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tv   newsgrid  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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i am. and live from studio three a team here headquarters in doha before the back to welcome to these grades preparing for what could be the final and worst offensive in syria's war government forces backed by russia launched dozens of air strikes on northwest and it may province the last major rebel song hate the lies of nearly three million people are at stake the u.n. is warning of a humanitarian catastrophe we'll have live reports and analysis also on and the grave to criticize oh not to criticize the actions of israel a controversy about untie semitism is threatening to split britain's opposition
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labor party its executive committee is meeting them a growing calls for party leader jeremy cobain to resign and they just did it american sporting company nike picks collin kaplan ache as the new face of its advertising campaign is the n.f.l. quarterback who protested against police brutality and racial injustice has gone viral we'll tell you about the huge online reaction both still for and against. brazilians all mobilizing online to friend their theory about the it's a strong expire the stuff that really is national museum the government's been accusing respects of green lighting the much by stopping museum on funds i'm satisfied us to connect with us throughout the show you are the hash tag. you are with the news great live on air and searching online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thank you for joining us warplanes have been hitting syria's rebel controlled province adding to opposition that it's only
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a matter of time before an ole out assault and that warns the u.n. will cause a humanitarian disaster on a scale not seen in seven years of war let's take a look at the current situation on the ground president bashar assad. forces are said to be massing around the province highlighted in the northwest in green as sought about three million people live there half of them rebels and their families bussed in from other parts of syria that fell into government control. russia says the presence of rebel groups in it led undermines the possibility of a political settlement or we have full coverage with a challenge in moscow live to him after we speak to stephanie deca in close to turkey's border with syria stephanie the airstrikes are being seen as a possible prelude to a full scale government offensive on it what are you hearing from your sources on the ground has expected offensive started.
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i think you know reading on to the situation on the ground as you're saying it's been quiet over the last two and a half hours or so yes at least twenty four airstrikes particularly the southwestern area of it live province of tickly around a city called there's been from what we understand at least fourteen people killed five of those children also some rocket fire incoming from syrian government positions but it's been quiet since then so i think you know we were just talking to the head of the turkish red crescent turkish red crescent came out of it lip just to tell you that's it province behind us and you see what is an intensely. packed tent for the internally displaced almost a million people so this is just a tiny snapshot of what is a major problem fully there just to give you a sense of what that looks like but he was saying when i also think it's begun he said well you know i think psychologically it has begun because people are really fearful about this upcoming offensive of course the negotiations are going on
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behind the scenes turkey so keen to try and manage this to try and not have a full scale fight that will cause this humanitarian catastrophe but certainly for the rebels it is how they see it the final push we were speaking to one rebel inside live who came from southern damascus because of course as you mentioned a lot of these rebels of come from different areas in syria as the government took part of the areas they're now all inside it saying that it limits our damascus he said if the government retake it lip it really is over for us so that gives you an indication of just how significant it is we are position we are indeed at what seems like a significant moment in this war the lives of nearly three million people stake here if this offensive goes on the u.n. . stephanie has described it live in the past as a dumping ground for evacuees because as we've said many of syria's battles have ended with agreements for fighters and their families to go to it live ed a battle they of course would have disastrous consequences wouldn't it for the civilians. absolutely because yes what you see behind
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us. is a come for the internally displaced but you also have internally displaced and just normal residents of it oblivion cities and towns that you have again a marriage number of different rebels and fighting groups that are among the people so even you know just referring back to the head of turkey's red crescent saying you know you cannot do d.d. line a front line so to speak if there is a military offensive targeting a lot of these bases they are in heavily populated civilian areas what is different this time a lot of cliches being said you know it doesn't have another it but it really is important because this is the place where everyone came to you know internally displaced rebels who didn't want to stay under these reconciliation deals they were bussed to is now surrounded by government forces or a way out which is to a turkey controlled area but again no one really wants to move so it is seen as the final battle it hasn't happened yet negotiations ongoing there's
