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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2018 11:00am-11:35am +03

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hundreds died but they're often in poor condition and overloaded there is a need for we could to make sure that there are ten knows exactly how many people you have aboard and to limits the number of people and then there is another if more to do in terms of risk you capacities especially for capsizing were it's really really fast here on the ugandan side of the lake the regulations say that all passengers are meant to wear life jackets and even given something ride in this boat although not in brilliant condition but i think the more they hear it often there aren't enough to go around difficult for the authorities to enforce the rules late last three hundred kilometers long waterways a crucial for trade and everyone here is working on a tight budget but it kept running for decades before they retired this one stopped running after it collided with another in two thousand and five. back in tanzania relatives wait for the bodies of loved ones the whole community deeply traumatized
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the president ordered the operators to be arrested but even if they face justice it won't bring loved ones back malcolm webb al-jazeera uganda. the un's humanitarian chief says yemen is approaching a tipping point as famine threatens a large chunk of the population three quarters of yemenis that's twenty two million people are in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance or protection eighteen million yemenis including many children don't know where their next meal will come from eight million are termed severely food in secure meaning they depend on food assistance to survive the u.n. expects another three point five million people will soon fall under that category al-jazeera sandra simmons easy in a block refugee camp in djibouti where nearly two thousand yet many refugees are struggling to survive. they're hungry like millions of fellow yemenis they've
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left behind these men have just arrived in old book huddled together in some shade having being smuggled out of yemen for two hundred dollars each. it was a laugh and it's a war we don't want to be part of says this man explaining that he and the others fear they'd be conscripted to join who theory rebel forces. this is where they'll end up with families who may have refuge but little else this man has fresh drinking water but can't afford to buy food so his family has to get by soley on emergency aid learn and get lots all outlets but there was a lot we don't receive anything but enough to survive from the u.n. we don't have the instruction needed for our children the elderly even us it's a grim existence here in the sweltering thinks of such a dry arid and infertile place the natural focus though of aid agencies is
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across the water in yemen where by the day the situation for the people is getting more and more critical. in a remote yemeni village they continue to pick leaves from trees is their only means of survival these two brothers know that cooking and eating the leaves will lead to sickness but it provides more miller day for their extended family and it's a choice between malnutrition or eating lovely it's. generally not enough for the children are suffering from constant diarrhea translates and fever we don't know how and where we can treat them we get no help no one there is no relief organization in our area when we go asking for help we get nothing. some of the children and babies from the village of. the province of ended up here in this medical clinic. you can see what aid agencies warn is
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a crisis for the young weak and hungry that's growing bigger. yeah the war in the famine has caused a spike in the number of those who eat the vine leaves which is leading to an increase of malnutrition cases the vine leaves of a highly acidic substance that reduces absorption in the intestines and the stomach this is a very dangerous condition. less than a week ago when i was a reporter on the clinics work this little girl's a fish shoaib ahmed was waiting for treatment she has since died. the medical staff of fighting against one of the consequences of. the losses are higher now than ever before andrew simmons al jazeera in djibouti. plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including foreign aid and medical aid for venezuelans as they struggle with shortages passed on the eve of the modiste presidential election police raid the opposition campaign headquarters and
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in support alex ferguson returns to old trafford for the first time since having emergency brain surgery details coming up with. francis has settled a seventy year old dispute with china he's agreed to recognize seven bishops who were appointed without his approval pope francis says he hopes a deal will heal rooms of the past and bring about full catholic unity in china the country has some ten million catholics. this is the end of a process that's really the beginning it's also important to remember that while it's come to fruition under pope francis if pope benedict have a letter to chinese catholics in two thousand and seven he was working for the same goal. john paul the second had made legitimate a number of illegitimately ordained bishops so this this is really the work of
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thirty years and three pontificates the objective of the accord is not political but it's pastoral and. who's in the chinese city of chengdu for as scott as we heard this has been in the works for a long time what does this recognition mean for chinese catholics. well right now what it means is as we heard from greg burke there you know this has been a process of going on this specific negotiations if you will has been going on for some thirty years the division between the vatican and the chinese government has been nearly seventy years so what's going to impact the catholic community here right now it's actually kind of a two fold question because you have a catholic community that is recognized as kind of authorized by the chinese government to bear the ones who appointed the seven bishops that are now being recognized by the vatican that was the big division before there's an underground catholic community here in china now they will be able to hopefully integrate and that's possibly what's going to happen down the line there's some criticism from
