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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 245  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2018 10:32am-11:00am +03

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and you are not naive the nuts are limited to the what. you know sort of tragic day after the award winning band. i am unsure at so can you fear a month or a third of it away. but he did the jordan valley solidarity campaign a community group supporting palestinian farmers in the jordan valley against israeli land seizures. fashion he had been and been the model of many more such. men and must be in them and i am been the theme.
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at the phenomena without them is that the most. minute nablus a lot of talk about. the need for the. war. to have. had. that i'll have to give a lot of them. for the for being.
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and. no one in the future and i think the. minute that i do. not be. any more of a. i want to be. rather than. a little out of the world a little gun how one. could be in san will you one wouldn't about. a small fry do the minimum but that the very different alamo had the debate in that all. that is
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about is looking into the middle so you sort of got me on that a little bit more but there's not a lot of the oh my didn't receive a mug or mother saying that messy i'm. not a little macand i live. yet the good the street where the mad meanness is the in. one of many but the jersey. city was travelling with five bus loads of people from the jordan valley to dominate the seat of the palestinian authority to demand better than conditions including. the fun stuff in a. city i'm. coming up ever. wonder how i have never.
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talked about. you know me i'm one assigning. were really the most highly enough level when i got up well sure we have that. the house. already. have the first source of how does the other left here are the coffee. i assume for the not loving them as it is the never knowing from the thunder but still can you come down to something you know who's going to. come over. what a job center cut out of a one minute opening ton of stuff feel sad and caught up in a monarchy can you feel has got about been done in cement the condo might end up if the lives lost in your exact i don't get is that all you want was send it to them
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or that from us to you and for my is it our nephews i mean you didn't a lot of it and more will soon come what funny in a magazine yeah how do you get them well it's just a little book filled with in the tub and more up to. two weeks after the demonstration and on long the israeli army turned up to demolish a post suckers home. it wasn't the first time a post fucker had had to watch his home and his life uprooted.
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let me have the money oh no you never know him adopt a little. lost on him before donahue's you know i didn't come back. out of either though to hear about you got a bomb attack on about two of them a second in another bomb a second that we had a gun out in public so i. got the model home from. work and now why they hate. within a week of the demolitions volunteers from the jordan valley solidarity group arrived
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to help with soccer and his neighbors rebuild their homes. between twenty eleven and twenty eighteen four hundred fifty eight housing units were demolished in the jordan valley districts of two of us and jericho by the israeli army. during that same period three of her sons and up a sucker himself spent time in israeli prisons all but one son were held without
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charge or trial the. eldest son sucker was charged with possession of a weapon and sentenced to nine months in jail. sucker has filed for a dismissal of the case. his home compound has been destroyed three times. the little fakir i bet god or. that i'd like to get him again. well some of it. since al jazeera first filmed the palestinian hamlet of what in twenty eleven it's been completely sealed off to its residents by the israeli army.
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a bullet fee and his family have also had to leave the hamlets and move to i had to deal. a bullet people out his flock with a hammer and continues to earn a living as a shepherd. dolphin ahmad was further heads in july twenty eighth when the israeli army removed all the water pipes. a man and her family have similarly moved further away from the israeli settlement of mesquite yards in order to avoid confrontations with the settlers. at army the settler and security chief of mask yards has been caught on camera threatening palestinians with expulsion from the jordan valley.
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the entrepreneur and exports her david's still works at the israeli export company in the jordan valley. city in her daily revisited the family of land mine victim has a narrow cobb who's now nineteen and learned that he'd recovered from most of his wounds but has now quit school and is working illegally as a cook in israel has a hundred. yes only or also listen and learn about every last day and all the stuff that's standing and that's a big advantage of seeing him home just smile and ok because. most of the seven hundred landmines in the jordan valley the dated back to the one nine hundred sixty seven war were removed by the israeli army in twenty twelve.
