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tv   Death By Design  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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getting to the truth as it always does with his job. in search of a solution for syria leaders of russia iran and turkey begin talks at a summit in tehran. it's twelve g.m.t. i'm fully back to boyer watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead talks to end the war in yemen have stalled because with the rebels say they've been prevented from traveling to geneva for the meeting and a front runner in brazil's presidential election is stopped as he campaigns in the street. he talks on the future of syria are under way the presidents of russia iran and
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turkey are in tehran for what could prove to be a decisive summit in the seven year conflict the focus is on the last rebel how syrian province the syrian government says it is planning a military offensive but they are fears it could spark a humanitarian crisis well here's what's been said so far starting with iran's president hassan rouhani who enter size the need for a political and military solution to syria's conflict. to fight terrorism an adlib isn't an inevitable. part of a mission to bring about peace and stability and. we should make sure the civilians are not the. endless process. we are fighting for peace war for war is a mistake from our point of view. all russia's president for his part said
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a final settlement in syria is close to be achieved and we would. like to repeat thanks to good meticulous work of russia iran and turkey if this concern is syria have being very considerable the result has been achieved i'm certain that the case negotiations will be productive and the decisions taken will contribute because sid lead to the securing of the final settlement of this in the syrian arab republic where we have three correspondents covering this story for same as ravi is in tehran stephanie decker on the turkey syria border and rory challenges our correspondent in moscow then let's start with you what's the main takeaway so far from what we've heard from these three leaders in tehran today. well if you really listen to the opening remarks by the iranian president president hassan rouhani and then the russian president president putin they are very much throwing forward. as far as they're concerned the conflict is in its final stages
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president bashar al assad who they have backed has emerged as the winner now it has to be said that president early one wasted no time pointing out to his colleagues that the fight was not over and he wasted no time getting to the point of including what happens next and let me read you a statement of what he said he said quote we do not want a bloodbath in and then he turns to his colleagues across the table and says you must support us in that shortly afterwards he repeats himself saying that a decision on ad lib will shape the region and we would appreciate if you appreciate our position that we're very clear message from the turkish leader who has the most to lose if there is more drawn out conflict in a province and more refugees than streaming across the border into turkish territory he made it very clear that as far as the conflict is concerned it's not over yet that there are still flashpoints across the country that the large swathes of the country are still not under syrian control it doesn't sound like zain that
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they can reach an agreement at least at this point on what should happen they need live province's side northwestern provinces in syria that sad the last rebel stronghold what are the other goals of this summit in tehran what are they trying to achieve. well what we have a sense of that this morning with the foreign ministry senior said some of the things they've been talking about is their ongoing military involvement and we get a sense of that now is the phrase serious national security is it an issue as they talked about the need to continue combat ing armed groups within the country they also talked about the rights of return a return for refugees and that's one of the points that they are likely going to sign an agreement on in the other issue they discussed which. on alluded to in his opening remarks is to set up a committee to look into and investigate the issue or the people who were arrested by the syrian government during the conflict and those that have gone missing and
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the turkish president or the one said that would be called to her own declaration a twelve point agreement that they would all sign now whether or not the nuts and bolts on the ground will be ironed out so to speak whether or not they'll be able to agree on what to do on it that does seem like a point of divergence the russian president and the iranian president stephen clearly the territorial integrity is a national security issue that must be respected by all parties not just speaking about it but speaking about no doubt space that occupied by the turkish government to the north of the country as well as american presence within the theater of conflict of the syrian conflict so whether or not they'll agree on what to do on the ground they certainly agree politically that they are the ones to move forward move syria forward as it moves from conflict to reconstruction ok zain thank you very much for that zain bazarov you live for us in tehran of course we'll return to you as soon as we hear more from the three leaders meeting in iran's capital today let's now in the meantime go over to stephanie deco's in that's on the turkey syria
