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this is al jazeera these are the headlines the leaders of turkey and russia have agreed to create a demilitarized buffer zone in syria's province the aim is to separate syrian government troops from rebel forces during a joint news conference with the turkish president reject typer one let me putin said radically minded rebels will have to pull out of that zone. so we decided to create a demilitarized zone between the rebels and the government by the fifteenth of october this year it will be fifteen to twenty kilometers wide rebels must withdraw from there including al nusra front according to our proposal by the tenth of october heavy artillery must be removed from the tanks of the machinery guns all removed from the by opposition forces the woman who's accused the u.s. president's supreme court nominee of sexual misconduct says she is willing to
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testify publicly a senate panel is due to vote on brett kavanaugh his appointment this week but several members have asked for a delay and there are calls for the f.b.i. to restart his background checks. south korea's president traveling to pyongyang in order to kick start a stalled peace process his aim is to convince the north's leader kim jong un to give up his nuclear weapons but it has been somewhat overshadowed by a u.n. security council meeting in new york today the u.s. called the meeting saying it was urgently needed to discuss countries undermining sanctions on north korea and was pointing the finger of blame directly at russia. the international criminal court is fine the former vice president of democratic republic of congo three hundred fifty thousand dollars for bribing witnesses during his war crimes trial sentence was reduced to zero due to the years already served he was acquitted of war crimes on appeal back in june also bamber has been barred from standing in december's presidential election in democratic republic of congo
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and russia says it has proof that ukraine was the one which down the flight m.h. seventeen in two thousand and fourteen that killed all two hundred ninety eight people on board the kremlin's defense ministry says the missile had been produced in one thousand nine hundred six and was owned by ukrainian authorities but it's dutch led investigation concluded in the salt was russian made and was transported to ukraine from a military base in the city of course up to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera inside story is next. germany and austria greet them both the e.u. border force says divisions hyson over immigration is
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a sign of increasing old diminishing common ground what extent is the far right reshaping the blocks migration policy this is inside story. hello and welcome to the show i am sam is a than well it's an issue that has divided europe for years on documented why gratian almost two million people have risked their lives crossing the mediterranean sea since two thousand and fourteen this movement towards europe continues to take a devastating toll on human life thousands died during their desperate journey several policies on border control restrictions have seen a decrease in the number of refugees and migrants but members of the european union still can't agree on what to do with them laura birdman lee looks at
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a polarizing subject within the e.u. common ground can be found. ten thousand more troops that's the number of border guards the european commission is calling on to tackle illegal immigration into europe and issues that divide it even members bringing tensions to boiling point they'll even look on full schlock just because of tuition external borders must be protected more effectively so we're proposing that the number of border guards financed by the european budget. in two thousand and twenty to reach ten thousand the un high commission of refugees says refugee in migrant numbers are shot be down from that peak four years ago but the reasons why almost two million migrants have headed to europe since two thousand and fourteen remain to escape conflict persecution and economic hardship several far right leaders in europe have taken a hard stance on and immigration including border closure causing many verbal
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outbursts. on friday italian deputy prime minister matter exchanged a war of words with the foreign minister of luxembourg up to salvini referred to african migrants as slaves. i hear some of my colleagues saying that europe needs immigrants because its population is aging but i have a completely different perspective i think i am a government paid by our citizens to help our young people to start having those children again as they did a few years ago and not attack the best of the african youth replaced europeans who are no longer having children for economic reasons these are two completely different worldviews maybe knocks and there is this need in italy we feel this need to help our children to have children not the need to have new slaves to replace the children we no longer have so we are willing to engage in dialogue with everyone. hey there hey there that's going too far. or no i calmly respond to your point of view that is not my own if you need new
