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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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a witness documentary on ounces in. strangled and dismembered as part of a premeditated plan for the first time officially reveals details of jamal. hello i'm adrian finighan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. maybe they betrayed themselves but to see how it all for the u.s. continues to take a wait and see approach to the jamal khashoggi murder investigation. such as in indonesia recovered the black box flight recorders from the lion flight that crashed on monday killing one hundred eighty nine people and with
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a week to go ahead of midterm elections in the u.s. donald trump tries to win votes by keeping the spotlight on microchips. for the first time turkey has officially revealed the gruesome details of what exactly happened to the saudi journalist jamal. turkey's chief prosecutor says that she was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey investigators are still searching shocked she's remains reports. as a saudi chief prosecutor was on his way to travel back to his country his turkish counterpart released a statement detailing his final moments of the saga council eight. according to the horrifying account. was strangled to death
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a soon as he got into the consulate on the second of october his body dismembered and the blast remains shrouded in mystery. turkish investigators are still trying to find out what happened to the remains of hotshot see who gave the order to kill him and the identity of the local cooperated tasked with disposing of the body their fans and turkey's chief prosecutor also sat his counterparts. wasn't fully cooperating turkey blames saudi arabia for stalling the investigation . this is not an event that can be done without an order from a high level the organization of this event has been premeditated at the saudi chief prosecutor stated and it has been done in such a brutal way as declared by our own chief prosecutor as well he was killed as soon as he entered and was later dismembered how far in advance has this brutal his
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advantage been violent and who gave the order we are in a position to see this clearly from the start we haven't accused anyone but we will not allow a cover up it will not human. saudi officials initially denied the outspoken journalist was killed but backtracked and international pressure admitting it was pre-meditated the kingdom insists crown prince mohammed bin cell man had no knowledge of g.'s fate turkey seems determined to press ahead with his own investigation the wording of the general prosecutor's statement suggests officials here are confident they have enough strong evidence about what happened. and to the subject consulate in istanbul about a month ago. is simple we have two correspondents following this story for us mike hanna is in washington d.c. with the latest from the trumpet ministration but first let's go live to istanbul
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and a series alan fischer is there so on and some grim details about how shocked she died have emerged what are we to make though about the timing of their release by turkey . well it certainly wasn't coincidental they released it as the chief prosecutor from saudi arabia was about to leave the country it seems that was a statement from turkey to see they were unhappy with the cooperation they were receiving from saudi arabia saudi arabia has from the stars said that they were going to cooperate with the turkish authorities that it would be an open and transparent investigation that is a pledge that the king and also the crown prince mohammed bin salman made to donald trump and also made to president but after two days in istanbul the turks were feeling that the chief prosecutor wasn't entirely forthcoming need to push to get statements from the thousand people that are currently being held in saudi arabia in connection with the charges on both days so you connection with the death of
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jamal khashoggi and on both days that when the chief prosecutor met with his turkish counterpart here in istanbul he was asked the same questions and answers there were none the questions where where is the body of jamal khashoggi what did you do with it if it was dismembered are we looking for body parts or are we looking for just one body where was it disposed if you use someone a local cooperative as you've described them who was it where can we find them where can we speak to and the third question of course the key question who ordered the death of jamal khashoggi just how far up the chain does it go the turks have been frustrated with for a while just get to what give one example of that they want to reexamine the garden of the console general residence it's not far from here it's less than a five minute walk and they know that members of the so-called hit team when they're after jamal khashoggi was killed so they want to look at again at the
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garden but the saudis haven't given approval even though that requests were in a number of days ago and that is the level of frustration that the turks have they want to find out what happened to the body if it's been disposed of how it was disposed of where it was disposed of and most crucially they want to find out who ordered the death of the right to. many thanks u.s. president donald trump s for the first time in days spoken about the and shogi murder investigation of who lived out of mike hanna who's in washington d.c. mike tell us more about what the president had to say was the first time the president has spoken in days that essentially he was asked a question did he feel betrayed by the saudis version of events of the murder of a he said no i don't feel betrayed maybe the saudis have betrayed themselves but once again he's continuing to insist that the investigation is ongoing that he will wait to that he will try and decide what to do next when all the information has
