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republic of congo the opposition leader john pierre bemba has been told that he can't compete in the upcoming presidential election the election commission says it's rejected his application because he's being convicted by the international criminal court. is seen as a possible front runner for the job he returned home to take part in the vote after serving a decade in prison for war crimes he can appeal against a decision ahead of december's election. political uncertainty hangs over zimbabwe as the country prepares for the inauguration of him as a man and as the next president the main opposition candidate has rejected friday's cool truing that confirmed as the new leader but it's not just politics that's on people's minds but also president menem dad was legacy under the former president robert mugabe at least twenty thousand people were killed by the army when he was the state security minister in the one nine hundred eighty s. al jazeera is marking weapons been speaking to some of the survivors. it was right
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here that henry cabot says soldiers abducted him and tied him up he was in one thousand nine hundred eighty three zimbabwe's government said it was fighting a rebellion here in the matabele land region henry says even though he was nothing to do with it he was taken to a concentration camp and tortured for three weeks he saw prisoners died daily from their injuries their bodies burned in a pit don't. do. been to thirty five years on it's still hard to tell the story he says he narrowly survived when soldiers try to execute him in a forest and left him for dead the. can. when robert mugabe sent the army to matabele land in the one nine hundred eighty s. investigators say at least twenty thousand people were killed many in the region say the massacres were to suppress the support base of his political rival at the
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time survivors say there's been no justice and mugabe he was finally forced from power by the army nine months ago led to elections that took place in july and some people wondered if zimbabwe's presidential election might bring change the opposition say it was rigged the electoral commission denies it's the ruling zanu p.f. party's presidential candidate incumbent president. was announced the winner he was once the right hand of former leader. at the time of the massacres he was state security minister the first major investigation into the killings was written by human rights lawyer david coltart. he says the involvement of men and some of his ministers means things were changed i think it's unlikely that they would ever want a complete truth telling because the entire story of their involvement will unravel from their perspective. and that would be very damaging politically to them
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so we don't expect justice under them. penned a commission to matter baby lamb to investigate shortly after taking office in november was i this is the reaction it got protesters proceedings of the government says it will deliver justice with the commission's independent doesn't doesn't work under the direction of anybody it will do what it feels is right we expect nothing but for accountability and for and taking off what happens if the exceptional situation henry and the other survivors a still waiting he says he just wants an apology from the people who ordered the atrocities and compensation he doesn't know if he'll ever get it malcolm webb al-jazeera harare zimbabwe. still to come here on the al-jazeera news hour is looking good at the northern trust a them for one goal for is having a year to remember pay to have that star in school.
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he is a self-proclaimed messenger of god are plenty millions of devoted eves but his path to enlightenment involve the rape and abuse of his followers when he used investigates the fall of one of india's most powerful spiritual gurus on al-jazeera they're not intrinsically linked to the slave trade where you are so i'm consistent and insurance companies there's no way to separate vaca and of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that lou produced the class in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth the resistance began to take full on from sugar to rebellion episode to have slavery when it's on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you.
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but it's time for this policy is now his peter thank you so much thailand have taken the men's team doubles gold medal in saturday's action at the asian games in jakarta in total twenty six gold medals are up for grabs on saturday on the seventh day of action at this year's games ties that made sure of getting their hands on at least one of these medals to know the final score as they overcame loss in the gold medal match. it was a day to remember for japan in karate in the men's quarter final contest. overcame
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me to wearing a chinese taipei five mill to take the gold medal and then q shimizu proved too strong for me. to make it a double gold in the carter for the japanese. morality of iran broke weight lifting the longest standing world record in the men's ninety four kilogram class on saturday but are the lifted one hundred eighty nine kilograms in the competitions opening discipline in tennis then a system in of uzbekistan has taken the men's singles tennis gold medal e.b. china's being in service final by two sets to one here's a look at the medals table after those events there tennis when keeps was based on in the top ten on the overall medals table china lead the way overall with seventy one gold medals and one hundred forty nine medals overall they have more than double the number of gold the second place japan hosts indonesia off earth with ten goals and thirty eight medals in total. now we've seen our share of what some may
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call risky art fits on the tennis court over the years one woman who sure hasn't disappointed with her at times extravagant choice of clothing is serena williams and she's now being banned from wearing her black cat suit at the french open in the future is a little recap for you the twenty three time grand slam champion rocked up to the french open resembling a superhero as she described herself on several occasions but the roland garros tournaments bosses are no longer going to allow it serena bowhead said at the time that she wore it for health reasons saying it helped to cope with the issue of blood clots which she said almost cost her life giving birth french tennis federation president of barnard get it chile has not yet revealed the new rules but has said they will not be as strict as that wimbledon where players must wear all white attire. one of the biggest football leagues in the world has begun the german bundesliga and champions by munich have got off to the perfect start for their
