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employees teachers and doctors now my plan i want somebody and we were able to negotiate a twenty five percent salary increase but we know inflation is going to be well over forty percent but it's not only that the government has shut down the health ministry they're putting people's lives at risk. is banking on an upturn in the country's finances with some forecast for next year. there will be presidential elections and he's expected to run the big question is whether it will be enough to help him regain the votes he has already lost. and just see that when a scientist francis says the sex abuse scandal the catholic church has been facing is driving people away speaking in stonier on the final leg of his four day tour of the baltics the pontiff said the church must change its ways if it wants to keep future generations the visits which included lithuania and latvia as coincided with
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a scathing new report on decades of sex abuse and cover up in germany the only head surgeon in south sudan is this year's winner of the un's nansen refugee awards dr evan. provides health services to locals as well as refugees from neighboring sudan's blue nile state catherine sort has a story. in an ordinary week doctor even atar at the heart a surgeon at the only functioning hospital in bunch town in north eastern south sudan and his steam operate on around sixty patients two hundred thousand people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state live in this remote town and look to ban hospital for all their medical needs they were has destroyed almost the infrastructure as we speak. almost all work including medical hospital was destroyed i think the process of removing all of them are not really working to the
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capacity that they are supposed to south sudan has been in conflict since twenty thirteen the war has divided the country along ethnic lines and their kaname and made it difficult for many people to access basic services like health care when the conflict started atar and hundreds of refugees were just beginning to settle in after fleeing violence in neighboring sudan you have to do he has collectively believed in the two countries for twenty years and has seen the worst of both wars what challenges did you face in sudan in the mud in the mumbai. was really bombing the area seriously sometimes it gets and then you were displaced and had to come to south sudan and then a conflict broke out tell us about that situation the only difference was that there was not one but many in south sudan but of course the fighting was just the same the fighting is taken place here and there. another complication we did one
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was it was from within when we. know very well that that is a force. the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestige just nansen award which she won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult circumstances none saw in the world is awarded to some exploding knowing. and his new platform to try to make the lives of his patients.
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is still on top of the world story after the break.
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it's one of the biggest and most controversial competitions in the art world but this year the turner prize is all about the creator rather than the creation of four nominees all work in film and included anthropologist and an activist group is trying to underline. this year's turner prize contains no paintings no sculptures only films each in their own darkened room and yet it is the most politically
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charged collection in the prizes history. thompson sixteen millimeter films feature victims of police violent and racial a piece. charlotte project poetic work shot on her i phone exposed sexuality and identity. as a boy in the. anthropologist neemo hymens feature film and documentary focuses on politics in the developing world from. the least to each uses film in a different way and while the line up usually generates debate about what can be defined as art this year it's challenging the definition of an artist the fourth nominee for ending architecture is a group of investigators made up of architects lawyers journalists and scientists they look into allegations of state corporate violence and they don't consider themselves artists this room is like stepping inside the mind of
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a forensic investigator what the group have tried to do is dissect exactly what happened in twenty seventeen when a bedroom villager and an israeli police killed during their clearing of palestine . in homes in the negative they view satellite images reenactment even news footage from al-jazeera to try and determine where the blame lies. the agency open up a new dimension to the art world in critics a keen to embrace the forensic architecture almost going into the realm of what the big she did because different he was not just an art artist he was also a scientist and today it eventually lived p.-p. part of the n.t. architecture but even the curator can't tell if the public will appreciate so much politics in the prize it's incredibly important to tape that we are talking to the communities that we start or you know take our republican situation we own we look after the nation's collection of artwork it is the nation's they own it we look
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after it and so we always want to know what people think with of a love it or hate it the turner prize is reflecting major shifts in making. al-jazeera london time for sport years and thank you so much pizza for croatian council has been named best male footballer of the years the first time in a decade that someone other than a christian or an elder or legal messi has been named the world's top player. has made a refugee just six years of age during the balkans conflicts of the ninety nine sees his playing career began with dinamo zagreb he took his country to the first world cup final and help from madrid straights champions league cycle is a sports correspondent really works. this turned out to be a really unusual award ceremony in that it wasn't one the best now prior by either christian or now though although no messing who wasn't even nominated not since two
