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credible transparent impartial independent and comply with myanmar's obligations and the international law but the british ambassador indicated that no immediate action is imminent she said it's likely that the report must first go to formal debate within the human rights council which commissioned the report in the first place before the security council takes a decision this is a report by the fact finding mission it will go in september for formal debate in the human rights council and then we hope we will debate it or deal with it in some suitable way in the security council but many members of the security council insistent that action must be taken sooner rather than later strong words from the u.s. ambassador we are now all armed with the devastating i witness accounts of the rohingya which lead us to the following conclusions children they bees women and men suffered unspeakable crimes the attacks were planned premeditated and
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coordinated the perpetrator was the burmans military and security forces the whole world is watching what we will do next and if we will as the one point of agreement that the security council must act in a united manner part of the issue the problem of china it is perceived as being against immediate action based on the un report earlier the chinese foreign ministry issued a statement saying that myanmar does not cope well with pressure. colombia and peru have agreed to sort of a joint database of venezuelan migrants the united front was made after a two day meeting both countries are struggling to manage the rapidly growing number of venezuelans crossing their borders the migrants are fleeing a deepening political and economic crisis at home according to the u.n. more than two million have fled venezuela since twenty fourteen i was underdone
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p.n.t. has the latest from the colombian capital bachata colombia better word to two countries that have so far received the highest number of business well in migrants and are now agreeing that they need to cooperate more to confront this unprecedented exodus of people migration is meant for two days in bogata and announce that they will begin sharing more information about the migrants they are receiving they plan to implement a shared database and new technology at the border to do so they also agreed that this crisis will continue to grow unless there is real change in minutes where law and colombian officials insisted on the need to end unilateral entry restrictions imposed by some countries in recent weeks that it was good we need to deal with this in a coordinated manner if it's a regional effort we can achieve good results handling it in a unilateral an individual way and he creates more illegal immigration and more problems not less they do in colombia hope that their agreement will be extended to
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the other countries affected and that they're really doing this time at the foreign ministers level has been announced for next week in ecuador venezuela and tory have also been invited but in colombia said they haven't had any communication with their venezuelan counterparts on this issue for the last two years and that's been it continues to avoid recognizing the crisis. whatever sanchez reports now from the northern city of john besh in peru are venezuelans are pouring in so they can feed their children left behind by. a physician turned cookie vendor on the pan-american highway. and her husband hoarsely left their teenage sons back in venezuela they now make less than ten dollars per day but that she says is good it was that allows us to eat and son the kids money only for them to eat the little
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they can get we can't even buy them a pair of shoes or found to talk to them i butted in a cell and horses settled into the city twenty five kilometers south of the border many proven as well as who couldn't afford the journey to the capital even so candy or food to make ends meet this pipe dangers and restrictions venezuelans are pouring into p two bus stations are packed with passengers heading south more than four hundred thousand venezuelans are already living in the country. with the help of a nongovernmental organization twenty five year old nancy high risk found a small house received basic kitchen tools and mattresses nearly a miracle she says for a family who ventured out on the road penniless and hitchhiking with laurel's come your need all knowing that truck drivers picked us up fed us gave us money i sold my phone and with all that bought tickets for the bus to get here by the way venezuelans can still come into it without
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a passport is by requesting for asylum it would allow them to apply for a work permit while they live in the country. and they can request a humanitarian visa it's a policy that first drew the high miss family to build. his so high miss is the deals taught him the meaning of humbleness in the arm which of course at that employer you learn to be humble after having thought about those big years who asked for a coin here and there to live now you realise life is a russian roulette because we've had to do the same however survival was at stake says many the sooner. i would like to tell the world that i'm not here because i wanted to migrate or because i wanted to take a job away from anyone else i'm here because my children had nothing to. live in this when i was the only option they say they hope one day this journey will take them back home many innocent just go to see that. brazil's president or certainly
