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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 26, 2018 1:00am-1:34am +03

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even have now authorities continue to say they are showing they will be showing some flexibility with children. the elderly the pregnant women or for instance if the father house a passport and the mother doesn't have one and the children doesn't then they will be allowing them to to enter the country however behind me if you see their people a q a not because they are cool enough to request for asylum that's the only option is to not have right now don't have passports to request. for asylum that will allow them to go into the country and apply for the working climate the peruvian law protects them and if they are obliged to to receive the asylum request and so the people will be slowly going into the country even if they don't have passports and what does the future hold for the people who have managed to cross the border. when they come when they go across the border
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it's very difficult because most people are here can do this they have some have families that are already indicated there are more than four hundred thousand asylum already moving in to do something i want to get to the families but many people simply don't know where they will go and what they will do so the reality for many of these people that's when excel is calling them refugees is that one thing come in the country and i've talked to several of them many of them people who are professionals who are ending up selling cookies on the highway just to get some money to be able to to go further south they either to the city of tokyo where they can apply for a job or to the city of enough and the reality for most of the for many of these people is that they don't have money for traveling by bus. so many have to watch.
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sanchez thank you very much indeed. still to come this half hour a surgeon ethnic violence to space is almost one million people in ethiopia in less than four months. and iraq is protesting basser after contamination water leaves hundreds of people in hospital. hello it's good to have you back well we have been watching a tropical depression here across parts of taiwan move very slowly to the west where with this tropical depression we've seen quite a bit of rain across the area actually over nine hundred fifty millimeters just over the last forty eight to seventy two hours in this region now as a system makes its way a little bit more towards china the rain showers are going to continue but the amount is going to start to come down slowly but the flood risk will stay up over
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the next few days heavy rain also down towards hong kong over towards vietnam though hanoi not looking too bad for you maybe about thirty five degrees mostly cloudy conditions there were here across india their concern over the next few days is going to be up here towards the north and down here towards the east as well as saw the clouds on the satellite but on the forecast map very heavy rain up towards new delhi down towards kolkata over here toward sniper and then we're going to start to watch the rain really start to edge up a little bit more of the next few days down towards carolus so that is something we'll be watching because of course very very. very very fluid conditions and very very concerned area that we're going to be watching down towards colombo attempt a few of about twenty nine degrees there very quickly in doha while the immunity is up and the temperatures are hovering about forty one degrees with abu dhabi at forty.
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desperate for a better life millions of people have sought refuge in europe sometimes their dreams of sanctuary are realized but sometimes disenchantment and hostility drives them home in the first of two films on these contrasting experiences people in power goes to the north german city where humane approach to integration is proving surprisingly effective. assimilation nation on al-jazeera. are among the top stories here on jazeera. acknowledge the harm caused to allah by sexual abuse in the catholic church on the first day of his visit he says the
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church is working to stamp out to be. tens of thousands of muslim refugees have held protests in bangladesh then marking a year since a million mark military crackdown forced seven hundred thousand ranger from their homes. and peru has tightened its border laws making it harder for the thousands of migrants fleeing the economic crisis in venezuela to enter. the u.n. refugee agency is urging the european union to take responsibility for one hundred fifty migrants have been stranded a border town and coast guard ship for nine days italy is refusing to let them disembark unless fellow e.u. member states agree to take them in the refugees and migrants on board began a hunger strike on friday opposition m.p.'s have criticized the italian government saying migrants are being held hostage as a way of blackmailing europe. international committee of the red cross says nearly one million ethiopians have been forced to flee their homes after
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a surge in an eye for volunteers in the fighting between the romo and people has been taking place on the border areas of the day and west googy. force. these ethiopian families sheltering in a courthouse fled for their lives there among the nearly one million people displaced over the past four months conrad and their two men and one thing that i'm getting we came here because we were attacked we left our village empty handed to save our lives we traveled and spent three days in the bush to get here of these internally displaced because they owe people say they were attacked by mobs of oromo which is the largest ethnic group in ethiopia many don't have food and clean water and they're at risk of malnutrition and diseases like pneumonia that it is a gimmick that guy got out even when my husband got sick and i could not help him i intended to go out and beg but i was shy his health deteriorated further and finally he died. the good day oh say local and federal authorities didn't protect
