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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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and. finally weighing in u.s. president donald trump his voice to deepening international concerns over the fate of the disappeared saudi journalist. live from doha also coming up as an extreme far right candidate almost wins brazil's presidential vote in the first round look at what's next before the final runoff in just under three weeks. reporting from indonesia where life in some of the year is affected by the earthquake and tsunami is beginning to return to some sort of normality but here thousands remain unaccounted for. just deliver their.
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own climate control warning of disastrous global consequences and action is taken now. the program allies of saudi arabia have joined a chorus of international concerns of a saudi journalist who went missing in turkey nearly a week ago the u.s. u.k. germany and the un are all demanding answers on the disappearance of jamal khashoggi well this is the saudi consulate in istanbul where he was last seen applying for documents turkish investigators believe he was murdered inside saudi arabia denies this and says he left the building but the turkish president says he wants proof meanwhile the u.s. president donald trump told reporters he was concerned about the disappearance while the speaker of the house paul ryan called it very disturbing the u.k. said it wants answers to what it described as extremely serious against allegations . the saudis and the un secretary general is also following the case closely with
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journalists of also rallied in solidarity with the shuggie base staged a protest outside the consulate in istanbul and also here at al-jazeera his headquarters in doha. well u.s. vice president mike pence just tweeted a short time ago saying deeply troubled to hear reports about saudi arabia and germany's jamal khashoggi if true this is a tragic day violence against journalists across the globe is a threat to freedom of the press and human rights the free world deserves let's get more on this now from gable elizondo who joins us live from washington d.c. again so what more has president trump and mike pence been talking about well president trump's comment earlier this evening in washington was significant because i was the first time that president trump has commented on the missing journalist and it's been nearly a week now that he has been missing the white house hadn't been commenting the state department hadn't been commenting much other than to say they could not
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confirm these reports that he might have been killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul so in trump made his comments tonight at the white house they were significant in that way trump when asked about the missing journalists and what he thinks about these reports that saudi arabia might be involved trumpeted not seen pleased this is what he had to say i am concerned about it i don't like hearing about it and hopefully that will sort itself out right now nobody knows anything about it but there's a pretty bad stories going around i do not like it and game what are the reaction has there been in the u.s. to crucial these disappearance. yeah there's been a chorus of reaction that have come in on monday throughout the day as people really start to digest the fact that this miss this journalist is now missing and he was so well known here in washington he was a resident of the u.s. worked at the washington post as a columnist
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a contributing columnist there senator lindsey lindsey graham a ally of president trump tweeted we agree if there was any truth to the allegations of wrongdoing by the saudi government it would be devastating to the u.s. saudi relationship and there will be a heavy price to be paid economically and otherwise and then we heard from another senator bob corker who tweeted in part i have raised jamal's disappearance personally with the saudi ambassador and while we await more information we will respond accordingly to any state that targets journalists abroad clearly pointing the finger there at saudi arabia syria starting to see a lot of people now coming out here in washington all demanding answers to see where is that and his well being right to gabriel is on the in washington d.c. gave thank you will stop at al-jazeera have taken a stand in solidarity with jamal khashoggi the managing director the english johns
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trendall says the will need zohn says about his disappearance this should be free or has been the same than kidnapped in contravention of the most basic human rights and diplomatic privilege. is jamal khashoggi even alive or has he been a victim of state sponsored murder the international community needs answers we as fellow journalists need to answer as we stand here today to reaffirm journalism is not a crime we reasserted demand for the release of al-jazeera journalist mahmoud hussein detained in egypt without trial for six hundred fifty seven days we stand in solidarity with the two reuters reports imprisoned in myanmar we stand in solidarity with all journalists who have been harassed detained imprisoned or killed just for doing their jobs today in the wake of jamal catches august disappearance the world needs information about his whereabouts and his fate well for more on casualties disappearance we cannot talk to bill schneider he's
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a political analyst and public policy professor at george mason university joins us via skype from washington d.c. bill so how significant are president trump and mike pence his comments i mean they could have right concerned about what may have happened to be so why are they talking now why is trump talking now. because they're under pressure from members of congress and from the press which is deeply concerned about the fate of this journalist that was of congress are talking about investigation because a lot of members of congress have been critical of the close relationship that president trump has been trying to build with this saudi government and so the result is that there's some there or there is some pressure coming to that sickly in the united states to look into this matter. and and bill how will the saudis be viewing what trump has said given the cozy nature of the relationship between riyadh and washington how will they be doing what how will the saudis be viewing
