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korean. or food on al-jazeera. al jazeera live from studio. headquarters in doha. welcome to the news president turned prime minister says his appointment is legitimate rajapaksa spoken to al-jazeera just as the president who appointed them out of nowhere. recalls parliament to vote on the decision complicated times in the nation we will look at the effect it is having also on the grid getting closer to the truth turkey reveals details of how he was killed in the consulate but still no details about where his body is as we approach one month now since the saudi
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journalist disappeared and with the migrant caravan as it moves through southern mexico they are weeks from reaching the u.s. but with just days until the midterm elections in the us donald trump is using the fear of mass immigration in his final campaign. and australia's government promises to take children off now island by the end of the the price caps a it's just not enough look at all the online reaction. with the news grid to live on air and streaming online through you tube facebook live in it al-jazeera dot com there is growing pressure on the sri lankans president to resolve the country's political turmoil which he started president. has summoned parliament to return to vote on the leadership change next week that was sparked by his sacking of the prime minister in the cabinet meanwhile the man install as the new prime minister has told al jazeera his appointment is legitimate
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but it smith starts off from colombo. he has all the trappings of prime minister including access to the office but the new prime minister mahinda rajapaksa is acting unconstitutionally his critics say because he was appointed by president by three policy we say to a not elected by the members of parliament one of mr rajapaksa how useless i must see you is your above the point legitimately think services at the institution of this budget the argument is that parliament should be deciding who's the prime minister not the normal normally. we'd be going to sit in a real fight and so your immediate one search for a now you're assuming the prime minister's position i have long been given or the birth of his daughter who rajapaksa needs the backing of one hundred thirteen m.p.'s to solidify his return to power but the president suspended parliament some suspect he did that to give rajapaksa time to get enough support how will you get
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enough support from parliament how will you get the n.p.c. what we have already got that i'm going to be sure and so why the delay in recalling parliament what are we hanging on for you know because we want to. get ready for the i did rajapakse that was at the prime minister's office to meet academics telling them there's no crisis as far as he's concerned it certainly is a crisis but the ousted prime minister rudd no wickramasinghe or he's refusing to leave the official residence of the pm he says he remains prime minister because the power to sack him was stripped from the president two years ago by an amendment to the constitution the whole structure of government in the country is still very strong in the executive. and the presumption is that the presidency is the strongest office. even though the nineteenth amendment has made changes to that and therefore what the presidency has to say go rajapaksa serve two
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terms as president defeated thomas separatists in a twenty six year long civil war but was accused of human rights abuses in the process his family and in a circle is under investigation for corruption and you looking forward to your new position so you're looking forward to being prime minister really much like a hard man rajapaksa is presenting an image of business as usual but we've run away from a single still claiming to be the legitimate prime minister things are far from usual parliament will though now get to have the final say it seems when it's soon recalled and m.p.'s get to vote bernard smith al-jazeera colombo now we are conscious that this is a complicated story the names are unfamiliar to a lot of us so we want to just step back and really build on what bernard told us in his report that this is the president first of all citizen elected in two thousand and fifteen he said then he would only serve one term and he decided to
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transfer some of his presidential powers to the parliament which is headed by this man the prime minister running from a singer now their relationship went south when citizen are accused him and a cabinet colleague of plotting to assassinate him and so on friday we can i'm assuming was sacked his replacement as we know is mahendra rajapaksa the former presidents but let's remember these points citizen actually ousted him in twenty fifteen and he said that rajapaksa had quote plundered the country the government and his national and the national wealth his administration rajapakse was also accused of serious human rights violations in the brutal final stages of the war with the towel tigers back in two thousand and nine so that's out kast if you like we're going to talk about it with mohammed hisham who is a social activist in sri lanka joining us on skype from colombo nice to have you with us mr hazen first of all. regardless of what man the rajapaksa says this is a political crisis this is complicated what do you actually see coming out of this
