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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2018 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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time for former president lula da silva and his workers party this is the federal police facility where the former president is serving out a twelve year prison sentence and it's here that the would be presidential candidate spent the day meeting with his running mate fernando had that it was widely expected that lula would give him a letter naming him as his successor to allow him to register in his stead as the party's candidate before a tuesday evening deadline for doing so runs out. outside supporters who've been camped out in front of the prison facility remained on vigil. oh the man made them. we vote for liz ideals we have a program for our country voting had died it's the same thing for us because we are voting for a program but instead of a new candidate but they got was the message that lula is still not giving up hoping against the odds that one of two superior court appeals that he still has open will overturn an electoral court decision barring from running experts say
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it's highly unlikely that this will happen although legally lula still has options unless there's a favorable decision before september seventeenth it will be too late for him to run and that brings us back to the original question will lula and the workers' party risk it all and wait or will they give another candidate had that the chance to run as name they have almost no time left to decide. we're going to weather update next to zero then the games are back career holds its first mass games in five years with a message of reunification. china under pressure why rights groups say the government is cracking down on its muslim population. from the clear blue sky of the doha moony. to the fresh fruits and breeze in the
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city of love. hello showers reached out from turkey and reached just about cyprus in the far northwest of syria they may be repeated i suspect not really not for many any run the black sea and possibly occasionally in the caspian that's a possibility otherwise remain dry and still hot forty six in kuwait city and slightly hotter just a bit further north in southern iraq is what you might expect is only a very slow decline in this daytime heat if anything there are past still getting occasionally hotter but nothing much more to say about this part of the world is still dry and is too hot we haven't seen summer and occasional breeze off the interiors made things a little less humid as suggested by thirty eight hundred die hard the chances are it's going to become more humid as above forty probably drive below forty probably he would say was true in abu dhabi and we've seen some significant showers recently in the mountains of amman but it's really the south where you get reliable cloud
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drizzle and of course high humidity use for rain recently a lot of a reason we saw in south africa it moved eastwards through mozambique to the island of madagascar to tanzania forecasts wise now there's very little more to come and think up towards cape town not really. the weather sponsored by cats on race. whether online this isn't some abstract issue we need to pay attention to their stops or if you join us on sect rather than stopping terrorism it's creating a base is a dialogue and just the community is want to add to this conversation we need a president who's willing to be a villain or a short while everyone has a voice i'm part of civil society i need golf but i never get listening to those in the corridors of vote joining the global conversation. on out to zero.
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again the top stories this hour on al-jazeera the u.s. has threatened to sanction the international criminal court if it prosecutes american soldiers for war crimes in afghanistan national security advisor john bolton also criticized palestinian efforts to bring israel before the i.c.c. and he confirmed that the u.s. would be shutting the palestine liberation organization office in washington. lawyers for brazil's jailed former president said that he'll keep fighting to run in next month's presidential election louis ignacio lula da silva is banned from standing due to a corruption conviction and the supreme court has rejected his latest appeal. and the united nations says that thirty thousand people have been displaced within
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syria's province in the last week alone due to an increase in the number of asterix in an article in the wall street journal turkey's president has called on the international community to take action to stop the attacks. iraqi armed groups and to track down the protesters who set fire to their offices over the past week five of us to hide out a body has visited the city where people say that corruption and neglect a ruining their lives rob matheson reports from baghdad. under pressure to resign the prime minister hide the body or arrives in the southern iraqi city of basra where protesters say his government is to blame for much of the corruption and neglect which have destroyed their water and power supplies and left thousands without jobs. what happened in a bathrobe was one hundred percent true to a political conflict unfortunately some political blocs have military wings and some of them wanted to burn down power throw off but thankfully there was stopped by the cooperation of the peaceful civilians yet they're going to get
