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the news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what the news is than listening post on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera and live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha i'm come on santa maria welcome to the new script three leaders planning the future of one stricken country the president's all the turkey and russia arguably the biggest players in syria's all have mentioned it's a three way push for power and influence but an attempt to stop another humanitarian crisis in the region. in the grid more talks on board this time but the attempts to bring government and rebels together in geneva has been fought from the outset with the who is missing the stand off to begin to look back on a history of missed opportunities to win the war. and in brazil's already dramatic
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election build up a leading candidate stabbed at an election rally they called. brazil's trump a popular far right candidate is shaking up the electorate but there is a tack on him to change things only a month out from the bunch. and twenty three baby gorillas have been on a date with an official naming ceremony in rwanda we'll tell you why and why him homage to show you the hash tag eighteen spread. the news grid live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in an al-jazeera dot com we call it syria's war but today was proof that it is a conflict owned and influenced by so many others and the presidents of iran turkey and russia matts to state their varying claims with turkey's president one warning of a bloodbath in the rebel stronghold of his talk grows
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a final offensive these talks could well decide what happens to millions of people in syria and really the future of this seven year civil war the syrian government says it is planning a military offensive but the united nations envoy said panic is spreading among the three million people and. they have been warnings from both france and the u.s. that they will take action particularly if chemical weapons are used what a three way meeting means three well placed correspondents to talk us through it all with what they invest into iran where the talks were held with stephanie decker over on the turkey syria border and rory chalons is in the russian capital moscow hello to all three of you i'm going to start with just one question which i want an answer from all three of you and that is to say that the country where you are reporting from talk us through the offer i guess what they've brought to today's meeting and how that will figure in the big picture of been avoiding a crisis there let's start with zain and from. welcome
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all the talks hosted by the iranian president hassan rouhani dealt with a number of things president rouhani really throwing forward talking about a future syria with new buildings reconstruction a new constitution and someday perhaps even new elections so a very optimistic tone struck by the man as he talked about the fighting in syria the conflict being in its final stages but if that were the case if he is the person that was being most optimistic then it was really president early one who stole the show really urging during the summit that the conflict was not over urging not just president hassan rouhani but also vladimir putin that the conflict was still ongoing during the summit he told them that it was a place where there could not be any more bloodshed that his country could not deal with any more humanitarian fallout now president hassan rouhani very much occupies the middle ground when it comes to this sort of divergence between these three men
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who met here today he agreed that yes the majority of people living in england are innocent civilians but that those who were using them as human shields terrorists he called them had to be rooted out and president putin occupied a very very sort of extreme point of view of the opposite end of the spectrum saying that if terrorists were going to use human shields then what happens next and lead is very much going to be their fault so three very divergent opinions but as far as iran is concerned we had some aspirational hope from the chief of the u.n.h.c.r. of the united nations high commissioner for refugees felipe he was here a week before the summit and he said that iran occupies a special place that it's that it's been so good to afghan and iraqi refugees for several decades and now it has a special position where it can speak for the rights of syrian people displaced by this war and that's something that many of the aid organization in the humanitarian community are hoping that iran starts to do ok. thank you for that we'll move over
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to stephanie decker of course reporting from the turkey syria border zain touched on it there but what do you take us through more of the turkish perspective on this . what president are two on one with a message that was calling for a cease fire that was quickly rejected by the russian president all heels are reminded iran and russia said well you're concerned about terrorists at will so were we and also if you concerned about the humanitarian situation well we are more so because it is on our borders and come on if you just look behind me that is in the province that's one of the i.d.p. camps that is how close it is so really there have there was some compromise the turkish president giving some leeway on some of the fighting groups inside it lip turkey of course is the guarantor of the opposition groups inside the province including the who the sham that controversial group that russia and syria deemed terrorist organizations recently turkey as well so that is one concession so giving
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some indication that perhaps a limited scale offense is what was acceptable to the turkish president targeting that group specifically more in the southern areas of adlib province but the main concern turkey has kemal is of course the humanitarian situation its borders remain closed they have no plans to open them even if there is a mass inflow of people towards these borders and he kept reminding them that yes we need to deal with it but we need patience and there are different ways of dealing with it rather than a full on military escalation so we're going to have to wait and see really how this will plays out on the ground i think everyone still sort of unclear what exactly is going to happen ok thank you stephanie decker on the border there turkey and syria finally it's really a challenge in moscow with the perspective of russia. well i'm russia has made itself really the preeminent force in this war militarily
