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but it's going to take a lot of work the reason carol is so lush and beautiful is that every year it gets a lot of rain the rain this year of course has been exceptional but those in the tourism industry hope the state and the bounce back more beautiful and just as popular as before andrew thomas al-jazeera baccarat carol australia's foreign minister julie bishop has resigned two days after losing her bid to become prime minister bishop secured only a handful of internal party votes during a leadership challenge that toppled malcolm turnbull as prime minister scott morrison was picked to replace him instead australia's change from mrs now eleven times in a decade prompting some to call it the coup capital of the pacific. now whether it's plastic water bottles plastic trays opacic force the material they're made of has become a global problem and while many initiatives are moving towards a path six free environment plastic production is still accelerating because it's
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cheaper to produce ten to recycle but one major recycling center in the u.s. is trying to keep up. from new york. at this recycling plant business is booming two thirds of all of new york city's plastic waste that's put into recycling bins ends up here where it's meticulously sorted then sold to companies to make it into other plastics to meet skyrocketing global demand in the past twenty years the amount of plastic produced in the world has doubled but today globally less than ten percent is recycled for decades china used to recycle more than half the world's dirty plastics but the country ended that practice earlier this year many believe the policy shift was driven by this unflattering documentary depicting poor chinese and sorting the waste but the plastics problem goes way beyond china the other bigger problem i would say
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a longer term systemic problem in the plazas world is the norm is out of plastics that don't make their way in or cycling bit or that because of their resin type or the way it's actually manufactured are not recyclable in today's you know recycling industry. earlier this year a huge mass of that ocean plastic waste washed up ashore on a beach in the dominican republic at the current rate by twenty fifty the oceans will contain more plastic than fish according to the world economic form whether it be plastic bottles like this that are filling up the oceans and the landfills it's increasingly clear the world is facing a plaster. dick's crisis some have compared it to a disease that's spreading across the globe and now the united nations is involved . in the equivalent of a garbage truck every minute of every day backing up to the ocean and just dumping
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plastic into it we really have to look at do we deserve this beautiful ocean that was given. time to teach about and get the plastic hash tag plastic pollution campaign was viewed online by over seventy million people celebrities urging people to tag friends to commit them to give up using things like plastic straws and cups but it will take much more than one awareness campaign to dig out from underneath the mountain of plastics the world is increasingly buried under gabriel's. new york. city head on al-jazeera disappointment from moto g.p. fans at the british tell you why in sports next. has gone did not have the ability to take on every network no one's also needed to
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fight all of them big enough to sponsor them as well in search of the missing pieces i was in a really important meeting for the moment he said i like doing over exactly what the pakistani when you go to the news of bin laden was killed were you surprised or was your reaction oh they found him in the place we continually but we don't want anyone to know mehdi hasan goes head to head with the pakistani foreign minister on al-jazeera. with bureaus banning six continents across the. al-jazeera is correspondents living brings the stories they tell. you sirrah slewed to news.
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welcome back an update now of the breaking news story out of the us where there's been a mass shooting at a videogame torment in the state of florida at least ten people on wounded and this happened in jacksonville it's not immediately clear if they are fatalities or jacksonville sheriff's office has tweeted that people should stay away from the area and it's added that the attack streamed live online and we're just hearing now that they off a tallit seize in this incident in this mass shooting in jacksonville not clear about the number of people killed but we'll bring you that information as soon as we have it in the meantime let's speak to joe who's got the sports news for us ali
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thank you well there was a huge crash at the start of the belgian grand prix for nandrolone ses mclaren flew straight over the top of another car but thankfully the halo protection system did its job and nobody was hurt it was a bastion vettel who won the race to close the gap on championship leader lewis hamilton david stokes wraps up the action. after a four week summer break it. was barely four seconds before we saw one of the most dramatic crashes in formula one history i think of eco holcomb berg looked up. plowed into the back of financial and so we took off and landed straight on top of charles the cook's album and if you're wondering how that looked like looks point of view. he walked away without a scratch unlike is halo device thankfully for him the much debated cockpit protection system was brought in at the start of the season i think i'm
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further up the track sebastian vettel is crucially able to get past lewis hamilton taking the lead before the safety car came out. to say these pick crew did their best to give hamilton a chance but ferrari matched them to keep their man out in front. vettel cruised to the checkered flag finishing twelve seconds clear for the fifty second wind of his career. that takes him past our crossed up to third on the all time list behind hamilton and michael schumacher a very smooth race here lewis pushed very hard especially in the first into was the end he was very fast in the second stint they could turn everything down a little bit and control the pace but yeah great weekend i did everything i could in the race and i think we owed me by well this weekend but. i mean he drove past me like i wasn't even there on the straight hamilton sounded concerned and well he might be better was cut his championship lead to seventeen points and next up it's
