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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2018 2:00am-3:00am +03

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here he died when the landslide buried him alive in their home she doesn't know how her family will survive. morning on me that. i'm left with eleven children to feed how will i send them to school we lost our home our cattle we have nothing not even a plate. monsoon rain sugar the massive landslide early on thursday morning at least thirty homes and eighty people were buried as the mountain collapsed taking with it stone querrey where many worked the devastation so widespread it wiped out entire families. now this is the. this is the company a family. father mother and children all died in the landslide their caskets are covered because we were told that some of their bodyguards have already been dismembered. many of the residents who live in the area also work for
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the company now they feel they say that the price they had to clean with the. moment it was hard to see them like that all of them were taken away by one of the kids had not yet been found it is very painful. for years filipinos living here have been calling on the government to stop carrying operations but they say the repeal so we're ignoring their story is a typical one in this country. those who are impoverished are voiceless in the face of powerful influential businesses. the philippine government to sprawl missed to help meet their emergency needs and this ordered a temporary halt of quarrying operations nationwide for fifteen days grieving relatives say the quarry ban is simply not enough what they want is
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justice to dock and al-jazeera not the city's simple province and just getting. in the news ahead struggling to survive with no let up in the war yemenis are forced to take extreme measures just to stay alive and shoppers in sri lanka are asking is there no end to rising prices but a familiar face reckons he has the balance. hello again we're here crossing we are seeing really up to the north some clouds passing across back who over to the other side of the caspian sea now over the next few days the heavy rain will actually be down towards the south tehran u.b.c. some showers potentially heavy in the afternoons temperature high thirty degrees
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few there and then as we go towards tuesday a little bit cooler but down towards quiet city we do expect to see about forty two in your forecast well we did see quite a few clouds here across much of the among coast of the last few days those are starting to edge way but down towards the clouds continue to remain and we are going to sing about twenty eight degrees up towards doha seasonable for us where the temps are there of about thirty nine and riyadh we do expect to see your high at about forty and as we make our way down here towards parts of africa we are going to be seeing really a change for parts of capetown we are seeing some better weather here most of the clouds remain up here towards the north really affecting durban over the last call days with rain showers in play and those are going to continue maybe some clouds as well but down here towards cape town better conditions as i said nineteen degrees for you there but as we go towards tuesday our friends start to slip a little bit more towards the north out of the atlantic and that is going to bring played clouds as well with the temps are there about sixteen degrees.
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it's. just. capturing a moment in time snapshots of the nine the story providing a glimpse into someone else's wild.
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top stories for you here on al-jazeera iran's revolutionary guard is vowing to respond forcefully to the attack on a military parade that killed at least twenty five people on saturday president hassan rouhani is on his way out of the un general assembly in new york he has accused the united states and some gulf countries of creating instability by supporting ethnic arab groups in his country vote counting has begun in the maldives in a presidential election widely seen as a test for democracy polling it had to be extended for an extra three hours after long queues formed outside voting centers official results won't be until later on sunday evening. and britain's main opposition labor party is pushing for a general election as briggs that talks in a stalemate germy coleman sounding out the views of labor members of the party's annual conference in liverpool e.u. leaders rejected prime minister to resume his brakes at planned three days ago. protesters in southern yemen say the coalition has become an occupying force demonstrators marched on the government held city of aden hundreds have been killed
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in saudi strikes since the coalition intervened to back yemen's government in its war with the hutu rebels and u.a.e. back to groups have been accused of committing human rights abuses in a network of secret prisons. you mean the u.s. humanitarian chief meanwhile says yemen is approaching a tipping point with famine a major threat three quarters of yemenis that is twenty two million people are in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance or protection andrew symonds is reporting for us from a refugee camp in djibouti. we're hearing that in recent months the number of deaths of children in how just province alone amounts to twenty and so the position of aid agencies is getting incredibly difficult accessing these remote villages where people are literally starving and also accessing areas that are blocked off because of the fighting it is an impossible situation for the aid agencies and they admit that they are not winning the battle against hunger how different it could be
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if people could reach the camps like this across the water from yemen in small boats is just an hour's ride but that's controlled by smugglers so the situation isn't just desperate for those in yemen as a whole it's also desperate here because some of these people want to go home they don't want to be here in the first place they want to go home the chances of that are pretty remote. they're hungry like millions of fellow yemenis they've left behind these men have just arrived in old book huddled together in some shade having being smuggled out of yemen for two hundred dollars each. it was a life and it's a war we don't want to be part of says this man explaining that he and the others fear they'd be conscripted to join who three rebel forces. this is where they'll end up with families who may have refuge but little else this man has fresh
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drinking water but can't afford to buy food so his family has to get by soley on emergency aid learn and get lots on our list but there was a lot we don't receive anything but enough to survive from the un we don't have the instruction needed for our children the elderly even us it's a grim existence here in the sweltering heat of such a dry arid and infertile place the natural focus though of aid agencies is across the water in yemen where by the day the situation for the people is getting more and more critical. in a remote yemeni village they continue to take leaves from trees is their only means of survival these two brothers know that cooking and eating the leaves will lead to sickness but it provides more mail a day for their extended family and it's a choice between malnutrition or eating leaves.
