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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2018 7:00am-7:33am +03

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that he would not accept the results but hours after early poll results showed that his rival one yemen conceded defeat. of deviant people have decided what they want to the results from yesterday. leaves has been in political turmoil and. during his five year tenure two former presidents a prosecutor general and a number of opposition politicians have been jailed in controversial trials on the eve of the vote opposition leader ibrahim campaign office was raided by police but no evidence of electoral fraud was uncovered preliminary results on monday showed that fifty eight point three percent of the votes electoral commission said voter turnout in the country of four hundred thousand people was eighty nine point two percent the u.s. had threatened sanctions if the elections were not free and fair. the message is loud and clear the people of the most want change justice and stability in the next five years we will consider their democracy by guaranteeing human rights and
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ensuring accountability we will establish a peaceful and just so safety for all. amounts of official results in seven days but with president conceding what is left now is to see if the hill will keep its election promises and pressure from the country morgan al-jazeera. much more to come on the program including grief and anger in the philippines as the relatives of victims point the finger of blame. and we'll tell you why one of the biggest prizes in the arts well the turner prize the most political exhibition and its history. hello there we've had a fair few showers over the eastern parts of australia recently the satellite picture is picking them up here just around the sydney area that thing extremely
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heavy recently and behind that system is going to turn a bit cooler than it has been so force in melbourne there on choose there will be at around thirteen and that cooler air continues its journey eastwards towards sydney as we head into wednesday and on maximum this time will just be fourteen adelaide though will see the temperatures begin to rise will get to around twenty three and force in personal major changes for us our temperatures eighteen of course in new zealand pretty stormy at the moment lots of very strong winds lots of heavy rain and a fair amount of snow was well this latest system is trying to pull away but as it does so another weather system is approaching from the south this will bring a snow to really quite low levels as we head through chews day night and into wednesday could be some snow particularly the coast of ventura though as we head through wednesday things will begin to come down and will begin to brighten up as well now further towards the north and forth across japan there's a lot of heavy rain as we head through tuesday really does it very wet for many of us in honshu that's clearing through pretty quickly though so by wednesday we
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should be back with the sunshine and tokyo will be up to around twenty one degrees for the west to expect one or two showers there in beijing. under president trump finding asylum in the us has become harder than ever i am putting in place a zero tolerance policy if you are doing. then we will prosecute you and that child may be separated from you thousands of families escaping violence now face separation detention and deportation as the u.s. closes its doors no shelter on.
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one of the top stories. russia has announced it will supply the s three hundred surface to air missile system to syria in two weeks despite strong israeli and u.s. objections well he does a gathering in new york for united nations general assembly u.s. president donald trump will make his address on tuesday as well the iranian leader hassan rouhani. and the president of the moldings ability i mean has conceded defeat in sunday's election everyway for opposition leader ibrahim mohammed soni to take. u.s. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is set to met meet president donald trump at the white house on thursday amid reports that his job is online presence john has been overseeing the investigation into alleged russian interference into the twenty six thousand election committee how could reports white house. as donald trump at
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with heads of government at the u.n. general assembly in new york back in washington his own government was reeling with speculation about the fate of this man deputy attorney general rod rosenstein you want to have very very few words of openness of the board meeting we write that after a single tweet on social media that rosenstein the man overseeing the investigation into alleged trunk campaign ties to the kremlin was resigning reporters scrambled to find out what was going on. the president is reportedly fuming over reports rosenstein suggested secretly taping trump last year in an effort to invoke the twenty fifth amendment to removed from office. trump is already fired others connected to the best a geisha into his campaign leading former f.b.i. director james comey deputy attorney general sally yates and deputy f.b.i.
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director andrew mccabe at a campaign rally on friday in missouri trump suggested more could become a there's a lingering stench should we're going to get rid of that. many believe trump was referring to rosenstein that led to monday's speculation that rather than rosenstein resigning travel was going to carry out his threat the president would like someone in that role who he see. and personally there to protect not necessarily there to enact or in fact the justice for the entire country trumps the next move is unclear and meeting between the two is now set for thursday . the timing is raising eyebrows in washington that's the same day donald trump supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh testifies before congress defending himself from accusations of sexual assault leading to speculation that trump's thursday meeting with rosenstein is
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a deliberate distraction kimberly helped get al jazeera the white house an inquiry into one of the worst treatment disasters in the history of the u.k.'s national health service has begun in london thousands of people died after being treated with blood contaminated with hiv and hepatitis c. viruses in the one hundred seventy s. and eighty's if barker reports. these are some of the thousands of people infected with contaminated blood i had a postpartum hemorrhage who was rushed into hospital jackie britain's among those sharing her story at the opening of a government inquiry into the scandal in one thousand nine hundred three she was given a blood transfusion after giving birth infecting her with hepatitis c. the virus went undetected for thirty years leading to cirrhosis of the liver or so traumatized once i tell you you want to know i felt like i was dying and the next day i could have been dead in the one nine hundred seventy s.