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a body is facing calls for him to step down over the crisis in basra the iraqi government is deadlocked disputes over the result of an election in may have left politicians wrangling over power in basra fighters from the iran bike group known in english as the league of the righteous have paraded through the streets their headquarters is one of several private and government buildings burned by protesters during a week of demonstrations against corruption which also targeted other pro iran shia groups the governor says the destruction is criminal part of many protest organizers and activists have denounced such actions and a criminal act should be denounced by the people of basra regardless of who had carried it out but is only allowed to have peaceful protests in order to deliver the people's messages to the government. three hundred kilometers to the north of basra is the city of samarra protesters there tried to storm the offices of the
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political party but were pushed back by police the party's leader is shia cleric ahmad all hakim who is also part of the parliamentary coalition headed by fellow shia cleric. seen as a nationalist and anti iran solder is vowing to fight corruption he's demanded the protests should hold for forty five days in that time he says the government should demonstrate that it's doing something to help bus but critics say this short visit by the prime minister won't achieve much. in basra there is a heavy military presence but there are fears that might incite more violence now there are armed groups too that could make politics and security even more complicated in basra rob matheson al jazeera back down at least two people are dead and ten others injured in libya's capital tripoli after gunmen stormed the headquarters of the national oil corporation security forces say that they've
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regained control of the building last week a truce between rival armed groups brought an end to more than a week of fighting in the city to serious mahmoud of the wellhead reports now from tripoli. the special deterrence force that is the security apparatus policing in the capital tripoli has a now said that it's individuals have taken full control of the headquarters of the national oil corporation following that attack that targeted the national oil corporation and killed two of the employees and one did ten others now according to the head of the tripoli security directorate the attackers belong to isolate but at the same time the interior ministry issued a statement saying that the attack is a terrorist attack without without naming the assailants at the same time the g.n.a.t. that is the government of national accord condemned the attack calling it a terrorist attack now the situation has called of to some extent but there is
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still security measures security measures have been tightened in front of the state institutions and premises now this attack is very similar to the attack on the high national election commission last may when i salute claimed responsibility for that but so far according to security sources this is this beard is the science of a terrorist attack but the identity of the assailants has not been confirmed yet eighteen people have been killed in central nigeria after a guest exploded it happened last year at the capital of our state more than forty others particular hospital with serious burns. the united nations human rights chief has called on china to allow independent investigators to look into allegations that it's mistreating hundreds of thousands of weaker muslims human rights watch accuses the chinese government of conducting
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a systematic campaign of rights violations in changing profits imran com reports. just practicing islam has become a problem for the chinese government. this man says he survived what the government calls a reeducation camp as one of. his. own money keen and then told to wit it. by table in just one game you would end up let me make it then in so many getting them all along. that you can download awful the rights group says interviewed fifty eight people including many ethnic weakness and kazakhs they cues officials of all the true detention religious repression and surveillance against thirteen million muslims the government says it set up the reeducation camps with the sole purpose of
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eradicating religious extremism and terrorism and secure what it calls ideological diseases. the un's new human rights chief of michelle bachelet has called on china to allow international monitors into asian yang to look into what she calls a deeply disturbing situation human rights watch china director sophie richardson welcome the call but says much more on down one of the challenges that everybody faces is of course chinese government restrictions on access to the region and beijing really has nothing to hide then it's time to directions. in areas perceived by beijing as anti-government hotspots many interviewee say moving half of their family members are in prison or in the so-called reeducation camps the report also cites what it calls a disturbing high tech mass of violence and says officials have a database of everyone's biometric data including their d.n.a. the chinese government has not yet commented on this report but it has denied
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accusations of mistreatment of muslims and jin yang it says the increased security measures at a guard against the threats of separatists in the region iran car. the u.s. is planning a second meeting between donald trump and kim jong il and it follows a request to the white house by the north korean leader meanwhile the new u.s. envoy for north korea is on his first diplomatic visit to the region stephen bigan is in seoul he says that the u.s. is working toward securing peace on the korean peninsula. yes we have some. of the. this is the video.
