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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2018 6:00am-6:33am +03

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intervene analysts say to try and push for a power sharing deal with zanu p.f. but officials in the ruling party say that's not going to happen. judgement has been reserved nine judges will rule on the matter friday afternoon how do we toss an al-jazeera had out of the reuters news agency is reporting that saudi arabia has called off both the domestic and international stock listing of their state oil giant aramco it was expected to be the largest such deal in history which could put the company's value at more than two trillion dollars the plan was central to crown prince mohammed bin sound months economic reform program it is aimed at raising funds to reduce saudi arabia's dependence on oil minister talking as an oil analyst and he believes the company's close links with the government could be one of several reach the reasons why the flotation has been cancelled one could be just purely technical that being your government the state oil company its books have to be completely open and yet it is very much intertwined so with as it has its oil
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operations have been its finances intertwined with the saudi government for example it does provide welfare to schools and hospitals and also on various projects of saudi basic industries and sources financial sources do come from saudi aramco and these are difficult to reconcile with the purity the shares to resold. a garden pop star who's become a major opposition leader is due to appear before a military court on thursday bobbie winds arrest last week led to violent demonstrations and battles with police and supporters say he's been he's been severely beaten and custody catherine sawyer reports from of uganda's capital kampala. the special mosque or up a chunk of popularly known by his musical stage name but why he's been in military detention for a week after kills broke out in the north and town of
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a ruined their president yoweri was seven his convoy was attacked in local election campaigns travel was shot and killed another politician is in intensive care in hospital and several people who were also arrested have been charged with treason winds family and lawyers say he was tortured by the military due to determent the torture when i was putin was busted they've never done is to discount egypt. which was bleeding through the years i have known chick to the bones of the village this drama maybe even the other side of the kidding me. i want demand rates now is to give us what we want so that we can take care of him to have been sporadic protests in the capital and other parts of the country since his arrest many people who come for the price that's probably why our young people they say that they relate to the sounds of this trouble they want to leave out of the thing that ability to take a stance that i need to be tried in the civilian side. was
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a rousing reception for cues that they suggest an opposition leader who has been arrested many times over the guys she says she too has been tortured by security forces this country. is a captive tantrik. we live in a country where we have no power at all. their power over ugandans was a cup of cold granted. by those with a gun is. probably one will be tried by the military because of the nature of the charges possession of firearms and ammunition which only the military are allowed to have many people to attend it pans for while the charges were five were killed at the one thousand released by the say he has a case to answer that he's has to be in the cities and counties saw al jazeera kampala. you're watching out as our live from london there is still much more to
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come on this program we'll be in northern brazil where hostility towards venezuelan migrants is growing and we'll tell you why pregnant women are among the largest groups leaving the country. the asylum seekers on the greek island of some lost forced to live in makeshift camps due to overcapacity risking infectious disease. and then sports a famous football face could be back on the training ground but this time he'll be calling the shots. aid agencies in india say it could be days before the full extent of the flood damage in the state of carolina is known there's been no rain for the last three days but vast areas of the tropical region remain under water and many people still don't have drinking water or electricity under thomas has this update. and team has moved away from where the worst of the flooding is in kerala so i'm not suggesting
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by any stretch that all of the water level has dropped to this sort of level nevertheless it has been sunny across the state on wednesday and that means that we will see levels of dropping that's good news of course but it does mean that pull out of water like this are being left behind this is getting pretty stagnant it's smelly it's the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and that's a big concern because mosquitoes of course carry diseases now the relief efforts continue the not yet into a reconstruction phase they're all about getting food and water and other things like that is essential to people the reconstruction efforts will take months if not you in the u.s. government has told the times of india informally that they are going to turn down more than a hundred million u.s. dollars worth of assistance that has been offered by countries predominantly in the middle east their essential is saying thanks but no thanks we've got this we're going to cope on our own india hasn't taken overseas aid since the two thousand and four tsunami and they're saying at the moment they can cope with this disaster on
