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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2018 12:00am-1:01am +03

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they have evidence the journalist was violently killed in the saudi consulates almost three weeks ago the turks say while he was being killed this team of assassins phoned the saudi arabian crown prince as personal assistant four times more than two weeks after he disappeared saudi leaders eventually admitted he had been killed accidentally they say during a scuffle they continue to deny crown prince mohammed bin said a man had any knowledge of the killing of the journalist who is a critic of his a new video suggests a planned operation a man as you see right there dressed that associates clothes is seen leaving the consulate through the back door investigators have identified him as. any he's one of fifteen saudis sent to istanbul and now members of the u.s. congress have strongly condemned saudi arabia's admission and they're pressing for strong action here's mike hanna from washington d.c. . in his element on the campaign trail but president trump cannot get away from
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persistent questions about jamal khashoggi initially described the saudi report concerning the killing as credible but less than twenty four hours later retreated from this position and washington post telephone interview strongly criticized in the saudi explanation saying obviously there's been deception and there's be lies at the same time he continues to defend saudi arabia as an incredible ally and keeps open the possibility that the crown prince had no knowledge of the murder. this is at odds with members of congress the powerful republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee accusing the crown prince of complicity using his initials and b s if you look at the rocky mistake he made and carter where without even talking to us they put in place the blockade he also has made some mistakes and obvious they've gone forth and murdered this journalist he's now
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crossed the line and there has to be a punishment and a price paid for that in and again i'm not rushing to judgment do i think he did it yes i think he did it and a bipartisan call for punitive sanctions we don't expel formally expel the saudi ambassador from the united states until there is a completion of a third party investigation into this kidnap murder and god knows what followed that occurred in istanbul this ought to be a relationship altering event for the u.s. and saudi arabia that we ought to suspend military sales we have to suspend certain security assistance and we ought to impose sanctions on any of those that were directly involved in this murder this really ought to be something that causes to do a reexamination of our relationship with saudi arabia this is something that president trump is reluctant to do but he would find it politically damaging to veto
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sanctions legislation in congress that would likely get strong bipartisan support mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well joining us here on set is mushrooms the way he is the director of the goss thirty center at katz our university thanks very much for speaking to us jared christian or just a short time ago said this that the united states is still in a fact finding mission according to a fact finding phase on the murder of a man. she looked at had to to morrow once reveals what he is going to reveal do you expect the white house and the trump administration to come out and have a firmer position than they've had so far i think already they are preparing the public. changing their positions i mean let's remember kushner was one of the person who are the face or defending one of the son of man and he was pushing the president not to change his position to one hundred percent man the last two weeks now he's saying something different he's using different language that's something it has to deal with the phone call maybe what happened last night between strong
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maybe it has to do with the information being passed by the turkish authorities to the americans there is something going on now in the last forty eight hours between washington and uncle or when it comes to the evidence i think this is changing the white house a perspective towards the whole thing so what do you expect the white house to come out and say because so far what we've heard from trump in the past couple of days is that saudi arabia is an important ally to the united states of course let's remember he said at the beginning if you know he will there will be a punishment if the two words those people who are responsible and then he changed they said so that it is important you know partner but again i think there is a severe pressure on him from the media and the congress and i think those two parties were will increase the pressure if that information to modern revealed about director responsibility of the crown prince of basically there would be more pressure on him and there are many options on the table you know economic sanctions it's not the only issue of weapons there are many issues going to be
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a decision can be made by the united states to send a message to the saudi arabia that what happened was wrong. you know what one congressman is saying this that the saudis and i'm quoting here the saudis do provide very effective intelligence they are both work against iran and they have been working closely with israel you put all of that together we have to try to balance it in the world is not so simple so for the u.s. our national interest at stake here if the u.s. saudi partnership is at stake. i think the americans they have very limited options especially take into consideration next month they want to impose more sanctions on iran and they want to know and so the only via with the. deal about palestine so there are severe pressure on the administration but let's not forget there is a severe depression of them from what so-called you know the civilized world today and from the from european from within the united states i think that mr nation again we are hearing just hours ago that we have to make this kind of balance
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between our values our want and our interests so that is the debate is going on now but i think what will make what will push the mystery to make this decision is how much detail details the turkish president will reveal tomorrow how much what is kind of information and details he would be revealing and how much the relation is connected to the crown prince all of these together will push the president to make decision whether to support and protect. or actually to take the opposite or other decision ok well let's look ahead to what erdogan might be saying tomorrow what do you expect to see there and how much do you think the wind will be weighing diplomatic issues look so far turkish authorities they're playing it very successfully they keep the horror of the whole issue in judiciary system everything is happening by investigators they are looking at this so nothing has been put into science so far and that to me is a success from the turkish from the turkish side to basically they have not