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dozens of members of afghanistan's security forces have been killed in a series of attacks across the north of the country the government pressure to improve the security situation after an escalation in violence in recent months as part of that effort it's trying to attract more women to join the police reports from kabul. female police officers are relatively new phenomenon in afghanistan. the police force was rebuilt sixteen years ago and there are now one hundred sixty thousand officers but only three thousand women. that i can feel there is danger for female police officers in afghanistan but when i joined the police i decided on that day country which means i kept the danger i want to be a role model for our people to serve them sincerely so the culture changes and lots of women join the. finding and retaining women is a challenge is
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a convincing parts of society that women should work it's also dangerous as the taliban specifically target the military and police during shift and. one of the nation's most senior police woman. had an idea to improve the female to male ratio. the police woman to protect and their families as a gift from the government. i am also. i'm looking for the safety of these women i know how difficult it is. to make a city for them it's all for the. from where i'm standing rise the first of ten five storey buildings to boat across the site for three hundred policewoman and their families around the perimeter will be a high security wall with six guards how to protect the people inside. the plans include a daycare center and school for nearly seven hundred children along with
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a medical clinic and gym for women. the total cost is one hundred twenty million dollars canada has put thirty million towards the first phase of building the issue of security is not a hypothetical one earlier this year al jazeera spoke with the family of nor hire a menorah two sisters who are working as police officers and province when they were targeted and killed by the taliban. in kabul the security elite are watching these stories recruitment even without a brick laid the site is already listed with towers and armed guards building confidence that they can and will protect women as they push towards the goal of five thousand female officers by twenty twenty i think it's responsibility and duty for every afghan woman our men should stand side by side and fight for our country there are no short cuts to equality in this nation moving security and gender equality and the right direction comes one shovel at
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a time. zero kubel russia and japan say that they're ready to resolve a decades long territorial dispute over a chain of islands in the pacific ocean russia's president vladimir putin and japanese japan's prime minister shinzo made the comments after meeting in vladivostok in eastern russia they say they're working towards signing a peace treaty which would formally end second world war hostilities. that and celebrations in north korea to mark seventy years since the country was founded tens of thousands of people have been taking part in the mass games an event that showcases the country's achievements while at the same time pulling in tourists bryde reports from seoul. taking months to prepare and involving tens of thousands of citizens to perform them the games are an extravagance north korea can ill afford. they haven't been staged for five years but the country's leader kim jong
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un clearly believes this period of improving relations is worth celebrating. him and bracing his south korean counterpart while korean characters declare a new era of reunification. you know this display also promotes the message of strengthening relations with the international community after years of isolation. and i think our country should be very unified soon and go out into the world he said. north korea's neighbors may be prevented by international sanctions from trading with it but tourists face less restrictions tickets for foreigners to witness this spectacle cost hundreds of dollars and thousands are expected to visit during the coming months. kim jong un has personally overseen the development of new tourist resorts as a way of attracting visitors and their cash. neighboring china is allowing
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a record number of tourists to visit north korea providing a much needed boost i'm pyongyang wants to reopen a resort on its side of the d.m.z. border to allow return of tourists from south korea. this is an impoverished country still under maximum international pressure not that you would know it from this display robin pride al-jazeera so. it's good to have you with us hello adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. is threatening sanctions against the international criminal court if it pursues an investigation into american troops in afghanistan national security adviser john bolton issued the warning in his first major speech since joining the trumpet ministration and they pulled in the same address he confirmed that the u.s. is closing the palestine liberation organization office in washington will khalid
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gindi previously served as an advisor to the palestine liberation organization he says the u.s. decision will further damage peace efforts that house in leadership has banked on a u.s. led peace process for all these many years for more than two or three decades and there will be a lot of pressure on this leadership to come up with an alternative what is the plan now and frankly the old leadership doesn't have a plan b. . except perhaps to go back to international forums like the i.c.c. . but whether these forums can be effective in actually securing the primary demand which is an end to the israeli occupation is very very uncertain the united nations says thirty thousand people have been displaced within syria is it live province in the last week alone during the two to an increase in the number
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of s. strikes turkey's president is calling on the international community to take action to stop the russian and syrian government attacks. evacuation orders have been issued to one million people in the u.s. as a powerful storm approaches the country's east coast aurukun florence is expected to make landfall on thursday in north or south carolina already a category four storm it's predicted to strengthen further in the coming days people have been told to leave the areas listed for evacuation by tuesday lawyers for brazil's jailed former president luis ignacio lula da silva say that he's still fighting to run in next month's presidential election is topping opinion polls but he's banned from standing due to a corruption conviction the supreme court has rejected his latest appeal. those are the headlines i'll be back with more news for you here on al-jazeera
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right after the stream next. getting to the heart of the matter unless we have new generations growing up to understand better relationship with the natural well then soon there will be nothing left facing reality or a lot of friends and allies played a positive role in the fencing and his commission for taking this here their story on talk to al-jazeera. emily could be here in the stream now live on al-jazeera and you tube today what happens when fashion and activism collide you're about to meet a group of women redefining what it means to be a model. for designers to models and fashion these does a like new york fashion week is the pinnacle of the season but this year there is buzz beyond the runway we're seeing
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a convergence of fashion and activism with the industry focusing on not only creating goods by doing good so is this awakening a moment or a movement because this fashion trends go one day you're in and the next you're out we're here to discuss this our panel of models in the studio we have a great smile hari and mario malik and in new york city jillian mercado and how do you my eight and welcome everyone to this stream so good to have you here i know you're busy in the midst of new york fashion week so we appreciate you taking the time because this is a topic that our community cares about and so with that i'm going to share a tweet from one of them i'm going to give us a little bit of a spicy start some argue pre-warning you there this is. who tweets and historically fashion played a role in promoting social change today i believe it's used more to feel good versus doing good jillian you want to take that on this is more about what it looks
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like than actually doing the work. but that's because i think that. in today's world i think that a sense models have a voice because of social media and or to act on it to be asked of the and actually the work and show that you know show or. run away from fashion but we also are very passionate about the things that are only a fact. or that we. have the power and the platform so we go out and do it and show that. even in the fashion industry so i want to share an example right away with our audience this is a tweet that you tweeted telling him of my new c r fashion but cover story is all about unicef efforts to help children operated join me and jihad deed and supporting unicef usa and this incredible work you can scroll down there and you can see the cover of the c.r.