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and diplomatically if it of course changed the course of the conflicts with its military into an intervention in two thousand and fifteen and it has been pushing things diplomatically as well this format the start of format russia iran and turkey is largely a creation of moscow so they have been using their clouts really to try and wrap things up in this conflict. to their best interests but this is no easy task i have to say and at the moment russia is kind of sound which between the competing desires all of itself and damascus and iran on the one side and turkey on the other which as we have been hearing is opposed to a full bore military assault on live because of the humanitarian catastrophe that he believes would be unleashed by that now russia does not want a massive worsening of the humanitarian situation either so it largely sees it's
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a why would that at the same time it has this problem it needs to get this war done and dusted as quickly as possible so that it can push on with the reconstruction process and back up to its best abilities its ally in damascus or at the three perspectives ending up there were challenges in moscow thanks rory now you've also got the un security council which has been holding a special meeting to discuss the war in syria the director of operations for the un's humanitarian affairs office says the syrian government's plan to retake it could be a trigger or could trigger a crisis of fathomable scale of the humanitarian impact on civilians of any increase in fighting will therefore be most severe. and the worst case scenario and it lib where millions would flee will overwhelm all capacity to respond regardless of plans or funding made available it has the potential to create
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a humanitarian emergency at a scale not just seen through this crisis well earlier ages eight aid agencies even made a collective plea to world powers to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in italy we're talking groups like the norwegian and danish refugee councils that save the children world vision they're already overwhelmed trying to provide shelter food water and health care additionally a strikes and bombings would only push stretched resources to the brink remember communities across it live have doubled in size as they've taken in almost one and a half million displaced people from across syria and if aid organizations are forced to freeze their operations because of an offensive those people will be left without vital humanitarian support particularly women children the elderly people who may not be able to move to safety as i said one of the groups is save the children and we've got you source a marsh with us now who is the middle east regional advocacy manager from save the children joining us from amman nice to have you with us your story strength in
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numbers it's good i guess to see you joining together with these other groups to put out a comment like this do you do you feel you get the sense or. so it makes sense for us first aid organizations to come together to be calling for what we consider will be i mean joe boyd a humanitarian catastrophe and it lead because we asked aid agencies already extremely stretched we're talking about three million people in. out of them all the hype of them have already been displaced from other parts of syria if you live in the area in in syria which has the highest the highest human to thailand needs and an escalation in violence could only make things worse how prepared would you say are you because you obviously have to be realistic and think this could easily happen and likely will happen on some scale
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whatever of preparation like amongst you and the other aid groups so we are preparing on the ground for potential escalation but i think the thing to stress right now is the fact that supplies are already then when we talk about two medication we're talking about also displaced people. who are already in all the crowded conditions who are living in shelter in rural areas that in terms of hospitals the world health organization is saying that for national trust the tools are not functioning it live right now and. we can imagine that this offensive will make things even worse you know a question i quite often get asked by some of our viewers when they hear about humanitarian situations like this or impending ones is how can they help is it your
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groups need financial donations is it physical donations how can people actually if they want to contribute. so bundling is of course important and we calling also jonas to continue funding the humanitarian crisis i mean funding to address the humanitarian crisis in syria and in northwestern butler i think however that coming to a political solution to a negotiated solution right now with the northwest syria is also paramount use or some us joining us from save the children i thank you very much for your time and. regular your turn what have you got for us today because we do i mean i often think about it maybe not seeing the full story but you get stuff out of iran a lot especially without hashtag asia news but kemal it's important to remember though that many of the syrians out who are now living in it lip are actually from aleppo and also that are they left their homes because they had to and now are
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seeing them protest in it lead there have been demonstrations every friday for the last few weeks syrians are now calling for a stop to the wall and for a deal that will keep the city free from barrel bombs and chemical attacks thousands rallied again on friday after after the prayers asking for the same thing . and in case there are attacks syrians in it live are preparing for the worst some are making homemade gas masks made out of charcoal and cotton others are stocking up on food and also preparing shelters if bombs to start to fall. no not when. our love will play out over the ship and there's an old man below and if you are sure you are now who do not get to that. moment for little bit better jobs is a record not a play. it is a half an hour a minute for feel sheltered in for. i was always there will and. we do have