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them the government denies the accusation and says it's arrested hundreds for inciting violence. the age old ethnic tensions boiled over after prime minister abi ahmed took office in april ahmed isn't oromo and the good day oh people believe the or almost feel empowered by his rise to office we've seen an awful lot of people probably more than three quarters of a million people having to move in the face of violence in a very short space of time the international committee of the red cross and its ethiopian affiliates are trying to help they're distributing blankets sleeping mats water and medical supplies but the surge of violence in southern ethiopia could fuel similar disputes in other regions the violence could undermine the new prime minister's sweeping reforms to ease tensions among eighty ethnic groups and a population of one hundred million cultured or john al jazeera. zimbabwe's main opposition leader has rejected a court ruling which confirms president. as winner of the july thirtieth
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presidential vote now some to me said challenge the result and says he has a legitimate claim to lead zimbabwe resident non-drug what is disputed is a leader i. made claims that are in supposed to be leading the people of the above the change is gone and change is come where it is delayed is another view it cannot be denied change will come it is going to govern sooner than we think we need to go back to the fundamental issues around dealing with the issue of the disputed illiterate it's not so that we're able to move forward in the democratic republic of congo opposition member has been told he cannot run in december's presidential election election commission says it's reject his application because he was convicted by the international criminal court of tampering with witnesses member who is seen as a possible front runner returned home to take part in the vote after serving
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a decade in prison for war crimes he can still appeal against the decision head of the election harry for hovan is a professor of government at georgetown university cata he says it's likely the opposition could look at solutions outside of the courtroom. it's extremely unlikely that this will result in anything productive from his from his you print but then this was always going to be the case i mean the electoral commission which is supposedly independent has long been painted by ben burned by his supporters as deeply partisan as coming up with inflammatory statements of inflammatory rules so what is most likely to happen is indeed supporters will take to the streets and will seek to find other ways extra legal ways to try to shape this this election this process perhaps even to boycott to try to derail it and of course to try to appeal for for international support because that is there could be crucial in the next couple couple of days if foreign embassies and foreign missions would weigh in and would lead prison because we don't know that this is unacceptable we know the
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solution of this front and then we might be in from our far more fluid and fragile scenario because at the moment the state in the market to go public of congo is very very weak it does lost control over large swathes of the territory and in that sense you know if there is no election is there is no credible process we may see a further unraveling of of the state itself and therefore more violence health officials in the democratic republic of congo say two of the ten people who were the first to receive an experimental treatment ebola virus have recovered the two patients received the man but one one for treatment isolated from a survivor of an ebola outbreak in one nine hundred ninety five was the first of five experimental treatments approved for use in the latest outbreak which was to cater august the first. i mean purchased in the iraqi city of basra where hundreds of people are in hospital after drinking contaminated water iraq's government has no option investigation into the mass poisoning but residents in the oil rich city say it's just the latest example of neglect of basic services the sound of aid has
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more. people in basra have been uploading videos of what comes out of the water tanks contaminated water which appears to be unusable and unsafe some have conducted particle tests on their own and see the water being provided is not fit for drinking hundreds of people have been treated in hospitals in the last few days with stomach related complaints including aches and diarrhea that says that there are many poisoning cases my own family members have been affected and when i took them to hospital i was surprised to see so many other poisoning cases because of water. oil rich buzzer is iraq's second city with a population of more than two and a half million people for years its facilities and water treatment plants have been neglected using various tests iraq's government has identified deteriorating water quality along the tigris euphrates and the shuttle rob people blame politicians for making matters worse since childhood then those corrupt politicians cannot even
