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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2018 3:00am-3:34am +03

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as charles our correspondent pointed out there's pressure going on the saudis there is creates pressure on the saudis but at the same tekken don't look likely to buckle well my main concern is that the process should remain a legal process then be transformed into a political process which smacks of a potential political deal between the parties i think the process is moving forward and there are still some differences open for opinion clearly between the turkish government and the saudi government and the pressure is continuing both from the turks and from the international community for more transparency and for a complete investigation on the part of the saudi government but if that happens in saudi arabia as they're saying as i'd love to bear with saying they will be dealt with by the judicial system there will anything could happen couldn't there isn't there is wealth they'd not be a lack of transparency let's say that. i think these doubts justified criticism has
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come from various corners from the region and beyond about potentially kind of like a transparency in any. investigation if you will by the saudis of course that is also complicated by some of the remarks on the on the part of saudi officials including your bear the foreign minister when he described the global outcry about the murder of she was hysterical quote unquote well i mean there are other steps that are being taken that signify some cooperation at least with that turkish counterparts on the part of the saudi prosecutor an upcoming visit a little bit more coordination we will see but i mean two questions are what the turks have announced over the past forty eight hours it's very important for the saudis who have control of the eighteen suspects they need to come up with
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a quick answer to the question as to who ordered this operation and where is the body of your mouth which i'm glad you brought up that issue of the body as well because i wonder. have you worry at all about the real. the real story getting lost you know the so much politics here in sunny players involved and the real issue is here is that a man disappeared has died his family don't know where he is and we mustn't lose sight of that. definitely i think you know personally. this has come too close to home being you know have been known to mount for the past thirty years the last thing i would like to happen is politicizing you know the case and some form of an agreement between turkey and saudi arabia where somehow we're satisfied with the current results that have been announced in the
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investigation and somehow the file is closed i think his case has become much larger than life it has become of global significance he's not the first nor the last journalist to die however still i think his case is very unique and it's a crime as even the saudis at mit and we should see some finality for the sake of his family for the sake of his friends and for his own sake. thank you for talking to us about this i know it's an intensely personal for you we do appreciate your time thank you his what else is coming up to you on this news hour israel launches airstrikes on gaza after rockets are fired into southern israel. also the rights to become brazil's next president it's tightening up ahead of sunday's big runoff votes and despite being admitted to hospital for a kidney stone gymnastics biggest star still shining here and.
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so the leaders of france germany turkey and russia have held talks in istanbul you had been earlier but what they were there to do was to try to find a way to end the war in syria this is the first summit to bring all four leaders together they called for international support to find a political solution to end the seven year conflict and to help refugees return. let's talk to santa for those she's live for us in istanbul you know we talked about this a little bit all stayed on this line of there must be a political solution there must be a political solution but how much debate grijalva they after that well not much like you mentioned this is the first summit of its kind you have russia and turkey members of the asked in a process sitting with members of the so-called small group france and germany and russia and turkey really said that this was
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a diplomatic win for them they've got europe on the table but what we saw is that there is little consensus in the differences really were out in the open first on the first and most importantly france and germany came to this summit hoping that they would get some sort of a guarantee or commitment from russia and from turkey that the it live deal the deal to create a demilitarized zone in the northwestern province of syria will turn into a permanent and lasting cease fire they didn't get that in fact we heard mark ok repeat i think twice even say that i hope and i hope that this deal will lead to peace in libya and there will not be a humanitarian catastrophe europe is worried that any offensive in it will create a refugee crisis a massive influx of refugees to europe so this is their concern but russia and turkey really holding the cards what they want is europe to commit to reconstructing syria to help reconstruct this syria by providing money and europe clearly saying that this is not going to happen unless the syrian government
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respects the u.n. led political process so a lot of differences out in the open and turkey's president really trying to bridge the gap trying to say that you know he has good relations with europe good relations with russia but little progress little tangible progress. so it is. good that in the terrorist organizations located in syria caused a lot of harm to the international community and turkey is receiving the worst out of the terror threat hundreds of citizens and security personnel have died because of these terrorist activities we've carried out operation euphrates shield an olive tree campaigns and thousands of white p.g. and p.y.t. terrorists were rendered affectless and we've brought peace to thousands of square meters of area over two hundred sixty thousand syrians have been able to return to the area where we stopped peace and calm again we believe that number will increase neither intercooler syria terrorist groups will be able to floors we will never
