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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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al jazeera. and. even bigger waves ahead a huge storm surge two in hong kong as typhoon court pushes the city to its highest alert. hello and welcome i'm peter double you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also ahead the death toll expected to rise and many lives to rebuild in the philippines after the typhoon wrecked homes there and leaves many towns cut off. deadlock broken in iraq has its parliament finally elects
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a new speaker. also ahead on the lazy is attempting to revive a language spoken fluently by only three thousand people. the storm that's already left twenty five people dead in the philippines is now threatening hong kong with huge waves the city is in complete shutdown with the highest alert level in place that's a typhoon ten signal in the next few hours a storm surge bringing waves several meters above high tides expected typhoon man court has blown down cranes and shattered windows in high rise buildings across the city many main roads have been blocked as dozens of trees fall in with winds of up to two hundred ten kilometers per hour businesses are closed and all public transport is shut down nearly a thousand flights have been delayed or canceled will get an update from meteorologist kevin corriveau in
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a moment but first let's hear now from sarah clarke who filed this from the streets of central hong kong. attainted is currently in force in hong kong which is the most powerful on the right i was told early this morning is expected to stay in place for at least another few hours we are experiencing to rachel wrangle force winds of up to one hundred ninety five kilometers an hour storm surges there's also been a lot of flooding in low lying areas around the new territories being closed public transport is being shut down so you can almost say the city in virtual shutdown itself simply because of this it's extreme weather conditions i'm in what seems to be deteriorating throughout the afternoon the government has got preparations in place it's. a mixed action plan and we'll be monitoring damage of the next few hours kevin from the weather department following this one big one for seven what's it doing right now that's very well take a look at what happened we saw the storm come off land in the philippines put this into motion look how big the storm is to begin with first of all we're still
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getting a lot of the influence there across the western philippines with storm surge and rain those feeder bands are still coming up but the eye of the storm was much closer than what we thought was going to get to hong kong right now we're only talking one hundred kilometers away from the congress now just to the south and those are the winds hundred fifty seven club or four hour winds gusting to one ninety four but it is moving at a fairly good clip about northwest at thirty three so that is that is a good thing it's not a slow storm like florence's so that's where it is right now where is it heading because there was speculation that it would kind of go down that way west southwest of hong kong that's right well still to be moving should know it's to the northwest now so we're going to be seeing landfall just to the west of hong kong and it's going to be those provinces to the west of hong kong this can be seen quite a bit of rain we do expected to see a thai food when it makes landfall right now it's equivalent to a category two if it was a hurricane probably down to a category low category two equivalent to a category one then tropical storm where you see this track it is going to cause
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a lot of rain across much of that area so flash flooding is going to be a major problem briefly people are saying home. kong preparedness very good hong kong is kind of used to this china different ballgame though rural china as well that's right when whenever you talk about landfalls in any of these countries we know that certain countries can handle it better the philippines is getting better over the last decade taiwan is very good china of course in the structure in certain areas is not so good but hong kong yes they are very good at handling these but we are going to sing see how much rain there we can be seeing well over two hundred millimeters so flash flooding and a lot of mudslides and landslides a big problem ok for many things. well in the philippines at least twenty five people as we've been telling you were killed by the same weather system and codes we can slightly after it made landfall on the biggest island luzon in the early hours of saturday it has left a trail of destruction in the northern province of color young. is there. typhoon monk arrived just as predicted vicious with its force pounding over most of
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northern luzon the early hours saw power and phone lines cut off in the ghetto city in calgary and province incessant rains and strong winds crippled many of the operations planned by emergency teams. but the destruction here is nothing compared to what we saw when we ventured out of the city. throughout rural communities we saw homes and farmland destroyed access into these remote areas is difficult which means eight may be slow to arrive to. like so many places here the town of bugout bore the brunt of the typhoon spirit marine commanders say many people here lost their homes significant. property and with. the power lines. we expect that the hype will
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be over soon people here tell us they were aware of the forced evacuation order by the government but following it is easier said than done that is because often their homes and their livelihoods are just in one place and this is all what they've got these are their lives possessions they went through something similar already two years ago a super typhoon hit their community and they've barely recovered. julio salah says her small cafeteria was your only means to support your family now it's gone and. it really hurts us we don't know where to begin everything happened so fast and now my business is gong to destruction is similar all across luzon the largest island in the philippines the majority of typhoon victims are from small farming communities the impact has yet to be fully assessed and the cost counted. the philippine government says efforts to help are well under way but from past