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their own hundreds of elderly koreans who are returning home from rare reunions of relatives separated by the one nine hundred fifty s. korean war and nearly two hundred koreans boarded buses back to the south after spending three days at a resort in the north koreans world take place on friday the leaders of the two koreas agreed to resume their meetings at a summit in april. mean marci leader aung sang suu kyi is losing another international award for a fusing to condemn the violence against rohingya muslims in rakhine state will be stripped of her freedom of edinburgh on or a day after she defended her government's military crackdown the former nobel peace prize winner has lost six other accolades over the past year for her refusal to act she says terrorism triggered the violence that led to more than seven hundred thousand one hundred muslims fleeing into neighboring bangladesh around one hundred
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migrants from sub-saharan africa have jumped over a border fence in morocco and to the spanish city of so uta the migrants are said to have attacked spanish police with acid in the line injuring seven of them an unknown number of migrants were also injured last month more than six hundred migrants jumped over the same border fence trying to get into spain. it's estimated around eighteen thousand asylum seekers are now living on the greek islands that's well over the number officials say the region can cater for the surge in numbers has led to many taking matters into their own hands as johns for office reports. lowder command has been living in this tent for a month he says he is sixteen and has applied for asylum in greece and. it's good here in greece i want to go to school and study mechanical engineering would be fine. lotus swapped his guinea in village for a tent village on somers it's outside the island's official camp which is full
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those living here plagued by insects there's no running water and the best way to have a bath is to swim in the sea summers is now home to some three thousand eight hundred asylum seekers that's half the island's population over again and four times its camp capacity this syrian man has constructed a retouched over his tent to keep his pregnant wife cool he's done his best to provide the amenities of home with official resources inadequate it's up to groups like son most volunteers to help maintain hygiene and prevent an outbreak of disease they recently set up this laundry facility for the official camp lot of people asking these in the can't blame. you to have to wash the blanket and live in a blanket sleeping in bed like you we get bags with blankets in that bed like have cockroaches in and see what it says is that people live in a position to have no way out of ancillary stevie's is usually a very easy treat. when you live in a camp like that there's no way you can get rid of
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a easy way of keeping refugees who arrived here from turkey means turkish authorities are not being asked to accept deportees who may have arrived in europe via a different route europe's political balance increasingly depends upon the efficiency of its external borders here at its eastern frontier greece safeguards europe's ability to send back failed asylum applicants to turkey and greece has now concluded a new agreement with germany whereby it will take back refugees who applied for asylum here and smuggled themselves across internal e.u. borders that. puts in place it reverse flow mechanism from central europe back to turkey but it leaves most uneasy about its role even though germany has in return offered to speed up family reunifications support or securing the question is how many people will be returned and how many families we have been agree united with a piece of equivalence in limbus anything difference would it make greece and its just a two speed europe of some of the more fortunate asylum seekers or in hotels paid
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for by charities a sign of how europe is trying to encourage the silent to sell a political service summers just wants to serve its tourists jump sorrowful us some of us there's a growing humanitarian crisis along with israel's borders with neighboring states thousands of venezuelans are fleeing an economic crisis security is also deteriorating and expectant mothers are some of the those most at risk there's been a huge rise in a women crossing into brazil to give birth that's due to a lack of ante natal care medicine and even nappies back in venezuela our correspondents are isabeau has been to a camp in bo vista that's near brazil's border with venezuela. this is the city of the i mean this is about three hours away from the border between brazil and venezuela and this is a shelter that was set up to attend venezuelan refugees there's about nine shelters
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like this one in the city and in each one of them there is between six hundred and seven hundred people living here it was set up by the federal government with the help of the light that nations refugee agency and here people are provided with food shelter and they're helped later on get an idea so that they can go to other parts of brazil or to other countries the government is trying to move people away from this border areas and send them to other parts of brazil mostly especially after the violence that took place in this state between brazil brazilians and venice well and refugees over the weekend a camp was attacked by brazilians and people where violence from one side of the border from the brazilian side of the border towards venezuela people here would like to go somewhere else to find work but the process has not been fast enough the united nations refugee agency is saying that they need at least forty six million
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dollars to cope with the refugee crisis by venezuelans all around latin america but so far they have only received around seven percent muslims around the world are celebrating it. but in indian administered kashmir the holiday has been rocked by violence fierce battles have taken place between security forces and anti india protesters clashing how lame reports. the sounds of pellet gun shots yelling and smoke from tear gas canisters filled the air in several towns in the indian administered kashmir this week muslims are celebrating the eat or festival of sacrifice leaving many streets quiet. but not here in srinagar after evening prayers on tuesday hundreds of protesters demonstrating against indian rule carried signs hurled stones and even threw tear gas canisters back at police and