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that community though because they have worked very hard with the vatican being recognized by the vatican but being underground so that there's been some people have come out and said they feel as though they've been kind of you know negotiated away from because they've been doing this they've been having these churches underground for decades and now all of a sudden there's some some between the vatican and china so where are they going to be in this process of that's where the criticism is coming from but right now it is progress it is a breakthrough but there's still many more steps to come so precisely what still needs to be done between the vatican and china's government. well right now the very next step that i'm sure most people are concerned on and focused in that is what happens moving forward ok so the seven bishops have now been recognized by the vatican they're appointed by the chinese government so what happens moving forward on both sides vatican and the chinese government have been very vague about how the process is going to move forward these bishops are appointed by the chinese government by the chinese communist party and then now
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recognized by the vatican what's going to happen to the bishops moving forward that's the big question then then also you know what's going to happen with a visit from the pope that's something that's very important to catholic communities right around the world and that is a visit from the pope himself is that in the works is that something that's going to be negotiated down the lines we've got the steps to go through but again as we see this is you know a provisional agreement even with that it is a breakthrough because these seven bishops are now being recognized by the vatican we thank you for that and i first in chengdu. a chinese hospital ship has docked in crisis hits venezuela it will treat people for the next week before continuing an eleven nation tour last month the u.s. sent a similar ship to neighboring county that is when i was experiencing a deepening economic crisis which has led to a shortage of food and medicine and protests against a taheri living conditions continue people blocked roads in the southern city of san cristobal in the city of santa quest about on friday they're angry at petrol
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shortages in the oil rich nation. we're tired of we've been waiting for days in line for the gas truck to arrive this is a country of gasoline and there's no gasoline cuomo said how do we go to co-produce for a family we're here stuck to the petrol station waiting to get fuel. peter thompson is a journalist based in venezuela he says people are waiting for reforms. well of the moment there's a series of economic changes being bored into place in the country and people are generally feeling a little bit stressed because there's a lot of changes in their day to day life and that said people are very patient people are waiting to see and hoping that these economic reforms which the government have boarded how to decide impact and are able to stabilize the economy crisis so they're feeling on the ground is is a little bit frustrated but a lot of the lot of shopping and changing the day to day way that things that done but generally there is patience and generally there is understanding that some of
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these are quite necessary measures to just sort out the bigger problem it's worth pointing out that the series of measures which the government aborted most of the single method as a whole range of measures tax measures and other issues of a board in progressively less say so for example this month in september price of petrol prices are going to be increased the new wage comes into effect for public sector workers and so on when you pension prices come in so the these are measures which people are getting used to. but it's taken later time obviously to understand that and get used to them. and this is normal venezuela is a very patient people in this respect it's worth pointing out that the vast majority of venezuelans are very very rightly against the u.s. led sanctions against the country venezuelans generally understand that these sanctions are not helping the economic crisis at all or they're not helping any solution towards the economic problems which the country is facing and therefore any escalation in these sanctions which is what we're expecting to see will we mean
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the situation is going to get even more difficult here thanks to the white house and their policies polls will open in the modise presidential election in the coming hours on saturday the campaign office of the opposition candidate was raided by police president don't i am mean has been in office since twenty thirteen he's seeking a second five year term but most of his rivals are either in jail or in exile topless reports. it's famous as a holiday islands destination popular with newlyweds on their honeymoon but in the run up to the presidential election in the maldives on sunday there are allegations by the opposition of voter intimidation and security crackdowns we keep they are going to be having. but we take part in them believing that our support is so. that we will be able to overcome that. despite the alleged intimidation opposition challenger. has been campaigning for votes. president delay i
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mean is aiming for a second term he declared a fifteen day state of emergency earlier this year provoking concerns the country is sliding towards authoritarianism i would like to call it an undemocratic dictatorship now the current regime president whatever he was doing of course it is like kind of authoritarian rule but then what are you doing doing to you know . like he is changing their constitution amending the constitution. as well his going. to mean has boosted the economy using cheap chinese loans for large infrastructure projects such as the chinese maltese friendship bridge opened last month after four years of construction. the apparent reliance on large chinese loans has raised concerns about china's increasing influence as the chinese buy with india for a say in the strategically situated indian ocean archipelago. topless or to zero.