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help the fish in this water to survive things that be able to help our country. even animals in europe enjoy some dignity compared to us here in iraq air and water are necessary for life but now there is no water and. the anger has again reached the streets dozens of people have been protesting against the lack of solutions from the government civil society activists and lawyers have filed cases against the governor of the head of the municipal council and the directors of water and health authorities. the people buster are demanding the provision of uncontaminated drinking water as well as health services and good education these are constitutional rights the constitution is merely in qana paper and has not been properly applied to serve the citizens at all. iraq's ministry of environment calls water contamination a very dangerous situation and it's in addition to the lack of water in the province in a statement it said the hell directorate staff and technical teams are working
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around the clock under the directions by health and environmental ministries to figure out immediate and long term solutions for the issues of pollution and. since last month there have been widespread protests in the province people have been demanding jobs and better public services including water and electricity prime minister hydrilla by these government has faced strong criticism for not addressing the basic demand of people here. and as more people fall sick because of a lack of clean drinking water that anger is likely to continue for some fringe obviated there. federal emergency services in hawaii citizens to. remain on guard despite hurrican lane being downgraded to a tropical storm several more days of rain a forecast so more flooding is expected although the predicted wind damage has been far less than expected arkan lane was blowing at more than two hundred fifty kilometers per hour as it approached hawaii but that speed has now dropped by more than half of this though is the potential for flash flooding and bring damage due
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to arlene there still has a lot of moisture in the air and so we want to encourage the public to stay vigilant and stay tuned to get updates on the status of the storm. it's been a turbulent week for the us president donald trump even by the standards of his unique term in office prosecutors have granted immunity to the chief financial officer of the trump organization in return for cooperating with their investigations and the president's former campaign manager and former personal lawyer both become convicted criminals castro reports washington d.c. . president donald trump was upbeat in front of an audience of supporters in ohio friday our economy is absolutely booming jobs are surging factories are returning steel is doing better than any industry just about anywhere in this country anywhere in this world but beneath the surface
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a legal crisis is threatening to engulf his presidency. on tuesday two of trump's close allies became convicted felons the president's former campaign chairman paul man of fort was found guilty of bank in tax fraud and trump's longtime personal attorney michael cohen confessed to eight criminal charges including campaign finance violations that implicate trump and. then there are the two men who reportedly cooperated with prosecutors in exchange for immunity david pecker a tabloid publisher and the president's friend who according to the wall street journal corroborated the president's role in paying hush money to two women who said they'd had affairs with trump and finally allen weisel berg chief financial officer of the trump organization the president's money man for four decades weisenberg is expected to lead investigators through trump's finances hugh grant
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immunity because under the united states constitution unlike in great britain there is a so-called fifth amendment that enable someone to remain silent in the face of questioning if they believe an answer could incriminate them. selves or their close company in crime but by granting immunity now they will compel a complete confession of whether and how in the circumstances in which these payments were made trump made no reference to the scandals in his friday night speech though he's often called the investigations a witch hunt in private though trump is reportedly fumi beneath the growing burden of his legal troubles and the diminishing list of loyal allies heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington. the chief executive of u.s. carmakers tesla says he's abandoning a seventy two billion dollars deal to privatized the company it or musk said the plan was canceled following a board meeting on thursday by shareholders convinced him to keep the company's
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status unchanged tesla's share price has dropped by twenty percent over the last two weeks to its musk hinted it is privatization plans on twitter. i'm told that could she be joined in the electric car market by a russian rival with a very familiar name this is the prototype kalashnikov c.v. one but a suspension from the company that makes the famous a k forty seven assault rifle kalashnikov says its electric car can travel up to three hundred fifty kilometers on a single charge and it says it will be several times faster than current models. russian opposition leader and of ali has been detained in moscow his spokeswoman says he's been taken to a local police station but the reason for his latest attention is unclear around he was released in june after spending a month in jail organizing an unauthorized rally around the is one of president vladimir putin's most vocal critics he's been detained and jailed several times.