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not only that. many of our brothers are in jail many are injured with shotgun pellets and many have been martyred the indian forces are suppressing us with their minds we are facing tyranny every day. here is a muslim majority himalayan region it's claimed by both india and pakistan many kashmiris have been opposing indian rule since independence in one nine hundred forty seven that the locals their cars got in but actually appealed to the international community especially to the organization of islamic cooperation in the united nations to intervene and take notice of the atrocities committed here so that oppression is stopped. a boundary known as the line of control divides the region in half with one sided ministered by india and the other by pakistan india would like to formalize the status quo and make it the accepted international boundary but pakistan and kashmiri activists reject this plan because they both
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want greater control over the region pakistan's new prime minister imran khan has proposed talks with indian premier modi to resolve the longstanding dispute over kashmir natasha going to name jazeera. israel has approved plans to build just over a thousand new settlement homes in the occupied west bank the latest in an acceleration of the controversial building program since donald trump became u.s. president israeli settlements on palestinian lands are a violation of international law and considered by most of the international community to be an impediment to peace efforts there around six hundred thousand settlers in the occupied west bank and jerusalem spanish police have made three arrests off to breaking up with they say was europe's biggest illegal torches internal farm eleven hundreds of the reptiles were seized including sixty two
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different species fourteen of which are considered highly endangered police say they were being bred in majorca on an industrial scale possibly for their meat and eggs two germans and one spanish man face charges of trafficking in endangered species and money laundering. well stay with us on the news hour plenty more still to come on this program will be reporting on the conflict in yemen where a currency crisis has left millions who are already starving in an even more desperate situation. and the jailed opposition figure in cambodia spent a year in jail is awaiting trial is denied bail despite concerns about his health. and the spanish league footballer is ready to take drastic action after being off to travel thousands of kilometers to play a home match. how
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do we still have a scattering of some of storms across parts of here but over towards the northwest this is where the real change is now coming in this area cloud sliding across islands across scotland into northern england and into wells well that's a cold front and sinks this way for the south of the next couple of days it will bring quite a change in conditions in just twenty two celsius for london on the day twenty seven celsius there for paris take a look at friday where we struggling to get to nineteen degrees in london and paris a much fresher feel to the weather some west of weather that sue across a good part of germany down into the sentence of the apostle fronts in sou-s. whistlin further east well the warm stays in place it was still getting up into the thirty's full vienna and for book rest but a chance of one or two of those lively storms just wanted to storms into the far north of africa just around the northeast of algeria over piles of geneseo but essentially it's more warm sunshine thirty seven thirty eight celsius the full
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colorado law she tries to go on through the maze couple of days it was of course they are across the tropical belt extending anywhere from the ethiopian highlands through the central african republic into the gulf of guinea quite a bit of wet weather there across western parts of africa right into liberia. and nine hundred seventy eight. disappeared after boarding a plane to libya. for over thirty s. his disappearance remained in mystery. but after colonel gadhafi is down for in two thousand and eleven new evidence came to light. al-jazeera world investigates the case of the vanished in. and out to syria. and ambitious health system restore that paid off the show to you push of the media
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we enabled ten million of our ninety six million citizens to receive free health care without paying insurance premiums. in that. extraordinary story of turkey's monumental health care transformation and the people at the heart of it the people's health on al-jazeera. again here's a reminder for top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has gone on the defensive as cases against two of his former top aides gather speed he's accused of making up stories to secure
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a peace deal but defended his former campaign chair who's been found guilty of fraud. started hearing the opposition party's challenge to last month's presidential election result the opposition says the vote was rigged in favor of president emerson by a lot of god. and the word is news agencies reporting that saudi arabia has called off both the domestic and international listing of their state's oil giant aramco it was expected to be the largest such deal in history. we're going to return to one of our main stories we're following this hour and that's the new huge number of people who are leaving because well because of an economic crisis hundreds of thousands have fled to neighboring countries and. in one of those he's a new me on the ecuador colombia border now. alexandru one of the things that ecuador has done recently is call on people crossing the border to have their
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passports press before they could cross with just i.d. cards can you explain to us what the fallout from that decision has been and what the impact has been. yes of course the first couple of days a week seen a huge build up of migrants year on the room each other border there were more than two thousand of them that were stuck here without a passport because most of them are. barbara or are migrating this exodus they're doing the sex is only with their i.d.'s that but since the yesterday the number has gone down to less than five hundred a day now the question is what happened with all these people and the huge amounts of people was the reason why ecuador first announced. an emergency for the border region and speaking to the right red cross and other organizations that are