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do you think they will just well approve his appointment and just try to carry on business as usual i don't not at all i think. it's very much a concern to the whole of civil society and public in general because it just sits there on proceeded in terms of. appointing a prime minister it's not about who's the prime minister where they sit by the right that much already to become a singer but say it's it it's much beyond that it's a bunch bigger than that it's about with it what was done is going to share a lot not and if that is not constitutional which is that being which was majority of the people share then that's not the receipt and we need to have one issue no it's not because democracies to have such are constitutional court just as we're looking at pictures of mr rajapaksa bear it makes me wonder what's changed as i described there when citizen a came to power three years ago he was challenging rajapaksa he said he'd plundered
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the country and now suddenly everything's ok. desta really same question most of us share in the civil society and in the public as well because when he came around for our feeling two thousand and fifteen and appointed it with our thinking generally right that one of the key promises are around the promises were about fighting corruption which was prevalent at that time and in bringing the civic freedoms and also of having an agenda for reconciliation to heal that actually triggered by three decade old war and some will even although i'm not see that we need not making any progress in the last three and a half years but we did have significant progress in the sequel intangible nearly has led to freedom of expression what the act but nothing happened i saw only what he says is that he can't work with this particular prime minister who he ran for office to get it in a sense and suddenly the point of the first bit is simple and he wanted to give it
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so which is human surprise to us and also we are just wondering what happened as much as the international community is tell me more about the effect this is having on life in sri lanka i i don't see i mean we see some some unrest not like a mass uprising or anything but i'm wondering about the effect it's having and perhaps could have on things like the economy on business confidence things like that. i think we just heard a man based on last year's performance indoors doing business index we just mirror made a huge leap forward and suddenly the whole investor confidence to their economy everything in the picture biggest bottom line is we've got a brain minister who was appointed by law it was been county court his business where we agree we were there all the things he did he could not do or he field to do is a completely different aspect at this moment and then being what the president out of nowhere up cleaning of
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a right which was existing before it appealed to god and fifteen and saying that he's appointing somebody firing and appointing a new prime minister which just completely not which has not constitutional let me to it so what has happened is that there's a lot mr confusion and civil servants or the public officers are also in a day or month but into act when it's not their prime minister who was that applying to get it all with you would just go with the floor and follow up that. orders were instructions met by the new prime minister and to see him be in an economy that business community is and know what to say about the particles and you have the country and the human rights improvement and everything else retriever boasting about in that last may not be as i suddenly come to a standstill but how many of enjoyed talking to you thank you for your perspective do appreciate that thank you very much for having me there. couple of things to
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point in the direction of here one is what i'm calling a q.a. all questions answered let's see if that sticks on what's happening in sri lanka again we appreciate it can get a bit complicated so this is good if you've got a little more time to sit and read through the whole situation there's also we might have a few end of opinion pace on what could happen under a rajapaksa led parliament the authors here very much believe that only go back quits in their words even a revival of the former abusive regime have a look for yourself search for sri lanka down to zero dot com click the latest filter you'll find all of these articles and to get in touch with us as well the hash tag of course is a.j. news great if you do want to get in touch with a couple of comments on facebook already simon saying anyone can be a prime minister it's a family business and another comment saying that this is just the same as the power politics perhaps people feeling it's all just a bit too close it's all sort of an old boys' club perhaps those comments coming at facebook dot com slash al-jazeera the live stream also this number plus one seven four five one triple one four nine if you using either telegram or wants that you
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can get in touch with us directly nihad is our producer on deck tonight looking for your comments and questions right now we move on and turkey's justice minister has demanded that saudi arabia cooperate fully in the investigation into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi turkey has revealed some of the pretty gruesome details of what happened to. this was after meeting his saudi counterpart turkey's chief prosecutor said khashoggi was strangled to death as soon as he entered the consulate in istanbul and his body was then dismembered and destroyed that means right there you're looking at perhaps his last moment saudi arabia yet to respond to the revelations well so turkey's ruling ak party says christo g.'s murder couldn't have happened without instructions from someone at a high level in the saudi leadership. this is not an event that can be done without an order from a higher level the organization of this event has been premeditated as a saudi chief prosecutor stated and it has been done in such
