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it's an incredible deal it's an incredible deal for both parties most of the u.s. and mexico agreed to overhaul the nafta trade deal but canada has yet to sign off on it. and on taters is down to zero live from london also coming up genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes the u.n. says myanmar military chiefs should be prosecuted for genocide against the regime in rakhine state. the french president says the european union must stop depending on the u.s. for its security. and on crutches and now on bail popstar turned opposition politician bobby wine is released in uganda.
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under the united states and mexico have agreed to overhaul the north american free trade agreement known as nafta discussions focused on new rules for the automotive industry a central issue for president trump who is described nafta as a disaster for american workers canadian prime minister justin trudeau is now under pressure to agree new terms to remain part of a three nation pact and he's assured mexico's president of his commitment to the agreement because she actions have dragged on for more than a year and threats by trump to ditch the nine hundred ninety four accord of course turbulence on the financial markets but in pressure on the mexican peso and the canadian dollar speaking from the oval office the us president praised the new deal . this is something that's very special for our manufacturers and for our farmers from both countries for all of the people that work for jobs it's also great trade
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and it makes it a much more fair bill and we are very very excited about it we have worked long and hard your representatives have been terrific my representatives have been fantastic to. they've. they've got along very well and they've worked late into the night for months extremely complex built and it's something that i think will be talked about for many years to come. just good for both countries as far as canada is concerned we haven't started with canada yet we wanted to do mexico and see if that was possible to do and it wasn't i think it wasn't from any standpoint something that most people thought was even doable when we started if you look at it you remember at the beginning many people thought that this was something that just couldn't happen because of all of the different factions all of the different sides and the complexity and we made it much simpler much better much better for both countries
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and i will have all the reaction from john heilemann in mexico city first though let's go to the committee how could they just in washington d.c. can release to a lot of detail to be handed out. a lot of details but this was five weeks in the making in terms of the negotiations so that is one of the reasons why donald trump is hell and this is a success really he was looking to keep a pledge to those who supported him in the twenty six c. u.s. election particularly when it comes to the automotive sector the manufacturing sector saying he would bring back jobs he may recall on the campaign trail called the north american free trade agreement one of the worst deals ever and so soon after becoming president set about to renegotiate the deal now canada has not for its part been involved in the negotiations in recent weeks those talks breaking down a lot of issues there simply because of the tariffs on steel aluminum that the united states placed on on that canadian product but in terms of the negotiations with
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mexico they still continued and are somewhat of a success for the u.s. president many believe because this is socially could make sure now that when it comes to the american cars that are made in the united states that they actually are made in the united states the new agreement require seventy five percent of those cars and parts to be manufactured in the united states initially that agreement with just sixty two percent of what we saw were a lot of jobs going south of the border jobs donald trump says he will now be able to bring back to the united states so if there is this shaping out to be some something of a political victory for donald trump. it certainly is but it is a guarded one given the fact that this is just a bilateral agreement lauren and it has to be approved by the u.s. congress and the trade deal must be approved by the u.s. congress and they're going to be some republicans even members of the president's own party that could potentially push back because of some of the other trade disputes perhaps that it are affecting farmers so this is not a deal that has been sealed and the other thing after member in all of this is the
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nafta agreement is a trilateral trilateral deal right now we just have a bilateral agreement any changes to nafta must be signed onto by canada so we know that the canadian foreign minister is set to come to washington to try and negotiate there is a lofty goal of trying to get those agreements worked out by friday seems like that may be a difficult challenge given the fact that it's taken weeks to get to this point it's hard to see that that could be accomplished obstacles overcome in just a matter of days committee how could thank you very much. let's get a view now from mexico our correspondent on homeowners in mexico city for us what was the reaction there. when the mexican delegation has just come out to speak in washington d.c. the press conference ended not long ago and they're also trying to talk up the deal as a success the the outcoming administration and the incoming administer the outgoing
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sorry administration the incoming administration has got representatives there and they all said that we presented a united front especially the incoming administration said we went there for damage limitation really with this process and we feel that we've got some wins out of this when you actually see the key point to this is kimberly there said it does seem more of a winning for the united states the mexico you'd expect out of the more powerful party in this trade deal and they were the ones that wanted to rigaud showed up as well as seventy five percent of car parts having to be made in this north american region also the fact that forty percent of car parts of the olds from a tree of production has to be from work has learning sixteen dollars or more an hour and that basically means workers from the united states or canada so that really can't be seen as a win in the short term for mexico we have to wait and see what the car makers the international call makers are in the country do about that where they start to move