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a strong community of syrians in it live on the news great so if you are there to get in touch with us let us know what life is like there for you is the hash tag his get thanks for here on a regular contributor to our to zero he's written this opinion piece for out of the about called the battle for three scenarios if you go and read this you will see unfortunately all of them come with caviar and outcomes which would be shall we say fraught for the future of syria have a review self it's in the opinion section of al-jazeera dot com and we had used to have been on the news hour a little bit later eighteen hundred hours g.m.t. and you can get in touch with us as well of course they're your contact details on screen right now already heard from a few people i think it was donna. forgive me just trying to find my actual list of contacts a donor on facebook said if. oh yes if this is a predicted bug bloodbath in italy then what do they call what's being going up until now and you know i actually don't i just checked the estimates are of about
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half a million people killed in this entire syrian conflict so yeah good point there has been a bloodbath up until now and who knows what is to come in live on twitter at a.j. english if you want to follow the thread there is actually not producing should be looking for your comments with the hash tag on facebook dot com slash on to zero for the live stream. so talks on syria went on as planned but the meeting on the war in yemen has hit a snag who the rebels haven't yet managed to fly to the swiss city of geneva for negotiations with representatives of the yemeni government the u.n. special envoy for yemen martin griffiths is already there and he says he's discussed issues including prisoners and humanitarian access with yemen's foreign minister here's more from geneva with david chaytor. the u.n. special envoy for yemen is still holding out hope that these consultations talks can start but he doesn't know exactly when it could be saturday it could be sunday
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it could even be monday but you still holding out hope the question is though exactly how long can the yemen government delegation sitting on their own here at this hotel in geneva how long can they actually wait when will the patients run out . still on the ground in the yemeni capital is the hoochie rebel delegation they're demanding the chance to put injured fighters on their plane for treatment in the amman the capital of moscow's but the yemeni government spokesman here told me this not only the injured fighters they're trying to get on that plane let's hear what he said they said yesterday they want to. enjoy it's from yemen we have information from our side from there from santa those are not injuries they are a group of iranian and a group of hezbollah experts who were. going ballastic missiles program that
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has been fired and they are training who theory they had there been training for the for the last three days years it's been described by the united nations as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world more than ten thousand people have died two thousand or so have been children every day these peace consultations are delayed means more lives are put at risk well talked about yemen have had a long and unsuccessful history and fortune in fact just as an experiment i typed in yemen talks in the search. of stuff comes up but it's the dates that you've got to look at u.n. so the top story is about what's happening at the moment but inside story from twenty fifteen yemen talks useful startled doomed to fail analysis where yemen talks stalling that was twenty fourteen twenty fifteen yemen peace deal elusive but rivals hours and days again and it goes on and on and on these talks have been unsuccessful in fact the first round of u.n.
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led peace talks was meant to be held in geneva in june of two thousand and fifteen three months after the sandy led coalition intervened in the conflict but that meeting collapsed after yemen's government in exile accused the representatives of using to turn up. later that year the u.n. managed to get the warring parties around the same negotiating table for six days they agreed a mass prisoner swap but no other major breakthrough in fighting on the ground carried on fast forward to april twenty sixth jane and that was the last time they met it was in kuwait but the u.n. brokered talks collapsed after they failed to reach a power sharing agreement following one hundred eight days of negotiations it's not going well we're going to talk to a man the cup designer about it now senior director of the international programs policy an advocacy of the international rescue group nice to have you with us short story what's gone wrong i mean is it just because it's a complicated war and like we see in syria trying to get sides to agree on one thing let alone trying to end a war is actually very difficult. thanks for having me come on i think that's true
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i think that it is a complicated war and it's only become more complicated since two thousand and fifteen and i think peace talks in the past are broken down for a number of reasons one of them being that they were very elite talks they didn't include a lot of the voices that are most affected by the war whether that's women or young yemenis they were seen as inclusive and they were scenes representative i think we also have to keep in mind that the peace process framework that these talks have been based on is a u.n. security council resolutions from twenty fifteen in a lot of ways it's a relic of a different war and it has not just been insufficient to get parties to the table it's been counterproductive in a lot of wars and lot of ways excuse me and it's really entrenched the positions and i think finally until the parties really abandon hopes of winning this militarily it's been difficult to get them to commit seriously to peace process but that said i think martin griffiths efforts have been nothing short of heroic and the idea that these parties were going to come to the table this week is the most