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border stephanie as we've said and heard from saying there really is live the focus of this meeting today in tehran turkey we know has long supported on assad rebels but has also called freighted with russia and iran on talks over syria in recent years techie very keen not to have a military offensive on its border what is turkey most concerned about right now as far as it is concerned. well as the humanitarian consequence but let me just bring you back to what the president said there i think he gave a couple of important hints as to how perhaps we may see if the begin to shape up he said that the the safety of air base had this is the russian military base in lattakia needs to be guaranteed by all means well you can read between the lines into that that perhaps an offensive an escalation of what we've seen over the last couple of days of air strikes in those southern areas southern province in the
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areas of good targets of the group. that's the group formerly known as in a store front linked to al qaida it seems he seems to be agreeing that he also said that moderate opposition should be in key positions across the province so i think reading between the lines it seems that the turkish president will be agreeing to a limited offensive targeting the more extremist elements but of course turkey still sponsors a lot of the other so-called moderate opposition in there and that's the question how russia and iran are going to agree to that because as we heard from both those leaders syrian territorial integrity is key and that means no opposition presence that have control of any sort of territory inside the country if turkey as you say does indeed agree to a limited offensive as has been hinted by by the president in tehran there what would be the consequences of that on the ground. well the southern area province is let's say relatively less populated as it is further
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north however of course you have civilians we've already seen the movement of a couple of hundreds of families moving away from those areas where there's been air strikes and some limited shelling over the last couple of days and some of the move moved to aleppo province but there is a concern of course that they will move here to turkey's borders that is a province just behind us fully that is the biggest camp for the internally displaced that's just a tiny part of it it's eight hundred thousand people so the turkish red crescent that we've been speaking to here they've been setting up more tents inside syria they do not want these people to cross the borders you heard they're saying that our limits of dealing with refugees are full he gave the number of almost five million refugees i think officially the numbers around three and a half here in turkey and he said of course that what happened in it would have consequences to the region so a lot will be discussed and i think also just importantly in the political negotiations between these three men is how much he's stressed also on the kurdish
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region in northern syria so it gives an indication of course it is important but there are far bigger issues also at the table that almost you could be argued are more important for the turkish president thank you for that force in turkey syria border not to rory chalons in moscow we heard from the russian president president putin who said that the syrian government has the right to regain control of all of syria including. what's the message from the russians to the turks and the iranians there. well i think it was clear listening to those three leaders speak that two of them see more or less ita wife one of them is out on more of a limb and the ones who see eye to why are putin and rouhani and it's that has the more distance to position from those two now that's i think to be expected as
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we what we've seen in the course of this conflict of this war is that russia and iran have a reasonably solid alliance it has its differences but they can work together turkey and russia have more separation between them but this troika this this trio that has been working together in the formats have slowly gradually been kind of inching forward in diplomatic progress trying to work together as much as they can to get this war wound down in the best way possible now of course what it was saying there was don't go storming into it do not create another bloodbath do not send a fresh wave of refugees crashing across our borders we couldn't cope with it sensually vladimir putin and rouhani have both been taking the position that much has already been achieved in syria and there is much more to be
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done more the more that is to be done is to finally win this war in that they agree with damascus they want to beat these rebels they want to unites these lands under the control of damascus so stephanie was saying there that you know would like there to be some control perhaps still remaining in the hands of moderate rebel groups well is russia going to buy in that i don't think so i think it would like there to be a comprehensive victory for demand. right only then i think russia believes could we have you know a real resolution with the return of refugees with the proper reconstruction of syria it means a victory for damascus and that's russia's position but he has been nonetheless henri's a somewhat difficult balancing act dilemma for the russians hasn't it i mean they've been the main backer for bashar al assad but they've also had to take on board
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concerns from the un from turkey about the humanitarian situation in syria. absolutely they can't they cannot ignore what turkey is saying turkey is a part of this formats turkey is a neighbor of syria turkey has interests in the security of syria as a direct consequence of its own national security russia has to take these views on board so this meeting here with these three leaders is kind of a chance for russia iran and turkey to work out their red lines and what's they do and do not find acceptable. we are waiting to see whether this is going to resolve itself in a measured moderates incursion into it that takes into
