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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2018 12:00am-1:00am +03

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criminal cases that typically is not public kidston grand jury and that's typically secret and we're contemplating here criminal investigation these aren't civil violation but it also said just as michael cohen who made the allegation let me stop you one second my understanding is my michael event see it seems to be going to civil war with stormy daniels that's where the civil case might come in am i right. if it went forward and they subpoenaed mr trump that could happen yes it could but that's i think less pressing and it's going to be less convincing to the american people to have a pornstar to be the one who suing rather than the representative of the united states government which is the united states attorney and after all we're talking as much about politics as law here and with regard to that we need to remember that it was the deputy u.s. attorney not just mr cohen who specifically identified mr trump as the impresario behind these payments and that is very critical because it would give it would seem
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the u.s. attorney office in southern district of new york the authority to subpoena mr trump and ask him what was your intent behind the payments was it to influence the outcome of the election so it's not just a mole or subpoenaed her testimony of mr trump now we have the prospect of the u.s. attorney asking for that now it gets very very tricky here with regard to the authority to indict a president as opposed to prosecute a president what we have with regard to the nixon case in which i was involved in nixon concerned a situation where the alleged criminal acts were taken well he was in the white house they're what we call presidential acts and there's a worry that you could chill the discharge of those kinds of powers if a president could be indicted but with regard to mr cohen's testimony we're not talking about presidential acts we're talking about acts taken when he was a candidate for office where he made these payments to stormy daniels and the other brave but i don't. know i hear what you're saying that this happened before he he
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was president but do we still yet know what continued to happen while he was a president perhaps in furtherance of that crime or a cover up of that crime do we know that yet. well we don't know whether at least at present we don't have any information that he has attempted to obstruct the investigation of those payoffs that's why we've had for the the mr cohen indictment and then please now you've raised a very critical question suppose mr trump fired the u.s. attorney or the deputy in new york for pursuing the criminal allegations against him then we did into the situation that you've described then the question of obstruction of justice are you firing him like may have happened with mr cohen to obstruct then you do have a situation where it's actions taken in his capacity as president there it's again we do not have any definitive law on this particular point the closest we got was with president nixon when he was being pursued for obstruction but he resigned
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before the case went to indictment or trial and then he was pardoned ok so it's an open question so right now ok so we're going to have been hearing as you can imagine from leaders in congress about this so just sit tight for a second u.s. senate minority leader chuck schumer has been speaking about this and he warned president trump not to talk about harden's for michael cohen and paul manna for president trump's personal attorney pled guilty to federal crimes president trump's first national security advisor pled guilty to federal crimes a foreign policy adviser to his campaign pled guilty to federal crimes and more trials are coming cabinet officials have been forced to resign for flagrant graft and profit prosy funded by the american taxpayer that's to say nothing of the fact that the first two congressional endorsements of president trump's campaign came from two congressmen who have recently been indicted on counts of insider trading
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and campaign finance violations what a swamp what a swamp far worse than the swamp that existed when president trump took over. he is not i mean this war has made it more wretched and more fit so bruce. this strong words from chuck schumer there is that a signal to you that the democrats going into the midterms are worn to try to make the midterms a referendum on donald trump and his presidency and on how the g.o.p. has or has not responded to the various guilty pleas the various convictions for how do you think they're going to handle it going into the midterms you know i think the democrats will push on that front however the democrats are very divided between a chuck schumer has one wing and then there's even a more left wing that's more preoccupied with the economic issue social issues
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abortion immigration it's not clear you know how loud and clear in a call they can have with a divided voice on that score but i would make this observation that the framers in giving the pardon power to the president under the constitution specifically said if he uses it to shelter his friends that is an impeachable offense so there is danger to mr trump if he does exercise the pardon power on that score including the possibility that he would pardon himself ok that'll be the final word fine for us associate deputy attorney thank you bruce. and now he'll of these are the types of topics that get people fired up on social media and there's just so much for shell people are really really vocal most of them are using the hash tag cohen plea deal lock him up and impeach trump and some are sharing this tweet from twenty fifteen when michael cohen address hillary clinton saying when you go to jail forty
