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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 25, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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yes certainly as we continue to watch the president as he makes an appearance imminently in the east room of the white house i can tell you that it's not clear whether or not that meeting with his cia director gina haswell has taken place we assume it has because the president is traveling later on today but we certainly know that the president was very interested in what she had to say following her trip to turkey as well as others who were on the ground in saudi arabia the president now deciding on next steps we know from his secretary of state mike pompei o it internal e-mail to employees he said that the united states will not be satisfied until it gets quote perfect clarity on what has transpired and certainly there is the feeling from this white house that they are not getting the complete story as the president has said in recent days lies and deception is what he believes that he has got in terms of some of that explanation so he has of course taken the first steps and that is the revoking of visas of at least twenty one
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saudi nationals but as well there is now the action in terms of congressional action the president says he is looking for on a bipartisan nature but that is going to be difficult given we have the u.s. election coming up november sixth the congress is not in recess as we speak so certainly there is going to be some pressure from ordinary americans who feel that the president has not done enough with regard to this case in fact recent polling to suggest that thirty seven percent of republican americans believe the president's been too soft on saudi arabia when u.s. democratic voters that number goes up to seventy eight percent and i can tell you when the president continues to defend the u.s. saudi relationship as he has done from the start that is also not sitting well with americans in fact most americans when asked by the pollsters consider the relationship to not be strategic and in america's interest but just the opposite they see it as unfriendly some americans even characterize it as saudi arabia being america. anime so certainly the president has some work to do in the eyes of
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american voters and that may be helping in making their calculation about who can control congress moving forward when they vote on november sixth thank you kimberly how cutout side the white house still more head view on this news that's. the claim that has been made that mr king died in a finite does no amount to a credible explanation more reaction around the world in response to. training day for troops but a new report details a systematic clampdown on free speech in gaza and the west bank and in sport the u.s. . continues to struggle at the finals in singapore sun has the details a little. security has been stepped up in new york after
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a string of attempted bombings in the united states explosive devices and other suspicious packages targeted prominent democratic politicians and the cable news network c.n.n. they were found at the home of hillary and bill clinton as well as billionaire george soros the secret service says a suspicious package intended for president barack obama as well was intercepted from new york's police commission is a lesser containing white powder as well was sent with the explosive device to the c.n.n. time warner building. responding officers identified at the vice that appeared to be a live explosive device that might be a bomb squad responded secure the device and removed it for investigation additionally there was an envelope containing white powder that was discovered as part of that original packaging where in the middle of investigating that right now the area has been scrubbed with dogs and equipment and no additional threads besides the white powder and working with our board forest board as we responded
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quickly secure the scene one of the would be recipients of these packages is hillary clinton who has said it is a troubling time for the united states and i want to say a few words about the news this morning of suspicious packages being sent to various public figures and a news organization. many of you and others across our country have asked after me and my family and i'm very grateful for that. we are fine thanks to the men and women of the secret service. who intercepted. the package addressed to us long before it made its way to our home every day we are grateful for their service and commitment and obviously never say never more than today. but it is
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a troubling time isn't it. and it's a time of deep. divisions. and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. we also have to elect candidates who will try to do the same. and we are waiting to hear from the u.s. president general trump he's actually going to be giving a news briefing about the opioids epidemic in the united states but he is expected to comment on this series of mail bombs sent in the united states as soon as that happens we will bring it to you live in the meantime we'll talk to see how tanzi has in a washington news and about who was also out a little bit earlier at the scenes of one of these packages she had just bring us up to date with what you saw and heard there. well we have several more packages to
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report suspicious packages and some clarification actually the package to the c.n.n. center in new york was in fact addressed to john brennan who is the director of the cia under barack obama that's one point in the last few minutes we've been hearing another suspicious package has been intercepted at a facility that combs through mail headed to members of congress and this package was addressed to congressman order to to their homes when maxine waters of california frequent target of attacks from the right wing not clear yet whether this is indeed another potential explosive device or this is just out of an abundance of caution there's this other very strange story about eric holder the former attorney general under barack obama he apparently was at one of the it was addressed to him containing one of these suspicious devices however that it was the wrong address on the envelope and the return address was that of debbie wasserman schultz who is the former chair of the democratic national committee and is very