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a brutal way as declared by our own chief prosecutor as well he was killed as soon as he entered and was later dismembered how far in advance has his brutal his advantage been and who gave the order we are in a position to see this clearly from the start we haven't accused anyone but we will not allow a cover up it will not kill. off we go to assemble his hash covering events for us right now hashem where does all of this leave the investigation and i'm using that term slightly loosely because tomorrow is going to be a month since jamal khashoggi disappeared and this is a slow moving investigation. come out it's safe to say at this particular moment that we move into phase two which is basically more political pressure from the turkish government as sandy arabiya to be able to push them to come forward with more details about what happened on the second of october when gemma went into the building that you can see behind me so
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far the turkish government does not seem to be really conveys the signs arabia is willing to fully cooperate share more details particularly about the information from the eighteen suspects detained in saudi arabia or also a bit about major issues like who gave the order to kill this explains why today you're seeing the. shows the deputy head of the party basically saying that turkey does not believe that the man who gave the order is someone surely it definitely needs to have someone higher up in the government to allow two commercial flights to fly into science into turkey and commit a crime at the consulate or they're trying to push the saudi government to tell them exactly who's doing one responsible so i think what we're going to see in the coming days is more political and judicial pressure from turkey asking saudi arabia to come up more candidly and tell them exactly what happened. ok thank you for that
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update that's hashim a whole bar outside of course the saudi consulate in istanbul outside of what hashem told us if you're looking for the latest updates on jamal khashoggi we've got them at al-jazeera dot com this should be your first part stop when you want to find out what is happening on the story combines all our resources across the al-jazeera network. sister channel al-jazeera arabic on the on line this remains a very very important story and on that note tomorrow friday november second we have a special broadcast to mark one month since the death and disappearance live from istanbul twelve hundred hours g.m.t. hosted by pay to w.v. quickly live link on the front page of al-jazeera dot com you can see the broadcast schedule in your time zone and just a comment i've had here from engine later on facebook who just said where is the body and that is that is the question is and as we say one month now remember that one month since this happened and jamal khashoggi is friends and family still do not have a body to bury so much more coming in that special with pay to be tomorrow twelve
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hundred g.m.t. now one of the two black box flight recorders from monday's plane crash off the coast of indonesia and found buried in the sea bed divers are continuing the search for the main fuselage where the one hundred eighty nine people on that lion air flight was sitting u.s. crash experts are now in jakarta as well to investigate why a two month old boeing seven three seven plane disappeared from radar so soon after it took off the details from kuala lumpur now his four and slowly. indonesian transport ministry officials have confirmed that search teams have found the flight data recorder which contains all the information about what the plane was doing from the alter to to speed to direction even down to the position of the plane's plane's wing flaps what they still haven't found is the cockpit voice recorder which contains tapings of the noises the sounds the conversation that took place in the pilot's cabin together these two flight recorders give investigators the full
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story of what happened during the final moments of the lion at flight now we know so far that the pilot had asked to turn back shortly after takeoff the plane crashed about twelve minutes into its flight and that the very same plane had experienced a technical problem the day before but lion air said its technical problem was fully resolved and the plane was cleared to fly from bali to jakarta on sunday night just hours before it took off from jakarta early on monday morning on that fated flight now on the transport ministry of indonesia have said it has asked lion air to suspend as many as four employees including its director of maintenance and engineering meanwhile the search continues because not only do they have to locate the cockpit voice recorder trying to find the fuselage of the main body of the plane now officials say they found a substantial or big part of the plane but there's no confirmation whether this is
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the fuselage and officials have said they believe that the bodies of many of the passengers could be trapped at could be still trapped in that part of the plane meanwhile divers continue to scour the sea to try and retrieve the remains of the hundred eighty nine people who were on board that flight. now a story that has been big online today chances are you've seen this in your social timeline staff at google offices all over the world have staged demonstrations over the company's treatment of women retailer has been taking a close look at this one for us to take us through it that's right come on now google employees in london singapore berlin and elsewhere have taken part in what they call the walkout for real change employees mostly women are calling for equal pay and better management of sexual misconduct allegations within the company a coordinated action all the scale is unprecedented anger at the firm has grown in recent months off a number of sexual harassment scandal stood out in the past week it's alleged that
