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tv   The Stream 2018 Ep 147  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2018 5:32pm-6:01pm +03

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they have wrong ideas though they're engaged in a project of. thought and of trying to transform readers into. more of a chinese type of. culture so this requires beating the privacy of people requires track where people live and what they're up to and stuart who did. one of a myriad of. features to. keep track of every individual member of a minority group. so if you want to share this we got from a she's not here as r.n. and she's the first of course that pitched this segment of the show she says i think the main issue for me is how the issue is being censored in the republic the people's republic of china having lived there this issue was not even spoken in public and the surely i soon that was due to fear of persecution but eventually i realized it's due to them being unaware of it even happening so sophie of course
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this for court will mean that people are more aware what do you think is the biggest finding from this report. well there are a couple of different issues not least new evidence of her if it could be uses the fact that the person outside the camps is almost as bad as repression inside the camp. there are international consequences for people who have family members outside china or people in the africa who are being terrorized by chinese officials largely to try to get them to come back so to speak to you know the other person's point of a moment ago. people across china are allowed to know what the government wants them to know and the extent that they're given any information about all it tends to be on my phobic tend to be that community in very tokenistic terms and so you know there's there's not much readily available information and well i'd
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like to think that our and other people's reporters who contribute to changing the . censorship in china is pervasive and so. forth like ours or a program like this one. ryan going back to will to see new evidence shows that china is in the education council weakest funding. what does that tell us a little bit about that. in regard to evidence harvested from the chinese government quest for construction companies. and those those requests include plans for camps that would be coming online later this fall or maybe earlier that winter which suggests that even as we speak right now new.
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turn based on their. criminal charges. so what do you know about what gets people into the caps what do they have to have done to be taken away oh it's a little of having protests and you know in the religious ceremony. it's resisting purchase of peeping in weekly singing songs or evenings it's as little as having family members who. countries like turkey or malaysia or indonesia you know it's very important understand nothing in chinese law that allows for the. tension of people in the essentially. identity and there are. earlier and become the basis of arbiter or arbitrary detention it's interesting you mentioned having family members of broad can be a reason to not this is a way they're bulletin who sent us
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a series of tweets you can see on our twitter feed they read them and why and it's already a well known fact that the flow of information from east turkistan saying to the outside world is strictly controlled by china's state surveillance and censorship apparatus with the help of advanced ai technology this effectively has prevented the news about the vast network of internment camps to reach the global audience through the internet and besides the information blockage by the government self-censorship on social media has become a widespread norm in the weaker community i'm wondering sophie how long do you know that this is been going on. i've been working. for twenty years and throughout that entire time i hope we are friends and colleagues say that they are deeply frightened about phone calls technological communications being surveilled being monitored you know. having people in the community who are essentially on the chinese government payroll who are surveilling others but i think it's very clear
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that. even considerably in the last few years as people try to find out what's happening to their family members inside the country but are also on the receiving end of phone calls from chinese officials in their hometowns calling them and saying you need to come back now you know we're concerned about what we're doing overseas and if you don't come back your family's going to pay the price and i'm just thinking this report is out there this new evidence it's very clear that the living and we've we've known this for some while but we've got to tell us that they're living in it's like almost a george a well again kind of reality for them what happens next what happened to the international community if they said to china ok you need to stop this. well we're already starting to see some pushback from united states and quite possible with the u.s.