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you alone are not enough of the children are suffering from constant diarrhea translates and fever we don't know how and where we can treat them we get no help no one there is no relief organization in our area when we go asking for help we get nothing. some of the children and babies from the village of as lyman had to province have ended up here in this medical clinic. you can see what aid agencies warn is a crisis for the young weak and hungry it's growing bigger. well. yeah the war in the famine has caused a spike in the number of those who eat the vine leaves which is leading to an increase of malnutrition cases the vine leaves a highly acidic substance that reduces absorption in the intestines and the stomach is a very dangerous condition. less than a week ago when i was a reporter on the clinics work this little girl's a fish shoaib ahmed was waiting for treatment she has since died the
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medical staff are fighting against one of the consequences of war and the losses are higher now than ever before andrew symonds al-jazeera in juba and. israel has given people living in a palestinian village an ultimatum to tear down their homes or they'll be demolished by october first month the supreme court approved the demolition of the bedwyn village of the occupied west bank israel plans on using the land to build illegal settlements. civil rights groups in the us are calling for the removal of police from schools study shows a growing number of attacked the kids they're actually supposed to protect castro's that story i've heard that these are not the images you would expect from school you know. a police officer responsible for keeping students safe has put one in a choke hold the reason the boy's friends say was because he threw an orange at
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a wall when you're in the hallways and atmosphere of tension and slight worry and fear the incident in philadelphia in two thousand and sixteen sparked student protests and demands to remove police from the city's public schools the school district spends thirty million dollars a year on police deploying about three hundred fifty officers across some two hundred campuses the philadelphia student union says that creates a militant environment in feel they owe i have to put on this may i have to make sure. you know. i'm not acting out of character doing anything that's considered to be. bad i guess in philadelphia's public school district eighty five percent of students are of color and black students are three and a half times more likely to be arrested or refer to police officers than white
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students advocates point of that as a sign of the existence of a school to prison pipeline where minorities are criminalized at a young age and then continue to land behind bars as adults. a spokeswoman for philadelphia school district declined an interview but said in a statement that the safety of students and staff is top priority meanwhile an alliance of educational justice groups reports that across the u.s. school police have assaulted students at least twenty four times in the past two years we want to public education system that. actually it's positive. and that reflects the best of all of us in our students and black students that we need to have police should not be in the question but in reality the opposite is happening the state of florida recently required all schools to have armed security in response to high school shooting that left seventeen people dead in february how do
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you keep american schools safe from school shootings if you get rid of all the police officers please don't make us school safe. police don't protect black and brown students students have a different vision of what school safety looks like to the students that vision is replacing police with counselors having students work with each other to resolve conflicts and teaching coping skills they say the first step to keeping schools safe is keeping the fear of police brutality out heidi joe castro al-jazeera philadelphia. no inflation is an all time high in sri lanka and the reaping is fall into a record low or mean shoppers fear further price rises might be on the way. they didn't open the big three in columbus six months ago bringing his savings and experience from working abroad he had big plans but he's wife says an unstable economy increasing costs and
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a sliding rupee have made things very difficult we can't increase our prices each time gas prices increased off live because our customers know what price we offer a certain item that so each time we come increasing so as a result we absorb the cost the price increases have been many. fuel sugar even bus commuters forced to fork out higher fares for the second time in four months. the way i got to doing at it may be a small increase in the fear but when you take the total cost it's a big amount for the money. to make matters worse for the struggling economy the sri lankan rupee has lost almost nine percent of its value against the dollar so far this year and worse is expected the devaluation has a former president demanding to take over. you don't start with and be comfortable . we are not hearing anything just reading i mean if you want to discuss.