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close to hillary clinton so that's how that package ended up in florida the offices of the shots which we which we reported on earlier we were we have heard from the secret service they keep saying at least in the case of president obama and hillary clinton there was never any danger of them receiving the packages again these are these these these explosive devices the these potential explosive devices were found during a routine screening of the mail that goes that is addressed to them it's off site it didn't not neither of these packages actually ended up at that residences however the this will be gallon monday with a device that ended up a george soros the billionaire liberal philanthropist again a huge target of the right wing that package did arrive at george soros is it was something that was made to look something like a pipe bomb that's very similar to the description we have from c.n.n. as to the package that they received addressed to john brennan. meanwhile we are expecting to speak about there's a lot of attention on this because he is often blamed for contributing to the fi
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bro atmospherically these are all liberal figures who have been targeted we have heard from the white house press secretary already that. the white house condemns these types of horrific in the speckle acts and will work with law enforcement to make sure anybody responsible is punished to the full extent of the law certainly it's ok to disagree in politics but it's never ok to take action against another individual and we certainly don't want to see that happen. and i would imagine the white house will point to suspicious packages being sent to the children a gold trumpet of the last year of the white powder that turns out turned out to be innocuous packages into the pentagon as well which said that these are there have been packages fogs and figures close to trump and the trumpet ministration over nothing like potential pipe bombs as you have so now we wait for what donald trump has to say and see how he balances things out given that many are looking to him as one of the centers of the feed of the feed bro political atmosphere in the u.s.
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right now perfect timing she had donald trump just walking up to the podium in the white house next to him as well let's see what he has to say. good afternoon pct. before i begin i want to take a moment to talk about today's news and attempted attacks on president clinton president obama their families public officials individuals and organizations we cannot tolerate those cowardly attacks and i strongly condemn all who choose violence i'm grateful to the secret service as well as the local and federal law enforcement for all they do on a daily basis to keep us safe and encourage people across the country to to sky
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ness over hatred i want to welcome you all to the white house to reflect on the progress the suddenly straighten has made in tackling the opiate crisis and more importantly to look ahead at the work still to be done we are here to talk about the continued actions we're taking to combat the opiate with them nic which my husband will talk about in a few minutes i must say i'm proud of our president and the work being done in the white house and across so many agency to help those affected by drug abuse and addiction just last week i visited thomas jefferson diversity hospital to learn about maternal addiction treatment education and a research program called matter this program supports families and babies born
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with neonatal absence syndrome of providing mothers to be the tools they need to have become successful parents my campaign the best is committed to helping children and the many issues they face as they grow up and sadly drug abuse is one of those issues. b. bast will continue to shine a light on successful programs like matter that them straight positive results for children over the past year i have travelled both nationally and internationally learning about many of the programs offered through private organizations schools and hospitals which are meant to help children and families as they deal with drug addiction what i constantly hear is the need for support at all levels line for cement needs our support and there are
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sources necessary to stop crime we know this from putting drugs on the streets families need the resources to get treatment and follow up care for follow for a lot of violence those who are addicted need the support resources and guidance to know they are fighting the disease and should not be ashamed young mothers need the support necessary to not only be their addiction but the god the tools needed to become successful parents babies born addicted need the resources for treatment but also need follow up care for years to come. i was honored to be part of a roundtable comprised of several experts at thomas jefferson university hospital that was can vent to help with the design and implementation of
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a new initiative that the partment of health and human services is working on to measure the long term health outcomes and needs of infants suffering from near needle absence indra as a nation we must come together to fight the subpoena and make a providing as many resources as possible and i know that as long as my husband is in office this will remain a priority fighting opiate abuse goes across all party lines thank you all for being here and being part of the fight to anticipate them he's now my honor to introduce the president of the united states one thousand. was thank.