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would be heavy metal stars from all over the world have been gathered in finland for the twenty third and guitar world championships. for year presumably spent practicing in front of their bedroom mirrors the fifteen finalists pack their regimen guitars to head for the finish city who. crowd turned out on to city be dramatic when the skies in the world's third most northerly city the winner and i mean the guru the stage name the seven seas receive me a perfect mob to take the title back to japan. and to more on our website at any time the gist of it is al-jazeera dot com to get you also watch us on there by clicking on the live icon. amount of top stories here are just zero but francis has confronted the scandals of sexual abuse in the catholic church on the first day of his visit to ireland and pontiff was greeted by large crowds as he traveled through dublin earlier he met
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island's prime minister near varadkar state reception we told him that clerical abuse had stained the irish state pope says the church is taking action to stamp out sex abuse. number so we cannot surely i cannot fail to acknowledge the great scandal caused in ireland by the abuse of young people by members of the church charge of the responsibility for that protection and education for you the over ecclesiastical authorities to adequately address these repugnant crimes has rightly given rise to outrage you are myself the sentiments tens of thousands of ranger refugees are protested in bangladesh against myanmar as crackdown on the muslim minority group an estimated seven hundred thousand reinjure have fled to camps across the border in bangladesh the crackdown began exactly a year ago after ranger fighters attacked police posts in myanmar bangladesh has signed a deal with me in march and other refugees to return but the repatriation process has stalled. thousands of venezuelan migrants have poured into peru before new
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rules making it harder to cross the border took effect starting on saturday all venezuelans trying to enter peru will have to show a passport millions of venezuelans have fled throughout south america as the oil rich country faces a worsening economic and social crisis. the un refugee agency wants the e.u. to take responsibility for one hundred fifty migrants have been stuck on an italian coast guard ship for more than a week some of those on board began a hunger strike on friday italy won't let them disembark unless fellow e.u. member states agree to take them in protest or shore say the migrants are suffering inhumane conditions on the ship. for a democratic republic of congo vice president bamba has been barred from running in december's election election commission says has rejected his application because of a conviction at the international criminal court and both were seen as a possible front runner for ten time this month after serving a decade in prison for war crimes those headlines do stay with us if you can people
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in power is up next on more news for you straight talk to that russia watching. desperate for oppressive laws millions of people have some refuge in europe sometimes their dreams three unwelcome realized sometimes disenchantment to the sterility drive from home in the first of two films on these conflicting experiences people in power has been to the german city where generosity and open
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office have been making it harder to get great work. santa. how long that. you. are going just joining. us all to go on watching this is you. know musk you know what it did him a little bit ahead how does a hobby that at all for the most be able to which i mean that in she sought a mother of four as
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a refugee in germany after her husband was badly injured in an isis attack in iraq she had to flee the country with her children and find safety in europe. trying. to still. look the way i suppose so many others before and since getting to safety was difficult and sometimes dangerous. kamaljit said doing. something i thought i should be on your side enough to let them know that this guy was all she had meant about him until kid. john morton how come he did then moved and then did so he you know you know got it . now so i didn't have family i settled in that small a small city in northwest in germany and would.