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a meeting on friday very important folly into her on between iran russia and turkey the three remaining players when it comes to this conflict to try and figure out whether there's any kind of political solution to this stephanie in the turkey syria border thank you very much for that update stephanie now u.s. president donald trump warned syria via twitter against launching an attack on it with the help of russia and iran he added that syria's allies would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy hundreds of thousands of people could be killed he tweeted don't let that happen and the kremlin in response said the white house doesn't have a comprehensive approach to solving the crisis in syria and that it laid coat is a hornet's nest of terrorists let's go live to our a challenge our correspondent in moscow moscow seems unfazed by donald trump's warnings. at the moment yes i mean i don't think it's phased in general because it's got
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a difficult balancing act of the moment stephanie was saying there the turkish are very anti an upcoming offensive in it live and russia does have to listen to what he is saying it's being fairly bullish when it comes to swatting away donald trump's comments as we just heard their butts the government in ankara has a bit more sway with moscow when it comes to what's going on on the ground in certainly this part of syria so russia is trying to weigh up of the moments what it's going to do and what approach it should take it says that yes it is a hotbed of terrorists that this is an impedance to the advancing of a political settlement for syria it also is a problem they say for its own military bases in syria the kremlin has talks for
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many weeks now about recent drone attacks being launched against home a member of the airbase there which russia uses for most of its air sorties against targets in syria and it says that the syrian army basically is having to sort this out this hotbed of terrorists as the russians put it and that this is going to begin or they're preparing for the syrian army to to do this pretty soon what the kremlin is not saying is how much air support it is going to give to the syrian army when this offensive properly begins of course it was the russian intervention in two thousand and fifteen that turned the tide of this conflict in favor of damascus and every damascus offensive there has been to clear out rebels from other parts of syria has been supported by russian warplanes dropping by. i'm sitting targets on the ground you would expect that for
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a major assault on it lifts take place and to be successful that the russians have to be involved in a significant way the kremlin is staying fairly tight lipped about how involved is going to be at the moment the russians have been quite successful after say in a different approach there goes along side the bombing which is to go village to village group to group on the ground and try to persuade try to peel different sections of the rebel movement off and persuade them to defect they've done that in other areas a syria they have been trying that it was well tacky and the united nations want that process to be given more time right but russia also has to listen to damascus and damascus is champing at the bit and saying let's get over and done with ok thank you for that really chalons with reaction there from moscow now as you've heard the u.n. is warning of a bloodbath they need it's syria envoy said fundaments or has even made a personal plea to the russian. to talk i would like to take the youth
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liberty frankly myself to address myself if you loan me to through you. to praise him putting into place didn't. you have been there once at the beginning and i know because i will they match it do we can they think what happened at the end of the siege and of fighting off a little you were the ones who actually do it able to talk to each other make a telephone call organize a formula that loved the end of that horrible peter not to be due worth. a telephone call between the two of you would make a big difference. or joining us now on the news grid is on he is the director of policy analysis at the doha institute for graduate studies marwan very good to have you again on the show they seem to be intense negotiations going on behind the scenes to avoid a full scale syrian government offensive on it but it seems like right now it's not
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a matter of. whether there'll be an offensive but of when this will actually happen what are your thoughts you think the turks will be able to convince iranians you know. syria and russia not to go ahead with this offensive i think we have three different scenarios concerning. the first one is not what we are seeing right now i'm talking about the air strikes is that the russians might actually be trying this is the fierce you know your might be trying to put maximum brush on turkey ahead of the summit we know that there is a trilateral summit on friday on friday right it will bring together a sedan of three to russia and iran they will be talking mainly merely about where the russians are trying to do. is put maximum pressure on turkey and its allies on the ground i'm talking about the syrian opposition factions and it in order to
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achieve two different objectives the first one is to have them fight. a national front formally because the russians actually they would like actually to beat the scenario of of right when the managed to bring in some of the opposition factions to their side and fight a fight because they don't have basically said we don't have the manpower to talk to. so this is what they are trying to do and they have actually given the turks some time in order to convince. other groups in order or the either to dissolve itself defects. and or actually sunday completely this is a fierce you know the second scenario is that we might be having but of course i mean the turkish position here the russians are trying to take advantage of the poor relationship between turkey and the united states exactly so in this case.