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thousand and seven has it been the case that one of the least hasn't been awarded fief is best player they've also been winning the other big of the ballon d'or but a breakthrough coming from a thirty three year old croatian before the world cup started everyone knew that cannot judge was a really good player i don't think people have anticipated quite the impact it had it have is the home plate really evacuation site and i'm sure with a population of less than five million and he led them into the final and they played really well in large part of the final despite losing to france he just won the champions league with round which would of course mimic a part of that side and what i like about this is that really is the epitome of attaining man and yet this is recognizing him as an individual and i think that's a really nice thing for someone who just goes about his business without any fuss even though he plays around with your lead in the revenge the world cup final look margaret doesn't strike you as a superstar like right now don messi but this is
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a proud moment for him and a problem for his country. but for my country i'm sure this means a lot like for me to be in to be the best player in the world for. this year for such a small country something unbelievable for me is always most important the team. and i would change of course all my digital trophies for the trophy in world cup champion but. of course this is also a recognition for all card work for the season that they occurred in the realm of the. national team and for this same company that people recognize me as a best in this year or a bit confusingly a man was named faith his best women's coaches run up her dress was in charge of leon as they reclined the women's champions league and stayed unbeaten in the french league francis de de shunts at the on after the men's coach of the year after leading his country to world cup success in russia the polls mohamed salah
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want to push just award for the goal of the year for that strike against everton in the english premier league. brazilian forward marta has been named best women's player for the sixth time is though her first win since two thousand and ten. was a seamless is a summer g is this feeling of victory victory for the whole group it's not something for one individual it's something that's worth it it's worthy for all the sacrifices of us were at the after all the efforts and all the words of support from friends and family of all the people who worked with you all the teammates there are a lot of things that come to your head so it's difficult to express just one feeling le bron james has made his first full appearance for his new team the biggest name in basketball getting ready to start life as an l.a. lakers player the thirty three year old will be in the western conference for the first time they arrived in l.a. after reaching the n.b.a. finals in the east for eight straight seasons the lakers won just thirty five games
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last season. i don't believe the only thing success is more from seasons one championship. zone one champion but that doesn't mean you're not successful think you know there's going to be wins or losses and things of the nature which you the trolls how you prepare. how we prepare relating to try to get better. europe's ryder cup captain says his players will take on a resurgent song to woods without fail when goals haas profile team event starts on friday with some the rest of the u.s. team have arrived in france ahead of this three day competition the usa all the defending champions but europe haven't lost a hundred much since nineteen ninety three you look at both teams in both sides are stacked strong teams maybe the best that europe and the united states is both had so. should be a great battle this week and i'm excited about the guys we have excited about you know the camaraderie. some great team players and you know they're anxious to kind
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of get in and work on the. other partnerships in their various next couple days. but it's all about creating an environment where they can go out and play their best and we're off to a good start if if the look on their faces was anything to go by so you know that's that's what i'm trying to do create an environment they have to go out and take the opportunity out on the golf course it is a big opportunity for for any player to play in a lot of cup it's that it's that moment in time to put your own little stamp on and that's the opportunity they've got to take. and in major league baseball the oakland athletics have clinched a playoff spot for the first time in four years that's of the back of three straight last place finishes in the american league west and the milwaukee brewers beat decent louis cardinals to increase their lead in the wild card standings with five games left in the season. throwing arrowhead from the cardinals but allowing a brew is to get ahead in this game and finished six forty. or more sports
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throughout the day but that is it for now. and the many things donald trump has just said he has no plans to meet the iranian president hassan rouhani maybe someday in the future he said house will have more than a couple of minutes we'll see you soon. october on al jazeera. in a new season al-jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he serves time in jail
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for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond faultlines investigate the stories beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its parliamentary elections to what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture examines the negative view of monaco duckies moon and the effects of his demise october on al-jazeera al-jazeera recounts the shocking story of the assassination of count folk abene dot. tossed by the security council to mediate between arabs and israelis. his death would prove one of the darkest days in the quest for peace in the middle east. killing the count on al jazeera. if inscribed in the wild west