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junaid muhammed is a journalist for the news outlet the maltese independent he says there's a heavy police presence in the capital ahead of the election. at the moment the police presence is high outside and as well as right outside of the flow building i saw in the. building where opposition candidate had his office but at the moment they have not tried to get ten and i just spoke to a lawyer from the opposition who told me that the police did not have. any kind of called for and to explain their presence and they have refused to let the. opposition a lie about. speaking about the mood in the country right now just about three hours ago and we had the last campaign activated for the presidential polls and both. of the candidates had had in the capital and most of the supporters thousands
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joining but. what jubilant in both camps and the same confident the security presence around the capital has been heightened over the past two days for the election but there is no sign that in any other buildings especially associated with political activity whether it's from the ruling party or the opposition but i would like to read that around four o'clock go over five hours ago the police actually sent out a tweet saying that they were conducting an operation to stop illegal activities in the building in the building we're talking about but they have so far refused to answer any other questions about why what illegal activities it is why we also saw a last minute appointment about elections commission on who can who went on to become to challenge the commission as well and this last minute appointment for example used to be
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a person who was highly involved in the. election campaign for the current president he was actually part of. a leader of the campaign before he became the current chief about elections commission. sri lanka's former president has accused the government of mismanaging the country's finances the rupee has plummeted against the dollar in recent months and inflation is at an all time high now fernandez reports from colombo. there with joe warden opened a big three in colombo six months ago bringing his savings and experience from working abroad he had big plans but his wife says an unstable economy increasing costs and a sliding rupee have made things very difficult we can't increase our prices each time gas prices increased off live in korea because our customers know what drives me off for certain items that so each time we come increasing thought as
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a result we absorb the cost. the price increases have been many. will sugar even bus commuters forced to fork out higher fares for the second time in four months be very good at getting at it maybe a small increase in the fear but when you take the total cost it's a big amount for the month. to make matters worse for the struggling economy the sri lankan rupee has lost almost nine percent of its value against the dollar so far this year and worse is expected. the devaluation has a former president demanding to take over. you don't fuck with them because from. god we're. just waiting i mean if you want to discuss. what do we. owe the first thing is to i would lift up waiting for the. government ministers are dismissing rajapakse as complaints and say he's former
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administration caused the problems this from this. eighty three percent. and of course we would have had to we have had to pay. lorne's in order both previous bit. but. while doing while doing all this while grappling with my own good of the. we have also managed to bring all of me who earth's fear. while the government and opposition trade accusations about schools to blame for the economic problems many sri lankans us struggling to make ends meet among them the war the nurses who are determined to stay afloat and make a go of their business despite the odds with al-jazeera colomba.
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still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you why the u.k. media industry could soon be a big shakeup could soon see a big shakeup press capturing the past where the president will tell you about a photography exhibition that portrays violence against african-americans in sports it was another wild ride in quantifying action from the model g.p. coming up stay with us. from the meal moments of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello again welcome back to international weather forecasts well we are going to start here in china we did see some clear weather couple days ago but now more clouds more rain is coming into the picture as we go through next couple of days so of a rainy day for you thirty one degrees all the way up toward shanghai clouds there a little bit cooler maybe twenty nine in your forecast as we as we leave sunday to
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monday a little bit cooler you notice those those winds are coming in from the northeast so keeping it relatively moderate for this time of year over towards taipei we do expect to see thirty degrees as your high well down across the philippines clouds are going to be coming into the picture of the next few days and the reason why is we have a new tropical cyclone out in the pacific now the cyclon is not going to be making its way towards the philippines it's going to skirt up to the northwest but we think it's going to happen is more clouds there then the winds are going to be coming out of the north so you may see a few spotty showers over the next few days possibly into tuesday it will get a little bit heavier but like i said we don't expect to see a landfall there and then very quickly over towards india still very heavy rain across much of the subcontinent right there where those clouds are that is going to continue to make its way towards the northwest bringing heavy showers possibly up towards new delhi as well but down towards the south china you're breaking out we expect to see about thirty three degrees for you that there and a cold cut or a rainy day for you at thirty four. there with sponsored by qatar and always.
