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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2018 11:00am-11:33am +03

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but how to huge impact on the course of the. world moon. parliament is likely to be convened next week the country's newly appointed prime minister tells al-jazeera he's confident of proving his majority. the watching i'll just do a life from a headquarters and. also a heads no response yet from saudi arabia a day after turkey officially reveals details of his murder searchers in indonesia recover the flight data recorder of the line air flight that crashed on monday killing one hundred eighty nine people plus a breakthrough in treatment of spinal injuries that could help patients walk again
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. hello sarah lanka's president is expected to reconvene parliament next week the newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa says he has the numbers to prove his majority he has just spoken to al-jazeera the island nation has been embroiled in a political crisis after rajapaksa predecessor was dismissed last week right now become a single claims he still enjoys a majority in parliament bernard smith is joining us from colombo you managed to speak to rajapaksa bernard what did he have to say. the remainder. just a couple of hours ago he's been a position for nearly a week now after his appointment by the president last week that everybody says was
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unconstitutional but when we managed to catch a few words with the first time he's spoken since his appointment each old us he was confident. if your of a loved one legitimately think services it's at odds with the institution of this budget the argument is that holland should be deciding who's the prime minister not the norm or the norm as i read the institution in your reply and so your immediate plans for a now you're assuming the promises position i feel ugly ignore the of these don't look in your immediate plans though so what what are your immediate plans what you plan to do let's be able to meet them you want to meet on the sixteenth opposite. of that i solicit how would you get enough support from politics how would you get the n.p.c. what we have already got that i didn't thirty. and so why the delay in recalling parliament what are we hanging on for because we want to. get ready for the i did
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he seems confident that he can get the majority in parliament byrd but his appointment is a controversial one. he's confident yes but it is controversial because just two kilometers down the road but way is temple trees the official residence of prime minister and then there is ronald. refusing to leave because he says he is the legitimate prime minister and he says this because the constitution here was changed a couple of years ago taking power from the executive president and giving it to parliament so the prime minister is supposed to hold supports a parliament but the president went beyond that in sacking. and the president says that he was able to do this constitutionally but the point is the spirit of the constitution was to give parliament more power in the president's accused of going against that and suspending parliament says that the suspicions being back is parliament. gives rajapaksa enough time to gather the votes he needs when
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parliament is eventually recalled next week if he is recalled next week and he's got the votes you need he needs rajapaksa will get away with it and he will be he will be able to solidify his position as prime minister during. giving us the update from colombo thank you. now turkey has officially revealed the gruesome details of what exactly happened to the saudi journalist and critic. turkey's chief prosecutor says he was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul on the second of october saudi arabia has yet to respond to the revelations are somehow better has the latest. as the saudi chief prosecutor was on his way to travel back to his country his turkish counterpart released a statement detailing his final moments of assad to counsel eight.
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according to the horrifying account. was strangled to death as soon as he got into the consulate on the second of october his body dismembered and the blast remains shrouded in mystery. turkish investigators are still trying to find out what happened to the remains of his shock to see who gave the order to kill him and the identity of the local corporator tasked with disposing of the body their fans and turkey's chief prosecutor also sat his counterparts. wasn't fully cooperating turkey blames saudi arabia for stalling the investigation. this is not an event that can be done without an order from a high level the organization of this event has been premeditated that the saudi
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chief prosecutor stated and it has been done in such a brutal way as declared by our own chief prosecutor as well he was killed as soon as he entered and was later dismembered you know how far in advance has its brutal his advantage been violent and who gave the order we are in a position to see this clearly from the start we haven't accused anyone but we will not allow a cover up it will not you know. saudi officials initially denied the outspoken journalist was killed but backtracked and international pressure admitting it was pre-meditated the kingdom insists crown prince mohammed bin selman had no knowledge of g.'s fate turkey seems determined to press ahead with his own investigation the wording of the general prosecutor's statements is just officials here are confident they have enough strong evidence about what happened. to the sergeant consulate in istanbul about a month ago about al-jazeera is somebody is in
