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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 267  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2018 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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when they start doing this sort of. repetitive behavior with. a found object which is a in this case a paint chip which could be toxic. and is indicative of failed husbandry i mean how many times are they eating paint chips a day. it doesn't have to be a particularly toxic pain for that to become an issue. through well our investigation we found an industry that publicly appears to care for animals. i. put it in private treats them very differently. than before for sounds all both machines are parking. for mubarak
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a member of. the. and a lot of people want to share of these profits the number of aquariums being built is growing astronomically a few years ago there are only a handful of these places in china today there are more than sixty multimillion dollar marine theme parks with about a dozen more being built. nowhere in else on the planet so many marine animals been taken from the wire and put on display. aquariums here each boast of having on average twenty thousand species of marine one. even moles are getting into the business workers tell us the treatment there is even worse. this is a never ending cycle. for the animals in the wild weather just being.
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taken aside and often their natural lesions put into boxes. china and they die. so this is just one way conveyor belt. and it ends into the other and this is supposed to be entertaining. we asked the aquarium as we investigated and the government ministry supervising them to respond to our findings of mistreatment they all declined. i to find out how the parks source their animals we put on hidden cameras and meet a key industry adviser he's helped many aquariums acquire their marine mammals from around the world. would be to you. know if they. did like that what was your. feeling you had to do that that's how you did that then with something that funky. we've told him we're developers looking to set up
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a marine park who knows who don't but. there's a lot that you know and i go. because in human history our child. you really. don't get it if you think a secret of how young your money because those. who have to tell. you it was like this. after buying the animals the consultant advises us that to get them into china we will have to bribe quarantine officers that's a little bit you know we were promised what. we did to you to go with them i think. i can tell you how to put that to the public if this is just something. i need to listen to. while there seems to be no problem buying the animal trainers and such in another media trade he warns us
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to avoid the feelings of other marine parks in china or. we're going to work. i'm going to have to so they offered us that we go go go go we've got the. bum on the thirty three is what we got hot with this. because a meal would be good but they don't do that what we have hi john could go to john goodman john but this was real i mean john i suppose he could make money since there was a cut in the good to good use of the last thirty hours a week of life because the marine parks viewed their animals as disposable he says many don't invest in skilled staff who get out in the. big town and be able to shout what i want to go could. leave that to your. own woman free or do you want to hear your. former trainer being confirms marine park workers don't need much experience to his surprise this even included the
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vents for you to order the other for different. good. at home for a. year. or two young family on a multinational mission or for you and mother for the media on your from time to hammer home. nation. one marine park even left the better in every care up to trainers like him. that made him one of the front head on what i can you should you wanted to hear from you are were her or someone going to show phaedra your insurance you have. come to our ward some of them are all good that should leave her to me all the mail and. being says he was astounded to be put in charge of dozens of animals he had no qualifications or training and was just a university student studying account to
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a law and child you know enjoy the time this was from a forger that. people you know actually you feel when children are too young to hear yahoo emotion you feel how do you misuse of words actually if you don't try you'll want us to handle the. shelties i don't know you told her are you have or not told waterloo road. to live the best i have and the result total pneumonia. and that's what the lack of training has naomi rolls not only worried about the animals but also the aquarium employees so looks like this scuba diver is scrubbing the bottom of the tank to the whale obviously this is all a game but the divers in a vulnerable position what if the well look he's his potential just pull the guy's regulator right out of his mouth none of that she says some practices she sees are downright dangerous to actually have a diver who's dependent on a tank and a regulator in the water with i don't know three at least wild blue whales. that
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are clearly not trained interacted with him appropriately i get really just don't realize that this guy is actually in danger making serious danger potentially we're . well posing as marine park developers we were given a behind the scenes tour of one of china's aquariums during it the general manager here confirms that one of its cleaners almost r i i got it i let him go i think i think it's going to go down but i think. the manager says the beluga was plain but it almost killed the man that you don't think she's seen. it stand up up. i haven't it wasn't no doubt she dumped their hot day as i was cooking but after
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this many was only the one to give them a good hot i said let me tell you have caught on who turned out how do you want to know i'm good how do you know you only get out i am a survivor yeah he was so fucking me he was. he says the aquarium doesn't insure employees because due to the high risk premiums are too expensive until then the solution. for services should go but you don't believe me but a good deal will come one of the blue that will show you the full don't fade and all that up how did you go into it down you know which if you do a good job. and haven't done so well but this don't mean by you i just don't know what you do so that those should you be complete you. tell us what. should we actually sure do than just opening up. these are wild
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animals and according to the manager cajun i'm in confined spaces can lead to hyper aggressive behavior. dangerous not. just to their carers but to other animals. here researchers film a dolphin attacking another for hours on end. former trainer being says he witnessed a dolphin bullied so much its only escape was to jump out of the tank an action that would have led to its own death. and offer you you know you are shadow felt healthy potent combination has been. our horse here for. lehigh shrilly. pago. pago in the south. but despite concerns over animal and employee health marine parks have long argued
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these serve a valuable purpose educating the public about marine life. but naomi isn't convinced. it really is completely ludicrous for them to argue that you have to see the animal in the flesh to care about it if that line of logic is true then ninety percent of the species in this world are do and it isn't they hunt in captivity and what a year old have you ever met who isn't totally jazzed by dinosaurs and i think. that what experts like naomi know is that with the growing demand from china's marine park. is a new. number. one of the most with justice and sought after animals is the orca also known as the killer whale. in this rare vision become child in russia. fishermen were filmed netting orchids.