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positive step we've seen in over three years and so i think we all have to hope that this can still get off the ground the stakes are very high august was the most violent month that we've seen all year in yemen the international rescue committee has four hundred staff all over the country and we've seen the impact that that's had not just you know throughout the year but the sceptically in the end of july in the month of august so the stakes are as high as they've ever been you talked about the way the war has changed i assume you're referring to the start of the saudis in the immoralities intervened and became rugby the central part of this war should they be involved in the talks. well i think eventual a that's the path that the special envoy wants to take i think there is some merit in bringing together the initial parties to the conflict for the for the first consultations these were these seem to be described more as talks about talks and i think there is a pathway to bring these other these other parties into the conversation these
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absolutely necessary parts but i think we've seen this this war both splinter there's more the more parties to the conflict and there have been so it's not exclusively about to the saudi and the amorality led coalition's involvement but also sort of splits within authorities in the south and the s t c becoming more of a voice so it sort of devolved into a series of local conflicts as well as a volved into a you know a regional and geo political one simultaneously so yes and that gets back to your first point this is very complicated would it be more effective to try and maybe it's a separate effort separate of these drugs trying to get a cease fire first at least stop the attacks stop the road stop the killing sort things out on that level and then try to get peace i think that we argue absolutely yes i think the humanitarian community feels very strongly that there should be a call in a demand in all leverage on the parties to the conflict to come to that at least
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a temporary cease fire the violence of the last month of the airstrikes that we've seen spike a bit and have died over the last week they threaten to get any sort of consultation to cut it off at the knees before it even starts and so i think as a first order priority the pressure should be ratcheted up around a cease fire not just so that it can bring the parties to the table but also because the people of yemen cannot wait that this is going to be a long road to peace even in the best circumstances and that's time is one thing that the yemeni people do not have they've suffered for too long so there's also the need to stop the violence to stop the suffering of ordinary yemenis who've been caught in this for over three years amanda cottons on a joining us from washington talking yemen thank you very much for your time. because of us president is meeting his serbian counterpart in brussels for talks on the final stages of a normalization of relations both leaders have hinted they may agree to a land swap this is how it would look you've got the pressure of a valley in southern serbia where the population is mostly ethnic albanian that
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would join kosovo in return serbia takes control over the majority area of course of either one in yellow then north of the river a gamble though that could provoke further tensions in the balkans. has our report from press of oh close to the cost of our border. it's the first week back at school for these young students at the ybor him kelmendi primary school in the town of pressure it's the largest one of its kind in serbia all the pupils are albanian as they settle in the school itself prepares for what could be the last time it teaches the serbian curriculum and what they hope will be a fresh start for the school senior. in the twenty minutes there's hardly been any investment here since ninety sixty five everything's in poor condition and we have no problem being in textbooks. the possibility of
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a land swap between serbia and kosovo has been uppermost in people's minds here precious population is ninety percent ethnic albanian the u.s. and the european union had always discouraged the idea until now and apparently straightforward solution on the surface but has the potential to reopen old wounds in this part of the balkans which has already suffered brutal conflict following the breakdown of yugoslavia. one of the plans that people here fear is being discussed is moving the border to this railway track now while that would put the town of pressure firmly within the borders of kosovo it would mean that these outlying villages would still be in serbia and the thousands of other albanians still stuck there. moreover there is still uncertainty as to what serbia would want to return but would likely dominated northern kossovo which it views as non-negotiable yes we would like to be part of republic of course the we
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have to be very careful in order for regionals in terms of you know for republic of course all to be agreed with a lot of sacrifices being done by all the organ is including the means of. we don't want to interfere in this process this also poses another dilemma for the regions leaders if borders are to be redrawn on the basis of ethnicity it could provoke more calls for land swaps from macedonia which has more than half a million albanians living along its front here is even the goal of eventual e.u. x. session football can countries cannot lay these fears disclose we don't find discussion about and between kosovo and serbia conducive to reaching the goal we think it will reopen too many old wounds in the population eyes and that is why we are very skeptical. it is a huge gamble with the risk of reigniting ethnic conflict here