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one high profile executive received a nineteen million dollars payout after he left the firm despite what google considered a credible allegation of sexual misconduct made against him these are some of the live pictures we're seeing right now in new york. now silicon valley congresswoman says why do they think it's ok to reward perpetrators and further violate victims well google c.e.o.'s and our pitch i told stuff he supports their right to take the action he said i quote i understand the anger and disappointment that many of you feel i feel it has as well and i am fully committed to making progress on an issue that has persisted far too long in our society and yes here at google to. well online people are using the hash tag google walkout and our says i believe it's past time for this abuse to stop its kin neither government no
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business ages will fix this on their own and others also sharing a list of demands like equal pay and also publicly disclose sexual harassment transparency and this user has had her photo from thailand where she says let's make a google book place culture well for everybody well as always we do want to get your thoughts get in touch with us is the hash tag aging is grace. thanks for heat a really interesting story that one specially to see it happening at such a high level in such a prominent company now u.s. president donald trump says he is sending up to fifteen thousand troops to the border with mexico if that happened it would be the largest deployment of its kind in more than a century trump is hardening his stance against a caravan of migrants fleeing poverty and violence in central america campaigning ahead of the crucial midterm elections of course which are really a barometer of where the country is headed politically if the u.s. does go ahead with a bigger troop deployment along its southern border those numbers well they've been changing at quite a pace the pentagon's said only seven thousand troops are being sent in to support
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the customs and border protection agents if it were to reach fifteen thousand we would be talking about roughly equivalent to the u.s. military presence in afghanistan and three times the size of the prisons in iraq patty culhane in washington d.c. to talk us through this one hundred petty what's driving this move and really when you're sending troops to a border what can what can they do. well i'll tell you called first question the u.s. this is really being driven by the president by his tweets by his statements he's calling it an invasion and right wing media has really picked this up they basically followed suit with the president he said that there are middle easterners in there there's no truth to that that anyone can verify right wing media said that they're going to bring in diseases to the america say that they were going to bring in and this is an actual quote from going to the commentators leprosy tb and smallpox a disease which has been eradicated so it's really. the president's base if you
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look at polls there are some republicans who say that they are concerned and they still think that they're going to come to get them because the president has labeled them as gang members and the right wing media shows you know muscly tattooed immigrants and not the women and children who are walking across countries so the president obviously thinks this is a winning issue for him because the election is just five days away and immigration has worked for him in the past just added to his schedule we believe at least according to fox news he's going to be giving another speech about immigration even today because he wants to send the message that he's doing something so a lot of people calling this a political stunt secretary of defense jim matheson responded the military doesn't do stunts but a lot of people especially low off think that's exactly what this is interesting thank you patty cohan in washington with that update as petty tells us all this has to be viewed through the prism of the midterms in part because that is what donald
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trump is doing himself in addition to what he was doing he has released what has been labeled in some parts the most racially charged national political ad in thirty years looking at the ad for us and i can't begin to imagine the reaction a lot of reaction kemal well trump did share this campaign ad on twitter which in his fifty five point five million follow this and it features luis. undocumented immigrants who was sentenced to death in april for killing two police officers the video warns who else would democrats let in. town hall you. don't want.
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people don't you think you want to. attempt to. now trump. saying it's outrageous what the democrats are doing to our country vote republican now well the campaign online has caused some controversy as well and the republican party has been criticized for family growing and also being racist as jamie says here and others are comparing times video to when he horton this ad was basically about supporting george w. bush's campaign in the nine hundred eighty eight presidential election the ad is seen as one of the most racially problematic in modern political history playing into whites fear and also african american stereotypes well the u.s.