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kept his memory and present realities. on the camera is the photography and often. in one of when a siamese most deprived areas children who have nothing. now have a voice. jenny as part of the viewfinder latin america series on out to zero. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much and put in contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would it is you know it's very challenging even if it's a good because you know like if people that are deployed their own political issues real with the people we live to tell the real stories i'll just mended used to do the work indeterminism we don't feel included we're good audience across the globe .
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welcome back our top stories on this al-jazeera news our iran has summoned envoys of the u.k. netherlands and denmark accusing these countries of harboring opposition groups this comes hours after gunmen attacked a military parade in killing twenty five people the iranian military says the attackers were trained by two gulf countries with ties to the u.s. and israel. the woman who's accused donald trump supreme court nominee of sexual assault will testify before the senate judiciary committee on thursday as well the man she says assaulted her at a party in one thousand nine hundred two brett kavanaugh denies christine blasi ford's allegations and rescuers in tanzania have found a survivor inside
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a ferry which capsized two days ago a man was trapped in an ad pocket make him one of only forty one people who survived at least two hundred nine others drowned when the ferry tipped over in lake victoria. in the philippines rescuers are searching for survivors after the second major nance lied in a week in the south it happened when a mountain collapsed on several homes killing at least twenty nine people to mean an indignant report on the island of several. for decades miners have querida first stone here last week the mountain finally gave way monsoon rains triggered a landslide burying at least thirty homes the devastation is so widespread half the community have been displaced local government leaders admit they're overwhelmed but are doing their best understand it's more on the collaboration and it's
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overwhelming that's why do. you know when the region and of course. many rescuers come from different parts of the country including. who admits the work required is overwhelming but it's. our brothers and sisters who were affected by this that slave station is so big i think this one on the last. will last for a month. local officials here tell us about four thousand homes were buried here and over the past two days rescue and achieve operations have been intense but at this point they had to stop because incessant rains us made the grounds here difficult they are in fact inspecting it they have to think about the safety of rescuers as well. president rodrigo that they're to visited the town and ordered a nationwide halt to quarrying operations for fifteen days critics say cracks in
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the querrey were a warning sign but safety monitors may have underestimated the danger. rescuers retain hopes of finding survivors days after the disaster these small flags show rescuers where homes are buried a faint sign of hope for people here that what was once their village won't end up becoming a permanent graveyard. dogon al jazeera naga city said province central philippines. more than one hundred fifty thousand people in canada's capital are still without power after a tornado ripped through ottawa on friday the city's mayor says it was left resembling a war scene and that it could be days before electricity is fully restored meteorologist reported winds of up to one hundred ninety kilometers or per hour the tornado touched down twice in ottawa before moving on to the neighboring province
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of quebec. the u.k.'s main opposition party is warning it will call for a general election if the government spreads it deal falls through labor's leader jeremy corbyn says he'll challenge prime minister theresa may on any deal made with the european union on friday may said talks with the e.u. had reached an impasse and call for the brand to come up with a viable counter proposal britain is usually of the e.u. in march we will challenge this government on whatever deal it brings back all our six tests on jobs on living standards all environmental protection and protection of those jobs and the ability over the incoming labor government doing first and intervene in the economy it's a pretty decent wages jobs and full employment. and if this government can't deliver simply series of juries are. the best way to circle this
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is why having a general election. the us cable giant comcast has bid rupert murdoch's fox in a blind auction for u.k. broadcaster sky comcast offer puts the value of sky around forty billion dollars is a big blow for fox owner rupert murdoch who wanted to take over the sixty one percent of sky it doesn't already own sky is one of europe's most profitable broadcasters with twenty three million subscribers in the u.k. with rights to premier league football and an exclusive deal to show h.b.o.'s entire catalogue include. the hugely popular game of thrones series speak to tara jackson about this she's a personal and business finance specialist she joins us via skype from friday's fredericksburg virginia thank you very much for being with us tara so why is comcast bad for sky such a big deal why does it matter so much it meant
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a great deal because comcast. fox they're trying to get the market share back with from all the giants from netflix amazon taking with the live streaming and so they're noticing there's a big hit in their viewership in their customer base so in order to be able to compete with those they have to move international so this merger with sky is definitely going to help them get back on the playing field and a lot of companies wanted to buy sky looting rupert mark murdoch's fox how is comcast able to beat the competition what was in its advantage. their advantage of they had a. difficult did for that thirty nine billion dollars or that now is twenty two dollars per share but that thirty three point nine billion dollars more than what fox murdoch actually offered and so they were very very very motivated to get when this bid and they want it and it's going to be