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fashion book out today and this is what you all are doing why she has need it in and more come together for c r thirteen and unicef of course i watched you at a panel just this weekend talked about this very topic fashion activism so this is something that new york fashion week thinks is important to discuss why was it important for you to talk about this issue. no actually have it. how me being it i don't know. your big thank you cover mean everything actually one of my favorite. editorial. or the. you know on a magazine and we're bringing together actors. and we're showing the world who are very much. on the very wealthy high fashion and you could be working with
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article or going to you know and i just want to encourage everybody. and i will be reporting you know. and so it looks like a little connection is breaking up just a little bit and that is coming to us from new york city but i wanted to share another example that people notice in new york fashion week this is a weasel workshop that's their handle they tweet in cromer party uses their medium body positivity and inclusion incredible show at new york fashion week and they sent this tweet here grace says new york fashion week spring twenty one thousand runway images from both parties are absolutely killing it with their designs and use all really body shapes of all types of people from all walks of life what was it you know differently about this year than maybe perhaps other years it's well
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phenomenal maybe to put things in perspective i've been in the industry for about twelve years. and i have been just so. i mean to put it pretty well for that i am born with a straight size stander and the very unlike homogenously group of model cars for certain things and of course i benefited from some of. as of my natural body type but to see women in my family woman around the world to men as well who who differ and body shape race ethnicity you know sexuality represented in fashion in the media it means everything it means that we are trying to move at least collectively as a culture and society into a more truthful space. with it martin can you relate to that absolutely i do believe fashion is storytelling and in order for us to be able to connect with the
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rest of the walls and influence because fashion influences so many is for us to have voices to tell the stories of the voiceless and unheard through fashion or through our experiences and this is why i believe for myself specifically that being a model was for me to be a model with purpose because i came as a refugee and i got this privilege and platform and i feel fortunate so i feel like i have to use my platform in ways where i can make a change and it's so important for us in the fashion industry to be involved in making the change because we have that platform to do so and i love that you mentioned the platform we were just seeing images of some of your modeling i want to share a closer look with our audience here this is kenneth cole but courageous class q. and a mari moloch you can see some of her modeling there but then this picture is
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a little bit different talk to us about what we are seeing here in this picture you are with a group of students holding up minstrel kits yeah talk to us about that and why they're so important to you so since i got involved in the fashion industry i always wanted to share the stories of where i come from south sudan south sudan is the youngest country in the world we're facing one of the worst refugee crisis as well. now and the ones who are suffering the most are women and children over fifty percent of south sudan is children under the age of eighteen years old and sixty four percent are women and we are not prioritized to have empowerment to have equality or to have education when a girl menstruate she is already considered to be a woman and she doesn't have access to school after that she is married all and many girls end up missing three four or five days of school because they don't have
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access to menstrual products or they completely drop out of school so withstand for education are nonprofit organization is that we provide menstrual hold products and we give free menstrual health products that picture was a picture of girls holding underwears where we put kits together i go there every year and supply girls in school with kits and underwear is last the girl for one to three years it's incredible and it's leakage free it's a stain of all is free usable and this is not an issue that's just in south sudan or all over the world is in refugee camps this in america in prisons and homeless shelters and. mental products should be free like toilet paper and that's what we're working on that and of course they are not doing i see you nodding your head there what did you want to. i mean it's amazing because. you didn't but i would
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think earlier using our for show the world. and it's very unfortunate for our knowledge that and make change you know i think we're just at the community we had you had it not. you know now we're out there using our good making a difference that much needed and. i'll. talk about. around the world because i'm very privileged to have grown betty. where we have. people there's so many people in the world. and in my case with disability. something that not talked about. and make sure that we women and children are. everywhere around the world so i want