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that the administration or the tweet today might have in my. give the turks a bit of hope strengthening their position vis a vis the russians but the trump tweets where he warns the russians against backing a full syrian government offensive on it live how serious a warning is that in you will feel if the russians were to go ahead and the syrians would could we see the americans take action well i mean i don't think it's important politically it's important because that is the position of the president of the united states and you can't take it lightly but if you are talking about terms i cannot see any sort of american intervention against russia or even against the syrian regime and unless they use chemical weapons in this case there would be maximum pressure on the combat mistress to do something they did twice before did in april two thousand seven hundred and the two thousand and eighteen when there was a use of chemical weapons but let me go back to the other two scenarios is the second
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scenario that i was talking about is that for the russians. to have a limited military strike against it and this is why we are seeing most of the air strikes are concentrated actually in the southwestern part of italy why because the russians they would like to push the opposition factions further north in order to secure the peace because i mean airbase have been actually attacked recently by drones and these drones actually are. actually taking off from. the shore and the other surrounding villages the third scenario this is unlikely in my opinion is a full scale attack against why it's not likely in my view because there is don't have. a deck with manpower in order to invade don't want and it seems that even the assad forces don't seem to be on the same page as to what is what to do inside it is very true that the iranians they want to fill skill. the
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russians and the syrian regime they want to they want actually limited strike the syrian regime is mainly interested in the m five fruit because this is the main three road which actually. bus across the country from the north from the. syrian borders to the syrian jordanian border the syrian regime is very much interested about having this road very open for trade for international trade the russians as a said they are interested more in pushing. the opposition factions to the north in order to stop the attacks on the base so this is why i don't see a full scale attack in the next few days is going to be very costly in terms politically militarily and in terms of a humanitarian because it's going to be a bloodbath this is what the united nations have been warning against in recent very interesting to get your insight on this. thank you very much for joining us here on the news great and i'd like to point our viewers now to some of the best
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documentaries charting syria's conflicts at al-jazeera dot com seventy years of war seven documentaries from political power playing and undercover journalists to refugee children and westerners traveling to syria to join the fight great films that show you just how this conflict has evolved during the last seven years you can watch them on our website at al-jazeera dot com. let's turn to other world news now and what is untie semitism it's a highly charged question and it's the heart of a crisis that's been tearing britain's opposition labor party on for months now now labor's governing bodies meeting to try to resolve it once and for all that deciding whether to adopt an international definition of anti-semitism labor leader jeremy corbyn has faced calls to resign over his refusal to accept the full definition live to london in just a moment but first some more background from a social team.
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i want to i'm just i'm just in the system is what is it for the autopsies including my up to what's been done is an honest attempt to make sure that we didn't make you look away come to some system and.
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is there a problem of anti-semitism in the labor policy yes with half a million people you're not free about you seem this is the main problem confronting the like the whole you know is labor quality of the main place frenchie semitism no so why this intense focus on ninety seven in the local for a couple of reached one it was supporters of israel don't want it in the labor party when you are else talking about palestinians which there's a whole segment of the right wing of the labor party that has never reconciled itself to johnny corbin's leadership. live to north side the labor party headquarters in london where that meeting has been going on darren's what are the expectations here well they adopt all definitions of anti-semitism at this executive party meeting. well this
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their son in law were pressured to do so by my reckoning the meat has been going on nearly five hours now and so clearly it's not easy but if it shows you how complicated it is folly it's just a joke just to be clear it's not the specific definition of anti semitism in this code that's been drawn up by the holocaust remembrance committee that's fine there's underneath that there's eleven examples of what the i.h.r. see describes as anti semitic views or language now jeremy called and everybody don't have any problem at all with classifications of things like suggesting the holocaust was made up or exaggerated by jews or that jews tend to be thieves these sorts of things yes the of course they would agree that their old place in the anti semitic is when it becomes issues to do with the political conduct of the states of israel that they start subjects of that the particular one is the definition that
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if you if you say that the states of israel is by definition a racist enterprise this is a form of apartheid towards palestinian people that's where corbin and his supporters would say that's the tense anti semitic is not a aimed at jewish people it is a foreign policy piece really it's a political observation named aimed at the israeli state and that's what they object to being shut down on because if they agree as they're being demanded of by the members of their own party in the media and other people the i h r c definition in all its terms it would technically prevent them from being able to say that to hold that opinion about the state of israel and that's what they're digging their heels in about but the pressure is enormous because there are very many other issues in british politics at the moment most notably bricks in that they want to get on with right and this is been getting in the way now for the whole of the summer and if they can't agree today it's been sort of a shadow a lot more too and we've seen protests nauruans for and against
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a lot of anger from a supporters he's been facing growing calls to resign do you think in survive this crisis with a neighbor. if no he's not going to have to resign and the reason why is that is that the way the labor party works is the membership that the leadership is selected by the members of the party not the politicians and there are hundreds of thousands of labor party members who will support jeremy colvin the threat that he's got his from members of his parliamentary party other labor m.p.'s who are more in the stench of politics as it's perceived unease and can't stand him having to face the left wing and so the threat is that if they can't agree this form of wording then there could be letter resignations inside the parliamentary labor party that's obviously very serious because it makes it look as if he's not in charge of things and particularly when the u.k. governments the conservatives are in trouble that that undermines their chances of becoming the next government but it's not a resigning issue because so much of the membership is still supportive of him all
