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tv   Gaza Between Fire Sea  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2018 8:33am-9:01am +03

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this was born. in the heat of the end of the second world war in one thousand nine hundred forty five. and throughout the twentieth century it was to prevent conflict and it developed post-war development but that were road was a bipolar one at that time. after the fall of the soviet union. we moved into a uni puller world. and the correlation of forces and the way the world looked had a real impact on the united nations itself. for the united nations to be relevant. and that is
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a seam of this session of the general assembly. we have to look at the political thinking. and we have to look at the hopes and aspirations of the majority of peoples throughout the world. venezuela is here to say the truth i come here on behalf of a heroic revolutionary people i come from a land preach who never. will never come to its knees we have never given in to injustice. there were colonialists enslavement and then there were neal colonialists and more in slave mint. but i come here today on behalf of
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a historic people who rose up in heroic resistance. and we also rose up in support of indigenous peoples who throughout long periods in past centuries of colonialism had suffered i come here on behalf of the people. who. are so proud to live in the land where the great leap back door was born two hundred years ago cmon believe are. led to her really christians of our people to free a continent. and to bring to life a dream of an independent republic in our part of the world we are
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a people of history. we defend and teach republican values. we have also supported revaluing when necessary. and we have also taught to dignity and respect for values such as equality. and we have defended our land as it sought independence and defended its sovereignty over centuries. so i speak on their behalf. and that there has been a very shameful actions against our country our country has been accused it has suffered jack grisham it has been attacked yesterday
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here the president of the united states who north america. once again. spoke against the noble people of venezuela. and he invoked a doctrine which imposed the rule of the united states two hundred years ago and he said. that intervention was possible. and he could be judge and party and also policeman of the world now that monroe doctrine. was pursued by the united states of north america. and they preached the doctrine
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of james monroe. at the time they said all of america for the americans. the rays of the americas had to to belong to america. because. in washington they looked at their nation as. their own even though though it had been a former colony of the united kingdom so that the doctrine the monroe doctrine. was invoked. and these was pursued by the united states and the tone of that doctrine
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was rendered throughout the entire speech by the president yesterday but our people are familiar with this it was an imperial interventionists neocolonialist doctrine. and our people rose up against it because we wanted friedan we wanted equality and our leaders seem on believe our fault for that. it's an imperialist doctrine that wants to take over our whole region. not just stop rodent reach and. in the twentieth century it sought to dominate the entire world in the twenty first century it wants to continue with this it wants to continue just giving orders to the were owed it so the world for
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its own property. there are conflicts and disputes which have existed for a long time between different countries. but we had does for a world of dignity and respect. and simone below that believe are and is. actually against the interventionist policy of which was being pursued by washington at the time it's a historic call for that and that's a history of the conflict with which we are all extremely familiar. economic political diplomatic the media all of these areas. in all of these areas the monroe doctrine can be felt. it's a deal logical political it illogical. and it is also directed against
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our land our homeland very resumed dead. why political economic diplomatic aggression attacks and venezuela. because we wanted to defend our rotunda me we wanted our democratic revolution our social democracy we wanted to have our own a new model of what society sanity we wanted. we wanted to defend the identity of our country we wanted to preserve our own culture i wrong latin american culture. and we had been developing our revolutionary project for twenty years and this is the struggle of our people and in our region. perhaps
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more understandably. for geopolitical global reasons. then is where land is the one country of the were a lot and that has all oil reserves that have been determined to be the largest and the international level. event is where they founded opec. it's been criticizing all oil for one hundred years and it has produced and it has been certified as having the largest oil reserve is in that were rude it has its natural resources its natural wealth. and our country. according to international star endurance may also have the largest gold reserves in the world.