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and eighty's infected blood from the united states was imported into britain some was used to make a clot in protein called factor eight used to treat hemophilia it was given to sufferers including young children to help them live normal lives but some of the blood was made from pooling plasma from thousands of donors including drug addicts sex workers and prison inmates half of all infected hemophiliacs are now dead that's almost three thousand people as many as thirty thousand people may have been exposed to infections through transfusions. the victims are ordinary people infected during childbirth or during treatment after road traffic accidents husbands or wives in fact of each other parents infected their children care that was meant to have save lives has caused devastating home it's a sobering thought that the consequences of what happened there may be continuing to cause death even now. many inquiries are
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about events which have happened. where it is known exactly how many people may have died a few if any. this may be the first where deaths are continuing. the inquiry will examine how and why contaminated blood was widely used and investigate claims of a cover up by successive governments of the one nine hundred eighty s. former prime minister john major and five former health secretaries are under pressure to give evidence. the blood scandal wasn't confined to britain and france and japan officials and drug companies were found guilty of negligence. many british victims have campaigned for years for this inquiry they want justice. al-jazeera london a group of twelve former heads of state has released
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a report recommending countries start regulating lower potency drugs as a way of taking control of the illegal drug market and group has been advocating an end to prohibition which they say is failing on one reports from mexico. this new report on drug policy has a fair amount of weight behind it it's been put together by a group including twelve ex heads of state and its message is simple and stark prohibition has failed it says and the world needs to legalize and regulate drugs and looking good on the yeah past what we've done for a century has been a mistake prohibition doesn't work it's causing a lot of damage it should be eliminated and instead we should have policies based on brake elation the group some veiled the report in mexico because it says that nowhere better shows the failure of prohibition there's been a full frontal assault on cartels here for a decade but it's just because turf battles and deaths as kingpins have fallen and
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others have to take their place as well as that human cost the report also emphasizes the vast amounts being lost to governments in the form of taxes from what is the largest illicit market in the world the former leader says i got a lot of suggestions of models for legalization from state monopolies to purely personal production they also talked about the vulnerable people at the bottom of the drug world if legalization happens to little boys little girls that are in the drug trade what happens to the mothers who are smuggling from one country to the other at the risk of their lives so our next step is really proper should not only be for the punishment of these people reintegration in society development of measures of integration the incoming mexican government is in step with that talking about an amnesty for some of those on the lowest rungs of organized crime as well as possibly legalizing marijuana and opium that's been incredibly
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controversial and what is still a very socially conservative region but a growing number of countries worldwide are taking a look at what legalization could mean. the death toll from the second major landslide in central philippines. has risen to forty nine almost fifty of those a believed to be trapped or buried in the rubble of typhoon season and monsoon rains triggered the disaster but relatives of victims are also blaming a local stone quarry trailer linda gunn reports not a city in the province. a semblance of dignity in death. this is what families here desperately want for their loved ones. the priest tries to comfort them but the reality is too hard for families here to grasp. the mountain gave way while they slept burying thirteen homes and about
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a hundred people in the central philippines city of them and. many of those who died were the sole providers of impoverished families the already had little before the landslide now the survivors say the have nothing. for years they have been calling on the government to stop pouring operations in their community but because they were poor at least see their appeals and do it. some in the community see recent reported fissures on the mountain should have been a warning sign but for me at the end of the day i'm out i went on i am accountable to the people of naga by the thing is when and when a technical agency assigned to one of our and rather regen it says that a certain company is that ready career you know what job you could have even you have before sometimes the people evacuated. but many here say rising above
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a tragedy is simply not enough we should assume as possible. against this these people who are responsible we ask ourselves is the life of a child in naga worth the millions that companies are allegedly contribute to the local economy. these are the first batch of victims and many more are expected for mass burial in the coming weeks the local government says these are the focus now rescue which evolve and burial but this is exactly what many families fear that everything and here. their final resting place is right next to the quarry site and so it is clear there is no escaping the influence of powerful businesses here. the. the