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want to have it only when he had a buffer so in. my stead that been here at least on the studs i miss him six months not at this point. since twenty foot team germany has taken in more than one of the hof million refugees. the majority from the middle east and north africa. upon arrival most are assigned to a new town by the german government selected according to its population size and the standard of living. is the school does a slender d.z. . on defense to no desire to get in on this is come. up with such a risk to his startup i lined us to see our factories he was going to get angry at this kind of the what are they think of you don't know and this puts you
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on this with your existing. debt with around seventy thousand inhabitants was asked to accept seven hundred migrants equivalent to about one percent of its population. the initial public response was cautious start to give you some of my good and figure but that's hardly the case. i'm candy to feel of mention of naming on. british soccer and the bush team think it ends every two weeks i think there's another. tele. and when we don't have each other then. it's i don't know it doesn't have a sense and i. but as the refugees arrived detmold reacted positively to its new residents in large part because of the concerted efforts of integration made by the municipality the aim then and since has been to encourage as much interaction
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possible between the locals and the refugees through social events goodbyes by the authorities. cafe welcome is just one example where anyone can come forward and also questions over was their concerns and we had people asking things like why do they come here and they claim our money but they have the newest smart they're supposed to be poor so it's an idea if they're actually supposed to be poor otherwise they can't be refugees you need to have someone who is who is responding to those sorts of questions and does give you the facts that you need to know and i think in that way we still experience a very privileged position because a lot of the population of that really has said we want to make this work and really want to be a city that welcomes refugees. one
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result of this imaginative integration process was that so hard to hold children have discovered a new passion for acting. they're part of a drama group called project theater drawn mainly from refugees. to professional performers marianne from france and germany from nuzzi run the project so i was on. the group has been brought together in this who paid for by the local authority to rehearse for a forthcoming public performance. simply this if she didn't. exist school events unfold two and six months ago months if they found it on. all homes could also
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a few months ago and did nothing at. inquiries that still made them ask. the group is going to be performing a piece inspired by their own stories yes just trying. to. do duty to count. them all as we have a cow last kick happened. after our last call now and then when the protest because their own desires had six guy used on. one day due to paper bags. under an old maid she decides on the edge just to indulge in hats first is medium left. you know.
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just to do that. and they will know that i like to play but there i see myself just something. you can see me i miss flying and soaking in it well are we having any one joke but after all this drama when i'm alone sometimes. so when i play with people and this makes me forget. thirty three year old emmanuel jerome comes originally from south sudan and has been in detmold for two and a half years. but his future is uncertain. unable to return home because his life is still at risk he plied for asylum eighteen months ago and is still waiting to hear whether he will be allowed to stay in germany. in the meantime he's been relying on the charity of others and lives in
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this apartment in a retirement home owned by a local church so. maybe i'm the lucky to use. house in a firm church for supporting everyone is there for. even i could feel i thought ok. result in working with anything so. he was forced to leave his family a mother and sisters back in sudan a country torn apart by war and famine he called bad to display photos of them in his apartment. here. well it's so hard love to look at them in been six years
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without seeing them. even to talk with their love for some time is painful i miss them so much i want to talk to them but when i was very well i was like why did i call it like i because i don't want to hear what is happening in our the we never talk even when we call us we are just crying you know she's crying my mother scale crying i'm not. i do. mario and the director of the drama group has come to visit. this year should he says here yeah in preparation for the performance marianne wants to find out more about how emanuel came to germany and how he's been managing since he got to detmold his story along with those of the other refugee act is will be woven into the script i think ted as you know being. told to must i think you do you could
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as you just saw i think the time when yaz did this and just one sunday about that has shifted then you put his what do what does it mean for you safety for. safety it's like a place where always use it and if you feel that that is a lot of people people who love you around you if there is look of all who love you i don't feel safe. we are people we are human we are all the same that's why we come to you at all because we feel that in europe that is all right it's not like people are different of people to have different color different country or does this christian this muslim world would we feel that here is that as you would write so we feel like if you thought who want to be safe change. emmanuel isn't the only one who's being encouraged to make his voice heard through the theater so i was also keen to show how a positive experience of a rival in germany i'm to gratitude at the welcome has received. even the thoughts
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of home and a never far away i at the end of day. oh hi there was any of. she knows that in comparison to other refugees she and her children a fortunate they come from one of the five countries given priority status by the german state iraq syria iran eritrea and so malia their applications are processed more rapidly and help is provided more quickly upon their arrival the family were housed briefly in an abandoned military base before being moved to more permanent accommodation the city pays their rent and the cost of heating. up almost the same diego home i want to see india. was going on to some of the lao so called i mean. come on early on.
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