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been made public but the point is is that a week ago president trump had a meeting with his director of the cia with his secretary of state these he said were critical meetings to gather all the information they had gleaned the cia director from turkey the secretary of state to travel to riyadh and held meetings with the saudi leadership but a week later still no decision taken on what action is going to be taken it's not quite clear what information president trump is waiting for or who's reporting is waiting for before taking a decision on what to do next as details of cheese death have emerged over the weeks we've seen congress questioning saudi arabia's changing account there's been talk of congress putting sanctions in place against saudi arabia with this wait and see approach from the administration are we likely to see any action taken against saudi arabia. well in the course of the day you've had more action coming out of
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congress a group of republican senators asking the president to suspend its civilian nuclear negotiations with saudi arabia this is been going on for weeks congress is absolutely appalled it's a bipartisan issue there's been a letter from the u.s. senate a formal letter invoking the magnitsky act which basically forces the president to conduct the investigation and then impose sanctions should accountability be established this was followed up by a letter from the house of representatives a bipartisan letter saying that the four months that mcginn ski gives the president should act should be waived that the decision on the investigation should be taken as soon as possible so there's been absolute fury in congress the problem is congress has been in recess for these midterm elections there has not been the ability to be able to pass any legislation imposing sanctions but when congress returns after the midterm elections regardless of the result president trump is
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going to be coming under even more pressure he is going to be faced with the possibility of congress passing legislation if he does not take some kind of action himself like many things of zeus my account of the live in washington with jeff stacey's a former state department official who served in the obama and been the story he says that an international investigation into jamal she's death is looking more of a possibility. the international community probably would do something with the international court of justice potentially and this would be something of course resisted by the saudis and possibly also by the americans but the turks might find themselves actually able to present additional evidence to cooperate their investigation so far and in terms of how the turks have done out of this they've played their cards fairly skillfully and this is allowed them to if you will take down their regional rival
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a bit and restore some more positive relations with the west in the process we don't really know in terms of palace intrigue what is happening but we expect that in riyadh they're looking to minimize any changes from this point forward they've been in damage control mode a little more successfully of late but since terms of the relationship u.s. and saudi are trying to keep things on a fairly even keel but we're seeing some changes with regard to yemen in we'll probably see a few more that the saudis no doubt have been warned in advance so in that effect the two countries are remaining staunchly close going forward from here and we expect that to remain the case divers in indonesia found the black box flight recorder of the passenger airliner which crashed there on monday a transport ministry spokesman confirmed that the flight recorder was recovered in the sea off the coast of jakarta the line airplane crashed only minutes off the
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takeoff on monday killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board investigators hope that the black box data recorder will help explain why the two month old aircraft went down let's go live now to al-jazeera florence louis who's following the story from kuala lumpur florence what's the transport ministry been saying. well the transport ministry. the this was first reported by the this was first reported by indonesia broadcaster who had said that they saw divers taking up a box and the transferring that onto a boat and they had interviewed one of the divers who said that an orange box was recovered and that it with intact now and we're not sure yet whether this is the flight data recorder the cockpit voice recorder both are crucial for the investigation now if this is the flight data recorder then this will contain information about everything that the plane was doing from its speed to the alter
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to to even the direction that the plane was flying if the voice of the cockpit voice recorder contains conversations and other sounds going on in the cockpit and we know that in the final minutes of flight j t six one zero that the that the pilot or one of the pilots had requested to attend back to jakarta from where the plane had taken off just two minutes or two to three minutes into the flight and then the plane crashed shortly after about twelve minutes from when it departed so these are the black box the flight data recorder the cockpit voice recorder these are very crucial to the investigation and once they've been found what happens then is the information contained in those recorders will have to be downloaded and then they will have to be analyzed and this could take weeks possibly even months before we know what actually happened in the final moments of. flight but that doesn't mean the search is over because now divers a still continuing to search for the main body of the wreckage and the fuselage now
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just a day before on wednesday divers that said that they had found an object that was about twenty two meters and it was believed that that could have been the fuselage of the plane but however indonesian officials have not said anything about that and we wait for more information to come out about that the search is still going to go on however for the remains of the hundred and eighty nine people who were on board that flight now in the forensic. experts have taken d.n.a. samples from about one hundred fifty two next of kin then they're going to have to painstakingly match that with the remains that they've recovered before these can be returned to the family florence many thanks indeed for a slew of their live in kuala lumpur the saudi emirates he led coalition in yemen and sent thousands of troops towards the crucial port of her data that follows calls from the u.s. and the u.n. to end hostilities the united nations is backing the resumption of a political process to end the fighting between the rebels and saudi backed forces
