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very small so out there on to. me in my court. because i know what she wanted to do she wanted to get us if she. didn't. do. it you. told us all computer news that you'd united europe but we're different in the sense that our training is more for cost is not even for coastal niceties so what we see is that our war is. a youth equal opportunities that's why record the life program is focused on life skills because these are kids who have been beaten by life so we visit to make them understand you can actually do something we have i said to me it's also one of the four different things we do that is financial rate is on the last part of it's into production it's a busy week your i would do something you know and i would imagine what are you doing this time what in the showing off basically means zero point two eyes because
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that is the reason you can see them is because you don't open your eyes wide enough to see it if. if see many people under street just. change if. worse if she could transform my income in my mind. my way of reasoning believe those people out there the kind of possible if. he is anything between fifteen and eighteen million most of the people you would find that young people who just left school and trying to make out at living for themselves. every big touch your hair. money spent
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there's a reason why there's always like when my dear abby is there always later you will. i know some of you just call me it's a tug of war to. do or if it was do not waste the resources fix it on my point is this life or prison opportunities and people would take it in different ways one opportunity you have right now is the seven retreat an opportunity i look forward to that of one young woman or that one young woman who will become the face of the sit nigerian needs more kind of people because we need to inspire our children. they need to bring a creative constructive thinking trick and its mind so they can see it can see the future of the con for car they can have a big show in the future will anybody have these on these our screens. knows what about you know. i don't mean what do you mean you can't eat.
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a good scene. and keeps going. to the site yet. you still come back. down each day in this corner and say oh only. when the passion wears just because i want pennsic impacts to dance well with bush campaign. themes that's when you've got information prepared to collapse the run has been bugging you i don't think you know. definitely what's missing. his brain but our young people sees ok that this is very very meaningful he adds value to.
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what we tell everyone when they come for the training and you don't only lend you also need to spread where you live and it's interesting to see how people like michael and chris take on instruction and then turn it into something to leave out and so one of them i wasn't surprised by the way to have one of the reasons that being that is because that bullshit you. let me just. let me. lead. the best. from. the on.
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if you. feel. i don't like so when i'm in the car what i do then is to cut off on social media a conversation that up and because i believe that you know. time and age is the least opportunity that i have to contribute to national or global conversation. it's time for be all you can be right he ought to be ninety nine point nine and our special guest for all of. those who media the internet practically every night you run out into the. level of involvement and i completely so i said to people that all the you know the incident of our social media technology for sometime around two thousand and nine by two thirds and
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we began to see citizens use the same platform to save themselves so somebody you're responsible you know but it put a person online so we had to see if this person saved up or some campaign by trying to fourteen we saw one of the most important ones was bring back our girls where one tweet from an event was were treated by someone else and then went all over the ward and became a movement going to twenty fifteen that is the same a mention of social media what we were beginning to see ok so fantastic you know what this conversation doesn't and here we know that you have a lot to say so thank you very much as your you can be us take it offline so i don't have one of interest. things about radio is that you have more read you don't you have internet and so when i get a chance to discourse issues in radio especially when it has to do with technology i'm excited because then i know i can reach out to more people online and well feeling that. one thing. is that he said well on boy i was.
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thinking. you. know this mission will basically have a network and you're going for you to community like a referee listed by the washer and so you have a floating around. you know really no take this is a long walk even so i think around the yeah. yeah yeah. on my top of one of the first few things i had a problem with was the right in the shot description of myself. so it was easy for me to see you know i sit for development consultant or i.c.t. expert but i also wanted to cut short the spirit of the side of me the t.v. does it. was.
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god there were years i was. right we were. good afternoon. my name is being done. and i'm one of those who don't more online. offline it's sad that we're still here so as i speak to you today. my wife and i any time within the next two weeks we expecting our first baby and that instinct of a father is beginning to come down i can imagine what it will feel like for you father . corera. intent on voluntary initially what i thought was an if in that was littered with technology youth and i joined in the same reason why i got involved with the government could not that was about young people it was about niger and the only thing i knew i knew
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to do at a time was through psychologic. so to do. websites. what worries me is we've reached where less than a million in a country where we need to reach thirty four million now that doesn't happen in the night when you know the the numbers for poverty levels in niger and literally our work is to make sure that every young person that we train is able to rise not just above the poverty line but is able to take the tire family
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above the poverty line then our times we ask ourselves who asked us to do this. for me and my mother. i hope to go deeper into studying more about what i do what i love doing like music is. it when i get angry i can go to music and play my guitar and i come back to myself. my hope in life is that by goes greece as god blesses me i'm going to. go and rest and and just because she's she's done she's. the rest she needs to enjoy life for it before she goes back to go. do you.