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intervened politically they have not they did not the only comments there are two comments made by the president is the third day and yesterday he will be giving information to there was no direct information that leaks which happened in the last two weeks actually made it very difficult to the authorities to have any step back because they live in the details the revealed so far is actually put a. the church authority to move towards when that action that's who is responsible tell us who is responsible and where is the body why do you think that we saw leaks along the way and now on tuesday or earlier one himself is coming out to make a statement i think they wanted to convince the international community that something wrong happened and if they don't and that you know i think it was difficult for them to collect all of this information overnight they have to collect look at the car that they found just two hours ago so in this this was a very complicated complicated matters in terms of collecting or connecting all of
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these parts of the bus that think the time they got something confirmed they leaked it because they wanted to send a message and so the area that we know part of the story and they continue to do so to convince their wanted international committee to be on board they cannot to plait alone because if you listen member john bolton said that there is mistrust between turkey and so the idea. they want to all of what happened because turkey is not a good with their try to manufacture or try to put all of the story just very very briefly before we end what does this all mean for turkey saudi relations of course there will be a serious impact but again what will well i mean what will decide about tomorrow. the details how much the details actually has you know is strong enough and actually putting the strong evidence before an international community to try to make the story but if you will wait and see what happens much of the way we thank
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you for your analysis. it was the news hour on al-jazeera there's plenty more ahead including concern in europe and asia as the u.s. threatens to scrap a cold war era nuclear weapons treaty with russia we'll have more from moscow on. the clock's ticking for the u.k. prime minister to hash out a deal with the european union coming up in sport a little later christiana rinaldo prepares to make his return to manchester united in the champions league paul will have all the details. so the european union is urging the u.s. and russia to scrap a cold war era treaty which bans short and medium range nuclear missiles the german government says donald trump's plan to pull out of the treaty is regrettable the u.s. president's accuses russia of violating the deal signed in one thousand nine hundred seven the kremlin says u.s.
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withdrawal will make the world a more dangerous place has the latest from moscow. it is clear that during the meetings between john bolton and russian officials here in moscow today the intermediate nuclear treaty has been discussed and no details have been given so far more meetings are scheduled later for example when foreign minister left for office also then we don't really expect any announcements because on shoes they are meeting much more important meeting with president vladimir putin is scheduled and only after that there's an announcement of a vault an oppressor but of course. russian officials are already warned the united states from not pulling out of that treaty left office that you want an explanation from the united states why are they accusing russia of violating this treaty it's a very crucial and very important treaty between the united states and russia the two main biggest nuclear superpowers in the world that have basically.
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secured safety in the world for so many years so there's a lot of concern not only here in russia but also china has already called on russia and the united states to engage in a dialogue to solve this problem also the european union has called on preserving this treaty and gauge in a dialogue so hopefully by tomorrow there will be more clarity about where this treaty is going to go to and how russia will respond to that because often also the kremlin has said that if the united states pulls out of this treaty that russia will have to respond to counter this this this balance in power. well early figures from of ghana stalin show that fewer than half of eligible voters to part in the elections which were hit by violence on technical problems at least forty five people were killed in taliban attacks on polling stations opened on saturday
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elsewhere frustration boiled over as voting systems failed meaning some people had to cast their ballots the next day. the latest suspected attack by rebels in the democratic republic of congo has killed at least fifteen people and fifty eight others mostly children were abducted the attack in benny near the border with uganda could be a major setback to containing an outbreak of the virus marianna honda has more. of the attack is came in the middle of the night as they have so many times before the true cost of the violence in and around the northeastern city of binny only clear the following morning in addition to the deed at least the fifteen i'm missing most of them children aged between five and ten years old the fear is they'll be forced to fight alongside the captain is just starting to get it to people outside and shot them in
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a neighborhood they can seven people living here down a little bit in a maze now able to operate without fear but on a public. street there's no security here anymore was the funeral procession became a protest march mourners confronting congolese troops who day say have used again failed to protect them they believe rebels from the ugandan elijah's democratic forces are responsible it's a safe guess idea if rebels have killed more than seven hundred people in the last four years. the i.d.f. was formed in neighboring uganda back in the one nine hundred ninety s. moving to the democratic republic of congo after failing to tune uganda into an islamic state uganda says they're aligned with somalia's al shabaab fighters. and binny is vulnerable to another killer at least one hundred eighteen people are dead from an a bola outbreak but the world health organization has suspended operations due to
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the violence. people in the northeast say president joseph kabila has abandoned them. but how many times did you know who as soon as it is time for us to take charge of security if you're here now believe the president's promises that the killings only made him the hardened al jazeera. earlier we spoke to tara virtue's with the world health organization in geneva he says the security situation in beni is causing great danger to the spreading of the ebola virus in the region. this is how people who should be in treatment center do not come forward this is how we can not vaccinate all those who are eligible for vaccination and that obviously will create a situation where we will not be able to tackle the bowler re understand we while talking with the population and value that everyone is concerned about ebola but
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again population feels that the charities including international component is failing to provide them with the security and therefore mistrust against ebola responders may come as well and we have seen occasionally that the community would not accept interventions from from our teams and again we hope that situation will improve so we can go directly into community and do all these things we need to do because there is no really magic bullet against advice or it's a it's really hard work and it will take up weeks and months before we are able really to to to to contain the outbreak this is not unfortunately helpful what happened in past couple of days a former senior commander of the ugandan rebel group is standing trial at the international criminal court dominic angwin is facing seventy charges including war crimes and murder he was a member of the lord's resistance army it's linked to the deaths of