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the parts to the united states routes out of the country where the next car manages to come to terms with and change and hopefully start paying its workers more which is what certainly the new incoming administration wants to happen but i think the general sensation here in the country is that there's been a lot of losses for nuff there especially for small scale farmers in the countryside they've seen their market basically flooded by subsidized large scale united states farm goods but there have been enough wins from this day when there's enough trade next book it's going to be united states eighty percent of. mexican exports go stateside really as long as the deal wasn't going to be too punishing for mexico they had to make it and that's what they've done now we have to see what comes next mexico would like to see canada also to be added to this in the cult in the conference call between president trump and president pena nieto with several reporters there president pena nieto said several times we really want to see
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canada at this as part of this deal his future foreign minister said that was indispensable so now we have to see what can happen with those negotiations gentlemen thank you very much. u.s. president donald trump has held talks with his kenyan counterpart in her kenyatta the white house is the second time trump has met a leader from sub-saharan africa since taking office that he just discussed trade in and investment as well as strengthening security cooperation. u.n. investigators say myanmar's top military generals should be investigated and prosecuted for genocide against the regime injure in rakhine state a new report describes the targeted killing of thousands of revenge or as the disintegration of a community it says the persecution of the muslim minority in myanmar has led to a system of institutionalized oppression from birth to death to me and more army
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started so-called clearance operations after several military posts were attacked in rakhine state last august the un says reports of up to ten thousand revenge or killed are a conservative estimate around seven hundred fifty thousand also fled to neighboring bangladesh witnesses detailed mass killings arson attacks and gang rapes one ringtone describes herself as lucky as she was only raped by three men several army commanders are named as being responsible for atrocities the u.n. says their cases should be referred to the international criminal court or tribunals and the un says there's enough evidence of war crimes being committed report also says the generals committed crimes against humanity and war crimes in catching and shan states both dominated by other ethnic minorities the mission has concluded that criminal investigation and prosecution is warranted focusing on the top tech mentor generals in relation to the three categories of crimes under
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international law genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes we have examined the period since two thousand and eleven. the violations we have identified during this period are part of a history of abusive military conduct going back at least half a century they continual repetition is the result of the complete immunity accorded to the military commanders and the virtually complete impunity of troops. now to jim jim there's more from cox's bazaar in neighboring bangladesh where hundreds of thousands of ranger refugees live in camps. for him to activists we've spoken with many of whom have been accusing the military and then more of genocide for some time now the news that a u.n. panel of investigators is recommending that top tier military officials in myanmar be charged with and put on trial for crimes of genocide is welcome news but they are cautiously optimistic the activists that we've spoken to have said look this
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sets a good precedent but it must be followed through they want to see the international criminal court actually step in and prosecute these officials in myanmar that have been accused of committing crimes of genocide but they also are aware they're telling us that this is something that could be riddled with complications it's going to be a difficult and long process what's interesting is that this news is coming just two days after there were mass demonstrations here include just a long campaign cox a bizarre bangladesh on saturday which was the first year anniversary of the brutal crackdown by me and mars military and rakim state a crackdown and violence that led to the exodus of over seven hundred thousand rohinton a we're now located here in the world's largest refugee camp in that anniversary on that day you had thousands of people demonstrating and they were carrying signs and they were calling that day genocide remember and say it was
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a day when it was the largest demonstration they were hindu had held and as the whole time that they had been in this camp they were remarkable scenes you had men and women and young and old and they were coming out and calling for accountability and a lot of what they said is really in line with what we heard from this you an investigative panel today so as i mentioned it is a sense of cautious optimism from the activists who we've spoken with but again they understand this is going to be a long and difficult process. the german chancellor angela merkel was warned vigilante justice will not be tolerated after a far right protests broke out in the eastern city of kemet hundreds to part of the rally with some reportedly chasing and attacking foreigners it follows the fatal stabbing of a man on sunday which police have blamed on syria and iraq a national zoo tensions have been high since metals government allowed a million asylum seekers to enter germany in twenty fifteen french president in one
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year michael says the european union must stop depending on the united states for its security in a speech that ing out his diplomatic agenda mccall said europe needed to have an integrated defense policy with a common budget he also called for it to develop the trade and financial tools needed to fend off u.s. sanctions. or simply called. the cuba have been greater solidarity means we will have to look again at the structure of european defense and security by initiating a renewed dialogue on cyber security the chemical weapons conventional weapon right the territorial conflict space security the protection of the polar zones in particular with russia i want to launch an exhaustive reflection if with all of our european partners. has more from paris. him out omar can use this speech to the ambassadors to in a way promote his multilateral vision of the world and politics in the face of what he sees as rising nationalism and populism in terms of the european union he said