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a political process that will take a lead normal amount of delicate negotiation from all parties involved sunny diagonal al-jazeera. just before we grab a break on the grid i just wanted to address one comment which i had on twitter from nasr regarding the situation in syria who says trump should be part of this mazing is truly the u.s. is working towards a good future for syria i think the point to make there is that they have been separate diplomatic tracks if you like iran russia turkey been more part of what was known as the. process was the u.s. may contribute more to the talks a many talks on syria which have happened in geneva so i think you're seeing very much of a split between east and west perhaps on this one the u.s. the u.s. is a major player but these three are the ones working together on their own track particularly when it comes to keep your questions your comments coming through the hash tag a.j. news good twitter facebook whatsapp telegram if you're with us on facebook live
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welcome a friend from a.j. process a bonus story for you now they're going to introduce you to the woman who may become the first black congress women from massachusetts and later north korea prepares to celebrate the seventieth founding anniversary but the leader of its main ally one becoming a long. hello we have from the storms a rumbling away across a good part of turkey at the moment those showers just sliding out of the black sea edging over towards the caspian so we are going to see some more heavy showers here over the next day or so southern parts of russia pushing down into georgia armenia and azerbaijan you could see some lively showers elsewhere it is generally dry across northern parts of the middle east at forty celsius the baghdad forty five in kuwait city in the heat really stays in place here as we go on through sunday
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further west is fine and dry cyprus might just catch the odd share as showers a sliding out to keep it elsewhere across the region as you can see it is pretty much wall to wall sunshine that sunshine stretches down across the arabian peninsula a little more cloud just building into amman maybe into southern areas of yemen as we go through saturday and on into sunday so fitting a little more humid that said the possibility a few spots of rain not answer the question still feeling rather humid here in doha with a high of around forty degrees celsius but it will be dry largely dry too across a good part of southern africa where you can see this area cloud has been making its way across the southern cape into the eastern cape more showers along spells afraid for a time but lossy dry by sunday. in the final part of a six part series filmed of the five year olds. the people of luka still fight for
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their land. the village chief is in prison. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the saga. crackdown the conclusion god to bring kind of china's democracy experiment on al-jazeera. we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers out there know it i'm tired and old. you are challenging the forces we're challenging companies we're going to places where nobody else is going.
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i'm out here with dot com and what's trending as well obviously the mike has to come out of today's meeting in there particularly on the top on from the turkish
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president reject time incredible story number three this mass grave in mexico one hundred sixty six skulls found there and number five if you need a trump fix because we haven't had much trump news today the six biggest trump makes that is what is trending this friday at around as you were down. there has been a big dramatic twist ahead of what's likely to be brazil's most turbulent and uncertain presidential election in decades the front leader. was stabbed during a campaign rally doctors say he is stable but it could taken weeks to recover a far right candidate is popular in the opinion polls despite racist and homophobic comments. has the story. was an attack that happened fast. on a brazil's top presidential candidates being carried on the shoulders of his supporters at a campaign rally in his july. state in southeastern brazil and then he was stabbed by someone in the crowd. cell phone video from various angles capture him
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clutching his abdomen and paying his supporters rushed him into a waiting ambulance and made panic and confusion. here arrived at a local hospital in grave condition with a stab wound that punctured his liver and other organs after four hours of emergency surgery he was stabilized doctors say he'll spend at least a week in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery the assailant a middle aged man will return to that story in a moment i would do want to go back to the u.n. security council special envoy for syria stuff and mr and should be be in and drum what we hear to be an important discussion of because time is over the essence let me start my simple thought with a picture if i may i don't know where you can feed properly but these don't count on both and they are women they are. the
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ninety eight point eight but think of the people in italy. and the top priority now. i got told the from one of then women in italy. women not terrorists mothers not terrorists who have been actually urging if i may say so or all of us to actually remember that they are civilians that they are internally displaced people that they are teachers doctors nurses engineers right home with us and many of them came from many parts of syria through italy been away symbolizes the move that i call thea it's true many of those fighters were evacuated or decided to recon side lorry backwards or whatever did terminology it was that went there but they
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are one group which is very small comparing to dogs i am referring to. they also added we invite you mr de mistura do it live to see and tell everyone in the world and see for yourself that we are civilians obviously whose voices have been silenced and are not being hearing the civilians who have been suffering over the past years and were hoping that they would not suffer again. we want their country without the war and we want a future in which we can be alive and they too are against terrorists but they can not sure that because of this situation is very difficult but they are not expecting to be bombed while there is are being actually identified or addressed so now let me go into some more. how will they face substantive aspect.
