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tv   The Hundred Million Dollar Home  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2018 4:00am-5:01am +03

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i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera sweden center right and center left parties are neck and neck in sunday's general election minister stefan leavens social democrats remain the biggest party but he says he is open to talks with the main opposition group and as expected the anti immigration far right party the sweden democrats did make significant gains on a whole reports from stockholm. the center left social democrats have been the biggest party in every swedish election for a century true again this time but not by far and it's a relief it's been their worst result ever i think it's fine the problem now is how can we make it. how can you be governed with this since it's really hard to see.
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how to how to make a stable government this is an election that seen support shift from the center to the extremes coalition building will be tough one big winner has been the empty immigrant sweden democrats are not as big as they'd hoped the story of the night is that while the far right has become a force in swedish politics they won't be taking over just yet what would seem harry is a political earthquake. really brought his political history and i think that they're the leaders of the two big parties social democrats and the moderate party need to listen to this single from the swedish people need to do saying it's the policies that the sweetest people want to see the rise of the far right in sweden meant voters took to the election with customary enthusiasm even if many harbored deep concerns terrible i just want to cry when i think about it they see.
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awful things i mean yeah of course we have a lot of refugees here but we need to take care of them who they come from a terrible place terrible course we can't just throw them out immigration and integration have been front and center in a divisive vote with this country's famous values of tolerance and openness at stake so isn't in danger of becoming a far right state and nor are the sweden democrats even likely to make it into government no party at this stage will even talk to them but they are likely to continue to exert and in direct influence on the way ahead having already succeeded to the horror of many. in putting nationalism and identity politics on the swedish agenda peter wall of dusky he's editor in chief of one of sweden's major daily newspapers the tone has already changed it has changed a lot and i think the major change came in two thousand and fifteen after the big refugee crisis a lot of refugees came in sweden in
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a very short time span and the systems here didn't work properly a lot of people reacted to that and the sweden democrats are sort of the logical consequence of the well they searched in the polls result of that crisis and they've stayed on the kind of results since some swedes will tell you the rise of the far right is overblown that this country has never been happier or more prosperous but extrusion politics are in sweden to state now many of the swedes see trouble ahead joho al-jazeera stocco syrian and russian jets have continued their heavy bombardment in the ad lib region rebel fighters are digging tunnels to reinforce their positions local media report that barrel bombs at a hospital out of service and neighboring hama province fighting slowed up again around the port city of your data killing eighty four people after talks to end yemen civil war collapsed. former cambodian opposition leader comes soaker has been
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released from jail he's been in prison for a here are awaiting trial on treason charges he's accused of plotting to overthrow the government so his daughter says he's now under house arrest and head of u.s. media giant c.b.s. les moonves is stepping down immediately after new allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault came to light the new yorker magazine reported the latest accusations says one of hollywood's most powerful executives acknowledges relations with three of the one that says they were consensual six other women made similar accusations last month. those are the headlines the news continues so do keep it here on al-jazeera much more to al-jazeera world is next.
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well the stories start since the second intifada us to thousands like twelve years ago. and this there's tar to or try to afford him to buy our
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shops a house. the first afford it was six million dollars and then my father tell the set of that. i don't need to sell then he says he tells. sitzman those big numbers over the state and it was it was is it ok and i want to. you know. from roots to be whole in scale yeah i don't want to tell me most days and lots of people to my father. try all to make your rent and she a shit why don't you know the charbonneau house. and two men came to my father and they tell him that we are from the lamb and communities they send us to you do you buy your we shall move my father tell them that there is that they're going to order. system and are as i was shown a ford they tell them there are two million when i didn't get to see them i for the
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say no it's just it's not a good price and a lot of my my. house and shop cost a lot. going for them they told him what about fortune so they don't think a mob comes up you know. becomes all. ten million dollars. just like that you know so that's what about for two million dollars and the other signal would go to the mall so that that's our loss not for more commandos a lot for us if you don't want that's ok some of the same. and i'll sort of that's insight for why years after these or. it was. about it was holy they are jewish so in their whole it is we're not locked up in shops and house we're not allowed to be here so my father was behind these door out here and opened it and he was in that window and from that window you look at
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people like you going to gossamer is how many customers he has a lot to offer. and two men came to him and they told who are you who are the elder and what does it so he they give him the full name they say yeah it's me what you want to say that men you know one of them at c b wants to buy your home is. welcome so he let him to go into the house but they tell us the soldiers came close you know control or you know it was also they enter with him and they say one of the hundred men involved the sea wall with the number i can't refuse these did we make it. a first let me show you the house and then. they say well we're going to buy you know we don't need to see we just want it my father said no let me show you to you and let's make. it so they enter into how the