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military a province along its border with venezuela michelle tamers it's to keep order in raymer and ensure the safety of people the government is moving some venezuelan by its away from border towns in an effort to reduce tension with locals in the last two weeks brazilians drove out a group of venezuelans from their town after a local restaurant owner was stabbed and beaten. well still ahead here on out is there any and president hassan rouhani faces a backlash in the parliament over his economic policies also grow it they will come a manmade botanical garden in south africa draws crowds of the continent's rain forests face destruction. through tranquil arabian can you. and along can feel intense and if in the shade gondola. hello was it still flooded of in the northeast of
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china as a legacy of the last tropical storm to go through for typhoon the current rain is further south and briefly in this ness here there was a circulation that was named tropical storm was all for the partner just indicates how much energy there is there how much rain can fall out in taiwan possibly in hong kong certainly in southern china back to cross the border into vietnam that's true for the next two days and a whole lot wants to push up towards who hand so we've not seen the end of the summer rains just yet but the concentration is probably still going to be in taiwan south of that so you don't expect therefore to see very much and you would be right this is a satellite picture revealing growing thunderstorms by day they are all there in borneo in sort of cross in sumatra but there's plenty of space between so it's as much sunny and humid as it is occasionally sundry forecasts might bring a shower into singapore again a scout around cruising to the south jakarta looks try the whole of java looks try
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silly way see maybe not so it takes at least thursday as for the monsoon rains on the monsoon is retreating the rains a virtually everywhere to be arsed the next day or so and still occasionally heavy . the weather sponsored by qatar airways. e.l.f. is down intrinsically linked. the slave trade value system and insurance company so there's no way to separate that kind of terror from the labor on the plantations from the profits that labor produced. class in europe industrialised slavery and amassed its great wealth resistent its began to take full. from show that to rebellion episode two of slavery went on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching opposite of our top stories the u.s. has defended its support for the study abroad the coalition fighting in yemen defense secretary james mattis says washington's backing backing is consistently under review he says he's hoping for a u.n. brokered to go home conflict in the country colombia and peru have agreed to set up a joint database in response to the rapidly growing number of venezuelan migrants arriving at the borders the announcement was made after a two day regional meeting according to the u.n. more than two billion venezuelans are flooded into neighboring countries since twenty fourteen. canada has rejoined talks in washington it's part of an effort to save all that change the three way nafta trade agreement with the u.s. and mexico prime minister justin treatises progress is being made on the day u.s.
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president donald trump announced a new deal with mexico that could replace nafta he says it will go ahead with or without canada and he was that canada will face tariffs if it doesn't join the new pact. we will as we have done thread this negotiation stand up for the canadian national interest unfortunately and values while looking for areas where we can find a compromise everyone to listen. comes more from the canadian city of toronto. several very tricky days lie ahead for the canadian trade negotiators in washington d.c. the foreign minister chrystia freeland has gone there to lead the team and the people that have been working with her on this file throughout her also there and they'll be shared tooling sessions with the u.s. and mexico in the coming days and fridays the deadline let's not forget there's a fairly tight deadline here assuming the canadians stick to it the prime minister justin trudeau has been speaking about this and he said that their eyes are on the
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prize of a new deal we will engage in a positive constructive way as we always have been and look forward to ultimately signing a deal as long as it is good for canada and good for middle class kids but reaching that elusive agreement that suits all parties isn't going to be easy for the negotiators there are a number of sticking points that the canadians have mostly with the u.s. that weren't addressed by the u.s. and mexican arrangements announced on monday one of them is dispute resolution canada wants independent create arbiters and the americans are saying no we can't have that another one is the dairy eggs and poultry industry in canada which is heavily regulated which you know does not allow imports of many of those goods and the united states wants that for its farmers canada saying no in fact the prime minister saying as recently as tuesday that that wasn't going to happen it's a week of negotiations compromise maybe on the table but for now we've just got several days of hard bargaining ahead of us. well u.s.
