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tv   State of Play  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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although he didn't elaborate on that he will be going directly from here to geneva for talks with his russian opposite number he also spoke about what had taken place overnight the u.s. president donald trump at a rally in west virginia saying that after he had taken jerusalem off the table for that in terms of the negotiations between israelis and palestinians that the palestinians could now expect to be next in turn to get something bolton said that that was only natural for a deal maker like donald trump to expect to hear from the palestinians what they would want having lost out on that front although the palestinian position remains entirely unchanged we heard from one of our showing a senior p.l.o. member this morning that there was no coming back from what she called the theft of jerusalem and that it was one of the key constituent elements in any future palestinian state and so the rejection of the trump deal before it is announced remains in place as far as the palestinians are concerned force and western roussillon that were israel has approved plans to build more than one thousand new illegal settlement homes in the occupied west bank there the latest in
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a raft of recent approvals israeli settlements in occupied palestinian lands are illegal under international law. zimbabwe is hearing a challenge by the main opposition party to last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson who won with just over fifty percent is inauguration has been for spawned pending the court ruling from the electoral commission denies claims of violence. has been slowing that case forcing her on. what we heard from him was his in the alliance and they say that they have documents that show that numbers were inflated to say with the rulings on. if they become part of the country especially the rural areas people were being they village heads at the polling stations they were being watched how they voted it's alleged that some of them were told if they don't vote for zanu p.f. they won't get food it's the queen's annoyance that some people were told when you
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get to the polling station you might say you need help and those people who came out to help these voters made sure they voted yes then we heard from the judges and they have questions or we've heard it here say that the polling stations the numbers were inflated ways to prove which polling stations the lawyers can answer that they will then ask you say some people were intimidated into voting again which polling stations who are these people anyone independently verify just information the lawyers can answer that if they didn't have time to go through all the polling stations and get all the information that they needed then one judge will be making a who willing either today or tomorrow and once the ruling is made a decision is final is no room for appeal in uganda the lawyer of musician turned politician robert. says his client has been beaten inside prison so badly that he cannot stand a man dressed in honors for the war and was arrested last week and that sparked
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violent scenes between police and protesters in the capital kampala on monday the ugandan government denies allegations of assault. so aired on al-jazeera down to just one meal a day yemeni struggle to feed themselves the civil war drags on. hello there we've got a developing feature that is just off the south coast of china on the satellite picture you can see plenty of clouds here and some of the islands have been reporting over three hundred millimeters of rain from this system so it's clearly giving us a phenomenal amount of rain there's a chance it could develop into a tropical storm as we head through the next few days but certainly this area is looking wet again as we head through thursday and friday so for the south coast of china and for many of us in luzon in the philippines expect things to be very very
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wet and they could well be reports of flooding as we head through the next few days meanwhile out towards the west of course we've had devastating flooding in parts of india carol of areas where we've seen the worst of it and fortunately now the skies are now more or less clear instead this more cloud up towards the north and that's where we've seen the worst of the way the recently plenty more showers here as we had three thursday and friday on friday we'll just see the showers pushing a little bit further northwards new delhi that certainly isn't looking roll the way out towards the west and here in doha the winds are changing a little bit now so over the next few days they'll begin to come in more from an easterly direction that means here in doha it will be a little bit more humid the air filling more sticky further south more cloud to around muscat. every weekly news cycle brings a series of breaking stories but it was in the truck didn't happen on the boy told
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through the eyes of the world journalists the images matter a lot international politics the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they report on the stories that matter the most serious someone from the country who guides you to lead you to the story of the bottom line tells us who wrote the listening post on al-jazeera. again you're watching it is it a reminder of our top stories this hour the long time lord of u.s. president donald trump says he's ready to talk to the special prosecutor's team investigating russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election earlier michael cohen
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pleaded guilty to eight charges including paying harsh money on the orders of trump . zimbabwe's top court is hearing a challenge by the main opposition party to last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson one guy who won with just over fifty percent. u.s. national security advisor says more pressure will soon be applied on iran over its nuclear plans and its presence in syria john bolton has been holding three days of talks in israel. where the u.n. says more than two million people have fled venezuela's economic turmoil president nicolas maduro drastic new monetary policies came into effect on monday from the capital caracas our latin america editor lucia newman reports on how people are coping with the crisis. venezuelan. supporters tried to rev up in view z. as i'm introduced to economic measures described by president reagan last month as
