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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2018 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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call of the palestinian authority and refuse to abide by palestinian israeli cease fires in gaza despite hamas agreeing to the. sami is a member of the palestinian journalist syndicate he says there is potential here for a longer truce if israel stops firing on unarmed protesters at that border fence and the palestinian people live there the schools to avoid any bombing. that there's any bombing is in this women have been near the schools then the other have it then the place is and even yesterday the close to a hospital and the hospital has been damaged or at this moment that it has come is but i expect that we will testify another skelly cian next friday because according to islamic jihad or any other palestinian resistance factions there they are saying that as long as israel is killing their parasail an unarmed protesters near out of their fence of gaza we will retaliate because that brought their
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services are not armed and there is a dislike both kill them easily but no military power they have normally thought about that's why they're retaliate there's a ticking over there but if this serves which means that their main reason behind this things you is there is that any killing of protesters i think that if there is a big killing of a palestinian brought this stop we will we with this if i longer can this the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a surprise trip to man it's a sign of warming times between the two countries and a spark renewed hope for talks on ending the israeli palestinian conflict this is the first visit by an israeli leader in more than twenty years and it comes days after the palestinian president mahmoud abbas visited muskat the man's foreign minister insists his government is not a mediator. plenty more still to come for you here on the news including the voting still underway and afghanistan's kandahar province after being delayed last week
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because of security concerns plus. indonesia where we'll tell you about a warning the government received years ago about some of the potential dangers of a large earthquake happening here and how it may influence the rebuild of this devastated city and in the sports news game three of the world series goes past the seven hour mark before the break the deadlock against the red sox. in thirty five. the leaders of france germany turkey and russia are holding talks in istanbul to try to find a solution to the conflict in syria is the first summit to bring all four leaders together they're expected to push for the demilitarized zone and to be made permanent cease fire was agreed by turkey and russia in such
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a last month on friday syria's government threatened to retake the rebel held province as an author joins us live from istanbul xena this idea of it being made permanent if that happens it's got to be agreed by damascus what are the chances. well right no it's russia that's calling the shots but that violent incident that you mentioned in southern live seven civilians killed that many really are interpreted to as a message a message from russia to the europeans that this ceasefire may not hold at the end of the day russia and turkey they're holding the cards and what do they want they want europe to pay for syria's reconstruction this is a four way summit the first summit of its kind where russia and turkey members of the so-called asked in a process got on the table members of the smaller so-called small group european countries germany and france so the optics are really good but each of these
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countries really have different objectives from this conference europe the european countries french and german officials in recent days they've made it clear time and time again what we want is for this deescalation agreement this did militarized zone to hold the ceasefire to be lasting and it lives and we want the political process to begin but that's where the problem is the u.n. led political process it's facing a lot of hurdles and who is standing in the way well it's the syrian government saying no we are not interested in joining this u.n. committee that's going to rewrite the constitution this should be an interest syria affair and we do not want to any international community to intervene in our affairs so a lot of messages and a lot of hard bargaining behind closed doors right now and the germans especially i guess they must be hoping if there's any leverage brought to bear it will be the russians that apply the pressure.