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it is one of the only places in the world that still allows such captures it's devastating to or populations because. they're so tightly bonded to family they're so social they're so intelligent they're so cultural that if you just come in in a slave raid and remove you know three or four babies and the mothers are screaming in pain and that's what happens when they're trying to protect their offspring while these capture operators come in and cut them out and put them in a corral and you know it's chaos it's trauma. earlier this year the russian government approved the capture of twenty six more organs destined for the chinese market. do you. while once popular across the world most of your shows like this one at sea world
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in florida have been stopped. after widespread condemnation and the deaths of trainers. but in china it's a different story they're gearing up for or cure shows. one of china's largest aquariums has released footage of orcas being trained in their facility. secretly recorded conversation with one of china's largest animal importers explains why they're so highly sought after we get into what is going to. whistle up we'll we're going to trust. to be down where you go. and what you're going to have a way here how to go. according
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to government import papers china's marine parks have been bringing in or because since twenty twelve. despite there's none have been put on display. the aquarium manager we met with tells us will hold office is the fear of bad publicity and. but i don't know time you have a coach. to. lose. the ball you can't be sure it will not be done jim thome. algae number how i need you to you kate. you can only go for your own evolution good luck. remember scientists may only roads or those will never be on display in china but she says the key lies in changing public perception. the has to be the whole past
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to believe that china and russia even can move along the same societal trajectory same growth and self-awareness and public awareness. and that the two finally get to the point well you know the surprise. when you see animals like these in their natural habitat. it's clear how highly intelligent and highly social they are. once you know that naomi believes it's very hard to accept there's a place for them cooped up behind glass. instead she says it should be left free. to roam no.
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i look up after that and i do. some of it i like. b.t.w. here in doha these are the top stories from al-jazeera russia is planning to supply a specialist missile defense system to syria though it comes just days after one of its aircraft was shot down by inaccurate syrian anti-aircraft fire on sunday the russian defense ministry blamed israel for the incident in which twenty five servicemen were killed it says israeli jets hid behind its aircraft pushing it into the path of syrian fire israel denies those russian accusations were
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a challenge now from moscow. the s. three hundred wars a deal that had been signed with syria a few years ago two thousand and thirteen bought israel put its foot down and on negotiation with russia russia decided that it was going to hold off delivering these units well in the aftermath of the events last week in which a russian plane was shot down in the area over the syrian coast russia has obviously decided to go against that agreement with israel now there is some difference it seems between the russian defense ministry and the kremlin over the handling of this the russian defense ministry is very angry with israel the kremlin seems to be wanting to play the issue down in the mall the opposition leader ibrahim mohammed salam to clear victory in sunday's presidential election
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provisional results show he got fifty eight percent of the vote the president abdoulaye you mean has conceded defeat him morgan has more. many had expected among these president abdullah yemen to win the election then it was feared that he would not accept the result but hours after early poor results showed that his rival won yamin conceded defeat and we are going to be hard at all deviant people have decided what they want i've accepted the results from yesterday. has been in political turmoil under yamin during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials on the eve of the vote opposition leader ibrahim mohammed so hills campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered preliminary results on monday showed that so he won fifty eight point three percent of the votes the electoral commission said voter turnout in the country of four hundred thousand people was eighty nine point two percent the u.s.
