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and the ladies were told they did not vote for the india won't be given they also say that they have evidence that people were also told in the rural areas to say that they need help when it came to voting and the person that came to help them vote. they voted for when these lawyers are finished making the submissions the lawyers representing the ruling party here will then have their turn nine judges who are going to make a ruling i would in a way that's going to happen it could be today it could be tomorrow but once that ruling is made a decision is final there is no room for appeal if. the court case what will happen next thing they'll take the political route that could involve involving regional countries in southern africa that the african union or the international community to particularly want the united states of america to intervene they haven't really take to the streets but some are warning they could if they are unhappy with the result all eyes are now on those judges when they make
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the decision and of course the losers what are they going to do next. has won the election and wasn't that person has to be sworn in within forty eight hours if the . election and that has to be held within sixty days. meanwhile how is all of this impacting the very real need to run the country if this limbo drags on. problems there with. the death penalty for human rights activists for the first time. wrested two years ago she took part in protests against discrimination of the shia minority in two thousand and eleven she's one of five activists facing execution human rights watch says the charges
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against resemble any crime. morocco's king mohammed the sixth has palled nearly nine hundred prisoners to mark the most i'm holiday of. thing clued eleven people from the head all confront the group took part in protests against economic neglect in the north and the reef region earlier this year senior figures such as the leader of the movement were not for the east. to the head of al jazeera venezuelans escape economic turmoil back home but find that all welcome by their neighbors. down to just one meal a day yemenis struggle to feed themselves as the civil war drags on. hello there twenty five films are heading their way northwards at the moment both
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of them look like they're going to make landfall here's one of them this one's called simmer and it's the small and weak a system at the moment the other one is here this one soulik is a more intense system currently and it's going to shoot our eye on it at the moment one hundred kilometers across so the strongest of the winds are covering a huge area both of them are working their way northwards the one that's going to hit first is similar and and this one's going to be still quite a busy storm by the time it makes landfall in honshu the other one's actually going to weaken so soon it won't be too strong wind wide when it makes landfall but it's still going to give us phenomenal amounts of rain so for both south korea and north korea it's going to be incredibly wet over the next few days and we will hear reports of flooding here the further towards the south the for many of us in china is fine and dry shanghai they're getting to around thirty three degrees at the moment there's more wet weather towards the south though plenty of it across parts of luzon and just to the south of hong kong we've got some particularly heavy outbreaks of rain at the moment and they could be something more sinister developing in this as we head through the next day or say
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a bit further towards the south as more sunshine here for borneo just a handful of showers here most of them in the north and for java and bali it should be fine and dry. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty years his disappearance remained in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi his downfall in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished in.
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watching out zero time to recap the headlines now transform a lawyer has pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws during the two thousand and sixteen election michael cohen says directed him to pay money to women the president allegedly had affairs with and the virginia jury found former campaign manager paul minor for guilty of eight fraud charges both cases emerge from robert mahler's investigation into alleged russian meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election zimbabwe's top causes hearing the opposition parties challenge the last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president. who won with just over fifty percent. that have been violent protests after prayers in indian administered kashmir on
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wednesday several people were injured in srinagar during demonstrations against india's rule stones were thrown at security forces who used tear gas and fired shots into the crowd protests spread to several other towns kashmir is a muslim majority himalayan region it's administered by india and pakistan in parts claimed by both for. people across india have been paying tribute to those killed by floods in carol of the worst to hit the southern state in the century hundreds prayed for the victims in the northern city of dera done more than three hundred seventy people are confirmed dead candlelight vigils are also held in the capital new delhi volunteers have been collecting relief supplies all that a million people are still living in makeshift camps but some of begun returning home to thomas reports and with out of man. we've met daniel thomas in
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an evacuation camp fisherman rescued him from his home on friday now he wanted to go back but on tuesday morning the only way back was by canoe but if we can do it. we can very easily from here go from there very distracted. we're going to see. as we were paddled four kilometers across a brode over paddy field and through people's gardens we heard and saw animals left behind and occasionally came across people. thomas's village itself is on relatively high ground the central street almost now dry it's very different to when the greatest volume of water barrel through on saturday after thomas had left . his adult son had stayed behind to help rescue others and say forty could at home he took us inside the news generally good
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a both property and people anybody in this town died you know on getting over the. news. from the. wrong one. that's remarkable when you see the damage. thomas' neighbor state to his house shook as it cracked. it's still under water and in the front garden. another hazard. but all day tuesday the water was dropping and back on the main street a surprise two big wheel trucks from the national disaster response force had managed to drive in people. and then queues formed past. the men brought the basics rice biscuits water they also brought hope.