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what trump has said given the nature of the relationship between riyadh and washington that you pointed out. i'll i can't really answer for the saudis i don't think anyone can but i know that their view is they want the united states want a closer relationship and they see donald trump as someone whom they can deal with . exactly what they're going to do in this situation i don't i don't know i don't think trump on his own would make this a big issue but the big issue to a lot of americans is the war in yemen and the apparent indifference to the human cost of the attacks on the the yemen rebels and those things are being widely publicized in the united states and there really is a lot of pressure coming from congress to examine the relationship between trump and the saudi government yeah a number of u.s. senate says they've also been having their concerns about the disappearance of senator lindsey graham says that if there's any truth to the allegations of wrongdoing by the saudis they'll be
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a heavy price to pay what do you think he means by that that's right he means that there's going to be reexamined ation of the relationship of aid by the military by the united states military sales to the saudi government and there's going to be once again a distance between the united states and that government the widely publicized view in the united states was that the saudis had been our undertaking reform that the new crown prince of saudi arabia is something of a reformer and will be opening saudi society a lot of publishing he was given to the new the liberation of women their fact that they are now allowed to drive there's an apparently reform movement being discussed in saudi arabia but they'll be a lot of cynicism that results if this if these reports turn out to be true that mr because shogi was actually killed or made to disappear somehow at the hands of the saudi government then all the talk about the saudi reform will be placed in doubt but it's not
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a thank you for talking to al jazeera english. now the committee to protect journalists says it shocked by the murder and rape of a t.v. reporter in bold garia victoria mary novas body was found in a northern town of ruse police say the thirty year old had been beaten and suffocated is not yet clear if her killing is linked to her investigations into alleged corruption in bulgaria involving european union funds. a court case has begun in the netherlands which pits the united states against iran iranian lawyers at the international court of justice are trying to win back two billion dollars from the u.s. government iran says the americans of violating a nine hundred fifty five friendship treaty which the u.s. terminated days before the case began u.s. lawyers argue iranian leaders have been coordinating worldwide attacks for decades and as robbie has mortal terror. it was nine hundred eighty three in the lebanese civil war had been fought for eight years in an attack the united states would blame on iran a truck bomb explosion killed two hundred forty one marines at their barracks in
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beirut. fast forward to two thousand and sixteen the u.s. supreme court upheld a ruling in the case of bank markazi versus peterson the judges froze two billion dollars in iranian assets and held iran financially responsible for acts of so-called state sponsored terrorism. identified the us is defending that decision at the international court of justice in the hague and iran comes to the corner with unclean hands. indeed it is a remarkable shown a bad face that iran now seeks relief from this court because of the outcome of the peterson proceeding which arose from iran's support for a brutal and deadly terrorist attack an act which the iranian leadership post in iran denied any involvement in the beirut blast but at the time celebrated the incident the us legal team linked today's iran to wars of the past you will also see the name of hassan rouhani the current president of iran who was at the time a member of the supreme security council as
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a representative of iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini. in other words mr president members of the quote there is continuity at the most senior levels between then and now. as the americans made their case missing perhaps was historical context to the attack itself us back to iraq had declared war on iran in one thousand nine hundred. lebanon was halfway through a complicated civil war exacerbated by the israeli invasion of southern lebanon. in the weeks leading up to the barracks bombing a u.s. warship in the mediterranean sea backing israel and its proxies in lebanon launched missile strikes on neighborhoods in beirut with links to iran and syria where america is trying to paint a picture in black and white iranians are likely to see regional conflicts in shades of gray at home on because. america cannot put itself in the position of an international judge accuse iran in their domestic court and then condemn iran implement the ruling and confiscate iran's assets it's obvious that
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their evidence is illegal and the incident itself is also under question while the world court has no power to enforce decisions for iran there is more on the line than two billion dollars which this case is another chance for iran to take america to task on a world stage opening remarks by the u.s. legal team looked to be a tough act to follow lawyers representing the iranian side begin their opening remarks on wednesday same. wrong. brazil's foreign presidential candidate says he won't be toning down his rhetoric ahead of the second round of voting the former captain looks most likely to become the next leader latin america's biggest nation after easily winning the first round on sunday listen human reports from rio de janeiro. secondary school students in rio de janeiro stop the traffic to try to stop what they see as a major threat to democracy in brazil even though i think we both know doesn't like indigenous people black eighty days fascism his regressing to nine hundred sixty