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so in addition to the largest oil reserves we. also could have the largest gold reserves in the world and this is according to international certification. and we also have the fourth largest gas reserves in the world and these are major natural resources of geo political and economic and strategic interest. and this has led to the only guards in the continent who dominate from washington but the this has led to so you're watching live pictures there from the u.n. general assembly in new york the venezuelan president nicolas maduro talking there not surprisingly attacking the u.s. president and his speech some parts of it today against venezuela let's bring in she had the chance he joins us live now from u.n. headquarters in new york shihab you've been listening into nicolas maduro what
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morsi been saying. well that was a very key point donald trump did raise a lot of eyebrows in his speech. on tuesday when he did invoke the more narrow doctrine which is with the one thousand sentry us political position that all of that america was their spiritual is they could do whatever they wanted and that the europeans should keep out so clearly nicolas maduro they're saying this is what's happening right now we're being undermined we're being destabilized by the us once more partly because the oligarchs in washington want our natural resources and it is under deniable no matter what you think of the duros handling of the economy that the sanctions from the u.s. have been devastating to the economy and there is plenty of evidence that some sort of collusion behind the scenes between the trumpet administration and those in venezuela around all the dogs and business interests to try to its utmost to undermine venezuela that is a very powerful foe from a do or to have just just recently a new york times had an article about the meetings between dissident generals and
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members of the white house what's also interesting is we didn't think it would do or it was going to speak today he had said he wasn't going to come to the u.n. general assembly because of fears of assassination and again with the u.s. as long history of talking about military coups being behind military coups and so on he probably had a point actually to be honest then we had donald trump a few hours ago saying you know what you're is here well maybe we could talk and the next thing we knew we sort tweet from nicolas maduro saying well i've landed i've landed in new york i'm on my way to the general assembly and then we heard from the white house again who said actually no meeting was planned and you have just briefly because you're running out of time at the top of the hour he spoke about donald trump suggest a military intervention and that a military coup could topple his government how worried is mature about all this just briefly. well very clearly he has to be worried because the u.s. has had a great role in the temporarily talk with world travelers when he was in power the u.s. has a long history of. sticking to this monro doctrine even though they say they don't
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they do feel that america is a sphere of influence they are interested the resources know very worried about that socialist pink wave in latin america which has been turned back to an extent we will the new right wing extreme right wing often governments in latin america but there is very very clearly we're all right she had a chance either in new york shab thank you very much well that's it for me down in jordan for this new year's i'll be back in a few moments with more of the day's news stay with us don't go away. october on al jazeera. in a news the then al-jazeera correspondent returns with more personal stories from
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our journalists from around the world. brazilians are getting ready for elections but the main presidential contender is barred from the polls as he says time in jail for corruption. from the u.s. and beyond fault find investigate the stories beyond the headlines after a three year delay afghanistan will finally hold its pollen and jay elections know what direction the country takes with a new two part series the big picture examined the negativity of mama kentucky's beans and the facts of his demise october on al-jazeera. booming city a city with a drug problem. in a neighborhood concealing the by trafficking giulio transforms dishpan into. giving children whose only claim their street and it's.
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straight out of the bill find a latin america series. al-jazeera it's just swear every. and they know it's a big fat cow. donald trump vigorously defends his supreme court nominee after a third woman emerges with accusations against brett kavanaugh.
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along down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up and chairing the u.n. security council meeting donald trump accuses china of meddling in the upcoming november midterm elections. mexico's president elect val's to investigate the case of the forty three missing students on the anniversary of their end of their disappearance and it's already one of the south africa's biggest killers and now the rise of drug resistant tuberculosis has health professionals worried. he said his election had a war with north korea he took credit for stopping a massive attack on syria's province and he said he's refused to meet one on one with canada's prime minister and accused china of meddling in the upcoming u.s. mid-term elections in an extraordinary and rare news conference u.s. president donald trump made many sweeping claims but again and again he returned to
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one topic the fate of his supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. the f.b.i. told us they've investigated judge kevin ware six times five times many times over the years they know him very well but here there was nothing to investigate it is are all false to me these are false accusations in certain cases and certain cases even the media agrees with that i can only say that. what they've done to this man is incredible the republican senators have delayed this for weeks now giving the women a major chance to speak oh it's possible i'll hear that and i'll say hey i'm changing my mind that is possible but i was there was how does the castro joins us live now from washington d.c. how do so trump talked for some time there about his supreme court nominee but what more did he have to say. well there and you heard him say that to him these
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allegations are quote all false to me but on the same breath he told reporters that he was open to hearing the stories of these accusers namely christine blazin ford who will be sharing her story before congress tomorrow at the continued confirmation hearing of cavanagh also admitted that because he has faced his own allegations of having been inappropriate sexually with women these are allegations that he denied that he admitted that he was biased to agree that cabin off may be accused inappropriately and as you heard he still stands by cavanagh as is normally nominee but namely he did open the door here saying that after tomorrow's hearing which trump said he will be watching he could consider pulling the nomination and replacing kevin off with another candidate daryn. broad to world leaders
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heidi on tuesday that is administration accomplish more than any previous administration in u.s. history an extraordinary claim that was greeted with laughter in the chamber but chump seems to remember that differently doesn't. that's right that was a revealing moment there and when before his first speech to the u.n. general assembly it was interrupted by go fawaz from his peers trump at the moment he seemed startled he tried to make a light of it that moment got a lot of play on social media with people saying that trump was finally getting his comeuppance and his social anxieties were being exposed on this world stage all today during that freewheeling press conference he recapped arised in his words he said they were not laughing at me they were laughing with me we were having fun and he told reporters that if anyone was reporting otherwise they would be guilty of being in his words the fake news just a final one hundred that have to say about the ongoing enough to trade talks with
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canada. that's right trump also said during this press conference that he rejected a request for a one on one meeting with canada's prime minister justin trudeau he said this was because he is very unhappy with the ongoing training with canada that he doesn't like their trade negotiator and it's interesting trudeau had characterized this very differently earlier in the day when he told the press that there had been plenty of opportunities for the two leaders to meet they didn't apparently during the u.n. general assembly it certainly does not bode well for the future of nafta or it's a hot issue castro there in washington d.c. heidi thank you for that and well i spoke with michelle of course fenty she's an international lawyer direct pawson cross north she says the latest allegations against governor raises interesting questions about his current. i think this is actually quite serious and i say that because of the timing what was released today by her attorney michael the neti was
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a sworn statement on the poetry and although if you read the statement it doesn't actually claim that cavanagh was one of the people that assaulted her what it does is it actually brings a lot of light onto his character and i think that that's going to be particularly problematic given the fact that just a couple of days ago kavanaugh did that interview with fox news where he painted a picture of being a choir boy of being a virgin for many many years i think were the words that he used and now we have this sworn statement that paints a very very very different picture and so i think most people are going to be wondering well exactly who is he and that's probably not what he wants people to be thinking about at this point in time while the u.s.
