equality it was an agenda that he pushed very very strongly again he would say probably didn't go as far as he wanted to and in terms of making poverty and social and economic rights if you want to keep part of what the u.n. does i would say probably there's no u.n. secretary general that pushed as hard as he did with regard to the millennium development goals and so many the defining feature of how we ended
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a lot of this was you never made exactly the claims and he was willing to say when they were struck so for example even though the millennium development goals of the m d g's as it was was the main push at the u.n. he was willing to say quite openly that the emily minimalists development goals recognizing that this was not as and vicious as the poor needed to be so when you look at those three areas what you see in him is somebody was pushing the envelope as much as it could but when he failed in never lie and he never failed to take responsibility and i want to see very clearly though many of what will be called failures of coffee or manage this moment actually might be inappropriate because a lot of what he was not able to deliver relates to the deficit and the shortcomings of the u.n. and i would be structured because the u.n.
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suffers from a democratic deficit a coherent step is that a compliance deficit and actually quite often illegitimate. one of the things that we must recognize is that certain poll nations united states be conceivable and other beatle wheeling states of the u.n. exercise disproportionately liberals of influence and control which maybe to push the u.n. as far as you want to go many times during his tenure. could mean i do with amnesty international work very closely with kofi annan thank you so much it's great to get you on here thank you. now officials and then in state of carolus say they need more rescue equipment to help save hundreds of thousands of people who are still stranded in remote areas by
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heavy flooding the relentless monsoon rain and floods continue to batter the region with three hundred twenty four people killed in total and more than one hundred ninety of them in just over a week under thomas has this report from kara. homes nearly submerged in flood water people forced to leave their properties behind in order to avoid the floods or landslides. this has been the scene for over a week as the southern indian state of carolina battles heavy rains. the subsequent floods are being described as the worst in nearly a hundred years. going to water levels are rising since yesterday the rains have been heavy it's still ongoing people are worried. the floodwaters and mudslides have killed hundreds of people since the start of the monsoon season in june some parts of the state to receive nearly double the average annual rainfall. more than three hundred thousand people have been forced out of their homes. and that is not
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been easy as walter's flood access points in many areas leaving arab like you ation is the only option for lang little of. the rainfall has led to massive landslides where chunks of the mountain of come down blocking the entire stretch although the clearance team is working to open the road it's unlikely it will happen people have been shifted to camps in the nearby areas. where the forecasters say heavy rains will continue over the weekend but will ease off the words but while that is good news for those affected in kerala the rains will likely be drifting to other states in the country. we're going but it's for the future though right now the relief effort is in full swing here in the state capital to start off south of the state the worst of the floods were for my collection points like this one each with hundreds of volunteers old sort of thing for donations and putting them on the truck to send in or. there are biscuits rice medicines and toiletries
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and then the irony in carol right now what is needed most is water under thomas al-jazeera to do that on top of our terror. the bomb used by the saudi led coalition and an attack on a school bus in yemen was supplied by the u.s. that's according to u.s. media reports fifty one people were killed in the attack inside our province earlier this month forty of them children there are now growing calls from observers and rights groups for the u.s. to explain its role in the conflict the u.s. along with the u.k. and france is a major supplier of arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. and washington also provides in the just tickle and intelligence reports so the military campaign in yemen michael cruickshank is a journalist investigated what types of weapons were used in that airstrike. what we can say is that the bombing happened on the morning of the ninth and he targeted
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an area very close to a market in the center of the city also along its busiest street or at a time when there was a significant amount of traffic along that street as we can see tragically least fifty people lost their lives including more than forty children and when you're social media activists on the ground have been posting pictures of what they say are fragments of the bomb that was used in the attack and one particular of those fragments was a theme from allegedly from the step of the site and this feeling allowed us to track where this bomb was from and it included something called a cage code which is used by the defense logistics agency in order to track its items around the world and so it is let's back to our pave way to bomb that was built by lockheed martin however the question remains whether this particular scene that was showing pictures from social media activists whether this
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was indeed from the bomb site whether it was face there to lead to date and back to the conflicts in yemen the saudi state media says a ballistic missile fired by who they are apples have been intercepted that happened in the port city of jews on who they were apples have been targeting several key cities and installations in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. with drones and missiles. you're watching our desire live from london still to come on this program. the u.n. warned civilians and aid workers are not safe in gaza the four days after the taliban fighters were pushed out of the afghan city. and one of the world's biggest sporting event is officially underway here in jakarta for the asian games.