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you want to. own the first thing is do i will accept that we operate in twenty government ministers or dismissing rajapakse as complaints and say he's former administration caused the problems this from this year's debt repayment eighty three percent. and of course we would have had to we have had to pay. lorne's in order to. previous to this. but. while doing that while doing all the. good. we have also managed to bring me who. while the government and opposition treat accusations about schools to blame for
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the economic problems many sri lankans are struggling to make ends meet among them the war the nurses who are determined to stay afloat and make a go of their business despite the odds. al-jazeera columbus. found a few mexico city is about to open its own replica of michelangelo's sistine chapel a retired graphic design and a very for most of his time to painting the ceiling of his local church he relied on donations from friends and parishioners to finance the murals here is his story . you know many differences and i say yes my name is miguel francisco my c.d.'s and the person that painted the replica of the sistine chapel here in mexico. it took me eighteen years to finish it and today we're very happy celebrating yes i'm a little bit sick if it's to. see me like that was what i thought if it took me four years it's going to take me about six or seven but i didn't have any money so i slipped a lot longer than i did it so that many people who may never go to rome could have
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a little piece of european art a little of the renaissance of michelangelo the duke and admired one of the greatest and most beautiful works in the world. because. when you look in the. well you know people did not know what it was so they said how is this possible how come that our paintings of naked people in the church i showed them the pictures and people started to understand because they didn't know what the sistine chapel was. from within and as you can see the canvases are very large they're full of beautiful i had to divide it into fourteen canvases three metres by fifty metres. opiate it would be faced with if you could look at clubbing is very difficult i mean very difficult because i have to walk in michelangelo's shoes do the same brush strokes so let me be this they said it's crazy are you crazy because really
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without help without being paid without nothing what are you going to do. i'm very grateful to all the people who helped i would have done half of it on my own it's like you look at it that's the help i received from god i did not send engines with wings but young people who supported me and felt the same way i did. i'm not moved by money i need it but i don't do things to get money it's something inside something bigger than my work because this is a moral commitment i didn't sign any papers like i've said before this is not my work it is the work of god nothing else i'm just his instrument nothing more. with al jazeera these are the headlines iran's revolutionary guard is vowing to respond forcefully for the attack on a military parade that killed at least twenty five people on saturday president
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hassan rouhani is on his way to the u.n. general assembly in new york and has accused the u.s. and some gulf countries of creating instability by supporting ethnic groups in his country but counting has begun on the multi-verse in a presidential election widely seen as a test for democracy polling was extended for an extra three hours after long queues formed outside voting centers were choosing between president abdullah yemeni and his only rival mohammed sali the official results won't be in until later on sunday evening. thousands of people have marched against briggs's in the u.k. city of liverpool as the opposition labor party meets to decide its stand the protesters are calling for a new referendum on breaks that something labor hasn't entirely ruled out e.u. leaders rejected prime minister to resign may's breaks it planned to leave the european union at a summit in salzburg three days ago she says talks are now reached an impasse. well the opposition labor party is pushing for a general election break that talks hit
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a stalemate jeremy corbin is summing up the views of labor members at the party's annual conference in liverpool mass burials have begun in tanzania for some of those who died when a ferry capsized in lake victoria services were held on the island of our way the number of passengers and crew who drowned has risen to at least two hundred twenty four forty one did survive in the crowded boat overturned. flash floods in northern india have blocked main highways and forced the closure of schools villages in him a child pradesh state stranded by rising water levels government leaders worried by the threat of landslides and water borne diseases and israel has given people living in a palestinian village an ultimatum ultimatum to either tear down their homes all their body demolished by october first of this month of the supreme court approve the demolition of the bedouin village of qana in the occupied west bank israel plans on using the lands to build more illegal settlements that's a look at the headlines here on al-jazeera we are back with the news hour right
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after inside story. testing democracy in the maldives what will a second term president abdullah i mean span for the opposition which complains of being again and that is strengthen china's influence in the indian ocean islands this is inside story. welcome to the program of a doubt that hamid they are scattered across the indian ocean more than
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a thousand coral islands they are demolished loved by tourists from all over the world for de beaches blue lagoon and tropical reefs about quarter of a million voters there are choosing a new leader but the presidential election has been no paradise for the opposition rivals to president abdullah yemeni have been jailed or exiled critics say he's become a one ruler cementing his power by a pression international observer boycotted his reelection bid they say it was needed free no fair got to police reports. it was all smiles as president of dillard and his main rival ibrahim hammad selling cars their ballots and so on this point. he means critics accuse him of acting as a straw man imprisoning or exile in political rivals the election lucking transparency there's no credible election observers in maldives at the moment because all the democracy democratic countries as well the. european union
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decided well in advance that the government had not been obliging that the government had not been doing requesting what they have requested to do before prior to the elections that is to. free the party leader as well the. supreme court of fed very. but none of these things happened so they decided that they regard this election and give any credibility to this election and those critics question whether the election would be free and fair so they would prove right from saturday the eve of the poll security police raid to the headquarters of the main opposition the mole deaves democratic party this latest crackdown to start for the only viable alternative to president putin progressive party doesn't sign it's a position supporters they say the election was a referendum move with the multi-use continues to slide towards authoritarianism. you can hear me. as you can you can't because they wouldn't have anything.