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account turkey's concerns perhaps involves turkey in a limited military way in the actual operation itself or whether this is going to be more like the kind of assaults that we've seen in past operations where damascus and the iranian militias and russia and its air force have acted in concert to each other receiving rebel areas bombarding them from the air forcing surrenders and therefore wrapping these reveler is up and returning them to damascus we don't yet know what that is going to look like in libya is it going to be the former is it going to be the latter or perhaps somewhere in between thank you for that rory really challenge for us in moscow and we are expecting a press conference in a little while the leaders of iran russia and turkey they're meeting right now in tehran iran capitol and they're expected to speak to the prices in
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a little while we'll bring that to you live here on al-jazeera when it happens now while the talks get under way in syria plan meeting on the war in yemen has hit a snag wealthy rebels haven't managed to this waste. city of geneva for negotiations with representatives of yemen's government the u.n. special envoy for yemen martin griffith is already there he says he has discussed issues including prisoners and humanitarian access with yemen's foreign minister any change to has more from geneva the special envoy still hoping that the hutu rebel delegation can lift off from sana and join the talks in geneva headquarters but there's one thing that's actually stopping them the moment and that is the fact that the rebel delegation are still demanding to be able to take injured injured fighters including. being alleged to be iranian military and his the law that that was the actual statement that we got from the yemen government
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delegation spokesman now he said essentially there were working a way to mark martin griffin the special envoy said that these talks will still take place in his opinion but they could take place on saturday or sunday or even monday so it's a real test of the yemeni government delegations patients all the spokesman for yemen's government says the who the delegations absence from the talks is not unexpected. even if they can they will they want they will not be engaged directly in helpful consultations it's not the first time as you know we have been there since two thousand and four with who these government government you know who she is with has been since two thousand and four they haven't. anything at all this last time in kuwait before that in appeal before that in geneva they were late they were not sure they were not committed to the peace process they believe that
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violence is the way to gain political achievements. still ahead on al-jazeera a palestinian school faces demolition to make way for an illegal israeli settlement last we meet people looking to enter france but facing an unexpected hurdle in central and here to stay with us. holloway have yet more heavy rain pushing towards the saturated ground of japan same area a cloud of rain that is trudging its way across southern parts of the country through q.c. into honshu and this weather system that's making its way across the sea of japan so the rain setting in for many as we go through saturday even will see some heavy downpours heavy rain for a time across much of honshu much of q.c.
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and it's here where that rain will intensify further as we go through sunday so much of japan will see flooding further flooding as we go through the next couple of days then prices guys come back in behind for the korean peninsula and bright skies too for a good part of northern china but you come down into southern china that same lot of cloud of rain that is affecting eastern and southern areas of the country all the way down into the south coast pushing into the gulf of tonkin northern parts of vietnam sunday that's a little more promising proscar start to push their way back into that northeasterly wind heavy showers there just around hong kong we could see a little bit of flooding here from time to time showers they will continue across a good parts of vietnam sunshine as shallow as across the southeast asia heavy showers there for the time for the philippines about to about in thailand the timing wetter through the weekend.
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the occupied west bank city of hebron is on the front line of the arab israeli conflict you don't really care after a while about palestinians you don't like it i didn't like it but you just don't care at all but one man is standing up to israeli pressure to sell his house for an unimaginable figure if you call a good guy who is in. the company of al-jazeera world tells the story of the house that's a symbol of resistance to continuing occupation the hundred million dollar home. welcome back our top story this hour on al-jazeera iran's president has ronnie says a fight in the syrian province of idlib appears to be inevitable he has opened
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a key summit in tehran on the future of syria alongside so the president salva turkey and russia the three leaders are holding a press conference right now in tehran after that meeting let's listen in to what they have to say. and at the third meeting which was very useful. and it was a meeting in which resort synergy of efforts and thoughts and coordination. for today and for the future of syria does so shuns are taking place and at a time when the united states is trying to accuse. us government of syria. and they are they looking to.