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secretary of labor called trump's ad the most desperate and vial since when he horton as a number of people have pushed back though at kent's characterizing this as racist chris says it's not racist but definitely nationalist in the accurate sense of the would well let us know what you think of the new campaign video is that where you can disappear message me directly and that we're here in holland. it thanks for he that's what we then ask is how all of this actually plays out on the campaign trail itself landi gallica has been out and about in fort myers florida or a state which always has an important say in national elections. the first time supporters arrived thirty hours before the president began speaking at the venue in fort my is camera mcginty is typical of those who attend make america great again rallies an ardent fan of the president's v says nothing will stop him showing his support not only am i here to support him for the mid-term election i'm
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out here to show people that we're not going to be intimidated by people out there that are threatening some supporters that are vandalizing people's vehicles for having decals on it signs are having to be replaced people are stealing and people are destroying them and we will not be intimidated because the spirit of america is back with the midterm elections approaching the president is keen to get voters out in what is a vital state he hit the usual subjects of a booming economy and tax cuts that continues to push his immigrant agenda they want to invite caravan after caravan into our country which brings crime upon crime . a vote for democrats is a vote to liquidate america's borders and it's a vote to let math venton all heroin and other deadly drugs for across our borders drugs that take the lives of over think of this over seventy thousand americans
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a year one of the key races in the sunshine state is for the senate florida's governor is hoping to unseat longtime democratic incumbent bill nelson and republicans that a vote for him is a continuation of trump's policies sigur bill nelson has been in office for forty two years. ago he voted against the trumped tax cuts. here's voted for higher taxes over three hundred times the president also stumped for wrong to santas the republican candidate for governor who shaped himself in trump's image florida remains a vital. late for trump and the republican party votes here tend to reflect the mood of the entire country between now and election day on november the sixth the president will hold ten more make america great again events to go to the states where it's thought he'll make the biggest difference meticulously in senate races
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it's an extraordinary final push in an indication of just how important these midterms are and gallacher al-jazeera fort myers florida. let's not of course forget the caravan itself because a lot of the reporting on it has come under scrutiny according to some reports there are four different caravans traveling through mexico with up to six thousand people many of them mothers traveling with the children of luck and. the war has been lonely but i do this to apply for a better life because in my country we can't have it you can't study you come to me is bad there's violence and we can't stay there anymore since there were no job opportunities as they say why have a title if you can't have a job yeah yeah i'm your job in honduras there's a lot of violence there a lot of gangs they threaten you you have to flee for your children and that is why we do this for our children without them or nothing if something happens to them you won't feel good you won't feel like
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a mother. i'm going to try to talk to someone about this trying to get more of that perspective from central america because that's perhaps the side of the story which isn't being told or isn't being heard as loudly and in fact we have got our guest evelyn measure who is the president of project hope three sixty nice to see you have learned this is a foundation dedicated to global humanitarian outreach and even also works with families affected by president trumps immigration policies so tell me first of all the caravan on its way there explain if you would place for our viewers what the people are fleeing in central america because i think as i said that a lot of the story gets lost in the reporting about them coming to the border what are they leaving in the first place. yeah well i mean these are human beings running i mean a lot of these people are families that are coming together and so they're fleeing
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because there's that this this debilitation of their you know country i mean from a social economic perspective the violence is rising and people just one better future for their children a better future for themselves and their families and so you know it's just the political unrest you know the economic instability those are the things that are really driving these people searching for something better for a better place for themselves and for their families that do they know what they're walking into i'm not suggesting for a moment that all of america doesn't want to come bugs the most powerful man in america and a lot of his supporters certainly don't want them. well you know and that is church you know a day i think that they're very much aware that the that the president of the united states does not welcome them here but i think that they have probably using this to their advantage in the sense that he has been using this to mislead people during this midterm election and so he has given them
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a great platform the media and so yeah i think that they do know the opposition that they face but they also know that there is a great america that does embrace them and does welcome them here so if they reach the border and that will pretty you know weeks away they will apply for asylum some will get that asylum we would think i would suspect a lot wouldn't and then what happens does it become an issue from mexico has mexico city anything about what will happen then. well the ambassador of mexico spoke yesterday saying that there are willing to work with the families there are going to be you know applying for political asylum and you know being able to extend that warm invitation even encourage some of the people to stay in mexico this is going to be a problem that we're going to be seeing for you know a long time what is going to happen with these family we're talking about over
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seventy five hundred people that are trying to cross the border for a better tomorrow and so we're not sure what's going to happen we do know that mexico is open to helping the families the united states obviously doesn't have the same. attitude or heard the same grace for the families and really the united states but you know nest as a you know the president of the united states who is really using this you know to make sure that he rallies up his voters in this midterm election for whatever reason you know he's using these scare tactics to make sure that you know people come out and vote in favor of his politics which we know of course are inhumane i mean they're literally against what america stands for and so you know it's going to be a problem that we're going to be seen for some time and you know we're going to be watching but yeah i you know they they will you know there will be on our radar for quite some time this is you know this is a huge undertaking you're talking about seventy five hundred people eight hundred
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miles away from our borders there's a lot that is going to happen joining us from project three sixty new york of them thank you so much free time do appreciate it. this is the news good if you with us on facebook live or get a bonus a.j. full story coming up for you know about a jordanian artist creating masterpieces from recycled materials and then later something being called an invisible killer doc to say toxic air is to blame for millions of deaths every year. hello there things are gradually beginning to draw out for many of us in the middle east now it's been fairly disturbed for a while now but now we're only seeing this area of cloud in the east that's been giving us some snow still want to flurries out of that as we head through friday and it won't be well behind this so
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a maximum just zero in our last he now may be getting to the dizzy heights of three degrees as we head through saturday but still rather chilly here towards the west the temperatures are also tumbling for some of us here as well said baghdad no high that around twenty six and there will be a little bit more in the way of clouds that could just give us one or two showers that area of cloud would also be affecting us a bit further south you can see it over parts of saudi arabia could you give us one to roll the shop showers during the day and it's still with us as we head through saturday here in doha way to the south of all of that thirty one degrees should be all very pleasant maximum temperature of the south will be to around thirty now down towards the southern parts of africa we've seen a fair amount of rain here recently thanks to a base area of clouds here and we do need the wet weather so the rain has been very useful some of it there is turn out to be real but heavy is pushing its way northward across small parts of mozambique there as we head through friday still giving some or all the lively outbreaks of rain towards the west it's drawing kate .