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to me because i want to change they found my people and made them to me not me and look at me look if voters in the cup tamale queue to coast that ballot so i'm cautiously optimistic that change is still possible i'm just going to pick just my rights and i'm going to vote and i'm hoping that we have a free and fair election alex the toeplitz al-jazeera. ok so let's bring in our panel from colombo aman a-c. he's a mild even opposition leader and former foreign minister in london we have geoffrey salim wahid deputy permanent representative in geneva for the republic of maldives and in washington bharat go by last won me director of the south just center at the atlantic council think tank welcome to the program i'm on the scene let me start
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with you at how did you think that the vote go today well it was peaceful so far. but the voting was extremely still and especially. we have so many people. bye bye two daughters went to vote and it took eight years for them to cast their vote and saw a huge and it's almost impossible to every heart that you had to live out the evil people being able to cast their vote so this is a major issue it's terribly disorganized there were no no proper accused organized that it was set up in the body in a busy year and so it was very difficult for everybody and parents with children they had to go because they just couldn't. wait in the sun outside on the road to
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get into the embassy for such a long time so it's unfortunate it's very very set therefore we have less turnout. today what we expected we expected this died five percent turnout but unfortunately it would be listed that well the election commission has said that it extended the venting by three hours because of higher turnout but let me put this in question and to you jeffrey in london i how did you see did this voting go on because regardless of all these logistical problem it's still mardin a lot of controversy isn't it voting has been incredibly peaceful in the maldives and if you compare to the previous presidential elections it is in create is exactly comparable we know for a fact that we with presidential elections we do have a very high water turn now we have more than ninety percent we expect to have the same for this election and as usual the voting time was extended and anyone who is in line by seven pm today will make will be allowed to vote i think our
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embassies our more than almost five hundred polling stations of ballot boxes the distributor across the maldives every official is going to do everything they can to make sure that every voter is able to vote and we will see that we will see that from the voter turnout rate at the end of today not even. how did decade ago adam all these was there was a lot of optimism in the mao in the maldives everybody was hailing this transition to democracy now this vote is called by many experts test for democracy what happens well i mean i think what's happening is you see these are this is this is work in progress progress this is the evolution of democracy and it's nice and face and you're right to point out that this is a litmus case test. there are the you know the optimism is there and democracies go through these cycles and these phrases and that's what's happening right now but
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what is happening is as both my colleagues from the opposition and the ruling put it as there are two different perspectives and i think what's more disturbing for me is the lack of international observers to have an independent neutral voice to say which side then we'll have a he said she said kind of a dilemma here. jeffrey maybe you can answer that because both the you and the u.n. didn't send observers judy's election simply because they were they were saying that they were not going to be fair and free and they didn't want to be seen as indorsing resident yemeni now dad has been a lot in the days and the weeks leading to the vote there has been as i said earlier a lot of controversy and the opposition has been muzzled up firstly the opposition hasn't been muzzled if you look at the demonstrations the very the very vibrant media that we have in the maldives you can see that they're very active they've been campaigning across the nation and even internationally when it comes to the
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u.n. and to the e.u. you have you actually don't have either of them saying that it is not going to be a free and fair election in the maltese they're not saying that at all when it comes to the u.n. the only way that elections are over is can we dispatch them all these is through security council resolution and fortunately that didn't happen the maldives has invited. everyone to come to the multi-verse if you're there in person you can see exactly what's happening with each ballot that goes you have candidate you have the representatives of each of the candidates that are present in every single polling booth across the country and you have one of the most free fair and transparent methodologies that used anywhere in the world. i mean let's see i just wanted to know from you i do agree with what jeffrey just said and also. have you been able to campaign freely have you been able to hold them out of rallies you wanted to hold in the lead up to this vote no not at all not at all. we were given
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a space in mali just for one ready and that shocked the. ruling regime and now the they've rounded it krista for five more nights and they refused to do that and also. european union and others did not come because they have a certain demands that the european union made your opinion and believed that. all the political leader has been arrested and they should be released before the elections otherwise it is not going to be free and fair so we have a candidate that we all the political leaders have agreed agreed for and benny but the problem here is that there was deva never ending a free and fair election in more days because we did not get equal opportunity to come and neither do we did we get other people who should become distinct in the