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a hundred thousand people and the abduction of twenty thousand children during a twenty year civil war malcolm webb reports from kid gone on the lingering impact of the violence. loom low carb i was sixteen years old when rebels abducted him forced into me to late in kill me to lated him to. he eventually escaped and opened this bar in northern uganda now it's his livelihood but he told us he struggles with the memories every day. i kept complaining that the rebels tactic and me from my home so they cut off my finger and part of my lips to punish me. the rebel lord's resistance army fought the government in northern uganda for twenty years it was one of africa's longest and most brutal civil wars there was a ceasefire in two thousand and six by then the n.r.a.
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had forced thousands of children to become soldiers and sex slaves this man dominic on when was also abducted as a child now he's standing trial at the international criminal court in the bush he rose to become a commander the prosecutors say he was then responsible for war crimes the i.c.c. issued arrest warrants for five rebels including the l r a's leader joseph koni who still at large went on wednesday only one is being caught but not only the rebels who are accused of atrocities people living in the villages around here say when the conflict began in one thousand nine hundred six the rebels frequently use this part at night they say that government soldiers assumed the local community was supporting them and so rounded up forty five villages and shot them dead right here . the memorial but many people here feel the hasn't been justice. uganda's army known as the u. p.d.f. declined an interview but in the past it said the rebels committed the vast
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majority of the atrocities during the war and its own soldiers face justice in military courts it's provided the evidence the i.c.c. needs to prosecute rebels which campaigners say is a problem it's clear that this cooperation could require a bit of a hands off what are you p b f b i unfortunately this actually taints the process because victims see it for what it is victor's justice one of the red army commander thomas quijano is facing charges here in uganda proceedings of dragged on for seven years and many wonder why only two people are being tried both from the rebel side it's not one sided to just with their social programs that are there to help the victims that are coming and then with all other development but now that they're coming to any kind in the community to open up and speak freely it's going to take time and we believe with the time it will be normal
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a rights group set up this documentation center in what was once the war zone massacres committed by both sides have been recorded in the database visitors can come and see a fairly comprehensive record of what happened but it's something that many here feel hasn't been reflected in justice malcolm webb al-jazeera uganda. several both so have been launched in gaza as part of a demonstration against israel's tightening of fishing zones for testers teargassed near the maritime separation fence with israel israel cut short the gaza strip fishing zone from sixteen kilometers to eleven last week under the oslo accords fishermen are allowed to operate up to thirty seven kilometers off the coast. well for decades the demilitarized zone has stood as the frontier between two countries still technically at war north and south korea now is relations seem to warm the d.m.z. is attracting more and more tourists from around the world they're keen to capitalize
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the south koreans have opened a new observatory for people to take a peek towards their secretive northern neighbor zeros. we're here at the new toro observatory inside the heavily guarded demilitarized zone just two kilometers south of the intercooler border perched on top of a hill this is the only spot where civilians can get a panoramic view of north korea from this side of the peninsula. to come this close you must sign up for a group tour then go through a military checkpoint security is tight as the two countries are still technically at war just north of the border a very you can see the joint industrial complex in kaesong now that was shut down in twenty sixteen and made escalating tensions over north korea's nuclear and missile tests just last month though the two sides set up a joint liaison office bringing back life into the once deserted area right next to
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it under that huge flagpole is the north korean propaganda village also sitting inside the d.m.z. and a bit further north is the truth village of pun john where south korean president lee in a north korean leader kim jong un received international spotlight by holding their first historic summit in the. maybe it's because of high cindy expectational but north korea doesn't look as scary anymore before it felt like north korea was the enemy but now it feels like reunification may come soon. many domestic and foreign tourists come here as the d.m.z. has become a symbol of into current peace and coexistence so we built a new observatory to meet such an increase in demand with a better view more than six decades after the korean war ended in an armistice and not a peace treaty roughly six hundred thousand visitors come here every year to see the communist country up close and there will be no shortage of visitors as long as the
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momentum for peace continues still ahead on the hour australia's prime minister has apologized to the survivors of a child sexual abuse in australia institutions over decades coming up in sport the weight goes on for lewis hamilton in his quest for a fifth formula one world title. hello again good to be back we are watching a lot of rain here across parts of turkey and that is on the increase over the next few days and you can see that quite clearly here on the satellite image so we have here as we go towards tuesday as some rain here crossing over from syria into turkey but the big increase of rain as we go towards wednesday particularly in eastern turkey as we get that rain into those higher elevations a little bit further down towards the south baghdad it's going to be a cloudy day for you winds coming out of the south at thirty four because that city
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we do expect to see about thirty five degrees in your forecast well the shower threat here across the gulf has come down and we're not going to be seeing as much rain as we had seen over the last couple of days probably not even any rain but we do so expect to see maybe a cloud or two in the forecast so for doha we do expect to see thirty six degrees it's going to be over here towards the western part of saudi arabia that we do see the clouds anywhere from mecca over here towards riyadh and in those clouds there is a potential to see a few rain showers or two as well then down here across parts of africa well not looking too bad for cape town most of the clouds will be towards the north and over the next few days warm conditions winds coming out of the north for cape town with the temperature there of twenty seven degrees durban at twenty five degrees and then as we go towards wednesday a lot of sun in the forecast and durban at thirty. when the going gets tough money. forced to borrow.