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four when he had a dictatorship we need to move forward not back to the future of latin america's largest country will be decided in less than three weeks in a runoff between ultra right wing presidential candidate nat'l and said nanda had done the candidate of the discredited left wing workers' party. the underdog is clearly had died a moderate former education minister who stepped in at the eleventh hour to. replaces mentor former president lula da silva. in twenty days of campaigning we were able to get more than thirty million votes and take a little known candide it into a run on the strength of our political platform. but my trade anger against lula who is serving a twelve year prison sentence for corruption is had bad eighty's he'll but it's an uphill battle it's a very long uphill battle has to find some way to connect to this people has to
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find a way to put for his own message to to disentangle himself from lula's image but the day after the election had that first move was to visit lula in prison also nat'l who has a commanding lead says he won't back off from his most controversial views like supporting torture shooting criminals on sight and vilifying gays in women's rights groups. i can't suddenly turn into a peace and love joey said bull sonata in a radio interview i can't violate myself that way i have to continue being myself. already disturbing signs of intolerance reminiscent of a different time are emerging at this school for example parents demanded that a novel about a family that was forced to go into exile during brazil's military dictatorship be taken off the curriculum arguing it was too leftist and at brazil's national university chapters dealing with human rights were found ripped out of books and thrown on the floor crowded hour in brazil has never been more polarized and given
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an unprecedented barrage of fake news on social networks international observers warn the campaign could get uglier before it's over you see in human al-jazeera rio de janeiro time for a short break here not just iraq when we come back retreating from the front line the delicate deal to prevent more violence in syria's last rebel held province and we visit the world's first mental health cafe where it's ok not to be ok born that stings. beneath pink skies by the taj mahal. or is the sunsets in the city of angels. hello it's starting to rain again in china not just in sichuan the but rains become a bit more extensive it's actually linking up with another system it'll end up spreading its wings through shanghai and eventually to it's
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a korean peninsula and the whole it's falling slowly science you might catch the edge of it in hong kong so that a change in the weather type which has been quite settled for a couple of weeks more or less right most of china south of this and it's actually relatively quiet no typhoons talk about a scattering of showers in the philippines and in borneo and just start developing to develop in sort of way sea but not especially heavy yet the heavier ones are to the west and sumatra thailand and it's the malaysia and that's we'd expect to be in if anything those showers are going to treat slowly spells rain for some heading down towards java and not quite making it by wednesday but that is the general direction juicy it's pretty darn close so the way i see in the forecast escapes but we want to see light showers i suspect the monsoon rains you know is disappearing as a cogent function but usually this is the time the u.a.e. develops a close one looks like it might be happening in the bay of bengal one is certainly happening in the arabian sea as that spins up is heading for the coast of amman or
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yemen. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. is as been described as a link to. the last resort. around the world. suffer from to come dressed up like. it's t.v. common russian. isn't. this place holds on to say my travels to africa and it's inspiring individuals who are fighting to eliminate the scientists . lifelines the endgames insight. on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick reminder the top stories here this hour u.s. president donald trump and vice president mike pence about of their voice to deepen international concerns over the disappearance of saudi jonas jamal khashoggi turkish investigators believe he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul but the kingdom denies this. court case under way in the netherlands is pitting the united states against iran iranian lawyers at the international court of justice are trying to win back two billion dollars from the us government us dollars argue iranian leaders have been on unclean hands because they've been coordinating worldwide attacks for decades. and brazil's far right presidential candidate jaya both an hour says he won't be toning down his rhetoric as he campaigns for a runoff scheduled for just under three weeks time he looks most likely to become the next leader of the easy winning the first round on sunday. now a deal between russia and turkey to prevent a syrian government offensive in the last rebel held province is moving forward
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rebels have removed all heavy weapons on the frontline in creating a. demilitarized zone this was a condition to avoid an assault on the province which is home to three million people so. the turkish army has reinforced its observation posts all around it province which borders turkey and send additional troops to patrol a planned demilitarized zone to separate government forces from opposition fighters the demilitarized zone is being established after a deal between russia and turkey it's aimed at preventing a possible syrian government offensive against adlib the last remaining rebel controlled province in syria turkey's task is to free the zone from heavy weapons and so-called radical groups the state news agency says the syrian opposition and other anti-government groups have completed the first phase of the withdrawal. i. was.