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why we met madame president then why all of us were very eager to meet today it was an important meeting in tehran at the level of head of state iran turkey russia they were it and have been we are aware of discussing very intensely the future formulas for libya we don't know the details of what was discussed and what was the . what they certainly got from that is the time is needed and time is of the essence and perhaps more time i hope was the outcome will be given for discussions rather among them and with all of us in order to avoid what we all call embrace the end of the ban repeated again today a potential catastrophe now there were reports the british did put some
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a.d.'s on the table and i understand that they were quite substantive we have not seen them yet and we are looking forward to more and we will meet our. partner i think colleagues in early next week to hear more him you will be hearing more of them. they think noles are in a way did they intend to continue talking about how to implement some idea so all in on that basis let me offer all still one idea on myself well actually i have to be correct this is an idea i heard from civil society from people i know some people with a few bits of the idea that maybe terrorists are not good there are again very normal people who have been expressing an opinion by being where they are and being afraid of what could happen so yeah members of the thicket council they keep daily men lemon we're hearing all the time and it's
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a day game i feel it to how you've circle regarding a terrible circle related to the fact that they are a number of you went listed terrorist we know i'm saying it they've been very clearly identified but they are a small number compared intuited two point nine million people and then there are three million people of north who are just in between and would not like to end up in between. now. the key word i've been hearing and both also sailing around if that something we have been hearing for many years now at least three years i've heard is separation you heard it how do you have separate between terrorists listed groups and all the armed groups which are not terrorist and can be caught and caught bricklin side or at least they can be a different approach and how to separate them from the population. i think there
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either reference even in deployed a graph number four of the joint statement into a man on that they've addressed that duff victim and that is where we need more creativity i would ask the public ladies in goodbye if their when government recently said well why does not the un come up with some ideas on how to separate it not easy i agree but it is a potential plan which is turning the table a rug you know we have been saying that there is no more it live i've been saying it you have been saying it right but if we don't become a liberal are you sure that we've seen it they are no more it libs let me explain the population have to not be moving away who should be moving out from the thanked earth from the population center from the villages should be actually the fighters. now this type of
6:39 pm
idea it potentially doable for the following reasons first of all. it does have some assumptions the first assumption is that the larger majority in italy ninety eight point five ninety eight point eight even are civilians and they have them president a voice they are telling of death they want to use that voice and they can use that voice in order to produce a separation we are talking about second assumption if that turkey and we heard it from a great dog and he needs generally very warm and about able danger catastrophe and turkey have an influence we know it they know it all armed groups who are present in the area and can exercise it now russia and iran in the government. stated they're all gray or eating and how can we not they agree on that
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if defeating terrorists in the bill or at least separate them well it that is the case the main objective of a plan would be one to spare lives of civilians and avoid their mass exodus we caused that would be a problem we can handle seven hundred thousand eight hundred thousand by dead three million of them in what direction when they go to with turkey to where the government area where they are afraid to go so their big is important in avoiding the second point is we may be able to see where that weekend in fact to assist the separation between the population and the extremists in the terrorists in between it there are not the groups now what could be the plan ideally all the militant fighters should be asked with
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a deadline to move their own military presence basis our way i repeat away from populated centers villages the populate a center of their pool would remain under the control of this billion local councils and the local police. would apply in particular for a new someone who should be notified by dig around does including very much turkey with celtic above city of sending strong messages to them. to back wage. and villages at the same time and here comes the message and the message i've got from the population. i meet your campaign indicating that this is what they've been asked from the or the armed groups to move out don't they may house don't stay may fifty three million people can be mobilized on that do we have examples of that
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well this social mobility vision is been already mounting we've been seeing not only candlelight we've been seeing demonstrations without a north or a banner there was an attempt today by al nusra to actually put it on flag the people say no we don't want that we want just to remind everyone we are civilians twenty million people have a voice they can use it if they hear that we are serious about it that would require of course meanwhile that the russian federation would ensure there why this type of plan together with turkey because turkey is a major player in doing this. during the period it is being attempted and when the population will be made aware mobilized to actually express their voice to us and to the fighters that there would be no way aerial attacks and no
6:43 pm