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experience filipinos know it's never enough they barely had much before the typhoon and now they have even less. of the province nor did any business with the rebels in yemen say the united nations has agreed to help get injured people out of the country they say a memorandum of understanding was signed talks with un officials in oman however the saudi led coalition fighting the two things in yemen has not commented on the agreement last week talks meant to take place between the yemeni government and who the rebels in geneva collapsed before they had even begun under simmons has been monitoring the conflict from djibouti. this announcement comes from the who theory rebels and it could amount to a potential breakthrough following on from the failure to get the delegation from the who it is to geneva more than
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a week ago they've been in the yemeni capital muscat meeting u.n. officials including martin griffiths the u.n. special envoy now what they're saying and they've published a picture of lease ground a signing a document which the booth is say amounts to a memorandum of understanding they say though who says that they have gotten agreement to transport a number of injured people to amman over a period of six months for treatment for serious injuries on the battlefield. iraqis could finally be getting a working parliament m.p.'s elected a new speaker on saturday ending months of political deadlock following the elections in may but concern is growing that control of iraq's politics may be swinging towards pro iranian parties matheson is in baghdad. after months of political deadlock since the last election iraq's parliament may be growing into gear m.p.'s have finally elected a new speaker of the house he's muhammad
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a sunni muslim with strong support from the parliament's probably around shia coalition and that they were aided you will we need to unify our efforts some members of parliament can reach political consensus and choose our government capable of facing the serious security and economic challenges i have other posts are expected to be filled soon including the president who will be kurdish according to political tradition he will ask the leader of the biggest parliamentary bloc to be prime minister and to form a cabinet there are three main blocs to choose from the pro iran's shia coalition headed by former prime minister nouri al maliki and merely who is head of the fetter bloc the umbrella body for shia armed fighters the pro-u.s. bloc of prime minister high that all. body and the iraqi nationalist bloc led by the influential shia cleric knocked out al assad or he won a majority in the may elections but the result wasn't accepted by the rest of the
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parties there are two countries who are going to be very interested in what happens in iraq it's called iran and the united states it's well known that iraq has a lot of influence in iraq's politics and in its daily life but in recent days there's been a backlash against the level of that influence the u.s. has supported by mr hyde at all about it because he is in his turn pro united states but also because the u.s. sees him as a moderate the can pull together a fractious iraqi government. if however high that all about he loses his power within the iraqi government it may come that the u.s. two loses its influence in iraq. and the government riots recently in basra were directed at politicians including prime minister buddy protesters in the oil rich south blamed political corruption and negligence for failing to provide jobs as well as the collapse of the water and electricity supplies. the offices of local
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shia armed groups backed by iran was set on fire but obviously me and iran has been pushing for a consensus to choose the speaker and his two deputies that would guarantee its interests in iraq and the u.s. wants an independent iraqi government and a stable political process away from iran's influence there is an apparent conflict of interests between iran and the u.s. over iraq's political future iraq's political problems are far from over but the apartment of a house speaker is a step towards a solution rob matheson al jazeera baghdad. a member of the russian activist group pussy riot has been flown to germany for medical treatment after a suspected poisoning ph for a very slow was hospitalized in moscow on tuesday with symptoms including a loss of sight fellow members of the n.t. kremlin group say he was poisoned for political reasons that is love to others fifteen days in jail for running onto the pitch during the world cup final in moscow in july they were protesting of what they said was the excessive powers of
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the russian police. here's a conflict in south sudan have left more than half of its twelve million population in need of food aid many have been forced to leave their homes and farms and aid organizations say fighting makes it hard to reach those in need of a morgan now reports. this is a regular scene at sub a hospital in south sudan's capital juba children suffering from severe malnutrition come to this word every day to be treated one of them is agnes a russia's baby girl. he's been sick since he was six months i tried to feed him but where will i find food you have to buy food here in juba you can't farm if there was money i'd buy food to feed my kids if not we go to bed hungry. agnes's daughter is just one of the hundreds of thousands of children unicef says are suffering from severe malnutrition here five years of civil war has left seven million south sudanese relying on relief supplies tens of thousands have been