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right lawrence thank you for that nor is he in london for this. now to what is the biggest story on social media right now collin cap'n a from former american football player to civil rights activists he's now the face of one of the world's biggest sports brands japanese posted this picture on twitter to announce his new deal with nike you remember he caused a wave of controversy in twenty sixteen when he started needling during the american national anthem before football games he did it to highlight racial inequality and police brutality it earned him praise but also a barrage of attacks not least of which from president trump who call for players like him to be fired while shares in nyc have been falling as calls for a boycott gain traction on social media but some of the biggest names in sports entertainment and politics are also being showing support sour yeah i mean it's not just all in the u.s. it's all over the wall that this has been covered on social media in fact several
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hashtags have been trending in causing a company to night slogan just do it but nike was the biggest of them all this transmat reflects that you can see obviously most of the conversation is in the u.s. and that's well over a million tweets just in the u.s. alone now the intense reaction also reveals how divided people are those against it have been posting pictures of themselves cutting out the famous nike swish from their clothing there's a picture there and here's another one just there and they're burning nike products to showing their fury that colon happening is the face of the new ad campaign and this video has been viewed at least three million times. now this is drawing their close a no he has forced them to choose between the brand and their country and they want to make sure nike knows which they've chosen in fact this guy took it one step too far this is felt phil braun and he posted a picture of himself wearing his nike trainers on file we definitely don't recommend for you to do this at home but the latest tweet is he's in hospital with
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a picture he claims is of his feets burning out and those opposing the out of have also started their own campaign say nike should have used this face instead well who is this this is pat tillman who died in two thousand and two from friendly fire in afghanistan he was a former n.f.l. football player before enlisting in the u.s. military but those supporting common couple that have called his critics out with some calling him a hypocrite for boycotting nike over this but not protesting against nike's sweatshops and others are also criticizing the destruction of the products that like the ones that we just saw earlier kerry is one of those many people suggesting that perhaps they should be donating their belongings to veterans or even those in need rather than destroying them we haven't heard just yet from the u.s. president donald trump he has tweeted but not on this one and we have heard actually from the iranian president mahmoud. ahmadinejad they've got sweet was the
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n.f.l. season will start this week unfortunately once again because kevin that is not a n.f.l. roster even though he is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. and there are more there about it's away from those supporting all those against people are being reminded that nike is a global brand that is making money off of this sports personality crystal he says nike's ad campaign is a calculated risk knowing despite the protests it will give its brand more populist seen our sports presenter joe. hare joe why is this such a unusual move for nike well you know for years and years nike has really been supporting they've been strangers exactly to controversial sports figures they have support of them what will make this surprising is that colin kaepernick isn't even an active player let's just remind you of how his protest played out in the n.f.l. captain it initially sat for the anthem but switched to needing to show respect for
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the military eleven of his from fellow players joined the protest on day one of the two thousand and sixteen season dozens have followed in may this year the n.f.l. tried to force players to stand for them all stay in the locker room but that was suspended when the players' union complained and since two thousand and sixteen cap and it has failed to sign with any team he's currently suing the league claiming they froze him out of the game any issue the n.f.l. might have with this new nike ad campaign is complicated by the fact that the league is already tied into its own apparel deal with the sportswear brand until twenty twenty eight so night he says with down just over two and a half percent in early trading in new york as the company takes a knee with capital many are asking if this is just a clever marketing ploy or is nike really choosing a side in history simon chadwick is professor of sports enterprises so for business school he says burning shoes might not be bad for business. on the one hand it
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would appear not to be good publicity clearly there are significant numbers of people who feel so strongly about. they that so inclined so it's a destroy their shoes but i think in doing that in some ways they're actually playing to a narrative that nike is trying to create. in essence for every pair of shoes that it adds to the myth the legend of knight just a little bit more and i think what it does is to draw attention to the campaign that nike supporting in the first place so i'm sure michael have done it sums and will of thought about the pros and cons associated with this particular campaign and i don't think it's just a kind of altruistic move either on the part of dyke this is very much of a sudden change to sound track top selling schools where this is all part of our of a of a night repositioning towards a young more cosmopolitan urban consumer base who are supportive all for
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equality supportive of equal rights of elegy p.t. rights of racial equality of gender equality and so for the people who night wants to buy its training shoes i still feel as though concerns about oh this is good in that training shoes want julie pix of the company. well calling company is part of this brand campaign for nike alongside other top athletes like serena williams and she reposed to the image of captain it with the word proud to her instagram now super bowl champion richard sherman here's one of captain its most vocal supporters tweeted proud to be a us nike football athlete stand for something or fall for anything and the support really cuts across all sports n.b.a. player karl kozma tweeted boycotting nike because a man that is trying to make the world a better place shows you where we are as a country still and sports host jim l.