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a hurry that is joining us from istanbul so the turks are now officially saying is in our how he was killed but the question still remains where his body. yes the question which saudi arabia has still not answered where is the body parts should we say of she because according to istanbul's chief prosecutor she's body was cut into pieces the first time users like you mention details of the murder being disclosed by an official on the record and not just any official the man who is leading this investigation and the timing of the revelations of course is significant just as saudi arabia's top prosecutor was leaving bull after a two day visit which really the outcome there is no tangible outcome even the prosecutor himself saying those meetings were not full we know that turkish officials are growing increasingly frustrated with saudi arabia they have accused
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them in the past of delaying the investigation slowing down the process but clearly those revelations a sign of frustration on the part of turkey saudi arabia according to them came not to cooperate with the investigation instead they came to try to find out what evidence turkey has because saudi arabia of course was put in the corner because of those leaks to the media they have to acknowledge that she was killed inside the consulate but what turkey wants them to admit is where is the body or the body parts and who ordered the killing we heard the act party spokesperson the spokesperson of the ruling party say yesterday that you know we demand to know where the body is and we do not believe that this murder was carried out just by a rogue agent said there was an order given from the higher up. one turkish officials be heading to saudi arabia next to cooperate in the ongoing investigation
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that's being carried out there what are the next steps. well we haven't heard from the turkish prosecutor the istanbul chief prosecutor and whether or not he's going to heed that invitation but yesterday the saudi top prosecutor invited him to join the investigation and saudi arabia turkey is put in a very difficult position because if it refuses to go then it will show non cooperation on its part and maybe that is what saudi arabia wants to do and if it you know it does go to the top prosecutor visits saudi arabia it could be a showcase to show that you know this cooperated when turkey clearly believes they are not so turkey we still do not know whether or not they are going to go to saudi arabia but what turkey wants is those eighteen suspects to be extradited so that they can face trial here something that riyadh has dismissed all together clearly this situation we are going to expect further escalation because we heard president
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there gone say a few days ago that we have more evidence and we're going to use it at the right time is now the right time when saudi arabia really refusing to take this investigation further ok zain where the thank you divers in indonesia have found one of the two block box recorders from a plane that crashed on monday investigators say the flight data recorder. while the search they found the flight data recorder while the search does continue for the cockpit voice recorder the lion air boeing seven three seven crashed only minutes after takeoff from the capital jakarta killing all one hundred eighty nine people on board florence louie has the latest from kuala lumpur. now we know so far that the pilot had asked to turn back shortly after takeoff the plane crashed about twelve minutes into its flight and that the very same plane had experienced a technical problem the day before but lyon and said this technical problem was fully resolved and the plane was cleared to fly from bali to jakarta on sunday
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night just hours before it took off from jakarta early on monday morning on that fated flight the transport ministry of indonesia had said it has asked lyon ed to suspend as many as four employees including its director of maintenance and engineering meanwhile the search continues the trying to find the fuselage or the main body of the plane now officials say they found a substantial or big part of the plane but that's no confirmation whether this is the fuselage and officials have said they believe that the bodies of many of the passengers could be trapped at could be still trapped in that part of the plane meanwhile divers continue to scour the sea to try and retrieve the remains of the hundred eighty nine people who were on board that flight lots more still ahead on al-jazeera including a party in a country that's only known conflict south sudan's president welcomes home his
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bitter enemy and she's been a central character in the german and european story but how will germany turn the page after merkel's twenty twenty one departure. from. to an inch on to greece. we've got some more severe weather developing of a pos in the mediterranean of the moment it wasn't long ago when we had our last batch and this is what it did to the northern parts of italy you can see the amount of rain that has swept away that bridge we also had a lot of heavy snow and some very very strong winds as well and now the next system is with us you can see plenty of cloud across the mediterranean at the moment it's already giving us some very very heavy downpours plenty more jury in the rest of the day as well as you can see some heavy rain particularly over parts of italy that then stretches up into the northern parts where we see some snow as well
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within this it looks like the biggest risk of seeing some damage is across parts of italy down through sicily and across into to musea as well as system still going to be with us as we head through the day on friday are not really moving any way either so again it's going to be this region where we've got the worst of the weather and as i said that does extend a bit further south as well parts of china sea and area in that warning zone and you can see that huge area of cloud responsible is just marching its way northward dragging in plenty of town and plenty of heavy rain as well so that's a feature of all weather during the day today and as we head through friday is still with us it is likely to give us some flash flooding and maybe the or tornado as well. there with the sponsored by qatar breeze. korea reporting to the womb druidic here one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. that certain stories can change us to
