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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 300  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2018 10:32am-11:01am +03

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they want to dominate just like japan wanted to before world war two their goal was to dominate that part of the world today the because there's been no political reform in beijing these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet while it's andrew current pain of it has served on america's national defense panel he's a military strategist and war plan that you've written that strikes a naval blockade have a role to play in punishing china you've described the need for sea mines you've described the need for special forces u.s. special forces and missing. placed in islands. this sounds like a preparation for war. our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war and essentially what the united states is doing and is responding to provoke that of behavior on the part of china and just as we did in the cold war
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the idea was to have a position of military strength such that your adversaries were not tempted to act in an aggressive ways or try to employ coercion to get their way and he just last week the u.s. navy sent a guided missile destroyer. in to the spratly islands and south china sea and what was different about this i think was that chinese fighter scrambled that sounds like an escalate. well the again from an american perspective the escalation was the chinese beginning to militarize these islands in the first place moving its military capabilities down into that region engaging in provocative behavior against the commercial activities military forces of other minor countries of the region that have claim to those islands so it's
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a response to chinese intimidation rather excuse me how is comus being intimate. in the south china sea there have been no military forces nobility bases there the chinese except the united states military but not in the south china sea and not even in the philippines because the united states withdrew its forces in the philippines the united states is back in the philippines the philippines and the united states have been ounce to five different locations scattered all throughout the philippines where u.s. troops will be stationed on a rotational basis this threat to china from yet more u.s. bases on its doorstep was not an issue when an arbitration tribunals ruled against china's claims to the strategic spratly islands in the south china sea in two thousand and fifteen the us navy run her blockade that would cut china's lifeline of oil and trade and role materials. the danger of
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confrontation grows by the day. the u.s. navy is on the doorstep of china regardless of disputed islands and is there with low draw off ships planes battle groups it's right on the doorstep of chinese ships what if the equivalent was off california where we ask ourselves that question regularly and it's important to put yourself in the other guy's shoes so we don't operate in the pacific in an effort to scare china to contain china to back foot china our operations and our presence first of all is warmly welcomed by the vast majority of the coastal states but secondly is fully accepted by the chinese
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time after time it's excuse me is it fully accepted my impression there will by their words the chinese version is this good. then this is what they scared off unloose of bases right around china. mommas drug war ship. a provocation of law so they. i state clearly and with conviction america's commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons. under obama nuclear warhead spending has risen higher than on to any president since the end of the cold. it's all magicians show because at the same time that obama is
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talking about that not only is he spending a trillion dollars to modernize u.s. nuclear forces but he's deploying these missile defense systems to encircle russia and china which makes it impossible to get rid of nuclear weapons and that climate everybody wants to look like they're tough so i'm going to be tough i'm going to show you know i'm not afraid of doing anything military i'm not afraid to threatening i'm you know i'm a hairy chested gorilla and you know and you don't want to look like you're weak so you do is you talk more and more aggressively and and you let and if you don't want to do it yourself. because you maybe think it doesn't look very presidential you let somebody under you do the talking and we have gotten into a state the united states got into a situation where there's a lot of military. you know saber rattling and it's really being orchestrated
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from the top you know this seems incredibly dangerous all of this it's an understatement but i agree. when you routinely plan for mass murder you become conditioned to it that's what this this way except that oh yeah we have nuclear weapons the defense secretary has just announced that there will be warships and special forces and planes sent to the philippines and the wall street journal has described this as the viking god of a major u.s. presence in southeast asia and sounds like where does this end. what is that what's the purpose i mean where are we going to stop just process before it starts a war. and then if the war starts where does that end.
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the scientific studies that they teach by the scientists that predicts that the earth can be made essentially and habitable from nuclear war the scientists have been begging the bomb and straight while they were inside begging but they've made multiple requests to meet with them discuss these predictions because they're peer reviewed studies and they've been turned down over and over again they've been peripherally told that well we don't think the long term environmental consequences
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or nuclear war are all that important if the immediate effects of nuclear are don't stop it but the long term environmental consequences of nuclear or a level to wipe out the human race in one exchange uclear exchange between the u.s. and china. what could be the consequences. well let me just give you an example of what one chinese for five megaton warhead would do to a city in the united states for got through. the detonation of that weapon over a city would instantly ignite about six or seven hundred square miles on fire. and within twenty to thirty minutes all those fires would colas into a single gigantic firestorm would be no escape from it so all the people there would perish so the u.s. with say hundreds of nuclear weapons on chinese cities well when you combine all the smoke from these nuclear weapons detonating it actually creates millions of tons of black carbon spoke all rise above club level into the stratosphere it's
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heated by the sun and sex like a solar collector and that smoke because of that will say there for ten years or longer and what the smoke does is to block swarming sunlight from reaching the surface of the earth. and it becomes so cold in a matter of just a couple weeks that will the temperatures will fall below freezing every day for one to three years. and it will become too cold to grow food crops for at least ten years or longer. i mean this is like a total disconnect with the changing world you have a giant rising power in this case china. why would you expect the giant rising power to not want to have more control over its destiny what we should be doing in my view is trying to cultivate a sense of friendship and cooperation and we can have our differences with them if
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we think they're doing something in trade that we don't like let's have it out with them but this saber rattling is the worst thing we could possibly do was. to show the all world that america is back bigger and better ads sure that nabbed her before our earlier we don't have victories anymore we used to have victorious but we don't have them when was the last time anybody saw us speeding let's say china. in a trade deal they kill us we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing it's to greatest theft in the history of the world was the new president donald trump
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has a problem with china you the question now is was will trump continue with the provocations revealed in this room and take control to the. wall was. there never have been two countries more into dependent on each other than china and the u.s. in history. and china is the largest trading nation in the world and in history so china's economy and their society their lives are linked to the entire world including america the west and the other countries so i think interdependence between these two countries and among all the nations of the world. speak to peace .
