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tv   Counting the Cost 2018 Ep 36  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2018 1:32am-2:00am +03

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the jury in a rally says he is unlikely to return to campaigning before the first round of voting for the seventh jeb has been transferred from a hospital in juist a photo where he was attacked to power is in a serious but stable condition is popular in opinion polls despite making divisive comments on several issues the u.s. president's former campaign foreign policy adviser has been given a fourteen day jail sentence for lying to federal agents george peppard uplifts pleaded guilty last year to lying to investigators about his contacts with the russians during the two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign are you up to date with all the stories here and stay with us kind of the cost is coming up. as india was updating its citizenship records around four million people in the state are at risk of becoming stateless to be. included these are the majority of both. how does it michael both sides of this issue talk to al
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jazeera. hello i'm adrian said again this is counting the cost i was a serial we can look at the world of business and economics this week asteras he in argentina but will harsh medicine fix the economy and what about the fallout for emerging markets. also this week the good the bad the ugly the corporate world impact on society and the environment ethical investing is making its presence felt . plus some consumers have been setting fire to their nike trainers and it's all because of a new ad campaign will tell you. this economic emergency it's now the world's riskiest sovereign borrower behind venezuela its currency the peso has hard in value this year versus the dollar the
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country already has the highest interest rates in the world at his own financial life support the president is cutting government spending and the i.m.f. is trying to accelerate a record fifty eight billion dollar loan but will these extraordinary measures work on a serious stories about reports now from one of solace on how the economic crisis is affecting the most vulnerable. over three hundred people come to get a hot meal every day to the soup kitchen when a site ace. the economic crisis is making life difficult for people. who has five children and can barely make enough to survive it's difficult for me to say it but the situation is horrible we cannot afford to buy food i'm worried about my children because of they don't eat well they get sick the magnolia is in charge of the place and says there is a waiting list with hundreds of people waiting to be able to eat here
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a little to him but some of the situation is difficult because we are getting help from the government but it's not enough if we don't get any more food we can't take in any more people it's difficult because people are hungry and they need us. the peso has devaluated one hundred percent in the past year and that has had huge consequences in the poor neighborhoods of one aside the impact of a devaluation of a face on food price if it's something that a war is those who are trying to help those in need it this year the prices of food have already increased around thirty percent something that makes it difficult for people living here to buy some basic food items like bread half and me. a few days ago there was an attempt to loot a supermarket in the neighborhood similar situations happened in other parts of argentina. we were working and heard screaming these young kids between fifteen and twenty they tried to enter the market and loot it's an example of how sensitive the
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situation is and it seems that the crisis on t.v. every day is adding to the difficulties we already face we are all suffering but some groups feel they have the right to go out and loot the government of market he is struggling to prevent an economic collapse and has announced a steri to measures to reduce the fiscal deficit. mackey had acknowledged poverty rates are on the rice and announced he will give extra cash handouts for the poor and useful nothing but a lot of the incest says much more needs to be done by that impulse isn't for us for stopping inflation is crucial right now but that's not going to solve everything there has to be an increase in local production to generate jobs and for that we need to see a creation of state policies a government that has the clarity and humility to call on all sectors to cooperate at. the possibility of further rices in household basics have many in argentina fearing for the future in the meantime there are those who are suffering the consequences of the crisis right now. well joining us now from lisbon in
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portugal via skype is richard siegel richard's senior emerging markets analyst with manulife asset management richard welcome back to counting the cost whatever machree seems to do to try to prop up the pace so it doesn't work why is that and is this beyond him there are three or four reasons i would say it it stabilized for now that stare at around forty to the dollar but it is great for actual among these factors are forthcoming elections the very uncertain international environment including policy in the future the brazilian elections in a few months but also just a general unease in argentina about returning to the i.m.f. in the l a possibility of capital flight. ten ten years on richard from the financial crisis. i mean ousted is not the only emerging market to be in trouble
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tookey is a problem too. what's the danger here are we likely to see a contagion do you think the problems in these two countries are feeding off themselves weakness in argentina leads to that issue of weakness in turkey and back and forth and this leads a lot of investors in the local markets to fail because they don't want to take a chance in addition they can only encourage more risk especially as these two countries have lower ratings for the time being the contagion in the local markets has an impact on those investors but not so much on the real economies because countries such as india brazil and it nisha do have a lot of buffers on my turf in argentina but the big risk that we see moving forward is really the brazilian elections because the two major candidates are not