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the easiest please use. is. a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. hello again the top stories on al-jazeera sri lanka's newly appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa has told al jazeera his appointment is legitimate the nation has been embroiled in a political crisis after his predecessor was dismissed last week parliament is likely to be recalled on monday says he has the support of
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a majority of and. turkey's chief prosecutor says saudi journalist she was strangled to death as soon as he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey is ruling ak party says the murder couldn't have happened without instructions from someone at a high level and the saudi leadership. divers have retrieved one of two black boxes from the indonesian passenger jets that crashed on monday july an airplane nosedive ten minutes after takeoff from the capital jakarta killing all the hundred eighty nine people on board. more now on the case and donald trump is facing increasing pressure from right across the u.s. political spectrum to take action against saudi arabia by cano reports from washington d.c. . president trump of days of silence on jamal khashoggi is death after being asked whether he felt betrayed by the solve the denial of responsibility for it coverage right now i just hope that it all works out we have a lot of facts we have
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a lot of things that we've been with you that there betrayed me that maybe they betrayed themselves a lot of the sea out of. the national security adviser also having his say as we expect there to be accountability for what happened which was which was criminal without any question and they have promised to do that and they have gone a long way already and we'll see what the next steps are and more pressure from congress for tangible action to be taken a group of republican senators to send to letter to the president demanding that civilian nuclear talks with saudi arabia be suspended the senate has already sent the president a formal letter invoking the global magnitsky act this insists that the president investigate the murder and impose sanctions should accountability be established the act gives the president four months in which to act but in a follow up letter a bipartisan group of house representatives has insisted that
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the investigation be concluded as quickly as possible threaten legislation can only come after the midterm elections congress is in recess until then but regardless of the election result president trump will then have to face up to a congress that is angry and it's an anger that in this case is shared across party divide mike hanna al-jazeera washington. pakistan's prime minister has called for calm as mass protests continue against a court ruling in the landmark case. a christian woman has been on death row for eight years she was acquitted by the supreme court on wednesday i'm on call and condemned demonstrators who death threats of the supreme court judges who overturned her sentence and ordered her release dual you is yes they are inciting you fold a political game you should not get trapped by them for the sake of the country
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they are doing no service to islam jani you know trying to say that if the supreme court doesn't decide according to they wish they will not accept that judgment that means they would come on roads and stop the country can any country be run like this come all hides or has more from islamabad. every relative calm across pakistan although the situation is still tense and the protesters blocking key points in that video garage hall which in the provincial capital of the fun job and head in islamabad the think going to the fourth and have border on golf the red zone ridge how. that. government installations and the diplomatic all clear now we are toward that they are not advised and they were yesterday however morrow is friday and it will be important that he read this broad gauge gains momentum but the prime minister had road ready spoken saying that the protest and renard be allowed to
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challenge their date of the day he stands behind the decision of the supreme court and the situation in pakistan at the moment it appears to be calming down a violent day yesterday and rage a number of people were injured by a private institution that college age and even the stock exchange in the southern port city of karachi are close today and that people are watching to see if this situation. i return back to normal or if there is an escalation south sudan's rebel leader we have to chart is back in the capital juba after two years in exile that's our attended a peace ceremony alongside his political rival president salva kiir the rebels and the government signed a peace deal last month in ethiopia about morgan reports from juba rick much r. is retracing the steps he took when he returned to south sudan two years ago to take up his role as vice president as part of