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dead are too many to be buried in one day. and as they are taken to the tubes one point one families here feel their loved ones have been buried in the east. and they weren't given enough time to see good. jamila al-jazeera nagar in cebu province central philippines. hong kong as a pro independence national party has plenty of public protest on tuesday after being banned by the government as a threat to national security the british government has expressed concern over the ban which is the first one political party since the city was handed back to china twenty one years ago the government says party members will be fined up to twelve thousand dollars or face three years in jail if they speak out. annual turner prize one of the world's biggest and most controversial art competitions is back at
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the tate britain gallery in london every year it generates a debate about what can be defined as art this is for nominees include an anthropologist and an activist group charlie angela has been take a look. this year's turner prize contains no paintings no sculptures only films each in their own darkened room and yet it is the most politically charged collection in the prizes history. and sixteen millimeter films feature victims of police violence and rachel a piece. shall approaches poetic work shot on her i phone exposed sexuality and identity. as an. anthropologist neemo hymens feature film and documentary focuses on politics in the developing world from. each uses film in a different way and while the line up usually generates debate about what could be
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defined as art this year it's challenging the definition of an artist the fourth nominee for ending architecture is a group of investigators made up of architects lawyers journalists and scientists they look into allegations of state corporate violence and they don't consider themselves artists this room is like stepping inside the mind of a forensic investigator what the group of tried to do is dissect exactly what happened in twenty seventeen when a bedroom villager. killed during their clearing of palestinian homes in the negev satellite images. from al-jazeera to try and determine where the blame lies. the agency open up a new dimension to the art world and critics a keen to embrace the forensic architecture almost going into the room. because he was not just an art artist he was also
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a scientist and today if the venture are alive he'd be part of the architecture but even the curator can't tell if the public will appreciate so much politics in their prize it's in credit. important to tape that we are talking to the communities that we serve you know take our republican situation we own we look after the nation's collection of artwork it is the nation's they own it we look after it and so we always want to know what people think with of a love it or hate it the turner prize it is reflecting major shifts in making. al-jazeera london. take a look at the top stories here on ars era the u.s. has warned russia that it's causing a significant escalation by deploying new advanced missiles to syria the kremlin is home in s. three hundred missile defense system to president bashar al assad a week after one of its planes was shot down by an accurate syrian anti-aircraft
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fire they blame the israelis chasing the plane into syrian air space but you're going the digital as them go to let me make a point at the request of the israeli side and twenty thirteen we halted delivery of the s three hundred which is ready to be shipped to syria while syrian service personnel were given appropriate training today the situation has changed not by our fault world leaders are gathering in new york for united nations general assembly this market see some intense discussions u.s. president donald trump will address the general assembly on tuesday as will the iranian leader hassan rouhani. the president of the mall to subdue the yemeni has conceded defeat in sunday's election opposition leader ibrahim mohammed certainly will be the new president of the indian ocean island nation after taking more than fifty eight percent of the vote. u.s.
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deputy attorney general rod rosenstein is to meet president trump at the white house on thursday amid reports that his job is on the line he's been overseeing the investigation into alleged russian interference into the twenty six thousand election. and inquiry into one of the worst treatment disasters in the history of the u.k.'s national health service has become in london thousands of people died after being treated with blood contaminated with hiv and hepatitis c. viruses in the ninety's seventy's and nine hundred eighty s. the death toll from the second major landslide in the central philippines has risen to forty nine almost fifty others are still missing the typhoon season and monsoon rains triggered the disaster but relatives of the victims also blaming a local stone quarry. hong kong was formerly banned a political group that promotes independence from china calling it a threat to national security british government has expressed concern over the ban on the national party which is the first since the city was handed back to china
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twenty one years ago to stay with us my nigeria meets the man bri i teach the masses next. al-jazeera. where every suits. that. let me off will be five or ten years. what would you be doing where would you the women who want to be if i would tell you because if we were younger because video voyeurism your hand i do sure you really want to answer ok if the dog got short ok
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dogs two of you know i remember asking with a question i'm not asked and if you don't get the answer right you leave this trading right away. and i'm serious about that. ok you know what i just did i've just presented to you what life would always do life would try to scare you but only the bull would only those who are able to keep and or even when they be threatened i saw that she was going to put i'm down here it is among with talk now . and she put it off and i love the bonus that i see now that is the attitude i want all of you to have one of the questions that i asked anybody i interviewed is tell me how your field before and what you did about it because i think fill your might be an opportunity. i'm a social entrepreneur i told by the many should have nigeria on our walk is focused on young people.