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to share with our audience what that looks like for you and it's in new york city where you are part of this is times square the heart of the city look at argo i guess sharon clapping for you and well deserved doing arcata i'm not too outspoken too vulnerable drug driven defiant or ambitious strong too confident or even too different this is the ad campaign for layo a little lady you can see there with it behind you. this moment of course resonated online it sent ripple effects this is your face on this campaign i want to our audience to have a look at the video behind this campaign featuring jillian mcconnell have a look. when i was diagnosed with my disability. there was this encyclopedia of things that i should know shouldn't do should do act. so right there and then i was faced with so many things that i wasn't even sure that i actually wanted to follow. and you know you're
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a little baby you don't know but then as an adult you realize that. you don't have to follow the rules that someone else. has for you you can write your own journey in your own rule book and that's something that i face every single day trying to add a new rule in my own. many of his jillian ricardo together we can face anything. you can write your own rulebook i'm taking notes they're interesting and interesting comment that came up after you tweeted that out was this from tatyana but i wanted to bring it out tatyana says this is gorgeous but i'm out they didn't show your chair but i know it's all about the face congratulations and this of course what she's talking about talk to us about that idea not showing the chair. because nobody else was there body. there right there. everyone know
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that that's i think the point is you know i. i. but it's also i think that people here or the melody. and i think that we've been brainwashed. people who. think that they. be without actually getting hurt. regarding her called. me because. being. here on site are not ingrates i want to bring this up because our guests are hearing our audience is hearing what our guests have to say and people read said how helpful or difficult is the fashion industry and its support for nonprofit activities as initiated by members like yourself is it is it difficult to do to bridge those two parts of your identity. you know when so that asked me just comment on what julie
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was jillian knows this i don't know if you know this but my father is in a wheelchair he was in an accident i was six months. old and i met when i met jillian i was just out and i was just astonished at her personality and charisma and her her your ambition because she's right in that example is a face campaign why should her chair be there her chair is a part of her and i think obviously from my father and from my family we love to see the fact that you aren't sure because yes we do need to know that you exist and that you are a definition of beauty as well and i for a long time all my life until i met you didn't think that this day would come i didn't think that a person in a wheelchair would be a supermodel and so thank you for being that shining light and to answer the question twitter i was brought up to and yeah it is it is kind of difficult especially now because where i mean i feel like the industry is a little oversaturated and it's quite difficult to get your project or your idea at the forefront of several different ideas. but i on the other hand have been so
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grateful and pretty lucky with some of the relationships i've made in this industry who have helped me along the way creating projects so my nonprofit is there to cater to creating clean energy solutions for communities around the world the don't have access to power i i was born in reason edmonton alberta moved to toronto and high school my parents come from. eritrea they are immigrants they you know they brought i was raised with a serious relationship with my country and my continent and so when i got my first big break with the big designers you launch she walking exclusively with them the first thing i wanted to do with this amazing opportunity to live like being in paris was go home and i took myself home and i went alone which is not normal for most of us kids. for three weeks i don't really speak the language that well i can get by baby talk i just i went there and i realized that i was born and raised in a way that's different and i have now
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a platform an opportunity to do something about that in a place that my family and friends and relatives are from relatable countries around the continent and world and so that's what i'm doing so i was i had my devices myself and my laptop in there and i was like ok i can charge anything. i don't know when the next time i'll be able to use a device is and i decided then and there that this is going to be my project this is what i'm going to do and obviously i chose clean energy because while maybe it's not obvious to everyone but we are running out of fossil fuels one two we are harming the planet in an x. rate. and three i just want to see the youth and in parts in developing nations have the same access and opportunities that we do around the world if you take a look at my laptop here you will see that project clean energy for all. this headline i think pretty much sums it up for grace fashion and social activism the busy life
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of model grace the canadian model aims to fight poverty with her project and her company i could see you nodding there when grace was talking about using that platform and going about colm to try to give back or rethinking. well arthur all great and my neighbor. i'm from mali so i can totally relate to what you're going home and i recently got to go home for the first time too and that experience was. like changing and going back to the camp that i was born into and the all the hope and you know like it to me you realize like it doesn't matter if a child in america or. a different part of the world there are still children and they want it one happy. education in third. and.