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fourth in america your room and board will be free well roger says don't believe what you hear cohen didn't plead guilty to campaign finance charges don't believe what you see man a fourth wasn't found guilty for tax evasion and fraud just believe rudy the truth is not the truth and this cartoon of hillary clinton eating popcorn is also being shed with the caption nice to see all the men who chanted lock her up actually being locked up manifold guilty and cohen pleads guilty then we have some more sharing. referring to donald trump where they seem to think that the walls are closing in on him and there is this poster that they're referring to which is about his campaign slogan which is make america great again but instead it goes with my attorney got arrested then the democratic party supporters are also adding blue wave images next to their names many also using the hash tag the blue wave is coming but then there are some supporters that have also come out in force
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criticizing the investigation mike says fourteen million dollars later mullen has found two tax cheats to process crimes twelve russian bots and no collusion donald trump is still the greatest president in modern history and then listen as the only real crime by cohen and ford is tax evasion which has nothing to do with trump or collusion the other campaign crime is a simple fine off obama he paid three hundred seventy five thousand dollars for violating campaign finance tools in two thousand and eight attentive opinions that do send in your thoughts as well use the hash tag age and his grit. ala thank you very much i'm pleased to engage with us throughout the newsgroup who would like to hear from you on all of these stories so you can send a comment to any of our online platforms find us on twitter the hash tag is at a.j. news great our handle is at a.j. english and of course facebook as well facebook dot com. slash al-jazeera you can send us a message on what's app or telegram at plus nine seven four five zero one triple
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one four nine and one comment that we have already gotten out of many says could this be the beginning of a constitutional crisis another says there's always danger when you ask your associates to do your laundry all right the u.s. is expected to slap its toughest sanctions against russia to date it's targeting shipping companies for violating a ban on trade with north korea to individuals are also sanctioned over cyber related activities washington is expected to impose further sanctions against russia in the coming days over the poisoning of former spy service crippled mike hanna reports from washington. approaching a u.s. senate banking committee hearing on russian sanctions the treasury department reporting back on the punitive measures taken to counter what is described as illicit russian activity against the united states though russia's wine activities continue its adventure in and out of cash by the knowledge that we can bring even
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more economic boom to be here using our powerful range of authority and that we will not hesitate to do so if the conduct does not demonstrably and significantly change the latest sanctions are against companies and individuals accused of breaking u.s. sanctions against north korea by shipping in banned items b.s. it's all in the u.s. saw frozen and they'll forbid and from doing any business with u.s. companies another set of sanctions due to be introduced on retaliation for the alleged russian poisoning of former agent sergei scriptural and his daughter in the united kingdom russia has tonight any responsibility. but no public mention was made of any of this punitive action at a summit meeting between the u.s. and russian presidents in helsinki eyebrows were raised as president trump appeared to a few simply praised his russian counterpart just days after twelve russian intelligence agents were indicted on spying charges in the u.s. and a spike u.s.
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intelligence agencies confirming russian involvement in the u.s. electoral process there was no review from president trump of president putin's denial he just said it's not russia back in the united states president trump is now waging an all out twitter campaign against a special council appointed to investigate russian collusion in recent months he's used the words witch hunt on more than four hundred occasions. but the tight lipped special counsel robert miller has an after spawn did to the constant attack from the chief executive not yet imparting any knowledge he may have that accounts for the apparent division between the executive and legislative branches of government as to russian intentions in the united states my kind of al-jazeera new york of her service has been held for a ugandan singer turned politician the artist known to his fans as bobby wine was
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arrested last week and that sparked violent clashes between police and protesters as a lawyer says he has been beaten inside a person so badly that he cannot stand in god and government denies assault sense this weekend at least sixty eight protesters have been arrested so who is bobby wine the musician and actor turned politician was elected to parliament last year including the first major popular movement against president yoweri most seventy who came to power in one nine hundred eighty six the seventies been elected five times the seventy five year old leader is now able to seek re-election in twenty twenty one because parliament scrapped the age limit that it prevented anyone over seventy five from holding the presidency of the winds twitter feed says he is one ghetto child west something to say through music the singer was arrested last week along with four other lawmakers critical of mr abney they are suspected of involvement in the stoning of a presidential convoy during a parliamentary by election campaign brother told us the extent of his injuries
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due to determined. when i was putin was busted it kidding me is not something that you can joke with it kiddies life after having meds con air around us the area where he was complaining a little pain. they've never done is to discount a chick they hate which was bleeding through the years i have known chick to the bones of the blue do believe this drama maybe even the other side of the kidney i would demand rage no is to give us will be one cost down to uganda capital kampala work out once only joins us live so that's a pretty gruesome situation that his brother is describing has his family been able to have any type of contact with him catherine.