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in iran and by a dog mohammad that asma is now thirty five and with the help of physiotherapy he has learned to use a wheelchair. i wish better for us for those gov ok we're sending people. only a little forward to. since twenty seven thousands more palestinians have been injured by gunshot wounds from the israeli army. some things have not changed the palestinians in the jordan valley still pay seven u.s. dollars per cubic meter of water and travel up to twenty seven kilometers to get to the closest water source. but since twenty eleven the number of military checkpoints in the jordan valley has doubled and. the israeli policy on
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settlements has also hardened in twenty eighteen it announced plans to expand fourteen of the twenty existing illegal settlements and build three new ones thereby doubling the israeli settler population. that will have. no business as you. ok my bad luck my wife miley out malcolm all got off going well will slow i would hold to oh yes. but since al jazeera first filmed with her sitting her daddy got married had a baby boy and moved to bed the hammer in the occupied west bank but was significantly arrested for threatening the safety of the state of israel and jeopardizing its economy. she spent nine months in prison including three in solitary confinement. tellingly part of the case
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against her during her interrogation in prison was this program. had the form of that is the holy feel at the end of it i would have an admin with sort of saif about it off and on that i was just in this room to sydney. or love at the end that i look at it but i will settle on this and i can move the whole family and after that. it's striking how sitting in a pool stockard and all the other palestinians in this film are just as determined now as they were in twenty eleven never to leave the jordan valley. the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while about palestinians you don't like it i don't like it but you just don't
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care about but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure they could call a good guy who is the man. that got al-jazeera world tells the story of the house the symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home. we still got some very lively weather across the eastern half of the us around the great plains pushing up towards the midwest the same some flooding around the lakes another system starts to poll six way in towards the northern plains toward the
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midwest as we go on through the coming hours then in that wetter weather will not its way further a switching see how long lot of cloud of rain actually comes out of quick back out of ontario across the lakes down across the midwest all the way down towards texas he says out of the country saying that warm moist air look at the way in this coming in from the gulf and lots of moisture lots of heat once again further west it's a good deal quasi we have got temperatures getting up to twenty celsius there for seattle maybe twenty one by choose day things not to bad here twenty eight degrees there for central parts on tuesday saying more heavy rain further flooding me a possibility just notice this little area cloud and when starting to push its way into southern parts of texas by this date further east just warming up once again for new york temperatures getting into the mid east now across the caribbean we've got this little club just storms just around the turks and is pushing up towards but muta that will make its way across northern parts of cuba as we go through
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monday grassi heading on into the gulf of mexico. also an opportunity to understand the very different. people and. this is al jazeera. hello i'm adrian from again this is the news live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes all flights are suspended from the libyan capital as armed groups backed government for control of tripoli an alliance led by shia cleric joins hands with other groups to form
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a majority bloc in iraq's parliament. a course in me said to give its judgment on two reuters journalists accused of illegally possessing secret documents. the u.n. says that refugees crossing the mediterranean a dying at the highest rate with over sixteen hundred deaths this year. but in sport where we report from the indonesian capital jakarta where the eighteenth asian games have come to a close. a state of emergency has been declared by the un backed government in libya after five days of fighting in the capital at least forty one people have been killed in the violence more than one hundred others injured several armed groups are battling for territory near tripoli's only functioning airport on the outskirts of the city forces backed by the government of national accord of last several strategic locations to a breakaway faction around four hundred inmates of a scape from
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a prison as fighting rages nearby the united nations is calling on all sides to abide by a previously agreed cease fire deal well many of the casualties have been civilians hit by shelling al-jazeera snuffled up the one that has been to the site of one of the attacks. this is part of the market that killed the two little brains since the beginning of the clashes that broke and a week ago. many civilians were killed by random rockets as the minister and serves as the family members tell us here the rocket when it landed here and killed their talks arms and you can also see you know their. means of exclusion here on this one. team that the market was the explosion was very strong that. this
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launch here was also destroyed by the explosions. it is a state of panic among civilians especially with rich random rockets play rockets landing in densely populated areas and it seems that the government of national moment is not a strong enough to put in this conflict people here and so many people in tripoli. blaming the government for not doing enough to stop this conflict libya has been divided since the fall of one of the gadhafi in two thousand and eleven the country was left with two separate governing bodies in different locations both claim control over the entire country at a backed by armed groups to brooke in the east is where the house of representatives is based is has links to the powerful warlord and former army general khalifa haftar large sections of the military which operated under gadhafi
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a loyal to him that in the west in the capital tripoli and the government of national accord the g.l.a. it is recognized by the un as libya's official government but it's tripoli where the problems are the g.n.a.s. seems to be losing control. internal fighting between two previous the allied factions has shrunk the government's area of control to central tripoli a breakaway group now controls the airport as well as military camps along the entry road other forces allied to the g.s.a. have moved to work as a zia to the south or claudia dizzyingly is a senior libya analyst at the international crisis group she says the ongoing violence is a product of growing anger against the tripoli based armed groups. one thing that has been building up over the past few months is this resentment by the communities outside tripoli so the main cities in this case are. resentment from
