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russia has accused donald trump of taking a dangerous position by threatening to ramp up production of nuclear missiles u.s. national security adviser john bolton met president vladimir putin in moscow to discuss a cold war treaty which limits missiles of us president says he'll withdraw from the treaty and based his nuclear arsenal in response to alleged russian violations france has defended its controversial ban on wearing clothing that covers the face after the u.n. called it a violation of women's rights critics have called it a defacto ban on islamic veils there are headlines to stay with us in the stream is coming next more news for you throughout the evening i for now.
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life on the streets of the u.k. is increasingly deadly according to an investigation into homelessness by nonprofit use organization i'm femi oke eight and i'm really good the report found that hundreds of homeless people died across the country over the last year or ask our panel what should be done to end the crisis send us your thoughts to twitter and our you tube chat. it's a death toll that shames the u.k. at least four hundred eighty four homeless people have died in the last year a damning report from the bureau of investigative journalism says the cases compiled by the bureau include individuals who died in shop doorways those who were killed in violent incidents and those who passed away and hospitals or hospitals
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without family members at their side. has risen dramatically across the united kingdom in recent years and there is little sign that it is slowing down in england and wales alone the number of people sleeping on the streets has doubled since twenty thirteen discuss the investigation and the urgency of the u.k.'s homelessness crisis we're joined from london by made them she is a journalist at the bureau of investigative journalism for the iraq in port city of as waiter we have kevin farrow he is a social impact influencer at st mungo's and that's a homelessness charity based in london and in london we have poppy terry she's a public affairs manager at shelter a charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in england scotland and over what it's really good to have you in the stream may looking at this project dying homeless counting the deaths of homeless people across the u.k. what's noticeable is what you do is not only keep counts and you'll help by ngos
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and journalists and local reporters around the united kingdom but you also tell the stories as much as possible. how people died who they were what happened i can literally scroll through four hundred eighty four deaths so far which one standout year. makes for some really grim reading and we were really keen that we told their stories because these people aren't numbers you know every every person has loved ones have friends family that they've left behind and you know along the way on this project i went to funerals i met with family members of some of these people and so there's lots of them that really kind of stick out in my mind a woman called jane who died in stafford i met her family talked to the daughters to mom and some cases there were people that that lay in tents hidden from people we saw and they were they were only identified through d.n.a. testing or dental records because their bodies had become so decomposed so it
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really is a litany of her ific consequences really and before you started to count the deaths of homeless people nobody was doing that in a centralized way there was no well. yeah and that was so shocking this whole project started out around february or january early this year when there was a couple of high profile deaths and including a man who died in a westminster just a hundred meters or so from the houses of parliament and that kind of set up question in my mind i wondered if this was getting worse or better were more people dying and i spent weeks really calling around corners offices and hospitals doctors the government local councils and everybody said oh no we don't count but i'm sure somebody else and we came to this our conclusion that nobody is counting these deaths so that's when the bureau of investigative journalism took on itself to start. you know picking up on that and the fact that no one was counting we got
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this tweet here from czar she says until this investigation no official body in the u.k. collected data on the deaths of homeless people but now the office of national statistics will compile and publish official statistics on it great concrete impact their work which you should use the hash tag that your team is using to make them account made this seems like a victory but a bittersweet one at that the fact that they weren't being counted before and they weren't as hash tag indicates counted right so so from the start we hope that somebody would take up this challenge and do this work and it's great that the office for national statistics are going to do that because there's a huge deficit in evidence if we don't know how many people are dying how when they're dying how do we felt the problem but as you say the tragedy is that it's not going to sold anything it's not going to stop people dying now we know how many people are dying and how and when it's up to the rest of us to think is the