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previously where the average person couldn't touch and tell if a post had been said opined or not why does this updated nafta have the kind of support that it needs for we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. determined to keep doing business with iran european powers come up with a way to sidestep u.s. sanctions. think of this is live from doha also coming up. world leaders gather in new york for the u.n. general assembly where the secretary general is expected to paint
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a grim picture. warnings of famine in yemen millions already short of food but there could be a deal on getting help in via humanitarian corridors. decision time for britain's main opposition party members vote on what position to take on breaks it. out of the european union says it's working on a way to continue trading with iran despite u.s. sanctions president trump pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal earlier this year and has threatened to slap sanctions on companies that do business with iran she has returned she has more from new york. the e.u. was reported to have been discussing what it calls a special purpose recall for several weeks and monday night the e.u. foreign policy chief said it would be going ahead e.u. member states will set up a legal entity to facilitate legitimate financial transactions with it on and this
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will allow european companies to continue to trade with get on in accordance with utopian union low and could be open to other botanists in the what the plans discussed in the past have involved an entity being set up to act as a go between or clearing house which wean iran and other nations to facilitate commercial transactions for example if a country or company wants to buy iranian oil it would send money to or perhaps engage in a barter system involving this entity which will handle the transaction with iran the same were true in reverse for iran's dealings with the rest of the world the idea is to bypass commercial and central banks who are fearful of being frozen out of the u.s. financial system if they help circumvent the new sanctions being imposed by the trumpet ministration against iran in the vendor. however the details have yet to be worked out and there is some skepticism that the system will work especially given the large number of european companies already tailing their business dealings with iran. those meeting at the u.n.
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also announced that around remained in compliance with the nuclear deal and pledge their commitment to remain participants the meeting on the sidelines of the un general assembly didn't just involve european foreign ministers but the foreign ministers of russia and china as well meeting with iran coming as it did on the eve before donald trump addresses the u.n. general assembly in what's been billed as an attempt to really bluster iran for its activity this was a sign of real international solidarity here in new york she ever chancy al-jazeera new york. james moran is a senior research fellow at the center for european policy studies he says it's not yet clear if this plan is practical for large companies one of the options of course is to look at some sort of barter trading system the sort that we used to have in the old as the soviet union. but whether or not that's going to prove possible is anybody's guess at this time and still quite
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a bit of work to be done on that and also one shouldn't forget that it's always possible that somehow the u.s. could expand its sanctions scope to include barter trade as well as financial trade although that all of that is uncharted territory. on the other side of course a lot of work's been going on here in brussels and in the member state capitals concern as regards some sort of compensation or americanism for you companies who are investing in the country in iran or trading with iran that doesn't seem to be getting too far and a lot of people who predict it will be very difficult because it simply is not enough to reassure especially the larger company is when it comes to the possibility of them being caught in the net of the u.s. sanctions so that's why of course people like total george telecom airbus and others have been very hesitant and in fact in many cases of pulled out so there is still a chance that that sort of thing might work for
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a smaller companies who don't have big u.s. interests but it's too early to say that the saudi amarok the coalition fighting in yemen plans to open humanitarian corridors to allow for the delivery of aid he says it will work with the u.n. on the corridor that would run between the rebel strongholds of her day down on the red sea and the capital sana'a what could be targeted to help coalition is working with the u.n. humanitarian agency in yemen to establish thief humanitarian corridors to help with the delivery and aid between the data on our need help and i andrew symonds has more now from djibouti. this announcement by the saudi u.n. he led coalition appears to be off the back of a round a chorus if you will of protest and indignation and also really passionate appeals for something to be done about the finding and that was at the united nations general assembly now in terms of a humanitarian corridor being formed the details haven't been given that they're
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already exist some sort of agreement between u.n. officials and the coalition to get supplies through but that having very very large difficulties in doing so because of the the roads that are getting around the main fighting which is the main route between data and sana'a it is a difficult task there are the roads are really very almost impassable in places adds to that the fact that the grain mills storing so much food for the people of yemen in active they're not being used right now because of the fighting so the question is how will the who thing is engaging in agreement how will the whole process be observed on the ground and will it be effective the aid agencies are united in the warning that the famine is coming soon and the head of the humanitarian operations in the u.n.