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was. one of thank you very much want to know how hard you've worked on this and that's just one of many languages that you know just amazing the way you can do it thank you very much for shared. also i want to thank mrs pence for being here you have been just so terrific working alongside of our great vice president and thank you very much here really appreciate that i like to begin today's remarks by providing an update on the suspicious packages and devices mailed to current and former high ranking government officials the
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safety of the american people is my highest and absolute priority i have just concluded a briefing with the f.b.i. department of justice department of homeland security and the u.s. secret service as we speak the packages are being inspected by top explosive experts and a major federal investigation is now underway the full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice we will spare no resource or expense in this effort and i just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong and mistake of all message that acts or threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united
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states of america that was . it's a very bipartisan state and i can tell you from both sides we both agree on that. this egregious conduct is borne it to everything we hold dear and sacred as americans my administration will provide additional updates as they become available and i just want to thank everybody for their understanding we are extremely angry upset and happy about what we would do this this morning and we will get to the bottom of it we are gathered together today to address
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america's drug and open crisis and a crisis it is which now claims seventy thousand lives a year one year ago i addressed a nation in this very room and the opioid crisis a national public health u.s. president donald trump there addressing a planned address about the i.p.o. drug crisis in the united states but also addressing these suspicious packages and mail bombs which have. appeared today with prominent democratic politicians past and present and also at the cable news network c n n that we did have the peculiar instance of the first lady malani or actually opening the speech and herself addressing it as well let's check in with we were speaking to him earlier about what he had seen in the information he gathered she had just run us through what the president said. well it was what you would expect the president to
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say that the investigation is on the way he's received the briefings and the government will use all of its resources to find the perpetrator or perpetrators that he said we have to unify in these times acts of political violence our place in the usa that he was angry was upset he was unhappy and so on it's very difficult not to mediately think they're off or donald trump we see at his rallies just a few days ago he was praising a congressman who's beating up a reporter for the guardian saying that was his kind of guy. this is how the debate is developing now in the us as to whether it's the rhetoric and language that often seems to him to completely espouse violence coming from the president himself that may have contributed this but again we haven't got any motivation for the for these for these for these suspicious packages being sent we don't know who is responsible but it clearly these these backers of over the sent to liberal establishment figures so the question is now i mean obviously the debate will be well what about
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donald trump what is he really contributing to the sort of atmosphere it's interesting that most of the right wing trump support i've already dismissed the whole thing however is a false flag attack by democrats ahead of the midterm elections to try and scare their own voters back into the polls she had thank you for staying with us for that she is live in washington here's what's coming up for you on the. health crisis in one of iraq's biggest cities as the water treatment. it's creating division. people closer together and it's a. major league baseball's world series and the rest of the sport coming up. hello again well this hour we are going to start here in turkey because we have
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a lot of active weather to talk about this coming in off the eastern part of the mediterranean notice the satellite image a lot of clouds there and then here on thursday a lot of rain across much of the region so we're talking turkey cyprus syria jordan as well as up towards george georgia now the temperatures overnight are going to get quite low as that front moves through and we could potentially see some snow in the higher elevations of that region notice once the front goes through ankara your high temperature is only going to be about nine degrees there aleppo urines going to push through but we do expect to see only about eighteen degrees here across much of the arabian peninsula the clouds are going to stay mostly across parts of saudi arabia up towards kuwait as well and within those clouds we could see a shower too but we don't expect it to be too heavy but here in doha thirty five degrees is going to be the trend today through tomorrow as well as into friday and then over towards dhabi we do expect to see a temperature there about thirty three degrees and then across much of the southern parts of africa well fine and dry here you really have to go