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solution to make sure that not a single other person dies homeless in the u.k. kevin i'm just wondering if authorities are saying we don't count on the media saying we don't care about homeless people dying what about them so much about where they. stuff the aace. in model when in london. there's a lot of there's a lot of people that are shooting and then. they're given somewhere to stay but that's just when the problem really starts that when you've got to really have the resources and this and. the stop at the front line who are going to be able to help people make the transition from the streets the four hundred eighty four that made me feel that's just a rough estimate i'm sure there's more if you will in other aspects to. the way people have passed away and it's about time that the sort of things are highlighted and. to say that is it is shocking
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actually what's going on and not just london in spreading out a question. in england the evidence given is you know just. yeah these figures definitely aren't underestimate you know we had kind of jigsaw pieces together and that's because as you said the systems in place are really fractured often people aren't talking to each other and that is a problem when it comes to data but more importantly it's a problem when it comes to actual services and people that might be transitory and move around getting long term help that is really pretty transparent services about so many. i mean let's be honest about that and certainly cut that. over to withdraw from one star who are in a position to help people who want an investment on the street that so many people when they're not back on the street because they should call is not employed and they fall back on refused substance misuse if you use you know been on common not
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so kevin and talk about kevin and poppy and maybe if i want to show you a couple of clips from stories that we found on the streets of london we asked our al-jazeera producer one of al-jazeera princes in london would you go out and talk to some people who are living rough living on the streets and they did this on monday and came back with some remarkable stories i'm going to share these with us we have a conversation so that we're actually featuring the voices of people that we're talking about kevin i know you have this experience but these are people who have no home right now let's start with barry. who for the very first time when i was a producer met them and spent his very first night on the streets and he'd never been homeless before have a listen. i don't know how to describe it she can hold a night. i do not know a blanket no not to. an optimum she can i'm freezing. but
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i can not. i went by the police station to see done it was cool it's a dark concert in the. south to come back outside has been walking around looking to keep my eyes. but i can walk all night. is being heard. as i'm sitting here i don't know what to do. and can feel with just incredible empathy. i'm just wondering when people are in that situation who is to help them. but i think it's important to remember you know when your face faces those heartbreaking stories like paris these are casualties of a system that has totally failed people and we do need to look at the kind of recourses of what is going wrong here. so we do need to look at the kind of decades of failure we've seen to build enough not really as recent as and even more
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importantly we need affordable homes people can actually can afford rent you need social harms in times of who's there for them right that when they're on the streets as the charity is not and i say sions that's among those like shelter it can pick them up and can give them advice and support but unfortunately we are in a position as a lot of local authorities as well that are just simply not enough homes to put people into so often there's the are there a very limited in their options. we got this comment picking up on what you said there poppy this is someone watching live on you tube legendary and i think you answered this slightly but legendary rights and does the u.k. have any kind of social service that puts homeless people in a home or is it some sort of choice to remain homeless and if there is a service why is it not used only for we get an answer to that and want to share this story from someone in the u.k. this is brian who says you may not believe me but me and my family sit in temporary accommodation just been found an intentionally homeless he goes on to say this is
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a life changing event and it's morphed into him feeling depressed because of no stability for the family and depressed i have no stability to face brain surgery my wife is my rock and my only house he insists with this tweet saying that before we became homeless i searched relentlessly the advertisements for property we couldn't downsizes the onus and blame would have been with ourselves for putting ourselves in over crap in overcrowded situations that the local housing allowance doesn't go near the cost of rent so haven't seen the juxtaposition of that comment from you tube versus brian's story here on what is offered and how it isn't enough can you think about that and telling us how it is that you became how many groups and what she would say to brother lost. shoes off. the problem being this is it when somebody is taken off of the street and they take him into housing and they're given a the hospital and then the transitions made food in to support our genes or like