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today. his condition is. a convoy. he's driving. was.
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expected to appear before. a military. prison. well the reason why. we. all. pray. schoolboy b wine and his well being
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a lot of people there was saying that they feel that these charges are trying top to fabricate that they say they've seen this before when president yoweri was seventy hayami government built the right thing by treating all. and so people have been detained and arrested before in fact one of the people who attended the press a business keep the best in you a long time opponent of the president was seventy was beaten i directed and detained many times over the in his quest for a change of leadership and you say this is the beginning all this is the continuation of this revolution that he's been fighting for so long so people are saying that they want it will be windy eased either the same that even. he had the kids to unset then he needs to be tried in the civilian courts and i did happen so i live for us and kampala and you continue to post comments on social media demanding the release of the line thank you so why don't you continue to get in touch with us we want your reaction your thoughts on these stories you can send
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your comments to our platforms you can see the hash tag just a moment ago as tag a.j. news grit our handle is at a.j. english or facebook dot com slash al-jazeera or pick up a phone and whatsapp or telegram us at plus nine seven four five zero one triple one four nine coming up if you are watching us on facebook that an extra story for you we'll show you the creative ways from syrian refugees from britain with the trauma of the war also ahead zimbabwe's election results challenge in court or the opposition says the votes are rigged in favor of them or so you don. hello there it's mostly dry unsettled for many of us across the middle east at the moment we have had a fair amount of cloud in the northern parts of our map between the black sea and the caspian sea that's been plaguing us for the last few weeks still
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a little bit more there at the moment so the chance of see one or two more showers on the other area where we've seen quite a few showers is up in the northeastern parts of our seen one or two looks like there will be a bit drier as we head through thursday or friday there is still the risk of a few showers returning further south largely fine unsettled though as i say and hot at the moment in baghdad about forty five kuwait even hotter of a forty seven but here in doha not quite that hot and that's because the winds are changing once more i think they'll be coming in more from an easterly direction over the next few days to do expect things generally to be a little bit more sticky as you head down towards the coast of a man here there's a bit more cloud over muscat at times to do expect a little bit of gray weather times for celera looks like it should be a little bit brighter than it has been recently down towards the southern parts of africa for many of us here there's plenty of dry weather but we do have this area of cloud here that's been giving us some or all the heavy outbreaks of rain that's
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trying to pull away towards the east there as we head through thursday durban may still be a bit grey at times though and nineteen. of struggles that a person coming home of one of them. full of pleasure it was only a half moment a group an intimate look at life in cuba today getting out of it oh lordy. i feel like this is my cuba on al-jazeera. pakistan did not have the ability to take on every network no one is also going to have to fight all of them big enough to sponsor and phone them as well in search of the missing pieces i was in every important meetings about from the moment he said i like doing over exactly what the pakistani puzzled when you go the news of bin
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laden was killed were you surprised or was your reaction oh they found in the place we continue we will but we don't want anyone to know mehdi hasan goes head to head with the full of pakistani foreign minister on al-jazeera.