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has warned this is mark local that when the famine strikes it will be too late. the u.n. humanitarian affairs chief is warning a famine in yemen could strike at any time and leave and lead to even more deaths food prices have soared and the fighting over the port of data has stopped aid agencies from reaching at least eight million people so far this year he says by the time a famine is confirmed it will be too late to stop it. my job is to draw attention to the humanitarian suffering and one way in which the situation could be worse is if we were running the biggest relief operation and we didn't have a very well funded appeal so my colleague martin griffiths who's the u.n. political envoy is working as hard as we can to deal with the underlying issues and what's needed is to get people around the table so i agree with you there's also a contradiction in this my central focus though is ensuring that the people who are the losers in this conflict in which there are no winners the people who are the
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losers of the civilians those little babies. our leaders are in new york for the annual u.n. general assembly when the secretary general gives his opening remarks in just a few hours he's expected to fight a grim picture of the state of affairs around the world will also call on leaders to work together to deal with the long list of problems of diplomatic editor james bays joins us live from u.n. headquarters in new york's a james we're expected to hear from a number of leaders later on tuesday chief among them of course u.s. president donald trump. well there are two i think that we need to watch very very closely given what you've seen in recent hours given what you've seen in recent months and that of course is president trump who a year ago was very much talking about north korea that was the centerpiece of his
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speech warning of a total destruction of north korea if it didn't dismantle its nuclear threat so many things have changed in the year and it's no longer north korea that is public enemy number one for the u.s. administration it is instead iran so listen very carefully to what president trump has to say about it ron and then it's worth noting that a few hours later in the speeches as each of the world leaders get to give their speech it is the speech of the iranian president hassan rouhani so he effectively gets the right to reply after president trump has made his speech he i'm sure will talk about that weekend attack which he blames the arab countries saudi and u.s. for and by extension their ally the united states so i suspect a particularly charged meeting of the general assembly today latest word from the trump camp from trump tower where president trump is staying in his own home in new
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york is there still no suggestion that there will be a meeting between president trump and president rouhani but i can tell you at the general assembly never say that nothing is going to happen because people do bump into each other people can arrange to bump into each other if they want but at the moment the u.s. saying they have no plans for a meeting all right we'll another come back to james once those speeches begin later this tuesday dance days life as the u.n. headquarters. britain's main opposition party is voting to decide its position on breaks it with six months before the u.k. leaves the e.u. prime minister to resign may still hasn't reached an agreement on the details of that split but the labor party's briggs's spokesman says it will likely vote against any deal the government reaches party members could hold a second referendum if may can't get her brags that plan through parliament that in barbour has more from that labor party conference in liverpool. tuesday's vote
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a labor party conference is on this text which came at the end of many hours of difficult talks and care starmer the shadow secretary in the last few hours has said that what was achieved was consensus it's almost certain to pass and he says that the room on sunday only in those talks decided to keep in the option of a people's vote including remaining in the european union that's something that's been contradicted by some senior party figures but he's saying that that is one option if the party fails to get an early general election that's what they'd really like they want to campaign to take over they say they're ready to be the next government they have the policies in place many of which on the economy a very popular with the general electorate now he says look at us we've achieved consensus we've got unity the conservative party of to reason may next week will
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fail to show any unity on breaks it so he's hoping that the party in the next few weeks or months will implode that in fact any deal they get with brussels will come to parliament and be rejected but that is not clear so this is why it's so important to many labor voters what labor is saying it will take what approach it will take over how to get out of this brett sit and pass and many of the younger members here do hope that there will be a people's vote meaning either approve a deal or stay in the european union now that's very contentious among some of the labor party but certainly at the moment the message is it's not off the table some people say it will be rejected.


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