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president trump has accused google of giving problems to news articles as a negative about him troubles and says facebook and twitter silencing conservative voices he's vowing to address the situation the white house correspondent. you know i think google is really taking advantage of a lot of people in the allegations from u.s. president donald trump that tech giants like google and facebook are silencing conservative opinions we have literally thousands and thousands of complaints coming in and you just can't do that so i think that google and twitter and facebook they're really treading on very very troubled territory and they have to be careful it's not fair to large portions of the population trumps comments follow a tuesday morning tweet we're trying to claim to google the search term trump news with negative results he says online searches are rigged by liberal owned media groups to shadow ban or silence conservative viewpoints that's why trump economic
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advisor larry kudlow says the administration isn't ruling out action even regulation you know we're taking a look at it in a statement google denies it searches are selective it says that when a user types a query into the google search bar its goal is to make sure they receive the most relevant alzheimer's in a matter of seconds search is not used to set a political agenda we don't bias our results toward any political ideology is not accurate this tech industry analyst says trump's allegation that tech giants are systematically biased against conservatives is nothing new if trump is google searching himself in finding that a lot of people don't like him that's because a lot of people don't like him to be clear that would also been true if brock obama had googled himself but conservatives in the us are pushing back it's basically an intergalactic invasion into people they point to the recent removal of controversy
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all right wing radio host alex jones from facebook you tube and spotify private tech companies say they're legally within their rights to ban offensive content critics say. there's silencing dissent some republican members of congress are even arguing today's big tech companies are monopolies in the marketplace and should be regulated to foster political debate from all sides a move the white house now appears to be considering kimberlee health al-jazeera washington. iran's parliament has rejected a president rouhani is it time to blame u.s. sanctions for a struggling economy person rouhani was summoned to parliament for the first time in his five years in power he was asked to explain the reason for rising prices unemployment and the depreciation of the currency parliament has already impeached the labor and finance ministers this month cherno you have all you care there
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why have the people's hopes changed wife in regard to iran's future they are in doubt and beyond that even in regard to the glory of the system the strength of the system growth for the future they have doubts this is dealt we must get rid of we will not allow a bunch of anti iranians that today have gathered in the white house to plot against us the white house will not be happy with the end of today's session meanwhile they are all in the us are at the international court of justice where tyrol is challenging washington sanctions iran says it's the victim of economic strangulation and argues the sanctions violate a friendship treaty that was signed way back in one nine hundred fifty five the u.s. argues that the court has no jurisdiction to even hear the case iraq's government is planning to send a delegation to washington d.c. it's looking for exemptions from recently imposed u.s. sanctions on iran prime minister hyderabadi says baghdad does not support economic sanctions against any country iran is one of iraq's biggest trading partners the us
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sanctions were imposed in may after the trumpet ministration withdrew from the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. an urgent u.n. security council meeting has been considering the threat of syrian government offensives and the country's last remaining rebel held province russia which is allied to president bashar assad says rebels and it led province may stage a chemical attack and blame it on government forces western governments say moscow is trying to sow confusion victoria b. has more this morning from russia called this emergency meeting of the un security council to warn syrian rebels supported by western governments might stage a chemical attack then blame it on syrian government forces western diplomats dismiss that idea as ridiculous i think even reaches standards of russian propaganda that this is an extraordinary fake news story of course we are not going
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to do anything remotely a kin to a chemical weapons attack we take our chemical weapons prohibition responsibilities extremely seriously western governments say russia's claims are meant to say confusion and pave the way for yet another chemical weapons massacre by syrian government forces russia's ambassador strongly denies this. we are seeing how some western countries are clearly supporting al nasra fighters the chemical topic is cruelly manipulated to put pressure on damascus just saber rattling to deal with internal domestic issues. the northern countryside of hama and provinces are the last remaining rebel held areas the syrian government is back to recapture so-called terrorist areas the us is that a strong reaction to any chemical biological attack that is a very credible threat the u.s. and its allies are making because they've already use force twice before after
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a chemical weapons attack and in fact that's the one. that has been used. for a major u.s. military strikes against the syrian government from the joint syrian russian command post the message is clear it label face the same attacks as all other rebel held areas liberated from what they call terrorism this is what that liberation looks like whether in homs or aleppo areas back under control of president bashar assad's forces backed by russia and iran victoria gate and be al jazeera police in iraq or have arrested twelve people in connection with the alleged gang rape of a teenage girl seventeen year old. says she was kidnapped and held for two months during which she was raped and tortured a quarter posted a video online where she shows cigarette burns and tattoos carved into her body supporters of the team have started a campaign called we are all. the suspects are between the ages of eighteen and