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it's been said the cost of private rent and in london is astronomical astronomical social housing is. probably a record all time low there just isn't enough of that being built there isn't enough the government are not doing enough in the private rented sector to make it affordable and then when people do come in they're not they're not going to disco straight into work there's issues to deal with when they're when they're getting benefits when there is the south side of it. we just lost kevin there for a moment but we're come back to kevin in just a little bit maybe i'm just thinking about. the other stories that your reporting the investigation actually sparked it made people think about homelessness when they were yesterday thinking about it i remember when i grew up in london shelter was a huge organization doing incredible work it still is but the story has gotten
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worse yeah and i think what you know the stories that you've heard there on the streets are one visible sign of it across cities across the u.k. people sleeping rough it's a really visible increase i think you know we've seen kind of tent cities springing up people sleeping in head rows in parks it's really graham but i think what you know poppy and kevin know as well is that there's also these hidden homeless thousands and thousands of people living in temporary accommodation it just isn't suitable bit better breakfasts the hospitals emergency accommodation people so for surfing on friends floors you know just really untenable situations for people to be living in and so we're try to include some of that in our reporting but those deaths are suddenly even less well recognized even less likely to be logged because they are hidden from view which is just another reason why four hundred eighty four
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is. an underestimate you mentioned that he has absolutely right. yeah i think i think that's absolutely right and i think that you know the numbers that we know of we know that there are around three hundred thousand homeless people in britain but as may says there are many many more to hit and i kind of think what the research the best journalism has done helps to bring people back into it because when you've got such a huge structural issue and we are facing we call it a national emergency and is that it is this huge structural issue in the numbers so enormous it's easy to get lost in that and actually what the reporting does. to hell to remind people that there are each of those three hundred thousand individual life being impacted many of those include children is lives are completely disrupted and even if they are in temporary accommodation enough to be house it is often very very unsuitable not to place any of us would want to live
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and those the people who are fortunate insist we do have very good times education tax but if we don't have enough to put them into people are going to fall through the cracks and that is often why we see people seeking work because there's just not enough accommodation for them to live in so in terms of what needs to be done we need the government to commit to a genuinely bold revolutionary generation changing shifting commitment to social housing and they need to look beyond i have is ten years they need to look twenty years in the future commit to a new general generation before the house and because unless we do that we're not going to. let you mention the hidden homeless both of you may have and poppy and i wanted to bring in this tweet from miami who says it isn't just about the rough sleepers it is the hidden homeless to austerity and lack of affordable homes and treatment by some councils is appalling and punitive but i want to give a counter to that and to this experience there is this tweet from the mayor of manchester mayor andy burnham this month we have pledged to provide
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a bed every night of the coming winter to every rough sleeper in greater manchester we require financial donations from businesses and the public so that a bed every night can be a success maybe programs like this do they surprise you or do you think that there should be more of them or is this a step in the right direction. sounds like andy burnham in manchester is really committed to this and doing great work which is fantastic i think the problem is the sustainability of funding you know if you are having to go cap in hand to the public every time. that's an issue in terms of making sure there are places our own . that well staffed where the staff have the training that they need to deal with some of these really complex issues so if councils are continually having their budgets cut it means they're having to really slice back on you know their funding for these things so the government comes in and drops these pots of money but they're off to one off payments that are not enough to kind of think long term so i
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talk he says maybe a big bold strategy is needed and another thing that we found during the investigation was that these deaths are meant to be reviewed when they happen and those are rough sleepers strategy brought up by the government early this year that said that should happen but in reality councils safeguarding boards which are these boards of kind of g.p.'s police doctors council workers they're very very rarely reviewing what's gone wrong with these deaths so there could be lessons to be learned there could be simple solutions joining up services but that's just not happening so guess what i want to bring in damon dana de kevin i'm going to come straight t. but let me just bring in dave and then with something to al-jazeera producer matt just twenty four hours ago damon has is she said he says he he admits to with alcohol but he's also looking at what are the solutions what are the ways that he and the homeless community in different parts of the u.k.