major military at that on any population center otherwise all this would be appearing to be pewter. the any day but plan and this is not the only plan it may be just one of the many maybe that wondered president at dawn i proposed to president putin i don't know i really don't know that this one is based on common sense of the population would you anything paused to represent sometimes don't you think so rigidly when they are in a situation like they are no russia turkey should be digging around together with particular russia and turkey of such a plan and perhaps difficult council then could support it i was there but since we are constantly including me believe me including me raising concerns saying how dramatic and terrible this edition would be warning about it and that we
6:44 pm
need also to have some plants and i heard one from the people of it leap thank you. thank you mr dulles or first that is just from a shoot from the citizens of syria we will now give the floor to the representative of syria. ok stuff indeed mr a special envoy to syria he was speaking from geneva there addressing the u.n. security council in new york and essentially and that she wanted we bring in james bias right away our diplomatic editor who was listening to that as well essentially james he said i've got a plan and stay with me on this it's about separating the terrorists from the civilians can you sort of talk through what he told us. yeah first thing to tell you is that he first wanted to present this in private to the security council away
6:45 pm
from the cameras that was his first suggestion at the beginning of the security council meeting the u.s. ambassadors taking an unusual step during her month presidency that all meeting should be in public and she said we're having all the meetings in public and mr de mistura said yes ok i'll present my plan in public and that's what you've just heard the plan he says is not his own plan he says it comes from citizens in a lip and the idea yes is to separate what he says is what he calls terrorists which is the fighters of the struggle from the civilians and they reckon that ninety eight point eight percent of the people in it live that's about three million people are civilians now how is he going to do it this is where you start to have some skepticism about it he says that he's going to encourage those people to speak out to use their own pressure their own voice to encourage the fighters to
6:46 pm
leave the populated areas so what he wants is the people in the civilians to make a lot of noise and to persuade the fighters to leave the urban areas the problem with that plan if you were a fighter in adlib and you know that the russians the syrians and the iranians all want to eliminate you all want to bomb you why would you leave the cities which are your safe haven the towns in the villages and go out in the countryside where you could so easily be picked off it is a new plan i have to say i'm somewhat skeptical hearing it for the first time or right james bays there with that update on what we just heard from stephan de mistura the special envoy to syria. a few other stories making news around the world this friday and iraq's parliament has called an emergency meeting on saturday to discuss days of anti-government protests in bastra at least eleven people have
6:47 pm
been killed in the offices of political parties an iranian backed group and state run t.v. channel rule set on fire protesters in the southern oil rich region say they're sick of government corruption as well as the lack of jobs water and electricity israel has banned palestinian teenage activist the head of the me from traveling abroad the seventeen year old in a family word used to head to europe on friday going to attend events to talk about the palestinian resistance movement and her experience in prison i mean he was arrested in december last year in jail for eight months for flapping an israeli soldier we're going off the grid now to. the details of a star studded event all for twenty three baby gorillas that's right thousands of people gathered in killing and rwanda's northern province to attend the fourteenth annual girl a gorilla naming ceremony called quick is dina is a centuries old rwandan tradition for giving and name to
6:48 pm
a newborn well twenty three baby girl as well born last year and will be named by twenty three high profile guests this includes conservationists sports personalities philanthropist and also diplomats as well as american pop star a khan and also nigeria's former president obasanjo well rwanda's government hopes the celebrity appeal will boost tourism for the country and create a xeno was started in two thousand and five aims to raise awareness about conservation efforts for the endangered mountain gorilla. many a lot of sharing the hash tag twenty eight seen using the phrase conservationists feature praising the initiative calling it inspiring for africa and others also talking about the names of the gorillas this one says them with the names like also wa wa and the south african musicians known as mucky fees although named their gorilla which means good others can be found on the main events page on twitter as
6:49 pm
well now there are two subspecies all of the guerrilla the mountain gorilla and the isa no longer and they are considered one of the world's most endangered species and they live in the mountainous forests of the democratic republic of congo rwanda and also in uganda now according to the african wildlife conservation a few with an one thousand great apes live in the wild even though the population is increasing the overall decline in eastern gorillas is averaging at least five percent per year for months and growth as the biggest threats come from political instability human encroachment and also forest degradation well send us your thoughts on the story use the hash tag news get my thoughts regular that it's a really nice story it is nice to see them use like that isn't it to get in touch with us as regina says a.j. newsgroup can i just make the point as well if you are using your mobile and you want to contact us on telegram or or whatsapp it doesn't just have to be text if
6:50 pm
you've got a video comment you want to send to us if you've got some pictures from one of the stories that we are looking at you can send it in to us there we love to get your contributions directly to us we can put them on air and online hash tag a.j. news group of course they're fusing twitter and facebook and once again for the crew on facebook live from niger a story for you now about the oldest couple in the world a long story told in fifty seconds and then paul is here with the sports writer serina williams reaches her second grand slam final in a row and still hungry opponent voicing for her. first vote. that's a mobile. let's
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