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ferrari's home race the italian grand prix at monza. david stokes al-jazeera. british racetrack silverstone has added a new g.p.s. chapters of the history of moto g.p. for the first time in thirty eight years a race was cancelled on sunday because of heavy rain headed the british grand prix which left standing water on parts of the track officials said conditions were too unsafe planes a new surface which was laid at the track in february. that was a historic day for the unified korean team at the asian games they won their first gold medal at any major multi sports event the two countries and to unify teams and three sports at these games and they continue to build their diplomatic ties through that on sunday they made sporting history winning the women's five hundred meter dragon boat final emotional victory came just a day after they took bronze in the women's two hundred meter race. relations
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nicole david secured a record extending fifth squash gold medal at an asian games david has lost only one singles match at the asiad way back in two thousand and two this latest victory coming on her thirty feet. over on the track china's athletes continue to rack up the gold medals suit bintang set a new games record in the men's one hundred meters winning it in a time of nine point nine two seconds. are a nice eighty two young one the women's race the nigerian born sprinter plates to edge out india's dirty chan's and way young leader of china or young adults in her way into the winner's circle the victory still appearing to be a big surprise for her. own heartbeat because this is might be a shell game and god does let's move the ball maybe we'll see if. i just go see today you cats are grabbed double athletics gold abdullah haroon race to victory in the four hundred metres and ash f l safety seal gold with
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a hammer throw of seventy six point eight eight meters the gulf country will host the world athletics championships next year bahrain's rose chile motor victory in the women's marathon earlier in the day and he was born chile establish an early lead in the distance between her and the chasing pack was never close to two thousand and seventeen world champion stayed in front of from the line in two hours thirty four minutes and fifty one seconds that was double gold for japan in the event an individual and team competition you're shakira or you are won his second gold medal and then. joined up with his team mates as japan won the fourth team inventing title of their careers asian games. now hosts in tunisia have already batted their best hole of gold medals they won their twelfth on sunday but the sport where they'd really like to win gold is badminton up and down the country you'll find young and old playing it everywhere from back out to elite academies a scot high level ports from jakarta. when he was just five you
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just. began playing badminton out on the pavement in front of the apartment in central jakarta. even if i'm sick i will play badminton it makes me feel better i want to be the best badminton player of everyone. from the streets to elite clubs indonesians from all backgrounds are playing and have been for decades badminton is so widely popular in indonesia it was once called the village sport that's because every village had a court now it's based competition from other sports over the years like football but the nation continues to produce some of the top players in the world part of what made the sport grow so rapidly the shuttlecocks are cheap and the courts are easy to set up. so over time some of the courts were converted for a small hard court version of football but badminton is still on the minds of people here because this sport is considered as something indonesia can be proud of
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. and two players the country is very proud of the world's number one ranked doubles team marcus gideon and kevin. yeah. it's very important to indonesia because it's so popular and it's our gold medalists. my father was a badminton trainer so he always asked me to play the sport since i was very little i started training when i was eight. indian badminton champion peace into is the seventh highest earning female athlete in the world she recognizes the overwhelming support for badminton in indonesia i think in me says been brilliant i can see because every time i come to. you to student has his sights set to one day play in the asian games and it would appear that he was born in the right country to help his chances of that dream becoming reality. al-jazeera jakarta. chelsea have moved up to second in the
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english premier league after two one win over newcastle the blues maintained their winning start to the season in a match which saw three goals in eleven minutes in the second half including our own goal from de andre yedlin which ultimately hunted chelsea the win elsewhere full and picked up their first win since returning to the premier league they were forty when is over burnley what food be crystal palace spain's the league has opened an investigation into the state of the pitch for boss and his game at rail via via the lead on saturday the turf was only late on cheese day and began to tear up during the pretty much warm up of both teams found it hard to pass the ball local media called it a potato field barcelona won the match one nil. spanish cyclist at one hundred that they has one stage to spaniard the two thousand and nine when it delighted the home crowd as he held off racing to the house in a fifty metre sprint finish into kaminey to delray poland's ski holds the race
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leader's red jersey with a fourteen second advantage of a fall but they are finishing second in the opening stage on saturday all right that is all useful for now have more for you later folly joe thank you very much for that we're going to update you now on this breaking news story out of the u.s. where there's been a mass shooting in the state of florida a number of fatalities reported including one of the suspects in the search is on for more suspects we understand why have more on this breaking news story live from london you center next with my colleague gopalan thanks for watching.