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house and i'm the boss ok we like that we want to buy. hundred million dollars ok i'll make a deal but first you see these will right here and they say yes. you say. it's just too soon and these will come out when dollars they have enough money where they say . no we don't have a say because like that he wants to sin no we don't want to so you certainly say each stone cost one hundred million dollars hundred million dollars and there's a lot of stones here yeah. so might they say we don't want to buy my father also ok and let me ask a question you see welcome say my how old will it cost couple of thousands why you want to buy it for a while you want to pay for it millions they say it is avraham plays sandy wants to
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buy near our home and you know religious reasons i don't know if they really get it but anyway they say because he's my father tell them ok respect that but i feel and i believe that i am our home son and grandson to sell never sell my father place for you if you believe that your father is. so you by your father place you want me to sell the place i will never do it so they say ok you don't want to they go out and they tell their soldiers and this that there's around here you know hundreds of settlers around here so you tell them. they tell the settlers that you're a few hundred million dollars man his strongest is stronger than him and strength is stronger than i imagined. that man by his son is really strong he refuses hundred dollars and he needs couple of thousands so why is this place so important
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to palestinians. you know about me i believe is my land so i don't need to sell it . like for example you believe your land is just house but i believe my land is whole life. spirit everything's maybe maybe you could sell it and buy lots beter than this house but you could not. buy any kind of happiness if you have billions you know having a school doesn't close by money. but it's just. as.
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well you. just.
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heard. this. was. my group in jerusalem do the second intifada with the bomb stuff like that. people i guess on both sides always look for excuses to go on we've been conditioned. most israel. never stepped in the west bank most israelis never.
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even for an argument. they never said down for a coffee most israelis have no idea what's going on on behalf of the twenty five minutes from their house. so when you don't have any idea of what's going on how can you resist can you support it or not support it can you be against it. if the i don't i don't think people don't care i think people have no idea. so my i grew up my parents out in jerusalem was on a road called better world the rule next to me is hebron rule but the road leads to . pretty much in hebron road after about forty minutes forty five minutes you actually get to hebron. pretty much the historical world changed. and i've never been to bethlehem i've never been to have been through the army and was i was still
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there when i was fifteen during the second intifada it was my school was in jerusalem i think it was a. cd invited palestinians from bethlehem and palestinians from jerusalem for like a week vacation in milan to wrist from all the violence and stuff which is. very nice it was so still one for me because i had to go to orlando to meet children at losing badly actually fifteen twenty minutes from my house so i think it just shows how the occupation is so close but you have no idea what's going on. with the checkpoint to know. it's one aspect of it's still prevention of movement that's the thing. is that people can go and often open their shops because of security reasons people don't leave your deposits anymore because. it's almost
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impossible to leave you there because you said there's violence either because you can be turf use or did the street below there would be just school so you can be almost impossible to get there with a car with food which if you need to. kitchen so of course the checkpoints are a horrible thing but it's just one aspect of a much more bigger picture which is these really controlling what used to be deceive the center of hebron like you have been the you don't need to be mean to palestinians but you prevent them from going out of their own front door to step on a street they're not allowed to go because you're palestinians. you know for one of one of the dives i think i really feel the most ashamed was when a palestinian kid like decide came to me asking for some food and they gave him a few candies they had and then afterwards i felt ashamed you know what am i supposedly social worker no they're into giving food and then all the rest is there
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that in a few hours what kind of logic is there a lot i should judge the measure of police. an awful lot of between him and him fish mischa should go to bed which are clearly hostile image and healthy because one has seen little kid flood on solid leave to leave. give vascular should get out of a job when one of his war motives were moral. see as if there were a scene book of them in a mass in which it will into. the actual into good don't you can fall and adams the very year in the midst of the victims of a small business. one has it has. been more honest of a you reckon productive one way i know with a remarkable celtic of the luck of the will of the little for the. middle home for a million or more and then it would fade anathema to sally mark most of his mama's
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are you know solution of the she a mammal sort of a fish man muscled the wolf at a bit of. a hilly place on business. no plumbing. plan he. saw her live for not last surf. chilling but but. but also to yanni. sure listen. had a lot of aplomb feeling she an add on mr shelley said i'm ok a dish tell additional this i want to was not i thought a lot of. belong here ability to hone the most commonly but that's only been a bill which the secrets of a. sudden. i took an anonymous book on to him unknown but law to have to have the kind of it
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we're sure vision didn't he had to want to tell us ok. give us heather for a ballet and just certainly said mrs michelle i saw you i took a nice belief that i don't know. now you must fall asleep and will concede but this sounds like a low this isn't in the vba droids janel what then so barbecue what is your name the also i will look yellow the albums let's get flynn's i thought well this is well ok.
