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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 23, 2018 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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in ma in moscow live pictures there coming from canberra australia the beleaguered prime minister malcolm turnbull setting out his stall for what he sees happening next in terms of the democratic process and as you know he's been facing a leadership challenge and says he now awaits a letter from the party confirming his leadership by a majority of members he said the party meeting will be at midday tomorrow that's friday on the eligibility of the main challenger peter dutton to sit in the parliament he said if he doesn't have the support of the party then he would not run in the ballot thereby effectively resigning but that's all for tomorrow of course when we have that midday party meeting in congress a live pictures there of the strain in prime minister malcolm turnbull in canberra well as you just heard turnbull's facing that challenge from the former immigration minister peter dutton this is what he's been saying as i put it to my wife started earlier early this morning i called the other prime minister to avoid it it was my judgment that the majority of the party would no longer support his leadership as
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such i asked him to convene a meeting of the liberal party at which i would challenge for the leadership of the parliamentary liberal party thank you very much. will have turned bill does step aside or is voted out it'll be the fourth time that a sitting australian prime minister has been overthrown since two thousand and ten former prime minister and labor leader kevin rudd was replaced by his deputy july just months before the twenty ten election will rudd retake the leadership from dillard in june twenty third teen but his party was then beat in that year's election by the liberals led by tony abbott but he lost the leadership of his party to malcolm turnbull in september twenty fifth peter hartcher is political editor of the sydney morning herald he joins us on the phone from australia's capital canberra so what do you make of what malcolm turnbull is saying he's setting out what he sees as a democratic process what do you make of it. well he's surrendering really to what
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he has cold and colonel piece originally designed to try to bully the government. he said that in the event that the dissidents can get a majority of. signatures on a petition to hold a special party making it he would call that meeting and that would be tomorrow and at that meeting he would contest the leadership against challenges. he spoke about this significant issue of illegitimate pizza doesn't. to sit in parliament so he's questioning this whale do you think the solicitor general is going to rule on this then we've heard from constitutional scholars that the case is a borderline case that it would need to be resolved by the high court which is the highest court in the land and not case for that to happen it would need to
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be referred to the high court or the mechanism to doing that because it needs to be referred by the parliament effectively the government would have to refer one of its members speeded the challenge for the leadership to the high court for a decision a process which will probably take weeks and maybe even longer so really what you heard there from not going to end with a deliberate effort to the caught peta doesn't claim to challenge him by alerting people to the fact that the constitutionality problem was a clear cut if it was with that but also with his comment that doesn't move effectively he didn't wind up in this context but he said that this was an effort by a minority to bully the government to move further to the right so he was doing a pretty good job of trying to spike the challenge. let me get a final thought from you peter hartcher i mean away from the political shenanigans
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in canberra in terms of a general election what do astray meehan's want what ordinary people want out of this well the big picture answer to this jamal is that the australian public doesn't want any of this stuff we know from polling and other evidence and she lived experience over the last decade. governments that carry on like this where there is an elected prime minister toned down turmel who. is punished by the by who's the people hated the people think we want to elect a government. we will elect a government with a prime minister choice and then we should leave that person. so unless there's some remarkable circumstantial countervailing events you have to expect that the government of this government will be punished pretty heavily at the next election for exactly that reason for this division all right to peter in town breath thank you very much for your time sir. all right time for a short break here now just about when we come back
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a desperate journey across the border but thousands of venezuelans crossing over to brazil are not welcome on that stay with us. we've had some other lively shall is extending from the great plains down into southern parts of the u.s. and in the process of making their way out of the way still want to storm say just around the southern plains he's in over towards colorado outs of parts of texas but brought to skies along the eastern seaboard that will continue to be the case as we go on through the next day to some pleasant warmth that twenty six celsius from new york to d.c. and north of the border also into office we're still a few showers in place as we go on through thursday as you can see for those central pasta for the west is still warm and dry little colder there for seattle remember getting up to around thirty degrees couple days back where around nineteen
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or twenty by friday the showers will continue across central parts nineteen or twenty there for chicago as well further south we're fine and dry as is the case across eastern parts of north america come down into the cap and lots of tropical sunshine with a chance of wanted to shout was of course might catch your chair on the grates around tennis possibly to into the last around today's before many more sunshine and then showers we've got a scattering of showers making their way towards the western side of the caribbean nicaragua costa rica could see some wet weather but looking fine and dry for mexico . on the streets of greece anti immigrant violence is on the rise there or you have to go from others. to something and increasingly migrant farm workers are victims of vicious beatings. is helping the pakistani community to find