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embark upon new illegal interference in syria today at our me think lack of interference of other powers such as the us. and the zionist regime. emphasized upon in my speech and we all agree that military interference by foreigners in syria can exacerbate. complicate problems further and syrian people will suffer more. and also they should of it lead. was is one of very important and sensitive issues that are. being discussed. globally on the one hundred have thousands of terrorists. not just
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a front. i says and other terrorist groups who are in at lead on they are. operating against the security of the syrian nation. and terrorist activities. through their first activities they continue their inhumane and illegal activities as well in order to. exterminate these terrorists there is this concern given the population of the people that we should come up with measures to make sure that civilians are not harmed. this meeting. and. formal statements by the three presidents. or other discussions and negotiations
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after the settlements we. we were off the same opinion that we should encourage the terrorists to put down their arms. and to terminate their military activities because this can harm the people of syria this can be dangerous for the people of it. and also at this meeting we emphasized. that the process of drafting and finally finalization of the constitution should be expedited. drafting and finalization of the constitution should be with the participation of. syrian government and opposition groups which is an important step for peace and stability of the future of syria and the issue of refugees syrian refugees in different countries was discussed and their return was discussed. exchange of prisoners and
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also reconstruction of syria was emphasized upon by the three countries and these are steps that should be taken for the future of syria. we are very pleased that after so many years so many years of suffering by the people of syria. we are we have come to a stage now. when the people of syria are approaching final successes and victories in different parts of syria the terrorists. being expelled. and. the legal government of syria is now. being resorted to. on its territory and i trust the region this whole president created. in
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a near future not that distant future we will have peace and security. in syria which is going to be important for the region and for the three countries that are meeting in tehran today. this is very important for us. and also the three countries implicit eyes upon the fact that the three kansas should continue to cooperation and. this should continue until the. last phase of this process our east ration of democracy and return of refugees and full peace and stability in syria. and we should continue our efforts i don't corporation and the future summit. which will take place in the russian federation. victor ration that we. endorsed by the three countries. clearly
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emphasizes on mr pilate's our cooperation in the future and therefore. we will continue our efforts for peace and security of syria and the region. any ladies and gentlemen from the president has on the highway at the end of his meeting with the russian intelligence leaders in tehran. called by the reigning in city three leaders discussing the future of syria and in particular of the northwestern province of idlib the last rebel stronghold in libya let's listen in now to the russian president. greenness which were reached russia iran and turkey will continue active at first to fight terrorism to promote into syria and dialogue
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and the improvement of the humanitarian situation for the solution of this task i mean in the future to use the opportunity so they asked an awful lot which is still in demand as an effective instrument of the securing of their real normalization of live in syria conduct of the political transformations and the interest of all serious without exception. practice are going to. matings on expert level to contain it would have a station of the guarantee guarantee countries to countries of the syrian government of the opposition of the observers of the un i want to remind there were ten rounds already of such consultations or joint definitely priority is the panel liquidation of terrorism in syria recently with the support of the russian forces
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was liberated the southeastern part of the country the main task at this stage. it is through to take them out of a. province where their presence is a threat to the security and safety of the syrian citizens would discuss the country with measures on the stage and status to release a shit they believe zone of days coalition which also stipulates the days. of reconciliation for those who are ready to dialogue according. we appeal to the couple of parties to cease fire to cease violence according to the proposal at the gun with think it's an admissible that under the pretext of the protection of the civil population they want. the terrorists wanted to do harm to the governmental forces. at the attempts to stop. the use of the syrian forces or by the syrian pos also. we have proof of the preparation of the euro bills to take
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part in such operations and such proper approach but of occasion i informed my colleagues about the work of russia with anywhere and there within the. for the prohibition of chemical weapons. also groups of the armed opposition they to take also a get involved what i want because it is very important it. is to contribute to the increase of trust between the syrian parties they contribute to the process of the political settlement with the presidents of the two countries there is a limitation of decisions of the congress of national dialogue syrian national such . we paid much attention to the launching of the constitutional committee where great to contribute to the work of u.n. on the former name from a formation of his personal set up out of the represent this of the syrian government opposition and the syrian society the committee has to work out such