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that the union must try and strengthen its abilities in terms of security and defense and not be so reliant on the united states and the french president said he's going to come up with some plans and some proposals on this issue in the coming months months which will include things like consultations with other e.u. members and partners like russia he didn't give any more details but there is no doubt that perhaps this fits into our calls vision of the strengthened and reformed european union we know in the past you've spoken about the possibility of an e.u. military force it also comes at a time when donald trump a certain distance himself from his nato allies well the french president also had some words for him brags that he said the britain he hopes can come to an agreement with. by the end of the year. but he said any agreement must not compromise the integrity of the so personally the perfidious lee pro european president really
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making his message very clear indeed that he intends to continue on his path to try and revive the blocks. still to come. iran takes the us to the un's highest court table to reach adoption of sanctions plus. all of the reporting from the north hill carnival not just europe's largest street festival but a crucial reminder of the culture of research by people of color be it a horror to separate a society. holloway said say some slightly khwaja weather pushing into western parts of europe over the next couple of days slightly clearer skies coming in but always want to show us any possibility across the british isles as those winds just fade in for more of a northwesterly direction still a little have been
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a heat to the eastern side of it on the other side all of this weather system pay this cold front twenty seven celsius there for moscow twenty eight in kiev we are still getting up into the thirty's they say for remain if it at all so for greece on the side of that line of rain getting into the mid twenty's there for vienna picking up to around twenty three in london see the cloud just making its way across and into scotland i will sit down across into this because through wednesday tending to fizzle out you can expect to see a little bit of time weather into the southeast for a good part of wednesday afternoon that stretches down the low countries into a good part of eastern france down towards switzerland to west of that hyperion still looking pretty warm thirty three celsius thirty three celsius once again there for athens and on the other side of the med more warm sunshine coming through here so thirty six full kyra getting up into the high twenty's across good parts of north africa algiers at thirty two degrees and there will be a cloud coming here it's fine dry and sunny and repat with
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a high of twenty five. they're not intrinsically linked to the slave trade where you are so inconsistent and insurance companies there's no way to separate vacuumed of terror from the labor on the plantation from the profits that move to produced. that ass in europe industrialized slavery and amassed its great wealth resistance began to take full. from sugar to rebellion episode two of slavery roots on al-jazeera.
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and one of the top stories here on our syria united states and mexico have agreed to overhaul the north american free trade agreement known as nafta but canada has yet to sign off on it. united nations investigators say minh mas top military generals should be investigated and prosecuted for genocide against the ranger in rakhine state. a french president a man you're my course as the european union must stop depending on the united states for its security. united states says it will vigorously defend itself against iran's legal challenge at the un's highest court iran wants the international court of justice to suspend you natural u.s. sanctions imposed three weeks ago following its withdrawal from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal tehran accuses the us of profiting its economic strangulation and says it may even take military action in the gulf to block all the country's oil exports sleeze been following those proceedings from the hague. the iranian side spends its
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three hours of court time here on monday trying to do two things in front of the judges first of all to explain how very damaging the american sanctions were everything from issues to do with renewable energy projects aircraft parts car manufacturers who now couldn't invest in iran. sports going down the debasing of the iranian economy all of these things a direct result of the american sanctions program their lawyers said but at the same time trying to link that back to a nine hundred fifty five very obscure trade agreements sixty three years ago signed between the u.s. and iran a treaty of amity of friendship and a friendly behavior beside between the two countries and the iranians saying that the sanctions regime has broken the treaty of amity the lead lawyer for the iranian side made a very clear that they had no choice but to come to this court because all of the political and diplomatic avenues that simply fails trace the moment to
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a corner make greater. sense. of this view through the party demands did not succeed. iraq had no other choice bots to seize the international court of justice with the president's request on sixteen tomorrow because of the american side of course contest this entirely their legal team left without comment and they'll have their three hours here on tuesday their main argument is likely to be that the treaty that was signed when the u.s. and iran with friends sixty three years ago doesn't apply anymore because in the after nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution all the different sets american sanctions the ability fifty five some doesn't mean anything and anyway the americans have the biggest thing in their favor which is that even if in the end this court agrees with iran but decision might be binding but the u.s.