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election due to contest so. in july this year the european union made some demands and these are not to abide. by the government. supreme court judges. their kids through the roof and dragged the chief justice of the floor and dragged him out of the. put him in jail and got the former president to serve the country for thirty years in jail without being present means brother or hauled brother and prison now she too is in exile you have the need of. your body party j.p. in exile we have the party leader in jail and two of his vice presidents. in jail and. the defense ministers are in jail. but this covers does a jail. and i can understand what jeffrey's actually speaking about being free
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and fair. free and fair does not mean if it happens on the deal. even today it is not free and the voting itself is not free and fair because all the better books is packed with activists from the ruling regime and that start fair we should have one party people that are sitting and as a for show the better books is nothing like this has happened and other people are deprived. people of people. first and they were very rude extremely rude people and so that all these things go to say video that is feared that this is not a free and fair election. interrupt let me do drink again the ballot box was not around fair i'm just bitter but i'm sorry to interrupt it is going to bring in bharat so we heard to opposing points of view here you have followed the
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unmonitored what was going on in the maldives in the past few months what's your take on these elections is it and what jeffrey says that it's been free and fair or is it what i'm in a scene says that actually own opposition has been excluded or jailed or exiled and it's really a free ride for incumbent. event abdullah i assume you know i'm going for from what is available to me publicly and from what is what i've been witnessing in observing is most of the most of the people that like. pointed out have been either in jail or in exile and the number of rallies you know i come from i'm originally from india i come from a vibrant democratic society so if i were to hold that as a gold standard for democracy in an election campaigning process by that standard model the election process and modernise is fairly. i'm sorry to say it's fairly.
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remote by any standards the bigger question here to ask for the maldives for the motive in people is what kind of democracy that they have scribed that they want to be where do they want these see themselves and if this is if this is a standard of democracy that they want to adopt for themselves because if this is the standard of democracy that they want to adopt for themselves i see this as a pretty poor standard and for them that that standard is pretty it's a slippery slope for them to be. to be pursuing because you know remember what goes around in some of these things comes around tomorrow they might the ruling party might be at the receiving end of such of some of these democratic standards so you might have a free and fair elections by today's standards of the polling might be peaceful but if half the guys are in jail what is the point of having appalling to be to begin with well jeffrey i see that you haven't agreed with anything that was said by your two other fellow pat patton is. but those are barak has put forward some very fair questions what kind of democratic race is it if there is very little opposition in
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front of you in their lives is made extremely difficult if you look at the reality on the ground what's happening on the ground you see that there is a very vibrant opposition and if you talk about all the people the political leaders who've been in children's or convicted felons who will convict a very serious crimes including kidnapping a sitting supreme court a sitting judge including trying to assassinate the president including a number of very serious crimes being a political leader does not absolve you of the right to absolve you of the obligation not to commit or break the law. but jeffrey now this is really i corrected you know that yes go ahead. i want to just say i'm going to send you my whole day not seeing a lot a lot of reports also implicate the president himself or the people around him so you know and that's exactly why this president has created an incredibly strong
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commission for asset recovery to investigate corruption and of course we have strengthened the existing anti-corruption commission and i'm sorry i really want to go back to the point about people not being allowed to vote if anyone is being turned away from a boarding station that is a crime it is illegal it has to be reported to the action commission right away there's not a single mold divin who sure wants to vote who should be barred from voting in any measure i want to say that very clearly to anyone who's hearing this program we want to make sure everyone from the government to the independent situations want to make sure that people who want to vote are able to vote and we think that that will be reflected by the turnout later today now with regard to their not being the space for people to demonstrate for people there for civil society to exist or for even political parties we can say that the public space in maldives have been given equally to both sides so fine you might request five days in
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a row to have the public beach area and yet the reality is that you have to share that with the other candidate that's running you have today a candidate running against the incumbent president who is incredibly popular who has been able to rally a lot of support from across the country and yet you've seen the president do the same thing you've seen literally thousands of people across the country turn up to their rallies and demonstrate on behalf of their candidates what you have in the maldives if you look on the ground if you look at what has been happening over the course of the last month over the last year is people supporting their candidates in a democratic process. that i don't see international for example on human rights watch have underlined and have criticize human rights abuses in them. and i have also criticized the president for let's say curtailing the opposition they've also been several reports of corruption that involved him or his entourage but i want to move discover sation further to look at what's going to happen after the