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campaign a newly appointed manager of the team nico curvatures first game in charge as well by and were looking to win may seventh title in a row before from i am on friday it took brian twenty three minutes to start the scoring for the season just a chemical a corner headed in by thomas miller off an arm then equalized in the fifty states minute by and were awarded a controversial penalty late on after frank grigori went tumbling in the area of eleven dusky stepped up but is it was saved we are showed some issues with the penalty and it was retaken this time sending the defending champions into the lead and robin they netted in the dying minutes to ensure a three one final score. with the sixteenth goal in twenty appearances for the los angeles galaxy is lets anybody him of each reach the brink of these five hundred a career goal for club and country on friday ybor him a bridge with the galaxy ahead on early see the fifteenth minute goal which had to
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be reviewed with the v.a. our system is the four hundred and ninety nine of his career the five hundred go milestone is currently cost only by messi and cristiano ronaldo carlos vela converted a penalty early in the second half full l.a.'s see one one was how the game finished. japan upset spain in the final to win the women's under twenty world cup for the first time japan were cruising to victory scoring over three goals in the first sixty five minutes of the match spain though netted a consolation in the seventy first minute japan easily saving the three hundred. feet for has banned the head of the palestinian football association for twelve months and fined him around twenty thousand dollars. football's governing body said jim breuer juba had incited hatred and violence seen here on the right had
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encouraged football fans to target the argentine football association and burn jerseys and pictures of live n.l. messi statements were made ahead of a proposed friendly game between argentina and israel in june the match was eventually called off. france is the world cup winning football captain who has apologized to fans of the being charged with drunk driving in london the reese seen here with these team after winning the world cup was charged on friday following a routine traffic stop the goalkeeper who also captains tottenham was released on bail and is due to appear in court next month. awesome venger has achieved a lot in his career but on friday they were something a little bit different for the former arsenal manager he was in liberia to receive the country's highest honor for services to football president george where former footballer himself was brought to league monaco by venter back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight he went on to play for the likes of ac milan paris st germain
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and chelsea and is the only african to be named world player of the year fingers official title in liberia is now knights a grand high commander of the humane order of african redemption. the us open then p.g.a. champion brooks kept is in a share of the lead at the halfway point of the northern trust open in new jersey and the eagle on the thirteenth hole on friday was the catalyst for a strong finish by get twenty eight year old wood birdie each of the last three holes to shoot just six under sixty five on the day he shares the lead at ten under with fellow american jamie love moch fourteen time major champion tiger woods is ten shots behind leaders and says he needs to improve his short game. just you know the name of games got me parts you got a role and america are good drivers so they're all i'm sort of my parts and i don't
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i mean. had a hard time. seeing my lines and consequently making my world champions new zealand have dished out a second hiding in as many weeks to australia in the rugby championship this time the all blacks were on home to. all clint where they have not lost since nineteen ninety four the new zealanders outscored the ozzies seven tries to two to complete a resoundingly forty twelve victory and retain the bledisloe cup the annual contest between the two sides for another year bowden barrett ran in four of those tries. in major league baseball the walky brewers were taken all the way to a fifteenth thinning on friday before finally seeing off the pittsburgh pirates seven six it looked like it was going to be a regulation win for the brewers when they moved to hades for nothing christian yet each and mike moore stuck us each a two run home runs in the bottom of the first for better advantage the pirates
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rare julie edged a way back into it and drew level in the top of the ninth and sodas on to overtime it would take six additional innings to finally separate the two teams a walkie have now won seventy games trailed the chicago cubs in the national league central division by just two games. qualifying for the belgian grand prix starts in a short while after forming the ones at mid-season break on friday it was ferrari's kimmie reichen that was fastest in second practice finish driver is a four time winner at the spa circuit in an age charitably to lewis hamilton while the british drivers and series teammate valtteri bottas finished food and since championship royal sebastian vettel who finished fifth set the pace in the morning session of the leads the standings by twenty four. and it's a nice underwear that we see or saw the fastest time in practice ahead of moto g.p. as british grand prix the ducati rider finished ahead all britons culprit and the
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maverick of in your list of yamaha champ to be the case finishing for. them that's all sort of us we'll have another up again later marty peter thank you very much indeed but that's it for me for now at least i'll be back a little bit later on but don't go anywhere because the lovely elizabeth will be in this chair in just a minute. well there are three big challenges facing humankind in the twenty first century they are look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise
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of the fish of intelligence and bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know harare talks to al jazeera challenge your perception ethiopia's economy has grown at a faster rate than any other african country fearless journalism look at sirens were heard here is that is indication of just how close the fighting is groundbreaking documentary debates and discussion just six months ago we were at the brink of a what al-jazeera show board winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. on al-jazeera an ambitious health system reform that paid off the show claiming it bush ultimately we may build ten million over ninety six million citizens to receive free health care without paying insurance premiums on the ticket to. the extraordinary story of turkey's monumental health care transformation and the
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people at the heart to face the people's health on al-jazeera. we understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you al-jazeera. the first papal visit. rides in ireland as the catholic church faces anger over the sex abuse scandal around the world.