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hello there we still got plenty of showers over the eastern parts of europe at the moment they causing quite a few problems in ukraine yet more problems over the last twenty four hours and you know you're in trouble if a boat overtakes you on you're on a bus so more showers are expected over the next few days then and then behind that we've got another system that's making its way across the central parts of europe behind that it's turning a good deal fresher and then for the northwest we've got another weather feature here it's just the remains of a no tropical storm but it'll still give us some rather wet and windy for all the lively weather across the british isles there and then as we head through sunday it will be working its way towards the northeast and intensifying as it does say so for some of us in scandinavia and up towards russia we're going to see some really very heavy downpours out of that has we had three monday and into choose day and a bit further towards the south you can see the winds here feeding down from the mediterranean so along the north coast of egypt the temperatures on too bad as you head further inland though the temperatures rise pretty quickly will be up at
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thirty seven degrees meanwhile for the west there's a bit more cloud of a pulse about gerry and into tunisia that will be giving us one or two showers particularly over the mountains but they'll also be some around lower levels as well they could be just grazing the coast around choose there for monday or temperatures though there to. some drug abuse are tougher than others. but this is true even. under the truck with strangers. trying to drive. their lawyer. to be committing the drug that might break your little. doesn't. make it. easier.
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hello again history month of our top stories on al-jazeera the former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died at the age of eighty he served from one thousand nine hundred seven to two thousand and six and received the nobel peace prize jointly with the organization. thousands of stranded people are waiting to be rescued in the southern indian state of carola as heavy rain continues to back to the region more than one hundred ninety people have died in just over a week. the bomb used by the saudi led coalition then an attack on a school bus in yemen last month was supplied by the u.s. that's according to u.s. media reports fifty one people were killed in the attack and forty of them were children. now the company which managed
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a bridge that collapsed in italy on tuesday has spoken for the first time since the disaster the c.e.o. said they would rebuild the bridge and then best half a billion dollars to help with the recovery efforts have also set up a fund to help the families of the victims who were honored at the state funeral on saturday david schaper has more from general. not all the families of the victims attended they were boycotting the proceedings because they felt that the state had been responsible for this tragedy and they didn't want to mix with the politicians who were going to be at those funerals but there were some eighteen families eighteen coffins intuiting the small white coffin of a young boy aged eight the youngest victim and perhaps the most eloquent address was given by the cardinal and joe biden jasko and he said that this storm and this collapse had torn at the heart of genuine and left a deep wound because of the pain that was still here in the city so it was
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a very very moving experience at the the largest convention center on the porch of genoa and it was also across a religious ceremony there were also to albania and victims and of course the local imaam here also took part in the ceremony so it was a time perhaps all the families to be together to see each other and to make sure that sharing not grieve could somehow lessen the impact of this tragedy. four days after taliban fighters are pushed out of the afghan city of gosney the u.n. says it's not safe for civilians or aid workers to get in or out of the city more than two hundred civilians were killed and hundreds more wounded during the five day assault charlotte ballasts has the latest. the un's humanitarian chief in afghanistan visits patients wounded in the taliban assaults on me but this is not
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in gosney this is the capital kabul and hundred fifty kilometers north they were brought here because the city's hospital is too crowded and as we hear quite right dangerous and not open all the time that there are multiple threat posts all these questions are easing up about what had better safe arrival to hospital with a person that is affordable life patients are scattered to hospitals across kabul more than fifty have arrived at this one they are suffering from head and chest injuries and last words from bombs. the so far this year has been the worst that we have seen in terms of the damage done and the number of people killed. a very serious situation which we hope is now subsiding. gosney morphed into an urban battlefield last friday people were trapped for five days in their homes as thousands of taliban fighters and afghan soldiers fought in the streets u.s.
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helicopters drones in a b. one bomber patrolled over here when they emerged on wednesday the city was barely recognizable red cross workers recovered two hundred fifty bodies from the streets people here say u.s. airstrikes also killed civilians there were more than thirty across the five day assault the u.s. military says it takes all allegations of civilian deaths seriously during a visit to go on friday prison ashraf ghani had this exchange when a reporter brought up the issue of civilian deaths. the record has to be clear assessment these to make conclusions or judgments in what is not your area of expertise if there is a claim the senior officials here or actual service give the documents if true absolutely. in a convoy of helicopters prison ghani flew wells leaving behind a city cut off to days after the taliban assault in did the roads in and out or
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infested with minds and the un is struggling to get in instead its work is visit the wounded in kabul those brave disparate enough to make the journey shall it balance out to zero. former cricketer imran khan has officially been sworn in as pakistan's prime minister a concert by the president's house in islamabad promising to work for the prosperity of pakistan and to perform his role role honestly hysteric in south party won the most seats in the july twenty fifth vote but fell short of an outright majority meaning he had to form a coalition government hundreds of people have been rallying in mali's capital against the reelection of president it brought him to a car cater many of them are supporters of the opposition leader some majlis seething who lost in sunday's runoff he says dismiss the results as parody and lies . the world's largest annual pilgrimage the hardest taking place in