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known for the markets how exposed is the international investment community to auntie is economy in argentina has already defaulted on its debt before could it happen again it certainly could because argentina was tries not of the markets for so long it's waiting is still relatively low and therefore the impact is more going to be on. investors locally but also foreign direct investment is the chances of a default near term because they do have good relations with the i.m.f. but i think what needs to happen for the time being is that there needs to be a greater burden sharing it had up to now mostly been on foreign investors and local taxpayers it needs to be more on the corporate sector which has been receiving a lot of subsidies generally for example to invest in energy and electricity where
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they hadn't been any investment for ten or twelve years but also the foreign direct investment investors who are going to have to bear some of the additional losses but that fifty billion dollars i.m.f. loan is that going to be enough to fix and tina's economy it will be but looking back to previous balance of payments crises of this nature whether it's russia mexico twenty four years ago indonesia and the like the important thing is that the measures need to be taken up front but i don't know whether they will be successful for six or twelve months and there will always be aftershocks the main thing to do is just to maintain confidence stick with the program because if it is the right program and chances are that in argentina they
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are moving in the right direction but be patient and not expect any overnight successes richard really good to talk to you on counting the cost as always many thanks indeed for being with us thank you. well argentina's sinking economy and currency crash is starting to have a negative impact on one of latin america's most stable economies neighboring chile has seen its pace a slump in what's being called the tango effect a latin america. reports. sent the net a center is one of latin america's largest and most modern shopping malls until recently it was full of origin times conspicuous because they'd come with suitcases to shop till they dropped and now they're still conspicuous by their absence of. argentina represents fifty two percent of our tourism maybe we've been too dependent on them because when they fall into their periodic economic crisis the empacher here is very strong. the fallout from argentina's currency crash has
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already reached chile arguably latin america's most stable economy. at a five star hotel but. for us the drop in tourism will be terrible but especially now that the summer is coming we coul in argentina to give us work and the so-called tangle effect goes further. there is a direct impact on a large number of chilean companies who've invested significantly in argentina their stocks have dropped and so will their profits it also affects trade because now it has become more difficult to export to argentina. while the overall impact may not be devastating it comes at a very bad time chile's currency has dropped to a two year low because of the international trade conflict and that sharply push down the price of copper chillies primary export. argentina the economy here is solid and much better place to ride out adverse international conditions but in
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these times of global economies when a neighbor like argentina gets pneumonia tilly at the very least catches a bad call. still to come on counting the cost netflix is showing six films at this year's venice film festival but not everyone is happy about it. but first some of the stories catching our eye this week in the stock market valuation hit the trillion dollar mark giving it entry to a club with only one other member apple shares in the online retailer trading at around two hundred seven times current earnings that means that shareholders believe it will stay profitable in the future c.e.o. jeff bezos is now the richest person in modern times if you account for inflation but the company he founded is being criticized by u.s. politician bernie sanders the sellers of claims that amazon doesn't pay its low level employees
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a fair wage something that amazon says is misleading. worries are growing about weak money laundering controls across the european union a small regional branch of dansko bank denmark's biggest lender has been setting off alarm bells as much as thirty billion dollars from russia and other former soviet countries flowed through the branch in a single year according to reports the branch in question is located in estonia. and the term pre-crime was famously invented by a science fiction writer philip k. dick it's a concept that's coming closer to reality japan wants to test how efficient technology like artificial intelligence is at predicting the likelihood of future crimes including economic ones national police agency is set to request a million dollars for a pre-crime experiment in its budget for twenty nine thousand. some consumers set fire to their nike trainers this week and it's all because of a new ad campaign al-jazeera as kristen salumi reports from new york. believe
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in something even if it means sacrificing everything nike's new just do it ad campaign is proving as controversial as one of the stars chosen to deliver a former national football league quarterback collin capper nick he hasn't played football since repeatedly refusing to stand for the national anthem before games during the two thousand and sixteen season prompting other players to follow suit not only my burning in my eyes to repair nike is your burning your sales ad like the protests have provoked anger among some n.f.l. fans and president donald trump they consider it disrespectful to the american flag and the military some have called for a boycott of nike products nike is no culling but supporters say it's meant to call attention to racial injustices and is respectful expression of the speech nike which has a contract with the n.f.l. to supply uniforms and sideline clothing appears to be taking their side also
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announcing a new catalogue of captain excuse in t. shirts. sports branding experts say it's a calculated business decision to my take they're going to be a rallying cry for those people to come and support nike ford has done because it's bold it's brave it has risks we want that from brands we expect that from brands and nike is the kind of brand where you demanded to be on the edge all the time the former quarterback says team owners have colluded to keep him off the football field and if all ratings have been in decline though the reason is open to debate. the n.f.l. has struggled to come up with a policy regarding conduct during the national anthem that satisfies both players and critics such as the president and with the opening game of the season scheduled for thursday fans are just as likely to be focused on the sidelines as they are on what's happening on the field or back in one thousand nine hundred one like he was on the pressure from activists to change the terrible conditions in its factories