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hello and welcome to al-jazeera on live from my headquarters in doha for on i'm also ahead the palestinians the u.s. says it's more than two hundred million dollars in aid to gaza and the west bank. where the. thousands of refugees protest a year since the start of a myanmar military crackdown that the u.n. has called ethnic cleansing and we report. millions fear the syrian government is poised to launch an offensive to retake the last major rebel stronghold. the leader of the roman catholic church is in our land on a two day visit where he's expected to meet victims of sex abuse by the clergy it is the first such visit by a pope in nearly forty years ireland has one of the worst records of clerical sex
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abuse in the world and that's led many of the country's strongly catholic population to turn away from the church let's go live to our correspondents now he is joining us from the capital and this will be an important test in the papacy and the church its popularity and ireland how well received will he be. there's an awful lot of excitement an awful lot of hope and an awful lot of concern surrounding pope francis's visit here to ireland its nearly forty years as john paul the second came to the country an island is a very very different place to what it was back then some of the cornerstones of dogmatic church doctrine have one by one being dismantled it's now legal to have abortions gay marriage is legal it's now legal to get divorced and use contraceptives in the past it wasn't civil society has become increasingly stronger
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and stronger and the catholic church has been exposed to greater scrutiny from irish society but it would be wrong to assume in any way that this is a post catholic country a recent census of religious beliefs back in two thousand and sixteen suggested that forty percent of the population go to church on a regular basis and more than seventy five percent say that they identify as catholic now that can mean many things it can mean that people feel culturally catholic because it's very much part of the d.n.a. of ireland and irishness or it can indeed mean that they have some degree of spiritual faith but of course that faith has been rocked by controversy after controversy pope francis comes here off the back of a massive scandal surrounding sexual abuse in the united states and an awful lot of attention is being placed on the legacy and history of sexual abuse here in ireland there it's believed according to those looking into this closer that thousands of
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people over several decades may have been abused and the desire is really for pope francis to blow the lid off this and address it head on the question is will he and the multiple chances he has to address the issue and we did mention that he would be some of the victims of sex abuse i know he has a very full agenda what where will he be going and what else. yes there was a last minute i think it's fair to say addition to his show joel knowing full well how much concern there is surrounding the legacy of sexual abuse here for him to meet some of the victims we don't know who those victims is being kept pretty much private there won't be any cameras at those meetings we may well hear from some of the people that meet pope francis a bit later on what their feeling is about how the pope is really addressing their concerns as you said he's only in the country for a short period of time only thirty one hours he's beating heads of state including
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the president this morning the prime minister a little bit later on these also here to bring a message of hope as well homelessness particularly in a city like dublin is incredibly high rents a growing six times the european media and he's going to a capital day center a homeless shelter to meet those people who are all really experiencing the flip side of economic recovery so on the one hand yes he's going to be facing a tremendous amount of scrutiny to the allegations of sex abuse head on but he's also here to extend. the hope really to those who. believe that very much pope francis as a reformer of the church can really lead the catholic congregation the catholic faith into a new era thank you very much for that for now that is joining us live from thank you. we're going to move on to other news now and palestinian leaders have strongly criticized the u.s.