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oh come on we're just. on the. phone that guy. with. this. mike allen or. the boy you had the desire to push the. good because. you. are. at the bottom of the bottom of the thinking the lower end of it and fulfill the promise of a good deal with the seven because i did was a little south of the you can see that. the. judge in the.
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beginning to this only seven want to come and. leave this he. looks at things. in arabic is called. why is what is. means the beloved of allah.
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they were referring to abraham to abraham. in the islamic tradition abraham is called ibrahim the beloved of allah so according to islamic tradition abraham is also buried in the tomb of the patriarchs and hence the what we call in the jewish tradition the tomb of the patriarchs of. the cave of my fella. in arabic is called. the abrahamic mosque is that it's the longest standing holy place in the jewish religion here we had the temple of jerusalem but the temples were destroyed the walls that we see down were just the outer retaining walls but the tomb of the patriarchs was never destroyed the building that we see now was added on to so this is what makes it very important for the jewish faith and also the love that islam has for the prophets of the bible are also mentioned in the
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koran so hence the profits that are buried in the tomb of the patriarchs make it as a well a holy place for islam because abraham in fact is abraham for muslims is considered the father of the islamic faith the the first one to testify and the oneness of god the father of monotheism so the irony is that here we are in jerusalem and also in hebron which is considered a sister city to jerusalem. the children of abraham jews and muslims israelis and palestinians locked in conflict over the same holy land the same holy cities of jerusalem and hebron and particularly over the same holy sites the temple mount in jerusalem and that the tomb of the patriarchs and yet it has such a symbol and possibility to be a place of peace because it's the tomb of the patriarchs is the only active mosque
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and active synagogue in the world that i know of except for maybe the the tomb of the prophet samuel also is an act of mosque in the center but it's the same time but yet there's this division when you go in the building there between a jewish entrance and a muslim entrance. or . after the close of the story he will again be the
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man and you know he's. going. to be crazy not to be. he. not to be that man i think. when you're with us i was you know i was going to go. there you can be able to gather here and with that we will very well need to go to this area and we're hopeful that this will come back again to live peacefully together and that you're very we have to leave this to come. yeah but of. no value. for your good wishes such a few of you having. to have. well like. and who are offers i think. yeah. i believe i think it would be one hundred one and i know you have various listeners best of all you. i think they should said
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i was always whining about that is often not all the guy to let you know before you let the if you will let slip because of peacefully because that one hundred million one what i got nobody i got the stuff to work and anything you can tell. this was. what we got a lot on when i got up like you got that if you beat up if you talked as if it was going to bust there was no money did you mean for me i have em but now that i'm a little bit trouble. it's our job to slow you to which i would all sit i mean your book sort of a song he send a message to you that he had a cold walk up his shop and offer you got a shove off and that he quit from you to help the kid and cause of his age to have peace and to make the hobbit one doesn't buy that much to get here and love that people just pick themself and he said that please you should show and you should
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have an affinity with my view or go back and this is his must not talk i would just open the. checkpoints obviously you have to look love yeah. well i didn't get to get could not get it but i can see why it's ok if you don't want it and this is a message of one of the fits not my message. to people here in this piece of. shit done and all the. gang life this was our foundation. i tried to do some to be different when i met daisy it was the best day of my life. i wish that day could have gone on forever. but my past caught up with me. and made us all pay the price daisy and max on al-jazeera. the
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latest news as it breaks these people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say they need help with detailed coverage here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily life for so many from around the world forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry a chinese but today now it is i just i'm no longer exceptional. police suspect a lone gun man is behind fifteen unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority and an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out in a cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution or the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused unless his two serial kana a witness documentary on al-jazeera.