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mean because he said one strike you're. not scared of anything and then all the while. you're going to be a very very has a past. because it's just. there's . a thing the first thing that he knew was i want to visit a child and. there were things that i. you know mark says to myself because i was
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raised here but i think it makes me don't want to fight because only reason my child in the country. and i also don't want my child asking me. that he wanted. to make my journey better was enough. i've got to see what. this is their lives. oh by the way is what is going to don't do. it we turn to. when he was born until it is beautiful now so. hard for a cat at. the. top
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like his. first baby was is tough like. me. and this is my natural. when i think of my nightshirt i think of potential and i think of real life. when i think of potential i think of what could be what is not when i think of action and i think of young people who literally go on and do something that they can be proud of and. that's
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a story. with jealousy that still she just exquisitely she's very glamorous and it's part of our culture to look at our very very best for a special occasion and people spend money everything you see on the catwalk they do it. if there is going to be longevity they generally cough to come out and tell you things oh my nigeria on al-jazeera. as it breaks people are already some of the country's most vulnerable and now they say they need help with details coverage here in gaza more than most places the
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contrast between scenes like this and the realities of daily life for so many from around the world forty years ago it was impossible for a foreign man or woman to live in china alone marry a chinese but today. on the longer exceptional. city hospitals to community health centers change is happening across china. and for one six year old boy there is now hope. from the bomb just saw it is from the countryside he came to a big hospital and experienced doctors performed the operation for him. how to care for one point four billion people china's unique challenge on the people's health on al-jazeera. and of president finding asylum in the us has become harder than ever i am put in place a zero tolerance policy for you dear life.
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and there. are a few thousands of families escaping. separation detention. as the u.s. closes it. didn't expect their reaction but that's. president. laughter as he continues to promote america first. and i welcome to live from my headquarters in doha. also ahead the iranian leader hits back at the u.s.
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president's accusation of selling death and destruction and calls washington sanctions economic terrorism. the dark conditions of the victims of yemen's war and the. warnings of famine and. the comedian once known as america's dad is sentenced to jail for sexual assault. donald trump used his address to the united nations to brag about his administration's extraordinary accomplishments a book that was greeted by incredulously and laughter the america first agenda and his speech was in marked contrast to that of the french president. he stressed the importance of global you to take to deal with key issues like the conflicts in syria and yemen the refugee crisis and climate change our diplomatic editor james phase has been following the day's events in new york. when president trump came
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to the united nations the first the world leader he met was his french counterpart . he and emmanuelle mccraw embraced warmly then known to get on well something that is perhaps remarkable when you realize as became clear in their speeches that they have very different visions of the way the world should be run trump's world view is america first with all the other countries also putting their own national interests first he laid that out in a speech that didn't get off to a good start when his bold claim was met with the gospel of astonishment and then laughter in less than two years my administration has accomplished more than almost any administration in the history of our country. america years souter. didn't expect
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that reaction but that's how. trump talked about a constellation of strong sovereign independent nations it of course raises the question of whether the u.s. will give up its moral leadership on issues like human rights america will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance control and domination i honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs beliefs and traditions the united states will not tell you how to live or work or worship a couple of hours later and the french president was at the same podium he agreed the world faced crisis but for very different reasons nationalism he said meant that international cooperation was breaking down. in new neighbors well there's no
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need to look too far to see who is to blame they're here in this assembly they're speaking today those responsible are us believe years of the world it was an impassioned speech he said he didn't believe in the lure of the strongest and he made a passionate defense of parts of the system the trumpet ministration has either attacked or defunded new sutent only sessions we shall support those working for peace and humanity unesco the conscience of the united nations the human rights council the international criminal court for whom we are increasing our support. in his speech president trump said his administration will reassess how much money it gives to the u.n. and how much funds it gives in international aid that potentially is setting up a new confrontation for next year president mark rolls says he wants to give forty percent more international aid and france is heading the g. seven next year it wants all the members which include the u.s.