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had threatened sanctions if the elections were not free and fair the message is loud and clear the people of the most want change justice and stability in the next five years we will consolidate democracy by guaranteeing human rights and ensuring accountability we will establish a peaceful than just society for the electoral commission will announce the official results in seven days but with president conceding what is left now is to see if the hill will keep his election promises and try to reform the country morgan al-jazeera. hong kong has burned a pro independence political party accusing him of being a threat to national security this means anyone who runs or supports the hong kong national party can be fined or jailed the ban is likely to raise further questions about beijing's growing influence in this former british colony. what the agenda of the home on the national party. aims to is.
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in strict contravention to the basic law and also is against national security it has also will make it very clear that it will make use of all means to achieve this goal and this includes the option of using force funeral processions have been held in iran for some of the people who were killed in saturday's attack on a military parade and of august the country has declared a day of mourning for the twenty five victims the president hassan rouhani has accused the u.s. of helping support those who carried out the attack and accusation washington denies. pope francis has arrived in latvia as capital for the second leg of his baltic tour he's visiting latvia the few ania and dystonia to mark one hundred years since their original independence from russia in one thousand nine hundred the muse continues after the people's health i will say you are in search of
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a few. seven billion people live on planet earth and every year six point five trillion dollars is spent keeping them healthy in. the pursuit of good affordable health care challenges governments worldwide and. we go to six very different countries to see the constant battle to successfully deliver the people's health. china has the largest population in the world. and the busiest hospitals. go to the front line of the government's health reform one of china's
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oldest hospitals and pioneering primary health centers. with rising living standards and a rapidly aging society china has a unique challenge of scale how to provide health care to one point four billion people. medical hospital or she who is one of the oldest hospitals in china set up to be the best medical center in asia. its new building was finished in two thousand and twelve and in means a flagship for the rest of the country specializing in the treatment of serious diseases. anyone can walk in here for treatment and they do. hospitals of the first quarter of call for most chinese patients. and mail out. generally our own
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lives. about cultural changes you've made how you know the. saying yeah i chose a good time it's egypt so much of life for you to shut us out of something you was once a woman to see if i'm here in d.c. to talk to. someone anyone who says they are all cut. off. i this serious headaches for both the hospitals and the patients. i. miss it's world class facilities and doctors this hospital is a magnet for patients with any sort of complaint and the system gets pumped up. that if something goes. wrong. talk to gain is the head to shake hughes
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out patient to part and. she has been charged with the additional task of putting in place and the scheme to tackle overcrowding. feel you have in the uk yes i would love the way you should i know that in the me down if i did that much then i'll have to tell patients that she had told me that i was sure that i have been. killed says that he was like he was a bad thing is that he's fishing for that he should. be appliances you see the team called. sure done the job come chantry on leashes so if you don't. have the goods in common he says i should. push it you say you know full don't see it should
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i gently does the. the reasons that she took me to eat or that i had to do and the fake cool again that hard. to tell me. so you. see oh yeah and. sure he's. been. found out the damage and he'll get it if he intended it that's how much t.k. shipping may be used on those. who called him a bit of a type of guy you know that the hot kids are my patients i just feel. that he didn't eat a shit shit like the salad i feel that he hated that he would feel he was a fit and that. this leaves the seriously ill
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patients competing for the attention of overstretch doctors often do you know. talk to john is one of china's leading heart surgeons she holds two clinics every week. it's more than half of his patients could be treated in a less specialized hospital and. yet here i would come out with a new material you're always going to want to know it's really hard for you or me or come. on through the flu but we probably doesn't yeah hopefully we've heard from her around the missile mommy by another listener on the phone who's in there that are you measure. the value of her. through to him her about her mom she went on even though. you know there's a. little silver. you have a lot of guilt. they are here to kind of
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make them work for you don't you go for three or. six different in a few hundred years you're going to comics down to the under ten dollars around the tom tom tom company so who would want to. top amish with one of the. dominant twenty five opinions of sugar town published on the who thought he wanted to quit or sugar. be a photographer who goes he or she thought was oh sure the money will go to tom sure as i'm not sure what a needle he will arrive to get her that hamas or sure thomas or the other compound there is the floors are all kind of the shallow end of all that. are to me on earth but your favorite mystery her now should have been done. to ensure doctors treat patients effectively talk to gays working on ira farrow
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system. and having patients who faired by local community health centers or other hospitals to be fast tracked here. what that means i wonder what i've done to lead to alpha understandable that even though she. was a nudge to others to see the situation i don't see. should see that so if you don't know what i did i think i don't see what i should do to give you back yards and if you i'll just tell me to shoot up. go where you can see the even meet me of what. we did that. says i don't see secrets here that we don't see the stuff we say oh good i just you know i don't do that just stuff to see if someone has a meaning to the sound of the alphabet yeah i always show you should she died i don't quite.


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