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saudi arabia's mecca this week for qatar it's the second year of college under a saudi led blockades and many muslims in the gulf countries say that been banned from entering saudi arabia or are burdened manly has this report. this small skin doha's education city suburb is famous for its architecture the impulse was of the car on the wall and a building that rests on five pillars representing the five requirements of islam. one of these is to attend the hutch pilgrimage in saudi arabia. to quest but abraham says the saudi imposed blockade on cotton he's been unable to do so i applied last year just two days before the plane. and it happened that. i paid and gave my passport to the agency and the blockade happened just two days
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later so i was able to go. from france but lives in kata and is attempted to gain a visa many times over but he's constantly told the same thing apply from your country of origin so the embassy in nigeria you need the stamp on them but. he was not if i was not able to get the visa for his case isn't unique many worshippers here in ca to have faced the same difficulty it's not possible to apply any more it is more like saudi arabia and a counselor at embassy is to apply from so it's not possible anymore this shouldn't happen and for any muslim anywhere in the world i don't think that. something like this has to do with them political issues it's something religious people attending this mosque live in qatar but have come from all over the walls many here say they'd like to apply to had but if found the ok mechanism to do so instead many said they have no choice but to apply for that own country something they say is
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time consuming costly and against the core principles of islam. saudi authorities say that cesspool website to handle requests from countries who wish to go to hardship but carter's ministry of religious affairs says the border crossing remains closed there are no planes transferring people from doha and there's no clearly defined way of applying for hodge agencies to organize hutch travel from qatar say that also be banned by saudi arabia and. going to another country a plane for. which is not very convenient for a lot of people prior to the blockade jasmine says she would simply drive to saudi arabia with her family it was almost funny issue merik like a road trip was really fun justin says she's more familiar with saudi arabia than her country of origin and cinci live so close to the border she doesn't understand
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why it's become so difficult to perform hotch noor about a manly al-jazeera doha. one of the world's largest sporting events is underway in indonesia the twenty eight hundred eighteen games opened with a spectacular opening ceremony in the capital jakarta scott hyder reports from there. in a stadium purpose built for the asian games fifty six years ago host indonesia officially launched this year's games with a big show in central jakarta. more than forty thousand people watched as performers took to a six hundred ton stage with a waterfall and a volcano replica tickets sold out but there was criticism over the price ranging from seventy dollars to three hundred fifty dollars too expensive for most indonesians many gathered outside the stadium to be there when the games began but . everything has been smooth clean peaceful even dequeue to went to the stadium is very well organized indonesia is showing all we are able to conduct such
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a big event in the near future i hope indonesia can bid for the only picks. like they did at the winter olympics earlier in the year north and south korea march together under one flag as a sign of unity and they will have joint teams for three vents but the two powerhouse nations to watch in the medal rankings are china and japan held every four years an estimated three billion dollars was spent putting on the asian games two thousand and eighteen most of that infrastructure the organizers are optimistic that hosting the games will help elevate indonesia's international stature and could boost its economy and that the money spent is an investment that will see dividends we're not going to have. an over like water this is a national branding. if we subsist to have the station games we believe that. the trust it will come and the tories. it will come by itself so
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we believe that this is the first move. but for now the focus for the next two weeks will be on the athletes as they compete to bring home a victory for each of the forty five countries participating. jakarta. and remember you can always find much more on our website the address for that. well again these are the top stories not is there a former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has died at the age of eighty he said from one thousand nine hundred seventy two thousand and six and received the nobel peace prize jointly with the organization in his home country ghana has declared a week of national mourning heaters around the world have been paying their respects to the diplomat also in jordan has more we've heard from the former u.s. president barack obama who praised on its integrity persistence optimism and sense
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of compassion for humanity we've heard from the russian president vladimir putin he was said that he was fortunate to speak personally with kofi annan quote i sincerely it mired his his wisdom and courage it is ability to make ballots decisions even in the face of the most cult like aided and critical situations other persons who have praised kofi annan to life and work include theresa may the british prime minister because she like guard who is the head of the on the amount of the river moody the indian prime minister. thousands of stranded people are waiting to be rescued in the southern indian state of carola as heavy rain continues to batch of the region more than one hundred ninety people have died in just over a week almost all the states districts are an alert with the flooding potentially affecting more than our most if it's thirty five million people the bomb used by
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the saudi led coalition in an attack on a school bus in yemen was supplied by the u.s. that's according to u.s. media reports fifty one people were killed in the attack inside the province earlier this month forty of them children are growing calls for the u.s. to explain its role in the conflict. the state funeral has been held for some of the victims of the bridge collapse disaster and italian city of genoa more than forty people are believed to have died when the morandi bridge came down on tuesday former cricketer and mon khan has been officially sworn in as pakistan's prime minister concent the oath ad the president's house in islamabad promising to work for the press parity of pakistan those other top stories stay with us now for listening that's up next.
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here. the street. shuffle by the national feinstein is shining the alan talk show. it on me when i'm just. letting. go of richard gilbert and you're at the listening post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week in bangladesh it's not just what you say about the government that might get you in trouble it's where you say it this jailed journalist found that out the hard way facebook has issues with tell us who are a news network headquartered in venice away what kind of issues is the question we take a long look back at the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's.


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