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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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there was no coming back from what she called the theft of jerusalem and that it was one of the key constituent elements in any future palestinian state and so the rejection of the trump deal before it is announced remains in place as far as the palestinians are concerned well still ahead an hour just zero hundreds of fake websites and social accounts shut down the tech giant safe on hackers a taking aim at u.s. midterm elections. down to just one meal a day yemenis struggle to feed themselves the civil war drags on. and there are plenty of sunshine across the southeast in parts of asia at the moment borneo is a seeing plenty of fine weather just a handful of showers here then he head further of south across the java and into bali should be fine and settled here as well further north there are quite
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a few outbreaks of rain forest across parts of the philippines particularly loose on there plenty of heavy downpours here and also yet more showers force across parts of thailand here it's been pretty wet over the past few weeks more showers expected as we head through friday as well because of the towards the south and our area of what weather is making its way across the south at the moment you can see it had this swirl of cloud here pretty strong winds in with that actually winds gusting up to around ninety kilometers per hour and hopefully some decent amounts of rain as well some places could see around twenty or thirty millimeters of wet weather from the system eventually though it will work its way eastwards and it will dry out as it does say. photo album will get to around sixteen degrees in adelaide will be at twenty m. further west it should be a fine day in perth at eighteen over towards new zealand and here is not too bad at the moment plenty of cloud with us though the better weather is for the eastern parts of the north island that will begin to pull away further as we head into
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friday and they'll be more sunshine around. on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go for. this and that this is a bus or something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera.
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they're watching our desire time to recap our headlines now dog transform a lawyer has pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws during the two thousand and sixteen election michael cohen says trump directed him to pay money to women the president allegedly had affairs with and david jr a jury found former trump campaign manager paul manifold guilty of eight fraud charges both cases emerge from robert muller's investigation into an alleged russian interference. the u.s. national security adviser says a lot more pressure will soon be applied to iran over its nuclear plans in syria john bolton has been holding three days of talks in israel. have been violent protests after prayers in indian administered kashmir several people were injured and sure no god during demonstrations against india's rule stones were thrown at
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security forces who used tear gas and five into the crowd protests spread to other several other towns kashmir is a muslim majority himalayan region claimed by both india and pakistan. people across india have been paying tribute to those killed by the worst floods in the state of carolina for a century hundreds prayed for the victims in the northern city of bell are doing more than three hundred seventy people lost so far confirmed that candlelight vigils were also held in the capital new delhi volunteers in collecting relief supplies more than a million people are still living in makeshift camps some are returning home andrew thomas reports from the town of man are. met daniel thomas in an evacuation camp fisherman rescued him from his home on friday now he wanted to go back but on tuesday morning the only way back was by canoe if you do it we can do it. we can
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very easily go from there they go where it is stated. that there is a road we cannot see. as we were paddled for kilometers across a brode over paddy fields and through people's gardens we heard and saw animals left behind and occasionally came across people. thomas's village itself is on relatively high ground the central street almost now dry it's very different to when the greatest volume of water barrel through on saturday after thomas had left. his adult son had stayed behind to help rescue others and say forty could home he took us inside the news generally good but both property and people anybody in this town died low on. the.