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killed since president salva kiir accused his then vice president riek machar of attempting a coup there weren't economy makes daily meals and affordable to many including millions of children says the outbreak of war in haiti that we have never seen this number before in twenty eight dealing with limited two hundred seventy thousand children suffering from c.b.s. a good many people this is a huge number and if we done this point quickly we would lose all these children but aid groups have complained repeatedly to the government about being blocked from. those in need by the whirring sides. the latest peace deal has been signed to end the fighting and pledges made to allow humanitarian access. witnesses that assigning say much needs to be done to ensure that's happened safely with the signing of this revitalized agreement we should publicly acknowledge it is but once they are on the road to peace but one which lays the foundation for all their
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followers. agnes hopes that the peace deal works so she doesn't lose her child to hunger a hope shared by many mothers whose children are starving he will morgan algis there are plenty more grounds still to come for you here on al-jazeera including these stories celebrations in ethiopia as the government's peace moves allow leaders of a banned opposition party to return home also ahead fears that one of europe's biggest refugee camps could be shut if the government fails to improve living conditions. however the skies are opening up nicely across a good part of europe now simply of september sunshine coming through still some showers over towards the eastern side of the continent though just around the black
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sea ukraine western side of russia up towards the baltic states clear skies for central parts but a chance of one or two showers around the a tragic and still some rather lively showers over towards that western side of the med just affecting that he's inside of spain that would be the case as we go through the next couple of days over the next couple days you will see wet and windy weather sweeping its way towards the british isles we've got largely dry weather to go on through sunday twenty two celsius there for london it's a piece of yes into those northern areas but for central parts there's the sunshine you have twenty four degrees for vienna basin places the rather heavy rain at times over towards that eastern side of year of sixteen celsius seventeen celsius there for moscow it dries up it brightens up as we go on through monday so looking even better still far to try to central areas there we go with first signs of our wet weather pushing up towards arland and scott in the still a few showers there just around spain and portugal in those showers still a possibility of somewhat weather across the far northwest of africa but for most
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is fine i dry. instantly shifting news cycle b.b.c. in changing america tweet the listening post takes and questions the wild little devil will be of the details the kind that cannot be conveyed in two hundred eighty characters or fewer exposing how the press operates it is their language is their culture it's their context and why certain stories take precedence or ignore it we can have a better understanding of how news is created we're going to have a better understanding of what it is the listening post on al-jazeera.
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welcome back let's just remind you of the top stories so far this half hour typhoon man courts is now hitting home kong the city is in complete shutdown these are live pictures from the coastline there they've now put in place the highest alert possible the highest level of alert in the next few hours or so a storm storm surge bringing waves several meters above high tide is expected the storm's not done cranes and shattered windows in high rise buildings across the city. before arriving in southern china the typhoon killed at least twenty five people in the philippines has left a trail of destruction in the northern province of yun many people living in remote rural communities have lost their homes while the government is still trying to assess the impact. one of the story has the rebels in yemen say the u.n. has agreed to help get injured people out of the country civilians are struggling to cope after three years of fighting tens of thousands have been killed and thousands more are in desperate need of medical assistance. well staying with
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mother nature north carolina is bracing for even more destructive flooding there a storm florence continues to dump heavy rain on the eastern u.s. eleven people have died since it made landfall on friday kristen salumi is there. florence arrived in the carolinas and like an unwanted guests refused to leave the storm continues to pound both states with a brain swelling rivers you know somebody said the other day it's like being stealth but turtle this thing will now move up the coast to a nice get out of the way and we continue to just get copious amounts running to the rescue of trapped residents continued in new bern north carolina a city that sits on a peninsula between two rivers residents elsewhere are being warned not to get complacent the risk of catastrophic flooding and mudslides remains remember most storm deaths occur from drowning in fresh water often in cars don't drive across standing on moving water emergency management is sharing flood
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projections with local officials if they tell you to evacuated please do so immediately you can save your life the national weather service says more than fifty centimeters of rain have fallen in some areas with more to come this is one major source of concern the cape fear river meteorologists predict that it could reach flood levels as soon as sunday morning cresting two days later and the flood waters they could linger for weeks with businesses closed and close to a million people already without power some restless residents ventured outside to get a look i am a little bit surprised at how high it is. it's different like i was wondering like how high can they get can get pretty high for now there's not much they can do but watch and wait kristen salumi al-jazeera fayetteville north carolina. members of an organization once banned in ethiopia have been given