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results come out do the maldives has a history of close ties to india but china is a growing influence the chain of islands in the indian ocean are near importing shipping lanes and india aims to remain a dominant power but china is muscling in hoping to use them all the u.s. as a sea and air base china's leaders signed a free trade agreement with the maldives government in december wearing terrace on almost all goods the pact also allows foreigners to buy land sixteen islands have already been board for development projects and it's estimated china has a ready invested around one and a have billion dollars and sixty percent of the island's debt is linked to chinese project opposition parties accuse president you mean of leading the country into a debt trap with ten percent of the budget going to debt repayments that's around ninety million dollars per year i'm going to get back to you jeffrey yes president
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i mean says listen undergone a big in for a transfer project like the bridge that the expansion of the airport and that basically is modernizing the country but many people will also tell you those who don't agree with him that he is actually unsettling the balance of power in that part of the indian ocean. this is a point that thank you i would very much like to address you mentioned that we've offered military and other sorts of concessions to china this is not the case our closest military allies today remains united states and remains india india is and always has been one of our closest development to military economic partners and we will always maintain that that does not mean that we're not going to be open to other economic partners as well if you look at the economy in the maldives the majority of the investments in the country to foreign direct investment are from american companies not chinese so
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a lot of the statistics that you mention with regards to chinese investments are wrong yes when it comes to the recent infrastructure projects what our goals is as an administration is to really raise people out of poverty to ensure that they have a chance at human dignity and that does mean ensuring that we provide them with housing facilities with health care with ease of movement and better and better livelihoods so even if you look at this recent bridge for example that was built by the chinese government with the chinese government aid the majority of the cost of that bridge was granted aid not loans and what was given as loan was given as concessional loans when you talked about fifteen i was sixteen islands that supposedly belong to the chinese government this again is a fallacy this is not true a lot of the statistics that are out there that are being perpetuated by the opposition are is more is more than anything else is just sensationalist rhetoric but everything that we do it in every investment that we look at even from china is
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evaluated by a central bank we make sure that it does not believe to an unnecessary burden for the country well as a minister even i just want to know your thoughts about you know this. chinese entrance let's say on them of d.v. and c n n if you think that that is something good for your country. you see in this month's our good investments chinese investments or indian investments or american indispensable whatever but the problem here with the present regime is that they have a tendency of not disclosing anything and they don't do anything in accordance with the laws of the country or the constitution of the country none of them none of the projects granted to chinese companies have any any transparency they've never they didn't come to the parliament devils don't scrutiny ventry scrutiny committee was completely did completely outside parliament is closed so there cannot be any
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scrutiny and. have been invaded by the b.g. or. order of president jiang mean so if we don't know all how much investment days in a government that the form we have his certainty see how much it to the how much does he miss been sent to the cause and how much was changed on the table and. we have. reasons to believe that these are not facts. i was told by the chinese foreign ministry so with the project costs and and i know that they. got the coming out the bridge cause for example between mother and the we didn't even ration of the bridge during all government and it wasn't a hundred thousand dollars and sometimes the government says it has to be at the three hundred million down to million does sometimes the government says it is three hundred million does sometimes two hundred twenty million sometimes it is
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a hundred eighty million so we don't know exactly what it is so that day is no transparency event there is no democracy in the country when the country is being ruled route or the by a dictator these are things that happens and this is where we have problems and it's going to be me if you want to bring in baghdad i don't think there is any change and it bharat now. formal or at least said there is huge concern both in washington and at the e.u. level about how demolish the are going there more closely monitoring these elections and they're ready to slap some sanctions. individuals in the mold the now is is what how do you think all of this is going and pan because obviously the heart of it is also the concern india has of the chinese expansion let's say in that part of the world. look the chinese expansion in that part of the
2:44 am
world is nothing new we have the. we have the china pakistan economic corridor we have the belt and rode in the shadow we have the chinese investment central bank on that support of child for that and demand. that you know. sri lanka is essentially a poster child of what chinese that could do to that country and how democracy can be part and i think maldives is nothing new to the scales and as both my colleagues pointed out that the investments even i would tend to agree a fair bet that the investments by any country for that matter is always a welcome sign but it always comes at one of the costs attached with that investment and what is the price you're willing to pay and it is up to the individual countries to be scrutinising that that investment as well as have a domestic political debate on what those investment could cost in that in that country for a wide variety of reasons but the bigger issue for the united states and the e.u. is basically would do is the idea the vision and the resources that are so associated for us to put forward as an alternative to the chinese and last but