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well yes this conference was supposed to have taken place in september but at the time the syrian government was threatening an all out offensive an adlib and you know everyone was worried this would create a humanitarian catastrophe hundreds of thousands of refugees even the turkish president himself said well those refugees are not just going to come into turkey they're going to reach the doorsteps of europe they're going to reach europe so this really raised the alarm bells and we have france and germany working with turkey to try to bring about some sort of a deal and that was this demilitarized zone deal so that's why it is so important for them for this deal to remain in place and i think the french foreign the france's ambassador to the united nations yesterday really summed up the situation he said syria's at a crossroads either we could see an escalation and it lives or we can see movement and momentum in the political process and that means create a committee to rewrite the constitution which lead which will lead to elections and russia is telling them well everyone be patient so everyone is bargaining now yes we are pointing out pointing out the fact that who is here but who is not here is
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the united states but what we understand is mccraw is trying to arrange for a summit between the united states and russia at least a high level meeting in paris so that the united states is brought on board zain thanks very much. so let's take a closer look at the deal it was agreed last one thousand we were hearing there in response to fears of an all out offensive attack on this syrian province the u.n. had warned an assault could trigger a new refugee crisis affecting nearly a million people russia and turkey agreed to create a demilitarized zone to separate government forces and rebel fighters all armed groups were required to withdraw from a fifteen to twenty kilometer buffer zone by the middle of october and so far it has largely worked although some groups have not met the evacuation deadline however it has been relatively calm and the area is now being patrolled by russian and turkish forces two joining us now is the director of policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies marwan couple and i guess it's stayed
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relatively calm because even though he's been doing well in military terms bashar al assad has listened to the russians to date yes or no and he said actually yes i don't need to go in there and do what people thought i was going to do well of course i mean the russian they had their chance have a. very strong leverage on i think. we actually knew without without their support there would be normal military or france or against it. because bashar assad and his iranian backers they can't really do that or why because it is actually hosting something like sixty seventy thousand. fighters from the opposition. and the syrian regime and the iranians they cannot actually mobilize as much as thirty times because if you are if you are attacking yeah you have to provide at least three times as many soldiers
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as the defenders saw. the without russian support without question aerial support their chances actually of success are very minimal. of course the russians the also have other than having their military. leverage on bashar assad they have all saw but texted him from the international community and terms of diplomacy they have been protecting him in the security council for now seven eight years nor single. security council resolution has been passed actually that condemned the syrian government for all it did over the past years so their actions they have huge leverage on and that is that this is why we wouldn't expect them to do anything that the russians actually the with a little by and large those demilitarized all those deescalation zones that was set up as a consequence of the a start up process because we've got a starter we've got the u.n.
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de mistura geneva new york process and now we've got these four countries coming together in istanbul today it's interesting what you're saying there because is this the first time that bashar al assad has reacted to what he realistically can also chief because the russians have either explicitly or implicitly said to him we will not give you the support that you need because you don't have the people on the ground when in fact this is not the first time i think he many times tried to express an opinion that is not very much liked by the russians but then the russians they would put the pressure on him and he would be changing his position take for example there are constitutional committee with the russians with which the russians have been playing actually to form over the past a few more months here before before. our operation before the russians actually took a lot off from the opposition by shell as a position was like this we are not going to get involved in this constitutional committee because this is should be a fully syrian process that nor external party must be intervening
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here. because this should be an all city of business so at that time we we all know that the president putin he's someone bashar al assad to more score he put pressure on him and then bashar said after that dicky said well we are going to send our lists over the horse who are going to present the syrian government or the syrian regime in the constitutional committee so we shall assert has many times in fact change of the position according to the brochure which is applied but that assurance and i don't think this time is going to be different from from busts from but past events so he would be resisting at the very beginning and then he would be most probably come into terms with what the russians are actually. asking him to do we'll have to wait and see moment as ever thank you very much. because president has suspended the parliament a day after sacking the prime minister in what was a surprise move the president mr is that
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a center fire grenell wickramasinghe on friday and replaced him with the former president mahinda rajapaksa a singer had earlier requested an emergency session of parliament to address the crisis we'll get more on that story for you in a couple of minutes first though let's go to turkey because the turkish president mr in istanbul the addressing specifically the conference to do with syria but we are expecting him to touch on this situation that's more than three weeks old between ankara is turnbull and washington following on from the death of the washington post so the journalist who had us residency jamal khashoggi let's just get a sense if we can from inside that building not quite sure why we've flipped over to an outside shot i'm thinking maybe let's just open the microphones even get some sound from inside and the turkish president mr one. no we just got to stablish in short so far that's that's an intriguing aspects of