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parameters for the future makeup of syria that would ensure all its citizens peaceful lie within that. great integrity and territorial intact state russia iran and turkey pay a lot of attention to the carbonated efforts on the improvement of the humanitarian situation in syria due to the restoration of its economy it infrastructure the resolution of the acute social problems we assume that in the prolonged prospect will be able to achieve the air mass return of the of the syrian refugees and people who are moved with a country with a participation of russia such a concrete work is being implemented conditions have been created in syria to deploy up to millions of refugees government gave gate to gate solid guarantees of nondiscrimination and safety it was spect all the citizens returning to their homeland. it is also the property issues where great with our colleagues of turkey
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and iraq iran to increase our work ordination on the key aspects of the humanitarian dossier to provide assistance to the relation of syria i want to stress altogether too that russia supplied three hundred thousand tons of cargo to made the needs of the local population has been to mind about six thousand hectares of territory and also roads take into account the colossal scale of the devastation i think it's important the initiative. but to take an iq international comprehensive problem of the restoration of syria finally i'd like to express gratitude to my partner for the constructive comprehensive to be gauche asians and i want to thank mr rouhani for the organization of our today's meeting i'm certain the results of the summit will allow us to reach. the long term peace and stability
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in syria thank you for your attention russia's president there describing constructive negotiations after his meeting with the rayney an entity's leaders in tehran today and meeting over the future of syria and now speaking is the turkish president rochette type. ok and we don't have transition just yet of president are the one just to remind you of what we've heard so far from the iranian president earlier who described the meeting with his counterparts as a positive one and emphasized that they should continue their cooperation on syria let's not listen to president i don't. for the hospital reached extend to me and. said he sure as you said that. if you are not f. lifted if you are not affected by
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a reflection of others and pain of others. you cannot be called aptly you didn't then you cannot be aptly called the prayer is the reason for our presence in order to express our sympathies with serial brothers and sisters and searching for a vague and and to to settle to this tragic human nature of conflict even the dutch rap artist summit which is part of the city for the ark we are the convening of the third edition and say a format in order to create and promote security and stability and has been very beneficial on this trip of these summits and of ours to give us the opportunity to to have an s.s. ments of the real situation in syria and provide and help help provide for the future a step these conflicts have been go for eight years. this is not a logical expectation is the can i logically speak to resolve this disconsolate
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this conflict in in a single day but unlike others of that they have turned their back to disfigure like others we have tried to extinguish this fire we want as thorough as is prayer and efforts is that of finding the interest and division we have tried to consider concentrating on coming out of as we have asked in a peace process been a catalyst for geneva talks in order to achieve a diplomatic solution in these sensitive. sensitive john share a safeguard in this affairs which have been result of sacrifices but importantly it must also be must also reaffirm our resolve to change the abuse there first the press did media as your yacht over from. the second summit which was held in the airport of twenty eighty. the haves to have seen body we have seen many developers not under the deluded about in the world i think all these developing have
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development covered this new development in every dimension as. as syria have told them that failure to change taint syrian army will have catastrophic consequences you have said that invasion invasion invading at a level has you see catastrophic consequences. this is as neat as if you have set up two world observation plugs in the sea so in order to treat for the maintainance of security in the area to protect the people in the area and to identify the terrorist organizations we have to take critically important steps because it is as if it lived is a microcosm of entire syria if a wrong step is taken then the impacts will be felt all around
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steps which do not take into account the security of civilians will simply benefit terrorists. ever since the beginning turkey has made efforts to stop the bloodletting in syria. and we have claimed our syrian brothers. and we have made efforts to prevent harm to even a single syrian civilian. the people of it lib have suffered a lot and we cannot conceive of them suffering any further. and it is this sensitivity with which we assess the situation ahead. new tensions new suffering should not come about. the it libby issue has to be solved in keeping with a stunner the spirit of
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a stone or. maintaining the us down a process. is important towards finding a political situation. discussions which we've carried out with president rouhani and president putin have included these topics. it is important that. we take account of the terrorist units in the area. separated agendas which aim to weaken neighboring countries which are of concern to was and i've stated these distinguished members of the press in the days ahead the representatives of the three got on sort of countries. will be meeting. in geneva with the united nations special envoy. the
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preparations in relation to a creation of a constitutional commission will be taken up this commission which came up as part of the astana process. will provide a new dynamism to the political solution process. in order to. provides a return for those syrian refugees what has to be done we host a three and a half million refugees. this is one of the topics we discussed so in principle we support them returning to their home and. so it is important. to be able to achieve a single direction in line with the united nations. the united nations.