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she may be kinder than your average money lender. she may have more patience. but make no mistake. she means business. of the viewfinder asia series on al-jazeera. and. u.s. and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of. but what to do with these untapped resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the drive this one five years on the syrians still feel battered even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the war.
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the top stories on the al-jazeera news. party says it has a responsibility to reveal the truth about what it calls the murder of a journalist. in saudi arabia consulates in istanbul turkey is government has also with a sense that they're negotiating with the king about its investigation and in the search for his body turkish police are due to inspect a car found in a district. they believe it belongs to the saudi consulate and it was found in a private parking lot meanwhile president has joined the. growing chorus of world leaders calling for a thorough investigation jochen we don't know told
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a visiting saudi foreign minister full transparency was needed his comments echo those from germany the u.k. and france. while britain's prime minister to resign may's do before the u.k. parliament she's facing another mutiny within her fractured conservative party over the direction of talks on leaving the european union the biggest sticking point in bracks at negotiations is the future of the irish border both sides want to avoid customs and border checks between ireland and e.u. member and northern ireland which is part of the u.k. after bracks it's but they can't agree on how to do it or trying to break the impasse the prime minister has indicated she could accept a longer transition period for leaving the e.u. that's infuriated her probe that colleagues who fear being tied to the block for years to come some have been preparing to new bedford to topple the prime minister and the baba joining us from london so the prime minister due to speak nadeem what
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will be her message. will her message will be as it was just after that summit in brussels last week a positive one saying that she's got ninety five percent of this withdrawal agreements which has to be done by the end of next march finish the money has been sold she says britain will pay around fifty billion dollars to the e.u. over a number of years that secured the rights of a you citizens here in the u.k. and u.k. citizens in the e.u. and it's agreed to a transition period ending in twenty twenty at the end of twenty twenty during which they hope to strike a free trade agreements but the irish border question is the tricky possibly unsolvable question some say and just in the last few hours there's been movement on that because all along to resume a has a hinted. that she might extend that transition period to make sure that there
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would be an agreement on the future relationship which would avoid the so-called backstop being used what's this backstop it's something britain signed up to which post probably opens up the idea of a customs border between the rest of the u.k. and northern ireland down the the irish sea and that's something that many of her allies particularly the northern ireland d u p policy totally rejects over the weekend we've we've heard calls we've heard language from some of her own party saying that because of this idea of her entertaining an extension she really is now on trouble ground and saying that she's in the killings are expecting a push against her position. we're hearing that on wednesday some breaks it is within the conservative party going to try to table amendments to legislation which would actually make it illegal for civil servants to impose any regulatory or trade barriers between the rest of the u.k.
