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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2018 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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over what to do about x. arms exports permits that have all were already been granted to german firms to supply saudi arabia with weapons now on monday angela merkel herself made it clear that her government would hope future arms exports to saudi arabia until all of the information was clear on what happened over the killing they were the first government to make such a move on wednesday as well france the french government has said that they're not taking any hasty steps but if if the information leaking out is corroborated and on the hypothesis they say that saudi arabia's responsibility has been proven we would draw the necessary conclusions and they went on to say that their action would not only involve limiting arms sales so they're talking about limiting arms sales plus so going further than what to resume a has done in the last few hours the british government very reluctant treason made
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when it made it very clear under questioning in parliament that she was reluctant to go to touch the subject of arms sales to saudi arabia saying that all of the guarantees around it all the protections a very strict and saying that we're basically repeating the message from her home secretary earlier in the week that tied with saudi arabia a crucial for preventing terrorism and also for godsake guarding thousands of jobs in the u.k. so that's their stance but they may well be pushed by their european partners in the next few days to play ball and to announce similar steps to angela merkel let him thanks very much so you know has more now from istanbul on the turkish reaction to the killing. saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound man offering condolences to the son salah who is believed to be under a travel ban and may not be acting on his own free will the facial expressions are telling the younger she reached out his hand to a man many believe was behind the murder of his father king some man who has been
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somewhat out of the public eye for a while is now trying to contain an international crisis that could have repercussions on the kingdom and the royal family he chaired a cabinet meeting and reiterated that those responsible for the death of the saudi journalist will be held to account ho the meeting was held just hours after president reza kind of a decline of turkey appealed to the king to act and to do what is correct. we will follow this incident until the end whatever is required by our laws and by international laws we will carry it out in fact i'd like to make a call from here today my call is to first and foremost saudi arabia's king solomon and to senior administration bullies where the incident took place therefore my offer is for these fifteen people plus three people the eighteen arrested to be tried to be stumble hardiman what i mean is. i personally don't doubt the sincerity
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of the custodian of the two holy mosques king solomon been abdulla's is on the other hand it is very important that such a critical investigation about a murder is carried out by a truly i'm biased unfair delegation with little doubt about their connections are to go on refer to king sound man with respect to his much awaited speech on tuesday where he was supposed to unveil what he called the naked truth about the murder of turkey's president did provide some new details in the investigation like the presence of a third saudi team that scouted a forest a day before he was killed but over all turkey's president was a politician he criticized saudi arabia for not fully cooperating with the investigation but was careful not to burn all bridges with riyadh but people were expecting him to. what happened to the. which was amounts of with the dismemberment of the body have been the video recording the older recording these
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are all questions. but turkey says it has enough evidence to prove what it has been saying from the start that the murder was premeditated and planned after she visited the consulate for the first time on september twenty eighth to sort out the paperwork for his marriage or the gun again highlighted the role of the fifteen men who arrived and left on private jets on the day of the killing new video of the team at istanbul airport has been released turkey security sources believe they. carried out the assassination saudi arabia insists the killing was a mistake and the rogue operation even though among those identified as a member of saudi crown prince's security detail an autopsy expert saudi agent and a body double may not have laid bare the naked truth about the crime but he did lay demands and the leverage it holds we have strong evidence he says and it's not enough to blame intelligence agents we need to hold to account those responsible
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from the top to bottom a political murder is how gone described the killing and. which stopped short of naming who he believes was responsible the defacto ruler of saudi arabia have a good time and made a brief appearance at the investment conference in riyadh that he had hoped would boost his country's image instead the event was shunned by western leaders and business executives over the killing saudi arabia may be trying to send the message that it is business as usual but its isolation is growing and the crown prince's political future is also in question. istanbul. he's from the middle east program at the carnegie endowment for international peace he joins us from our studios in paris to it is this the beginnings of a very long diplomatic battle across the region.