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accept any in positions in syria or the region. so we talked about who was here but who wasn't here in the united states which really controls thirty percent of syria they have troops in the kurdish controlled region in the northeast of the country now we understand that france is trying to bring the united states on board the french president held talks with the russian president about the possibility of holding a high level meeting in paris between russian and american officials are going to need a mark on board if you're going to reach some sort of a deal that is accepted by all parties. with the update from that conference in istanbul we've got joshua landis to talk a little bit more about it as well director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma he's on skype for us. just what we look to these sorts of meetings for some sort of dances and here you get four prominent leaders to have obviously got more of a vested interest in syria than anyone else i wonder how much you think we actually
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got out of this as i said to say no they know it's going to be a political solution but what beyond that. well the big the big. i think again for erred on here is that he's gotten europe involved in this astonishing process and russia to now heir to one wants to counterbalance russia with german and french muscle here to stabilize the it live situation make sure that russia and syria don't invade and drive all these rebels and geodes into turkey as well as many perhaps one hundred thousand more syrian refugees which would be a disaster for turkey and a very bad for europe as well because it means more refugees flooding to europe and destabilizing a place they don't want that also. this is a big departure from the geneva process we see in de mistura step down that u.n. appointed delegate and and really it's
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a vote of no confidence the united states in some ways the united states this of course destroyed the iran deal which which infuriated the europeans has going it alone it has insulted the europeans so the europeans by jumping into this situation in a sense are snipping some time as with america now of course they're keeping the american talking point which is that there has to be a constitutional elections that are going to replace assad and a political solution we know that's not going to happen assad won this war he just told what i learned the foreign minister just told the international community that this is a question of sovereignty for syria and they're not going to have outsiders telling him about their constitution and what that means is you know we're not going to play that game so the europeans can say that all they want to but it's not going to change the reality on the ground and the real question is you know will turkey remain in northern syria or will the russians and the syrians ultimately drive the
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men out and will turkey invade and will they all gang up together to push the americans out of northern syria and to stop. the american development of an independent quasi independent state up in the north which of course it furious turkey yes just looking even further down the track because another thing and that is that all the ladies talked about were free and fair elections that's sort of classical you will hear but they were all talking about that for the future. how do you think that will plan a pan out given everything that's happened in the last seven or eight years and the fact that president assad is still in power yet know that that's not going to happen you know assad won this war and of course this is a fig leaf brought by europe and of course united states behind it and turkey saying that we're going to you know somehow get the opposition to power in damascus that's not going to happen assad fought this war so brutally in order to stop that
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in order to prevent the opposition from coming to power in damascus and russia sided with him i don't think that these peace negotiations are going to end up winning a war that the military is couldn't do on the ground but there are many issues as each side still set what's going to happen to all those rebel fighters up there in italy are they going to be destroyed or arrested or are they going to own a country a little enclave protected by turkey and europe and and this is you know that's what's really on the ground here because syria and russia are threatening to move ahead if they cannot move ahead and take it live province and to continue bombing it if there isn't forward movement they've all said this is a temporary arrangement we have to get rid of those sela fiji ottis up there and turkey can't do it jeff and it's always a pleasure to talk to you and to get your expertise on this topic thank you. israel has launched airstrikes hitting more than eighty locations in gaza or after
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it says rockets were fired from there into southern israel has really set a target something to amass an islamic jihad i mean reports from westerners. it was a tense night on both sides of the border rockets more than thirty fired from gaza into southern israel islamic jihad claimed responsibility for those it's the second largest faction in gaza israel responded with air strikes in and around the strip most of the targets including a security headquarters building in gaza city where hamas positions and installations according to the israeli army israel says it holds hammers responsible for restoring order but it's fighter jets also targeted a weapons manufacturing site this one belonging to islamic jihad it was the heaviest six change of fire between the two sides since august. this all came after another violent friday along the border fence between gaza and israel thousands of