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immigration in luxemburg in italy i prefer to help italians to start having children again. you don't know loads of who are in luxembourg we had tens of thousands of italians they came as migrants they worked in luxembourg so that you in italy would have the money for your children. who was off on this route came after to find hungary in prime minister vowed to continue to challenge the rules of migration this off the european parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger for the first time a sanctions procedure against the member states hungry because of claims it breached e.u. rules on democracy and civil rights. lawyer or sidewalk let's speak clearly hungary is going to be condemned because the hungry and people have decided that this country is not going to be a country of migrants with jew respect but with utmost sincerity i reject the pro immigration approach forces of the european union to threaten them blackmail and
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smear him. and the hungarian people based on false allegations. even members agree and urgent overhaul is needed but it divided on what steps need to be taken some countries are pushing for tougher external border controls others to ferry distribution of new arrivals a summit between leaders on sunday will prove of cooler heads can prevail and thought of the growing issue or will it continue to d.p. divide the e.u. for inside story laura bowden family al-jazeera. when i bring in our guest into the show we have joining us from burden thorsten banner the co-founder and director of the global public policy institute in paris shamsul of all namely policy advisor at the european parliament and in swindon in the united kingdom via skype mariana calico lacky a researcher on migration and coeditor of critical perspectives on migration in the
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twenty first century a warm welcome to everyone in the show if i could start with thorsten then so the leaders of austria and germany they what they want to focus on boosting frontex we're told is the border the european union border force a solution to the migration challenge in that the centrist talk mrs merkel has adjusted her views and is very much in line now with the austrian shot what the austrian chancellor is a bust and quote said and is that a whole well placed the need to secure our. know i i think it's a reasonable compromise but we shouldn't have any illusions because the far right or the or author of terra national and starting with mr oregon mr salvini the people we've heard about just now they have no interest whatsoever to solve the issue of migration the issue of migration for them is an important rallying cry to fuel their author it terry
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a nationalist revolution or counter revolution that they're staging in europe against the values of nine hundred sixty eight meaning a more open diverse europe and the values of nine hundred eighty nine an author a terrine revolved against liberal democracy which became the currency for the continent told them that let me jump in if i may and when she probably the counter-argument that they would make is that since the european union can't come up with any sort of common policy to deal with this issue why should countries on the proof free shoulder the burden alone so to speak be that the narrative for mentally exactly that was a lot. yes in the complaints about the from italy for that have been well founded so we left them alone there was a lot of hypocrisy on the part of germany leaving italy to deal with the arrivals that's all fair and fine and now that we've come around and said like we want to boost external border protection that should be a consensus thing mr oregon said oh i don't like the idea of having frontex with
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all this mandate and people and manpower i i want my own border guards to have sovereignty and so on so he he makes the sovereigntists counter argument against a coherent european approach to border protection just because he wants to safeguard his own little interests and he wants to keep this divisive issue alive because this divisive issue is important for him because he wins elections on his illiberal seen a fall and so i'm muslim platform and the worst thing that could happen to mr robin would be that we have. in quotation marks dealt with the migration issue or the refugee issue and it's no longer the dominant issue of the day he has a he has a vested interest in keeping like that and that's why he doesn't support a sensible approach all right you think you put your finger in a very important point and that is the divisions within the euro want to come to
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that in the moment but before we get into that i want to ask shams the other sort of major policy push was supposed to be not only on supporting frontex but opening up new processing centers cooperating with north african countries in trying to stop people coming to europe do you think that sort of approach can help. i mean hello everyone i totally agree with what has been just said and. your question on the new. member states are trying to at least create in theory. stumbled upon a main obstacle which is that on the soudan tip of the mediterranean we have libya libya doesn't have a political solution yet and as as long as libya's own structured answer to sions do not exist we cannot rely on any partnership and so you know many people may believe that the e.u.