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i'm richelle carey and oh ha these are the top stories on al-jazeera so when the prime minister says he's open to talks with the main opposition party after both blocs fail to get a majority and sunday's election a minister staff and social democrats remain the biggest party but as expected the anti immigration far right party this week democrats did make significant gains used to. of cool some disappointed that's a party with nazi roots. and it's a policy that in the selection has had representatives that want a journalist to die which is glorified hitler and humiliated victims of the holocaust this weekend democrats could never change all improvements in society the
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only thing they could offer is widening the gap and growing hatred syrian and russian jets have continued their heavy bombardment in the ad lib region rebel fighters are digging tunnels to reinforce their positions and local media report that barrel bombs at a hospital out of service in neighboring hama province fighting has flared up again around the port city of her data killing eighty four people after talks to end yemen's civil war collapsed hospital staff say the dead include dozens of the rebel fighters and at least eleven government troops sudan's entire government has been sacked by the country's president omar bashir has dissolved the government and also cut the number of ministries from thirty one to twenty one and a bid to tackle a growing economic crisis he has picked a new prime minister but no other appointments have been announced sudan has been struggling since a secession of south sudan in two thousand and eleven. former cambodian opposition
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leader kem soca has been released from jail he's been in prison for a year awaiting trial on treason charges he's accused of plotting to overthrow a government circus daughter says he is now under house arrest ahead of us media giant c.b.s. les moonves is stepping down after new allegations of sexual harassment and sexual assault came to light his resignation is effective immediately the new yorker magazine reported these latest accusations this is one of hollywood's most powerful executives he acknowledges relations with three of the women but he says they were consensual six other women made similar accusations last month. those are the headlines keep it here al jazeera world is next.
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what changed for me very dramatically and how i see these rooms were of palestine the occupation the conflict was me being there me being there as a soldier me being a part of you know of the depression of palestinian me being a part of the occupation as an act of war so for me with changed it was what i did
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as a soldier so i was just like the most regular soldier and i was in a commander and fain. would have been there for i think in february and foot and since two thousand and eight for about five six months and bring some just shifts patrols guarding to new arrests at night going to people's houses ballasting and else we would call making our presence felt and they did the armies and. as long as we control a civilian population those people doesn't want to be controlled we need to remind them that we are here so that means going to people's houses in the middle of the night random houses the most regular people and interests sure. prisons it means you go you do a search maybe you interrogate people you can even take pictures of people who would be frightened. for everything we did and they do is to show that your dear i never liked it i think most people don't enjoy it. with stewart think the most
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problematic thing that happens to you as a soldier as a human being is that you get used to it i mean after a while you stop caring about palestinian stop caring about settlers you stop caring about israel don't think you care about is going back to sleep. and you know your shifts are like six hours every day twice a day. that you have to guard. and then you for seventeen days then you get back home for a few days. multiplied by six months you get very very numb from what's going on so you don't really care about palestinians you don't like it i didn't like it but you just don't care about them you know way they're not human beings you know they're just another thing in your job. we went into one of them like a neighborhood. palestinian neighborhood when you started mapping the house you
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always go into people's houses they can know for absolutely sure did they are not involved in any kind of terror resume attacked soldier that that the israelis. once we went into the house before that my officer told me bring your camera we few details and start taking pictures of people these portraits of people who want to put it together with everything we will so we pass it on to the show about intelligence security forces and so on. so i'm starting to keep pictures of palestinians at two o'clock three or four o'clock at night about twenty twenty five pictures at the end of the night. you know when the story starts now in a way because the day in the next day afterwards i expect that someone will come and ask them what i think. is a very important intelligence material no one does that one asks anything and go back to my officers again the next day after tell them guys which ones have a big picture don't worry someone will come and wait another month at the end i
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just embrace the pictures in a found out that my officer just threw everything everything you wrote down and it took me a very long time to understand. the idea and were told this by our commanders by the officers they gave no just taking the pictures just writing the things known because no one ever wants to hold them away the idea is to make our presence felt we don't really care about their health more than we care about their neighbors they will start asking questions are they collaborators does it mean that the extent someone's going to mess up my house is there a big operation going on in there it's you know every night every day three times a week it doesn't matter but every unit that comes will do it all over again so affirmatively can be visited twice a year because no one really needs the security aspects because they do is to show them the twee we're here we want to control you don't want to control we want to stay if you remember us.
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and you can see that ok. you know. good. good however if you. look even though you look over. the. meat you need to be.