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we don't have to accept the word of who can drop threats for sanam is the justified the business and profit of war if we recognize there is another superpower and that's us ordinary people everywhere like the people of. the marshall islands china the united states by speaking out they deliver a warning to all of us can we really afford to be silent.
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al jazeera is there when a story breaks the schools today to see what happens next which she. fired for a model barricaded seventy three here the middle east now is what about change people have gone near the area they miss enough so army sixteen time comes and i'm just curious about telling it from the people's perspective what they think is happening in their country. we've got some really nasty weather pushing across the northeastern corner all the us at the moment this nor'easter that's the remnants of hurricane wilma just fading in across new england the southeastern corner of canada as well so some stormy conditions wintry weather certainly
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a possibility as well it will clear through as we go on through sunday braudis guys started to come back in behind it a bit wet weather the edge to around the ohio valley then a mixture of rain and snow over towards the pacific northwest into that western side of canada sunday into monday very similar pitch a little bit of a wet weather start to push his way a little further eastward so. bright skies come back into that is the sort of kind of cold enough talk temperature heat of the day three degrees celsius for all to around ten degrees warmer than that for new york the basin places a platen right still a possibility for the south that's where the warm sun side is that lance and at around twenty one celsius in with the temperatures touching twenty seven in dallas . around the thirty degree mark it will take across the caribbean law to try and find whether to have challenged just around maybe around the dominican republic southern parts of cuba jamaica should stay dry that is the possibility of some showers for the western side the caribbean.
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the killing of. how much power does the kingdom really wield over the global economy. in the world of. cash. the information. being given. detailed coverage this whole area of mud and houses and it was completely washed away along with the people who were inside from around the government doesn't call this a detention center but it's surrounded by barbed wire fences and it's exits are manned by armed guards.
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there is a. short documentary. about those. al-jazeera some acts. this is. this is the news hour a lot coming up in the next sixty minutes. a gunman is killing a baby naming ceremony at a u.s.
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. people to turkey that's a question that needs to be answered by the saudi officials. will prosecute suspects in the killing of. an ending the war in syria major differences remain. and fireball at a football stadium along into an english clubs billionaire owner crashes into the car park. a suspected gunman is facing hate crimes charges after a mass shooting at a synagogue baby naming ceremony in the u.s. at least eleven people were killed and four police officers are among the injured.
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form an automatic weapon gun shots are all right. or to sexual robber bowers is facing twenty nine charges for the attack at the tree of life synagogue in the city of pittsburgh if convicted he could face the death penalty kimberly halkett joins us from washington d.c. with the latest so kimberly these charges just officially being filed a very recently in the last hour or so yeah that's right the f.b.i. and now and saying that it has now filed federal charges against the suspect in this shooting one that we should point out is being called the deadliest attack on jews in u.s. history the counts twenty nine of them in total federal crimes of using a firearm violating civil rights as well as hate crimes and certainly we knew from the u.s. attorney general that in fact this would be a hate crime in terms of the prosecution attack that the u.s.