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camera control at the risk of stating the obvious for you we don't have any control over what the camera crews are doing there we flip open our switches they flip open their switches hopefully we get some news content about we'll continue to monitor that situation for you coming to us live bull in the meantime we'll go back to those surprise political developments out of these three lankan capital colombo our correspondent minal fernandez is live for us there on the news hour what happens next i mean they've suspended the parliament how long until it's back operating. well the reports indicate that the gas which is confirmed the suspension of parliament done by president might be part of syria saying earlier today will be till the sixteenth of november so parliament will not have any sittings till then and that will be the first time the house reconvenes now obviously there will be some movement on the ground till then what you see behind me is the presidential
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secretariat in colombo and there's a lot of movement here this evening because the new prime minister by whom the rajapaksa is shared you to meet with president might be a policy decision along with all his parliamentarians showing the kind of support he can muster so this includes all the parliamentarians he has in the joint opposition as well as according to some sources that i have spoken to who say the. parliamentarians who have crossed over from the government parliamentarians who are part of the city government that have sort of thrown their support with behind the rajapaksa so all of that happening at the presidential secretariat behind me but a sort of an initial meet and greet with president my polish seriously and peter how it's always doing with the voters with the electorate i mean when your spawn of strolling kampala six so quickly do you come back into sri lankan politics at the
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next election or are you just reappointed at some point in the future. peter as you can see in terms of what's happened over the last twenty four hours there's never say never in sri lanka in politics present to mind the rajapaksa as he was previously known and now known as prime minister in the rajapaksa he was basically voted out of office in two thousand and fifteen centrally in his bid for a third presidential term now obviously around a vicar missing her. formed a coalition. and basically to have my policy the same as the common candid citizen and don't forget wars rajapakse as health minister and he stepped out to take on. election but for many people that rajapaksa return is cause for celebration basically there is
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a large constituency in an electorate that still see him as the sort of hero that stopped the near three decade long war in this country and essentially see him as someone who needs to be at the helm of this country so like i said never say never but for a new vehicle missing her again who says he's still the legitimate prime minister he's still fighting for his survival. thanks a lot let's get more on the story. of the international crisis group he joins us live from london to this come out of no place relatively speaking or were there warning signals that the whole situation is going to collapse in this way. well not in this way but i think everyone who follows through on politics has known that certainly since february or march of this year the president might or policy or santa has wanted to get rid of his his prime minister right of the comet singer.
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and the question was just how he was going to do it and what it means were at his disposal now there was an attempt. to vote out the prime minister in parliament through a no confidence measure in march which was tacitly although not officially backed by president syria saying that that failed and that is actually the proper way to go about removing a prime minister is through a no confidence vote so i think everyone was caught by surprise by this particularly tricky way that they've tried this time and many people question the legality and constitutionality of the means that the president has appointed. now supposedly prime minister rajapaksa within the relationship between the president and the prime minister in sri lanka who's top dog and they have to go to the country because there were elections not very long ago they were controversial but we got the result that we got it is what it is but i mean democracy doesn't seem to be very healthy at the moment level in sri lanka. no well i mean when you
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say relations between the president the prime minister it depends on which prime minister you're talking about so and i think you know historically syria say no who as your report was just saying was formally allied with the now prime minister rajapaksa when he was president rajapaksa that relationship broke down and in fact serious cena said that he was worried when he ran against rajapaksa in two thousand and fifteen that if he had lost he would he would have been killed so now he's aligned again with rajapaksa because his relationship with the prime minister run of the committee had deteriorated so much that he wanted to get rid of him so yes i think this is not the way democracy healthy democracy is work the i think what the constitution says is that the president is due to appoint as prime minister the person who has the confidence of the parliament and run over commencing the recently dislodged prime minister says as he has that that that majority so the way
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to to properly deal with it is to call the parliament in the session and see who has the votes so what's worrisome is that this is the first potentially the first transfer of power in sri lanka seventy year history that is not done in a legitimate constitutionally accepted way and doesn't end in which possibly a large percentage of the population will feel that that has been done illegitimately and that then i think contains potentially the you know could be a recipe for a long standing and possibly violent conflict in the coming months and kenan in london thank you very much. know we just had a nor'easter that's what we're talking about in the u.s. well i was outside it was pretty bad outside that's right this could be a little more rain here probably tomorrow as well but this particular nor'easter has a history of going to tell you what that is for this storm that you see here on the eastern seaboard united states actually was the remnants and also the energy that was hurricane wilma that. came onshore here on the western side of mexico it