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a voice the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them undocumented and under attack this is iraq on al-jazeera. welcome back a quick reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera australia's prime minister malcolm turnbull says he will propose a vote on his leadership on friday if a majority of his m.p.'s ask him to do so in a formal letter turnbull says of the leadership motions passed who are treated as a vote of no confidence and he won't stand. not don't transform a lawyer who on tuesday implicated the us president and campaign violations now
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says he's happy to help with robert muller's investigation into collusion between the trump campaign the russia and the galaxy reports. he once said he take a bullet for donald trump now michael cohen is offering to help an investigation the president has repeatedly called a witch hunt on tuesday donald trump's longtime lawyer and fixer pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations cohen told the court he was directed by trump to make payments to two women he's alleged to have had affairs with cohen's lawyer says the fifty one year old is now more than happy to help special counsel robert muller's investigation into alleged collusion between the trump campaign and russia my observation is that michael cohen knows information. that would be of interest to the special counsel in my opinion regarding both knowledge about a conspiracy to corrupt american democracy by the russians robert mommas investigation centers on a meeting between campaign aides in
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a russian delegation that promised to dish political dirt on hillary clinton cohen's lawyer has indicated his client has direct knowledge of the meeting with claims donald trump knew it was happening something the president denied of the president knew about it and there is other evidence in addition to michael cohen just basically saying it on his own then the president at this point could be one his way on a very bad taste to impeachment but the first press briefing since cohen's appearance in court so how could be sanders says the president has nothing to hide as the president has stated on numerous occasions he did nothing wrong there are no charges against him and this just because michael cohen made a plea deal doesn't mean that implicates the president. on the same day cohen pled guilty in new york the president's former campaign manager paul manifold was found guilty on a charges of tax and bank fraud both cases sprang from a list team leading one republican to say it's proof mother's investigation is
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anything but a witch hunt democrats say trump's legal woes a far from over to take a step back president trump's campaign manager was convicted of federal crimes president trump's personal attorney pled guilty to federal crimes president trump's first national security advisor pled guilty to federal crimes. a foreign policy adviser to his campaign pled guilty to federal crimes and more trials are coming these two court cases may now be the biggest threat to donald trump's presidency cohen's lawyer says his client is now liberated to speak truth to power and there are unconfirmed reports cohen has tapes from space will remain loyal but with november's midterm elections approaching the stakes have never been higher and it gallacher al-jazeera at the white house saudi arabia has denied canceling the domestic and international stock listing of its state oil giant aramco a statement by the saudi minister of energy says the government remains committed to selling the company's stocks but when it is ready if or when it goes ahead it
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will be the largest initial public offering or i.p.o. deal in history the plan has been central to saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond series of planned reforms to raise funds aimed at restructuring the kingpins economy and reducing its dependence on oil ugandan pop star who's become an opposition party leader is preparing to appear before a military court on thursday but the winds arrest last week sparked violent demonstrations and so reports from the ganders capital kampala. a special master up a chunk popularly known by his musical stage name. has been in military detention for a week after killers broke out in the north end town of a rule where president yoweri was seven his convoy was attacked in local election campaigns striver was shot and killed another politician is in intensive care in hospital and several people who were also arrested have been charged with treason winds family and lawyers say he was tortured by the military due to the tournament
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. when i was kid in was busted they've never done a c.t. scan to. which was bleeding through the years. to the bones of the. stomach maybe even the other side of the kidney. i want demand rates now is to give us what we want so that we can take care of him to have been sporadic protests in the capital and other parts of the country since his arrest many people who come from the bronx for. young people they say that they relate to. his troubles and want to believe it was to be to. the families to be tried. it was a rousing reception for. an opposition leader who has been arrested many times over the guys he says he too has been tortured by security forces this country. is a cop t.v. contract. we live in
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a country where we have no power at all. the power over ugandans was a couple hundred. by those with the guns. will be tried by the military because of the nature of the charges possession of firearms and ammunition which only the military are allowed to have many people who attended prayers for why the charges were fabricated there watching released this say he has a case to answer then he's has to be in the civil courts cathy zoi al-jazeera kampala. brazil's government is trying to move venezuelan migrants out of a border state after their camp was attacked by locals they fled an economic crisis in their home country al-jazeera stories about reports on the border town above the stuff. there's a lot of inflow to the shelter in the city of staff it's about three hours away from the border with venezuela is part of brazil's program to help the venezuelans