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doesn't actually have to go by what the court says so it's a good attempt i think by iran to try to get somewhere with this but ultimately likely to not be very successful the u.s. says it will block the reappointment of a judge at the world trade organization the appeals court holds hearings on international trade disputes the u.s. has consistently blocked new appointments since donald trump came to office the move would reduce the number of judges on the body to three which is the minimum number needed for the court to function diplomats warn of an impending crisis if no new judges are added to the bench russian opposition leader has been sentenced to thirty days in jail for breaking public protest nourse the conviction will prevent him from leading a planned anti-government rally next month around is one of president vladimir putin's most vocal critics he's been jailed repeatedly for organizing rallies egypt's foreign ministers in ethiopia for talks with their prime minister ahmed
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discussions are expected to center on ethiopia's grander nacelles dam project on the river nile egypt is concerned the multi-billion dollar project could leave it vulnerable to water shortages. interests of egypt an ethiopian the way in which to see future done projects as well as i'm going down projects and they are fundamentally different there's still not been enough trust the stablished between both parties despite these all these years of talks for these talks actually to yield any meaningful outcome officially gyptian rhetoric has changed significantly over the last five years the stop these this talk of war the possibility of airstrikes against a damn sight which i think is a good thing in egypt is in no position to wage war would accomplish very very little so that the only way you could return to negotiating table actually focus on the issues the better the problem as i said is that we've actually made very little progress on those talks themselves and the period it is going to take for the two for the reservoir to be to be filled and that remains a crucial issue because for ordinary egyptian farmers they need to know just how
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much water they will have every year and therefore which crops they can grow what good they can export etc high court judges in uganda have granted bail to pop star turned opposition politician bobby wine the thirty six year old was detained two weeks ago charged with treason is accused of inciting supporters to attack a convoy carrying president you're very much seventy catherine sawyer has more from the capital kampala. freedom for bobby wine twelve days after his arrest locked up by both the military and the police he accuses of top. line is charged with treason along thirty two august after a presidential where in the seventy's water kate was stones during their recent local election campaign what do you want to listen to during the course of the show well let us not many ugandan such as radio presenter james peterson have closely watched developments. he dedicated an hour off show to bobby white and his music it's been a big hit for young people oddly my jury to and most times they have sat back and
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said well you know politics is for the old for but right now the young people waking up and wanting to get involved in the future of this country ugandan politics have been controlled by presidential. who has ruled for thirty two years and that divided opposition led by keyes at best who was arrested recently for young people harbor the greatest stake and the responsibility for it claim with it on. and that's why you did the young people are standing up in many townships such as this one in the capital kampala where wind grew up it's all about his message. this is a song reason he produced by other musicians calling for his food on many gondolas who are struggling to make ends meet say that paul b. y. understands their problems he was raised in poverty in this township and he has what he had in his music and politics to get to where the families say that his
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popularity has transcended tribal differences and a lot of people in different parts of the country a talking about. why no posed a reason he passed you know ending the seventy five years old age limit for presidents the seventy to seventy four years old first america that was the first one also led protests against attacks on social media. uses well as a big one as politics is that if a sumo do. it it's that person's so it's visit israel roof. for fifteen years then comes but beyond. that. what about me many ugandan say the treason charge is trumped up by the government to suppress dissent government officials say the politician incited people to violence uganda's next election is due in twenty twenty one the. popularity perhaps highlights how that election will shape up by winning the hearts and minds of young
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frustrated ugandans they're desperate for political change catherine saw a al-jazeera. news agency reuters is reporting that plans to list part of saudi arabia's national oil company on the stock market were suspended by king solomon the kingdom's crown prince had championed plans to go public with five percent of arm co a saudi oil giant it was the centerpiece of saudi arabia's economic overhaul the move is a blow to crown prince mohammed bin sound man who has positioned himself as heir apparent and a modernizing force in the country the u.a.e. has denied claims by yemen's hoofy rebels that they hit dubai's international airport with a drone flights there running as usual it's not the first time goofy's have claimed such an attack in july they said that they attacked the abu dhabi airport something the u.s. denies. straining government says the first asylum seeker boat has reached its