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china could be facing a debt that's according to s. and p. global the trumpet ministration just been insisting towards the saudis and other oil producers that they want to have more production to cool down the prices we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost on al-jazeera. well you know. there are some other like. at sixteen cush who is living her dream of being a journalist but her father has his own dream for her to follow tradition and be married as our investigations bring a face to face with the ill fated some of india's young women a father son first suitable husband continues can both said dreams come true must one overcome the other. part of the viewfinder series on al-jazeera.
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plan. the headline there of a common what's trending as well the latest on jamal khashoggi
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a top story number one and number three as well and just keep an eye on the before the new police probing the deaths of saudi sisters really waiting for some more information on this one because it just seems the timing is a peculiar to say the least with what's happening in istanbul as well so have a look at that story as well anything else which takes your fancy that's what's trending at al-jazeera dot com the star struck. before the break we will look at another migrant situation now a strain here is a new home for dozens of child asylum seekers they've been quietly moved from the controversial so called prison islands in the pacific ocean doctors are concerned for their mental health after spending up to five years with thousands of adult refugees on the islands of nine. and thomas as more the consistent message of australia's government is that all refugees who tried to come to its shores by boat would instead be sent to man asylum to papua new guinea ought
6:37 pm
to know who they would never be settled here but we now know that quietly australian government has been bringing refugees here but securely in recent days and weeks and children who were on the road the pressure has really been growing on the government from all sides of politics and peace in their own governing liberal party m.p.'s in the opposition labor party and public opinion polls now suggest that eighty percent of australians want the children brought to australia we now know that they are being brought here there are forty children still on the road to a fifty to a week ago more than a hundred when the current prime minister scott morrison came to office in august and in an interview in london a former minister has said that it is the aim of the australian government to have all the children transferred off the roof by the end of the year so despite the lack of comment by australia's government despite all its talk about needing to maintain the terence for people trying to come to australia by boat in fact the children and their families are being brought here. the thoughts now of david manne
6:38 pm
who is the executive director of the refugee and immigration legal center he told us the strain in government is finally about to public pressure on the. there is a growing recognition that that from medical records from work of lawyers no sir parliamentarian's and the public that this is a mental health emergency that there is a major yes and very grave risk to the loss of children and their families and and now i will finally say significant movement part of the argument to bring children. from her or her back. to society where i can get the men who care i maintain and then safety in australia but it is really this growing recognition the rig cannot get on my ass and that lives are risk the government is taking a very tough stance on the whole question of asylum seekers coming to australia
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bars and has what a very comprehensive and hard and here sounds like a policy and which are really anchored to terence and it's in that context that the government certainly have been very quiet religion to bring in children to a strategy or from there or here with their families. does this issue of asylum in the south pacific that much traction online obviously i mean you were looking at the the migrant caravan which is huge it's not going to get that bus but this story is also been trending for a couple of months is welcome all and why scripts like amnesty international say that it's community pressure that's persuaded australia's prime minister larson to make this decision but the group also accuses the government a stalling the trials focus of a one thousand two hundred people are still held in detention centers in the row and also in. it is too long for them to light and we want to work very hard for the process truly and to make sure that the government holds its promise and bring sometimes children to sing to.