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decision to cut more than two hundred million dollars an aide saying it shows how washington is using aid to influence policy the u.s. has already withheld millions of dollars from the un's relief agency for palestinians the state department says the money will be redirected to programs that align with us interests relations between the u.s. and palestinian leadership deteriorated after president trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the american embassy there. stratford has more from gaza. it's difficult to know which projects will be directly affected by this announcement of more than two hundred million dollars being held with by the u.s. but it's safe to say that american funding has been doing in recent years certainly the last two years seventy five million dollars sent each year for palestinian projects we understand most of that went to hospitals in jerusalem as well as electricity projects here in gaza. let's put it in context it was earlier this year
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that the us said that it was withholding around three hundred million dollars from on the united nations relief and works agency here that's had a massive impact so the u.n. say hundreds of people made redundant in that organization and when you look at the level of suffering which gazans have endured now for nearly twelve years of israel's land air and sea blockade around ninety percent of gaza's water is on drink kubel around four hours of electricity only being received in certain areas of gaza rule sewerage being pumped into the ocean fifty percent of the population living under the poverty line fifty percent on the employment down here so yes this announcement from the us if you get more money being held withheld for palestinian projects could potentially have a massive impact not only here in gaza but the occupied west bank also. now half of
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gaza's population under the age of seventeen some of them have already lived through three wars and the scars from maine anderson's visit a young girl still living with the trauma of a severe head injury she sustained in the twenty fourteen war. look into how eyes and you would never guess what this child has been through. now my book food is six it's. she suffered both pain and anguish for most of her short life. she's aged to here in the twenty fourteen gaza war she sustained what was described as life changing head injuries intricate surgery in turkey and three months of recuperation there saved her life. it was an israeli air attack the very nearly killed nama. not this one. nor the us. these are recent strikes
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a whole night of bombardment without going hamas rockets and continued attacks from israel claiming it struck more than one hundred fifty amassed august's before what's meant to be a truce. the sound alone was enough to make namma relive the war on the. planet i think you have when she hears the sound of what plane that she gets very scared at and says i want to go back to turkey there's no warplanes in turkey. dead beaver able to sleep and have out on whatever the happen to be mass and different volcanology start screaming and heights of nic that look if that's what i had do want to go. over and over nemesis turkey i want to go there and whisper as they hear them as mother is distraught she says she often cries for her daughter she and her husband won't let her play like the boisterous children know that doorstep. and even though she wants to go to school her parents were letta
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they say her head could be knocked at playtime they fear the very least headaches and i pain she suffers from could get worse. her father says he feels helpless because he can't support his family on a good month he might earn a hundred dollars on a market stall in the street but it barely covers his rent his landlord has an eviction old place the family live in a neighborhood where poverty is the norm worse than that they're inside the rules of gaza affectively it's like a prison what is life like in gaza well that's not really an accurate term more of an existence and this existence phenomena is one of many short sad stories different and don't tell the suffering is much the same. while the long term ceasefire talks go on involving egypt and the un mediating between israel and hamas
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in gaza there's no message from this from any of the parties involved just an expression of despair like the vast majority of gazan civilians. nama has to depend on the love of a family and hope that one day some sense may prevail instead of a resumption of the war that still rages inside this little girl's head. andrew simmons. gaza city. now it's been a year since myanmar's military launched a crackdown dating to what the u.n. has course the ethnic cleansing of the minority of a hang hundreds of thousands have fled to neighboring. for the refugees they have been holding peaceful protests demanding justice and a safe return to their homes there are now more than seven hundred thousand people living in camps near the border has become the voice largest refugee session and. signed a deal with myanmar to allow the refugees to return but
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a petri dish and process has been stalled mohamed and has more from quote a prolonged campaign cox's. the scenes out of critical on cancer day have been absolutely extraordinary thousands of or hinge or refugees demonstrating i have been to cox's our bangladesh this is my third time covering the range of crisis and i've never seen demonstrations of this magnitude the refugees had to get special permission from the bangladeshi authorities in order to stage these demonstrations what we saw men women young and old demanding their rights demanding justice asking for the international community pleading with the international community to do more to help them but also saying that they want to make sure that the perpetrators of genocide as they say genocide has been taking place against them inside of me and what they say the perpetrators of the genocide of the accused being i mean the army they need to be held to account they need to be brought to justice by the international criminal court so really a remarkable day yesterday when we were speaking to organizers we were told that
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this might be some type of a sit in it might be even a quieter type of protest today very loud voices people in bold and.


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