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crossed over mexico came into the gulf and then got picked up by the jet stream and the jet stream has a lot to do with activity expression we come towards the wintertime so here's the storm right now on the eastern seaboard causing lot of problems with wind snow ice we have hundreds of flights that are delayed or canceled we're talking boston new york as well as washington now in terms of the jet stream the jet stream has driven dive down here across the gulf and when the remnants came up here it got picked up by the just dream and also pulled and that's why they call it a nor'easter because it gets pulled up here towards noyce normally along the eastern seaboard of the united states so for the rest of day today a lot of messy weather for parts of new england also into parts of canada as we go towards tomorrow though things are going to be looking a little bit better but still snow across parts québec labrador as well as nova scotia we are looking at cooler temperatures across much of the great lakes region but by the time we get towards really on monday we're looking at better conditions there and then down towards the south we're looking at warm conditions look at this
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dallas at twenty seven denver at twenty three and minneapolis at fifteen. kevin thanks very much the polls have been extended for a second time due to long queues in afghanistan's province of kandahar now the vote comes a week after parliamentary elections there were pushed back by seven days the delay came after a high level afghan general was killed in a taliban attack the day before the polls were due to open the security situation in afghanistan has been tense after last weekend's parliamentary election as. well over our kind of well i'm not scared of anyone i have cast in my so i'm asking all my countrymen especially women and young people to come out of your home and if you want to get afghanistan out of problems forever you need to do the sacrifices cast your votes for the new candidates and the new parliament parliament is the heart of a country and if the heart is not feeling well the rest of the body cannot perform well we will build our country with the help of parliament. he's
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a political analyst he joins us from kabul much to more than half a million people in kandahar registered to vote as far as we know have they done that and done it safely. yeah very interestingly there were so many concerns about the security situation in kandahar specially after the attack that were happening just activity out of the election process where the strong. police commander was killed and there were concerns were today election process run smoothly and people came out in large numbers which was sort of for him on station from the public telling the opposition groups that they continue to believe in the system and in the political process is without any questions over the biometric voting system because there were serious allegations about whether it would leave itself open to fraud in such a complex voting system where there were so many candidates standing in each
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constituency. well the biometric system since the beginning has been a problem in the afghan election process and in the last round of the which happened last saturday there were so many areas where it couldn't operate the biometric system even today the same was the problem in certain areas the boarding process started with a bit of delay started late in certain areas this still couldn't use the biometric system and that is something being contemplated at the election commission how to deal with the places where biometric the system could not be operated and people have voted so that remains an issue and we'll certainly we'll be writing as a bone of contention among the candidates and between the election commission and the candidates there were serious questions asked similar questions about the eastern province against me as far as you know what's going on. while it doesn't is an entirely different issue to what kandahar is kandahar was
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delayed mainly because of the security incident that happened two days ahead of the election and it was only there is the issue of constituency the two major ethnic groups. the tribal groups asking for a breakdown of the province into smaller constituencies where the. ethnic groups say that the system that is being applied toward the country where each province is considered as one single constituency because this should be treated similar way now because of the security situation because the province. where the pashtun ethnic group is based what being usually is very much did difficult to take place and that's why you think the last election that took place in two thousand and ten it was totally the. sort of the new group that got succeeded and found their way to the parliament so now this is an issue to be resolved the president house the election commission to have consultations and resolve the issue
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so when he is different then it has to be discussed their art. talks there during the presidential election probably because even also be considered as one of the provinces it will be delayed up until the upcoming presidential election where the wording will be pleased then if the results from kandahar get the thumbs up from those people who oversee the election and those results are then faded into the national picture in the capital in kabul in the parliament when it comes to the government will we see quite a long process of political horse trading or will we see real political movement political progress in afghanistan. what was the person is finalized and or our election desire it is there now as there is an expectation that. the parliamentary politics of afghanistan is expected to improve to a certain extent because a number of people especially youth has come forward and nominated themselves as candidates for these parliamentary elections and there is
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a sort of expectation generated among the public that at least twenty to thirty percent change will certainly effect the pro parliament because of the arrival of new faces in eastern afghanistan there are rumors there are news that younger guys with more education have been elected a good result has to be finalized in some other parts of kabul some parts of kabul we believe that some of the constitution sees are some of the present it is will be new faces so there are expectations that changes will happen and positive dynamics may get injected but time will tell us once that is there are. air which to run in again thank you very much. now turning our attention to the united states because a man's been charged with sending mail bombs to high profile critics of the u.s. president donald trump he is fifty six year old sees a say aki was arrested on friday in florida but the f.b.i. is warning there could be more devices that have not yet been discovered those targeted include the former president barack obama his vice president joe biden and