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security council has a decision which identifies certain parameters towards a lasting solution. of course the responsibility is not on the shoulders of these three got on to incompetent countries alone but on the end sire international community to find a solution in syria all parties have to meet at a common point as turkey we will continue our efforts in this line with determination. thank you very much. all right we've heard there from the leaders of turkey iran and syria after this
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summit on the future of the seven year war in syria they are now taking questions from reporters in the audience there hopefully we'll be able to hear their quite the questions and the responses from the leaders but just to sum up what we've heard so far as we've said before the talks in tehran today have focused on the future of it led the last rebel stronghold in northwestern syria which syrian government forces backed by russia and iran have threatened to launch an all out assault on against what they call terrorists. but they have been open to us surrender deals from so-called moderate groups turkey's president today calling for a cease fire in a russia type everyone saying that a continuation of attacks in it would lead to a collapse of the political process in syria but russia's president vladimir putin has said he's opposed to a cease fire because young mr front and i saw militants located there were not part
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of the peace talks less listening to the press conference now underway in tehran. are mainly to ensure. the fight against terror is returned often cruelty. of the government across the country. one of the main steps in this to go is to clear that from the president of terrorists the whole of syria should be clear of the terrorists this is an important goal. all of us in the international community as well the three countries they have endorsed it. and also those who claim. to have a role in the region. but ad lib has got some sort of sensitivity because the
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terrorists. are using. the civilians as a shield as a human shield. in order to. continue their shame for life. we should make sure to be able to separate the terrorists from the civilians should be fight the terrorists and we should protect the civilians. after that then there's the east of your freights. as the final step. for for syria of your freights mainly witnessing the illegal interference of the united nations the united states. which has accessed by the problems of the region and one of our demise this is the pulling out of all u.s. forces from syria and the next step is a constitution return of refugees. because section of syria.
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should. have a question and it's possible to all the ladies. could you tell about what you managed to agree on and. how long these attempts can go on on the story conciliation with your side and you know any of you in this situation any glimmer threatens a situation all over syria. and has been sat here. i am going to nose in a glib as a big number of the civilians i would definitely should bear it in mind as the
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first thing is the most important but at the same time we see what is going on there. earlier we contributed so that their radical elements including they represent this of the terrorist organizations which are recognized as such by un. leave different areas of syria to a glib. zone we agreed so that they will move to live with their weapons shooting weapons but the eclipse zone itself. and the heavy moments enough of heavy moments and a second there are also different groups managed to create there some non non manned flying objects and somehow they manage to get hold of spare parts and whatever is necessary to manufacture this non manned flying objects and to use them
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for their purpose as we see also what is. this is that also of collisions within a lib zone of course it worries us of course as the very second instance the terrorists as always they do it they cover themselves but the civilians of the use of the shield is always the case everywhere in syria it was often the case one of these examples i can quote the events in graca. you knew the town of rocca. which war was. groups under the us with the support of the. pirate it than we had then. that the guilty of the of this victim's months of civilians will be where the terrorists were using this symbol as a shield they want to blame for that we on our part i mean russian are
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out for service. the government told all was. if you paid attention tried to achieve it and we managed to do it we tried it was roll to ensure the leaving of this civilians i want to thank for that as the. the leaders of turkey iran of present here because i like a little bit we have we would be able to do to solve the questions in this way if our special services and our own forces represent us in armed forces didn't work effectively amount of self's you know what of course. we see. that it will matter agreement will be a west that our appeal to reconciliation all the head in
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a global zone but at the same time we mean that all our agreements. on syria always assume to have the presumption that we strive to have it get rid of all the parties. but we took out of the brackets of the terrorist organization would it include all the terrorist organizations what we hope that they represent this or that terrorist organization will have enough common sense to it to stop resistance and to lay down their their weapons. ok we're continuing to watch and listen to that press conference by the leaders of ted russia and syria. and iran rather after their meeting on
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syria listening to some more questions now on a possible wave of refugees and as guarantor countries what will your. be. so my question is to. we are of course two or three guarantor countries of the us down a process and we're carrying out efforts in that context the process which began in sochi and continued in ankara is now taking place here in thailand so as part of this process we're looking at the issue. in various ways. there are people escaping it leave the area already. we have a border over one hundred fifteen kilometers to the west as well so people are
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heading in that direction but when we look at the situation overall what we see is this. the country with the longest borders with syria is our country. and where will the people of it lip escape to the answer is turkey so what we have to do is appreciate that we're already hosting three and a whole million syrian refugees and there are three and a half million people in italy so the possibility. and the capacity to host another three and health million syrian refugees is not there. so what we have to do is to act in togetherness we have to prevent a possible wave of refugees from the area. so for this we have to be successful in fighting terrorism. so.