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shores in more than four years but he said detained fifteen people of the finding the abandoned boat in the northeastern state of queensland they believe the vietnamese vessel was being used by people smugglers that are searching for more passengers who say they could be hiding in nearby mangrove swamps surrounded by crocodile infested infested waters. hundreds of thousands of people have filled the streets in west london for europe's biggest street party the notting hill carnival event celebrates afro caribbean culture and aims to promote tolerance has taken on a special significance this year following the british government's win rush deportation scandal and in baba reports. it's noisy colorful and exuberant and hugely popular but as well as bringing visitors from around the world onto the streets of west london the multihull carnival is a chance to celebrate the history of britain's caribbean population. this is seen a political scandal over how badly some of the so-called windrush generation and
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their descendants have been and are being treated seventy years on from the first arrivals arrival of more than four hundred headed to macon because of a hardening of home office rules hundreds have been deported or threatened with deportation others lost their jobs and their right to health care despite being longstanding british citizens. this year is also the sixtieth anniversary of the so-called race riots in notting hill when white youths went on the rampage attacking west indian immigrants and their property. and at this year's opening ceremony local children performed a song remembering past and present struggles and trying to celebrate the pioneers upon the full without him he would have conical carnival wheezy a unique a baby and this is come about by the contribution of many people over many years so it's important we recognize as. well one of them is matthew's father clive who came
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to the u.k. from trinidad in one hundred sixty one five years before carnival as we know it got going he says even some in his community was skeptical at the start and i don't doubt people a lot didn't know that as i recall it more or less he will turn it into a good media and did talk well we model something and he stayed about his school started it and then gradually people put on course tools and it escalated so i'm good with the sound systems. and the different thing. for years now carnival it's been britain's main showcase for carrying culture not just music but everything from lots and troughs to food and it's taken a sustained fight to keep it in this area but for now it remains rooted in a particular place and a particular community. of course it's now a party that everyone is invited to but it's determined to hold on to its identity . getting baba al-jazeera the. equivalent of it when you can catch up
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any time with the list. by checking out our website al-jazeera dot com and you also watch us live by clicking on the live by come out is there dot com. don't look at the top stories making news here now jazeera united states and mexico have agreed to overhaul the north american free trade agreement known as nafta u.s. president donald trump says he's open to revising and renaming the deal but henschel new united states mexico trade agreement excludes the third nafta partner canada this is something that's very special for our manufacturers and for our farmers from both countries for all of the people that work for jobs it's also great trade and it makes it a much more fair bell and we are very very excited about it you know as nations investigators say myanmar's top military generals should be investigated and
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prosecuted for genocide against they were injured in rakhine state several army commandos are named as being responsible for atrocities we have examined the period since two thousand and eleven the violations we have identified during this period are part of a history of abusive military conduct going back at least half a century big continual repetition is the result of the complete immunity accorded to the military commanders and the virtually complete impunity of troops the german chancellor angela merkel has warned vigilante justice will not be tolerated after a far right protests broke out in the eastern city of candidates scuffles broke out after a german man was killed on sunday a syrian and an iraqi have been arrested on suspicion of murder. the french president in one year mccoll says the european union must stop depending on the united states for its security michael said europe needs to have an integrated
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defense policy with a common budget. iran is launching a challenge in the un's highest court to suspend u.s. sanctions imposed three weeks ago following the withdrawal by the us from the twenty fifty nuclear deal united states says it will vigorously defend its position this. russian opposition leader alex in a values been sentenced to thirty days in jail for breaking public protest laws the conviction will prevent me as a leading critic of the timid future in leading a planned and to government rally next month. there's a had us to stay with us the stream examines racial inclusive china next five.
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hi emily could be and you're in the stream of life on al-jazeera and on you tube china's thriving economy has attracted people from all over the world not least african seeking better opportunities but many black residents and visitors have found that endemic racism has soured her experience today in the stream what it's like being black in china. most people are familiar with china's lucrative economic projects in africa from building roads and railways in tanzania to running copper mines in zambia but for many years economic opportunity has been a two way street take the chinese cord city of long ago thousands of our fricken business people have made it their home over the last two decades.


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