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both three big challenges. facing humankind in the twenty first century they'll look real war climate change and technological disruption especially the rise of fission intelligence and bioengineering this will change the world more than anything else professor you know one hundred tools to al-jazeera. life in the islands fringing the antarctic peninsula is abundant the place of seemingly endless variety the whole region is richly biodiverse a living example of how things are pretty much free from the influence of man and. getting to see the astonishing bond life here is by no means a straightforward the weather makes everything a challenge the environment where wildlife is living is incredibly fragile incredibly delicate there's all sorts of threats that are up against climate change krill fishing and then of course there's this tourism the number of tourists coming
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down here it's a beginning of the two thousand and two somewhere around four five thousand a year we're now over thirty thousand people a year. is still in pretty good shape but it's apparent this unique landscape needs to be very carefully managed as multiple threats begin to lose on the horizon. on counting the cost crippled by its currency crisis will reach venezuela takes desperate measures this deal with its struggling economy plus it has a market value of billions but is yet to turn a profit we delve deeper into what's going on at tesla. counting the cost and i just. florida police report multiple fatalities after a shooting at a video games convention and jacksonville.
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hello and welcome polony a watching algis there live from london also coming up. a patriot a maverick a true american hero warm tributes across the political divide for a publican senator john mccain. pope francis off for forgiveness for the churches abuses in ireland as he wraps up his two day visits there. and colombians votes on seven anticorruption measures which have not proved probably a lawyer with many of their politicians. on the global demand for plastic keeps rising despite growing awareness of its devastating impact on the planet. police in jacksonville florida say there have been multiple fatalities after a shooting at a video game tournament the police are warning people to stay away from the
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riverfront area where the vent was being housed in the jacksonville landing ruster and now the tournament was being live streamed online and many could see what was happening on screen the moments the shots were fired and that's when the game stopped well of course have more details for you on this when we get it. ok to other news now it's been announced that u.s. republican senator john mccain will be well lie in state at capitol hill and receive a military funeral service tributes have been pouring in for the eighty one year old he died on saturday after a battle with brain cancer mccain as a prominent credit the u.s. president donald trump and mccain's family have said he did not want trump to attend his funeral rob rounds has more flags were lowered over the capitol building and the white house as tributes to senator john mccain flowed in but there was no
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praise for mccain's long career in military and public service from the current occupant of the oval office president donald trump issued a terse two sentence tweet my deepest sympathy and respect go out to the family of senator john mccain or hearts and prayers are with you former presidents were more fulsome in their praise with a remarkable. barack obama's statement said in part few have been tested the way john once was or required to show the courage he once did that was a reference to the more than five years of harsh treatment mccain endured as a prisoner of war in north vietnam mccain senate colleagues from both parties were also speaking out republicans jeff flake he would quickly forgive and move on and to see the good in his opponents is something that particularly these days we can
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do is a lot more of democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer i am morning america's morning the world is mourning the loss of one of the truly great man recent decades former presidential candidate hillary clinton alluded to mccain's frequent criticism of trump's foreign policy fights with allies if we abandon the ideal that we have stood for around the globe that we turn our back leadership on the have human rights and have a kind of future we want to forage for our children grandchildren. we will be giving up on what he fought for what you know we imprisoned for what he stood for mccain's body will lie in state in the ornate rotunda beneath the capitol dome an honor accorded to only thirty public figures in u.s. history members of the public will have an opportunity to file past his casket to
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show their respects mccain reportedly planned his own funeral which will be held at the washington national cathedral the eulogies will be delivered by obama and by bush both men who were once mccain's political opponents pointedly president trump has not been asked to attend robert oulds al jazeera washington. ambassador. kurt volker is the u.s. special representative to ukraine and the executive director of the mccain institute for international leadership at arizona state university and he says mccain stood out and how he handled the fallout of america's two thousand and three invasion of iraq which he had initially supported the came among all of our leaders took responsibility for that decision later on urged a surge against the wishes of the bush administration at the time but convinced the