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working with them they're telling us that that's what most likely happening is that they're using their throws and illegal crossings to continue their journey and they're in a hurry because most of them are trying to go to pay to and that she left and that they do also announce that starting next saturday they will also require a passport for the venezuelan. migrants so imposing the requirement of having a passport has to necessarily stem the flow of the migrants crossing over but it seems that the act ecuadorian ombudsman is trying to challenge this what can you tell us about it. definitely there was a hearing a court hearing earlier in quito the capital of ecuador today on wednesday and i just didn't want to expect it to come across a question
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a level about the constitutionality of this requirement the fact though is that that he was then postponed. friday and. will probably have the news on that next friday but that means there will be too late for many of the venezuelan migrants that are trying to reach through before also through will start requiring them to show their passport to the results so far has been a huge amount of people that it has been crossing illegally into ecuador and that are trying to cross the country by foot it's because many of them were not able to buy a bass tickets because now bus companies are also requiring them to show that they're legally in the country i was on their m.p.'s in ecuador colombia border thank you. donald trump national security adviser says he is ready to work with russia to get iranian forces out of syria john bolton has been speaking in israel after three
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days of talks and ahead of a meeting with his russian counterpart he also says that the u.s. is ready to ramp up pressure over iran's nuclear plants are a force that's has this report from west to islam. route his three day visit to israel one issue has dominated john bolton's discussions iran it was the main subject of his final news conference before leaving the country dream change in iran is not american policy. but what we want is massive change in the regimes behavior the iran deal is defective to that end he said donald trump's withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal and the reimposition of u.s. sanctions had begun to some extent to constrain resources available to iran's military and spur domestic protests against the iranian government it's just regular people saying they're fed up with the government. in small towns and cities
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it's not the educated elite in tehran it's farmers and workers and small shop owners who are shouting death to the regime at death to america death to the regime iran's president was this weekend to demonstrate a very different narrative that of a well funded military unveiling its latest fighter jet the kind of strength he said that continued to deter u.s. aggression john bolton's hosts this week the immediate priority is addressing iran's presence in syria he said israel strikes against iranian targets that were legitimate and that russia had offered to cooperate both and so the russian president vladimir putin told both him and president trump that russian and iranian interests were not aligned inside syria that russia would be entirely content for iranian troops to pull out altogether but that russia couldn't do that by itself suggesting some kind of u.s. russian joint effort to represent asked week the u.s. secretary of state announced the formation of an iran action group designed to spearhead a wider scale u.s.
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government effort against tehran one israeli analyst says it's a sign that the u.s. would not be willing to give up its own military presence in eastern syria if that is what russia is seeking the americans officially have already admitted that they're trying to interdict weapons going through. syria to iran and iran to hezbollah that they're already doing some sort of indirect action so i think there's already a hint that america's lonely staying in syria but it's becoming more of an iran focused mission ok thank you john bolton his next stop is geneva where he's due to meet his russian opposite number three fourths it was jerusalem. i'm now joined by ali then to national crisis group's iran project director and one of the world's leading authorities on iran's nuclear program is joining us from washington d.c. good to have you on with us now let's talk about what bolton has been saying they say they're going to the u.s. wants to ramp up pressure on iran not necessarily talking about sanctions what more can they do and what end would it ever be enough to deter or to affect iran's
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nuclear program. look this of ministration wants to restore maximum pressure on iran in the minimum amount of time and that mostly takes the form of canonic sanctions but the administration i think is also considering pushback militarily against iran and syria and elsewhere maybe yemen but the reality is there is a long pattern of iranian regional policies in the past forty years and iran chooses asymmetric and low cost. regional policies that are not a function of the amount of money it has it's in its bank account and the u.s. and its allies have consistently failed to effectively contain iran's influence in the region for one thing iran's influence has increased in the past four years rather than decrees whereas sanctions and containment has been a constant consistent part of u.s. strategy towards iran all over i'll say about bolton has been saying he says