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the meeting today was particularly about putting down weapons. this is an expression of a very determined position that were adopting a resolve on our part. which the terrorists will have to recognize because it is essential for us to stop a possible wave of refugees. just a moments ago mr putin referred to the rocket incidence then there was the garra incident. in daraa thousands of people were killed. and even from that location we admitted hundreds of people to our country. and we provided them support in relation to their health situation a similar situation can be experienced in relation to it lib so
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we've had bilateral discussions here is well and we've discussed these matters and we've also discussed it as the parts of the summit in general there will be a. declaration which contains twelve points which will be included in that so we have to find the. reason is this the syrian people have to have a constitution of their own they're expecting to be able to vote and we should achieve this all together thank you. you're watching al-jazeera live from doha and we've been watching and listening there to the need is iran and syria. talking about what they achieved today after their meeting on the future of syria
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a summit held in tehran that is to decide what happens to millions of people in syria and the future of the seven year conflict this summit mainly focused on the situation in northwest province which is the last remaining rebel stronghold in syria and a population has a population of about three million people. the turkish president has called for a ceasefire. saying it's vital to protect civilians in the region separate terrorist elements and ensure the current status of the turkish lira says a continuation of attacks in it would lead to a collapse of the political process in syria adding that turkey can no longer afford to take more refugees from syria they currently about three million turks living in. rather three million syrians living in turkey the turkish leaders saying his country can no longer afford to take in more but russia's edo we heard as this
3:52 pm
summit ends now says he's opposed to a ceasefire because young nasir front and i saw militants there are not part of the peace talks iranian president on the same page as his russian counterpart hassan rouhani saying it is unacceptable to use civilians as a pretext to shield terrorists in it live and says the whole of syria should be cleared of what he called terrorists now despite their differences the three leaders there who are the gun to all countries really of the process have described their meeting in tehran today as positive and the talks as constructive with we've had three correspondents covering this story for us throughout the day today let's bring in zain verjee correspondent in tehran first zain as we've said there some differences on what happens next in the northwestern province of idlib in syria between these three leaders but nonetheless have described their meeting in tehran today as a positive one. absolutely it's really interesting some of the things that were
3:53 pm
said in this press conference it really seemed like they were echoing a lot of the remarks they made during the summit talks themselves president rouhani talking about things like reconstruction prisoner exchanges final successes victories a new constitution elections really throwing forward. really far forward president putin talking about how their joint priority is the final liquidation of terrorism in syria but it really is president heard one who in many ways steals the show in his opening remarks during this press conference he says that if you are not affected by suffering of others you cannot be called a human and then goes into a very detailed discussion about what to do in saying that it is very very important that a ceasefire happen that not only should terrorists as he calls them put down their weapons and recognize that their attempts at resistance would be futile but also that the partner sitting at that table those three leaders must also show restraint
3:54 pm
he points out to the fact that turkey is already home to three point five million refugees displaced by the fighting and that is comprised of three point five million people and taking on any more burden as the as the major crossing point for syrian refugees would be too much for turkey so there is a divergence here they do agree on many of the issues in this sort of macro sense of how to resolve serious problems and moving forward but on this issue of with what promises to be the final showdown between president bashar al assad's forces and the opposition groups that really does seem to be a thorn in the side of these three men who are the architects of the astonished talks but also the architects of the ongoing civil war thank you for that zain zain that's driving same tehran. on techies border with syria stephanie is saying said that a techie in tehran today very forceful in his remarks calling for
3:55 pm