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and northern ireland basically killing off the idea of a backstop well that is major major news also we're hearing a growing number of. people within her own party have been sending in letters trying to trigger a leadership challenge forty something so far so difficult days ahead for two reasons all right now damon as you speak to us we're playing live pictures as a result may there she is speaking right now in parliament so we'll monitor what she has to say and will bring you all the updates on al-jazeera and the barber for the time being thank you. now the u.s. president is threatening to withhold financial aid to central american countries over their failure to stop a large groups of migrants making their way towards the u.s. border on twitter donald trump said this quote amala honduras and el salvador were not able to do the job of stopping people from leaving their country and coming illegally to the us we will now begin cutting off or substantially reducing the massive foreign aid routine the given to them while the three countries receive
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a combined sum of more than five hundred million dollars in funding from the us in the fiscal year of twenty seventeen and trump is accusing them of failing to prevent what he's describing as a u.s. national emergency around three thousand migrants arrived in mexico's southern state of us on sunday after leaving honduras a week ago they are fleeing poverty and extreme gang violence holeman met some of the refugees and migrants on their journey. after kilometer young and old men and women they keep on trucking it's a multitude at least four thousand people in a caravan that began in honduras. now they've made it through guatemala and into mexico in the last eight days they slipped in the open and crossed and rivers. jonathan is only fourteen and traveling alone he's here for the same reason as everyone else he feels he doesn't have
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a chance in honduras. back home there's no work and too much crime. many like you sending in the trying to get a new start to provide for their families thing i mean i mean i'm good at that but a six year old boy and my dad and my sister i have to help them there's not enough for food i've had my electricity and water cut everything is expensive and there's not enough to live on the many the end goal is the united states that's exactly what president trump is putting pressure on to prevent. the police constantly sima the. close off the roof the caravan bunches together. in the end the officers simply watch the people go. it's an event locals in the villages turn out to have a look some give what they can see. spirits are high but there's still a whole country to go the sun is really beating down now on people the already been walking at this point the six hours they carrying their few possessions on their
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back as they go men women and children but things are only going to get more difficult for them as they go deeper into mexico. the country is notorious for its web of migration checkpoints and for the gangs who prey on those traveling through saddling an illegal to something then maybe they know the danger day face from the authorities in organized crime drug cartels kidnap them and even kill them and that's been well documented that's why the old group together. for the moment that's got them another small step closer to where they want to go john home and how does he had choppers well cameroon's paul b. has become one of africa's oldest leaders after winning a seventh term but i won seventy one percent of the vote despite a low turnout and election violence at eighty five has been in power since cameroon's gained independence from france in one nine hundred eighty two the opposition calling on its supporters to rally against alleged vote rigging and
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fraud despite a ban on such protests and cameron's constitutional council last week rejected its calls for a rerun on sunday several cities were placed under lockdown with troops deployed outside a number of opposition candidates homes. there's been a rally is in fifteen states across brazil in support of the far right presidential front runner jay your boss and our oh polls put him in front of his leftist opponent fernando how does ahead of sunday's runoff election have also been demonstrations against some other boston are as controversial comments. we fail to listen and we fail to provide justice those or some of the words delivered by australia's prime minister as he gave a national apology to survivors of child sexual abuse scott morrison is emotional speech follows a five year inquiry which lifted the lid on decades of horrific crimes in churches and schools and other institutions andrew thomas reports from canberra for most
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the apology is decades over the five year inquiry which ended last year heard from thousands of victims who asked children suffered sexual abuse by people they were supposed to trust priests in churches teaches in schools carries in orphanages coaches in sports clubs the stories of what they inflicted on appalling to die a stray. confronts a trauma an abomination hiding in plain sight for far too long it was so many survivors as most prefer to be called that a ballot was held to get into parliament to hear the apology others watched outside well they mean demarco fought off a catholic teacher who tried to abuse him and he saw the teacher abuse others demarco it was selected to hear the apology in parliament but last week he was wary
12:35 am
of what we said yeah i would like to hear what i have to say. and what they plan to do to ensure that it doesn't repeat itself. after hearing the apology demarco approved of the tone and nature just fantastic. this isn't the end this is the beginning this is the beginning of a new year i follow where they want vision so authority. price the interests of the children for their own personal religious interest during his two speeches and meeting people on the lawns outside parliament scott morrison was at times heckled some feel he's a hypocrite but what his government is currently doing to refugee children held in the prison island of nuru is a new form of child abuse others feel this apology is too little too late hundreds of people were here in person to hear the apology but thousands were not many before they got the chance to hear an apology to them by an australian prime
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minister a chair was left empty at the front of the hall to symbolize them and many others boycotted the apology altogether some feel angry that institutions such as the catholic church continue to receive hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayers' money to run schools and that compensation schemes don't go far enough so many people lost their large in committed suicide what are we doing for their families. sorry only goes so far after thomas al jazeera camera still ahead on al-jazeera. and the olympic silver medalist who has returned home to if you know p.r. after his protest twenty sixteen forced him into exile that story is coming up.
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hello again tom for the sports thanks very much story well the champions league is back this week christiane aldo returns to his former club said he trained with the apprentice ensuring on monday head of the trip to england the forward right publications being made by woman in the united states claims which he. united on one one champions league on three premier league titles on saturday he became the first player in europe's top five leagues to school four hundred goals. to go into the game second in group behind but they will go top if they win on tuesday rainier has nothing but praise for and he managed not real madrid.