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an economic revolution to defeat hyperinflation here conspicuously absent from a rally in front of the presidential palace liz mcdougall himself who hasn't made a public appearance since an apparent assassination attempt on august the fourth. if the right wing crosses our path will run over them like a train nothing will stop our reform. just blocks away many shops and markets remain closed some adhering to an opposition call for a national strike others unsure how much to charge now the five zero seven slashed off the currency head of a compulsory thirty four hundred percent increase in the minimum wage they go into effect september first the price hikes are in two eighty. two hours ago these eggs cost fifteen hundred and when i came back with the cash they were two thousand. the bus company that takes the to the border remains shut until further notice and
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that's not the web page to recharge mobile phones for the moment it is not operational one of the few things that has not changed prices are these bananas they're now five of the nobody that is or five hundred thousand of the old ones which is roughly the same if you take away five zero s. but according to the people selling them by next week the probably go up three hundred percent. the government blames the crisis that to brought on precedented hunger and illness on what it calls a domestic and international economic war but many economists warn the new measures will only make things worse. there are implementing fiscal measures to increase revenue one refusing any type of international financing or aid so they'll keep printing out money and we'll see that hyperinflation will not stop and amid the uncertainty neither it seems will the exodus of the desperate to find relief anywhere they can. see newman al jazeera. leader aung sang suu
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kyi will lose another international award for refusing to condemn violence against muslims should be stripped of her freedom of edinburgh on a day after she defended the military's crackdown on the minority group in the high end state the former nobel peace prize winner has lost seven accolades over the past and she blamed what she called terrorism for the violence that forced more than seven hundred thousand to escape to bangladesh a cleanup is underway in india's southern state of kerala after the worst floods in a century more than a million people are living in camps there aid workers say there could be further damage even as floodwaters go down some families are returning home as andrew thomas reports now from the town of minot we've met. in an evacuation camp fisherman rescued him from his home on friday now he wants to go back. but on tuesday morning the only way back was by canoe but if we can do it we can very
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easily from here go from there they go where we've already started. that if we're going to see. as we were paddled for kilometers across a broad over paddy fields and through people's gardens we heard and saw animals left behind and occasionally came across people. thomas's village itself is on relatively high ground the central street almost now dry it's very different to when the greatest volume of water barrel through on saturday after thomas had left. his adult son had stayed behind to help rescue others and say forty could at home he took us inside the news generally good a both property and people anybody in this town died low on. the. news. from the.
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world but one. that's remarkable when you see the damage. thomas' neighbor state to his house shook as it cracked it's still under water and in the front garden made there was another hazard. but all day tuesday the water was dropping and back on the main streets a surprise to big wheel trucks from the national disaster response force had managed to drive in people just salt and then queues formed fast. yet. they had. the men brought the basics rice biscuits water they also brought hope. these trucks get here is a really good sign of the waters are receding and bad though the situation still is
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it needs getting back to andrew thomas al-jazeera man after a lot. of this week muslims around the world are celebrating the festival of sacrifice but in indian administered kashmir the holidays been marred by violence especially when he has more. the sounds of pellet gun shots yelling and smoke from tear gas canisters filled the air in several towns in the indian administered kashmir this week muslims are celebrating the e.t.l. adhoc or festival of sacrifice leaving many streets quiet. but not here in srinagar after evening prayers on tuesday hundreds of protesters demonstrating against indian rule carried signs hurled stones and even threw tear gas canisters back at police and not only that the year. many of our brothers are in jail many are injured with shotgun pellets and many have been martyred the indian forces are
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suppressing us with their minds here facing tyranny every day. here is a muslim majority himalayan region it's claimed by both india and pakistan many kashmiris have been opposing indian rule since independence in one nine hundred forty seven met along with their cost cutting but actually appeal to the international community especially to the organization of islamic cooperation in the united nations to intervene and take notice of the atrocities committed here so that in just oppression is stopped. a boundary known as the line of control divides the region in half with one sided ministered by india and the other by pakistan india would like to formalize the status quo and make it the accepted international boundary but pakistan and kashmiri activists reject this plan because they both want greater control over the region pakistan's new prime minister imran khan has
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proposed talks with indian premier modi to resolve the longstanding dispute over kashmir natasha going to aim to zero. a former cambodian opposition leader came saw has been denied bail he's been in a remote prison for nearly a year awaiting trial on a charge of plotting to overthrow the government is cambodian national rescue party was forcibly dissolved just before july's election when he has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand. they had been some hope that kim would be granted bail by the courts in phnom penh given that over the last few days we've seen several people released from prison either having received pardons or having been granted bail such as journalists land rights activists and in one case a political analyst but it seems that releasing at the moment was seen perhaps as a step too far for the government and
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a judiciary that seen as far from independence or camps a car will remain in jail awaiting trial on treason charges he wasn't in court for the bail hearing in fact he's only been to court once since he was arrested in september last year this all happening after july's general election in which the ruling party the cambodian people's party of prime minister hun sen who's been in power for thirty three years won all one hundred twenty five seats in the national assembly the u.n. has called the conflict in yemen one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern times it's estimated eight point four million yemenis on the verge of starvation with many more eating just one small meal a day and it is an official reports from neighboring djibouti. the fight to survive comes in many ways all military conflict has torn of his country for almost four years abdul karim ali faces a daily battle just to feed his family he goes to the market in the city of aden