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news of the. world but one. that's remarkable when you see the damage. thomas' neighbor state to his house shook as it cracked it's still under water and in the front garden there was another hazard. but all day tuesday the water was dropping and back on the main street a surprise two big wheel trucks from the national disaster response force had managed to drive in people just salt and then queues formed fast. yes. they had. the men brought the basics rice biscuits water they also brought hope. these trucks get here if you're really good sign of the waters are receding and bad though this situation is still it's it's getting better and
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reformists al-jazeera man are paralyzed. tech giants facebook twitter microsoft say hackers are still trying to influence political debate in the u.s. and beyond they've deleted hundreds of fake accounts and websites in twenty four hours all challenged down reports. some of the biggest names in cyberspace on the offensive stopping how groups and deleting hundreds of fake sites and accounts microsoft disappointing its finger at the kremlin accusing russia of trying to manipulate the upcoming mid-term elections in the u.s. they were creating clone web sites of conservative political organizations organizations that have been a validly anti russia anti putin and not supportive of the president microsoft says it's been taking down dozens of fake sites since the two thousand and sixteen us presidential election it is so difficult with the legal frameworks
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and the nature of packet switching with communication traffic flying around the globe before it gets to its destination going through multiple points it can be very difficult to track these cyber criminals and that's one of the major reasons why they're winning and continuing to do these acts facebook and twitter say the accounts they deleted were linked to russia and iran and were trying to exert influence not just in the u.s. but in the u.k. middle east and latin america one campaign was promoting iranian political interests other campaigns were targeting saudi arabia and israel and promoting pro palestinian news but the cyber warfare against hackers with political agendas is far from over it will never stop the russians are quite consistent they pursue their national interests which are consist of undermining united states and the west and they will do it by any means and when caught one way and stopped one way they will continue another many people still believe that the cia itself committed
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the attacks of nine eleven or that the cia invented aids to kill all the blacks on earth both of these things are in par k.g.b. russian intelligence service this information campaigns russia is rejecting the allegations made by microsoft saying there is no evidence between the fake accounts and the russian government. the kremlin repeatedly dismisses accusations that it uses hackers to influence u.s. elections and political opinion this cyber war between governments and internet giants has prompted pundits to renu their warning asking the public to be proactive and know the sources of the information they read or see on the net paul should urge on al-jazeera. the un describes the conflict in yemen as one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern times civil war has left millions struggling to afford basic goods and it's estimated eight point four million yemenis are on the verge of starvation alan fischer
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a force from neighboring djibouti. the fight to survive comes in many ways for military conflict to stoneage his country for almost four years abdul karim ali faces a daily battle just to feed his family he goes to the market in the city of aden when he can but finds every day that the little money has buys less and less today it's bread and milk for abdul karim and his four children it makes life harder harder to support growing children harder to keep that knowing hunger away harder to believe tomorrow will be better. as. i choose moken bread according to my potential to eat because as i consider this is a main meal for me and my family today we cannot see meat and it was usual to eat meat and fish on fridays but unfortunately we are now eating only one meal a day because it is all we can afford. all the stores in the southern port city of aden received through all your people can afford what's on display the value of the
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yemeni reale continues to drop against me to foreign currencies that mixed importing everything the country needs much more expensive prices have gone up across the board force they doubled then tripled it's now estimated food and medicine is five hundred percent more expensive. shuttle most of the low dollar our local currency is now in constant decline and the central bank has not done what it should do which is to inject foreign currency into the market and consolidate the exchange rate but the different prices and the big rise in the price of the dollar is very difficult as the more the currency loses the more we and our country. last year the yemeni government moved the central bank from who controlled capital sanaa to it it was a step many experts predicted could bring the country to the verge of economic collapse program in this lemon went bankrupt after moving the central bank to the city of atlanta the legitimate government spent a long time recovering some of the central bank's functions and activated an ad in
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the legitimate government has not been able to restore the state institutions especially the revenues institutions and therefore could not maintain the revenues in the liberated areas. the internationally recognized government relies on saudi arabia for cash injections which helps pay some public sector wages which goes some way to halting a complete economic collapse and stop the country running out of food it's estimated almost eighteen million people in yemen like access to good regular nutritious meals but point four million are on the verge of famine they simply don't know where their next meal is coming from. abdul karim ali in this family today tomorrow. that's another battle alan fischer al-jazeera djibouti saudi arabia is seeking the death for a female human rights activist for the first time. was arrested two years ago she
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took part in protests against the discrimination of the shia minority in two thousand and eleven she's one of five activists facing execution human rights watch says the charges against her don't resemble any crime. a newly printed currency has done little to stop hyperinflation in venezuela most businesses remain closed as they tried to work out what to charge for goods after the ball of all was devalued by ninety five percent latin america. venezuelan government supporters tried to rev up with enthusiasm for the newly introduced economic measures described by president reagan as an economic revolution to defeat hyperinflation conspicuously absent from a rally in front of the presidential palace this model himself hasn't made a public appearance since an apparent assassination attempt on august the fourth. if the right wing crosses a path will run over them like a train nothing will stop. just blocks away many shops