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congress people speaking out and perhaps the executive branch speaking out which is under consideration the moment we'll start to see more countries. certainly there has been a lot of a lot of complete perhaps. some governments are saying that their fear of economic rescue you shouldn't from from china but it seems to me that as as awareness grows that it's going to be hard for governments to convince their own population that they have a good reason to stay silent. on this kind of situation. orwellian word you use this is really really appropriate for them there is no private left readers and want to be remarkable think that came out in the human rights watch before it was a report of someone who has a camera. for her own home we also know about living in
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the homes. of atrocities and rye and i think i think exactly what you are detailing here is what our community's picking up on arm ourselves not a lot shockwave but this report about the chinese government putting q.r. codes on weaker muslim holes certainly has one i think sophie and ryan for being part of this conversation today and as always will be following the weser story i mean. this is what confronts looks like com let me give you a little bit more detail here it's a category three hurricane which means the winds around one hundred twenty five miles an hour or two hundred kilometers an hour moving slowly towards the eastern side of the u.s. and when it does it's expected to dump catastrophic amounts of rain how do you prepare for. this big and this strong leslie for our community in north carolina has a very good idea. my organizing efforts for hurricane florence are focused
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on direct giving for three reasons one we know that government and not for profit led recovery efforts often leave brown and poor people out to direct giving insurers that one hundred percent of what is goes directly to those in need and three this also allows resources to reach those in need quickly and immediately when they need it the most. valley is mayor ologists an owner of valley weather consulting and has had to evacuate from his home state of north carolina but still made time to join us here on the stream thank you for that and i want to start with this tweet because we're hearing from people directly affected who will be dr sarah says i have stocked up on groceries i will get gas on my way home or move anything inside that can blow away i'm in line enough to be more worried about localized flooding and falling limbs and until those things happen good books and netflix so for people who are perhaps more directly in the line or the path of this hurricane
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what's your advice to them what are you telling people. yeah absolutely i think you know at this point it's wednesday afternoon the storm is coming late thursday in through the weekend and at this point if you're in the path of the storm you need to have finalized most of your preparations at this point whether that's finding higher ground if you're near the coast stocking up on on supplies nonperishable food items gasoline all those necessities that you you would need in order to survive a power power outage that could last as much as two weeks in some locations so certainly we need to be finalizing those preparations now as florence makes its run at us here over the next few days and not something the top tapes ad from your twitter things because when people evacuated it's not just like you just drive out in head north or away from the storm because thousands of other people are also doing the same thing have a look at what ed was recommending using the attic gas buddy app so that you can
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work out how do you not run out of gas other practical tips would be what. you know i think at this point again we're towards the end of the preparation cycle are you saying it's too late if you haven't done it you're in trouble you know we're starting to see gasoline shortages in portions of the carolinas anywhere from about ten percent ten to fifteen percent of gasoline is already out in some of these locations so you know we again you need to be finalizing the reparations now because you know it's going to be too late as the storm is bearing down on us as we speak people are already talking about inches and how much rainfall that might be but it's really hard if you're not a weather person to understand what that means what might happen to north carolina and south carolina in the next three days. so a really good comparison here we had hurricane matthew that impacted a lot of the same area including my hometown here of fayetteville. in two thousand and sixteen and that dropped anywhere from ten to twenty inches of rain over
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a few days span and we saw the rivers rapidly rise we saw a lot of homes washed away just because of the power of the water so you know we're getting to the situation now where this rain is going to cause issues and you know that's going to lead to flooding not only right along the coastline but well inlet wherever this storm goes right now we're thinking it's going to hit southern south or north carolina and then turn westward into south carolina as we move through the weekend and that slope forward motion is going to lead to a lot of rainfall like you mentioned anywhere from ten to in some cases thirty inches of rain and that's going to lead to devastating flooding and again this is why we preach the preparation for this storm because in some cases if you're your place gets flooded you could be weeks without power and without any access to you know any sort of real food you know you need to have those backup supplies just in
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case and it's not only just the preparation for the public but it's also portions of the ad community agriculture community in the carolinas that there's a lot of low income areas in these areas and you know that's going to lead to a lot of of heartache if the preparations are taken seriously i'm glad you mentioned preparations there ad of course the president has been talking in recent days he says that things cost is very prepared he also mentioned of course the last year's hurricane maria and said that it was an sunk success what his administration's response was angele says my traumatized relatives and heartbroken dad who disagree with the response to hurricane marie out with an unsung success she goes on to say i have a sibling now in jacksonville north carolina who may be leaving the state soon and the fact that she is by the water when a category four is coming it's scary to think about how prepared are these not just the people but the community as the authorities and the state. right and the one