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when he can but finds every day that the little money has buys less and less today it's bread and milk for abdul karim and his four children it makes life harder harder to support growing children harder to keep that knowing hunger away harder to believe tomorrow will be better. as if. i choose moken bread according to my potential to eat because as i consider this is a main meal for me and my family and today we cannot see meat and it was usual to eat meat and fish on fridays but unfortunately we are now eating only one meal a day because it is all we can afford. all the stores in the southern port city of aden receive full fewer people can afford what's on display the value of the yemeni reale continues to drop against me to foreign currencies that makes comporting everything the country needs much more expensive prices of going up across the board firstly doubled and tripled its no estimated food and medicine is five
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hundred percent more expensive. shuttle most of the low dollar our local currency is now in constant decline and the central bank has not done what it should do which is to inject foreign currency into the market and consolidate the exchange rate but the different prices and the big rise in the price of the dollar is very difficult as the more the currency loses the more we and our country. last year the yemeni government moved the central bank from who controlled capital sanaa to it it was a step many experts predicted could bring the country to the verge of economic collapse around noon this lemon went bankrupt after moving the central bank to the city of atlanta the legitimate government spent a long time recovering some of the central banks functions and activated an ad in the legitimate government has not been able to restore the state institutions especially the revenues institutions and therefore could not maintain the revenues in the liberated areas. the internationally recognized government relies on saudi arabia for cash injections which helps pay some public sector wages which goes some
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way to halting a complete economic collapse and stop the country running out of food it's estimated almost eighteen million people in yemen like access to good regular nutritious meals but eight point four million are on the verge of famine they simply don't know where their next meal is coming from. abdul karim ali in this family today tomorrow. that's another battle. alan fischer al-jazeera. the scenes al-jazeera is going to round up of our top stories u.s. president donald transform a lawyer says he's ready to talk to the special prosecutors team investigating russian meddling in the twenty six thousand election earlier michael cohen pleaded guilty to a charges including paying hush money on the orders of trump and gallagher has more from washington. if michael cohen has information about that now infamous trump
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tower meeting in which i don't trump jr attended a meeting where he met a russian lawyer to get dirt on a political opponent that could have massive implications implications for donald trump as well as the fact that michael cohen stood up and said that the sitting president of the united states is my coconspirator in two payments made to alleged lovers to which broke campaign finance laws so this is essential a double hurricane for the president of the u.s. national security advisor says a lot more pressure will soon be applied on iran over its nuclear plans and presence in syria john bolton has been holding talks in israel the bar we saw court is hearing a challenge by the main opposition party to last month's presidential election results opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson who won with just over fifty percent. in uganda the lawyer of
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musician turned politician robert kiyosaki leon he says his client has been beaten inside prison so badly that he can't stand the man better known as bobby one was arrested last week and that sparked violent clashes between police and protesters in the capital kampala on monday. the head of the organization of american states has called for an emergency meeting to tackle the crisis in venezuela the u.n. says more than two million people have fled the country's economic turmoil inflation is predicted to hit a million percent this year and shortages of basic necessities are widespread saudi arabia is seeking the death penalty for a female human rights activists is graham was arrested two years ago she is thought to be the first woman to face possible execution for rights related activism in the kingdom the charges stem from protests against discrimination of the shia minority in two thousand and eleven those are the headlines the stream is next. he is
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a self-proclaimed messenger of god plenty millions of devote but his path to enlightenment involves the rape and abuse of his followers when he used investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual groups on al-jazeera. i am here kate and you in the screen today thousands of u.s. prisoners are starting a nationwide strike the better conditions family get the law will examine what's compelled inmates to protest and what they can achieve join the conversation through you tube and twitter. over the next twenty days inmates in prisons jails and immigration detention centers will hold peaceful citizens hunger strikes and labor stoppages to push for reform of a system that they say abuses and exploits them that's right this is the second
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national prisoner strike in two years organizers hope to encourage even more inmates than than the twenty four thousand who took part in that record breaking protests this year's demonstrations are led by jailhouse lawyer speak and incarcerated group of reform advocates they're supported by several other groups seeking changes to the prison system the strike was called in response to the death of seven inmates in a riot at a south carolina state prison in april it was the worst disturbance in a u.s. prison in twenty five years organizers of the strikes have seventeen months take a look at this case featuring a former prisoner and organize a cold cold door see he outlined some of the most pressing issues for inmates. prisoners of calls for immediate prisons and prison conditions having access to vote having access to law library law resources rehabilitation access and services pell grants should be ran state there's been less and less services for the t.v.