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a little bit more towards the north to see any clouds there but for johannesburg it is going to be a warm day but what's more here across durban with the temps of thirty and a nice day in cape town attempts are twenty five. the diagnosis he has been sick for a long six months now the challenge ahead there was one of these ninety six could be a new cure or a basis of a new cure for colors are in your. own disability al-jazeera examines pyaar mein treatments so this is the exocet yes it's basically a wearable robot that kira leave visiting on al-jazeera challenge your perceptions . powerful documentaries. that makes up the. debate some discussions you've been out there with the protesters on the
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streets what are they been telling you. discover a wealth of award winning programming from around the. see the world from a different perspective. on al-jazeera. on the news hour here at al-jazeera these are all top stories saudi arabia's crown prince has broken his silence over the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi calling it a painful crime and saying justice will prevail speaking at an investment forum in riyadh mohamed bin salman insisted all culprits would be punished and that he will
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work with turkey. and for the first time since he was killed three weeks ago the us president has hinted at the possible involvement of the saudi conference donald trump told the wall street journal that mohamed bin solomon is running in saudi arabia so if anyone were to be involved it would be him. and it's been a string of attempted bombings in the united states explosive devices and suspicious packages have been sent to former presidents bill clinton and barack obama and to the news network c.n.n. president obama trump says a federal investigation is now on the way. i have just concluded a briefing with the f.b.i. department of justice department of homeland security and the u.s. secret service as we speak the packages are being inspected by top explosive experts and a major federal investigation is now underway the full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these
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despicable acts to justice we will spare no resources or expense in this effort and i just want to tell you that in these times we have to unify we have to come together and send one very clear strong and mistake of all message that acts were threats of political violence of any kind have no place in the united states of america. more than seven thousand central american migrants are continuing their march towards the united states there in southern mexico now still more than six hundred kilometers ahead of them to reach the border but u.s. president don't trump has continued his attacks on the line in his hardline immigration stance ahead of the midterm elections here is john holmes and he is with some of the people there in chiapas an update from you john. there was just one of the stations that local communities he's
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a local people not migrants here have put to try to help the migrants the people coming through we've got some close here there's also been a motley armada really of pickup trucks lorries another vehicles that have given them a lift today on what is the longest stretch that they've had so far in mexico they've covered sixty eight kilometers just today trying to get to the next town the other bits of news that we also have is the more than one thousand six hundred people on this caravan that's come all the way from honduras have accepted refuge from the mexican government but you've got to remember that there's more than seven thousand people in the entirety of the caravans the vast majority have decided not to do that what they're worried about is at the moment they take that refuge they're in danger of being deported there's also another group that have just crossed over the border from guatemala to mexico one thousand five hundred people so the caravan
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that's marching at the moment isn't going to be the end of this there's already a second sort of wave if you want to call it that it's coming this way john how aware are our people in the caravan of the hostility or at least the political hostility that might be awaiting them in the united states. they are aware of it to some point they definitely aware of what president trump has been saying calling them gangsters making references to people from the middle east even sort of hinting yesterday asking his vice president if i sis might be involved in some way in this caravan just for the record we've been here for almost a week with these people we haven't seen anyone from the middle east or seen any evidence of any links to terrorist organizations whatsoever but they are where in fact hostility i'm not sure if they're aware quite how difficult it's going to be
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to cross the border when they get there and a lot of people as well are not aware of another key factor in this and that's the u.s. midterm elections are now just a couple of weeks away and really this is turned into a bit of a christmas present for president trump and the republican parties the images of thousands of people heading to the southern u.s. border could only really galvanize the republican trend trumps base supporters and really mobilized them to go out to the polls that's something as well the people in this caravan it's a long way from their reality john heilemann in chiapas thank you for that update doctors fear two and a half million iraqis are at risk of disease because water supplies and sanitation systems collapsed in the southern city of basra the breakdowns being blamed on government corruption in the oil rich region as well matheson reports basra is threaded with waterways along which trade has flowed for generations but not now.