12:39 am
in the level. he doesn't need these questions and is on success is one of the best lives of all times. and the weather can can tell different than. than that is one of the vespers of all times is as simple as is that the formula one title race is not over yet lewis hamilton failed to wrap things up at the u.s. grown pre instead it was ferrari's kimi reichen and he was top of the podium ending his long drought without a victory johnny gosch or oscar reports. lewis hamilton looked like he was cruising to his face world title on sunday. with a sixty seven point lead the mercedes driver was in pole position in texas but his championship hopes took a hit on that one ferrari's kimi reichen overtaking him on the first turn.
12:40 am
further down the pack hamilton's nearest rival sebastian vettel also didn't do his type of chances any favors by colliding with danielle ricardo before rejoining the race in tenth place. hamilton battled with right in to take back the lead and succeeded when the ferrari went in for a pit stop. but all that time being held up by reichen and had taken its toll on hamilton's tires and he needed to come into. by the time the championship leader was back in the race he was third and all hamilton had to do was overtake max to stop and to earn enough points to win the title. was but the red bull driver stubbornly held on to second place was in the end it was reichen and he clinched his first race win in five and a half years to stop him was second with hamilton just edging vettel he came fourth the result confusing even the other drivers. no.
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doubt so how milton's fifth world title will have to wait for at least another week when they resume racing in mexico joining al-jazeera. while that result rather tarnished hamilton's record at the us grown pretty he's won five of the previous six races and the mercedes driver blamed his team strategy for sunday's third place finish. we hit it on the map eleven which is way way too early. and i came out nine seconds behind so i had to catch up by the time of course up the ties were dead he came out so as discounts it was from bad to worse throughout the throughout the race but i still kept fightin and pushing to try and catch up but at the end it was it was fighting for second place basketball on the defending n.b.a. champions of fall into their first defeat of the new season the golden state warriors made up
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a thirteen point deficit to tie things up late in the fourth quarter against the denver nuggets and won denver went to points ahead with seconds to go the warriors made a final break steph curry fly up to damien jones looked to have saved the game on the buzzer but he was blocked by one and on gomes denver winning one hundred two ninety eight. desperate times call for desperate measures for the l.a. clippers as well lee williams blocking a certain basket by james harden as the lockets fought back in the fourth quarter led to montreal her zero extending the clippers lead instead. they held on to win one hundred fifteen two hundred twelve. the new england patriots a racking up the victories in the n.f.l. they will my fourth straight game thirty eight to thirty one over the chicago bears tom brady three for three touchdowns meanwhile in old england.
12:43 am
the los angeles chargers held on to beat the tennessee titans twenty two nineteen in front of eighty thousand fans at wembley stadium in london it's the fourth straight victory two of those wins coming during a ten day road trip across the u.s. and europe. well this is a lot about the leash leadership we have in a locker room you know these guys had to play the robber to lose a good distracted lose focus you know we played in the country played in cleveland stay there and practice different facilities you know. forty minutes to an hour these guys are just a focus they sort of every day they did the jobs very professional and they executed you know and it was a tough it was a tough winter day but we know over the last two days we got two dogs so it was as a former n.f.l. player right career has been released after nineteen years in prison for murdering his pregnant girlfriend now forty four career with was a first round draft pick in one nine hundred ninety seven and played wide receiver for the carolina panthers in one thousand nine hundred nine he hired
12:44 am
a hit man to shoot sharon adams who was nearly eight months pregnant with his child and used his car to block her escape she died on the child chancellor lee adams was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy he is cared for by his grandmother courage will serve nine months on probation for my successful left arm ball in test cricket history is set to retire so i can spend it run going to herat swell play his last much for his country against england in goal next month the forty year old made his debut in the city way back in one thousand nine the only active international cricket so he made his debut in the previous century is a late bloomer all but thirty six of his four hundred thirty test wickets came after he turned thirty one i say he's a legend i'm going to i'm quite happy and proud to play the team and he kept in distress whereas i've been here master so it's a great achievement here so we're going to work one hundred test wickets and number one. in the world at the moment in death and it's not surprising me he's
12:45 am
a gent he has done a lot of things to prolong our cricket and delivered and many many third rate dime has to go and he has i think he has made that ideation. anything hope you're not running who's been living in exile since making a political gesture. games in rio has returned home face copied a hunk of sign used by protestors in ethiopia as he crossed the line to win silver in the rio twenty sixteen marathon hundreds of demonstrators from his aroma tribe were killed as the authorities cracked down but a new prime minister has pursued a reconciliation strategy leading lady said to be welcomed home in addis ababa on sunday we. i knew this day was coming because i knew the blood of all these people wasn't going to be spilt in vain and you did to her government would eventually fall i was expecting this day but i didn't know if it was going to be today or
12:46 am
tomorrow but i had clearly in my mind that i would go back to my father's land a life that saw a sport from a tape with more lighter they're all right thank you very much and thanks for watching the news hour on al-jazeera i'm back in just a moment with much more off the day's news see you in a minute. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts innovators and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit.