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funny any doubts as to how you are and how you see others about the french are led to live out in the way. to know which usually is over me hamish quotes a c.e.o. on a cell ecology. in charlotte a blade for the jolly us to see honesty that was shot when the model but the first letter book he wanted to tell you all you show. a lot is a mug shot of him that's all we have them on the ledger and you don't have a minimum. you want to keep spending two out of a decade actually lowered into the hole though i'm one of those who thinks look bad lebanon didn't lose it with then. a nurse but they were throughout your book that you should secularly and also carlos the goods that are never sure what to give. you for. it only if. i would do. some other anything related. to the whole. all right alison sellers at the end of
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out all of the i.o.m. scenario. yeah i saw. that i wasn't going to hear out of. the reality of this or shall. not know what i want to hear but i'll tell you i don't know yet. and i'm shocked i don't follow the major middle of a balcony a one mile lane compassion fatigue as i'm a hockey fan for sure and as much as you thought i was unavailable last i love well luckily for them he would have a tough job. with the twilight look ahead of us maybe there. was a west ham sandwich as if they don't know you know when heston routinely is. smart they're going to miami the drama but then so is she the must like to shop with a list of dishes you took in so we she can easily she and i have usually
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a full see a little eloy but at the lives of the market i want to know how you can so we see again he was really enjoying the show shelley she wanted to do new rather early in the celebration szabo if he would leave it with the police able to look at it always will sort out a regular would do the sort who would have the one hundred because there was only us shocked. with. chad this year could the ballots isn't enough in the zombie how many people about for my seat one of them about this isn't. going to get a promotion or another dio in a saloon more to myself. and i don't know who does anything to survive well. below where these guys get that's but the world would know what a lot of the state of the shareholders. are spoiled by almost all of the really
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good. oh. that's going to have me all. a little less emotional than to look. at those of snobbism never jubilant because i have had my humanity back this morning honestly. think jennifer. i did have it with you and all of that from the hood but you didn't exist because i'm a lifelong you know not only whether the. clothes always looks good but i know you have a good look as they convert the. most just most of us because it's not mostly what i want to give it a visual thing. and the good one honestly is going to be good on the floor you have
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for must be going to be no longer shop week not in the in the pub on the street when you move. from steve in houston have been going on that we have in the gym each group including us while i do my usually it's a mix of clips from the because i'm jealous i would really go below thanks again this year both of initiatives and hope i'm going to have been at home with the more they don't know can. happen and then mostly can get them on the bus or the someone when they have been going to show me a little while but i don't want to like to get to what you want to get what he didn't have so we did it because i. have to have that i make at them do you think we can stick to detonate what's doing it in them or the benefit of the i phone that she still has been on a mission to get our system to do the right image of the d.j. tell people what they should both suffer with might be but it's the box made up the feel of the man to do what he did and the thing at the should of the be a stock index of the bible my deal. but. we'll never be in one lois who was sweet.
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the whole way so most of them with. the look like follows t v. annie and ashley and out to get him on a mission. when you know. you know. when they are. especially. for you for status now he could not be you much you know if you were honest enough about that's just a chuckle because he was in. the bush on the boat and should offer the question because if you could really look at the scenario even with believe you to view my friends the world is that so those are so high is that. you don't think she will come to know your limits of what she knows you know. would see if she wants
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the help of the want of something new for sure but the votes of a bill to cover good to. be sure but i'm sure you know the question should she not spend one which she did that's a good. question for the question. are there was a birth some of their twenty four different filing same sharma. go off on a stint in the hall in new york junk bluegrass if it's over then we have a sort of talk on the off the phone. that we have a possible bizarre cover to. another do that it's only got the. kid any of us to look as possible the first example. to show actual known fish to duck you know it's only a minute. i
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think one of the most one of the events that really was for me very very significant powerful. took me a very long time to actually in my testimony didn't say to my only leader on that was very very strong and we had to evict family palestinian family. from their house. which is under direct israeli control. their house was just in front. of the settlements of a home of in neighborhoods in the started building and even had permission because i guess these really didn't give them permission to renovate their house and so on and we gave them our warrants to stop building and they didn't stop building the point don you were just really getting inside the house and the idea that we were like fifteen soldiers had to a victim there were like these two people you know very poor haven't done
4:47 am
anything. and it was so much. because you have activists to feel that you have settlers the jail with you. and you were a victim people from their houses or you it was for me always like this red line that i would never cross and then they just cross it and you hate it you don't like it you don't enjoy it you understand and it's bad but what's even worse is that you're doing it you know after we finish evicting them people came in will be down like soldiers will the down the doors from the outside so they won't be able to go in i don't know what happened in the. well i think it's just an example of how you get so numb after a while even though you understand it's bad you understand it's wrong you hate what you're doing you still do. the.