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hill ties it all up for us really nicely nike became nike because it was built on the idea of rebellion this is the same company that dealt with the n.b.a. banning air jordans you remember that they made jordan the face of the company at a time when brock men were considered to be a huge risk as pitchmen they aren't new to this would love to hear your thoughts on this or any other sports story that's making headlines where you are you can tweet me at joe you get your oscar piece i will be back with more eight hundred g.m.t. but for now i'll hand you back to fully john i thank you very much for that if you're watching us on facebook live coming up an extra feature a.j. prost looks at the debate surrounding this sexualize me kabhie super hero and later on these great high drama is trying supreme court picks to give us his confirmation hearing will be live in washington d.c. just stay with us.
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hello there for many of us it's quiet and halts across the middle east at the moment the satellite picture is picking up a fair amount of cloud between the black sea and the caspian sea and that could just give us one or two showers i think we're also at risk of seeing the old showers in the northern parts of iran that towards the northwest. it looks dry for us in tokyo on wednesday but then a weather system works its way towards us as we head into the states more cloud more rain here and some of that rain really does look quite heavy of a further to the south and here in doha it's just been hot and humid over the past few days and no major change over the next few days either the winds are going to continue to feed him from the sea picking up all the moisture as they do so so all maximum temperature around thirty nine or forty degrees as we head through the next few days maybe up to forty one by thursday but still staying very sticky the south coast of oman is likely to have a little bit more cloud at times although here it should be largely drawing out towards the southern parts of africa plenty of dry fine weather to be found here
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but we do have this little system that's making its way towards cape town that's going to bring us a few showers also track down the temperatures as we head into wednesday so a maximum for os of just thirteen degrees and then as we head into thursday expect that rain to turn heavy as it drifts eastwards. taiwan. a sovereign island state. or a renegade province of china that must soon return to mainland control. as the battle for taiwanese hearts and minds intensifies. people and power investigates the tactics of those two reunification is only a matter of time. taiwan spies lives and cross trade ties on our josie.
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getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better our relationship with another. and soon there will be nothing left facing realities or our friends and allies played a positive on the offense and his commission for taking this peer the story on talk to al-jazeera.
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on al-jazeera and the stories trending on our side al jazeera dot com the stories you're looking at at number one there the war in syria and fighter jets has in it as their fear is that an all out syrian government offensive on the last rebel stronghold is imminent also trending the latest mikey odd controversy with athletes siding with the n.f.l. quarterback. face of the nike just do it odd campaign also turning the war in libya and the death toll rising as a rival factions continue to. battle for control for power and mike comparable to
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pakistan as a u.s. relations hit rock bottom with pakistan all those stories and much more on our website at al-jazeera dot com. now it's been a bumpy sought to the senate confirmation hearing for all better brett kavanaugh present downtimes controversial pick for the supreme court democratic party senators tried to have the whole thing adjourned complaining that the republicans are blocking access to documents stemming from his previous work in the white house under george w. bush ahead of that hearing a democratic senator accused the republicans of trying to rush the process this entire process has cast a cloud over judge kavanagh's nomination democrats strongly object to moving forward when so much of his record remains secret we are shocked at the efforts being undertaken to jam this nominees through and hide his record from the american
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public we go to these hearings under protest. so who is judge brett kavanaugh and why is his nomination so contentious while his conservative his experience and he's already taken sides playing a role in two significant legal cases he defended republican president george w. bush in the recount of the two thousand presidential election which delivered bush to white house and as a young lawyer in the one nine hundred ninety s. common argued in favor of impeaching then president bill clinton his changes chuen on that front now saying sitting presidents should be protected from lawsuits and criminal investigations because they are time consuming and distracting that would appeal to the beleaguered president who nominated kavanaugh for the court as mcconnell's conservative values which his opponents say will result in a rollback on issues such as women's rights health care and the rights of the. community and given a supreme court judge holds the position for life cavanaugh should have plenty of
6:36 pm
time to shape the course of action towards a right is just fifty three years old and this was his message when his nomination was announced if confirmed by the senate i will keep an open mind in every case and i will always strive to preserve the constitution of the united states and the american rule of law live to honor there is wrongs in jordan the hearing in washington d.c. protest outside the hearing and inside also tell us more about what's been happening so far us. well foley it has been a rather contentious first day of confirmation hearings for judge brett kavanaugh as you noted there were several interruptions as the hearing was opening on tuesday morning here in washington behind me dozens of people many wearing t. shirts saying i am what is at stake are holding