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un led talks with the saudi led coalition and who things will be held in sweden later this month the special envoy will continue to work with all parties to agree on tangible steps to spare all yemenis the disastrous consequences of further conflict and urgently address the political security and humanitarian crisis in yemen he urges all concerned parties to seize this opportunity to engage constructively with the current efforts swiftly resume political consultations to agree on a framework for political negotiations and confidence building measures in particular and has in the capacities of the central bank of yemen the exchange of prisoners and the reopening of airport. we're stopping the war in the acts of aggression from aggressive state supported by the us is necessary we currently are not acting as a graces against any of our neighbors states they are doing so against us and so when the war stops and the aggression against us stops we will be for peace which will preserve our independence and protect our independent entity from any interference
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from any other state within neighboring or not. a weather update next year and i was there and then could this implant be the key to helping paralysis victims walk again. alice rather more clouds and even used to the whole of iran turkmenistan right up towards our mati behind it given that this is coming so if you think the every quite cold you'd be right to think that the tension al-mahdi as the sun comes out will be about three degrees is fifteen in kabul plenty of snow up in the foothills of the himalayas as a ground rises going to force now after all and then we're left behind the dropping tension ahmadi down to zero couple hasn't changed very much and we've lost the
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class of the sun is stood out for most of iran the sheraton is possible that's by john or the northwest of iran and the cards rather more obvious in kuwait but look at the time she's everything is below thirty now been quite a big drop with exception maybe karate and the arabian peninsula too we'll see temperatures at best probably thirty two quite often below that shouldn't particularly warm for this time of the year as a result of quite a few days of showers popping up here and there and there's still potentially there for the u.a.e. but there are other more obvious is so on the western side of society of the high ground and beyond focusing on medina and mecca not so much further south useful rain i hope it will be is developing in south africa once again the eastern side of the eastern cape or from johannesburg south woods is a wet two days. a journey of personal discovery by a great grandfather he was
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a slave of the lead property algeria's james gannon explores his family's legacy of slave ownership young like my family's status and wealth has benefited from their choice to enslave people and america's debt to black people today some of us so scar we even scared to speak out because it's a problem. al-jazeera correspondent a moral debt. logan this is al jazeera the main news this hour for the first time turkey's chief prosecutor has revealed the saudi journalist about the shot she was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul and an act of
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premeditated murder his body was then cut into pieces and disposed of turkey's ruling ak party says the show she's murdered couldn't have happened without instructions from someone at a high level and the saudi leadership. divers in indonesia have recovered the black box of the lion their passenger jet which crashed on monday it crashed only minutes after takeoff all one hundred eighty nine people on board were killed investigators hope the flight recorder data will help explain why the two month old plane went down. in the saudi embassy coalition has sent troops to yemen's port city of her data despite growing calls to end the fighting the u.n. says it's backing the u.s. demand for a political solution special envoys yemen is relaunching talks with the saudi coalition and with the rebels in suite in the. end of next week's u.s. . president donald trump has kept up his rhetoric on immigration he warned of tough action against the approaching migrants. heading towards the u.s.
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border president trump said those trying to cross will be detained and not released earlier he said that as many as fifteen thousand troops could be sent to the mexican border to push the migrants house. reports from fort myers florida. the first time supporters arrived thirty hours before the president began speaking at the venue in fort my is camera mcginty is typical of those who attend make america great again rallies an ardent fan of the president he says nothing will stop him showing his support not only am i here to support him for the mid-term election i'm out here to show people that we're not going to be intimidated by people out there that are threatening some supporters that are vandalizing people's vehicles for having decals on it signs are having to be replaced people are stealing them people are destroying them and we will not be intimidated because the spirit of america is back with the midterm elections approaching the president is keen to give voters out in what is a vital state he hit the usual subjects of
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a booming economy and tax cuts but continues to push immigrant agenda they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country which brings crime upon crime. a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders and it's a vote to let matt fenton all heroin and other deadly drugs for across our borders drugs that take the lives of over think of this over seventy thousand americans a year one of the key races in the sunshine state is for the senate florida's governor is hoping to unseat longtime democratic incumbent bill nelson and it's republicans that a vote for him is a continuation of trump's policies singer bill nelson who's been in office for forty two years.