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and in the. it was forced to make changes or lose customers and investors and consumers are increasingly searching for ways to find out just how ethical brands really are ethical watchdogs say that companies from big tech to big oil need to drastically improve transparency on their environmental and social impact as awareness about these issues grows so too is interest in something called ethical investing or ethical investing is no longer just about avoiding the so-called sin stocks gambling alcohol and guns monitoring the social and environmental and governments of companies is a growing trend of kinsey it's estimated that a quarter of the eighty eight trillion dollars of assets under management globally is now invested in these kinds of assets norway has the biggest sovereign wealth fund in the world and it's signed up but does doing good in your investment portfolio improve your bank balance we don't know yet as there isn't enough
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information at all investments have risks but increasingly activist investors putting pressure on companies to adopt e.s.d. practices in order to improve long term performance and company culture at a future generation of investors is paying attention triode us bank says that nearly half of eighteen to thirty four year olds in the u.k. plan to invest in a socially responsible investment fund joining us now from london patrick connelly patrick is a chartered financial planner with chase to via an independent financial advice company could have you with patrick first of all what exactly do we mean by ethical or responsible investment. that's the some really good question ethical investing is on a journey the first ethical fund was not by friends provident in one thousand nine hundred four at the time it was probably unfairly dubbed the brazil fund because the argument was that you have to be nuts to want to invest into it traditional
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ethical investing is about excluding sectors which which are deemed to do harm so set such as weapons manufacturing or coal gambling tobacco the idea being that if you invested in those you are missing out on some high growth areas and if you're missing out of high growth areas there is probably not a very good investment proposition now what's happened in recent times is the concept of ethical investing has changed and is nardelli being replaced by something called e s he the s.g. stands for environmental social and governance and what companies do is look is look to invest in firms that make a positive contribution to the environment to society and have strong governance measures things like diversification and equality so we're on a journey now from excluding sectors we don't like to investing in companies that we do like at and who are adopting the right approaches which which is seem to be
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a more positive a positive approach now back in the one nine hundred eighty s. of course greed was good is that still the case is it twenty eighteen or have investors developed a conscience committee commanche we make money out of the investments. and that is a key question because traditionally ethical investments were deemed to be a compromise between your principles on one side and the profits you want to make on the other that again has changed and the argument with the s.g.e. is that if you're investing in companies the earth docked in the right practices then in the longer term they will be the more successful companies the proof or the putting isn't yet seen we don't yet know how that plays itself out but people can i win best in these companies and in these funds with out the starting point that actually they're probably going to lose out by doing so so the answer is yes hopefully there is more scope one to invest your principles but also to to invest in a profitable way and do we know who is investing in these if chief funds and companies
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is it just below the ils or or are in older investors getting on board to. millennial seem to be the main area where there is interest in the sector. it does seem that the youth of today perhaps are more conscious about a lot of issues that people who are older unfortunately is older people that tend to have more money so as older people who have more influence in terms of inflows we do see certain sectors of society in terms of older people who are investing more for example become no work for a service for the medical profession and we get lots of doctors who are interested in investing ethically now that may well be because of the altruistic nature of what they do the harm that they see that gambling or tobacco or alcohol does and so a lot of doctors for example do invest ethically that's not really as as yet transmitting itself through older investors and so while there is more interest in
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ethical investing the millennial zz as they build wealth going forwards you would hope and expect to see that actually translated into more money being invested what about corporate culture itself it is is that changing jews the fact that people are now essentially talking with their money and holding companies to account they want to be able to trust the companies that they're investing in. yes it's not changing yet or at least not to any great degree it's crunch in the changing what we are seeing is investment companies be more activist they're going out there and demanding that companies act in the right way we see that a lot in the news with things like executive pay and bonuses and the like where shareholders now are standing up and objecting to that that is a trend that should continue as a trend it looks very likely to continue for two reasons one as as you alluded to as well money goes into these funds as millennial scale more wealth then shareholders and group shareholders will have more influence also number two is