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the. the the the with. the. the. i think it's important to remember that at the end of the day i was and i wasn't the victim the victims are the palestinians. i'm not saying that to be so much power that it's of course there is doing very bad for you for us as
4:49 am
a society but of the end of that at the end of the day the ones that suffer for me the ones it needs to open one i wonder sleeping because maybe the army will go into their house or the palestinians are not us mean i had my house to get back to when i had i can go to sleep absolutely sure that no soldier will enter my house to every start taking pictures of me my family says something that palestinians and especially in hebron are not going to sleep like that thirty. just think of the both love law you do appear to have come to ireland. or you want to bring them up the old. ways it was almost like a lover in the room was. it was.
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really anything other than the one of the muddy field if you don't. get nothing. nothing wrong with. that. sort of meat. the burial place of abraham is is really one of the holiest places in all of western civilization and could even say the birth place after jerusalem and. one of
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the birth places or the burial places of the founder of western civilization the monotheistic concept and why is it that we're so divided. that the reason why the jewish community is in hebron and the reason why there are soldiers and checkpoints from the jewish communities perspective is because of the need for security to secure the safety of the eight hundred fifty jews who live in the old city of hebron and the hundreds of thousands of israelis and religious jews from around the world that come to the tomb of the patriarchs and the tomb of jesse and ruth and abraham avraham of you know synagogue and neighborhood during the jewish holidays of passover coach. brown as a front line of the israel palestine conflict hebron problem will not be solved by itself it's part of like i said a microcosm of israeli palestinian relations the jewish people the israelis why did
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it seem like from the outside world that they're arming themselves to the teeth ask anyone they say because i'm afraid i'm afraid for my survival for my protection for my safety it's not to kill or to oppress another people. palestinians see themselves as oppressed by that. little. little little over. was going to. have. you.
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here but. if you take anything they say here if you take me and they see you. i. would be giving you i. think the my. life. i think you. owe my.
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i. was. the was. was the. was. the was. was. was. was.
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was. was the. was. was she was at to her do it in the see the development of all can i was that in the . it was the. judge if. not the highway i do with could have been a good bit mafia. of all zero says. she will see million of them and i would of them clearly on it. going to put him on top to do it
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so i thought you did what he hated if you i don't leave it. open id number eleven yo. i did talk about later. in the audience i don't know if it was because i wanted to stand. on the beach on a. commitment. which that month i had yeah i was. you know i have a job to. go to somebody. it was a big problem because it was different people admired him he was the center of nightlife in beirut and he married miss universe she was a flamboyant character on the other hand a ruthless operative fighting for the palestinian cause some israeli intelligence
4:57 am
sources claim that he planned the operation and knew him for years these are really trying to find him and kill him al jazeera world examines the life of ali hassan salaam and the hunt for the red prince. welcomes another look at the international full cost fifty fair bit of wet weather still continuing into eastern parts of the u.s. and would you believe we are still talking about the remnants of tropical depression gold and flooding rains there into the northeast new ashing say some radio heavy downpours there into a good part of new york new england little trailing system of rain still in place
4:58 am
a little way down across the appalachians into the deep south central pos there looking hot because up to thirty two degrees and denver not quite as warm and twenty eight degrees not too bad ten degrees colder than that for seattle north of the border theban a cloud base in place of the frank i'm going to be say easing across like in the way into cisco she won by the time we come to choose to a wetter weather will be in good part of new england tonight north of the border into eastern canada seeing some very heavy showers but some places a platter right a little further south things started to quieten down and then we have got some rather wet weather still continuing just around the eastern pos of texas the showers in the ryman they continue to work. the western side of the caribbean still a fair amount of clout in place here some lively shall a city of possibility up towards the great toronto to celeste rental is looking lots of fodder dry but look at that we call florence moving west.
4:59 am
women. mothers. performers. christmas. from their prison and argentina. the inspiration for. new flu wolski cheap stifled invisible mothers parties that you find to see at this time. in the austerity in argentina but we'll fix the economy what about before for emerging markets plus the good the bad and the ugly the corporate in fact society and the environment. paying attention. counting the cost on al-jazeera.
5:00 am
this is. harry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes stalemate after swain's election with no clear winner between center left and center right blocks but a rise in support for the far right. russian and syrian airstrikes continue on the neighboring hama province in syria where the hospital among the targets. save the children warns of hunger being used as a weapon of war but the child dying every minute and conflict zones this year.


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