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they're not seeking iraq a regime change they want iran to change its behavior is that likely. look again this policy seems to be regime regime change in everything under the name the reality is john bolton himself has written extensively and has talked about this publicly before becoming a national security advisor that he believes iran is incapable of changing its behavior and therefore the only permanent and long term sustainable solution for iran is to change its regime and the amount of change that the u.s. is asking for from tehran really amounts to a regime change but again the reality is from when they run is look at the situation they think that there would be regime change in washington before there is regime change in tehran and they can most likely afford to wait that long but ministration out there is also drawing a line between the sanctions they're imposing their economic hardships that
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iranians are facing and the protests that we're seeing on the streets in iran do you think it's really that linear can we really connect the dots in such a simplistic fashion. look there is no doubt that there is a lot of pent up frustration within the iranian society and the economy economy is doing really poorly and will probably deteriorate in the next few months as a result of new sanctions specially always sanctions that will kick in in november but the reality is if you look at the past forty years. have managed several economic meltdowns and currency crises and if you look around the world you know venezuela now has inflation that is in the range of twenty five hundred percent if you look at the gaza over cuba these are countries economies that have survived over the long period of time under sanctions and they run as are much experience
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with both repression and managing a difficult economic situation so i don't think you can draw a direct linear line and i doubt that the iranian economy will come to the verge of collapse in the next year and a half and this is why this is a race against time for both sides whether it will be economic collapse in iran first a regime change in washington for us is really good to get your thoughts thank you very much now the conflict in yemen has been described by the united nations as one of the worst humanitarian disasters in modern times the civil war has left millions struggling to afford basic and it's estimated that eight point four million yemenis are on the verge of starvation with many more eating just one small meal a day alan fischer has this report from neighboring deputy. the fight to survive comes in many ways all military conflict is torn of this country for almost four years abdul karim ali faces a daily battle just to feed his family he goes to the market in the city of aden
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when he can but finds every day that the little money has buys less and less today it's bread and milk for abdul karim and his four children it makes life harder harder to support growing children harder to keep that knowing hunger away harder to believe to morrow will be better. if i choose moken bread according to my potential to eat because as i consider this is a main meal for me and my family and today we cannot see meat and it was usual to eat meat and fish on fridays but unfortunately we are now eating only one meal a day because it is all we can afford. all the stores in the southern port city of aden receive full fewer people can afford what's on display the value of the yemeni reale continues to drop against me to foreign currencies that mixed importing everything the country needs much more expensive prices of going up across the
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board of course they doubled then tripled its no estimated food and medicine is five hundred percent more expensive. shuttle most of the low dollar our local currency is now in constant decline and the central bank has not done what it should do which is to inject foreign currency into the market and consolidate the exchange rate but the different prices and the big rise in the price of the dollar is very difficult as the more the currency loses the more we and our country lows. last year the yemeni government moved the central bank from who controlled capital center to it it was a step many experts predicted could bring the country to the verge of economic collapse program yemen went bankrupt after moving the central bank to the city of aden a legitimate government spends a long time recovering some of the central bank's functions and activation and in aid an illegitimate government has not been able to restore the state institutions especially the revenues institutions and therefore could not maintain revenues in the liberated areas the internationally recognized government relies on saudi
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arabia for cash injections which helps pay some public sector wages which goes some way to halting a complete economic collapse and stop the country running or to food it's estimated almost eighteen million people in yemen like access to good regular nutritious meals but it point four million are on the verge of famine they simply don't know where their next meal is coming from. abdul karim ali in this family today tomorrow. that's another battle alan fischer al-jazeera djibouti. a former cambodian opposition leader has been denied bail chems circa has been in jail for nearly a year pending trial on treason charges those lawyers say they're worried about his declining health so because cambodia national rescue party was forcibly dissolved just before july selection when hay is following the story from bangkok in neighboring thailand. there had been some hope that kim would be granted bail by
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the courts in phnom penh given that over the last few days we've seen several people released from prison either having received pardons or having being granted bail such as journalists land rights activists and in one case a political analyst but it seems that releasing at the moment was seen perhaps as a step too far for the government and a judiciary that seen as far from independent will remain in jail awaiting trial on treason charges he wasn't in court for the bail hearing in fact he's only been to court once since he was arrested in september last year this all happening after july's general election in which the ruling party the cambodian people's party of prime minister hun sen who's been in power for thirty three years won all one hundred twenty five seats in the national assembly you are with the news hour coming up next we'll be checking out the.


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