2:45 am
secretary spontaneous speech at the u.s. chamber of commerce and tillerson speech last year at the center for strategic and international studies highlights some of this vision but until then we are able to offer a clear vision of what we can offer the rest of the wall that will counterbalance the chinese effort this is what the world is waiting for and until we do that this will be the price that we in the western society will have to pay and absorb and have to calibrate our actions accordingly and as i see it the domestic political debate and conditions either in india or the united states is totally distracted disoriented and it's too much focused on internal political wrangling that we are unable to that that our partners allies and friends and the rest of the world are waiting to know are not getting a really sorry to interrupt you but i mean there's so much more to talk about but unfortunately we have reached the end of this program so thank you. very much as men as seen jeffrey saloon where he'd been bought out by last won me and thank you
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to talk about is there any way of measuring that is our number at all that we can put on. al-jazeera is award winning programs takes you on a journey around the globe. on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello from doha everyone i'm come on santa maria this is the news hour from al-jazeera iran's revolutionary guard unfit guessable vengeance over the attack on a military parade the u.s. is rejecting temperance accusations of blame. a long wait to vote in the mold the
2:49 am
sprawling new was extended for several hours in an election that a lot of people are questioning the brig's that fight continues now the u.k.'s main opposition party says the prime minister should go to the polls in a general election and the call to get police out of u.s. schools the report says there's bias and brutality against some groups. so we ran for president hassan rouhani is very clear who he blames for the attack on a military parade that killed twenty five people however the u.s. ambassador to the united nations is rejecting the accusations that america had anything to do with it the fallout from the saturday attack on the city has been rippling around the world iran's foreign minister summons the emirate affair following a tweet by a prominent political scientist which said the attack was not an act of terrorism and voice in the u.k. the netherlands and denmark i've also been called into the foreign ministry in
2:50 am
teheran governments accused of harboring opposition groups and to gulf countries are being blamed for backing the group which carried out the attack senior iranian military officers are pointing at saudi arabia while the president says the u.s. is intent on creating instability well before leaving for the united nations general assembly in new york president hassan rouhani accused the u.s. backed gulf arab states of providing financial and military support for anti-government ethnic arab groups the united nations kuwait and qatar of all condemned the attack. the victims fell as innocent martyrs went down to lead the islamic republic of iran does not overlook this crime it is clear to us to which group the attackers belong and to where they are linked those who repeat claims about respecting human rights must be held accountable as the small puppet countries that we see in the region are backed by america and the united states is provoking them and giving them the necessary capabilities to
2:51 am
commit these crimes mentioned the u.s. reaction to the us ambassador to the united nations nikki haley is that iran should be looking closer to home for the culprits and they can confront us all they want the problem is they don't like the fact that we've called them out we've called them out for ballistic missile testing we've called them out for their support of terrorism we call them out for their arms sales and they don't like it and not only that the worst of all we stop the hundreds of billions of dollars that we're going to them and allowing them to do these violations and so their economy is plummeting the deals that they had are falling apart and they're getting desperate covering events for us from teheran's i misread it. as iran's president hassan rouhani departed to iran from new york to attend the united nations general assembly he gave us an indication of the message he'd be carrying to world leaders at the u.n. no doubt the attack on the military parade on saturday affecting an impacting his
2:52 am
message and mission at the united nations he said that everyone who died in the attack was an innocent martyr and that was that it was a crime that iran could not ignore now civilian and military leaders alike have been angered by this attack and have been calling for retaliation and revenge in a statement on sunday the chief of iran's armed forces major general muhammadu buhari said that iran was now determined more than ever before to track down terrorists as you call them anywhere in the world and wipe them out incredibly hawkish tones in response to an attack against iran's revolutionary guard corps and a military parade well earlier we spoke to trita parsi who is with the national iranian american council he told me of the saudis are involved in this attack and it could escalate tensions with iran to a wall forcing. not once have we referred to this attack as a terrorist attack and i think it's very important that we do so because it was
2:53 am
a terrorist attack it's often referred to as an attack on a military parade but this is much more of a memorial day parade because many of the victims were civilians and many of the folks that were actually in military gear are conscripts who have mandatory duty to go into the military for two years in iran and they have no choice as to whether they will be placed in the higher g.c. or any other part of iran's defense system so if we refer to the attack on the u.s.s. cole a warship as a terrorist attack and certainly this needs to be that referred to as a terrorist attack as well in regards to what the saudi crown prince said he made it very clear that he is going to be looking to take the fight inside of iraq now we don't know if the saudis were involved in this yet no evidence has been presented but if it was something that the saudi u.a.e. had something to do with then this is a major escalation that risks triggering a much larger war and that may very well be the intent of the saudis who for long have been trying to find a way to spark a war that would drag the u.s.