a cease fire in a province because turkey really doesn't want military offensive in this region of syria that's not far from its border. well the russian president has been quoting is rejecting a cease fire calling on what he calls tests to lay down their arms. echoed by the turkish president for so-called terrorists to lay down their arms they are of course referring to specific groups was interesting actually in the last twenty minutes or so we've seen two plumes of smoke just on top of that hill now this area is under the control of h.t.s. which is. that group for me known as the mr a front they believe to be associated with al qaida we're trying to confirm what exactly that was but there certainly was some military activity going on there i think nothing is clear when it comes to what's going to happen to adlib the russians and the iranians want to see damascus take the province back and the turkish president wants to see a limited military offensive so i think the ground in the next couple of days will
3:56 pm
tell us how it's all going to unfold but even in limited military offensive stephanie would be quite dangerous wouldn't it for the civilians living in that area i mean differentiating between the civilians and the fighters it's going to be extremely difficult. absolutely and this is what the head of turkey's red crescent told us just two days ago when he came out of it live he said you cannot differentiate in the sense that a lot of these fighting groups and there's many of them incited liberally are among the population among the civilian population particularly in the cities so there's a major concern there's not a clear front line when it comes to this i mean you know we see if that was some kind of a strike that we just saw you know this is just a close to an id peek out if this is why people are so terrified and why they're going to want to come to turkey's borders because that's human nature it's as close as possible to another country their closeness you heard the turkish president make very clear they've reached their capacity of dealing with syrian refugees so they're going to have to host them inside syria it's all incredibly complicated
3:57 pm
where the fighters are going to go where the people going to go it's going to be a mess if there is a full scale military offensive so let's let's wait and see if any compromise was reached into her on today thank you for that stephanie a very complicated situation as stephanie decker was reporting there as the leaders of turkey iran and russia meet in tehran today to try and find a solution to syria's seventy a conflict and specifically the situation in italy a province that last remaining a rebel stronghold in the northwest of syria the three leaders again describing their talks as positive but nonetheless disagreeing on what to do next in the province we're continuing to cover this story for you on al-jazeera throughout the day here we'll be live in moscow in just a few minutes with our correspondent rory chalons there for more on blush what russia is looking to achieve do stay with us we're back after this very short break on al-jazeera.
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binny's pink skies by the time hans. r. is the sun sets in the city of angels. the skies the last the clear across a good parts of south america a little more cloud as the fall north of brazil up toward sky an assyrian nama venezuela colombia must be the main focus for the shasta we do see over the next couple of days for the southwest and the round since you know thirty celsius ninety five want to sara's santiago gets up to around twenty one degrees and rising will touch twenty three here as we go into the weekend thirty two therefore since you
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now says the showers they'll continue across the fall north of brazil and up schools and northwest of the continent joining up with the showers that we have across the western side of the caribbean into wept panama they'll crop of showers there pushing up towards the yucatan peninsula a great friend to missing a fair bit of cloud at present don't see bad for the lesser antilles but the showers never really too far away from here as we go through the next couple days with those easterly winds driving through so that's friday go on into sas day more of the same as showers will pack pop over towards nicaragua and costa rica showers to into the fall north of cuba maybe also once again into the fosse south of the usa southern parts so far quite a crop of storms there into central and northern parts of the u.s. with more rain to come right through the weekend. the with it sponsored by cats on grease.
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hello this is the al-jazeera news hour live from my headquarters in doha. coming up in the next sixty minutes turkey's leader says he's worried about a bloodbath in syria's rebel stronghold as he meets with the russian any rainy and leaders in search of solutions. talks to end the war in yemen have sold because who the rebels say they've been prevented from traveling to geneva for the meeting also this hour born in said be a taunt in albania and the school that could soon have borders rearranged around it and the migrants african.


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