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palestinians had gathered along the fence demanding the lifting of the blockade and their right to return to their ancestral homes now inside israel they burnt tires and hurled stones least some fire bombs also israeli troops responded with tear gas and live ammunition killing four protesters islamic jihad said the rockets fired a sudden israel later in retaliation for the killing of these four palestinians earlier in the day but then the israeli army spokesman said that the rockets were launched with quote clear guidance from iran and the revolutionary guard forces in syria basically saying that this leverage you had were following orders from tehran now this all comes at a time where it seems that hammers and israel through egyptian mediation are making progress in reaching an agreement on a long term ceasefire. come seems to have returned on both sides after egyptian
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diplomatic efforts to avoid food is leading to islamic jihad to declare a cease fire as long as israel abides by it to the for them. the egyptians thankfully intervened and exerted huge efforts between the resistance factions in gaza and the zionist occupation the egyptian efforts led to understanding's to restore calm to the gaza strip. israel hasn't responded yet at least not publicly i am going to do is bury their dead it might come too late with many so welcome dno spent of a cease fire even if it's only temporary. but up in how many al jazeera in west jerusalem. just want to take a closer look at the islamic jihad armed group that has mentioned in her report there it has seen its power and influence grow in recent years to gaza was formed in the one nine hundred eighty s. links to the lebanon based group hezbollah and backed by iran israel says it has links to syria as well as some of jihadist carried out suicide bombings and
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numerous attacks on israeli civilians the e.u. and the us consider as a terrorist organization it's also been sharply critical of the palestinian authority and refused to abide by palestinian israeli cease fires in gaza despite how mass agreeing to them so we're going to talk about that and why the middle east peace issues with middle east analyst joining us from london thank you for your time so just first of all these latest events that have happened in gaza how destabilizing do you think this is you just wonder every time there is rocket fire and then israeli air strikes in return you will sort of hold your breath and think oh is it going to really escalate again this time. well it's like it doesn't need the excuse to escalate and guns have been doing since two thousand and eight. live about a man and. his boss not in the us has been threatening with him and the last couple of weeks the word for me that is very disturbing is factions
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i wonder when that is just. son fatah and. hamas and islamic jihad. unite and coordinate. actions against the israeli enemy if they are to be effective every time they are ok it was i called in money. goes towards israel is there a sense that falls on the tanks and kills hundreds of gazans and destroys the infrastructure and schools and hospitals i wonder when the palestinian resistance will find a united front to be more effective or to use a more effective means or to stop it altogether because the people who are paying the price the people of gaza who have been living under siege in an open prison
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for the last twelve years let's widen out a little bit more to far because a little earlier this week we've had the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visit non four days before him mahmoud abbas the palestinian authority president went there as well how much do you read into what's going on there and the potential for maybe another. peace process but perhaps some more negotiations with the amount. look if israel wants to negotiate two of the with the palestinians they only have to call mr r. bus and they will come running the palestinian authority the north it has done all it can to bend backwards to accommodate america. and what they've got rejection we have now mr trump in washington who is totally against the palestinians and he thrown us not on the past history to. steamroller this
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visit i think and we're all here to get crystal ball has to do with iran not to do with the palestinians. assault on a couple who is a very clever astute. is the only one actually who who can carry the leader and he he he has his country his country is interests at heart and he president bush seargent himself as a friend of iran friend of the palestinians mehdi a total between all the fighting and fighting fat states of the gulf the g.c.c. and maybe it's just maybe this or speculation that america has told. saudi card is overplayed this finished after ought to have just been that it was a month and that's the question about it but it was. time to find
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a new video towards. maybe an operational or conciliation between israel and iran and they used sort of a couple or so is a very close to it up when you describe yourself something that as as an astute leader very smart lady has been sort of working away in the background at all on this or any other middle east issues. they were there always working in the background that worked in the background and in the open with the cut of disputes between caught. up in that it's even back in the seventy's when the when when. when to to tell the leviev sign the peace treaty with israel or the arab countries boycott the. ship not not the man the man knows the game
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very well and on land is very much a british protectorate it still despite this fight is being an independent state and he's playing the game beautifully for the benefit of his country and his people if i'm if i may add here the palestinian authority and particular mr. should learn the lesson that he is playing a losing game and the cards are stacked against us totally it's a rigged game and now the dealer and that is what he is that we learn to deal mr trump is playing with destiny and the future of t.v. and billion palestinians army time mr mesereau just finish your thought there and then finish your thought it's about time is about time mr dobbs close shop and put the burden of the occupation on the occupier not the occupied i mean it's been