2:54 am
into words because they know themselves that they cannot defeat iran but if they can do something that will get the u.s. involved and certainly u.s. power is much greater than that of the iranians and just one other note on iran the last british airways flight out of tehran has taken off of the carrier suspends its flights to the country also air france k. l. m. stopped flying to iran on tuesday saying the service is currently not commercially viable a decision comes after the us pulled out of the iran nuclear deal in may and reimposed heavy sanctions although the european union's tried to keep the deal live german airline love tonsil says it had no plans to stop flying to teheran and other non european airlines including turkish emirates and qatar will also continue on that point. we're moving to other news and vote counting the underway in the maldives in a presidential election widely seen as the test for democracy polling did have to be extended for an extra three hours after long queues formed outside the voting
2:55 am
centers all divisions choosing between president of the mean and his only rival mohammed sali the opposition says their exit polls show they won more than sixty percent of the vote for the turnout of more than eighty five percent however the official results will not be until later sunday evening more from alex gets help as . it was all smiles as president of delhi you mean and his main rival ibrahim mohamad sully cast their ballots in some of these polls. eumenes critics accuse him of acting as a straw man imprisoning exalting political rivals the election lacking transparency there is no credible election observers in maldives at the moment because all the democracy democratic countries as well the. european union decided well. the government had not been obliging that the government had not been doing requesting what they have requested to do the right of the elections that is to.
2:56 am
free the party does. supreme court of february first but none of these things happened so they decided that they would not observe this election and give any credibility to this election and those critics questioning because of the election would be free and fair so they were proved right and stuff today the eve of the poll security police raided the headquarters of the main opposition the mole deep democratic party this latest crackdown to start with the only viable alternative to president putin progressive party doesn't sign is a position supporters they say the election was a referendum with the multiuse continues to slide towards authoritarianism and even the believe undismayed had been forced to come here did not mean that as you can you can't think that they would lose anything below here because they want to me because they want to change they found my gift because they believe that maybe they'd see out me not me and said look at me look you voters in the cup tamale
2:57 am
queue to cause the ballot so i'm cautiously optimistic that change is still possible i'm just going to pick just my nights and i'm going to vote and i'm hoping that we have a free and fair election. there are a quarter million registered voters in the mill deeds whatever the result most understood this is a make or break election. alex the topless i'll just hear it. let's hear from some of the players earlier we spoke to the former president mohamed nasheed. who was the moldings first democratically elected leader who told us he's confident the opposition candidate will defeat president yemi we don't think that president i mean is going to go through this process i do not think that he's going to win this evening voting is very. but we are getting overwhelming numbers we have an exit poll now and we are doing over sixty so this is very good and
2:58 am
even if president jiang mean reads it it will be enough to. get of it he hunts a majority i think and i believe that we are going to get through tonight. if president i mean the board. and the request of the international community is for us not to accept the results instantly to have a look at it to see what's been announced and to see also what's been announced at the polling booths these can be ready to different results and now his jeffrey selling what he did was the deputy permanent representative in geneva for the multitudes who disputes the exit polls cited by former president mohamed nasheed in accuses him of using sensationalism to gonna support. and there's a host of accusations that was made by your former guest the former president nasheed and what we saw from those descriptions was an incredibly sensational
2:59 am
thread rick that has no basis in the reality on the ground he talked about exit polls and we don't have exit polls in the maldives we don't have any independent calls in the maldives we know for a fact that there's been a massive amount of support for the government as well and the fact that he's coming out now and saying that oh if we win it's a free and fair election but if the government win then it must be corruption this is the fallacy that the president is not going to lose he has created so much infrastructure projects provided so much for the people the more they've brought them out of poverty more so than any other president in the history of our nation you have people who are committed and dedicated to this president as well and of course the only way that the opposition can fight this is by using that sensationalist rhetoric that you heard that does not have a basis in reality that's the only way that they can galvanize people to come to their support now russia says one of its spy planes was shot down off the coast of syria because israeli air traffic control is quote deliberately misled its pilots
3:00 am
fifteen crew were killed on monday russia's defense ministry says incorrect information about air strikes in the area at the time was given that many syrian anti-aircraft fire was directed at the russian warplanes not the israeli jets israeli commanders have been in a mosque trying to ease the tensions caused by the crash. objectively information we have presented indicates that the actions of israeli fighter pilots led to the deaths of fifteen russian military personnel it shows a lack of professionalism or show you see at least a criminal negligence there if we consider that the responsibility for the disaster of the russian aircraft is entirely on the israeli armed force and those who decided to carry out this activity. is what's coming up view on this news our struggle.


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