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on our website al-jazeera talked on there's a list of the stories that are out your attention right now they're not. one story for us is a story we are leading with donal's holmes personal attorney michael cohen pleads guilty in new york and the court also number six there we also just talked about the gonda what's happening with the wine and many many stories there's a again it's al jazeera dot com and if you're going to tweet about it or tweet at us it's at hash tag. or you there we have stayed on top because you're quite interested in as well and not in five zeros at the end of its bolivar currency has done little to stop its hyper inflation is a close attempts are made to work out what to charge for goods or lot newman imports in caracas. venezuela government supporters tried to rev up with views yes
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i'm familiar and to do speak anomic measures described by president reagan last mughal as an economic revolution to defeat hyperinflation here conspicuously absent from a rally in front of the presidential palace was my google himself who hasn't made a public appearance since an apparent assassination attempt on august the fourth. if the right wing crosses our path will run over them like a train nothing will stop our reforms. just blocks away many shops and markets remain closed some adhering to an opposition call for a national strike others unsure how much to charge now the five zero zero been slashed off the currency head of a compulsory thirty four hundred percent increase in the minimum wage they go into effect september first the price hikes are into a.z. they come out two hours ago these eggs cost fifteen hundred and when i came back
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with the cash they were two thousand the bus company that takes the news wayland's to the border remains shut until further notice and that's not all the web page to recharge mobile phones for the moment that is not on. race you know one of the few things that has not changed prices are these bananas they're now costing five of the nobody that is or five hundred thousand of the old ones which is roughly the same if you take away five zero s. but according to the people selling them by next week they'll probably go up three hundred percent. the government blames a crisis that to brought on precedented hunger and illness on what it calls a domestic and international economic war but many economists who learned the new measures will only make things worse novel's you and they're implementing fiscal measures to increase revenue one refusing any type of international financing or aid so they'll keep printing out money and we'll see that hyperinflation will not stop and amid the uncertainty neither it seems will the exodus of venezuelans
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desperate to find relief anywhere they can. see in human al-jazeera products according to the u.n. two point three million people have left and it's legal it's a look for work and to escape poverty so that force is putting pressure on neighboring countries to handle this and lots of refugees colombia has already received more than a million venezuelan migrants and in temporary residence to eight hundred thousand of them some venezuelans have traveled on more to peru to ecuador although both countries are now cracking down they are making migrants who want to enter show their passports instead of identity cards many people do not have a passport and tens of thousands of venezuelans have also crossed into brazil which it says will keep its border open but the government says it had to send troops rather to the border as anti immigrant sentiment has risen more now from our colleagues.
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now to add to the worries and challenges for that as well and they were hit by a strong earthquake he'll has been looking into that regular that's right richelle venezuela has been hit by its strongest earthquake in the country in more than one hundred years this is now at a magnitude seven point three it was felt as far as dominica. colombia going on a caribbean islands islands like trinidad and tobago and also the coast of grenada
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and most of the north east of venezuela was affected and this is the coastal city of where as you can see severe damage to the buildings there and then in command of the biggest city near the quake center supermarket shelves came crashing down in an area called ya gotta pato how many were forced to leave buildings and sand outside a shaking was felt in the capital caracas six hundred kilometers away concrete from the top floors of the famous skyscraper tower of david also fell on to the pavement but there are no reports of fatalities so far. as venezuela's cash strapped government deals with an economic crisis and inflation likely to reach one million percent this is according to the international monetary fund there are concerns that the country is just not prepared to deal with a major natural disaster hospitals are reported to have limited supplies and there's also a shortage of food and water as well however a government official recently tweeted that two thousand men and women were
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deployed to help and firefighters are equipped with motorcycles gloves chainsaws lanterns and first aid kits necessary to help do the job and this is what's a governor of venezuela socratic state had to say earlier as well. when i say. oh you mean all fifteen when you see brother does it hear how full determined but thank god we have no victims to lament no major damage has been reported and everyone is calm i just received a call from president nicolas maduro hearing all civil protection forces have been activated to protect the public and president maduro is also keeping an eye out. and rowe thing a lot of video online coming out of trinidad and tobago many people online are using the hash tag trinidad quake and these are just some of the scenes that we saw in a local supermarket as the quake just rocked the island power outages reported with people posting online about feeling the earth shaking and many others are sharing
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keps of the awesome off as well as you can see cracked floors and also fall and concrete crashed smashed on the cars as well there were many online also using facebook to check in to mock themselves as safe so get in touch with us if you are in these affected areas and in your pictures or your videos is the hash tag aging is good for hillah thank you very much let's bring in an expert on this is seismologist larger musson at the british illogical survey he joins us from member of thank you very much for your time so fortunately there were not really any injuries no major damage so as someone who watches these types of things what was the most impressive thing to you about it well what's really interesting about this earthquake is how deep it will and that is why it hasn't been more serious damage and deaths reported when you have a deep earthquake then lead shock waves have to travel quite a distance is one hundred twenty kilometers deep so even if he was standing right
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at the epicenter of the folks this is radiating out the energy is quite a long distance away so that means that the shock is to some extent dissipated by the time it gets to the surface is it unusual that it was felt so far away. it is not really it's something that one expects quakes that have a deeper focus and the extreme case of this was an earthquake that happened in one nine hundred ninety four a much bigger earthquake it making today just quake in bolivia and the epicenter was lipans in bolivia this earthquake was about six hundred kilometers deep it was felt as far away as toronto so it was felt over the entire south america and most of north america and that was because of the combination of the biggest quake a great depth and the depth of this earthquake that say anything about what aftershocks may follow. not really but there has been one of quake one
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aftershocks so far maybe she's not going to take eight which was a similar sort of death. it's probably less likely to have a lot of aftershocks the more shallow event. seismologists roger musson thank you very much for joining us remember away from a set. top quarters hearing challenged by the main opposition party to last month's presidential election results later nelson says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson and god who woman's just over fifty percent his inauguration has been postponed ending court ruling. commission denies claims. is following all this from harare so what is the latest. well we heard from was representing the n.b.c. align and they say that they have documents would show that the numbers were
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inflated intimate. they also said in some parts of the country in the rural areas they say people bay were intimidated into voting for zanu p.f. they said a village did withstand a polling stations and washed. it's a lake that people were told if you don't vote it was on a given they also say that in other parts of the country people were told when you get to the front of the line on voting day they need help with local and if he can help those voters make sure they voted. the judges question the lawyers. only hearing right now if say you say that numbers have been manipulated a polling station which station the lawyers could. be saying people were intimidated into voting for one of these people where did this happen and can anybody else independently verify that has happened. without the because they didn't have time to investigation of all the polling stations across the country.