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very interesting talking to you thank you for your time thank you for having me. still ahead here on this news hour another chance. after the rest of the country. a warning the government received about some of the potential dangers of a large earthquake happening here and how it may influence the rebuild of this devastated city. hello again well the sardo want to start to live on and we did watch a major storm system make its way across the eastern med across georgia and then
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produced some drastic flooding here across the red sea we showed you some images earlier but i want to take you back down towards the red sea where the flooding the flash flooding across the water was responsible for over twenty one deaths and still people are still missing across that region now the good thing is that we are looking at much drier conditions there right now and that is going to be helping for the right recovery efforts in the relief efforts there so across that region we are looking to the low twenty's but that same funnel boundary is still going to be a major problem particularly down here across the arabian peninsula i want to show you what we do expect to see over the next few days look at the rain we expect to hear on sunday in the clouds across the gulf but with this rain there is the potential for even more flooding across central portions of saudi arabia now sunday monday for riyadh but as we go towards the middle of the week we can expect some of that rain to edge over here towards medina so we're going to be watching that very very carefully as we make our way down here towards the southern parts of africa we are looking at very dry conditions across much of the area so the forecast for cape
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town looks like this we are looking at clear skies a twenty six degrees warmer day for you up here towards johannesburg at thirty and then as we go towards monday it is going to be durban at twenty seven degrees. wish the world innovation summit for health one community of two thousand health care experts innovators and policymakers from one hundred countries. one experience sharing best practices and innovative ideas. one goal to hopefully a world through global collaboration. apply now to attend the twenty eighteen wish summit. a career reporting to the well doing it here one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. but certain stories can change us feeling like
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easiest cleaves use to it what you need is just. to change anyone a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. busy news day here on al-jazeera here at the top stories u.s. media reporting at least four people killed twelve injured in a shooting at a synagogue in pittsburgh four police officers have been injured president donald trump says the shooting looks like an anti-semitic crime but says armed guards at synagogues and churches may be a good idea. the leaders of france germany turkey and russia have held talks in
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istanbul trying to find a way to end the war in syria they called for international support to find a political solution to end the seven year conflict and to help refugees return and at that same summit in istanbul turkey as president again urged saudi arabia to provide more answers on the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi typo on reiterated his country is ready to prosecute the eighteen suspects but saudi arabia says the men will be tried in the kingdom. brazil's two presidential candidates are ramped up campaigning ahead of sunday's runoff vote polls suggest the far right candidate has had his lead over rival for all but six percentage points in the past week some hopes of a turnaround for the leftist candidate there as opposed covering this election sent us this update from rio. we're only one day away from the presidential elections here in brazil and there's not. among the brazilians there's the excitement i don't
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among those who are voting for the right candidate jade was not a but there's also fear among those who are voting against him and voting for the workers' party candidate. most candidates are right now at their home bases. here in the other has asked his followers to remain calm prior to be elections and something that came in as a surprise is a complaint by the campaign managers of complain against single roger waters saying that he's taking time that he holds. system saying that he tried to visit former president. in prison this is a complaint at the electrode court here in brazil at this point is that low point difference between both candidates and even though the matter has lost some point in the last few days it is unlikely that he'll be able to turn things around he's been touring ne them brazil that's the place that the stronghold of the workers
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party is also expecting the support of the candidate that came in third in the first round of this election feat a woman he also is getting the support of a very respected man here in brazil the former president of the supreme court who said that he's afraid for the first time to resign return to do democracy for a presidential candidate also not a whole lot of things happening on boy that would definitely help though about but most analysts say that only two men. changing the round. sri lanka's president has suspended parliament a day after he's that the prime minister president. fired. on friday replacing him with the former president rajapaksa we're going to sing i had earlier requested an emergency session of parliament to address the crisis the political turmoil follows the collapse of the governing coalition and they'll finance with more now from colombo. the negotiations continue following the shock appointment of