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is concretely actually thinking of having. been in libya but in practice there are no search centers funded by the e.u. let me tell you it is in a good leader interrupt working at the u.n. and then he really sounds as though you the counter narrative to that is well amongst the particularly the right in the in europe right now is that why shouldn't europe be responsible for the political structures of other countries isn't that enough to open up processing centers as long as standards i'm in tain there and they're in line with the european values you know europe can be responsible for the entire political structures in the rest of the world. well you know it was a political analysts in the middle east and the amounts of refugees hosted by the lebanese the turks the jordanians the iraqis from syria is absolutely incompatible with a one million representing only zero point four percent of the us population that the you has welcomed so i think that we shouldn't actually bandit's to the rhetoric
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and smear mongering made by the far right basically we should actually stand by our reason stand by the statistics that show that refugees and that many migrants on that many there are actually an economic benefit to us as long as we invest in them and most importantly they are not a security threat this is the most important message that europeans need to understand two hundred fifty days before european elections more and more europeans and actually believe the far right's idea is that there is an actual link between being a foreigner being a syrian refugee or muslim being a threat to public order and that has been proven wrong not by myself but by the intelligence services of germany by the french police we can definitely see statistically that a refugee is as dangerous as a standard european you can be good you can be bad that is not the issue and as
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long as what about what about the argument then because the policy of just allowing in large groups of people may not need the economic in to meet the economic interests of countries like germany. while these economies do need people to make up gaps in their workforce they should be choosing the more skilled labor and the types of people that are really needed rather than just allowing everybody in so-to speak. well interestingly the european parliament has already suggested to answer your question a very strong e.u. position welcoming migrants on specific conditions which or that there's they should go to places that actually have jobs that goes without saying and this is the current can exchange system in. germany whereby a refugee is going to be sent to a land region in germany that actually has economic prosperity not to zack's and
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where you have new nets of protests at moment because we know that saxon is struggling at the moment economically so we actually have the solutions that you can parliament has a ready position itself for family reunification an automatic redistribution of asylum seekers across the e.u. however our own member states are blocked why because of the minority of governments which as our previous speaker just said or basically i can't look at or any answer talking for talk about previous speak i do want to bring mariano but i can see thorsten is shaking his head in disagreement so bear with us for a for a minute marianne and let me give thorsten a quick thirty seconds to come in. just just two quick ones i think you misrepresented the german system because asylum seekers are distributed across the country according to a certain scheme but people go to sex in the as well as other parts regardless of the prosperity of. the region so on they're distributed everywhere and more importantly i think it's really really really important to to make
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a strong division between our dividing line between dolls who we attract want to attract because we think they should become part of our workforce and we should have regular immigration laws for that and those who come in because they're needy because they need protection because there they have the status of refugees i think it does a profound disservice to the debate if we mix the two arguments there should be one track that should be for economic migration and we should have all sorts of criteria for that and there should be another track preferably via direct resettlement that should be for people in need who need protection but we should really make a difference between these two and two ways of coming to europe that's a very important distinction of course a lot of the people who at the height of two thousand and fifteen were entering into europe or at least a sizable portion no doubt were asking from countries in conflicts to clarify i'm
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presenting as i said the counter-narrative of the right wing without that necessarily mean that's what i believe and i'm glad it's provoking a good debate and different response from our panelists here let me move to marianne and then kind of touched on an important point the into the numbers of people coming to your about have declined since two thousand and fifteen one would think that this problem should be decreasing while divisions heightening only further right now in the european union over it. the numbers have declined but they haven't stopped and we have not just the past couple of weeks for example greece they're rising again and last week and five hundred nineteen people have arrived. this is something that. triggers the fire right and it because as previous because said. they use make gratian for their political gains they don't really care about stopping migration or doing or finding
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a solution to make ration they are using this issue to gain votes in internally and possibly in the in the european for the european election as well as well that that's what's happening mariana do you think to that june agreement that was announced were supposedly leaders have come to an agreement on voluntary processing centers inside and outside the e.u. voluntary sort of quotas for settlements of refugees it's all of that over a row how are we seeing the unofficial demise of that agreement and a descent into what if we are. i think yes because they did announce this processing centers but half of the european countries said that they will not accept this centers and where will they build them will be libya it's impossible with what's going on. egypt i don't think that they will accept or they said that they will not accept when they make more of
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a similar centers in the general and i don't think that there is any more capacity in the region island and what about maybe they will do them in turkey but i don't think that anyone can come corporators there is so i think this disagreement. has failed and one of those are that they will have. an unofficial summit in a couple of days is discussing your plan so we will have to wait and see what this new plan will be but possibly they will try to expand the front x. month they need even for even further ok i can see shams wants to say something let me give him a chance to come in before i move on. yes i just wanted to add on this that actually we already have a system of where migrants in jordan and turkey get visits from the e.u. from germany from canada according within the framework of the united nations high commissioner for human for refugees sorry units your and within that framework