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college degrees and particularly rehab services. for more on the strike we are joined from columbia south carolina by crystal rountree she's a representative and organized if a jailhouse lawyer speak which is leading the protest we're also joined by sean drug was outgo she's a formerly incarcerated writer whose prison diaries was honored with several awards she joins us from orange connecticut. is a member of the california coalition for women prison is she's also a program coordinator for project rebound at california state university as well as a just leadership usa she joins us from fullerton california hello everybody. thought on my computer hello my computer with a member of our community who explains why we're here today and why this strike got started kimberly here says what led to the story today were the horrible conditions that prisoners were forced to live in a condition and conditions that mirrored the conditions that in slaved people were
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forced to live in and i think anyone being oppressed would fight back she goes on to say it was this incident at least correctional institution that we mentioned at the top of the show in south carolina and the horrible deaths of seven inmates and injuring of others that really galvanized the situation and sparked these men and women into action kristal. that are part of her international audience explain to us what happened that led to why we're here today. thank you for having me and once again. you know prison conditions you know this the this trial is essentially a demand for the recommendation of the human rights prison and the state of the prisons in this country currently. there was a why that took place you know which you alluded to a bit earlier there at least correctional institution in april of this year in south carolina where seven inmates were in fact you know and seven four others were
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injured in very preventable under forgettable circumstances certainly. as a as a result of that prisoner the process the nation essential really want to bring worldwide mass ascension in awareness again to the conditions that they're being subjected to the dangerous environment i want and non productive conditions of the prison system right now prisoners are simply being warehoused without any sort of insensitive no rehabilitation no treatment programs and so we. we have a situation here that i describe as they cried. wolf. the prisoners are they have a whole. array and that they are requesting as a result of this you know as a part of their demands but it's national prison strike some of those things are definitely in a media and. that they are. going to benefit thanks and
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immediate in your presence which is legitimately happening and going on right here today in america presents a question that you'll certainly can't just making i hear i'm out and i. and some resonating because you have been on the other side you have been inside. what point would you have just been surprised that ok that's a nationwide strike i would say no surprise whatsoever the question is some places to say we're not working i'm not surprised that our you know what happened at least correction no facilities was a tipping point and so across prisons in california you know we're overcrowded there's a lack of programming conditions of the needs of the policy improvements and so when you're warehousing folks in these deplorable conditions. something that
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happens even in another state can give you the courage and energy to step up and represent what you feel is it's human dignity for you within california prisons we have almost one hundred and sixty thousand folks and. we leave the national rate in suicide in deplorable conditions we've been warehousing folks through prison next panshin since the eighty's so it's really time for. governor brown who is the governor here in california governor it's a across this nation to start treating incarcerated people with dignity and respect ninety five percent of all incarcerated folks return to their communities that return should be a return where there is jobs where there is access to resources where there is higher education and it can start inside the prisons and they say because his son
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and i can i jump in your post i mentioned there are two two separate issues though involved in this strike one the tap demand is changing prison conditions which i wholeheartedly agree with the second one is about wages and abolishing prison labor i have written extensively my experience with prison labor was actually positive i know that's not a typical situation but there are people who undergo significant emotional and rehabilitative changes through their prison jobs and i know when i was in if someone told me we're striking and then as of tomorrow we might not have jobs i don't know if i would have survived. do you want to explain what that was and the how it helped get through your time your shonda it was a kitchen job so it was manual labor setting up the food serving it to the other women in the facility it actually taught me a significant number of leadership skills and as i have explained to
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a lot of other people it got me out of a five by ten cell that's not a natural state for a human being that's maybe sitting in a box or a cage maybe for as doing animal or a new litter of kittens it's not of all we're not for human beings so even though i was being brought into a kitchen where i had to work very hard for seventy five cents a day i was still in an open area where i could move around like a human being i was also doing things like cooking a soup or serving a stew that somewhere in the world someone else was doing the same thing whereas sitting in my cell that's just rotting in festering that's not human activity. i mean and that's i think some of that at a minimum i think that's one of the reasons why it's been hard to get some of these reforms and policies change because the labor their folks still inside they are grateful for some of those skills to translate to jobs on the outside however you know those jobs inside can be
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a whole lot better wages can be improved the conditions in which people were definitely can be improved and instead kind of attitude of gratitude that many of us have going into the prison system. because we're shamed and we're embarrassed of the things that we've done to get there common leads us to this really graceful attitude around getting out of the sale and having these kind of dining room jobs for eight cents an hour or seventeen cents an hour but i think the bigger picture here is that it doesn't allow us to say it doesn't it doesn't allow us to support our families on the outside prison wages don't allow you to be productive members of your family when you're incarcerated and their income is removed from your family when you're locked up right now and i think that's why there are several people online who are likening it to slavery this is august twenty one j.b.