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and markets remain closed some in here into an opposition call for a national strike others unsure how much to charge now the five zero seven slash the currency head of a compulsory thirty four hundred percent increase in the minimum wage they go into effect september first the price hikes are into eighty. two hours ago these eggs cost fifteen hundred and when i came back with the cash they were two thousand the bus company that takes the news wayland's to the border remains shut until further notice and that's the web page. for the moment it is not operational one of the few things that has not changed prices are these bananas they're now five of the nobody that is or five hundred thousand of the old ones which is roughly the same if you take away five zero s. but according to the people selling them by next week the probably go up three
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hundred percent. the government blames a crisis that brought on precedented hunger and illness and what it calls the domestic and international economic war but many economists warn the new measures will only make things worse. they're implementing fiscal measures to increase. refusing any type of international financing or aid so they'll keep printing out money and we'll see that hyperinflation. and amid the uncertainty neither it seems will be exodus of in israel and desperate to find relief anywhere they can. see newman al jazeera cataracts greek prime minister alexis tsipras has officially declared an end to the era of a sterile thius the nation exits the biggest ever international bailout three hundred billion dollars in loans of help greece of void bankruptcy but the past eight years have had a profound effect john's droplets reports. prime minister alexis tsipras may have
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been trying to custom self in the role of a hero when he chose to send a message to the greeks that their economic odyssey is over this is the island home his hero odysseus finally returned home to after twenty years of war and adventure and live the same this see matter today a new day has dawned for our country historic day the bailouts of austerity recession and a social desert are finally over our country began to the right to shape its own future and fortunes like any normal european country without external duress blackmail or sacrifices by our people for this group of young people the news comes too late the economic crisis struck at the beginning of their teens and changed their lives you know to go see one who is studying political science but what he really wants to do is three d. animation there's no market for that here so he'll go broad in my parents had invested everything in government bonds we lost everything it had a huge effect on our psychology and it immediately changed how we lived it was as
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though you had flipped a switch stefanos going to studying molecular biology the great genetics market is shrinking as people have fewer children so he plans to end up in the united states or canada and look you're not got me as has a job waiting for him upon graduation at a u.k. company you know what as many think you know my parents are divorced the moment i realized there was a crisis was when i watch my mother counting out money to be eternity bills and i thought i have to finish school and find a job quickly so i can have my family i have two smaller siblings and they need a chance to grow up to you know. all three would prefer to stay in greece they just don't think this economy will produce the jobs they want nor do they believe greece's political elite can create that economy at least half a million young educated greeks have emigrated over the past decade in search of better jobs and that brain drain is likely to continue greece is forecast to grow. by only about two percent
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a year for the next five years but over the same period it's obliged to spend at least three and a half percent of its economy per year repaying debt so its gains will be swallowed by its commitments the markets greece will now depend upon for its borrowing a looking for signs of stability that includes keeping up the payments but not everyone believes it can your stephanus and look your loss all studied the odyssey in school they're well aware that to disuse was the sole survivor of his homecoming expedition all his men perished whether his has done enough to ensure greece's survival as well as his own political survival remains in the lap of the gods jumper all pull us out of syria athens. and let's take you through some of the headlines here on al-jazeera now dan transform a lawyer has pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws during the two thousand and sixteen election michael cohen says trump directed him to pay money to
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women the president allegedly had affairs with and in virginia a jury found former trump campaign manager paul matter for guilty of eight fraud charges both cases emerge from robert muller's investigation into alleged russian interference the u.s. national security adviser says a lot more pressure will be applied to iran over its nuclear plans and syria john bolton has been holding three days of talks in israel he suggested working with russia to get iranian forces out of syria. consequences of the reduction in resources available to the regime we think is already manifested in some extent in constraints on the could force in. in syria and iraq and perhaps also in its assistant to the hutus in yemen and that's very important we're going to do other things to put pressure on iran as well beyond economic sanctions now tech
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giants facebook twitter and microsoft have deleted hundreds of fake accounts and websites in twenty four hours facebook says they were part of a fake news campaign the originating in russia and iran it's alleged the accounts targeted uses in the middle east latin america u.k. and the us symbol boys top causes hearing the opposition party's challenge to last month's election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson and won with just over fifty percent is no gration is going to spoil and until the court rules bob boies electoral commission denies claims of bias. saudi arabia is seeking the death penalty for a female human rights activist for the first time its raw home van was arrested two years ago she took part in protests against the discrimination of the shia minority in two thousand and eleven she's one of five activists facing execution human
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rights watch says the charges against them don't resemble any crime. headlines well back at the top of the astronauts. he is a self-proclaimed messenger of god painting millions of devoted but his path to enlightenment involves the rape and abuse of his followers when he sed investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera. look at the more important than the image maybe how. would one give me a little bit of. good job. but now.