6:40 pm
people across a struggling i want to say china on the east i want to see children and families brought to psyche and i think what we saying today is the politics catching up with what people feel very strongly about. and there is also a wider cole online including a petition for all the children to be removed from nauru much sooner the hash tag kids off continues to try and on twitter the latest campaign is calling on australians to go blue in solidarity with the children and families trapped that the color blue isn't symbolize sadness and depression and the comedian kirsty way back is leading the coal to apply pressure on australia's government. where we begin to get all of the children off in a rude by universal children's day which is on the twentieth of this month now
6:41 pm
according to these today scott morrison has said that he intends to get the children off the road by the end of the year however as far as way concerned that's not good enough because there's nothing really stopping him from getting them off tomorrow so we're asking you to get behind the campaign and to help with that and to voice your concerns by going to kids often a root dot com selling the petition sharing the brand with the friends in your family and even contacting your local in pay and telling them how outraged by the fact that way to tiny innocent children are riverina rue and we're taking away their choices and we're taking away their right to a safe and carefree childhood for absolutely no reason whatsoever and we've had this to fall but some of these refugees have been held for as long as five years around forty six children were born on the island and reporters without borders is concerned about the mental health situation that. my experience on nauru was beyond
6:42 pm
the state and because m.s.f. mission was terminated on nauru we have left behind hundreds of asylum seekers and refugees to forge forward alone without the help of any independent medical or mental health organisation we are extremely concerned about the current health and the future wellbeing of the asylum seekers and refugees on nauru now it's important to point out that despite calls to remove people from narrow the human rights of all sent to says the company running the detention center has renewed its contract for a further six months now construct so it's just the international company was given that attention sent to contracts last year after a spanish company called ferrovial said it didn't want to renew its still with australia's government meanwhile while many are saying that this is good news amanda now asked what happens to the ones left behind every one of them is somebody's child what do you think needs to be done let us know is the hash tag his
6:43 pm
grades you can just simply message me directly to him how it's interesting thank you really interesting story there really are now today is the last day of the world health organization's conference on global pollution this is important because it affects everyone but most of all children it can cause major complications in their development an estimated seven million deaths every year because of air pollution this is being called the invisible killer now here's one particular example from london for you a mother who is convinced her daughter was killed by breathing the capital's toxic air and she is campaigning for urgent change to how the city tackles the problem jessica baldwin has her story. and look to see debra was super sporty besides winning she played football and loved to downs but age seven she developed severe asthma two years later she was dead. ellice mother rosamond is convinced
6:44 pm
london's unlawfully high pollution killed her daughter and she's campaigning to have the cause of death recognized as air pollution and the suffer greatly makes no bones about this for. just over annoyed she wasn't in a coma three to four times and she was lucky to survive those. long collapses and i have since learned. how agonizing that is. this is the area where ella grew up the traffic on this road that circles the city is relevant less and there's a slightly sweet oily smell to the air out which one you're nervous about you feel it's only when you leave the city and then return the you notice how bad the air really is beth gardner is the author of choked she says london's pollution is particularly bad due to the diesel taxis buses and delivery trucks clogging the
6:45 pm
city streets the more closely that scientists study air pollution the more that they are finding it really affects our health in me shocking friday of ways and when you think about it it really makes sense that the air we breathe permeates every part of our bodies the mayor's office says it's working to reduce the city's pollution they've introduced a twenty seven dollars a day charge for the worst polluters coming into the city center but the numbers are graham of the city's nearly thirty thousand black taxis just seven hundred are electric london has six hundred seventy five bus routes but only to use electric buses a couple of hours drive south from london buses in the city of southampton have been fitted with air filters on the roof the system cleans particles out of the air blowing clean air behind as it moves through the streets tinkering here and there with filters the odd aleck. class congestion charging is not going to bring the
6:46 pm
radical change needed. to save the many lives like alice that are lost each year jessica baldwin al jazeera london just want to run through some of the news in brief stories making news around the world and protests continue in pakistan against a court ruling in a landmark blasphemy case despite calls for calm by the prime minister r c r b b a christian woman who has been on death row for eight years she was acquitted by the supreme court on wednesday none can condemn demonstrators who have used death threats to the judges who overturned her sentence and ordered her release. up is that they are inciting you for their political gain you should not get trapped by them for the sake of the country they are doing no service to islam jani you are trying to say that if the supreme court doesn't decide according to they wish they will not accept a judgment that means they would come on road and stop the country can any country
6:47 pm
be run like this the u.s. national security advisor says further sanctions that are about to start against iran are not intended to harm countries that depend on its oil the latest sanctions due to come in on monday were imposed after donald trump pulled out of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal with iran this year iran says american plans to reduce crude exports to zero won't work the u.s. is considering waivers for some allies who want to continue their trade with iran and russian space engineers a blooming adept at blaming a damaged sense of last month's soyuz rocket failure a russian cosmonauts and american astronauts were forced to abandon their mission to the international space station and then it safely in kazakhstan after an emergency descent despite the failure a similar rocket has successfully launched a russian military satellite into orbit. want to get in contact with.