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these trucks getting it is a really good sign are receding and fanned by the situation still in the eaves getting back to andrew thomas al jazeera man our carol. venezuelans are still trying to cope with president nicolas maduro his new policy is to turn the economy around he's devalue the currency ninety five percent in issued new banknotes venezuela has the world's largest known oil reserves even more than saudi arabia but it also has the world's fastest growing inflation sending the price of goods pirating out of control the international monetary fund says it could reach one million percent this year the current sea has become almost useless falling ninety nine point nine percent against the us dollar oil makes up ninety five percent of the country's exports but low prices and u.s.
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sanctions have had a major impact the new currency is done little to stop hyperinflation many businesses a close as they try to work out what to charge for goods in many cases what's available is already going up in price. venezuelans have been leaving to seek a better life elsewhere some of them are trying to move to neighboring brazil but as today's a bowl records are not being welcomed with open arms. brazilian troops now at the main point of entry between brazil and venezuela. bases what the border town of pak i my looks like after the anti migrant violence over the weekend. has been waiting for her three children four hours the venezuelan has been living with her husband in brazil with what is going on at home she's decided to send for her family. i have three children and we cannot risk it any more we have to bring our children here because in venezuela they cannot survive and we don't know what
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would happen in the future. in this northern brazilian state say the scale of the influx of men women and children from venezuela is now on the scale of an emergency the state government wanted to close the border temporarily but their federal counterparts said doing that would be legal around eight hundred venezuelans come to this place every day escaping the crisis here they're given i mean they're vaccinated and they're given an identification by brazilian authorities tell us that they want them to leave this part of the country as soon as possible in order to prevent confrontations with the local population. last weekend a crowd of brazilians attacked a temporary camp in back i'ma saying some venezuelans had assaulted a local man they destroyed the improvised housing and forced back across the border more than a thousand people. they got
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a little known was one of them he has returned because he says he cannot survive in venezuela. we all had to run to escape they destroyed everything i own my id my clothes and my positions but i cannot go. back to my country we cannot survive there it's a disaster and i won't go back as long as nicolas maduro is in power we are stranded all thought he is having create security and act trying to process people as fast as possible. we see lots of people crossing every day and it is constant there is more fluidity some people are passing by going somewhere else so the challenge is to try and help them get where they are going and then give paperwork to those who want to stay. for those who want to stay they will find refuge in brazil but neighborly hospitalities being put under severe strain by venezuela's economic crisis. i just see that back at a man brazil the un describes the conflict in yemen as one of the worst
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humanitarian disasters of modern times millions are struggling to afford basic goods and are on the verge of starvation alan fischer reports from neighboring djibouti. the fight to survive comes in many ways all military conflict is tone of this country for almost two years abdul karim ali faces a daily battle just to feed his family he goes to the market in the city even when he can't but find every day that the little money has buys less and less today it's bread and milk for abdul karim and his four children. it makes life harder harder to support growing children harder to keep that knowing hunger away harder to believe tomorrow will be better. as. i choose moken bread according to my potential to eat because as i consider this is a main meal for me and my family and today we cannot see meat and it was usual to eat meat and fish on fridays but unfortunately we are now eating only one meal
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a day because it is all we can afford. all the stores in the southern port city of aden receive full fewer people can afford what's on display the value of the yemeni reale continues to drop against major foreign currencies that mixed importing everything the country needs much more expensive prices have gone up across the board force they doubled then tripled its no estimated food and medicine is five hundred percent more expensive shuttle most of the low dollar our local currency is now in constant decline and the central bank has not done what it should do which is to inject foreign currency into the market and consolidate the exchange rate but the different prices and the big rise in the price of the dollar is very difficult as the more the currency loses the more we and our country lost. last year the yemeni government moved the central bank from who controlled capital center to it it was a step many experts predicted could bring the country to the verge of economic