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the. queue for more than a good i've got to get to walk the jetty getting. i get up but it will get going to put us out of nowhere. when you're from a neighborhood known as a hotbed of radicalism you have to fight. to defy the fear you tight. over the meaning to launch the stories we don't often hear told by the people of the you know modern history of one man when they. live and survive film the boxer this is your of the knowledge of the era. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after.
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his disappearance remained in mystery. but after. two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished. this is al-jazeera. a lot has. the news our live from dog coming up in the next sick. minutes one next for president trump after his lawyer admits paying hush money to two women and his
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ex campaign managers found guilty of financial crimes. zimbabwe's opposition goes to the highest court aiming to get the presidential election result thrown out. a desperate journey across the border thousands of venezuelans continue to flee economic and political turmoil. in sport china's illusion wins gold and sets a world record in the pool of the asian games john becoming the first woman to break the twenty seven second barrier in the fifty meter backstroke. to courtrooms two people and one president we begin with a dramatic admission of u.s. president donald trump's top aide that could potentially implicate him in virginia the president's former campaign manager paul manifold was found guilty of financial
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crimes involving millions of dollars of foreign money. and in new york his former lawyer michael cohn admitted he was directed by trump to pay off two women who claimed extramarital affairs with him legal experts say cohen's admission establishes trump as a coconspirator but on the justice department policy a sitting u.s. president cannot be prosecuted kristen salumi has more from new york. he was the president's fixer his longtime attorney the man who dealt with issues before they became big problems michael cohen arrived at the office of federal investigators in new york on tuesday representing potentially be biggest problem of donald trump's presidency he pleaded guilty to eight charges brought by federal prosecutors including that he paid an adult film star stormy daniels to keep quiet during trump's run for president after she claimed they had an affair the president at first denied all knowledge when asked about the payments and. the three.
6:51 pm
but in court cohen said it was at the direction of then candidate trump that he made the payment as well as one to another woman a former playboy model karen mcdougal over their alleged affair. what he did was he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate and the campaign cohen's name came across the desk of special counsel robert muller during his investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia he referred what he found to prosecutors in new york and in april they instructed the f.b.i. to raid cohen's home an office in new york they seized boxes of documents including communications between donald trump and cohen in a statement president trump's current attorney rudy giuliani said there is no
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allegation of any wrongdoing against the president and the government's charges against mr cohen mr collins actions reflect a pattern of lies and dishonesty over a significant period of time but michael cohen's lawyer lanny davis said his client had testified that quote donald trump to wrecked it him to commit a crime by making payments to two women for the principle purpose of influencing an election if those payments were a crime for michael cohen then why wouldn't they be a crime for donald trump michael cohen now faces up to five years in prison he's a man who once said he'd take a bullet for donald trump now people are wondering how much of a mark his case will leave on the president of the united states presidents only al jazeera new york. and virginia and he gallica has been following the trial and conviction of trump's former campaign chairman paul metaphor. was he was once one
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of the most influential men in washington now poor man afford his facing life behind bars after a trial lasting three weeks the jury found him guilty on a charges of tax and bank fraud over the course of the trial the jury was told manifold had millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts and paid for a lavish lifestyle with loans he lied to get. president trump was in west virginia when the verdict came down he called manifold a good man but says the case is not about russian collusion. you know. something like. three. weeks of. training. the other ten charges were declared a mistrial but prosecutors may choose to retry him on a fourth at a later date trumps former campaign manager faces another trial on similar charges next month leaving some in the legal community wondering whether he might cooperate with the miller investigation they do suggest that pollyanna for it might have
6:54 pm
greater reason to cooperate with prosecutors with the special counsel's investigation and if mr metaphor does indeed begin to cooperate that's where mr trump faces potential problems on the front of the russian investigation despite the president's claims this trial is seen as an important test for the miller investigation the charges in this case may not have been about collusion but they came from the military mr manner for disappointed of not getting acquittals all the way through or a complete hung jury on all counts he is evaluating all of his options at this point paul mana for this is been a spectacular fall from grace for president trump's claims that robert muller's investigation is a witch hunt have been dealt a spectacular blow of a mile or a said nothing publicly for months but after this case he may not have to a guilty plea here is given his investigation legitimacy and that may speak volumes and gallacher al-jazeera alexandria virginia. a u.s.