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so sure. and the day was. probably. very. turkey's president. says turkish intelligence agents an ad lib are playing a major role rebel factions allied to turkey hold a third of the twenty kilometer deep buffer zone but the rest is controlled by what the international community labels radical terrorist organizations because of their links to al qaida among those groups is a sham it controls the majority of the province and the planned zone and it has not officially declared whether it will withdraw its weapons and fighters by october the fifteenth regardless russia seems satisfied president vladimir putin said turkey is treating the agreement seriously and fulfilling its commitments but moscow is accusing the so-called radical groups of trying to create provocations to torpedo the deal. oktober ten and fifteen are deadlines for the implementation
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russia's president vladimir putin is already calling this is only effective ruling out military action in the future and. doesn't want an armed confrontation with turkey that's why it's afraid to publish the reject the deal it's still trying to reach a peaceful solution turkey wants to prevent armed conflict but it's challenge is to implement the deal the tension is growing between higher to hit a sham and turkey back to apples there could be more incidents of armed confrontations if the so-called radical groups refused to cooperate turkey has signaled readiness to use force against those who don't comply seven for their ashes into beirut. now a serb nationalist who wants to break up bosnia and herzegovina has won a seat in the presidency after elections on sunday the office of the presidency must contain once one bosnia and across at each hold the rotating position for eight months bosnia's governance or
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a complex power sharing system involves three presidents and two regional parliaments split along ethnic lines but cabinet has been sworn in as a new justice of the u.s. supreme court it follows a bitter nomination process and accusations of sexual assault prompted an f.b.i. investigation and women's rights protests against the appointment. before the swearing in president donald trump said the allegations were all made up this for president thank you for the great honor of appointing me to serve as a justice of the supreme court i've seen first hand your deep appreciation for the vital role of the american judiciary i am grateful for your steadfast unwavering support throughout this process and i'm grateful to you and mrs trump for the exceptional overwhelming courtesy you have extended to my family and me.
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mr president thank you for everything it was on behalf of our nation i want to apologize to brett and the entire kavanaugh family for the terrible pain and suffering you have been forced to endure those who stepped forward to serve our country deserve a fair and dignified evaluation not a campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception what happened to the kavanah family violates every notion of fairness decency and due process a spanish court has freed a doctor found guilty of stealing and selling a baby it during general franco's dictatorship the court said eighty five year old eduardo vella did take a newborn in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine and gave it to another woman but
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he couldn't be convicted because too much time had passed since the crime well it was the first person prosecuted over the so-called stolen baby scandal around thirteen thousand children were removed from families that frank was regime deemed as left wing the nobel prize for economics has been awarded to two americans for their work on economic forecasting william nordhaus studied the impact of climate change in economic modeling and paul romer looked at how governments can spur growth by investing in research development and people skills the bell committee said the two men were honored for their research into the most pressing economic issues of our time. coffee and help prevent someone from taking their own lives this is what a cafe in chicago aims to do proceeds from purchases go towards mental health awareness and stop trying to talk to those who might be contemplating suicide john hendren has more from chicago. on a tree lined street in one of america's most massive cities lies
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a sanctuary where it's ok not to be ok where our slogan it's ok not to be ok comes from is me just being like damn it why can these people just know they can talk about things you know why didn't my uncle drink himself to death why didn't my aunt you know not speak up about needing to be on meds and also her alcohol abuse and causing a chemical imbalance in her body and unfortunately gassing herself in her arms you know like i had friends who get into guns that i had you know say welcome to sip of hope the world's first mental health café where every cent of proceeds from every cup goes to suicide prevention and mental health education it's run by hope for the day the mental health nonprofit johnny founded after a close friend leapt from the fifth floor balcony he was number nine on a list of sixteen people that i've personally lost to suicide you can talk terrible reeses they're trained and mental health education that allows them to be equipped with the tools to have a conversation like we're supposed to be having every day but sadly we've neglected
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that as a society we have displaced that conversation and now we're starting to see the unfortunate side effects of it you know suicide rates are higher than ever every day in the united states one hundred twenty one people commit suicide eight hundred thousand a year worldwide for every one of them two hundred try and fail the idea is to reach people where they are people who aren't necessarily looking for a mental health consultation but maybe just a cup of coffee and a conversation. here the entryway is aligned with information for the ailing and the baristas are trained to. direct customers to mental health centers and funding as they fill their coffers they're talking about things like depression they talk about things like suicide talking about. bipolar illnesses. kind of the. rise of different types of mental illnesses and different types of month of . crisis is that people may be having. depression although i think it's