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yes i think so it's of the beginning probably of a long diplomatic show of force between car and riyadh between two strongman who are the president of the gun and the crown prince had been someone but it's also maybe or the beginning of a judicial about i think yesterday president of the gun highlighted two trucks that turkey will probably go forward from now on the first one is a judicial one by asking for the extradition of the of the hit squad. and also alluding that he could go to international courts for breach of the vienna treaty that in fact managers or rules the functioning of fan bases and consulates this is one of the second chart is probably a dripping strategies throwing in for one after the other on the ground on the public space and on the american public and on the american political system in order to force the so desist i'm to present concessions after concessions with
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the hope that this will reach ultimately the higher level which is mohamed then some months so i think that this is the start of a long battle in which probably other countries will be involved yes that was very notable that president ever eluded to a third party meaning maybe the u.a.e. or egypt which means that this rift is no more about modern man but it is about the global in their age in the region the future of saudi arabia and the future of the balance of power between saudi arabia and its regional foes ok if we're talking about global equity that's a huge concept of course but do we need to know do we need to see which way the united states goes next and we won't know that until donald trump reacts to what gina has spoiled the cia chief tells him following on from her very long discussions in turkey and how he reacts to what steven you should his treasury secretary tells him when he gets back to washington from the trip this time
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yesterday to riyadh. exactly i think the now the joker is hold is held by the american party probably besides what president of the gun has in stock as information but i think that now enough evidence is in the hands of the american security apparatus after the visit of the cia chieftain to ankara are now it is their choice a political choice to be made by donald trump himself and he would have to make it all regarding three things three or four parameters first of all his relation with the security intelligence operatives in the us with which his relation is already painted are not good the second level is his relation with the congress but has given enough now with signs that they will go on the offensive on the saudi issue and this is his choice now to see if he wants to be on the same page with congress on that or not and the third level is the strategic relation and alliance with with
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saudi arabia between washington and saudi arabia and probably an argument that trump will have to make to the saudi king by saying if you want to salvage and to save this relation you have to make huge sacrifices that could and i underline could lead to decide of your crown prince who is your son this is i think now the conundrum in which we are i think the coming hours will be crucial because trump will have this meeting with the security apparatus and also because probably congress will finally show the direction it is heading towards and i think that then it will be a very crucial political decision to be made by the highest level in the united states. not trying to put words into your mouth you seem to be saying that the weakest player in this drama is saudi arabia in one sense however does that matter at all because king cell man has kept his son in charge of reforming the
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saudi intelligence services he's still there in the next hour or so he's going to be addressing that investor conference in riyadh in the next hour or so we think he's going to announce contracts worth fifty billion u.s. dollars he's still it would appear a player in this. definitely of course how much been said man is that were untouched and he'll probably stay on touch for a while but as you said in the in the grand game today the weakest player is saudi arabia as a state as a as a player as a geopolitical player actor saudi arabia is now cornered it is under accusation by everyone probably it has also weakened image and its position towards even its foes like iran and iran and others the other aspect of your question is very
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interesting and it's very nebulous it's very difficult to answer because no one really knows what exactly is the amount of the grip of them how much been some money not on power because this is absolute but on his father and on the rest of the family if the king if king solomon is still a little bit aware and has is mental capacity and the rest of the family is still able to move i think that in the coming weeks and month as the pressure under over saudi arabia will probably push these players to maybe try to sideline a very powerful man who is m.b.a.'s if not i think that some of been some man will stay on top of the system in saudi arabia however he will have to manage a very corner of saudi arabia and i think that the tens of billions that his spending now will not be only sufficient to put him on the of the hook for for the long haul joseph we must leave our conversation there thank you so much. well as
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we've been hearing there in the past twenty minutes or so the so the crown prince mohammed bin solomon is due to make a speech at that investment conference in riyadh but fewer business leaders than expected will hear it doesn't state away because of the killing of jamal khashoggi ethical questions are being asked in california where high tech companies have benefited from billions of dollars worth of saudi investment from silicon valley rob reynolds reports. in the aftermath of the killing of jamal khashoggi at the hands of saudi government agents tech companies and their executives are distancing themselves from saudi investment but how each one of them makes that decision on their own i think is probably driven very much by their own moral conscience but also their understanding that other people are looking at them in their formal leadership positions for cues about what to do right now several tech leaders have already bailed out of crown prince mohammed bin some ons investment conference including google cloud c.e.o.