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pictures from the region refugee council show canals choked by garbage and beneath the piles of trash water is saturated with salt. when the water first became salty my brother got poisoned he stayed in the hospital for two days there are too many cases of poisoning it's not only one or two thousands of people that poisoned. upstream dams in turkey syria and iran are blamed for reducing fresh water supplies to a trickle salt water from the gulf has been edging northwards for decades now bassos top water is on drink coble it can't even be used for washing schoolchildren and among tens of thousands of iraqis who fall in ill health in the mountains reducing our schools have only one place with toilets we always ask the students to bring their own water from home because we had many poisoning cases i've dealt with five or six cases of extreme vomiting you should say because most of my friends
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can't come to school because of the salty water they have been poisoned some of them got each a skin and some of them got issues with their hair years of frustration with the struggling water an electrical supply is finally exploded in september. with days of deadly protests against government corruption which residents blame for the city's collapsing infrastructure and widespread unemployment despite a visit by high battle of body the prime minister at the time and parliamentary promises that things would improve little seems to have changed doctors and aid agencies are worried that as the weather gets cooler the risk from water borne diseases such as cholera is rising in the coming days and in the coming weeks when the temperature will be between thirty two and thirty seven he's just very likely to get her will here we are expecting breaks if nothing is done to rehabilitate her and some additional interest says. sits on top
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of much of iraq's oil wealth m.p.s. in baghdad last year named the city iraq's economic capital but the people who live here say their water supply needs to stop poisoning them rob matheson al-jazeera. some of the news in brief now and rusher is accusing the united states of planning to develop new ballistic missiles the kremlin says that would make the world more dangerous donald trump has already announced he wants to withdraw from a thirty year old nuclear weapons treaty if russia and china don't hold developing their own intermediate range missiles discussions have been held about president vladimir putin visiting washington for a summit with donald trump and echoing the u.s. position nato secretary general young stoltenberg explained russia of violating the arms treaty all allies agree that the un if true it is important and that's exactly why we are so concerned about the russian behavior. all allies of course agree with united states that the united states is in full compliance with the
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treat it but at the same time we state clearly that. the most troll simple explanation is that russia now is in violation of the treaty . and therefore the challenge to problem is the russian behavior which we have seen over many years and it does been clearly stated that this cannot go on we cannot have a treaty between two parties which is all respected by one of them right police of dispersed anti-government protesters in indian administered kashmir the protests in trinidad started when two suspected rebels were killed and soldiers injured during a gun battle troops sealed off a neighborhood on the outskirts of the city after being told rebels against indian rule were hiding out. actions being demanded by the grieving parents of victims of india's so-called whatsapp motas least twenty seven men have recently been beaten to death by frenzied mobs who wrongly accuse them of being child snatches they have
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been attacked after false rumors were spread on what is the most popular social media platform in india andrew thomas reports now from new delhi. these are the grieving parents this is their son who died and that is how he was killed we've frozen the video here it's too graphic to show but what provoked this attack was a rumor spread through what's up mr moore i saw my son spear face has a spotless body lie in the back of a police car i did not have the strength to look at his face while wife and others went and saw our son's face but i couldn't i just couldn't. let pulled us was popular and smart a musician in june he and his friend drove two hours from their parents' homes into a hearty in the north east of india to go fishing on their way back they were stopped in a village people there had been sent whatsapp messages warning them of so-called
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child snatches in the area the murders of das and his friends was streamed on facebook live. and we never watch those viral videos of his death others describe him to us he was punished so badly so cruelly it's all in those videos everybody told us yeah yeah. pulled at his parents and friends find it hard to accept that it was just social media messages but whipped up a murderous frenzy they think there must have been more but india's state and national governments do think the attack was the latest in a string to have been provoked by rumors circulated on was this video which is going to viral on whatsapp is supposed to show child snatches that work it's actually actors playing roles in a pakistani child safety film according to india spend data journalism organization since may the twenty seventh fatal attacks in india provoked by a social.


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