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a hero's welcome on their return home a room of liberation front leader darwood and fifteen hundred fighters return to addis ababa after twenty six years in exile mohammad vall how small. a jubilant crowd in the each european capital addis ababa on saturday supporters of the or variation from wellcome leader doubt if saw home after years in exile in neighboring. around fifteen hundred or less fighters accompanied him among the welcoming party the oil if general secretary because despite his frail condition the fact that. there are fighters that have been. in for the past seven years i am now well. heroes. save a lot about how my. very sure that it is. the
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largest ethnic group in each opiah but for decades they've been complaining of marginalization liberation front says it represents the aspirations of the or more people it's militants took up arms against the central government for years they described the former regime. as an oppressive and demanded self-determination for the oromo the oil left's been banned for years labeled a terrorist organization by the ethiopian government. in july if your peers newly elected prime minister i'd be ahmed granted an amnesty to all dissidents if they denounced violence and agree to talks involving government leaders from the ethnic to the political situation remains volatile there were violent confrontations earlier this week provoked by internal rivalries some fear groups that have seen their longstanding status undermined by the political changes are determined to disrupt any form process. or dizzy or refugees stranded in bosnia say they've been
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beaten strip searched and robbed by croatian police seventeen people interviewed by al jazeera said the abuse took place during attempts to pass into croatia bosnia has emerged as a new routes into western europe since the e.u. tightened its borders croatia's interior ministry denies the allegations the largest refugee camp in greece is facing closure at the end of this month public health officials describe conditions on less valse as unsafe from les paul says john sort of bullis. this is a bus room in morea camp there's a lavatory for every seventy two people and the water doesn't always run the streets between the tents and housing units smell of fetid waste water this iranian woman shares a tent with an afghan family and gives the children lessons in farsi since there is no education for some three thousand children in the camp the government provides one doctor for moreas nine thousand residents but doctors without borders have set
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up a surgery outside the camp for women and children the government could move sick and vulnerable populations off the island but this year hasn't done so we had a most of them. cut that that's part of the problems. that have been problems. what he had even when they have betty some months ago a medical report from there must be that because they need the remove and in the tent city beside the official camp the aid group movement on the ground has built terracing and drainage and provided wife. but new arrivals are spilling beyond this into the olive groves surgeries can provide them with only a top pull and the rope about twenty thousand asylum applicants have arrived on greek shows this year all of them forced to remain on east asian islands while their applications are processed at the moment your rivals are looking at waiting
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periods of fourteen months before their first interview because like others here this afghan family has stripped all of trees to cook forced to forage refugees create problems for local farmers one of them shows me his carpentry workshop looted and burned his house was stripped of plywood refugees used for shelter he no longer picks the olives that used to give him half his income and. i come every day and i catch them inside i call the police. there's nothing they can do greece cannot protect us greece is like a vineyard without a fence but the refugees don't want this any more than he does job is here because the taliban nearly killed him he just wants to finish his degree in psychology this country don't anything. we don't want hot water we don't want anything we don't want their feet we just want to let us leave this camp to be ok you know
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if i could find a job for you could a kid or enter a house ok no problem. living on the jungle the scorpions yet this is the foreseeable future for ali and eleven thousand refugees on the island. lesbos. people have been out on beaches around the globe to mark world cleanup day it's estimated that more than eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year because hog reports now from the senegal capital dhaka. it is a big operation in this small beach and set a goal to clean up the shoreline it is not just happening here it's happening across the world it started thirty years ago across the atlantic in the united states where a few volunteers started picking up litter on the beach but the litter has multiplied since we find car batteries being washed ashore tires
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mattresses syringes baby diapers and a lot of plastic the sewage from this city of one point five million people is poured into the ocean it's as if a hurricane hits the coast in just forward hundreds of homes but make no mistake this isn't a tropical storm it's humans using the ocean to dump sites out of sight further into the atlantic and the pacific are large garbage patch three times the size of france right now is a boat trawling and equipment that will start cleaning up those areas but it's still a long way to go now here back on the beach people are trying to recycle whatever they find but we need to be united to get rid of plastic from the ocean every day