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made the submission they are going that. they court papers late so the matter should be thrown out of court and they're also saying that the evidence the opposition they have is weak the hearings also the trial is going ahead right now people from the election commission on getting their representations and then from then on the nine judges will make a ruling it could be today it could be tomorrow decision is made that ruling is fine. there's no room for appeal so that that's that's actually the person i was going to ask is how long can this continued to be dragged out in the legal system but you're saying whatever happens with this court that is the final legal avenue that the opposition has. in fact any of the nine judges have until friday we told you to make a ruling so they could i the say that. person x. has won and then that person has to be sworn in within forty eight hours they could order a recount or official action which has to happen within
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a day so if that happens then of course it means the markings are in limbo the country is in limbo right now and con convene and you kept an economy appointed so is the feeling on the street that things have to move on to ask you some finality on these nine judges how are they going to believe how will he accept the result. for us in harare thank you so as a peaceful resolution to zimbabwe's political crisis is that possible that's the question we put to guests on inside story just days after the july vote you can watch the entire show just go to al-jazeera and search for zimbabwe so let's take a look at some of the other stories making news from around the world right now there have been protests after prayers in india and minister kashmir several people were injured in srinagar during demonstrations on wednesday protesting india's role stones were thrown at security forces who used here gas and fired shots and have the crowd kashmir which is
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a muslim majority himalayan in the muslim majority himalayan region pardon me as administered by india and pakistan and parts and claimed by both and full. saudi arabia is seeking the death penalty for a female human rights activist for the first time. was arrested two years ago she took part in protests against the discrimination of the shia minority in two thousand and eleven she is one of five activists facing execution the rights watch says the charges against them do not resemble any crime the u.s. national security adviser says a lot more pressure will be applied on iran over its nuclear plans and syria john bolton held three days of talks and israel has suggested that working with russia to get iranian forces out of syria consequences of the reduction in resources available to the regime we think is already manifest in some extent in constraints on the could force in. in syria in iraq and perhaps also in its assistant to the
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hutus in yemen and that's very important we're going to do other things to put pressure on iran as well beyond economic sanctions israel has approved plans to build more than a thousand new illegal settlement homes in the occupied west bank they're the latest in a raft of approvals sense us president donald trump took office in israel settled settlements at occupied palestinian areas are deemed illegal under international law former cambodian opposition leader kim soca has been denied bail he's been in a remote prison for nearly a year waiting to be tried on charges of plotting to overthrow the government is cambodian national rescue party was forcibly dissolved just before july's election day has more from bangkok in neighboring thailand. they had been some hope that kim would be granted bail by the courts in phnom penh given that over the last few days we've seen several people released from prison either having received pardons or
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having being granted bail such as journalists land rights activists and in one case a political analyst but it seems that releasing kim at the moment was seen perhaps as a step too far for the government and a judiciary that seen as far from independence her camp will remain in jail awaiting trial on treason charges he wasn't in court for the bail hearing in fact he's only been to court once since he was arrested in september last year this is all happening after july's general election in which the ruling party the cambodian people's party a prime minister who in saying who's been in power for thirty three years one all one hundred twenty five seats in the national assembly elects apps chief has pledged to develop tools to tackle fake messages during a meeting in india's capital new delhi more than twenty people have been killed in mob attacks and spier by fake news spread on that messaging app the government
12:37 am
wants the facebook own app to work out how to trace the origin of what it calls send in star messages india as what's apps biggest market with more than two hundred million users. for those of you watching us on facebook what do slingshots . commonly had to kenya for the answer and still ahead here on the news. sports. a look at some global weather.