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a peace deal then that agreement failed now the opposition leader is again back in the capital from exile to celebrate the new peace agreement signed between the government and various other opposition groups last month. and then hug. we have peace now we have to hold on to it tony it didn't come alone we came with the opposition leaders to celebrate peace there were people arrested during the war who were charged or taken to court they should be freed we also asked the government to lift the state of emergency that was imposed during the war you know no one is more than in the army south sudan civil war started in twenty fifteen when president salva kiir accused his then vice president machar of attempting a coup numerous rounds of talks backed by regional leaders has led to the revitalization of the peace agreement signed in twenty fifteen the latest agreement signed in sudan's capital khartoum will see machar once again return as vice president representatives of other opposition groups also become vice presidents the executive cabinet and the legislative assembly will be expanded and the
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president has pardon my char spokesman and adviser who were sentenced to death implement there. is no way. we have already delivered on number of people to. the government has to release the prisoners of war we have people. you know. one of them. is called your misguided. the war has killed hundreds of thousands and displaced a third of the twelve million population six million rely on humanitarian aid for survival. we've been suffering from the war for a long time and now peace is here if god is with us this peace will last. you know guns are done. i'm glad the people are happy about the pace but it's a deal and
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a deal has to be implemented whilst also being celebrated. celebrating the agreement is just the start with a history of mistrust between the government and the opposition people are hoping that the opposition attending the celebration today means that there is a bit of fun now i think you chapter after five years of war word that has torn apart africa's the youngest nation where after people speak the spirit there's hope this one will last morgan al-jazeera. the end off a political era and germany threatens uncertainty right across the european union chancellor angela merkel is standing down as leader of the christian democratic party at the end of the year and she won't receive reelection as chancellor for a record breaking fifth term in three years time. has more from burma. when she was first elected german chancellor in two thousand and five the rest of
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the world knew little about. now she's a household name while other leaders have come and gone i'm going to merkel has stayed put here at the chancellery becoming a symbol of stability not just in her own country but internationally too even though her policies have been blamed for turn. some voters against the european union. merkel was instrumental in bailing out greece from twenty ten onwards as the financial crisis spread but the austerity measures imposed on the greeks increased anti e.u. hostility in many countries then as russia asserted itself on the world stage notably by sending troops to help separatists in ukraine and onyx in crimea in twenty four t.n. merkel was blunt. nothing justifies excuses the annexation of crimea by russia. when in twenty fifteen merkel unexpectedly allowed hundreds of thousands of migrants to settle in germany even as some countries were moving to keep them out the rest of the e.u. applauded her gesture then refused to do likewise and so in three short years her
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all thought he's been chipped away as the anti immigrant a.f.d. party gain support a ruling coalition with the center left s.p.d. has never been more unpopular leaving merkel even less invested in e.u. reforms which french president emmanuel mcclung has floated i think for the time being she's trying to avoid any other crisis and maybe pave the way for someone to succeed who would then maybe with mark or together can get to the next stage but i don't see her actually being the one next to lead to invest much in the next three years to really make a push next year they'll be european parliament elections across the continent the big unknown is whether they'll be early general elections in germany if there are things could change for everyone just like the conservative voters are maybe banning that to go to the f.d.a. we're talking about the. voters going to the greens and should the greens be strong
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enough for example at any potential new elections that happened before within the actual cycle. then you might even see a more. european face of germany. for now angela merkel is focusing on domestic issues and denying she has ambitions for a job in brussels if and when she's no longer chancellor the dean barber al jazeera . the u.s. accused of killing eleven jewish worshipers in a synagogue is due in court to face forty four charges as more funerals are held in pittsburgh robert bowers is accused of multiple murders hate crimes firearms offenses and obstructing the practice of religion. well australia is the new home for dozens of child asylum seekers who are being quietly moved from controversial so-called prison islands in the pacific ocean doctors are concerned for their mental health after spending up to five years with thousands of adults refugees on
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the islands of now ruined man it's andrew thomas has more from melbourne the consistent message of australia's government is that all refugees who tried to come to its shores by boat would instead be sent to man asylum to papa new guinea or to number who they would never be settled here but we now know that quietly australian government has been bringing refugees here but securely in recent days and weeks children who were on the road the pressure has really been growing on the government for all thoughts of politics and peace in their own governing liberal party m.p.'s in the opposition labor party and public opinion polls now suggest that eighty percent of australians want the children brought to australia we now know that they are being brought here there are forty children as of friday still on the road to a fifty to a week ago more than a hundred when the current prime minister scott morrison came to office in august and in an interview in london a full minister has said that it is the aim of the australian government to have all the children transferred off the roof by the end of the year so despite