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to give more james pays out of the united nations one dollar trump also singled out for particularly harsh criticism and has addressed a month later as the us president called the government a corrupt dictatorship iran's leaders so chaos death and destruction. they do not respect their neighbors or borders or the sovereign rights of nations instead iran's leaders plunder the nation's resources. to enrich themselves and to spread mayhem across the middle east and far beyond why the president hassan rouhani head back in has addressed a accusing united states of waging what he called economic terrorism shihab rattansi reports. out of the u.n. general assembly the iranian president hassan rouhani attacked the doctrine put
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forward by donald trump a few hours earlier of patriotism and individual national sovereignty confronting multi-lateralism is not a sign of strength rather it is a symptom of the weakness of intellect it betrays an inability in understanding a complex and interconnected world just as the e.u. russia and china have already emphasized president rouhani noted that the iranian deal was in trying to an international law and it was the us who was in violation rouhani also pointed to this contradiction as the us continues to suggest negotiations with iran may be possible it is ironic that the us government does not even conceal its plan for overthrowing the syrian government it invites the talks across town that contradiction was on full display both secretary of state might pompei as national security advisor john bolton addressed an extreme neo conservative group that's long pushed for conflict with iran recent language by both men insisting that the goal of the trumpet ministration isn't regime change in
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iran seemed undermined to say the least if you cross us our allies our partners if you harm our citizens if you continue to lie cheat and deceive yes there will indeed be hell that we are watching and we will come after you and pump air had this to say about the plans announced here at the un general assembly on monday night by the remaining signatories of the iranian deal to establish a mechanism to ensure mutual international trade can continue without the possibility of interference from the u.s. i was disturbed and indeed deeply disappointed to hear remaining parties and the deal announced they're setting up a special payment system to bypass u.s. sanctions. this is one of the most counterproductive measures imaginable for regional and global peace and security. and scoffed at the lack of detail or timeframe for implementation of the plume. new york. but every man leverage is
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a former u.s. diplomat who's the go ahead with the iranian government and she says tom and his advisors have very different views on how to approach iran. while there was certainly strident very tough anti iran rhetoric throughout the on the sidelines of the u.n. and from trump himself what i found striking was that trump seemed to even almost be almost falling asleep while he was reading the talking points in his speech condemning iran and his tweet this morning was that you know he's not going to be he's probably not meeting with president rouhani at the u.n. this time but that president rouhani is probably a very lovely man so we see the dichotomy with trump as he dealt with north korea as he's dealing with iran my my sense of my understanding from within the trump administration is that president trump himself would be very happy having a new deal with iran one that can be devoid of any detail because he doesn't really
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care about nuclear weapons or terrorism or anything else he just wants to have a victory that he can tout along with his victory with with north korea to the american public that he is so much better than president obama so while the rhetoric has been strident and president trump's advisers are some of the most anti iran india logs out there president trump himself does seem to have a different view and does seem to be holding the door open for a possible meeting with president rouhani something that trump's own advisers fear more than anything. but also at the u.n. general assembly japan's prime minister said he's open to mason the north korean leader and to a new start. says he's willing to attend a summit with kim jong un but north korea has repeated calls for japan to apologize for its colonial era past the japanese on the kidnaps two hundred thousand woman and go as many of them korea and force them into sexual slavery during the second world war. i am ready to break the shell of mutual distrust with north
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korea and get off to a new start and meet face to face with chairman kim jong un at present nothing has been decided regarding a japan north korea summit meeting but if we are going to hold that i am determined it must be a meeting that contributes to the resolution of the abductions issue. that's they want all the news now and the u.a.e. says it will support the un proposals for a new peace talks on yemen two weeks ago planned talks in geneva after the officials failed to attend meanwhile the un is warning that millions of yemenis are at risk of famine as anderson reports starving families are struggling to get to the few clinics available and you may find some images and his report disturbing. another arrival is a clinic in northern yemen. to. nutrition means he's in critical condition starvation is threatening families who are among the poorest in
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the middle east the least capable of surviving. sam's grandmother is understandably distraught not nasser we don't have money to transport him to the treatment he can only get in sanaa we're in such a dilemma those who gave us money before can't do so anymore no one can keep giving in the situation we don't have any help from any side in this war and we don't have an afghan. bassam maybe two but he weighs less than five kilos that's ten pounds the capital sana'a where specialist care or medicine may give him a better chance might as well be a world away even though the distance from this clinic that. province is around a hundred kilometers. fighting on the supply line to sana'a from the red sea port of the data which like the capital is in control of the who the rebels is relentless but a trained government forces still pushing to take away the control of the data now
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with the level of fighting as it stands there are worries about how long it will take to open up a humanitarian corridor but tween sanna and her data the assurance came out of the un general assembly on monday heard a clamor of warnings that time is running out if a full scale famine is to be avoided for the first time the parents of a money attrition victim three year old zafer sack of have spoken of their daughter's death it was last week after she went to the same clinic as bassem had a house and in had your province her father like the parents of bassem says he had no money to take his daughter to get better treatment elsewhere and safe as mother is worried about her other children's chances of survival she's inconsolable and my daughter had malnutrition and her condition was so bad that you could count the ribs in her chest.


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