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my thanks and it is going to end in our sports thank you so much for a show of the asian games is the second largest multi-sport event after the olympics and like in the olympics we get to see world class competition but there are some major differences babson obvious when the rio olympics had two hundred and seven nations taking back the asian games just forty five but both have around eleven and a half thousand athletes and that's because while the last olympics had twenty eight sports there are forty one at the asian games a chance for the world to see disciplines very specific to asian countries sports i said attack rock a baddie and put sharks so that scott hyla that some of those athletes in jakarta. the ancient indonesian martial arts within sacks is making its asian games debut
12:40 am
this year. it's one of several sports during the two weeks of competitions that is unique to asia and one that few outside the region have ever seen before but the coach for the malaysian team is confident that's changing and being an event in the games will help. this is the first time. in the asian games i'm proud to and i hope to continue to be a tournament sport in asia and maybe someday being the only pics there are thousands of penn socks clubs across indonesia the head of this local one here in jakarta feels that the sport's exposure in the asian games grows recognition and interest globally. day deportee also says that the sport is expanding in its country of origin two it's now mandatory at all schools. with the games in indonesia has become even more popular among children teenagers and adults it
12:41 am
really helps. the body started in india thousands of years ago it's essentially a game of full contact tag thank you nice when indonesian and other countries asian countries are thinking i can do that because i haven't seen the me. so that keen to see this kind of playing by these indonesian. unlike the homegrown pin sexy lot is just starting to gain ground in indonesia. would be. spared. and. the asian games allow these lesser known sports the opportunity to share center stage with the widely popular sports like football or basketball giving athletes of all ages the opportunity to experience something new either from the sidelines or on the pitch or al-jazeera to carter. well the future of crow one of those sports unique to the
12:42 am
games is in some doubt tallents fans have been celebrating in the last couple of hours their countries just won their second gold at these games as a form of volleyball played with your feet but only eleven seems took part in this event and there's a chance it will be dropped at the next asian games there to be hosted by china in twenty twenty two. on monday wow we have great confidence in the septic tank crew federation they're working hard to raise awareness of the sport and bring its excitement to the people even for these games in indonesia there were events that were dropped but i believe the second attack role will survive now one of the highest profile athletes of the games is chinese swimmer sonny yank he's already won three golds also won olympic titles as well so some prime time social media exposure for his sponsors you would think it's all going to be it wrong what chinese swimmer so young wears on the medal podium at the asian games spalls a sponsor splats in accepting one of his gold medals there wearing the tracksuit of
12:43 am
his own sponsor and not the one that provides kit for the national see that didn't go well they're down well with same officials so next time up we had this chinese social media loving son young's jordan style cover up but is it a protest or a compromise that's explained he did wear the official track suit but he covered it up that with a china flag bringing back memories for many of a podium front by n.b.a. legend michael jordan at the nine hundred ninety two olympics there he is using the american flag as a cover a lot of a company that wasn't to his liking so and still has one more events and one more podium to negotiate in jakarta let us know what you think it a.j. news grid you can sweep me directly down they are under school sport there's plenty more for most in the eight hundred seems the news hour but for now let's get back to rachelle and thank you very much so it is the place for video game enthusiasts game scope is in full play it's the biggest show of its kind in europe hundreds of
12:44 am
thousands of people will descend on the german city of cologne where and then tourism publishers rub shoulders with fans all in search at the next big thing in gaming dominic hang on to take a look. well to games come with you if you like but. this is the place. pretty much. all. this warning right now is dedicated in this particular. simulation you see a lot of other things see here they say it's because all the sequencing world attacks are the strategy games watersheds and probably carries all indulging the second world war like the strategy and skill set gaming three hundred fifty thousand people don't expect to be sweet and many of the major games developers big stuff see if they want to use the people when they want the people to see the games and to really experience what games don't have to but if you look for let me know
12:45 am
to other parts of this old you see what i'm talking about the sorts of simply disappear all different types of simulates the alien revolving simulator first night sleeping and then some games that are really interesting games that really all the coming games born to fortnight you can see what people are actually doing that hewing up spending hours waiting so they can take lots of. missing why it's basically a treasure trove for the b.b.s. and it's available here come twenty leagues this week. and before we go millions of muslims will graham's in saudi arabia have participated. also known as the festival and sacrifice so we've got some time lapse video from saudi journalists showing thousands of pilgrims passing through the bridge of some rocks and mecca this is on tuesday that's where they go to symbolically throw stones at the devil more than two point three million pilgrims are taking part and the five day ritual of talks.