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all of the fun to. write. or use in the next on. my own. mind that one is potentially what the majority makes me of is the fact that for many years we basically said all the government to government hsu was that those sure sure. anything you would install. one else much younger than i access to a computer and i went out of my way to not use it and so that's is a key part of what i do not training young people connecting them with opportunities from technologies. to get
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them into what they're going to and this is what the population multiplies it's called small nigeria out through that because you will find people from almost every tried to every time the. in my study and i'm going to school which is why i got all those you know idea and passion about technology from i was told by a teacher i would never want us not to use computers because you know i was really tiny and he was a big man he said you know you can assign us to use their. i cried on. a movie really does that mean you did not have tears in your eyes when you get into the club of the girls who look at you as a woman's voice so i think after cry between the principal's office on my class i
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you know when you africa right inside i move our crowd inside before somebody said something up ok and you got to be born until tomorrow on to every five of you right or you don't want to know so you could in fact and i'm. the kind of guy you don't tell in order to do something i would do it if you told me it's impossible i think it was a challenge like you're saying or. i'm only talking with intuit you're going there we're told he said see you i mean sure . he's in there now going to if you're. the one incident and that's because what we offer his very simple scene you have this community doesn't exactly inspire hope but if you go through this process you will become
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a role model for everyone else in the community. all of the lessons that i learned in my short yes of going from the young man who was told he would never want to not use computers to become you know one who travels the world to discuss the same thing called computers it is a blend what it is we put together to start the curriculum here what it really is and if you thought you give me twenty. we're transforming into. what i basically want to communicate to them is one thing these seven weeks will change your life if you allow them to.
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my dearest the. last year i wanted to write an exam the exam was visibly on. so there is no i came to be we're just learning. new words and even thinking people who are very very collegiate and i even had to think in that it is only. when i came to him while i was really surprised that even if it could be done for a very wonderful for me. color sat down. in a condom propre. or in a nylon. bag
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and were made into. the schools or in some your own words is a classmate to my parents or our absent. baidu and it was just very very well so arts awards or the lessons even the lessons i went we were not able to do where wanted to. money. today you have this film is to train you and help you over the next few years right what do you see yourself you know over the next two to three years. i've been. to be with ok well i'll be doing what he was walking the street in before. so how did you hear about this.
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impression i'm getting is that. somebody told me all of us thought i was lying all that stuff. there six nights ago and that's this. you should never have life or something you don't seem want to but i mean honestly you know you think it's an opportunity you just want of life or you know you should you should get some more information. with all sorts of people from d.c. interested to see. this is the only opportunity all getting my life to. writing. is. great. or you know i mean it's an even if i live in the nice there's an opportunity that let's you really believe that we're all here. the kind of people we're looking for from very very grounds who
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would otherwise not be able to afford this kind of training that's one of the things that if you are selected you will then form this program to make money from your skills typical person we're looking for is someone who is already on a path to unemployment and to the bottom of the pyramid but we can tell that they're just looking for one opportunity you know to make themselves better because once you have one person you have literally. my name is in my care for a friend of my would me about being winded in words and creating new persons anubrata deformed and i was like it was these that i don't usually believe what you've been like get into the simple diet as it plays out and you're so impact into you without you being a dying or is like wow is this happening in this place so i say ok let me give it
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a try i had to call man i saw it i saw it for myself i'm it was really wonderful. yeah this is my home this reality. is my mom. this ill been leaving for. then the sister doesn't fall as you would make it eleven years. my mom and my oldest sister to sleep on the bed here my older brother stays on this place and this chair yeah and i myself i sleep here is where i sleep. so that's my old. missing. that is drugs as being something else do something good annoys me to d.d. don't you know would have passed through. there was even one of the the last year
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that my mom she nearly wanted to drown inside the ocean but i remember my lead to seven been very small so outer on to. me in my court. because i know what she wanted to do she wanted to get us a few. tall or computers in use that you could see you nigeria but were different in the sense that our training is more for cost is not even for cost of niceties so what we see is that our world is close and you've equal opportunities but i recorded the life program it's focused on life skills because these are kids who are been beaten by life so we visit to make them understand you can actually do something we have i said to me just also one of the four different things we do that is financial rate
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is on the last part of it's and to produce it it's a busy we've got to show you or i would do something you know and i would and i don't tell you don't it's done within the show you are basically means open your eyes because that opportunities the reason you can see them is because you will open your eyes wide enough to see it. if. if seen many people understood the just delays in the chain if i can call more from dad. words if he could transform my income in my mind that my way of reasoning believe those people out there the kind of possible.


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