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a big they're going to be the largest international service provider for cable and . where does this leave rupert murdoch's fox. well rupert really wanted to when they did with the disney deal both he wanted to give one hundred percent of sky to the disney but that is well but unfortunately he wasn't able to do this with this when our peers is still up in the air because the shareholders still have to vote on it so hopefully the shareholders will say yes we want the you know the thirty nine point of the three point thirty nine billion dollars glad that they could also say no we don't want to do this and go with fox but i think they're going to go with comcast sky is one of europe's most profitable t.v. companies already what's going to change for viewers. well there are going to be be able to get the market share and there's no resources of the digital services especially with all the money that's being poured into it going into the united
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states it's markets within that so it's going to be a win win for the viewership internationally as well as with the united states and so other presidents i'm sure with but other major mergers within that so it now allows them to compete with the likes of amazon net flix and apple thank you very much tyra for speaking to us about this our jackson he's a financial expert joining us from fredericksburg. a film which compares donald trump's rise to power to adolf hitler as amazing documentary from michael moore is provoking all sorts of opinions faran night eleven nine is a sequel to his movie fahrenheit nine eleven about president george w. bush from new york his gave it any sound over the story. he's one of america's most popular documentary makers and he's also one of the most polarizing focusing his lens on everyone from george w. bush now watch this drive from my dad to the national rifle association to
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the u.s. health care system it was only a matter of time before michael moore set his sights on america's polarizing president donald trump. did this in his latest movie fahrenheit eleven nine michael moore examines the reasons why trump one which seemed at first like an unlikely race to the presidency and most controversially at one point compares his rise to that of adolf hitler in germany in the one thirty's richard penus a professor of film studies at columbia university he recently hosted a q. and a with more on the new movie he thinks the comparison is fair here and read statements that are terrifying you know coming from the president or some of his underlings it's him. porton to realize i think that fascism is one thing and like every other system it evolves so i think fascism of the one nine hundred thirty s. would not be fascism in the twenty first century it will have its own
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characteristics the movie is wide ranging in scope using examples as diverse as the parkland school shooting to the polluted water crisis in his hometown flint michigan to get the point across a scattergun approach that he's been criticised for in his past films one of the things about michael's films that there's a certain or shocks quality you know gee i'm just a guy who has a camera and i'm going out there whatever after a while they began to i think where at least on me in terms of a political tool there's less of that here so i think you really shows what he wanted to film very very closely and i think the sequences are are very well constructed michael moore says he intends fahrenheit eleven nine to be a wake up call to america showing people not only how donald trump got into office but how they can take him out but with so many people having already made up their mind about this proudly liberal filmmaker some argue all he's doing is preaching to
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the already converted. al-jazeera your. an exhibition in the united states is trying to bring a new perspective to an event that proved to be a turning point in the struggle for civil rights fifty five years ago a black church in the southern city of birmingham was bombed killing four african-american the incident unleashed a wave of vine and seen many parts of the country. went to take a look at the exhibition. the photographer darwood bay had been haunted since childhood by this photograph of the sister of one of the four girls killed in the bombing of birmingham alabama sixteenth street baptist church in one thousand nine hundred sixty three the dynamite was planted by white supremacists four girls were killed many were injured then as birmingham as white community celebrated the attack two black boys were killed one shot in the back by a police officer as
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a bad temper to commemorate the bombing and its aftermath he was faced with a question how do you photograph the past here at the national gallery of art in washington d.c. we see his answer on the fifty fifth anniversary off the bombing bay initially photographed children from birmingham who were the same age as those killed on that symptom but day but something was missing i began to think about the fact that the . never for. true however for a lot of what with. that who moved to. macon portrait. african-americans. who were in fact that they would be. the diptych service seen by an accompanying split screen video evoking the quiet sunday morning of the attack. on the left both the segregated and black communal spaces that were
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birmingham's normality on the right a trials i view from the back seat of a car on the journey to church it's difficult to escape another question at this exhibition how much has changed the violence still directed at african americans today is once again an issue and something that is not. nearly as stark. something that is very much. happening in the united states today and folding the past and the present together is a way of making us think about our current situation. in giving the subjects the complexity they're often denied in historical accounts disrupts both of them. washington. and germany angela merkel's government is under pressure again coalition.


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