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dozens of thousands of syrian and iraqi refugees have been relegated from jordan or from lebanon or from turkey to the e.u. or to canada that already exists and the main issue that we're discussing is is not creating new hobbies where that is not absolutely not possible in libya the main issue is actually addressing the relocation within the e.u. how do we actively enforce the basics of the u. treaties which say that every member state has to show solidarity and share the burden and therefore why doesn't our striata and defra actually does but why doesn't hungary slovakia or poland apply the basic rules and that is why you can parliament last wednesday has as you as you said started the mechanism should actually freeze the voting rights of hungary as long as it does not respect basic e.u. law ok i'm glad we've kind of come back in full circle to a point i wanted to raise with thorsten a point you raised thorsten
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a member go the divisions we've seen this sort of e.u. action. parliamentary action against hungry which poland is vowing to disrupt any sort of sanctions against hungry we've seen hungry make similar pledges to protect poland we've seen italy's interior minister say sanctions against hungry would be crazy so there's kind of like the a stream of countries lining up on one side and then you have on the other baps luxembourg and france are these disagreements over immigration forging new alliances and creating new divisions within the e.u. . in you have a division between centrist forces that includes the european people's party that voted against mr orbán that until now is still a member and the social democrats the liberals and you have the author chair a nationalist and there they feel that they have a lot going for them and mr robin is the savini they have nonvolatile to form form
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an anti european pro nationalist pro author of terror and alliance so it's not necessarily its new division but it's not let redefine the e.u. and write it up i mean what you see this going it will mess with the you will make policy mean policy making in the us getting more complicated by the day saw it will turn the u. parliament depending on the outcome of the elections into a very big acrimonious mess and they will you know they will like that they will relish these these right wing forces because they wanted only one example to fail the. please go ahead go and they will go against it on the. peace. yes i was saying can i do one example so as i have worked in the parliament for a number of politicians from germany and the u.k.
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and france. you can see that the fire in the current mandate has been very destructive in its attempt to derail the just nation so for example helping out syrian refugee children in turkey by giving them funds to have schools and teachers and better living conditions so that they do not actually try to leave turkey to have actually a better future would sound like a very logical solution well you care the fire out in the u.k. as well as the fire on another land in other countries such as in the netherlands i voted against increasing e.u. funding to build schools for syrian refugee children in turkey just because they're racist and that kind of i'm going to look at present in town so i'm going i don't i didn't say they meant race is not really an event or things that to do with the taxpayer money just to put the counter argument again not necessarily what i subscribe to. but they need to have
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a majority for that well i mean if i worried about how different i'm going to give meeting tolson let's give a chance twenty seconds to come back in on that and then we'll all markets are. sorry. i mean regarding taxpayers' money they've done the worst disservice to the u.k. by putting it on the cliff's edge by breck's it you know that it's going to cost the u.k. and has already started to cause the u.k. a lot of money so i don't get to listen i now have any economic lesson from ukip ok thorsten let me give you a brief twenty seconds we need to get marianne in again just i mean i think after may they will have the numbers to be really destructive and blocking things right now we haven't seen much yet but it's also really important the action against hungary that we've seen and against poland on article seven is not on their stance on migration and lack of solidarity with the action is actually on their stance undermining an independent judiciary independent universities these are all laws
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that hungry and paul and have passed the us taken issue with because it's against the mutually agreed values this is not a procedure that deals with immigration so really need to get this straight all right so tolson they're saying that they'll have the real numbers to be destructive after may mariana i wonder if you agree with this statement by italy's minister of interior my tale salvini which i think kind of is related to what thorsten is hinting at here when he said quote i am convinced that in a few months we aren't going to govern europe together with all band referring of course the hungary and prime minister viktor orban rather the breakup might it take over beyond the cards. no i don't agree with that. we will see. in order to say something final we will have to wait for the elections but. two countries cannot rule over the whole european union and so what we have to
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see will be mine wired whole and it is on the same side you know maybe more than a few countries now which show shifting towards the right wing that might be able to redefine the whole essence of what it means to be the e.u. . they are shifting to their right wing but i don't think that they are shifting to fascism like hungary and italy. and the the us change any way it has it has standing to. ride wing organization i would say. but there are still some countries when it comes to make gratian i should note that there are there are some countries that. will still try to fight the rights of fascism for example france so what i'm saying in europe at the moment is to poll just the french poland hungary and poland we would have to wait until the elections to make some final remarks and conclusions
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or either go home but i don't file i will be able to rule over the whole of europe now or i guess time will tell and we will see and no doubt we back again to discuss this for now afraid time is out so let's thank our guest thorsten bene shamsul on amy and mariana. and thank you to fortune you can see the show again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com or for further discussion head over to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story can also join the conversation on twitter our handle paris at a.j. inside story from e. sam is a valid the whole thing here well by. al-jazeera
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recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot. the first u.n. envoy trying to bring peace to the middle east how his negotiations with him helped save thousands of jews from nazi concentration camps and how these mediation skills put him at the vanguard in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al-jazeera. conservation is helping kick his stove to recover its snow leopard population to see the results i traveled up to the remote nature reserve of saudi chat at touch camera traps have identified a healthy population of up to twenty snow leopards as the technology improves we're
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finding all these ways in which our guesses are are getting corrected the latest evidence suggests they're more cats than previously acknowledged but the snow leopard trust believes it's premature to downgrade the cats on the international list of threatened species landing gear a place where this is can truly call it their whole. lot depends who are springing up wanted me to once you know you all end up with money made us who's the enemy and is just for us surprises the planet here yes there is yes to every normal. my nigeria. on algiers their.