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diane green ale well founder steve case and guber c.e.o. darren hostile shockey who said he was very troubled by reports of cars show g.'s death because from a shot he's public comments were seen as significant because the saudi wealth fund holds a three and a half billion dollar stake in the right hailing app saudi arabia has also invested heavily in tesla motors door dash the work space company we work and others much of the saudi money is funneled through the japanese bank softbank the world's largest investment fund so far saudi arabia has put forty five billion dollars into soft bank so-called vision funds and the crown prince says he'd like to double that amount as tech companies recoil from the saudis on ethical grounds it will be difficult if not financially impossible to unravel their saudi tie as
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a complex tangle of contract stock preferences and legal obligations tied companies hands in such matters ordinarily companies and financial institutions follow the lead of their governments but president donald trump's response to the khashoggi killing has been tepid and vacillating leaving corporations to find their own way in some ways this. case is providing an opportunity for companies to really provide some ethical and moral leadership maybe at a time when they're not seeing or experiencing what they like to see from leadership in other sectors silicon valley corporations face a dilemma choosing between an ethical response to a shocking crime and the abundant funding that makes the tech industry flourish rob reynolds al-jazeera san carlos california ok let's get more on this for you keeping us company today sultan bought
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a car director of the center for conflict and humanitarian studies at the doha institute here in qatar given the the main thrust of what the one was saying twenty six hours ago given what donald trump said over my time in washington is everything now beginning to coalesce around this idea of the crown prince has got to be seen to be moved out of this picture if if not at least it is increasing the pressure on the crown prince and focusing the discussion more around around his practices in general i think the fact that he spend. good two years consolidating power centralizing power he's in control of the three pillars of any state the economy the security the internal security and defense makes him responsible whether he liked it or not and this idea that someone else below him may have done this. will not really. survive for long i think ultimately people
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will look into this and say well it doesn't matter you are a talk recy you run the state it's your responsibility and i think people are starting to wake up to this fact so they're not too bothered about the details of who literally ordered the murder but the fact that it happened. on his watch the fact that he continues to assume power and declare himself as as the ultimate power then he is responsible and also if it is true what was talked about earlier that sewed up the tiny has been in contact with the team while they were in istanbul. then i will not be surprised if we find out that the tapes are in the tapes or the tiny refers to the crown prince because if you follow his writings if you follow his tweets he's one of those people who used to use the name of the crown prince very casually all the time and throwing it around just interrupt you for a second what you're talking about here you're talking about the man who allegedly
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kind of orchestrated the whole thing and he was all he was talking to them allegedly as they would doing it on a skype connection apparently this is what was circulating now from actually israeli television's agents who by the way put in the first report back in on the seventeenth of october recommending that someone should look into the water well of the consulate house housing or accommodation so these are some of the ideas that are circulating around and i was i was i was saying if he has been involved then he would have definite. drop the name of the crown prince into this and that may have caused the confusion or the refocusing if you if that's a better expression of these issues around the conference might be a little nugget of information that has been imparted to a hospital the cia boss she's a boat to discuss her conversations that she had in turkey with donald trump but let's just move this forward a little bit what's your analysis of the the saudi p.r.
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aspect of this because we saw those pictures with mohammed bin salma shaking the hand with jamal khashoggi son he cannot leave saudi arabia or quit handshake of the year it has to be understandably but as a p.r. exercise the backfire or was that carried off superbly well given given that the choreography that had to go into that moment i think it it backfired i think in the arab street it was badly received for a number of reasons one of the most important is this that in islam you do not offer condolences you do not accept condolences until you've had the opportunity to lay to rest the dead body you know and. the image of him being brought to the palace being offered condolences without knowing where his father's body is it must be a very terrible thing to have ok we have to leave it there we'll talk again i'm
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sure in the next hour or so south america thank you so much will break for the weather with kevin. that's right we're looking at a very good big system here across parts of eastern europe take a look the clouds right here moving down towards the south this is a cold front that with the winds is producing a lot of active weather into including thunderstorms that are making their way across parts of the balkan area right now i want to show you what the jet is doing because the jet stream really controls where the atmosphere moves in right now we have a jet stream that's moving from north all the way down to south that's bringing a lot of the cold air down with it and when you have a lot of this instability then we also have a lot of winds will have a lot of rain as well the standard storms temptresses afternoon look like this we're only getting into single digits across much of eastern europe tomorrow morning we're even going lower we're looking at temperatures basic about five degrees across much of the area when you factor in the wind chill is going to feel more like zero and then tomorrow afternoon it doesn't get much warmer temperatures