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where who says the u.s. prison labor system is based upon the thirteenth amendment which justifies slavery as punishment for a crime the system claims a lot of labor is voluntary but if prisoners refuse to work they are inherently punished by being trapped in the confines of their cells or solitary now and on that no we also got a video comment from someone who's working directly on this issue this is as audacious a legal and advocacy director for projects south which is focused on this issue in this is what she told the stream. in a glance at the salute to the archbishop we call every wish to participate in this one for the program by using threats of violence facing them in solitary confinement and they don't participate actually placing them in solitary or depriving them of life necessities so what are the scientists and i mean i think this side you actually have sensed in the morning to bangladesh but he was detained at this with his hands in the center and i. said that because you have interesting
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he's a man and judges mention these here wages between one we all used to get in the sixty's came in and so he said no work tomorrow and so forth that he will stays in solitary for several days and he continues to suffer from the impact of that. so american i can see you nodding your head there i want to know for international audience that they're there in that video comments talking about immigration detention center but it shows really how broad this issue is because it's across the jails prisons immigration detention centers and other places so that idea of this being modern day slavery is not something that you can understand why people are saying oh it is still you it's a program results in you lose in time it may result in you lose and prove her religious it will result in you not earning any day for day milestone credits so working in the prison is is a voluntary thing but then this is not voluntary because you're honest if you don't
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work but again you don't receive the sufficient amount of pay for that work the labor that you put in is nowhere near equal and just because there's a loophole in the united states constitution doesn't mean that people should be treated inhumanely without it. and that's what the thirteenth amendment so i can see we can stand on the light let me just say that amendment abolished slavery and . except if you are an prison so for an i.v. still exist in the united states if you're a prisoner crystal yeah absolutely the slavery deal is very much of a lot of a will in this in this country to say legitimized by the thirteenth amendment as several people have such gone already but i just want to back up for a moment and note that. is something such in south carolina would your any of the people incorporate it there are literally being warehoused and i
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mean they're not working so there are other ways that people have decided to really gauge in the strike such a sit in boycott not spending any money during for the next twenty day all of this is designed to send a message to the system and so in fact yes there are many prisoners in this country who are working under slave like conditions and we know this clearly as a slavery. but i just want to make you know for the record there are a number of people in the news in this country prisoners for incarcerated in detention centers immigration detention centers. and other locations that actually do not have a job they are literally being warehouse that they will be participating in the strike will show i have to pay this for our audience this comes from the cost so i did well because organizing committee this is
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a cannes he sums up what it is like to work as a prisoner and the wages you get have a listen to how i stormed out of a long story short of food for breakfast and dinner then i became a dishwasher. and it's all made use of the to see. you've been brainwashed to pray don't use you know. if you don't want to make twenty dollars a month make a good twelve percent of the. restitution. so joining us on the line from stockton prison in alabama we have proof justice he is a co-founder of heard voices that's a nonprofit advocating prison reform and he's a key organizer of the strike talking to us from inside on hope fifty just this house is like going so far well hopefully it's going pretty good now. we don't require these guys to actually doing the work stoppage or anything like that. but what we're focusing on is in the majors is to such as home and west
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jefferson and sanctuary and even waters where we're open to everything to go and as far as being able to reach out to the god there's been really silent today we're assuming that they have camps at this time. so what actually happens when prisoners go on strike well basically what we're doing is we are doing a peaceful protest and all we require is that the comrades not to report to their jobs with their institutional chops this is the brother recording something about it kitchens. what we call industrial jobs that alabama uses. and. we sit down and what we have requested amounts to is also to the stores in the canteen as well as any. packages from different companies such as you supply and so on we are asking also that that we. boycott
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any spinning station. that is haitian your arse it also goes back to the state of alabama. now it's just so far beyond that isn't aware i want to share this tweet we got from someone august twenty one who says remember when you talk about the prison strike talk about what prisoners are striking for and they included a list of demands among them at the very top of the list is an improving conditions of prisons and the second is an immediate end to prison slavery the list goes on there's about nine or ten things on that list what is number one for you was striking where the number one thing for me and i think it's very important that every comrade that is our strike always remember our main goal is always to abolish the federal bus station and our state constitution as well here in alabama that