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this is al jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria and this is the news are from al-jazeera moscow says there will be no military offensive just yet to reach ideas from the rebels in syria after the turkish and russian leaders agreed to set up a demilitarized zone and also the international monetary fund wants of major problems for the u.k. ahead if it fails to agree an exit deal with the european union and the pressure growing on president trump's pick for the supreme court is a woman who claims sexual assault says she's ready to testify in school the french teenager who lit up the world cup is getting ready for. action killing and back pain perry son jim and kick off the group stages against last season's finalists liverpool.
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so in syria the widely feared offensive in its off for now after weeks of discussion and concern about the government's expected move against rebel held at the province a deal has been struck assad's main ally russian president vladimir putin made that agreement with his turkish counterpart they say they are setting up a deep militarization zone to keep rebels and government fighters apart. so we decided to create a demilitarized zone between the rebels and the government by the fifteenth of october this year it will be fifteen to twenty kilometers wide rebels must withdraw from there including al nusra front according to our proposal by the tenth of october heavy artillery must be removed from the tanks all the machinery guns all removed from the by opposition forces the turkish president don't have strongly opposed to military offensive he now says this deal is good for the future of syria
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so. in i believe we will prevent a humanitarian crisis which is important and in its lip we will continue to do our duty as far as russia and other countries are concerned it is a very important achievement furthermore there are terrorists active in syria outside of it it is important to underline the national security of turkey but you have the y.p. and this organization is doing ethnic cleansing for the future of syria and turkey beyond its lip there are terrorists in the eastern part of syria and we have to target these areas will be live in a moment with our correspondent on the turkey syria border but we're going to start with this from roy chalons he's in moscow. well for some two weeks now we have been talking about an imminent offensive against the last remaining rebel strongholds the deescalation zone of it live in syria i think we can shelve that all now because the announcements made earlier in sochi by russia tayyip erdogan and
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vladimir putin constructs a very different scenario for that area what they have talked about is setting up a fifteen to twenty kilometer demilitarized buffer zone essentially separating the syrian forces of the government from the rebel groups have been kind of caroll into the it live town and country side what this will mean is that they essentially have to pull back the heavy weaponry except her and opposition groups will have to pull back from this buffer zone in the buffer zone will be policed by russian and turkish troops it amounts i think to a fairly significance diplomatic victory for ratchet tyburn and when for some time now he's been stridently voicing his opposition to the looming offensive and
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russia although it was never particularly enthusiastic about the humanitarian disaster that a full bore offensive on it live would have entailed would have gone through it had it not not been for turkey's opposition so wretched tayyip erdogan in his press conference with putin earlier talks about how this would prevent a such a humanitarian crisis he says that now he can concentrate on is to seize by which he means the extra time being given to persuading the rebel groups in it lead to separate them. cells from high up territory are all sham the bases the grouping of rebel factions that is considered by the united nations by turkey by russia or accept euro as being terrorists a century separating those and giving more time of course the devil is in the
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details this is going to be. a situation going forward which is going to be difficult to set up difficult to police and of course it might all fall through but this is i think a massive reprieve for the people of it live and a victory of sorts for turkey so as from a stephanie decker live for us from ray hanley that is just across the border from adelaide stephanie you.


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