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twenty seven relatives of those detained have accused of lying. as r.-a gets more polluted the lungs of the earth forests are retreating rainforests in africa now just as endangered as some of the continent's best known of the walls now a group of cultivating a manmade forest in south africa is trying to give visitors a taste of what the world could be losing conference reports from when put in longer in south africa in the first of our friends under threat series cond one of south africa's botanical gardens is on the edge of the kruger national park the statue action is undoubtedly the manmade tropical african rain forest is thriving in a continent where natural forests are being wiped out by illegal loggers poachers and climate change are ideational threats caretakers here are worried that they'll all be gone from africa in
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a few decades thirteen thousand square kilometers that are being wiped out. that's a massive amount of rain forest disappearing we might even be wiping out species before we even know they exist thousands of students tourists and researchers who might not be able to go to the congo basin in central africa home to the world's second largest tropical rainforest or to the coastal rain forests in west africa that has almost all been felled visit this site i fixed it instead years ago when. people at the area they reaped all forests left right and center to plant sugar cane and it seriously worries me because they don't replace the trees the botanical garden is not just a showcase of the ecosystem it's also home to some of south africa's rarest trees highly prized by poachers one of the things that stands out in this botanical
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garden is a psycho tree it's critically endangered slow to grow but also very lucrative in the black market so researchers say that in terms of endangered species the psycho it isn't as much danger as the rhino. a most was a book or has protected and grown the prehistoric cycad for years and proudly oversees the biggest collection in south africa this is the main requirements of federal. i have to take. before we or pair to started to or to pull in a discordant in the forest students learn about the different plants and animals how they can system works and just how critical it is to conserve and protect what remains of africa's tropical rain forest catherine saw al-jazeera langar south africa. queues of ferns have been patiently waiting to say goodbye to the queen of soul aretha franklin she's reposing in her home city of detroit
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franklin died last week of pancreatic cancer at age seventy six decades long singing career included hits like respect and natural woman the funeral is set for friday. i thought you were respected. last summer for the train music weekend we did a tribute for her. respect for her at her press conference before her name was revealed. it's. just a little bit. of. your
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jobs there as a whole robin these are all top news stories the u.s. has defended its support for the coalition fighting in yemen defense secretary james mattis says washington's backing for the coalition is constantly under review he says he's hoping for a u.n. brokered because she ational the conflict in yemen the u.n. security council has been debating a report calling for a senior officer in the a malls military to face genocide charges released on monday details mass killing and gang rapes of regular slim's investigators say at least ten thousand people were killed during the crackdown by the military which began last august colombia and peru have agreed to set up a joint database of venezuelan migrants the announcement was made after a two day meeting both countries are struggling to manage the rapidly growing number of venezuelans crossing their borders the migrants are fleeing a deepening political and economic crisis at home according to the u.n. more than two million have fled to venezuela since twenty fourteen. canadian
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officials are in washington d.c. for talks on the nafta trade treaty with the u.s. and mexico canada's prime minister justin trudeau says progress is being made on a potential rework of the treaty on monday the u.s. and mexico announced a new deal which could replace their trade terms agreed under nafta a new study has found that nearly three thousand people died in puerto rico in the six months after hurricane maria it destroyed much of the island last october the figure is double the government's previous estimate of fourteen hundred deaths it's also a sharp contrast of the sixty four deaths announced immediately after the storm puerto rico's governor says lessons need to be learned from the disaster. although. it is time to show solidarity with all those who've lost a family and friends is also time to reflect on what we have done well and what we did badly we need to find it hard to correct what we didn't do well so that we can better respond in future. ps i rejected the president's attempt to blame your
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sanctions for a struggling economy has a new harley was summoned to parliament for the first time in five years he's been asked to explain the reasons for rising prices unemployment and the depreciation of the currency those were the headlines more in half an hour next it's inside story. how wide is the rift between europe and the united states the french president says the white house is undermining transatlantic relations and europe may have to defend itself can europe live without the us this is the inside story.
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i don't welcome to the program it is a product with friends like donald trump who needs enemies that was the reaction from european council chief donald tusk when the us president with a juror from the iran nuclear deal and re-impose sanctions well you leaders want to save the nuclear deal and a multi billion dollar business contracts but european companies to u.s. demands by pulling out of iran including british airways and air france which aground and flights to tehran that's despite revised e.u. legislation called blocking statute it's aimed at nullifying u.s. legal action against european firms which defied u.s. sanctions on iran and the e.u. agreed to twenty one million dollars in aid to iran to help offset the impact of sanctions now germany's foreign minister has called for independent payment channels to be created which would avoid u.s.