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would be a section one article thirty two of the alabama not you know lower cost to show that gives a loophole for the thirty members to. give the state anyway to slaves. and every other. every other thing that we are demanding in our demands such as in alabama want for instance changes dealing with a life without parole. and other issues such as bringing in good time for inmates to actually have control of their own fate in chains and their release date and the parole. such as. the parole is good guidelines as far as when an embed is eligible. to return back to. a lot of our demands they. pretty much mirror each other i know in south carolina the brothers over there are asking who
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are voting rights which is something that we here in alabama have somewhat one foot in the door doing so. inmates that have not moral turpitude crimes are allowed to vote in saddam's two sons or inside the jails and wants a return of saddam without receiving a pardon from space but i think it's important that we remember that our main focus and goal is to. ask. for the movement and. the third thing from them. thank you for with for for mentioning prison abolition because that should be our primary goal is to abolish prisons and as she said to that list there are so many demands all ten of them are very important. for me i would definitely want to say that number one just improving the conditions but we
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need to abolish prisons and since we still have prisons that exist in our society today we need to have those prisons. with. conditions that support the health hole in this and wellness of people and that's access to programming good mental health good medical care dental care and access to higher education but another really important point on their list of demands is that around sentencing reforms in the state of california there are over one hundred twenty sentencing reforms on the books that oftentimes lead people to getting the really high sentences of a sixty eighty one hundred years alive. and that's death by incarceration and thank you again for mentioning the life without the possibility of wrote the calquing coalition for women prisoners who now drop you know wop rally at the steps of the capitol in sacramento california asking governor brown to commute all five thousand
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sentences to live with the possibility they've been very good here in california with commuting sentences but they could do better and then i just want to bring women into the conversation because incarcerated women are different than incarcerate and if folks are going to so exist in these cases we need to start thinking about ways that gender play a part in that and thirty try hands and not doing that and for me they're nice just more access to services and programs that the individual's identity so right now and i spoke to a couple of correctional departments who i teamed up because we wanted to have their voice in this conversation and he turned up in the conversation but he did send a statement south carolina department of correction this is what they told us when we told them that we were doing this show they said that the agent saying is aware of a nation why present strike starting on august twenty first twenty eighteen we're currently
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monitoring the situation for any activity within the presence the agency will take the necessary actions to ensure the presence i'll say. milk on that side we always get comments like this on turn without this live on the ship or so i want to share with you britt armstrong says no one cares when you break the laws in america you forfeit freedom what do you say to people like brant i would say several things first i would say you don't necessarily have to forfeit freedom if you have transgressed or broken the law but there's a larger issue and i'm glad that this person who treated said the arts commented on youtube said that is that we have eight and entirely too punitive society we have made it if you look at what's happening in the recent immigration situation where children are being separated from parents in the united states the attitude is that if you have broken a law if you have sinned if you have transgressed then anything goes so you
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remember when we're talking about just losing freedom i think this person might be envisioning short sentences or things like that what i believe the other guest and i are talking about is the loss of life. mentioned people who are sentenced to death by incarceration also the risks in prison labor of dying are actually kind of high and there's no osha protection there's no workplace safety precautions that are implemented for inmates because we are could not considered under the law employees which is another aspect of this that is totally dehumanizing and devalues everything that we've done let me give you no thank you very funny are objects heard. people talk about one point that i would love one out. because of a vet of the use you really have a problem so rare or whoever was there. there is no law look for wherever. we're going from new york times to me from north.
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so it is very much in your interest to worry about what goes on in these places such as these prisons are in the united states of america because. when i get out. why not very will work well for you. and you pay your taxes to everything. so many years you were going to justice as an that's a really interesting point right now and i want you to do a humble brag of all of the studies and the qualifications you got while you were incarcerated. wow wow i was able to get some firefighter training that included first first responder certification i learned several degrees inside to. to get release two minutes to mention how many degrees. how many. degrees of master's degree in masses and. that's not enough to have
11:45 pm
a conversation with a. university. so this this thing this what we're seeing right in front of us this is really big that we have been attention this conversation is not over yet if you're watching on t.v. we would like you to going to youtube where we will continue the conversation on you tube if you don't know where that address is go to at a.j. streamed on twitter we will tweet to the address for you so that you can pick up the conversation we have krista we have children who has been incarcerated we have no malin who has been incarcerated we have swift justice who is currently in prison right now. we will pick up on you tube with this comment this is brian on twitter who says i defer to strikers to define success but i think they've already had lots of it with generating awareness around conditions or talk about what success means to be continued we'll see you online on you thanks for watching take care.