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a place where the brew can come with a potentially life saving conversation and a link to health and health all for the price of a cup of coffee john hendren al jazeera chicago a new u.n. report on climate change is calling for urgent transformational change to avoid disastrous levels of global warming it says of carbon emissions on drastically cut by twenty thirty it'll be impossible to keep temperature rises to under one and a half degrees celsius. the threats been clear and present for many years climate change caused by human activity is putting our very survival in peril now the un's climate change body says concerted action needs to come much sooner than previously thought early action to eliminate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is possible they are options available there are signs that mitigation is going on that even if used to be achieved there's an urgent need to accelerate three years ago at the
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paris climate change conference many governments gave themselves a pat on the back they pledged to take action to limit temperature rises to one point five degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels now the experts say they're failing and time is running out the i.p.c.c. says meeting that one point five degrees target requires a forty five percent cut in carbon emissions by twenty thirty and alarmingly zero net carbon emissions by twenty fifty with steep cuts in other greenhouse gases like methane it's a question of whether we can make certain decisions in the coming years with the benefit of fisheries gone that with our children and grandchildren and. coming generations the i.p.c.c. says by the end of this century global sea level rises would be ten centimeters lower with warming of one point five degrees compared to two degrees and the arctic is likely to be ice free in summer around once a century at one point five degrees but at least once
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a decade if warming reaches two degrees none of this is academic faster action will reduce flooding giving people living on the world's coasts islands and river deltas time to adapt to climate change then there are the millions affected by drought many on the african continent we need to look at climate finance and strategies that ensure that we sort of speed up climate climate action related to issues like our culture our food security livelihoods and migrations and that's because migrations and migration is no longer a choice. lots of people in the continent it is now we must because of global warming the i.p.c.c. report says renewable energy must account for at least seventy percent of electricity by twenty fifty compared with twenty five percent now to stay within the one point five degree limits carbon will have to be sucked out of the air by machines installed on the ground and billions of trees will have to be planted and they'll be tough choices between using land for food or for biofuel crops we've
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been shown the solutions now it's over to our politicians and to us that even bother al-jazeera. over news of course on our website there it is on your screen the address al jazeera dot com. dot com. rights advocate check of the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump is out of his voice deepening international concerns over the disappearance of a saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkish investigators believe he was murdered inside the saudi consulate in istanbul but the kingdom denies this the u.k. germany and the u.n. are also demanding answers. i am concerned about it i don't like hearing about it and hopefully that will sort itself out right now nobody knows anything about it but there's a pretty bad stories going around i do not like turkey's president says saudi
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arabia must prove its claim that khashoggi left the consulate but. the lady consulate officials cannot save themselves by saying that he left the building don't you have cameras if he left you have to prove it with footage of those who asked turkish authorities where he is should ask what happened to them brazil's far right presidential candidate jaya balls n r a says he won't be turning down his rhetoric as he campaigns for the second round of voting in just under three weeks time he looks most likely to become the next leader of the easily winning the first round on sunday a court case is underway in the netherlands which has put the united states against iran iranian lawyers at the international court of justice trying to win back two billion dollars from the u.s. government brett kavanaugh has been sworn in as a new justice of the u.s. supreme court follows a bitter nomination process and accusations of sexual assault prompted an f.b.i.
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investigation and women's rights protests against the appointment of a serb nationalist who wants to break up bosnia and herzegovina has won a seat in the presidency after sunday's election the office of the presidency must contain one one bosniak and a croat is a legacy of the peace deal that ended three years of war in the one nine hundred ninety s. when a spanish court has freed a doctor found guilty of stealing and selling a baby during general franco's dictatorship the court said eighty five year old eduardo took a newborn in one nine hundred sixty nine but he couldn't be convicted because too much time had passed since the crime around thirty thousand children removed from families that franco's regime deemed as left wing well those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story station that's a lot. plus
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his deepening ethnic divisions out in the open a hardliner who wants to break away has been chosen by just serves as their president the top post is also had by muslims and croats when milorad done x. election pulled the country apart two decades after the brutal civil war and this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm hood out that hamid the results of sunday's general election in boston had segovia threatening to cause further didn't stability in the balkans which was.


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