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can get off the streets have a listen to what he had to say. a couple of good. i don't know what i'm good ben people are doing but the military. to this bill is that center at the hospital to shut down to the could be made at all of our schools or something is up the street went to school but it's going to be a bad winter this is an indian summer. when we took all that from a lot of freedom two years ago a little tired of the movie. we're not going to pigeon hole human beings but after we had all of us survive for selves a fingers inevitably forced by sticking to time and now one of those government paid for tearing but it's not just the government that has to react for instance as karen has something called how good this is something a working on they were involved in and people who've lived on the streets are actually involved in this tell us more. i mean champion in
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a campaign and what we can open our country straight to our government and what we're offering or is a key change. it really does need to be really look like they mean to say no when when it comes there's a big hoo haw and there's all this short term action it's not it's not solving anything it's like ticking boxes. there's no there's no long term impact there's no long term impact and since two thousand and thirteen that you said it's doubled and it's more than that this hidden home this this all of this going on there's just a great little organizations i must hasten mongolia's they must get a big shot for actually trying to get this into the public eye where they're saying to the government come on now look let's do something but we've got we've got the campaign up of money in there's plenty of people signing the sign into the petition the open letter and is that going to be enough now we need more we need more and
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having platforms like this gives us a chance to actually say well maybe make the right people start listening let's be real you know to this is what the polls which you see in the world should not have this homelessness issue you know not a chance in the world that they must be a better way it that people are transitioning away from the streets to stay away from the street. blackouts it just a recently it's ok giving somebody a republican head that's when it just stops you've got to look at the holistic point of what is why why they have this walk and they go back to friends family it's their mental health issues it's their substance misuse the off the street a person as a whole human being you know rather than separate maybe figure which is what goes on in the services now if we start looking at things differently and start looking at people as human beings like like they mean to say it is not a pigeon he's
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a human being he deserves as much to be in a warm safe place as anybody else and it should be going on and it does get my back up a bit because it can be solved. so let me say that's a really good point about funding you know we can fund outreach projects and homelessness shelters but if mental health. funding for that is being cut drug and alcohol problem programs have been cut there's this whole you know the issues around the issue that there isn't funding for so yeah that's a really really important point. that you want to share because if you this is from the u.k. ministry of house in communities and local government have a look here on my laptop every death of someone sleeping rough my last streets is one too many and we take this magic stream me seriously we are investing one point two billion to tackle all forms of homelessness and have set out bold plans backed by a hundred million pounds in funding to have rough sleeping by twenty twenty two and
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end it by twenty twenty seven that's a pretty bold melitta what i don't think that our community online is convinced that enough will be done this is a comment we got from you tube say it says we bailed out the banks in two thousand and eight and as a result we in the u.k. are paying for it through our underfunded social services like mental health and services for the elderly that have been cut echoing what you said made another person on you tube though feeling similarly grayskull says are we not going to hold our government accountable i don't see anyone addressing specific government policy and ministries poppy i'll give this one to you people feel like the government is being held to account for this at least not strongly enough. i think there is a lot of good work out i think by organizations like that and those in the initiative kevin was talking about shelter is something that we do every day and we have seen some positive steps in government you know made mention the rocks in strategy and you know you just outlined the commitment by twenty two and seven
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having a government talk take responsibility make commitments these are positive things and these are the first steps and we do hope that it will help improve services for some people i think what you do you have to look at the sustainability of those measures and i kept saying if we don't have the homes to the people and you it's not we're never going to sell there and we also need to look further upstream we need to look at prevention how do we stop people becoming homeless and face one of the tweets you had earlier mentioned local housing allowance which is kind of welfare that people get to help them afford their homes rent that's been frozen and cut year in year in it's harder and harder for people to afford their rent because the right has been going up and the welfare that they've been in staying the same and they have to make up themselves so government policies are putting people at risk of homelessness so you've got on one hand they're making commitments to some and on the other another part of government is actually exacerbating the problem make it worse yes and we need them to work together i hate popping let me just pop
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paul one more story and in this is from somebody who's living rough right now this is cheryl she's thirty nine years old and she had to flee from her domestic partner because of domestic violence this is what she told out in syria yesterday have a look. i have to own my very domestic. situation i have so it will be a. big mistake. on the savoy on. my own when on the street thanks. but i just like to stand at the end just. so i have to show. you know i mean. there's no need for it is hard enough read. so many stories so little resources
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that cheryl who's heading home as some streets right now in london make up in talking about what can be done david kid here has one idea he says lived experiences have to be at the heart of everything we do to work towards ending homelessness and how to go about that he says in glasgow we have a project that creates opportunities for people experiencing homelessness to get involved in shaping and improving the city's responses to homelessness at every level and we're in the process of replicating this nationally thank you for watching and thank you to i guess it's amazing to kevin and also to poppy as well details on al-jazeera adult com about our program and where you can help homelessness in terms of the u.k. and thank you very much for watching you'll find us always online at a.j. stream until the next time.
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talk to al-jazeera. around town are not on the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump said he will leave the u.s. response to the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi up to congress in consultation with him he's also described saudi arabia's actions since these murder in istanbul as quote the worst cover up ever earlier turkey's president to one increase the pressure on the saudi leadership describing the killing as a brutal premeditated murder he demanded an independent probe and he's counting on saudi cooperation charles stratfor reports from istanbul. three weeks of the jamal khashoggi was killed inside the saudi consulate in istanbul to.


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