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department of justice would be taking given the motive that the suspect seemed to be saying when in fact he said as he opened fire in the pittsburgh synagogue that he wanted to see all jews die. around the country evening vigils to remember the victims of the pittsburgh synagogue shooting gunned down in an act of hate audio from the first responders captured the horror as police arrived on the scene but they're also doing. police learning the gunman's potential motive to kill as many jews as possible inside the tree of life synagogue didn't want to go with. the shooting suspect has been identified as robert bowers a man in his forty's not previously known to police the f.b.i. is investigating the shooting as a hate crime yeah actions this person took today. this is the most horrific crime
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scene i've seen in twenty two years a federal investigation minutes before the shooting bowers allegedly blamed on social media a jewish nonprofit group for bringing immigrants to the united states he wrote i can't sit by and watch my people get slaughtered screw your optics i'm going in bowers post also stated a dislike for president trump a feeling truck made clear was mutual as he called for the suspect if convicted to face the death penalty we must stand with our jewish brothers and sisters to defeat anti-semitism and vanquish the forces of hate and those seeking their destruction we will seek their destroy. hate crimes against jews and worshippers of other faiths are not new in the united states in two thousand and twelve six were shot and killed of the sikh temple in wisconsin in two thousand and fifteen nine african-americans were gunned down at
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a church in charleston a year later twenty six were killed at a church in rural texas. following the pittsburgh attack police around the united states increased patrols in synagogues and other houses of worship as americans morning it takes leadership to stop us and our leaders are not stopping at it's too much we're a civilized society but the u.s. anti-defamation league says hate crimes against religious groups are on the rise and the pittsburgh synagogue shooting now considered the deadliest attack on jews in american history. and the weapon that was used by the gunman we are told a semiautomatic rifle along with three handguns apparently taking almost twenty minutes for police to apprehend the suspect when the worshipers were calling on their cell phones for help the police responded immediately but they were
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exchanging gunfire and well there are eleven people that were killed in the shooting six people were injured four of them police officers a baby naming ceremony. in washington thanks can really kangaroo as a lecturer at the university of new haven and a retired f.b.i. special agent who worked on the unabomber case it says a shooting in pittsburgh can be linked to the bombs that were mailed to critics of donald trump. in this particular case this event was a hate crime and as a hate crime it was driven by a person that was filled with hate by looking at his social media he has a history of being anti-semitic so you have to look at each event in its in its entirety but just by itself you cannot meet the events of bombings and the bombs and a. number of high profile democrats to this shooting in the synagogue it's it's just not linked in this particular case the shooter in this one particular instance
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telegraphed ahead of time with social media what he was intending to do and then he went and carried it out so you know this is a horrific at that. terminal chancellor says she and the french president are considering a common european union position on selling arms to saudi arabia following the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi but the saudi foreign minister has dismissed what he describes as has steria and the media over the killings and rejects calls to extradite the suspects alan fischer joins us live from istanbul so yes alan that the saudi foreign minister saying that they will deal with these eighteen suspects and saudi but the turkish president is continuing to publicly push for extradition is there any chance that what actually happened. i think there's
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very little chance but certainly the turks are saying that they want to have a trial here in istanbul they said there could be an international observer there to make sure that everything is above board but essentially what they're saying is they don't trust the saudis to prosecute this case to its final end they don't believe that all eighteen war finally face charges and of course they want to learn to one of the biggest questions who ordered the decision to kill jamal khashoggi the turks have also been looking for international support while they got that on saturday at two different international conferences one right here in istanbul where the leaders of france and germany said that they would wait for the inquiries to be completed but they would then levy sanctions on those they felt were responsible for killing the writer and the u.s. citizen. we came to talk syria but the jamal khashoggi case was never far
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from the surface as the four european leaders gathered after their istanbul meeting turkey's president again demanded those responsible for his killing should face trial in his country. this crime took place in istanbul if saudi arabia is not going to put these people on trial the turkish judiciary can do that here in istanbul and through our ministry of justice jamal khashoggi disappeared after visiting the saudi consulate in istanbul earlier this month initially the saudis denied he'd left the building but under growing international pressure the admitted they had killed the writer and u.s. president in what they described as a fight gone wrong european leaders insist so the arabia faces a coordinated sanctions campaign when the results of all the investigations are known and there. once we know who is behind the stage and what the links are we will strive to have a joint european reaction to show we act from a common basis of values it plays on it. for me things
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a clear firstly some of the facts have been established we must fully investigate a nation of these facts and who's responsible sanctions must be taken on this basis and these sanctions must be coherent and complete and be extremely concrete and proportional it would depend on the facts to say i established in the sanctions will be taken at a european level as we usually do so that there is true coordination but if so the prosecutor will arrive in istanbul in the coming hours it's lying for the turkish authorities the case against this country being held there in connection with the killing these also expected to face pressure to extradite them here to turkey where the offense took place earlier so these foreign minister ruled out any extradition on the issue of extradition of the individuals of saudi nationals to detained and sundry because investigation since her name be. and they will be prosecuted in two hundred at the same conference the u.s.
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defense secretary said because shoji killing undermines security across the region failure of any one nation to adhere to international norms and the rule of law undermines regional stability at a time when it is needed most turkey is growing frustration with saudi arabia despite public commitments to help any investigation we still don't know where jamal khashoggi body is and who was the mystery local cooperative as the saudis described him who helped dispose of the body and does he really exist all questions the saudi persecutor will have to answer when he sits down face to face with his turkish counterpart and that face to face alan should be happening in the coming hours or are later on today what what else what is the next step in this investigation. well certainly the turks are concentrating on jamal khashoggi as body they want to know where it is they want to know what the saudis did with it they say they gave it to
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a local to dispose of the saw who was the local give his name they want to go and check to see who this person was and where he dumped the body or body parts because you'll remember that one of the so-called hit team that arrived here in istanbul to kill jamal while he was carrying a bone saw used to dismember to cut up bodies and also they're going to concentrate on the well the consul general residents. still want to investigate that they've been there before but they didn't have a team to go down into the well no they've got permission to do that so they'll try and get in there in the next couple of days i suspect that from the tone of the president that the saudis are going to come here with answers that they will accept or indeed want to hear it's clear that the turks know a lot more than the public at this point what went on in the consulate when jamal khashoggi was killed and they may well present that to the prosecutor.


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