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you know all clearly all children have a childhood i have a happy childhood so i'm so proud of your grave and i'm sad to have had like thought of me everything that you. think exactly like or in a time when fashion and we could do so much with it you know whether it's going back even just sharing it on our social media or being on time where by the way julie you are oh my gosh i'm literally in tears that little beautiful and i think of all the little girls that will you know that and relate to you and that for the first time the industry is providing people and i'm just going credibly honored to be with a woman and i learned so much every day you guys. are in the alliance and yeah i'm just going right in new direction in the industry. we have a question live on you tube from someone named she's a former stream fellow and she says do you feel your activism is being taken
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seriously or do people think you're being self promoting and that in itself is not effective mario give that one to you do you think you're taken seriously are you looked at as a that's just a model she's a fashion. i think before i start a thing. the same time you did twelve years ago and i wanted to speak my voice as a model and have the story behind me and many people did not get that in the industry it's like no you're supposed to just show up for the client take pictures look beautiful but i wanted to have something behind it but now it's a huge commodity to be a model activist it's trendy but at the same time i take it into consideration as a blessing because we are able to utilize our voices as well as our beauty i guess to make a change and thanks to social media because social media is sure it could be a curse or a blessing but it depends on how you the individual can take matters into your
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hands and be ethical and responsible with how you utilize your message so not even just being a model but just being a human being we all are. we have a specific way where we can give. our opinions out and have a voice and if you're a model an actor or a doctor or lawyer or even a dishwasher you still have a platform to speak up because there are so many other people in the world who don't have that platform and that's the way we can utilize these ways so. yeah right now it's pretty cool to be able to speak our voices as well as use our faces . because what you may not know about mary she's also a d.j. so many have it. ready to fall over all over again where many hot i want to bring
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in a little bit of pushback about this is a headline from someone who said just the video comment the headline is why does fashion suddenly care about activism so this is picking up on the idea that this is just a trend we've got a video comment from the author of this piece his name is jake hawley the freelance journalist out of the u.k. and this is what he asks. so do you think it's great that seventy designers are using their platforms to raise awareness is an issue but i also think it's worth remembering that the fashion industry is the second in the world. has an issue still is that we need to see if somebody is up to the oppression whether they have a transparent supply chain whether or not they kind of like to avoid exploitation and whether or not they have divest representation in the inside out also think that in today's political climate control lots of business with the marketing tools especially when it comes to dealing with seem to be a more engaged use generation so i think that's what runs i should be an activist it means doing if more than one season means anything at least some of the proceeds i'm also looking within that are in companies to fix the issues of. doing it for
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more than one season julianne i want to throw that one over to you what you make about. well there's a lot right right. i mean yeah i can see how you can see that you know this may look like it's a trend there what but i feel like specially now i mean i can be honest and tell you that i have never been to more protests in march in my life than i have in the past year to us because we had we are now the thing that was like when they emerged as the now and that our rights can be quickly taken away from us so quickly but i feel like you know the piggyback of what was that before we had this like a meeting one that were reaching millions and millions of people and where talking and posting about things that actually matter and cared about and i couldn't back everything you know and i feel like you know we're yes we're out in the fashion you
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know and yet there is a lot of things to change within the change that we still have a acknowledge a change but you know it baby it takes one person at a time to take conversation. you know talking about. you know i'm actually making that change happen. it sounds like we're getting there i do believe that you are and it sounds like what you're saying is that it's sort of an organic process. this week and the panel that i mentioned earlier that you spoke at fashion and activism one of the audience members or on the panel one of the questions that came up was that you are an activist and whether or not you can embrace that title do you call yourself an activist would you would you label yourself a thought i personally don't label myself as an activist. because i feel like
1:44 pm
for me i don't know maybe it's because i'm twenty and i still have so much to learn and my work you know just started last year so i think dying but i really see myself as a student if anything and i think activism. you know i mean i feel like when i when i think of that term i think of i do you have earned i think women like oprah and you know like people who really get it you know prior like live in career and you know i mean not just like oh when you type of thing and for me and i just i feel like. part of the reason why different for me is because i was in a refugee camp i was born there i looked there for seven years and i understand it very much but for me i leave the feeling of i've got so many people i think whether it was from the workers. or just people you know when we moved to america who helped my adjust into the new country like your life when you're given that many
1:45 pm
things and surely like a child of a lifetime i almost always. do whatever i can whether it means whatever i can with this new platform or even if i live in modeling like i love doing how i think a lot of talk it all and i was trying to raise awareness about the refugee and trying to bring attention to that you know there was volunteering and i community or are just sharing my story and struggle i feel like for me it was always a social responsibility and i don't really focus on the legal. you know what i mean and i know we all all work or i do and i think that is the point we're going to have to pause this conversation because we run out of time i want to give a big thanks to all of our guests of course our community and with the ways you can get in touch with our gas via instagram this is how limas instagram page will be here you have grayson hari's here is that mari maalik and some instagram for julie
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and i'm going to show this on newsstands now tina vo. thanks so much for joining us until next time we'll see you on mine.