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with traditional ethical investments people have x. and had to make an active decision to invest in them they have to decide i want to invest at the cli whereas with the s. g. firms are now starting to adopt the s.g. in their general investment process and so investors can be investing in the s.t. perhaps without realizing it but what that means is there's more money behind that approach and more influence that these companies will have when they're dealing with the companies they're investing in so how important is it patrick for investors to understand the the different nuances of of the funds that they're investing in to do we really know what we're buying with with e.s.d. assets. we really don't. we with regard to ethical investments it was pretty clear you knew you were avoiding weapons manufacturers and alcohol it's a bacco in gambling and all these things a.s.g. is far more subjective different companies are adopting entirely different approaches to it are and also in terms of the strictness as well so it's all well
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and good for investment firms to say yes we take account of yes gene our best process but do they take account of it and use it or do they take account of the ignore it and you any way that you can be sure that it is either one by doing your research or to by using an investment professional who do that research for you but at the moment it's great at the moment is subjective at the moment it's quite new and so we need to see more developments in that area fascinating patrick many thanks indeed for being with us on counting the cost but no promise oh and finally this week internet movie maker netflix made its presence felt on the red carpet at this year's venice film festival but allowing streaming services into the competition is not something that everyone's happy about that the barber reports from venice. venice a city known for its unchanging beauty but over at the international film festival they're moving boldly into the future but that's what the organizers say anyhow they put on a record six films backed by the online platform netflix including the latest coen
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brothers film to sell on and on my home i don't want to own the land alessio criminy knees crying drama on my skin based on a real life case of a death in police custody it will be released on the same day on netflix and in italian movie theaters. but for most of the netflix films including this nearly finished final film from the late olsen wells it's not clear how widely they'll be screened and for how long and that's worrying some in the industry who are involved in nurturing new talent that business model and if netflix keeps going to it's going with a place for everybody else in the room. in a cinematic process and has a lot of integrity in the way that it develops and includes and ultimately not experiences for everyone to be in a cinema this week the international confederation of art cinema surged venice to
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reserve competition slots for quote works of art that will be seen in cinemas internationally but for this venice veteran is time for change are proven netflix prove him as an unproven anybody who is prepared to give money to people who make films who would otherwise not get the money. so i don't think it'll make any difference to a lot of the type of films being made because netflix will keep on saying you can make the film as you want. here at venice is industry section business is brisk as people look for a deal to support their films or their ideas more and more of those deals are being struck with online platforms like netflix and amazon which means more fields that the public can choose to see either. the cinema or on devices like their smartphones. but the man heading this part of the festival rejects worries that netflix will make it harder for independent filmmakers to break through i would say mr just lots of tourists choice for them but for some as
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a project. of course they are more looking to have to make business was it cheats or amazon netflix didn't have anyone for us to talk to in venice but it's clear that in just a few years they've shaken up the industry and the real impact is still being debated. barbara vernice for counting the cost. and that is our show for this week if you want to get in touch with us about anything you've seen on the program you can tweet me i'm at a finnigan on twitter please use the hash tag a j c t c when you can do or you can drop us a line counting the cost at al-jazeera dot that is our e-mail address there is plenty more if you're online al-jazeera dot com slash c.t.c. that takes you straight to our web page which has individual reports links even anti episodes for you to catch up on. but that's it for this edition of counting the cost i'm adrian finighan from the whole team here in doha thanks for being with us the news on al-jazeera is next.
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as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was people started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was related to determine if this closure in the investigation reveals how even the smallest devices have deadly environmental and health costs we think ok we'll send ari waste to china but we have to remember that air pollution travels around the globe death by design on al-jazeera. she's one of the oldest women living in this part of mccurdy in the jury essential being with state i mean a garbo is her real name and she's hailed as a savior by the other women she sent in goes on by in the local language which means a traditional birthing assistant or a midwife i mean has been delivering babies in her village for more than fifty
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years. i know that she would be. not going to it was a while to come to me the poor and they need help sometimes they come with nothing and i contra fuse them so i take care of the people when they come pay me. but the challenges faced by him enough can be extreme this is what's left of her clinic she says a group of men set it on fire a couple of months ago and she can't afford to rebuild it and. it is devastating not only for her but for those women who rely on her. for their women. mothers. performers. the prisoners. from their present a plot to argentina. that inspiration is a force a new form of all this can cheap stifled invisible mother's heart if you find
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a latin american series at this time she zero. zero. zero zero irish i'll carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes last. protesters and their. rocky city of basra angry at the lack of basic services take out their frustration on iran storming its consulate. let's take to the streets of the syrian province if it lead to protest a potential military operation.


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