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trump's democratic opponent hillary clinton well the attempted bombings overshadowing the campaigning ahead of next month's meant elections current and previous presidents have used rallies to call for civility americans will vote for members of both chambers of congress as well as for governors in thirty six out of fifty states on november the sixth al-jazeera is heidegger castro has more. an hour before trump arrived at the republican rally in charlotte north carolina the crowd was already chanting against c.n.n. the television network targeted by a florida man a trump supporter who tried to send more than a dozen pipe bombs in the mail this week to the president's critics trump began his speech by condemning the attack only to kill violence bus never ever be allowed in america and i will do everything in my power to stop it ah in recent days we've had
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a broader conversation about the tone and civility of our national dialogue everyone will benefit if we can in the politics of personal destruction. but then he returned to criticizing the media the media is constant unfair coverage the possibility. and negative attacks you know that only serves to drive people apart and to undermine healthy debate. some has been crisscrossing the country to support republican candidates ahead of the midterm elections in two weeks americans will decide which party controls congress was with that at stake former u.s. president barack obama also held a rally friday to campaign for wisconsin democrats whatever your political
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background i'm hoping you think it's wrong to hear people spend years months vilifying people questioning their patriotism calling them enemies of the people and then suddenly you're concerned about civility. obama was another intended recipient of the pipe bombs he made no mention of it in his remarks but terence ramming a wisconsin voter who waited in line to see the former president says trump is partly to blame for the violence at big clubs that this whole thing up with this but his crazy talk is it enabled other crazy people. to do thing as the dueling rallies from presidents present and past unfolded friday both men sharply diverged on immigration taxes and health care they laid out competing visions of america but agreed on one thing this election both claimed will be the most important one in
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a lifetime. castro al-jazeera milwaukee wisconsin. the remaining two presidential candidates in brazil have ended campaigning before a runoff vote on sunday the far right presidential candidate. has seen his commanding lead over his rival fernando huldah for six percentage points in the past week this is raising hopes of a turnaround for the leftist candidates also naras been accused of making sexist racist and homophobic remarks several thousand migrants and refugees heading north towards the u.s. border of turn down a mexican offer for them to stay where they are now on friday the mexican president enrique pena nieto announce a plan for those who apply for refugee status in the two southernmost states more than one thousand seven hundred migrants and refugees have already applied but others rejected the offer and said they continue their trek towards the border with
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the u.s. . protesters in italy have held around the in rome calling for a cleaner more livable city many accuse rome's mayor of failing to fulfill campaign promises to clean up the city virginia raji rose to power in twenty sixteen following public disgust over previous administrations corruption scandals she says she needs more time to solve the problems of rome but insists she is making good progress. the indonesian government has declared an end to the emergency response phase after last month's earthquake and tsunami now the worst hit region is facing a public health crisis heavy monsoon rains are threatening to spread disease two thousand and seventy seven people were killed in the disaster that's according to the most recent estimates from the u.n. nearly all those deaths were in the area around the u.n. says one thousand and seventy five people are still missing or remain unaccounted for after entire neighborhoods were destroyed and more than two hundred and eleven thousand displaced people have been forced to live in settlements in camps across
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central sulawesi province where with big parts of sulawesi island still in ruins the focus is switching to rehabilitation and reconstruction the government says it will look at the stability of the land before it decides where to rebuild when hey reports from power. symbols of pride and strength still flood amid vast wastelands of destruction it's been four weeks since the earthquake turned this suburb of power loose city into a muddy graveyard where many bodies are still buried when the earthquake struck these communities largely disappeared in a process called liquefaction when the earth beneath the surface turned to mud swallowing people and buildings it's an inhospitable landscape but as traumatized as survivors are some want to return to rebuild here even when they see that a hole in the ground is all that remains of their home. so i'm so terrified when i see this place my children said mom once the government clears
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up we should just move back in we don't have to build a permanent house we can just use word so i finally agreed i have to follow my children we don't have anywhere else to live just come back here that may not be their decision to make though if the government goes ahead with a new master plan to rebuild the city. those that used to live in this suburb of aurora and a neighboring community will be relocated the government says the ground is too unstable to rebuild here which it seems has always been the case since the disaster it's emerged that the government knew areas like this were particularly dangerous six years ago its own experts drew a map of city highlighting areas where there was a high risk of liquefaction occurring in an earthquake this was one of those so-called red zones where hundreds if not thousands of people died. local government leaders wouldn't give al-jazeera an interview experts say the map should
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now be studied very closely as part of rehabilitation which is expected to cost almost one point five billion dollars. the people who lived here say they had never heard of liquefaction before the disaster there was no education about the danger of an ether holmes knowledge would have saved everyone but it may have saved some now the excavators have come to a standstill the search for the missing is over whatever this area becomes it will also remain a mass grave wayne hey al jazeera indonesia still to come here on the news. she was hospitalized because of.
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u.s. citizens obstructed.


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