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bush administration to go forward with the surge in iraq to restore some kind of civil order and security in the country working very closely with general petraeus and and working with the sunni population in iraq that turned the tide in iraq and actually laid the foundations for more successful iraq going forward in the other cases afghanistan and the gulf war i think he stands by those decisions as what was necessary at the time what he's always focused on the whatever is the exit queue ssion of our missions. ok let's bring you more on our breaking news story that's the shooting at a video game convention in jacksonville florida our correspondent andy gallagher now joins us on the line from miami andy what more can you tell us. well the latest one we're getting here from the jacksonville police is that the suspect in this shooting is now dead the figures being released by the sheriff's office well that four people have been killed eleven injured in jacksonville learning the police are still warning local residents to stay away from the area because in these
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situations please don't assume because one suspect has taken his own life that they were acting on their own so they are searching that area at work but this was a gaming conference a modern gaming conference in jacksonville florida so you can only really think that the people that would have been in a conference like that would have been on the youngest far but it does feel mark of them are but the police have said that one of the suspects the suspected shooter is dead and they are now going through that building but still warning residents in jacksonville to stay away from the area and gallagher live for us are speaking to us from florida where there's been a shooting in jacksonville thank you very much that's the latest information you're getting there we can tell you that the tournament was being live streamed online. and this video shows what was happening on the screen the moment the shots were fired. in here that they're against.
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well of course bring you more information on this asked so we get it we'll be updating you on that shooting in florida throughout our news show today all right to some other news now pope francis has apologized for crimes committed by the catholic clergy mainly against arlen's women and children he left ireland on sunday concluding his two day visit before going asked for forgiveness in front of nearly half a million people in a public mass in dublin neve barker was there and sent this report. under the papal cross in phoenix after the last visit by a pope here in one nine hundred seventy nine pope francis looked out over a very different island a. vast numbers braved the wet weather the climax of a weeklong world meeting of families. where the celebration has been overshadowed
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by renewed anger over. by members of the clergy for potentially thousands of victims the church was anything but a family as a place of fear and betrayal. we ask forgiveness for the abuses in ireland abuses of power conscience and sexual abuse perpetrated by members with roles of responsibility in the church in a special way we ask for pardon for all the pieces committed in various types of institutions run by male or female religious figures by other members of the church and we ask for forgiveness for those cases of exploitation of manual work that many young women and men were subjected to we ask for forgiveness. pope francis was quick to condemn the abuse as repugnant crimes and met privately with eight survivors he apologized to all of us for all of opposites. the locked wall of us now i don't know if thoughts of the official church apology for everything that
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happened but certainly apologize to all this offense was an important first step that here goes apologies earlier in the day the pope traveled to not shrine in the west of ireland the leader of the world's one point two billion catholics has gone further than his predecessors in dissolving the line between pope and the people but he must now go even further restoring faith in the church i think the visit will have helped to. bring further healing on the question of the abuse and become these opening up a path for this country and other countries to to build a new style of church in central dublin launch process against the pope's visit people here want the vatican to fully disclose all documents relating to abuse in the interest of justice this is a form of vatican official accuse pope francis of having known about allegations of
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abuse carried out by cardinal theodore mccarrick the archbishop of washington five years before accepting his resignation last month the vatican is yet to respond to the claim the pope's visit is a source of great joy and comfort to many here in ireland but given the scale of past suffering his work here is far from done. al-jazeera dublin. colombians are voting again just two months off to choosing their new president this time in a referendum on iraq to measures to curb corruption opposition politicians are supporting the yes vote but each question must be voted on by at least a third of the electorate for the referendum to be valid now this bill contains a range of proposals aimed at transforming the political culture in colombia if passed it would cut the salaries of members of the congress by forty percent bringing them down to twenty five times the minimum wage it would limit senators
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and representatives to serving three terms and require elected officials to disclose information about their finances their voting records and who has lobbied them those convicted of corruption would get jail sentences without parole and not house arrest it would also require public bodies to award contracts openly and transparently and give citizens a say on public spending measures in the budget but alice either of b.s.e. is live for us and so i listen to tell us what the supporters of this referendum are this initiative are hoping to achieve. will be really good at that a unique opportunity to make their politicians countable to bring transparency in control in the way public money is spent in colombia and just generally see it as a way to clean up but. most people in colombia see is a very very.


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