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a vigil for what they say is the threat to reproductive rights to human rights to civil rights across the united states they are very much opposed to the confirmation of brett kavanaugh to the high court because if confirmed as you noted he would sit as one of the nine supreme court justices until his death or until he decided to resign whichever comes first those who support brett kavanaugh however have said that tom plenty of information has been revealed about his time as a white house lawyer more particularly as the staff secretary as his role in the starr investigation of the one nine hundred ninety s. and during his twelve years as an appellate court judge however as we saw senators and other legal experts say that there is plenty of information that has still not been revealed about brett kavanaugh his views and they're hoping that they can at least try to get him to be very specific something which is usually very difficult to do during a confirmation hearing so what
6:38 pm
a shoes and ah the democrats likely to grill him on and all republicans at all concerned ross about his relative lack of popularity among the american public. republicans are not concerned about his popularity they're more concerned with his judicial philosophy and as far as they're concerned he's the right kind of person to sit on the supreme court democrats however very very strongly disagree they say first and foremost is his view of a woman's right to choose whether to have an abortion they also say that the larger question of reproductive rights is in doubt they are very worried about the potential for attacks on the rights of the l.c. bt q community they're very concerned about attacks on civil rights on unions they're also very questionable but they're also questioning whether he may have given advice during the bush administration a wethers authorize actions mel known as torture it during the early years of the
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so-called war on terror so there are a lot of issues that democrats are hoping that they can raise during this hearing of course republicans control the committee and they very well could try to impose some maneuvers to try to limit questioning that would be unprecedented but certainly with everything else that has happened so far with this nomination it you can't rule anything out indeed thank you very much for that live for us in washington d.c. when i speak some more about this not to boast fine he's a former u.s. deputy attorney general and the author of constitutional peril the life and death struggle for a constitution and democracy his live on the news great from washington thank you very much for being with us these hearings at the senate are seen as a mere formality are they not i mean the democrats don't have the numbers on their side what do you think if could anything could jeopardize brett kavanaugh his nomination. well it's difficult to conceive anything right
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now you know other than a terrible blunder you know like actually suggesting that he would vote to overrule you know a fundamental case that has had a long long tenure and he's not going to do that i mean i think least since the bork hearings which is over forty years ago when i participated in them the general rule is that you can't ask a man what he would do and if you did any answered you would despise him for the court must appear impartial as well as be impartial and the coercive effect that sitting before a senate judiciary committee that could reject your nomination would cause you to curry favor with members to get their votes and that's what you don't want to do and that's why i don't believe mr cavanaugh is going to answer questions with regard to how he would vote on any particular case and also the real problem here for the democrats is they shot themselves in the foot up until very recently until judge garland you had a rule called filibuster you needed to get sixty votes to be confirmed because
6:41 pm
other than that the opponents could filibuster and prevent a vote on it it was the democrats who basically took the pioneering effort to reduce sixty to fifty one and that's where there is hoisted on their own petard today we will talk about some of the hot button issues that he's likely to be grilled on and one of them is roll the weight the other one of course the debt the democrats the second big issue is how kavanagh would deal with donald trump he said in the past said a sitting president shouldn't be distracted by investigations and lawsuits what do you think the implications sauce for the miller investigation. well i think two fold one i believe that there's a substantial question whether he would be required to recuse himself not participate in the case where he had made a decision or opined on the point when he was in the executive branch and there's
6:42 pm
precedent for that william rehnquist who was appointed to the supreme court by richard nixon when the nixon tapes case got to the supreme court he recused himself because of statements that he had made well he was in the justice department secondly also the judge this is have their own pride and independence they don't want to create an appearance of grovelling or capitulating to the president and it's by no means clear that simply because president trump appointed mr cavanaugh that he would earn his vote in a very very critical case in these major cases concerning the presidents in the past clinton and nixon neither president got a single vote from the persons they appointed to the supreme court very interesting now midterm elections are coming up in november do you think this decision to appoint cava now and if he's confirmed would have an influence on how people vote in the mid tense. i think it will be marginal remember that in the merde term elections they concerned the house in the senate