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the final version. of. what makes this moment is you know we're living in something new. we haven't seen
1:48 pm
the president this is unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid motley clones and that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or near the light so long as there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out the earth is the two state solution no bid up front for italians on al-jazeera. the u.s. national security adviser threatened sanctions against the international criminal court if it tries americans for possible war crimes in afghanistan. hello i'm adrian for the again this is al jazeera live from doha the u.s. also announces the closure of palestine its diplomatic office in washington d.c.
1:49 pm
over attempts to take israel to the i.c.c. . turkey's president warns of a humanitarian disaster as the syrian government targets the last rebel stronghold of. brazil's jailed former president lula da silva says that he'll keep up his fight to run in the upcoming election. the u.s. is threatening sanctions against the international criminal course if it pursues an investigation into american troops in afghanistan national security adviser john bolton issued the warning in his first major speech since joining the trumpet ministration in april in the same address he confirmed that the u.s. is closing the palestine liberation organization is office in washington a white house correspondent kimberly reports. protests in the west bank as news filtered out washington was making good on it threat national security advisor john
1:50 pm
bolton made it official the u.s. is closing the washington office of the palestine liberation organization effort to put pressure on palestinians to return to the negotiating table amid stalled peace talks with israel the trumpet ministration will not keep the office open when the palestinians refused to take steps to start direct and meaningful negotiations with israel the threat of the mission's closure seen by many as retaliation for actions by the palestinian authority president. but abbas last year at the united nations calling for the investigation and prosecution of israeli officials through the international criminal court the actions in raged many in the united states who see the i.c.c. as a body rife with abuses and an infringement on u.s. sovereignty on monday bolton called for criminal sanctions against the i.c.c. if it moves ahead with investigating allegations of us were crimes in afghanistan
1:51 pm
those sanctions could even include blocking i.c.c. judges from entering the united states the united states will use any means necessary to protect our citizens and those of our allies from unjust prosecution by this illegitimate court senior palestinian officials are enraged by the u.s. announcement following similar announcements of cuts to palestinian aid the move of the us embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and is blind to the ongoing israeli settlement expansion on disputed land this is an administrative mission. yeah administrations that to diminish. its policies. and. having peace process and. the palestinian mission opened in one nine hundred ninety four here in washington and palestinian leaders have long held that any closure of
1:52 pm
this office would undermine peace efforts despite ignoring these warnings the trumpet ministration says it's still committed to peace could roll out its plan in the coming months kimberly help get al-jazeera washington the palestinian leadership says that the u.s. has adopted a list of israeli to mom's reports from ramallah. well the polar state of relations between the palestinian leadership and the united states was already in evidence for many months one of those factors is the fact that the head of the p.l.o. mission which has just been closed down has been here in ramallah since he was withdrawn from the united states in may by palestinian president mahmoud abbas he was informed early on monday morning palestinian time by a u.s. official who told him that it was because of the palestinian pressure for israel to be brought before the international criminal court that this decision was being made with the palace in leadership sees this very much in the context of other u.s.