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president has chaired his first meeting at the u.n. security council donald trump used it to attack iran calling it the world's leading sponsor of terror he also had harsh words for china surprising many by accusing beijing of meddling in the upcoming u.s. midterm elections our diplomatic efforts are james bays as more from u.n. headquarters in new york. president trump presiding over a meeting of the u.n. security council the eight thousand three hundred and sixty second meeting of the security council is called to order his administration chose the subject of the discussion nuclear chemical and biological weapons but they had well away from that with this stunning claim regrettably we found that china has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight teen election coming up in november. against my administration they do not want me
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or us to win because i am the first president ever to challenge china on trade china strongly denied that and on the actual subject of the meeting it sided with three of the other security council permanent members against the us in support of the twenty fifty nuclear deal that president trump pulled out overly this year china russia france and the u.k. pledged to keep the deal with iran alive for many years the skin and nature of iran's nuclear program raise serious international concerns the j.c. way was an important step forward in addressing these it remains the best means of preventing iran developing a nuclear weapon and we are committed to preserving the j.c. as long as iran continues to abide by its obligations in full trumpet again attacked the deal which is in shrine to the u.n. security council resolution as horrible and one sided while the meeting was still
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underway i managed to get reaction to that from iran's foreign minister mohammad job and zarif although he couldn't be seen by our camera it is such an interesting situation for somebody to go to the security council and boast about violating security council outside the council meeting there were fast moving developments on north korea the u.s. secretary of state pompei o met with the north korean foreign minister riyal ho off to trump said he'd meet kim jong un again at his second summit in the very near future james pays out of the united nations are down to zero shabba townsend joins us live again from u.n. headquarters in new york she had the venezuelan president nicolas maduro he's still talking there at the podium he sounds like he's a man with quite a lot to say just wrap up what he said so far. right i mean in fact we didn't even expect him to be speaking at the u.n. general assembly he said he wouldn't come because of fears for his life and then we
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had donald trump say earlier in the day look if we do i was here maybe i would speak to him next thing when you do i was on a plane he lands in new york and now he's speaking at the u.n. general assembly having said that the white house says there are no plans for him to meet with donald trump but he's here he says to tell the truth about venezuela he's saying that all the there's a sustained attack on his country which is very similar to what happened to iraq for example where the u.s. and the all the dogs in washington who have their eye on his natural resources on venezuela's natural resources of oil and gas are manufacturing a humanitarian crisis to have a pretext for some sort of quote humanitarian intervention and he says look you know one of migration crisis look at libya for example libya that was that was that was overthrown the rule of colonel gadhafi was overthrown then you get a migration crisis you know once the once the west intervenes but we don't have that you have that making it up he also pointed we talked about what donald trump mentioned in his speech at the u.n. general assembly the monroe doctrine he was
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a good or expresses shock how how obviously the u.s. is how obviously yours is being about saying look the latin america has asked fear of influence and we can do whatever we want to that despite donald trump's talk of sovereignty and isolationism and moreover madeira is being very critical to his neighbors and that in america for going along with these apparent attempts to destabilize his his government from washington on behalf of the oligarchs he says look how can any latin american country really want to go back to the days of the monroe doctrine given all the havoc the u.s. has caused in our region in the past and away from the venezuela crisis donald trump took credit for defusing the ad lib offensive in syria and surprisingly he even gave credit to iran and russia for what he said was holding back what more they have to say. right well he really is referring to the tweets that he issued in september i'll just draw it up actually it was just in september the fourth this is the tweet he released president bashar al assad of syria must not recklessly
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attack it live problems or russians and iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human human tragedy hundreds of thousands people could be killed don't let that happen exclamation mark it has to be said at that time the white house was suggesting very dire consequences if the offensive did go ahead he says he's being thanked by syrians that this was the tweet that verted the offensive but then he went on to frank russia syria and iran for not going ahead with the offensive and he also thanked turkey which might not have been what the kurdish journalist who asked him about it had necessarily wanted to hear or read to shabba chancy there at un headquarters in new york chad thank you. now britain's defense minister says the true identity of one of the suspects in another shot nerve agent attack in salzburg has been revealed to be a russian colonel his comments appear to confirm claims by the investigative group blink at they say these photos prove that one of the suspects who went by the name . of is actually an attorney chip ego i think that says he worked for the russian
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military intelligence agency and was awarded russia's highest medal in twenty fourteen russia denies any involvement in the attack.


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