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with five million tons of plastic bags we need to change our habits. scientists say the oceans are the lungs of our planet's just like trees it transforms the c o two into oxygen except it's an organism that suffocating there are species that are disappearing because of the pollution here at stake it isn't just a cleaning operation it's about changing public perception of the ocean seeing it as a living organism that deserves to be both protected and cared for. malaysia is trying to revive a language only three thousand people can speak fluently malaccan portuguese came into existence during the sixteenth century florence louis has that story for us from malacca. the ruins of a fortin malacca stand as a reminder of the portuguese presence in malaysia in fifteen eleven they captured the coastal city and ruled for over
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a century before the dutch defeated them when the portuguese left they left behind more than just buildings filomena singh who is descended from the portuguese she still speaks the language of her ancestors malaccan creole portuguese derived from the portuguese with words borat from other languages and a grammatical structure similar to the mill a language all here to do was in year zero two the second it's also known by its colloquial name popular christan but it's in decline spoken mainly by the older generation so seeing how started using social media to pass on her knowledge when i was a model for work. for it is see me on the road as he was then more crime are more bomb young so is good morning how are you all saw their things. in yourself courage to carry your new window to learn the simple pure words it is something.
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her brother michael wrote a book together with other language experts to help people learn christan. formal instructions are rare it isn't taught in schools and exists mostly in oral form we have survived for many years cultural language religion and i. saw we cannot use elements. like many other malaysians of portuguese descent the singers have their roots in this neighborhood in malacca this is the portuguese settlement home to about one thousand eight hundred people descended from the portuguese academics say the community here has provided a haven for the language the children grow up hearing it being spoken if not at home then maybe at a neighbor's house. on weekends children come for classes at cerro santa maria as house was herself born and brought up in the portuguese settlement. she teaches dance and cooking too
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with instructions in popular christan to preserve not just the language but other aspects of her culture the language has also caught the attention of academics we've got to think beyond we go to think about the perhaps they can value but done by the people right the community can find ways to share their knowledge their language share their own perspectives dest doris' i think a very part of. the older generation of malaccan portuguese are counting on the younger generation to keep the language alive florence li al jazeera. malaysia. just recapping the top stories for you so far this half hour let's just show you some live pictures coming to us out of hong kong because that city is now being hit . by typhoon man courts the city is in complete shutdown with the highest alert
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level possible in place in the next few hours a storm surge bringing waves several meters above high tide is expected as well the storm has not cranes and shattered windows in high rise buildings across the city so a clock has more now from central hong kong. a t ten is currently in force in hong kong which is the most powerful on the right us to go i was told early this morning as expected to stay in place for at least another few hours we're experiencing terrain to wrangle force winds of up to one hundred ninety five kilometers an hour a storm surges there's also been a lot of flooding in low lying areas around other new territories roads being closed public transport is being shut down so you know my side of the city i ease in virtual shutdown itself simply because of the sixty's extreme weather conditions i'm in what seems to be deteriorating throughout the afternoon the government has got preparations in place it's called it's triggered it's a mix to action plan and will be monitoring damage of the next few hours before
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arriving in southern china the typhoon killed at least twenty five people in the philippines and left a trail of destruction in the northern province of. many people living in remote rural communities have lost their homes for the government is trying still to assess the impact of a member of the russian activist group pussy riot has been flown to germany for medical treatment after a suspected poisoning. was hospitalized in moscow on tuesday with symptoms including a loss of sight fellow members of the anti kremlin group say he was poisoned for political reasons voters love and two others fifteen days in jail for running onto the pitch during the world cup final in moscow in july protesting over what they said is the excessive powers of the russian police force those are your headlines up next it's inside story i will see you very soon but i for.
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al-jazeera. where ever you. confronts riot the wrongs of its colonial past for the first time since the war of independence in algeria sixty years ago a french president admits freedom fighters were systematically. doesn't matter well because recognition of what he calls crimes against humanity change anything this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. it's an admission of guilt that's been shrouded in secrecy and denial for around sixty years of this week french president in
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knowledge for the first time the widespread use of torture during algerian war of independence algeria was a front.


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