1:53 pm
measures against them in recent days in fact throughout the trump administration just recently though we have seen two hundred million dollars in aid slashed from u.s. funding to the palestinian authority we've seen the united states and entirely its funding of an rather the u.n. organization that aids palestinian refugees just this weekend twenty five million dollars taken away from palestinian hospitals in east jerusalem and so when we spoke to the senior advisor to the palace in president not bill south he put this in that context does mr trump provide any answer absolutely not mr thrums ideas are destructive whatever remains of the peace process are one sided are extortionists. using economic pressure to deny any right for the palestinians and to deny the importance of international law and international institutions the palestinian leadership says rather than trying to bully them into adopting a different line in terms of their rejection of the trump peace plan before its
1:54 pm
publication rather the united states has adopted a grocery list of israeli demands this latest move being one of them we spoke to the secretary general of the p.l.o. side erekat on monday he said that they would pursue israel at the international criminal court with even greater vigor adding another charge to the list that of the impending demolition of a bedouin village. in the occupied west bank he also said that after speaking to the un general assembly president abbas would return here reconvene the palestinian central council and start to enact real changes in the palestinian relationship with israel as a result of all that's happened since donald trump took power. turkey's president has warned about a humanitarian crisis if the syrian government goes ahead with its offensive in the rebel held province writing in the wall street journal wretch uptight bird warns the syrian government against sacrificing innocent people on counter-terrorism
1:55 pm
grounds syria cannot be left in the hands of bashar al assad he says and russia and iran must take responsibility for preventing a humanitarian disaster in italy if the international community fails to take action not only innocent syrians but the entire world stands to pay the price he says a political solution is needed as the expected offensive will create a massive security risk for turkey europe and beyond the ones pleas for a political solution come as the united nations says that thirty thousand people have already been displaced within syria's province in the last week alone and many of them are heading towards turkey vultures era stephanie decker reports from antakya on the turkey syria border. there's a huge numbers given by the united nations over thirty thousand people fleeing the areas where the bombardment is taking place and going to different areas inside it most of the people according to the united nations are going into camps these are
1:56 pm
camps that are along the turkish border turkey's borders of course remain closed some people going to stay with relatives also others according to the united nations are in informal camps and others renting it just shows you the concern going forward particularly by turkey over mass potential civilian exodus towards its borders its borders remain closed as we've said and it has no intention of opening them up regardless of what happens it says it is on its own and it is at capacity when it comes to dealing with syrian refugees hosting already over three million inside turkey so what what they're doing to prepare for this they tell us that they already have material inside syria in the sense that they can be setting up more camps more tense also medical facilities tree our facilities if that is needed because they do expect if the offensive gets closer to the cities to the more densely populated areas they are warning and a lot of people have used this word of a potential bloodbath as
1:57 pm
a possible offensive looms in the adlib seen here officials from russia turkey and iran have arrived in geneva for talks hosted by the un david chase reports. the united nations has warned an all out onslaught on it lip will endanger the lives of three million civilians trapped in the province one million of them children. with special envoy for syria has spelled out to the security council what it could mean we have been hearing it during this last few days we are all terribly concerned the old ingrate that exist poor a perfect storm of which in chile divest taking your money to a concert with all the consequences as well the syrian red. g.'s and activists have been staging weekly demonstrations outside the u.n. headquarters in geneva they say it's intolerable talks of a new constitution are taking place and while bombs are falling on it live. to.
1:58 pm
see. just talking without action we heard. the u.n. special envoy to syria said in terms of real politics they realize that plans could be overturned by the escalating conflict in it but that no political process should be held hostage by anything aid organizations say in recent days three hospitals have been attacked one of them twice that calling for human observers to be based in the province when there is a storm i would be told sick by the war stay in the payson and do this don't do that to survive in the case of syria it's not even a storm there is no guidance there is no instructions you never know what to do as a civilian this secretly film footage was taken after the fall of eastern ghouta earlier this year and shows young men who surrendered to the government being led
1:59 pm
in chains through the streets of damascus it's believed they were then conscripted into the army this digital artwork of life in rebel controlled territory in syria is going on display at the headquarters of the union of medical care in geneva it conveys the suffocating isolation of being under attack but nothing can convey the sheer scale of the suffering to come if the assault continues david chaytor al jazeera geneva. lawyers for brazil's jail for president lula da silva say that he'll keep fighting to run in next month's presidential election is param from standing due to a corruption conviction and the supreme court has rejected his latest appeal he spent monday meeting with fernando her dad who could be announced as the workers' party candidates on tuesday in america editor lucy of human is in could achieve is in jail it's
2:00 pm
a race against time for former president lula da silva and his workers party this is the federal police facility where the former president is serving out a twelve year prison sentence and it's here that the would be presidential candidate spent the day meeting with his running mate fernando had that it was widely expected that lula would give him a letter naming him as his successor to allow him to register in his stead as the party's candidate before a tuesday evening deadline for doing so runs out. outside supporters who've been camped out in front of the prison facility remained on vigil. the man made them. we vote for liz ideals we have a program for our country voting had dot vote it's the same thing for us because we are voting for a program but instead of a new candidate but they got was the message there is still no giving up hoping against the odds that one of two superior court appeals that he still has.


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