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he voted against the trump tax cuts. here's voted for higher taxes over three hundred times the president also stumped for wrong to census the republican candidate for governor who shaped himself in trump's image florida remains a vital state for trump and the republican party votes here tend to reflect the mood of the entire country between now and election day on november the sixth the president will hold ten more make america great again events will go to the states where it's thought he'll make the biggest difference particularly in senate races it's an extraordinary final push an indication of just how important these midterms are and gallacher al-jazeera fort myers florida or any of the asylum seekers in the caravan of fleeing poverty and violence at home was there as many as more from honduras. this bus arriving in honduras from guatemala is delivering twenty three migrants who have been deported many of those returning were part of the migrant
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caravan making its way across mexico toward the united states. as we were moving backwards now with nothing but we're happy because we're going home plus he's going to be ken says he left honduras because there's no work we can't provide for his family he and his wife felt migrant caravan was their ticket out of poverty. by it has done. a country is broken our president doesn't support he's on paper that's why i decided to leave with my wife and children. in our look at the town on the hunter inside the border locals say the number of migrants leaving the country isn't anything out of the ordinary cab in a local food vendor tells us the town relies heavily on the constant flow of migrants the bend then there's where they land thinking businesses here depend on people leaving the country our only source of work of the migrants the stop. yes wheat. increased pressure from the united states to prevent more migrants from
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leaving has led to an increased police presence in town but the border is very poorest and mostly jungle a local boy showed us just how easy it is for migrants to sneak across we're walking along an area of the border that is not being patrolled by authorities we're told many hundred migrants who don't want to be seen by military police will often cross right here this stream is the only thing that separates them from guatemalan soil. at the official border crossing as many as fifty migrants travel into guatemala every day just as often buses crowded with deported hondurans feel the local immigration office says he's glad to be back in honduras but he also says he would try leaving again given the opportunity. of. cuba has presented its annual resolution to the united nations calling for an end to the u.s. economic embargo the vote will take place on friday previous resolutions for the
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past twenty seven years have passed with overwhelming support but it is non-binding and only the u.s. congress can lift the embargo and is executive director of the cuba study group he says the economic embargo isn't the only factor hurting cuba's economy. right now it's really not looking very good for cuba it looks like it might continue on its path of anemic growth and yes that is partly as a result of the embargo but also lack of reforms internally within the cuban government to foster the private sector or for example do things like create a wholesale market where individual. business owners can can buy their own good so they have to go overseas to do it but they're all there's all manner of problems on the island from the gigantic bureaucracy to corruption and of course a lack of any sort of trade almost any sort of trade relations between the united states and cuba this exercise that happens almost every year of the last twenty
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seven years at least is just indicative of the vast majority the world really be in favor of a normalization of pro gauger in policy between the united states and cuba as well as the majority of the american population including the cuban merican population and the vast majority of people in the island so really the only reason we still have an embargo in the united states against cuba is because they want to placate a handful of hardliners in the u.s. congress peru's opposition leader has been ordered back to jail over money laundering allegations. has been under investigation over accusations that she accepted more than a million dollars from the brazilian construction projects during the two thousand and eleven presidential election campaign fujimori the daughter of the former president alberto fujimori denies any wrongdoing u.s. national security adviser john bolton says that washington doesn't want its friends and allies to be hurt by its sanctions against iran they'll come into force on
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monday the president trying pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal between ten rom of the world powers bill and says he wants to force iran's crude exports to zero but the u.s. is considering giving waivers to some allies that want to trade with iran. the president said unmistakably our goal is maximum pressure and that it would be to drive iranian oil exports to zero we understand obviously a number of countries in the immediately surrounding iran some which i just visited last week others that have been purchasing the oil may not be able to go all the way all the way to zero immediately so we want to we want to achieve maximum pressure but we don't want to harm friends and allies either and we're working our way through that iran's president hassan rouhani says the next few months will be difficult once those sanctions kick in iran's currency has collapsed since transworld trumps withdrawal from the nuclear deal and the poor are expected to
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bear the brunt of the sanctions however rouhani is vowing to resist any pressure from the u.s. . that's going to rule america you cannot cut off around the oil sands you cannot reduce around sales to the levels that you desire either you are trying to make the people angry people are in fact angry but with you biomed it america and its crimes not big government role in system and around. no you now people should be certain that the government is not scared of america's three it's the situation has been hard for people in recent months and it may be hard in the nick several months too but the government will utilize that some top capabilities to alleviate their problems scientists in switzerland have developed an electronic implant that's not only helping paraplegics walk again but could also repair the damage spinal cords it's providing hope for patients even years after their accidents o'brien reports.