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a lack of comment by australia's government despite all its talk about needing to maintain the terence for people trying to come to australia chilled by boat in fact the children and their families are being brought here. refugee help groups welcome the evacuation of children to australia so government ministers maintain their offshore account policy is correct and we certainly and any circumstances don't want to start again that is just unimaginable fourteen hundred deaths at sea if we are not going to stand for that but we continue to do the work to make sure those kids treated fairly and humanely and of course we're near down to a very small number of money for the thirty eight children who woke up on narrow this morning two months is a long time. doctors have consistently said that this is a mental health crisis and they have warned the government to get these children off urgently. scientists in switzerland have developed an electronic implant that's
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not only helping paraplegics walk again but could also repair their damaged spinal cords it's providing hope for patients years after their accidents alexy o'brien reports. he had been told he would never walk again. sebastiaan to was paralyzed from the waist down after a bicycle accident five years ago but now thanks to breakthrough technology he's taking tentative steps forward so basically no ability to activate single muscles of both legs but we said that the model competes for. and nor with some training he's able to really. like for example a extension of his leg so basically you recover a lot of control over the body lice muscles despite no more than four years of complete paralysis it's all down to a tiny electronic implant placed over the damaged area of the spinal cord it helps
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boost signals from the brain to his legs giving sebastiaan back some control over his paralyzed limbs and an addict and antibiotics and it's not easy and has taken months of rehabilitation but it's life changing progress they treat patients involved in the study he idea that you are repairing the injured spine or go so we don't know the mechanism but many many more that is we have clearly seen that we destabilized training and nerve fiber still to be growing we are going to easy that's why the brain regained control over the movement of the leg the first such implant was developed in twenty ten and earlier this year to other groups of scientists reported similar success but this research goes one step further targeting. alec tronic pulses to specific locations yeah yeah dreams that it's really like. like running
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a marathon and holding eggs in your hands and you trying not to squeeze them and at the same time you're pushing as hard as you can so you really need to find a good balance of pushing hard and trying to get each and every muscle at the right timing in the right place the three main still mostly rely on wheelchairs and the scientists are warning the treatment won't work for the most severe injuries so room for improvement maybe but definitely room for hope alexia brian al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera know the appointed prime minister mahinda rajapaksa household al jazeera his appointment is legitimate the island is embroiled in a political crisis after his predecessor was dismissed last week parliament is likely to be recalled on monday for the pocks us as he has the support of the
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majority of m.p.'s sure of not one but just a few things yes it's all the institutions. but the argument is that policy should be deciding who is the prime minister not normally. read the institution in the right and so your immediate plans for a now you are assuming the prime minister's position i feel lucky to be given the order of the book and your immediate plans though so what was your immediate plans what you plan to do next do you have a meeting you want to meet on the street after that in the. next else or how will you get enough support from politics how would you get the n.p.t. we have already got the hundred thirty. and so why the delay in recalling pollen and what are we hanging on for because we want to. get ready for the i did. turkey's chief prosecutor says so the journalist. was strangled to death as soon as
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he entered the saudi consulate in istanbul his body was then cut into pieces and disposed of his ruling party says the hostages murder couldn't have happened without instructions from someone at a high level in the saudi leadership divers have retrieved one of two black boxes from the passenger jet that crashed on monday the lion airplane nose dive ten minutes off to takeoff from the capital jakarta killing all a hundred eighty nine people on board. the stuns prime minister has called for calm as mass protests continue against the court ruling at a landmark loss from a case. a christian woman has been on death row for eight years those are the latest headlines on the stream is coming up next they are with us. his story for the people every week brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative work.
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as we turned the cameras on the media focus on how many were caught on the stories that matter demands the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi ok and i'm really here in the stream today central american. we will discuss why so many people headed for the u.s. border and what they might face when they get back join us with your questions and your comments on the issue live on you tube or via twitter. a caravan of thousands of central america.


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