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are only getting up to about six degrees in kiev with that cold front i was talking about is moving down here across parts of turkey and with that and into syria as well we're going to be seeing some very active weather including thunderstorms large hail damaging winds as well and i want to rule out the possibility of maybe seeing a tornado or two coming out of this very very active system so we'll keep an eye on this as well as localized flooding could be expected. karen thanks very much ok let's pause for a second and wrap up some of the top stories today russian accusing the u.s. of planning to develop new ballistic missiles the kremlin says this would make the world more dangerous donald trump has announced he wants to withdraw from a thirty year old nuclear weapons treaty if russia and china don't stop developing their own intermediate range missiles a criminal spokesman also said the possibility of president vladimir putin visiting washington for a summit with mr trump has been discussed the nato secretary general says russia can continue to recklessly violate the three decade old arms pact agreement. all
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allies agree that the end of treaty is important and that's exactly why we are so concerned about the russian behavior. all allies of course agree we do not this states that the united states is in full compliance with the treat it but at the same time we state clearly that. the most plausible explanation is that russia now is in violation of the three. and therefore the challenge to problem is the russian behavior which we have seen over many years and it does been clearly stated that this cannot go on we cannot have a three to between two parties which is only respected by one of them. several thousand central american migrants in southern mexico have resumed their advance towards the us border from passage rested but they could be middle easterners quotes hiding among the migrants although he didn't provide any evidence of that
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the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei who says the caravan poses a danger and has want them to turn back from a security standpoint there is no proper accounting of who these individuals in the caravan are and this poses an unacceptable security risk to the united states moreover many of these people are right targets for human traffickers and others who would exploited them we don't want that to happen the united states also has a message for those who are currently part of this caravan for any caravan which follows you will not be successful at getting into the united states illegally no matter what i repeat the caribbean will not cross our southern border illegally under any circumstances well nearly one thousand seven hundred migrants who left the caravan have applied for refugee status in mexico john holeman is with those who are still on the road in southern mexico. this is really quite a rare moment for the people that are in this caravan it's the first time that
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they've had a day of rest since they entered mexico the last couple of days they've been walking a marathon basically every day and they're using the time as you can see here to wash their clothes to wash themselves and just basically to relax a little bit many of them are coming with family so the families are taking a little bit of time here on the banks and in this river. also in the center of town is when so many people there they spent the night most of them out in the open they're just trying to recuperate a little bit crispy king to one family that came from nicaragua most of the families here are from some of them from el salvador guatemala we aussies family from they could argue why it is they're traveling you know anybody any kind i want to have when i left nicaragua first because there are no jobs even when you're trying to find a job you price violence even my child at school gets basin up and i'm a single mother i can't leave my children alone while i work. we estimate that this
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caravan has at least a month to go at the rate that it's currently traveling on until it gets to the u.s. border and of course there are things that get to get even more difficult really for this massive more than seven thousand people president trump has said that there is no way that he's going to let them pass the border he's threatened to send the military to that border until they get there the mexican authorities themselves haven't done anything to impede the progress of this caravan although they are offering asylum to many people but the real test is in the times to come if they manage to make it through mexico what's going to happen when they get to a large very hostile united states the japanese journalist is safe and well in turkey after being freed from three years imprisonment in syria. my name is dubious to me just it was initially kidnapped by fighters linked to al qaeda and held captive by other groups and then the japanese government says no ransom was paid
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and is thanking the turks for helping with the free lance reporters release. the u.n. says nearly as more people in yemen are facing famine than was previously believed the u.n. humanitarian chief has given the security council an update on the situation there mark local says the three year conflict has left some fourteen million people on the brink of famine and they are completely reliant on aid. india is struggling to stop the so-called murders at least twenty seven men have recently been beaten to death by frenzied mobs who wrongly accused them of being child snatchers they were attacked after false rumors were spread on the most popular social media platform in india and are thomas reports now from new delhi. these are the grieving parents this is their son who died and that is how he was killed. we've frozen the video here it's too graphic to show but what provoked this attack was
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a rumor spread through what's up mr or you or my i saw my son spear face his lifeless body lying the back of a police car i did not have the strength to look at his face my wife and others went and saw our son's face but i couldn't i just couldn't. let pulled us was poor.


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