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stories of life. and inspiration. a series of short documentaries from around the world. that celebrate the human spirit against the odds some of them before they focus on. al-jazeera selects changemaker is. to cope with driving in kabul you need nerves of steel and a strong heart the afghan capital has some of the most challenging driving conditions anywhere even though women are allowed to drive by law many men say
12:48 am
culturally it is wrong. but is that me again there are lots of men here verby abuse you they block your car motorcyclists right alongside shouting bad things no one helps us when the taliban were in control women were forbidden to drive but outside of the main cities it is rare even now to see a woman behind the wheel society is changing albeit slowly but the women drivers of afghanistan there is a long road ahead before they are fully accepted. a murderer planned in a savage manner turkey's ruling party ramps up its language about the killing of saudi journalist. as it sounds to fight a coverup and in the search for cost of his body turkish police find a saudi consulate car missing since the journalist disappeared.
12:49 am
last night this is a lie from a headquarters and. also ahead the u.k.'s prime minister to resign may tells the parliament in the eades to explore every opportunity to break an impasse on its hands cameroon's president wins a seventh term becoming one of africa's longest serving leaders. hello turkey's ruling ak party says it has a responsibility to reveal the truth about what it calls the savagely planned murder off. and the parties vowing to stop any coverup attempts. pressure on the kingdom to reveal what happened to the journalist is increasing saudi rulers deny the crown prince mohammed bin said a man is linked to the killing of his critic meanwhile in tunisia as president joke
12:50 am
a widow delivered a call for a transparent and thorough investigation that says he welcomed the saudi arabian foreign minister they're meeting in the city of bogor is believed to be odds and these are bad is first with a foreign leader since he disappeared and turkey's president says he'll reveal on tuesday what he calls the naked truth about the killing in istanbul meanwhile five turkish employees at the saudi consulates have given statements to prosecutors and turkish forensic experts are combing a saudi consulate car found in istanbul almost three weeks after she disappeared. as i looked to the youngest and most of those. people are saying that there is as some kind of negotiations on her going cause in between various parties this is totally untrue. this is a very sensitive approach and it seems to me as. a gauge the situation. to be planned in detail and he said very very dangerous
12:51 am
situation for us to. comment on this without knowing what the true fees. joining us are strong words there from the ruling ak party ahead of the announcement made on tuesday by the president himself. indeed i mean those comments were also followed by a press conference given by the presidential spokesperson abraham kalin who also followed through saying that there will be no cover up that everything will be uncovered in the coming twenty four hours once president urged one talks on choose there but obviously all of this is words what people are waiting for is to see tangible evidence what's as being happening from the very beginning since the amount of actual g. and till now has been a drip drip of information a little bit of evidence from c.c.t.v.
12:52 am
footage and the identification of the culprits and so forth but in terms of actual tangible evidence that we have been short of we haven't been seeing any of the turkish officials come out publicly in owning specific narratives in conclusions that's what people are waiting to find out it would seem if we ought to take the turks and turkish officials words at face value that they will not be engaged in some sort of deal to cover up that they will uncover everything it is important to note however and this is also something interesting there are talks that possibly crown prince mohammed bin some money himself will be giving a statement later on on monday whether that's to preempt something if indeed it does happen we're not quite sure but one thing for such of the audience is that this is far greater as we've been saying than the case is inhumane as it is and as maybe horrific as it is this is far greater than just the killing of a journalist in a diplomatic mission this has so many more knock on effects with regards to the global economy with regards to biological relations between turkey and saudi arabia
12:53 am
even relations with the united states we're seeing now tomorrow is meant to be this what was billed davos in the deserts of this economic conference everybody who is anybody was meant to be going there most of them have pulled out even in davos while the comic form itself even though wasn't linked to it the fact that people were using its name to kind of doublets the government does that they felt compelled to issue a statement and so. we have nothing to do with this they've distance themselves as much as possible from the saudis as many people have been doing and there's been yet another leak turkey has now released a really shocking video of a man dressed up in some of these clothes this video captured on surveillance cameras around istanbul on the same day that he was killed what can you tell us about that. i mean it just shows the extent to which this assassination squad was willing to go to cover up their crime that they brought a body double somebody in his late fifty's who looks
12:54 am
a bit like the late jamal khashoggi they dressed him in his clothes right off they killed him and then they let him leave by the back entrance to this building in an attempt to confuse officials or maybe make them believe that she left he was not only just in his clothes it's important to note a few things here that i mean first they put a fake beard on him so he can look a bit similar to jamal khashoggi but. when he left in the clothes of clothes didn't have any blood stains on them which would make you assume that they took this off took him up before they chop them up as is the narration but also it didn't seem that they were ripped to any sort so this idea that there was some huge scuffle that the saudis have been saying this brawl is boarding should question as well this guy gets into a taxi that he and goes to one of the main tourist locations some phenomena in the middle of the city goes to a target it changes back in his clothes comes back out has a meal is seen laughing with his friend and then dumps the beard and the clothes in