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arriving here. in the uk was kidding aside he came here two months ago soon after she delivered her baby boy i love to those around him the biggest problem is finding food in venezuela we had a house water and electricity but no food at least here i have a chance. at the shelter people are provided food to eat and a place to sleep. for a man that. has been here for four months his son luis has down syndrome millions of people came from latin america to venezuela when they escaped war and now look at us but it's not easy because when you go outside the brazilians look at us as if they want to kill you. the northern brazilian state of rhode i'ma is one of the country's poorest and that's why the government is hoping to start moving people to other cities to ease the burden on this border state and the men if well known for coming to brazil are not only living inside shelters but also on the streets all
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around the city are that there's entire families waiting to be allowed inside the shelters families here say that they're chilled. and by getting sick while they wait. for three weeks this children have been sleeping on the street they're tired hungry and some of them ill. she has been told there is no space inside and. they say there is no space. under there. is the pressure jeff wilkinson of the u.n. refugee program says the situation is challenging with a priority shifting to help the new arrivals to quickly move on to other brazilian cities and that they are now looking at how to. make the process. more to identify a new locations and to negotiate. to push this because at the end of the day i think everyone realizes that i mean that really is the priority and that takes
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pressure off this in spite of the difficulties they face in brazil hundreds of venezuelans continue to cross the border every day escaping an economic crisis and willing to risk it all in search of a better life. now there are several indigenous sports on show at the asian games in jakarta the diversity on the world's largest continent means that many countries of sports found nowhere else has more now on how the games are helping to keep their sports alive. the ancient indonesian martial art of it is making its asian games debut this year. it's one of several sports during the two weeks of competitions that is unique to asia and one that few outside the region have ever seen before but the coach for the malaysian team is confident that's changing and being an event in the game will help. this is
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the first time. asian games i'm proud to and i hope to continue to be a tournament sport in asia and maybe someday be in the olympics there are thousands of penn socks clubs across indonesia the head of this local one here in jakarta feels that the sport's exposure in the asian games grows recognition and interest globally. they deported also says the sport is expanding its country of origin two it's now mandatory at all schools. with the games in indonesia has become even more popular among children teenagers and adults it really helps. the body started in india thousands of years ago it's essentially a game of full contact tag thank you nice when indonesian and other countries asian countries are making. because i haven't seen the me. so that keen to see this
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kind of playing by these indonesian. unlike the homegrown pin sexy lot is just starting to gain ground in indonesia. and. the asian games allow these lesser known sports the. opportunity to share center stage with widely popular sports like football or basketball giving athletes of all ages the opportunity to experience something new either from the sidelines or on the pitch got harder al-jazeera jakarta. time for a quick check of the headlines here on al-jazeera strainers prime minister malcolm turnbull says he will propose a vote on his leadership on friday if a majority of his m.p.'s ask him to do so in a formal letter turnbull says if the motion is passed he'll treat it as
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a vote of no confidence and he won't stand as a candidate when the party room meeting is called invite. a spill motion to be moved if the motion is carried i will treat that as a vote of no confidence and i will not stand as a candidate in the ballot yes president donald trump is insisting there was nothing illegal about payments made to two women during his election campaign that's despite the successful prosecution of his longtime personal lawyer for making those payments michael cohen says he will assist the investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election saudi arabia has denied canceling the domestic and international stock listing of its state oil giant around code a statement by the saudi minister of energies as the government remains committed to the i.p.o. and will do it when the time is right if and when it goes ahead will be the largest i.p.o. deal in history zimbabwe's supreme court has started hearing the opposition's challenge
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to last month's presidential election result opposition leader nelson chamisa says the vote was rigged in favor of president anderson. who won with just over fifty percent of the vote. a ugandan pop star who's become a major opposition leader is due to appear before a military court on thursday but the winds arrest last week led to violent demonstrations and battles with police. venezuela's worsening economic crisis has caused a huge rise in the numbers of pregnant women crossing into neighboring brazil to give birth this year five hundred seventy one venezuelan babies have been born in the hospital at brazil's border town above vista compared to none in twenty fifteen with results is becoming increasingly stretched the state government asked for the border to be closed but the federal government in brasilia ruled it out on humanitarian grounds well those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after this is your statute that's watching.
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