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collapse around noon this lemon went bankrupt after moving the central bank to the city of atlanta the legitimate government spent a long time recovering some of the central bank's functions and activating an ad in the legitimate government has not been able to restore the state institutions especially the revenues institutions and therefore could not maintain the revenues in the liberated areas. the internationally recognized government relies on saudi arabia for cash injections which helps pay some public sector wages which goes some way to halting a complete economic collapse and stop the country running out of food it's estimated almost eighteen million people in yemen like access to good regular nutritious meals. but eight point four million are on the verge of famine they simply don't know where their next meal is coming from. abdul karim ali and his family today tomorrow. that's another battle. alan fischer al-jazeera djibouti. changes in coal mining technology could be behind the rise in black lung
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disease cases in developed nations including the us it's now being diagnosed in many younger miners as dion easterbrook reports last time that you remember that your breathing was perfectly normal that your lungs were fine seventy year old chris byron recently traveled halfway around the world from australia to chicago to find out how far his black lung disease has progressed to heart. he was diagnosed two years ago after forty years of mining i kept getting my new. lady of the lungs from the two thousand. and four. byron was among a half dozen australian coal miners undergoing testing at this black lung clinic at the university of illinois and northwestern hospitals. long term exposure to coal dust causes the disease the respiratory illness began declining in the u.s.
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in the one nine hundred seventy s. and was thought to be eradicated in australia decades ago because of better regulations but both countries have seen an increase in reported cases in recent years and miners like thirty six year old tim truant are getting sick younger it was a normal thing for the ship to come up in the shadows and you called us a little and you can see these massive lesions on both sides of the long clinic director dr robert cohen is researching the spike in black lung disease he thinks poor screening is part of the problem but he also thinks there might be something else some of the new stuff that we're seeing in the us may be due to changes in technology that's creating a finer smaller perhaps more toxic dust and we're doing research right now to evaluate that so we don't know that for sure miners undergo much more rigorous testing here than what they would get at other priscilla. bodies the clinic considers everything from the patients medical history to physiology blood drawn
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during stress tests analyzes oxygen levels in blood now you. can. go in and out pulmonary function exams evaluate lung strength and how well oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchange from the lungs to other parts of the body cohen says these tests and research will provide a better window into black lung disease and how it develops he states very well it won't help him cure these miners cohen thinks it could help in the development of new methods of preventing black lung disease in the future diane estabrook al-jazeera chicago. and let's take you through some of the headlines here in al-jazeera now don't transform a lawyer has pleaded guilty to breaking campaign finance laws during the two
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thousand and sixteen election michael cohen says trump directed him to pay money to women the president allegedly had affairs with and of virginia a jury for found former trump campaign manager paul manifold guilty of eight fraud charges both cases of bird from robert miller's investigation into alleged russian interference the u.s. national security adviser says a lot more pressure will be applied to iran over its nuclear plans and syria john bolton has been holding three days of talks in israel he suggested working with russia to get reining in forces out of syria. consequences of the reduction in resources available to the regime we think is already manifested in some extent in constraints on the could force in. in syria and iraq and perhaps also in its assistant to the hutus in yemen now it's very important we're going to do other things to put pressure on iran as well beyond economic sanctions so bob noyce top
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course is hearing a challenge by the main opposition party to last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson the name god what he won with just over fifty percent is no gration those being pursued by a pending court ruling. people across india have been paying tribute to those killed by the worst floods in the state of qatar for a century more than three hundred seventy people are confirmed dead volunteers have been collecting relief to send to caroline saudi arabia seeking the death penalty for a female human rights activist for the first time it's raw was arrested two years ago she took part in protests against discrimination of the shia minority in two thousand and eleven she's one of five activists facing execution human rights watch says the charges against them resemble any crime it's inside story now stay with us