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sanctions and a newspaper article hike i ma said it's indispensable that we strengthen european autonomy by creating payment channels that are independent of the united states also creating a european monetary fund and dependence swift first's u.s. sanctions are back in force in this situation it's off strategic importance that we clearly tell washington we want to work together but we will not let you act over our heads and the french president has criticised donald trump emanuel said europe's historical patna seems to turn his back on the scar on his street. you know. the first threat which is a burden on our shared wellbeing is a crisis of multilateralism. is in fact he's going through a major crisis which is striking all of our diplomatic relationships above all because of the new american policy and everything to me but. the real question is
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not so much if i will by the arm during the next summit but how we will collectively get to grips with this moment of great transformation we're going through and to which all of our societies are confronted with. well let's bring in our panel now joining us from berlin as the last and bennett the director of the global public policy institute and haven't catherine clutha ashboro executive director of future of diplomacy project at harvard kennedy school and in brussels via skype is daniel cross he's the director of the center for european policy studies a very warm welcome to all of you mr bennett let me start with you and learn and your foreign minister is all paid away here vote making plans for a new world order are you open the u.s. on a collision course here. not necessarily but in the course of readjustment we find ourselves in a fundamentally new situation with the us germany used to have the best deal of all
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us would take care of our security we can compete economically and to disagree politically now the trump administration has served us our vulnerability is on a silver platter the security guarantees are no longer secure and the u.s. is going against the very institutions it helped to create that are dear to germany and the atlantic alliance and they're also going against one of the biggest achievements of european diplomacy the iran deal and here europe is saying we need to invest in our own strategic autonomy financial autonomy that's what mr moss was talking about in this particular piece is one part of the puzzle i want to talk more about the financial autonomy because the iran nuclear deal as you said is so important to us diplomatically mr cross let me bring you in now this alternative payment system to the dominant swiss we have heard from others not just high claim
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os that the european commission has been developing a parallel system to swift which would allow iran to interact with the european financial systems how viable is this. i don't think we can build up as special moments of them just for one country. which after all is of very limited economic and financial importance actually when we talk about him and says you should look at that the dominant global payments system is lift which is europe so european company it is under the jurisdiction of the european commission therefore so in this sense it's wrong to say that we need a new european imminent oh no global payments is derived rather the united states donna what we need is different and actual markets so that we wouldn't need our european companies to live in the united states or to have lots of theories this
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u.s. financial markets that's the real problem not so much the pure payment system mysql of ashbrook let's me let me bring you and now the financials that of markets in arrangements that mr cross is talking about wouldn't that be even more difficult to establish than an alternative payment system to swift i mean what do you make of these alternatives that are being proposed to counteract u.s. sanctions. i think a critical component here is timing you can have many thoughts and sketch out many plans on your sketchbook whether it's in brussels or in any of the national capitals the problem here the main problem both on the defense side which my colleague tolson bene mentioned implicitly in terms of putting up a robust defense if you will a robust response to american actions in the world that is going to be as difficult
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to do quickly as it is to build essentially a new financial transaction system or a financial transaction system that would undercut the predominance of the dollar in the financial markets and to figure out how long that would take i think we're talking clearly about decades from now for that to be as impactful as the system we have now so that would be a system that in some respects would long outlive this administration and then european governments would have to decide how tactical and how strategic that kind of investment would really be to them or whether it's worse investing in critical negotiations with partners and trying to work with the practical realities that exist on the ground right now mr bennett do you think this is thinking actually more long to him or long to than just counteract and the u.s. sanctions. yeah the iran sanctions are just a trigger and europe is well aware that they won't likely won't pull this off until
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november when it would need to be in place to salvage the iran deal for salvaging the iran diaz thing we very much have to rely on china providing a lifeline to iran by increasing our securing the oil oil exports and also using an independent payment systems that the chinese have but clearly this is triggered to rethink in europe actually a rethink that was predicted by u.s. secretary of treasury secretary jack lew during the obama administration he said like he warned of sanctions overreach i do think that this weaponize ing of interdependence and choke points and swift is one swift may be a european institution but it's at the mercy of of american pressure and we've seen that many times with regard to iran that's why it is indeed important for europe to develop these alternative payment channels the u.s. will certainly try to prevent this by playing divide and rule mr moss himself as
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the devil is in a thousand details this is something you announce once and then you quietly go about trying to pull this off this will be very hard to pull this off but to it's worth trying well in the meantime we do have something that is in place which is the blocking statute to nullify u.s. the legal action against european fans doing business with iran must across is the statute affective and how many european businesses you know will into risk to continue doing business with iran and still face u.s. sanctions we've had the french oil giant total pull out as we mentioned russia ways and also if france will stop flying soon iran soon and these just a few examples. it is quite clear that no. no important you are in company who are risky us i'm trans just for
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a number of small deals in iran you know ron is so marginal for european export of us and when they may lay ssion that maybe they get us anxious perhaps offset to some extent by the euro in blocking statira but that is never one hundred percent certain so i think this european blocking statute with your very limited effectiveness for larger.


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