6:43 pm
and then a confirmation in only involves the senate so many senators are going to be making known for the record whether they support or oppose mr trump i do believe however that it is the november elections will be very critical for another reason and that is if you assume that the appointment of kavanagh is going to make the the court much more conservative it means that if you're going to liberals anyway if they're going to have any real voice in the governance of the nation they must capture control of one or both houses which enable them to actually conduct real investigations of mr trump which are really not being done with the republicans so it could in some says' if he is confirmed before november of it mate increase the turnout of the democrats believing that this is their only hope on the house side in which we can really try to rein in what seems to be a conservative juggernaut in the remaining branches of government bruce fein always good to get you inside thank you so much for joining us on the news great oh you
6:44 pm
need to know on president speak for the supreme court on al jazeera dot com who is brett kavanaugh what's at stake and no one on the check out this interesting discussion on inside story on what to expect from his confirmation process just click on the show's tab at al jazeera dot com and then on inside story. all right let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world and want to show you first some live pictures of the erez crossing in gaza where people are protesting against funding cuts by the united states only the u.n. refugee for palestinians and u.n. and they've been to injuries we understand and you can see tear gas is being used we're keeping a close eye on the story and we will bring you the latest as and when we have it being the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees and protests there as you can see after the u.s. decision to cut funding to. in other news now
6:45 pm
a powerful typhoon has slammed into western japan flooding and causing an international airport and crashing a tanker into a bridge the government search more than a million people to leave their homes and get somewhere safe now videos like this one are doing the rounds online here you see a truck blown over giving us just an idea of just how strong the winds are when it hits typhoon gebbie was actually the biggest storm recorded in japan for twenty five years at least six people have been killed. salami has more from tokyo. thank you j.b. you know sort of the ponce but you know what. it's painted big there that's if you haven't seen foxes going green light for over three decades so many people where when afraid that the city infrastructure wouldn't be able to under this kind of heavy rain. and actually result in some reports video records
6:46 pm
showing a big chunk showing the runway to one of the runways airports which is this it is important of it's loaded with water that is there and they they say that they're going up going to use it for maybe a couple of days also people when it's not there because annoyed time and should point don't go to the bridge that connects airports with the city or for second. but as you workers are trying to get you a few of the ships from them about eleven people are in the ship there that's a very huge chunk about going to be the one thousand four hundred way it waits on one of them from. fighting with no way of doing once more. orders more ways but it will be cruise alongside wisconsin jump on board about nine
6:47 pm
hours from now and we're expecting heavy rain in tokyo and of our own two areas within the next hour coming few hours. reporting there from tokyo spain's council the delivery of four hundred laser guided bombs to side arabia over fears abuse on civilians in yemen a deal to supply the royal saudi naval forces with the weapons was agreed in april but the spanish government says it will refund the ten million dollars payments made by riyadh any this week the saudi erratic clinician admitted an attack on a school bus which killed forty one children was unjustified hundreds of refugees and migrants have fled at attention. in center in libya as fighting rages nearby why the armed groups have been battling for control of the capital for more than a week now earlier the u.n. wants nearly eight thousand migrants were trapped by the violence in tripoli without access to food or medical treatment is calling on all sides to allow civilians to leave the conflict zone now the taliban says a founder of
6:48 pm
a prominent on group in afghanistan has died after a long illness conny was once an american i lie but he's a commie network later became one of its fiercest enemies that name has more for most of the world. will be remembered for the decades of havoc and bloodshed he plotted in afghanistan. the hakani network he founded is accused of planning this truck bombing in kabul last year that killed about one hundred fifty people denied involvement and the network is also accused of taking hostages such as u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl and a canadian family. conny was an american ally during the soviet invasion of afghanistan in the one nine hundred eighty s. the cia regarded him as a brave tactician. during the us invasion in two thousand and one he
6:49 pm
became an enemy his group responsible for a string of attacks on u.s. and nato troops. the prolific use of suicide bombers and murders of government officials became trademarks depending who you are the one thing that you have to admit is this you don't know he's a he's. in the. water that he has meaning is doing the border. throughout his life took on and formed alliances of convenience and adapted as needed. a common theme to rid afghanistan of occupying forces he was a military commander receiving u.s. aid to fight the soviets. i mean. you know you know. if you're an enraged you know. you have blood in your partner. and what.