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go china is keen to win friends and influence you need oil rich middle east business spark the wrong turn blind of china to secure its resources for the future of the i.m.f. sub sub so hard region as a whole. alice expect to grow we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. oh. and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha michelle carey welcome to the news grid a double blow for donald trump as two of his close aides face prison time his former personal lawyer michael cohen and former campaign manager paul miniport both guilty of fraud in two separate cases now trump fines and celtic use of conspiring
11:49 pm
to commit a crime so what legal repercussions could these cases have on the u.s. president. also on news ugandan musician turned off position politician a mass has been held for bobby wine he was arrested more than a week ago and tuesday legal possession of weapons as lawyer says he has been tortured in detention and a legal showdown in zimbabwe the constitutional court is meeting to hear a challenge to last month's presidential election incumbent been a synagogue or was declared the winner but the opposition leader cried foul saying the poll was rigged. and venezuela is rocked by its strongest earthquake in more than one hundred years and it's been felt in parts of the caribbean as well look at all the online reaction and home it's next best route to show using the hash tag a genius spreads. there with the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook
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live and al-jazeera dot com convictions and guilty pleas from two men close to president and his presidential campaign his former lawyer michael cohen pleaded guilty to paying to women so they would not go public about their alleged affairs with the pals apparently happened before the two thousand and sixteen election despite the president's denials cohen told a new york court that the hush money payments were made by trump when he was a presidential candidate at the time and that directly implicates him and criminal activity the u.s. attorney explains how. what he did was he worked to pay money to silence two women who had information that he believed would be detrimental to the two thousand and sixteen campaign and to the candidate in the campaign in addition mr cohen sought reimbursement for that money by submitting him for invoices to the candidates companies which were untrue in faults they indicated
11:51 pm
that the reimbursement was for services rendered for the year two thousand and seventeen when in fact those invoices were a sham he provided no legal services for the year two thousand and seventeen and it was simply a means to obtain reimbursement for the odd lawful campaign contribution and it's no surprise that president trump passed and tweeting this just in the last few hours about michael cohen's flee he tweeted i feel badly for paul man of ford and his wonderful family justice took a twelve year old tax case among other things applied tremendous pressure on him and then like michael cohen he refused to break make up stories in order to get a deal such respect for a brave man now let's talk about paul man afford a jury in the state of virginia convicted him on eight counts of bank in tax fraud and other financial wrongdoing and for it was trump's campaign chairman he was
11:52 pm
under investigation by the special counsel robert muller let's go now to andy gallagher who is in washington d.c. so andy and lanny davis the attorney for michael cohen has been on t.v. since the verdict yesterday since the guilty plea that is and has made it very clear that his client michael cohen will talk to the special prosecutor will talk to any congressional committee doesn't want any immunity as he says just wants to tell the truth what are the implications of that. well the implications are huge let's get into the specifics of what lanny davis michael cohen's lawyer said he said that michael cohen is more than happy to help with special counsel robert miller's investigation to collusion between the truck campaign and russia specifically he says that cohen has information about that now infamous trump tower
11:53 pm
meeting in the summer of twenty sixteen where trump aides met with a russian delegation to get political dirt on hillary clinton the suggestion from michael cohen's lawyer is that cohen knew or has knowledge that president trump knew that that meeting was happening in advance that something that president trump has always denied and the trump tower meeting is really at the heart of the special counsel's investigation into collusion between russia and the trump campaign so what is happening here what is unfolding is really a double hurricane when you look at both the cohen decision in court yesterday for trial on tuesday as well in which he was found guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud but let's get back to what happened with michael cohen in the court in new york yesterday he essentially told the court that he made payments payments to two women the president trump allegedly had affairs with the direction of donald trump that in itself could cause more of a headache for donald trump than the actual collusion charges that robert mueller
11:54 pm
is investigating the only response from donald trump this morning is that tweet that you read out where he said if you're looking to hire a lawyer don't hire michael cohen he's also tweeted out about saying he feels sorry for what happened to him but you put these two things together the campaign manager former campaign manager being found guilty of eight counts of tax and bank fraud and what happened with michael cohen not only does that legitimize robert muller's investigation which trump has repeatedly called a witch hunt it gives this presidency in this administration some serious problems in the coming hours and the coming days and weeks the only response we've had from the press secretary here is sarah huckabee said. as is when she was asked about the cohen case she said to reporters they have to refer to donald trump's outside counsel but this is not something the trumpet ministration can push off for too long these are serious charges michael cohen was don trump's long time lawyer and fix he allegedly or reportedly even has tapes of meetings between himself and