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. one so wealthy nation venezuela is in financial crisis its currency is crumbling inflation could reach one million percent the president introduces a radical recovery plan but can it fix the economy and what will the political fallout be this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. venezuela was the richest country in latin america but now it's facing one of the most critical economic crises in the world inflation has skyrocketed prices are at an all time high and the national currency the boulevard has lost much of its value some venezuelans could now struggle to buy a cup of coffee the cost about two million believers the financial devastation has led to mass migration starvation and political unrest president nicolas maduro blames it on what he calls an economic war against his country his critics say widespread corruption and the government's mismanagement are responsible in an attempt to solve the problem the government has introduced a plan to curb hyper inflation there's a new currency the sovereign body of our which will remove five zeros from banknotes it's backed by a crypto currency the petro that's pegged to the price of oil the government is also raising the minimum wage by three thousand percent raising taxes and increasing petrol prices for some drivers how are venezuelans reacting to the new
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measures here's our latin america editor of the scieno men in caracas. confusion concern and especially uncertainty of the only way to describe how most winners wayland's are receiving their new currency these are ten new until friday they were worth a million of the old body that is there the maximum amount that you can take out of a cash machine at one time but they are not worth more they just have five less heroes than the old bills faced with the world's highest hyperinflation the government has not just shaved in zeroes off the bills but is raising corporate and sales taxes and increasing the minimum wage several thousand percent venezuela's largest private business association says that this is not the way to save the economy. although it's necessary to raise salaries raising the minimum wage by thirty five hundred percent makes it impossible for businesses to meet these new increases in an economy that is underwater because of
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a severe depression and if hyperinflation is not controlled the impact of this increase will be totally counterproductive. president nicolas maduro says he'll subsidize small and medium sized companies for ninety days here in caracas almost everything was closed on the first day of the new currency the government had declared monday a public holiday. thing is open complained this man not even the mini supermarkets were waiting to see what happened and. indeed people are confused and with very good reason they don't know how to calculate what they're spending especially since the new salaries don't go into effect until next month. so how did the crisis develop venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world which accounts for ninety percent of its total exports so when oil prices collapsed caracas suffered a cash shortage the government suddenly faced with a gaping hole in its finances had to cut back on some of its most popular social
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programs it taking control over access to u.s. dollars. into a flourishing black market an unprecedented inflation instead of cutting spending the government printed more money driving inflation up further its annual rate is now the world's highest and the international monetary fund says it could reach up to one million percent this year venezuela has also been hit by international sanctions with the united states for hitting dealings in new debt alright let's bring in our guest joining us from married to venezuela paul dops and he's a journalist for venezuela analysis an independent news site based in venezuela from washington d.c. is sonia shot a latin america analyst with a focus on venezuela and from atlanta by skype is charles shapiro former u.s. ambassador to venezuela thank you all for joining us sonia i want to start with you with this new currency help at all of course not ok this is not the first time that we have seen it go were meant in latin america to remove
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from the currency that the top and in argentina and brazil in colombia but the situation was quite the free and even though that happened of the flora in the left in america in the seventy's eighty's and so i mean sony i'm sorry to interrupt i mean hugo chavez also not zeros off of the believer in two thousand and eight correct. yeah that's true so ok it's not against that but till that time menace well it was a very different call on three d. you're in there travis time and it's hello westin well to actually the wealthy is famous well the problem is there mismanagement of the economy because the ressources are there there's been a silence there say half her oil they still have roam of the areas the problem is the mismanagement of the garment and that's why this is not going it's totally and too late what they were meant is doing right now it's not going to help and i think
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this is going to worse they see the way charles i saw you nodding along to what sunny was saying i mean president maduro is saying that this is a revolutionary formulae can you expand on what sonia was saying what do you think about all of it. for the insane or. i think gradually to syria to the very useful item of this very face. they. developed a rube goldberg machine. is there when in fact it's tuesday simply her in serious value because people have. nothing to do with the faith in what the government's doing every policy or of all you are no matter. what charles let me follow up on what you're saying i mean this crypto currency that they're talking about i mean this would require online tools and infrastructure even to make daily purchases i mean how would the average venezuelan even still get into to utilize