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thing that's a positive in this situation is the carolinas are used to dealing with these types of storms it's been a while the last major hurricane to impact this area was actually hurricane floyd in one nine hundred ninety nine so it's been almost twenty years but a lot of these people have have either dealt with a tropical storm or a weaker hurricane and are fairly familiar with how to prepare for these systems but that doesn't change the fact that even if you're well inland you could be dealing with like jacksonville for example you can be dealing with hurricane force gusts and employee of heavy rain because thirty seconds left just enough time for me distance from this this this track right now doesn't mean it's exactly going to go in this direction but just over the next couple of days by so that the bottom here through to fry is a this is where confronts it's like a land and then he just sits and sits and rains so he's expecting to see a lot of rain there as well ed thank you so much for joining us and a reminder to our community if you have
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a story you'd like to see on this train us at we'll see you next time. it's. like jewel finds looks his brown is to the point of view he doesn't say we need to call you for this just when you should see the class. i am mentioning i've only done. all of. my nigeria on al-jazeera. one of the really special things that work in progress here is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to
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a story as he'll we cover this region better than anyone else would be pushes you know this that he chose to believe but the good because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. the people who believe that tell the real stories just mended to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. what makes this moment is give away never to be so unique that. we haven't seen the president this. freedom of speech is valid hotly clones and that is a formula for authoritarianism and here in the early years of the lights. there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight out here is the two state solution no upfront return on al-jazeera. the. breaks because people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say
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they need help with details coverage here in gaza more than most places the contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily like the so many from around the world forty years ago it was all but impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china let alone marry a chinese but today. on no longer exceptional. saudi amrozi led coalition battles to see ravel also over a main supply route in hard data. life and also coming up. she admits the range of prices could have been handled better but defends the jailing of reuters journalists in min ma. preparing for
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demolition israeli troops clear a camp for activists trying to stop the destruction of a palestinian village. and world leaders gather in ghana for the funeral of former u.n. secretary general kofi anna. saudi amrozi coalition and yemen says it still holds one of the main supply routes in her data of the battle in the port city against who the rebels intensifies the area known as sixteen is when the main who feeds supply routes linking her data to the rebel held capital if you find says on the plane the claims saying they have repelled the government forces and stop their progress this comes as the u.n. envoy to yemen is set to visit sana and the hopes of securing commitments to hold talks under salmons is following the story from djibouti back and forth over who
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controls the supply route what are you hearing from the. we're hearing still multiple reports that the saudi us a led coalition is bombarding a whole area who date a city that's a red sea port that's so crucial to the supply line not only of and shipments allegedly to the hutu rebels but also to people civilians civilians innocent aspect of all of this conflict three a conflict because no one is reminding of the stark figures involved the world food program figure of eight point four million people on the edge of famine and that supply line is the central issue and those reports we're getting remember there are no really neutral observers on the ground but those reports we're getting that there is a cut on the main route there were earlier reports that there was
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a cut also in another supply route however the rebels say that they tried to repel successfully at one stage they scream the onslaught from the government forces the government forces on the ground and from the air those coalition forces using a whole series of weapons the u.g. rebels were using whole buried tactics but mainly through artillery now it would seem the gains are on the government and coalition side so we have a situation where there is an escalation and one that could be arguably decisive but no doubt whatsoever on the result for civilians in that they will suffer even more than they are already ok and then meanwhile we've got the u.s. congress failing to stop american support and the led coalition has this had any impact on the ground. it would seem so i mean some
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lawmakers in congress who were not successful in convincing the state department the u.s. secretary of state. to desist in supplying arms to saudi arabia and the u.a.e. will they they would say this is a green light for more conflict and we're not sure because we have no figures of civilian casualties on the ground from recent days nor in fact figures of the losses from both sides which is somewhat unusual but it has to be said that if this classic military tactic of causing off supply lines works then it's the civilians who will suffer and only suffer could die as a result so aid agencies and other diplomats and governments are suggesting that this is really catastrophic this development in the wake of attempts by by martin griffiths the u.n.