6:48 pm
twitter facebook whatsapp and telegram all up and running and if you are one of those on facebook live we've got another extra story for you about. my friends.
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one of the biggest problems facing our oceans and the loss of seagrass meadows one check rule for roughly fifteen percent of the ocean's total carbon storage perhaps are they all twice as much carbon dioxide as rain forests and they're also question marine habitats for many endangered ocean species. but here on al corn slew in central california the tide could be turning for seagrass thanks to some unexpected
6:51 pm
allies. trying to meet their. this nine hundred hectare as she wary is where rivers throughout this region meet the pacific ocean this is the agricultural powerhouse of the united states and fertilizer and pesticide runoff threaten the balance of this delicate ecosystem so having farmers so close to the ocean on what what impact does that have on the water quality well anywhere where you get coastal environments close to urban centers coastal environments close. you get problems like this. it grows the tar the rocks it eventually. composer over half of the world seagrass meadows are in decline but here in al corn slew they're making
6:52 pm
a surprising comeback. oh wow. at one time there were thousands of sea otters in california but in the eighteen hundreds they were hunted to near extinction for their soft fur pelts. there are now more than one hundred in this as consuming a staggering one hundred thousand crabs per year. this federation's appetite has helped restore the balance of this ecosystem by triggering a chain reaction known as a trophic cascade. sea otters the crabs lower crop numbers allows smaller invertebrates like sea slugs to thrive and these creatures are crucial for the health of seagrass eating build up on the leaves they allow sunlight to reach the plants. because the otters are so crucial to the
6:53 pm
ecosystem scientists are carefully monitoring their slow and steady come back. they capture them and tag them with radio devices. so the farmer here worked really well. so it was probably very close. what's the purpose of proper we go out seven days a week is to go out and find individuals see where they are what they're doing. other part of it is a stress so we can understand the distribution of orders in this area what are they eating and how are they doing health wise there is one right there that's three four nine six so that beeping is an arm that peeping is from the radio transmitter that's surgically implanted in her. system ok. why don't you take a look right in there.
6:54 pm
along the west coast of north america researchers have noticed that the return of top level predators is having an impact on restoring all kinds of underwater life and the entire ocean system. what the sea otters do it's kind of turns the tables against. groupings of packs of single moving. sensually the same grouse an advantage again so if we introduce top predators the likes to ecosystems around the world will have a knock on that potentially in the prediction is yes so if you re store food webs which means a lot of times bringing back a top predator to a system that wiped out we have a great potential for restoring the health of that system.
6:55 pm
one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be foolish as you know it's very challenging given the particulars because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people who believe that tell the real story so i'll just mend it is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. we have a news gathering team here that is second term they're all over the world and they do a fantastic job when information is coming in very quickly all at once you've got to be able to react to all of the changes and al-jazeera we adapt to that.
6:56 pm
my job is is to break it all down we held the view on the stand make sense of it. al jazeera is a very important source of information for many people around the world when all the cameras have gone i'm still here go into areas that nobody else is going to talk to people that nobody else is talking to and bringing that story to the forefront.
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a journalist was. getting to the truth of that i would say that's what is. sri lanka's new prime minister tells out his appointment is legitimate amid a mounting political crisis. and our entire this is al jazeera live from london coming up turkey's justice minister demands saudi arabia cooperate fully in the investigation into the murder . saying the whole world's attention is on them. as in indonesia a black box recorder from the line where flight that crashed monday killing all one .


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