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something like this every sense of your question they can. place in war. bad government was the. dropping water production work production that is where was the love it was and nine hundred forty. you know who disapproved warning they had gaping holes in their budget who juggles was broke what's happened is they're going all through the greater presses running. paul how were venezuelans viewing all this viewing this new currency if you mean all that's going on while the vast majority of us play that put their faith in the government once again and may may twentieth in the last elections very clear ticket and this ticket was will put a face of faith in you but we need stronger measures in the economic area are we need something to be done now three months later we are seeing said only audacious
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measures from the government in the economic area and venezuelans i and to that extent they're quite happy to see something being done something drastic something different something creative in the economy whether or not i'll be successful or not it's far too early to say of course but the general opinion on the street is that. they're well over at the how well received these measures because this ng at something it's being done they're trying something new and i'm not much better than that and then there is nothing me in the deteriorating economic situation sonia beyond this what other steps is president maduro you know planning on taking and what kind of pressure is he under the mystically right now. well actually we are seeing that however as well as collapsing before our eyes so they correct the crisis in minutes for not just only the political crisis but also the economical crisis it's not the for not to to avoid it is impossible not to see
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what's going on in the contre even for the president often as well and i would like to say something that this key a key element for the economy and this is trust an m i question will be is anyone in by this well a trusting mother otoh to lead the the their policies the economic policies still safe the contre from the collapse even the international community is there a trust in wireless well that will be the answer and if you can answer the question then you will see what's going on so the future those who look ready ross right now charles let's talk for a moment about all the trust at all. thought for a moment about you know the u.s. relationship with venezuela i mean there are the sanctions there are looming sanctions i mean has the u.s. state department been doing enough from your point of view.
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u.s. state department is looking to. change in there where they. only . need more sanctions. against the. all this evidence is developed and was a new court. sanctions against the petro. but the real answer is the amount of money to goldman sachs' of last investing for the people who don't that's the way to go that's all was where was are taking the money out and threw it at it and in fact there's nothing that is without the fled the. neighboring countries and bad news for what it is there were no quid pro or. are jammed we there's ways we clean are fleeing their country because of lack of food lack of medicine or war currency
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they have no faith paul i just want to take a step back for a moment to sort of remind our viewers how venezuela got to the point that it's out i mean venezuela boasts enormous oil riches and crude production but it's been in steady decline economically over the past decade how did it get to this point look at the question a complicated ounce and i am in a time that we have available a conk a fairly and that it causes of the economic collapse at the moment but i think we're in it as briefly as you can if you could. the main point is that and i think the when when i with with discovered in venice way that the whole economy started to shift and national production in industry and agriculture and a whole range of other fields got abandoned in preference for oil and this is still going on to some extent and now it's early in the last few years oil prices been extremely high and there was a serious lack from lacking of the government in terms of industrialization of the
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country at this point to have the resources to do this. and currently still venezuela is over dependent on oil and if you have not resolved if they take out of the ground they haven't been able to fast if i recall to me and become self-sufficient in especially agriculture but also in industry and other areas and so they're still very independent on imports now if you're dependent on imports you're dependent on currency changes and if you depend on current exchanges then to some extent you're at it dependent on a foreign currency and now see this is where sanctions have really hit home sanctions have had a massive impact here in minutes way the u.s. u.s. less sanctions from the u.s. department which have been replicated by canada in panda pan american switzerland and they use these sanctions have made up almost impossible for venezuela to employ court a range of goods including medicines and important subsidies for the food sector because they're not allowing access to the financial institutions and venezuelan
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private firms and it's going to government benefit and public phones anyone is not able to pay for that in.


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