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the former president mahinda rajapaksa sri lanka's new prime minister now obviously . the former prime minister says the job is still his he says and has called for an emergency session of parliament where he says he can sure his parliament majority and the support he enjoys but of course work of business and matter of business continues behind me the presidential secretariat in colombo the scene of a meeting between the new prime minister and president. obviously mind the rajapaksa is bringing along all his parliamentarians that have pledged their support for him many in the joint opposition as well as some who are crossing over from the government to throw their hat in with the rajapaksa now the joint opposition that addressed the media today said this had been sort of the legitimate course of action restoring my in the rajapaksa to the helm of this country because he had done so much and he knows what's best for the people also saying that this
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is very much a transitional government and hinting that the new government in mind rajapaksa would be looking to elections in the near future so that something should lankans are waiting to see while parliament remains suspended essential for at least another two weeks before we see any movement there the polls of close enough to understand kandahar province off the parliamentary elections were pushed back by a week came after a high level afghan general was killed in a taliban attack the day before the polls were supposed to open. they've been waiting for the stay for more than three years and under tight security people in kandahar made their choice hoping for change. while the rest of the country voted last week a taliban attack that killed two top officials here last thursday forced the vote to be postponed by a week kandahar's police chief says the voting has be larger. peaceful and so far
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we haven't heard of any incidents in kandahar city or any district this historic election is going on very well people of very interested in taking part in these elections and all the polling centers are open in all the streets men and women stood in long lines outside polling stations in the provincial capital which was blanketed with heavy security. we cannot wait for others to build our country we have to vote for our country and elects those who can work for the benefit of our country and people. voting at over a thousand polling stations throughout kandahar began early in the morning but it hasn't been without problems according to the independent elections commission a large number of polling stations were late opening because staff did not show up or materials were not available to do that absolutely and we demanded complaint form to because they started very late they told us that there were three polling centers only one was operating. this is the first election in which afghanistan is
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using biometric devices at voting centers more than half a million people have registered to vote hoping to bring peace to a province that seen its share of violence in recent years. al jazeera search and rescue efforts continue in jordan after flash floods killed twenty one people most of them children and the two thousand military rescuers are still searching the shores of the dead sea in jordan the national flag has been lowered to half staff and mourning for the victims and politicians have raised questions about the preparedness of the national emergency services. patients in democratic republic of congo are being detained for failing to pay hospital bills according to an investigation by the associated press the news agency says it's a common practice in most hospitals and clinics in the copper mining city of mumbai many of the patients are healthy enough to be discharged but aren't allowed to be allowed to leave because they can't pay the government has called the practice illegal and says it stops it when it can more than
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a dozen major health donors who prop up the health system said they were unaware of it despite investing billions of dollars in the country indonesia's government has declared an end to the emergency response phase after last month's earthquake and tsunami worst hit region is still facing a public health crisis heavy monsoon rains are threatening to spread several diseases united nations estimates two thousand and seventy seven people were killed nearly all of those deaths in the area of palu it also says one thousand and seventy five people are still missing or unaccounted for after entire neighborhoods were destroyed and more than two hundred eleven thousand displaced people have been forced to live in settlements in camps across central sulawesi province or with large parts of the still in ruins the focus is switching to rehabilitation reconstruction the government says it will look at the stability of the land before it decides where it can rebuild when he has our report from polity. symbols of pride and strength still flood amid vast wastelands of destruction it's been four
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weeks since the earthquake turned this suburb of power loose city into a muddy graveyard where many bodies are still buried when the earthquake struck these communities largely disappeared in a process called liquefaction when the earth beneath the surface turned to mud swallowing people and buildings it's an inhospitable landscape but as traumatized as survivors are some want to return to rebuild here even when they see that a hole in the ground is all that remains of their home. so i'm so terrified when i see this place my children said mom once the government clears up we should just move back in we don't have to build a permanent house we can just use wood so i finally agreed i have to follow my children we don't have anywhere else to live so who just come back here that may not be their decision to make though if the government goes ahead with a new master plan to rebuild the city. those that used to live in this suburb and
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a neighboring community will be relocated the government says the ground is too to unstable.


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