6:55 pm
national security advisor john bolton says iran will face yet more pressure over its nuclear plans and syria he spoke a short time ago after three days of talks in israel. consequences of the reduction in resources available to the regime we think is already manifested in some extent in constraints on the could force in. in syria and iraq and perhaps also in its assistant to the who tees in yemen and that's very important and we're going to do other things to put pressure on iran as well beyond economic sanctions are a force that joins us live now from west jerusalem so harry john bolton is in the region of the moment and very much applying the pressure on iran diplomatically that's certainly the message he's been trying to convey that the decision by the united states to pull out of the iran nuclear deal this year has had success both
6:56 pm
as you heard there in terms of restraining some of iran's military activity in the region but also he was talking in that news conference about protests across the country against the regime and of course that is very much the same kind of message that israel has long been a conveying as well in terms of its opposition to that nuclear deal and its call for further action against iran is the united states john bolton said was using a policy of maximum pressure scuse me. and that it would be calling on other countries to join us in other more firm ways however of course the european union is still very much against ending the deal and still clinging on to that deal and so. despite what he talked about in terms of arab countries or of benjamin netanyahu talked a couple days ago about arab neighbors of israel being on board in terms of putting
6:57 pm
pressure on iran we have yet to see that coming from western europe the other thing in terms of iran that israel is extremely keen to to to emphasize is the iranian military presence inside syria john bolton did talk to that as well although it isn't such a priority for the u.s. as it is for israel but he said that israel was perfectly within its rights in terms of self-defense to strike iranian targets he talked about conversations between the united states and russia directly with president putin in which the russian president said that russia had different interests in syria from iran that it would be content for iranian troops to go back into iran from syria but it could not effectuate that by itself that it might need u.s. help to do so although bolton didn't elaborate or give any real indication the united states was going to work closely with russia or on this he will be stopping in geneva next where he will meet his russian counterpart. and harry as far as the . efforts to try and make
6:58 pm
a deal with the between israel and the palestinians we heard from president trumpet at that rally on tuesday night saying that he had taken jerusalem off the table as it were in his words but obviously the palestinians will take a different view on that. well yes that's something that he's said many times but he also said that because he'd taken to some of the table israel would have to pay a high price for that and that it would be the palestinians turn next to get something so an israeli journalist quizzed john bolton on that saying it was not a change in u.s. policy but with united states having said that his decisions on recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel moving its embassy here were right and natural why were they now expecting israel to pay a price he said it was merely the president being a deal maker and expecting as anyone would that the palestinians having had a loss on that front would be looking for again on the next one as they wait for
6:59 pm
the u.s. peace plan to be published some reports that might be published in september however the palestinians have already rejected it seems to be no indication that this latest language from president trump is changing that indeed senior p.l.o. figure we responded to that saying that the theft of jerusalem that there was no coming back from that in the jerusalem remained one of the key issues in any future state so the rejection of this peace plan seems to be very much in place as far as the palestinians are concerned harry thanks for that harry force a life for us in west jerusalem or back now to our top story and donald trump's political and legal woes after the conviction of his former lawyer and former campaign chairman richard johnson is a lecturer of u.s. politics at lancaster university joins us now from there thanks very much for being with us so let's talk about cohen first of all what sort of i mean the political fallout over this has been well discussed but what sort of legal jeopardy does this
7:00 pm
now potentially put president trumping. well this is very serious if donald trump had lost the presidential election he almost certainly now would be facing indictment himself but because there's a well established precedent that the u.s. president doesn't face criminal indictment while he's in office trump isn't going to be hauled before the court the next stage of this process would be for congress to act as understood on the constitution the house would have to vote for a peach mint and then he would face a trial in the u.s. so if congress were to act properly then that would be the next stage and as far as the conviction of mr mann a for donald trump's former campaign manager now this trial was never about donald trump directly and it had nothing to do with alleged russian meddling but does this change the dynamics or.


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