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that's all for the day is for it to keep in touch you can find us all over social media and the meantime have a good night we'll see you here tomorrow. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty s. his disappearance remained true in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi is down phone in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world
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investigates the case of the vanished in. and out to syria. a new poll ranks mexico city as the full first in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty and young you feel unsafe threatened i think about how to react what do i do if this gets west's no money on the uses a new service it's called lal dr it's for women custard ges only a drum by women drivers yeah pull for some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seven of drivers on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from all of this and that this is all fun plus ism and increasingly migrant farm workers of victims
12:48 am
a vicious beatings. a slum is helping the pakistani community to find a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. donald trump accuses his former lot of michael cohen of making up stories of the day all three pleaded guilty to criminal charges and implicated trump. and i make a lot of this is al jazeera live from london also coming up in the program u.s. national security advisor john bolton says washington will impose more measures besides sanctions on tehran but in says regime change is not his policy. zimbabwe's
12:49 am
opposition heads to court in a bid to overturn the presidential result that it says was riddled with ford. and i'm glad to have putin lashes out at u.s. plans to impose more sanctions on russia describing them as senseless. so u.s. president ronald trump has gone on the defensive as legal problems pile up around him he's described the trial of his former campaign chairman paul manifold as a witch hunt despite my efforts conviction on eight counts and he accused his former lawyer of making up stories about him to secure a plea deal on choose to anybody who cohen pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges two of them campaign finance violations admitted to paying two women to keep silent about their alleged affairs with donald trump and he said the payments were made by the orders of trump himself indicating the president in criminal activity well this
12:50 am
was a response on twitter he said if anyone is looking for a good lawyer i would strongly suggest that you don't retain the services of michael cohen and then there was this coen pleaded guilty to two counts of campaign finance violations that are not a crime president obama had a big campaign finance violation and it was easily settled well the top democrats in the u.s. senate says that kearns a guilty plea is further evidence that special counsel robert millett investigation should continue. president trump's personal attorney pled guilty to federal crimes president trump's first national security advisor pled guilty to federal crimes a foreign policy adviser to his campaign pled guilty to federal crimes and more trials are coming so let's wait now to i've got a guy who's the white house for us and because lloyd says it could and has more to say what are the implications with donald trump. i mean nick huge implications
12:51 am
what his lawyers pacifically said is that he's more than happy to talk to special counsel robert muller in his investigation into alleged collusion between the truck campaign and russia he said basically that michael cohen is now liberated to speak truth to power remember there are also reports that are not confirming it that cohen may even have tapes of conversations between himself and don trump he was a fixer for the on trump for years his personal lawyer so any information he might have and he spoke speak specifically about that trump tower meeting in the summer of twenty sixteen away trump aides met with a russian delegation to get dirt on hillary clinton he says he claims that donald trump knew about that meeting in advance that's something the president has always denied so this is a huge political headache for donald trump but let's just take a step back for a moment and talk about what happened in court on tuesday here you have michael cohen longtime fix for donald trump in court taking the stand saying i'm admitting
12:52 am
guilt to campaign finance fraud but essentially naming a sitting u.s. president as his coconspirator that in itself could cause down trump more headaches than a special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged collusion but certainly this administration has a great deal of challenges and a lot of headaches ahead of it of course the only response we've heard so far from donald trump is that tweet you read out which said basically if you want to hire a lawyer do not hire michael cohen but this is something it ministration cannot backed away for too long the only response from sarah huckabee sanders on tuesday was to say please refer to dan chance outside counsel these aren't questions donald trump can push away any longer these are serious implications serious charges at some point he has to address them and then there is the former campaign chairman michael. pullman a ford who'd been convicted on eight counts and he still for. more scrutiny always
12:53 am
possible that he may cooperate with the investigation. that is very possible i was at the court yesterday when those eight counts came down there were ten other counts that were declared a mistrial the prosecution has now the option to try and retry those ten counts but there is yet another trial here in washington d.c. next month in which there is said to be four times as much evidence against paul manifold than there was in the first trial in virginia at the moment is facing the rest of his life behind bars at the age of seventy that is not a prospect that anyone would look forward to and there is according to some legal commentators the possibility that paul metaphor may well cooperate with robert muller's investigation that is just speculation at the moment but it is of serious concern to this administration if you combine these two cold cases together nic they do pose the biggest threat to this presidency yet i do thanks very much indeed on the delicate reporting there from the white house.