12:55 am
a dumpster that is why this is just one of the latest examples of how it is very difficult to believe this are you narrative that they had any other intention other than to kill jobs i did to the fact that they said this forensic pathologist added to the fact that they had this reports of a bone saw inside i added to the fact that he was in question but indeed was killed almost as soon as he entered according to the older recordings that talks had all of this again to release this. this evidence right down to either debate of the foreign minister of the saudis once again try to explain through. american media that this was a botched attempt by rogue elements know the evidence that even points to something very different that this was very well planned and that this was planned and ordered at the highest levels according to this are just briefly jamal what can you tell us about the car that was found that belongs to the saudi consulates. well according to turkish officials they found another car and apparently there is this is i did more evidence to their belief of how he was killed we're hearing that
12:56 am
maybe even a second car as well has been identified with regards to suspicions of this case aside from that's the released information so they that's in one of the vans that we had been reporting that since about found that left the consulate to the consul general charles well the investigators have found traces of either blood or d.n.a. of jamal khashoggi inside that van as well so more evidence again more leaks again but the whole world will be waiting to see what the president of egypt say about one chooses to reveal and see this coming tuesday in the next twenty four hours ok jim thank you well such as murder is increasingly becoming a bipartisan issue in washington committee hocket is joining us from there and jared christian there has been speaking so what was the message that he was sending out in relation to the case. the white house aide and also the president's son in law jared kushner has been continuing what has been a cautious stance by this white house with regard to the denials by the saudis
12:57 am
about any knowledge or involvement in the disappearance and death of. hughes continue that essentially by saying that well asked domestically here in the united states in a national broadcast whether or not the saudis can be trusted to investigate themselves but only say that the united states is getting information from multiple sources multiple places and once that information has been gathered that the secretary of state will be working with the national security team to make a u.s. determination about next steps now the united states is under a lot of pressure as you point out from the u.s. congress to distance itself in terms of the u.s. saudi relationship but right now are saying the united states is in a fact finding phase that saudi arabia remains an important ally for the united states but having said that the u.s. is focused on its own interest when asked specifically what his advice would be to
12:58 am
mohammed bin solve and this was particularly interesting given the fact that it's known that jerry has long had a relationship with the crown prince one that it was widely reported the prince boasted of saying that he had jerry christer in his pocket if you will the only advice says that he has offered the crown prince is to be transparent in this investigation because in his view the world is watching and the treasury secretary kimberly is going to saudi arabia what message is he going to send. yeah well as we're discussing davus in the desert there has been a lot of questioning about the decision last week whether or not the treasury secretary would go he ultimately said that he would withdraw as we saw many of the tech sector the media sector and government officials from around the world saying they could not participate in that because of the accusations and allegations against saudi arabia but steve minish and that surprised many by saying that he would be going to saudi arabia that he is going to saudi arabia with regard to
12:59 am
continuing to work with saudi arabia on combating terror financing so that visit still on track is happening because he says as it relates to the treasury there is still an important relationship but what is that relationship well there are some sanctions that are going to be leveled early next month against iran terms of its oil exports saudi arabia has always helped when it comes to concerns about supply presumably that is what the treasury secretary is talking about all right to me how can a thing here let's now bring in mushrooms wait he's the director of the gulf studies center at qatar university thanks for being here again so you heard committee talking about the treasury secretary who is still going to saudi arabia but we know that there are a lot of leaders a lot of business people that have canceled their trip and their attendance to what's being called as the davos in the desert which begins tomorrow in fact many people saying been handling of saudi arabia off the. case has been nothing short of a p.r. disaster what is your take on this and how has all of this affected saudi arabia's
1:00 am
image on the international scale it's no use that what happens to most of you has a severe impact from the kitchen and so that it you know i mean the davos of the. evidence of that they have to change they have to invite the no speak about inviting leaders of from from asia from africa to attend i think them. for the ministry of so that have been now in and initiate trying to convince the nations and the nation that they are sending very clear message that they need information about what happened it seems that this visit in the context of inviting the president to attend this conference so there is a severe implication on saudi arabia i think this is just the start i mean if you look at the the action from europe if you look at the reaction from the within the united states even of japan even in these countries. look at.


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