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he'd been told he'd never walk again. was paralyzed from the waist down after a bicycle accident five years ago but now thanks to breakthrough technology he's taking tentative steps forward so sibyl. no ability to activate single muscles of both legs what we said in pittsburgh. and nor with some training is able to read. that for example of extension of his leg so anybody can recover a lot of control it was and. despite no more than four years of complete paralysis it's all down to a tiny electronic implant placed over the damaged area of the spinal cord it helps boost signals from the brain to his legs giving sebastiaan back some control over his paralyzed limbs and any and any antibiotics and often it's not easy and
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has taken months of rehabilitation but it's life changing progress that treat patients involved in the study he idea that you repairing the injured spine or cults so human we don't know the mechanism but many many more that is we have clearly seen that with the state of training nerve fiber still to be growing we organize and that's why the brain region called over the movement of the leg the first such implant was developed in twenty tain and earlier this year two other groups of scientists reported similar success but this research goes one step further targeting the alec tronic pulses to specific locations yak yak disparate it's really like. like running a marathon and holding eggs in your hands and you trying not to squeeze them and at the same time you're pushing as hard as you can so you really need to find a good balance of pushing hard and trying to get each and every muscle at the right
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timing in the right place the three main still mostly rely on wheelchairs and the scientists are warning the treatment won't work for the most severe injuries so room for improvement maybe but definitely room for hope alexia brian al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us hello everyone from going to here in doha with the headlines now zero for the first time turkey's chief prosecutor has revealed that saudi journalist she was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul in an act of premeditated murder his body was then cut into pieces and disposed of turkey's ruling ak party says that has shown she's murder couldn't have happened without instructions from someone at a high level in the saudi leadership. so this is not an event that can be done without an order from a higher level the organization is event has been premeditated that the saudi chief
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prosecutor stated and it has been done in such a brutal way as declared by our own chief prosecutor as well he was killed as soon as he entered and i was later disband better how far in value has his brutal his event been planned and who gave the order we are in a position to see this clearly from the start we haven't accused anyone but we will not allow a cover up of. the divers in the neic i have recovered the flight data recorder from the lion air jet which crashed on monday investigators hope that it will explain why the two month old aircraft went down the plane crashed only minutes after takeoff from jakarta killing or one hundred eighty nine people on board the saudi embassy coalition has sent troops to yemen's port city of what they had growing calls to end the fighting the u.n. says that it's backing the u.s. demand for a political solution the special envoy to yemen is relaunching talks with the saudi coalition and who the rebels in sweden later this month. stopping the war
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in the acts of aggression from aggressive state supported by the us is necessary we currently are not acting as aggressors against any of our neighbors states they are doing so against us and so when the war stops and the aggression against us stops we will be for a pee. yes which will preserve our independence and protect our independent entity from any interference from any other state whether they're neighboring or not bruce opposition leader has been ordered back to jail over money laundering allegations keiko fujimori has been under investigation over accusations that she accepted more than a million dollars from the brazilian construction from other bricks during a twenty eleven presidential election campaign is the headlines more news for you on al-jazeera right after witness next. historic day for the belize every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these three reuters journalists were one of the few journalists in burma that were
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actually doing investigative work listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that are immensely biased the rights to those stories but then he never publishes their stories they're listening posts on al-jazeera.


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