pull reasons here to talk sport i know you've got some fifteen coming up as well but the u.s. open tennis yeah one of the most talented undetermined in in modern sports i think serena williams has reached the final of the us open a year after her life was in the balance following complications in childbirth williams had little trouble dispatching on a stasia so fast of a lot for us six three six love in the semi final in new york the american who lost
6:53 pm
the wimbledon final earlier this year but is now just a window white from the twenty four grand slams i got a little emotional there because last year i was literally fighting for my life in the hospital i think i was on my fourth surgery and right now. i was on my third surgery have one more to go. not only you see not only is my future bright he even though i'm not you know i was very concerned. but i still have a very very bright future that is super exciting for me. well the past twelve months have been a very tough battle for serina she had an emergency c section last september and an operation to prevent blood clots reaching her lungs she returned to action in march though it's a tour events in california in may her return to grand slam tennis saw her pull out of the french open round of sixteen due to injury getting to july's wimbledon final
6:54 pm
was a big achievement but she was far from her best losing in straight sets and weeks later she suffered the worst defeat of her career losing to johanna concert six one six love now there was some real fighting talk from the woman serene that will face in the final the adrenaline obviously still pumping in this interview after her own semifinal when. a message to serena. was a lot was nomi osaka with possibly the nicest gauntlet anyone has ever thrown down to their rival but she is much fiercer with a racket in her hands or soccer became the first japanese woman ever to reach a grand slam final when she beat madison keys and thursday in straight sets was. just to put this in some personal context for her serene it really is i soccer's idol something she said she will try to forget in the final these pictures from
6:55 pm
when they met four years ago when the japanese player was just sixteen well earlier produces a hail spoke with former canadian pro tennis player stephanie dubois who is now a commentator on the women's tour she says that both serene under his back stories make for a great final. being pregnant and going to a childbirth your baby is very it changed for never so i had to do the rehabilitation and all the conditioning to get back at the same level i just think it's amazing it takes a lot of. me determination and willingness and we know serena show is once more and she said i'm just climbing up so i just think her rep frame of mind also she's change and she's not that and she acknowledged that but also she wants more from the sport but i just think it's amazing that she can do all of that while being
6:56 pm
a mother there are really two great stories you have syria and william legend of the sport she don't spare is a lot of players and have a list like those twenty and i really like her because she's a ten take and she's genuine and i think it's one of the strengths and enough talking about her tennis i think she's just have that mentality and i read in an interview she said i don't dream i was dreaming to police. and that i don't dream and playing here and i don't dream to lose now i from tennis we just want to bring you a big change in the world of surfing where you don't touch we need the sea anymore his eleven time world champion kelly slater surfing the planet's longest all to fish will wave one hundred sixty one kilometers inland in california is so effective that this is actually now a stop on the world surf toy it expects like to do well at the surfer ranch pro because it's his idea and allow surface to enjoy identical waves rather than being
6:57 pm
at the mercy of the conditions it's also the first world tour event to be held since equal prize money was announced for men and women from twenty nineteen. now olds as always you can share your thoughts with us using the hash tag a.j. news great or tweets mate directly outs poet race there's more sports in the eight hundred g.m.t. news hour that hour with andy but for now i'll have you back to come all and if you're wondering as i was wyatt's palla race apparently that was paul's nickname in sweden was in it that's right sweden and sweden. there you go always and it's always a school day on the news good isn't it if you want to get in touch with us you can quite easily do that on the hashtag twitter facebook what's that number will have you on telegram as well if you're using telegram subscribe to our telegram channels where we're pushing our content there all the time and we will see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. tomorrow saturday.
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this is our foundation. i tried to do something different when i met daisy he was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price daisy and knocks on al-jazeera. anna lucy lives in fear constantly looking over her shoulder she says she was threatened by
6:59 pm
armed men as they ransacked a home she knows who ordered the attack and why they want to develop on her community and. we can't let the men we need to continue they can kill me i'm not afraid of being killed i need to defend my people who have been here since fifteen sixty nine without any help from the government and now they want to destroy the forest that is part of. the land ownership in brazil is among the most concentrated and unequal in the world those who ordered the intimidation the murders are rarely brought to justice brazil's constitution grants its people the right to essential medicines but it's been a long struggle and the system is constantly challenge side because. i know that nine some one medical treatment could lead to good death but on the other hand i also know that the cost of providing that treatment would have a negative impact on the rest of society. brazil's real drugs war on the
7:00 pm
people's health on al-jazeera. civilians protests and strikes continue in the leaders of iran russia and turkey discuss the fate of the syrian province. this is al jazeera live from london also coming up. protests over a lack of basic services in iraq rage on with demonstrators storming the arabian consulate in browser. the brazilian far right presidential candidates he was on the campaign trail he says he had prepared himself for such an attack. and hundreds queue for coffee at starbucks opens its first store in.


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