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special envoy to the united nations who told the security council he was going to try to fix this even though things that go on amiss one has to question the motivations of both sides in what happened in that they didn't talk in geneva that the hooty rebels say that they couldn't get clearance to go and the saudis as saying that this is now really a situation where they have to move forward and fight and gain control of all highways to santa ok thanks very much. now british prime minister to resign is holding a cabinet meeting to discuss scenarios for a no deal brank says british government is about to publish guidance in case the e.u. and u.k. will not reach an agreement chief negotiator michel barnier said on monday he thinks a deal could be struck in the next two months meanwhile some conservative m.p.'s have been meeting to discuss how and when they could force made to stand down as prime minister. joins us now live from london to explain is a bit more about this new deal meeting is the government coming up with
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a contingency plan. well in effect that's what the paperwork that is to be published later on today laura will look at setting out guidelines for the eventuality of such a scenario and that's despite also the more a couple turns that have been struck between michel barnier and the bracks it secretary. dominic rob as well but really it is going to be looking at focusing on the pragmatic issues that stand to be really much impacting everyone's lives in the u.k. here and that would include the transportation of goods how how soon or how long that would take and what measures will be taken to ensure that that will be as frictionless as possible but there are also other issues as well for example business and services as well for example at the moment in the u.k. there are currently no roaming charges on mobile phones when one goes to e.u. countries even though there has been a deal struck with two mobile phone companies there are still other mobile phone
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companies that have not said that they would be necessarily to do that either so all of these measures in place as well as well as the very real practicalities of food for example food transportation has been another issue all for a city that's been affecting big basis is supermarkets as well as other businesses laura the prime minister is under so much pressure here isn't she what challenges you facing even within her own party. well really it's been a constant drip drip over the some of the pressure that she has faced from the more hardline breakfasters within the party some of which have even called for her ouster and some of them who have also openly call for a no bricks deal as well urging the fact that certainly if the u.k. were to be crashing out of the european union then it wouldn't really be such a disaster that people who are very skeptical of this scenario would make it appear
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that that has been counteracted by other experts in the field who say that no deal scenario would be the absolute worst for the country in terms of the amount of chaos that it would possibly cause as well but this has been an ongoing scenario that the prime minister has spent she has faced it off so far as well but of course she's also looking to few weeks time to the party conference where she will be outlining whether she will be able to face the most directly and take control of them is another matter laura and indeed ok sonia thanks very much for his latest outside downing street. now russia's president is inspected troops taking part in the largest war games since the fall of the soviet union that in their putin's eyes the armed forces will continue to be strengthened but russia is a peace loving state which doesn't have aggressive plans three hundred thousand troops for the week long training exercises in russia's far east chinese troops have joined them for the first time in such a large scale operation or
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a challenge has more from vladivostok. well there are two notable things about these drills the first is the sheer size of them they are large the biggest we are being told since one thousand nine hundred eighty one and involving three hundred thousand military personnel from the russian armed forces we are seeing over a thousand aircraft involved helicopters unmanned aerial vehicles that's drones basically up to thirty six thousand tanks and other armored personnel carriers and vehicles eighty ships and supply of vessels now there might be some exaggeration going on here previous military exercises that russia has conducted have not been quite as big in the final tally as we were told they were going to be beforehand but still they're large and there is also this chinese components now the chinese imports is minimal compared to the russian the chinese have put in three thousand two hundred troops and thirty aircraft helicopters and planes plus
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a few tanks and other armored vehicles but it's the gesture that's important it's russia inviting china to show them essentially that russia does not view china as a threat or an adversary but it's also a sign to the west to nato led to the united states that russia and china are getting closer together and might have push came to shove actually fight alongside each other now and has been watching over these exercises and he says they've gone pretty well so far he went on also to say that russia is a peace loving state we don't do not and cannot have aggressive plans now. that is of course trying to assure any international observers these are. defensive drills rather than aggressive his statements i think might raise eyebrows in western capitals which have been watching russian behavior in ukraine over recent years its behavior in syria at the moment and also going back to say two
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thousand and eight the invasion of georgia but that's is vladimir putin's view on things today. unsung sea change says in hindsight government could have handled the range of crisis better seven hundred thousand rang to muslims by the military crackdown in stating a year ago yet investigators said there were mass killings and gang rapes but cities speaking as an international meeting and vietnam defended security forces from charges of civilian atrocities when haye has more from their. own sons to g.'s appearance at the world economic forum on southeast asia in hanoi was the first international speaking engagement since a united nations report was released last month that called for genocide charges to be laid against me and my military leaders for attacks on rigging your communities in rakhine state that report was also very critical of aung san suu kyi and her government for their failure to condemn the violence something she also refused to
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do here in hanoi there are of cause. with which we with hindsight might think that the situation could have been handled better but we believe that for the sake of long term stability and security we have to be fair to all sides the rule of law must apply to everybody we cannot choose and pick who should be protected by the rule of law and you have to keep repeating because people are very few are interested in that aspect of the situation that in the rakhine there are many many small groups ethnic groups and religious groups and there don't just muslims under the kind of a perception of much of the world for example we are very small ethnic groups which are fast disappearing but nobody seems to be interested in them and yet they are the ones who could disappear altogether because some are now down to four fingers.


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