12:54 am
donald trump's national security adviser says he's ready to work with russia to get iranian forces out of syria john bolton has been speaking in israel after three days of talks and ahead of a meeting with his russian counterpart he also says the u.s. is ready to ramp up the pressure over iran's nuclear plans or false reports now from western. route his three day visit to israel one issue has dominated john bolton's discussions iran it was the main subject of his final news conference before leaving the country dream change in iran is not american policy. but what we want is massive change in the regimes behavior the iran deal is defective to that end he said donald trump's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal and the reimposition of u.s. sanctions had begun to some extent to constrain resources available to iran's
12:55 am
military and spur domestic protests against the iranian government it's just regular people saying they're fed up with the government. in small towns and cities it's not the educated elite in tehran it's farmers and workers and small shop owners who are shouting death to the regime at death to america death to the regime iran's president was this weekend to demonstrate a very different narrative that of a well funded military unveiling its latest fighter jet the kind of strength he said that continued to deter u.s. aggression john bolton's hosts this week the immediate priority is addressing iran's presence in syria he said israel strikes against iranian targets that were legitimate and that russia had offered to cooperate both and so the russian president vladimir putin and told both him and president trump that russian and iranian interests were not aligned inside syria that russia would be entirely content for iranian troops to pull out altogether but that russia couldn't do that
12:56 am
by itself suggesting some kind of u.s. russian joint effort russia represent asked week the u.s. secretary of state announced the formation of an iran action group designed to spearhead a wider scale u.s. government effort against tehran one israeli analyst says it's a sign that the u.s. would not be willing to give up its own military presence in eastern syria if that is what russia is seeking the americans officially have already admitted that they're trying to interdict weapons going through. syria to iran and iran to hezbollah or that they're already doing some sort of indirect action so i think there's already a hint that america is not only staying in syria but it's becoming more of an iran focused mission ok thank you john bolton his next stop is geneva where he's due to meet his russian opposite number three fourths it was jerusalem israel has approved plans to build more than a thousand new settlement homes in the occupied west bank israeli settlements on palestinian land are a violation of international law we considered by most of the international
12:57 am
community to be an impediment to peace efforts around six hundred thousand settlers in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. started hearing the opposition party's challenge to last month's presidential election result opposition leader. who. has the. lines they have the numbers were inflated. they have evidence that in some parts of the country at some polling stations village. looking to see how people voted it's alleged that people were told if you don't vote for that. they also say they have evidence that other polling stations people
12:58 am
were told to say when you get to the front line. those people who helped those voters make sure they voted. the judges didn't have questions for the lawyers saying that some polling numbers were inflated which polling station could answer that question. people way did and. we didn't heard from lawyers representing the rulings on their arguing. because late in the matter of course they're also saying the evidence. is weak. friday to do so and made its final. decision. the judges have until friday to make a ruling and if they say person x.
12:59 am
has won then that means the money has to happen within forty eight hours if they say and has to be held to. china approached. the african union and the united nations to intervene some and try to push for some kind of. back in two thousand and nine when morgan tsvangirai. president. have made it very clear they don't want to go anyway all eyes are now on these judges and when they're going to make. submissions. they gave numbers are correct and there was no vote rigging people waiting patiently watching in bars at home in restaurants all over the country. of the court. reporting from harare. from london still to come here on the program we report on the. currency crisis is.
1:00 am
even more desperate situation. and fears grow for. hello there we've got a developing feature that is just off the south coast of china on the satellite picture you can see plenty of clouds here and some of the islands have been reporting over three hundred millimeters of rain from this system so it's clearly giving us a phenomenal amount of rain there's a chance it could develop into a tropical storm as we head through the.


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