6:50 pm
he learned arabic and forge ties with arab armed groups and leaders such as osama bin laden he later became a taliban leader the u.s. has long the queues the haqqani network of being linked to the pakistani intelligence agency for years has kani has been ill and leadership of his network was passed on to his son so roger dean in two thousand and one he's also a deputy leader of the taliban so don't expect much much change happening in terms of that big government and city engagement. in the out on war as followers mourn july. analysts expect the group he founded to continue to wage attacks in afghanistan natasha going to zero. to brazil now where sean is turning to anger after a fire told through a two hundred year old building that house reels national museum sorry social media producer has looked into the on line reaction for us what are people saying stuff
6:51 pm
well it's faithful are very upset extremely unhappy in fact of the burning of the national treasures while the damage has yet to be fully assessed we know that's around eighty percent of what was house in the museum has actually been destroyed and this has prompted many brazilians to tweet in english especially to ensure that people outside of the country know how devastated they are in the hash tag they have been using is brazil museum five us the one in english but other conversations with thousands of tweets over the past few hours are being said as well there in portuguese new term assia and us to not it means mourning the national museum as well as incense means fire many brazilians say this was a disaster waiting to happen why well because of constant budget cuts and this pitch is one of those the highlights that it's been shown and if you can see it well but there you've got on the right there the national museum burning and it's a thousand dollar budget has been cut back several times over the years and then just across there on the other side of the picture it shows you and that in fact is
6:52 pm
just down the road the maracana stadium there remodeled a few years ago for the olympics for two hundred million dollars is quite a big gap there in the difference of budgets but corruption is a word that's been coming across on the story frequently in age around is one of those who believes that it might have even she wouldn't be surprised if the fire was actually set especially for the theft of precious artifacts that we still don't know whether that's the case but of this it is a lot of suspicion that and another person is a nina a morale she says she's passionate about history and to it's a different not brazilian it may be difficult for you to fathom the fact that the museum had absolutely no mechanisms that could possibly help extinguish the fire not even the hydrants were working properly when the fire brigade arrived now the tragic loss of almost twenty million auto. facts and items has spurred people to contribute to an initiative to get people to gather as many pictures as possible of the museum and this is one of those that was shed from someone in the nineteen
6:53 pm
eighties that a picture there and it says attention ever on a few people are gathering photos taken at the national museum in rare anyone who has those those photos that is encouraged to send them and share them as well so few of those pictures than our brazilians protested outside the museum against the fire on the chronic underfunding of public institutions in brazil they were met by police who fired take acid then and brazil's president says the blaze is a tragedy and has promised to re build the newseum and as the museum is being clear its people in brazil are just beginning to see the extent of the damage and this video is shared on social media shows some of the devastation the caption reads incredibly sad video from inside brazil's gutted national museum only the meteorites withstood the fire. and have a story to share with us this morning. thank you very much for that and still ahead on the job. the internet and hollywood. has set.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
thank you welcome back sar of notice a large number of actors on line are talking about on his jobs were sissel about us a story that interested quite a few of us on the team and some of you might have been too young but do you remember son in law elvin from n.b.c.'s nine hundred eighty s. hit sitcom the cosby show well his real name is actually jeffrey owens and over the weekend someone posted this photo of him just there and he was bagging groceries at
6:56 pm
trader joe's which is a supermarket in new jersey now a british online publication then ran the photo an article with a headline that said from learning lines to serving the long line no other outlets quickly followed of coverage that people had denounced this as job shaming and in fact in fact rather the screen actors guild of american america hollywood union that represents x. has reacted with this tweet saying this labor day we honor geoffrey owens and all of the hardworking actors and alters who work one to three day jobs in order to pay the bills take care of their families and still work to entertain us now from their thousands of tweets using the hash tag act says with day jobs and also no shame an act says name as well went out in support of owens and anyone with a side job stephanie drake says after a few years of not having a day job i'm back to having won this industry is actually a lot harder than anyone can imagine i teach little kids how to swim and then we
6:57 pm
also have an australian actress jacqueline mckenzie she tweeted most of us most of us have ph d.'s waiting tables she says i fall journals in lawyers offices what's a hot food. to hot food cafeteria was a terrible but research that so not definitely day jobs can pay better and bring us closer to reality to our audience and in turn make us better act says and this one here. it was by the shapes shakespeare magazine and it said that he's a great shakes the actor and teach it so in fact owens is also the founder and artistic director of the brooklyn shakespeare company and according to his irons a page he still acts for the facts sorry thank you very much for that that's it for today's self remember to keep in touch on social media at all times the hash tag is great from neutrally back to when the whole team into watching do stay with us on al-jazeera.
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one of the best health care systems in the world most of easy never. trust with local doctors as the gatekeepers we have really good concepts you can never people while making about saddam but as the population ages what challenges does the u.k.'s national health service face that's a big problem of people in the interim a practice in drugs because of the stress of paperwork and financing the u.k.'s frontline on the people's health on al-jazeera as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was
6:59 pm
people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to determine if this closure in the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send our you waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. at night in a stall. patrolled the streets police. or lack of. gang violence the maternal approach to prevent crime. a doomed. by. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who
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lived mothers of rink this is europe on al-jazeera. air strikes rained down on if russia dismisses president trump's warning not to recklessly attack the syrian province. hello there are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up on the program more than a million people urged to evacuate in japan as typhoon gently makes landfall battering the west of the country plus. a confirmation hearing for trump supreme court nominee the sense into chaos and minutes after it begins and the protests on social media but back in.


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