11:55 pm
donald trump so i think things will unfold in a very quick rate but there are serious implications here for donald trump and his presidency of course i think the republican party will by the vast majority back donald trump his base will always be with him they care more about things like building a wall in immigration than they do about hush money payments to adult film stars but for donald trump he's facing a serious problem here he keeps calling mallos investigation a witch hunt but one senior republican has already said look these two cases are proof if proof were needed that this is anything but a witch hunt and he also out of many of the tweets that he has been tweeting this morning and he also tweeted that michael cohen pleaded guilty to according to the president on a trump he alleges is not a crime clearly that's nonsensical he would not be pleading to something that is not actually a crime what does that say about where donald trump and his administration are in
11:56 pm
defending themselves that they're now just simply saying things that just factually are not true. i mean i don't think you could expect any other defense from donald trump other than deny deny deny but these things are all piling up these are the first close aides donald trump has been found guilty of the various charges but for those two cases to happen almost simultaneously one in virginia one in new york two people very very close to donald trump who have a lot of information about donald trump and let's think about pomona for for a second he still faces another trial here in washington d.c. where they're said to be four times as much evidence as there was in the case in which he was found guilty yesterday the ten other charges that were deemed to be a mistrial the prosecution may still go out half after him on those charges so there is the potential for a poem on a fort to wall so go along with the prosecution and tell them what he knows about donald trump obviously trump is tweeting out that pomona forty saying strong and
11:57 pm
not spilling the beans but there is still that possibility that pomona for may also coorg coordinate and cooperate with his investigation so for donald trump this is a serious threat perhaps the most serious threat to his presidency so far all right andy gallagher live for us in washington d.c. andy thank you let's continue the discussion now with bruce fein is the former u.s. associate deputy attorney general joining us also from washington d.c. so let's start with michael cohen's lawyer lanny davis a similar question that i put to andy he has been telling anyone and everyone that will put him on t.v. that his client michael cohen now is all about truth wants to tell the truth he'll tell the truth to any congressional committee he'll tell the truth to to robert muller. might that actually happen will there be a moment where michael cohen will testify before a congressional committee about the payments that he says he made on behalf of donald trump to silence women. well the answer is at least partially
11:58 pm
yes right now the decision whether to have hearings in congress is controlled by the majority party which is the republican party in the house in the senate if the majority changes in the november elections the democrats would surely race to have mr cohen testify immediately before the house judiciary committee but even if there's not an official committee hearing there have been arrangements and i participated in ad hoc committee hearings that covered by the press where the want the sunshine on an uncomfortable fact where mr cohen could testify i think it is critical that there be open and public testimony not only from the likes of mr cohen but mr mann afford and others because we're talking about the fate of a presidency and this is not something that should be decided unless the american people are able to be firsthand witnesses to what the trump people will say is fake news it shouldn't be
11:59 pm
a grand jury proceeding shouldn't be secret and there shouldn't be just documents we need to be able to assess the credibility by seeing firsthand their testimony how they respond to cross-examination that's why ok the public testimony is so important ok so let's talk about public testimony basically and i'm not a lawyer so stop me if i have this wrong with basically it seems that what michael cohen has said or the take away is that the president the sitting president u.s. donald trump is an unindicted coconspirator that he was part of what happened even though he has not been criminally charged straight if that is the case is it settled law whether or not a u.s. president can be indicted and if not. he least still clinton it seems to set the precedent that a sitting president can be forced to give a deposition in a civil case both of which those are all public. the deposition was public in criminal cases that typically is not public kidston grand jury and that's
12:00 am
typically secret and we're contemplating here criminal investigation these aren't civil violation but it also said just as michael cohen who made the allegation let me stop you one second my understanding is my michael event see it seems to be going to civil war with stormy daniels that's where the civil case might come in my right. if it went forward and they subpoenaed mr trump that could happen yes it could but that's i think less pressing and it's going to be less convincing to the american people to have a pornstar to be the one who suing rather than the representative of the united states government which is the united states attorney and after all we're talking as much about politics as law here and with regard to that we need to remember that it was the deputy u.s. attorney not just mr cohen who specifically identified mr trump as the impresario behind these payments and that is very critical because it would give it would seem
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