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these communities and their armed groups for their absence from the capital and they say that the armed groups in the capital which are tripoli based armed groups commanded by people who are from tripoli that these groups and their leaders actually control this state and the greater accusation that has been made is that these armed groups are tapping into the state resources and actually calling the shots of what the internationally recognized governments do does so these i'm groups from outside tripoli want to move into the capital they say to get rid of these tripoli armed groups that are dictating the agenda in the capital and on the government they say to end this predation that they are carrying out of the state resources and said create a restart of the political roadmap but of course you know these armed groups
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are very loosely associated to one another they're from different political orientations the group into who has elements from the old gadhafi regime military in the you know armed group from misrata is an islamist leaning armed group and there's no coherent strategy that that they share except for wanting to move into the capital the only power that this government has is first of all dictated by its international recognition so the power that it has in part is linked to the fact that the u.n. security council supports it and key west key countries u.s. u.k. france italy recognize it and have been supporting it throughout these past three years but in terms of power on the ground there are only backers. groups from. pretty that i mentioned earlier and few others from western libya they do not control the east of the country and there has been growing frustration towards
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internationally recognized government for its inability to to change the dynamics on the ground it has been you know it's supposed to be a unity government officiates called the government of national accord because it stemmed out of a political negotiation process that was supposed to unify the country but it has been unable to bring together a political unification a military unification it has been unable to improve economic living conditions. according me on my eyes set to deliver a verdict on two reuters journalists accused of illegally possessing secret state documents while loan. could face up to fourteen years in jail if found guilty they were arrested shortly after uncovering the details of the killing of ten boys and men in the coastal village of indian last year the generals who oversaw parishioners there are among those the u.n. says should be investigated for genocide zero as way to hate joins us now live from bangkok in neighboring thailand. we definitely going to get this verdict today or
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the chances of the complications way. well adrian given the unpredictable nature of the judiciary the justice system in myanmar and that it's seen as being far from independent i don't think anyone would be surprised if there were further complications but for the sake of these two let's hope so we are expecting that verdict to begin being read any moment now the official reason for weeks postponement was that the judge who's overseen this trial since it started in january was too unwell to read it there were some allegations are that postponement was announced a week ago that this could have been in fact political given that on the same day that it was supposed to be read the united nations human rights council delivered that pretty scathing report into its investigations into the ring your situation coming up with conclusions that the top military leaders in myanmar should be brought to justice for what they said was genocide taking place in rakhine state so
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we are expecting this verdict to happen and whichever way it will bring to a close what has been a long and torturous trial for these two if the two reuters journalists are convicted wayne what evidence will that be based on. well it's really centered on those documents that you mentioned they were found to be in position of these top secret documents when they were arrested in december last year they'd gone to meet some policeman at a restaurant these documents the police and the prosecution say were dangerous potentially damaging to national security in me and if they were to find their way into the hands of terrorists but the reuters peer. loans say that they were given those documents by the police and then just moments later we're wristed so the allegation here adrian is that this was a set up that they were framed from the outset and they also said that in the days
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after their wrist in the questioning by the police there was very little focus on those documents most of the focus was on their investigation into the massacre in rakhine state so if they were in fact found to be in position of these documents the police really didn't focus on the fact that they had these documents which would tend to be fairly strange and they also tried to paint the fact that these two were working in the best interests of a foreign organization in the best interests of reuters the news agency that they work for and not in the best interests of me and the evidence that they presented was that they get paid in u.s. dollars that their stories once completed get sent straight to reuters headquarters so nothing to do with me and my but as we know any foreign media organization working in a country like me and operates pretty much like that so they haven't really presented any credible evidence to back up these allegations when many thanks to the answers when the hey they're reporting live from bangkok. nearly four months
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after iraq's disputed parliamentary elections significant progress has been made in the formation of a government eleven political groups have agreed to form an alliance to make the largest bloc in parliament iraq's parliamentary election was held in may but i'm. annual recount slowed the political process parliament will convene on monday it will elect to speak up and the process of forming a government will begin well here's a look at who makes up the alliance the eleven groups include those loyal to the nationalist cheer cleric matata al sabah whose bloc won the most votes in may's election promise to hide other bodies bloc is also in that coalition the alliance includes one hundred seventy seven legislators that made opponents a hardy. fatah pro radian form a paramilitary fighters they secured forty eight seats in the election but through an alliance with former prime minister nouri al maliki's group they control
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a total of seventy two seats there are three hundred twenty nine seats in total in iraq's parliament will not hashmi as a direct is the director of middle east studies at the university of denver he says the stakes are high with the new alliance but iraq has a lot to be positive about this is a coalition government that is the most inclusive and i would say representative iraqi government since the two thousand and three american invasion it includes both iraqi shia sunni and members of various religious minorities and what's positive about that development is it marks a transition from previous iraqi governments that were very sectarian based most of the key players have a nationalist.


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