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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2018 8:00am-8:34am +03

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title senator. the u.s. says it may be weeks before it has enough evidence to impose sanctions on saudi arabia over the killing of journalists. also coming up. we will not allow our generosity to be abused by those who would break. donald trump promises a crackdown on immigration saying that asylum seekers could be detained in tent cities. a century in the making scientists wait for a crucial decision to help protect wildlife and antarctica area which could be home
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to some species. tumbles away into history as the first woman to win for world titles in gymnastics. u.s. secretary of state mike says it will be several weeks before any possible sanctions are imposed on saudi arabia over the killing of journalist. he was murdered at the kingdom's consulate in istanbul a month ago out zero's heidi show castro reports from washington. the u.s. secretary of state says thinks it's against saudi arabia for the killing. are likely coming to take us. probably have four more weeks before we have enough evidence to actually put those sanctions in place but i'm i think we'll be able to get there we're going to find the fact that
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a president said we will demand accountability for those who are involved to the commission of this i've described sanctions would not be. only repercussion from the u.s. more than a week ago the state department revoked the visas of twenty one saudi nationals identified as involved in the operation to kill the secretary mike on pale set at the time those penalties would not be the last word even as the u.s. continued to gather facts that included cia director gina haskell traveling to turkey and reportedly listening to the audio recording of killing turkey is leading the investigation it says she was strangled almost immediately after entering the saudi consulate on october second. no one will escape responsibility this issue has become universal it cannot be covered up and it is watched by everyone in the world turkey will transparently share with all international institutions the data of the investigation process we expect saudi officials to
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cooperate with the turkish side in the investigations through joint work to uncover all the circumstances of this crime. meanwhile the washington post reports saudi arabia's crown prince mohamed bin selman spoke with senior trump administration officials prior to the kingdom of knowledge and killing in the private call reportedly said he was dangerous and a member of the muslim brotherhood a point the journalist had long denied later in public prince amman would change his tune calling the show gays killing a terrible mistake and not justifiable key questions remain about what exactly happened including what his killers did with his body the u.s. state department says it's calling on saudi arabia to return remains to his family as soon as possible. hi joe castro al-jazeera washington lived out to istanbul
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al-jazeera is in a hole is outside the saudi consulate in the city center what happens next. well it's been a month since she was murdered inside that consulate in the investigation well it hasn't been easy turkey is frustrated it is angry it doesn't believe saudi arabia is cooperating i mean it took them three weeks to acknowledge that she did not leave the consulate and that he was killed inside that building it took them two weeks to give turkish investigators access to the consulate to the crime scene and saudi arabia's top prosecutor was in istanbul earlier this week he didn't bring any evidence or he didn't answer any questions to add to the investigation and fact turkish officials were saying that he came to find out what evidence turkey had as the turkey's justice minister again reiterating her call on saudi arabia to
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cooperate so there is frustration and there's also a belief here that she must she is murder it was not an end in itself what what saudi arabia wanted to do was implicate the turkish government in the disappearance they believe that the this plan backfired because of the presence of his fiance outside the consulate she was waiting for him to leave so there was a witness and the very fact that the body double was exposed a man who left from the back entrance wearing these clothes so the feeling here is that they wanted to kill and they wanted to implicate turkey but this is the frustration really is not just on on this lack of cooperation on the part of saudi arabia there seems to be frustration with the lack of tougher action from the trump administration yesterday we heard the deputy head of the ruling party say that trump is trying to cover up this whole case and and if you read the editorials in the pro-government newspaper there is what they're saying is that unless the united
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states exerts pressure then saudi arabia will claim that they are punishing those responsible so there is a real fear that saudi arabia may get away with the. murder so it is not clear what the next step will be who will take that next step but the message from turkey is we will not let this go there many thanks sub-zero live in istanbul and just to note that our one hour special. awaiting justice as later today friday at twelve hours g.m.t. you can see it here on al-jazeera i'm peter dalby here in istanbul a little later we'll have a live special news program for you one month on from the death of jamal has more than four weeks since he walked into that building behind me there are still three questions which have yet to be answered who killed him who ordered his killing and where is the body of jamal khashoggi. special with live coverage from istanbul from
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twelve g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. the saudi emirate and coalition in yemen has targeted an airbase in the capital sanaa that it says has been used to launch missiles drones t.v. channel linked to the rebels reported more than thirty air raids the un's special envoys in yemen is relaunching talks to try to end the war as the coalition deployed thousands of soldiers to the main port city of what data zeroes muhammad has our report. is the latest military buildup near the besieged port city of data even as calls grow louder to end the hostilities reports that the saudi marathi led coalition in yemen has sent thousands of extra troops to the area come after the united nations announced its backing the resumption of a political process to end the fighting. the special envoy will continue to work with all parties to agree on tangible steps to spare all yemenis the disastrous consequences of further conflict and to urgently address the political security and
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humanitarian crisis in yemen. u.s. defense secretary james mattis and secretary of state mike pompei o have also called for an immediate end to the three and a half year war data which is controlled by the who is to teach a cli important the red sea port is a vital lifeline the entry point for the bulk of imports and aid supplies the u.n. says that the already dire humanitarian crisis is far worse than they previously estimated warning that fourteen million yemenis face serious threat of famine and the deepening food crisis is largely the result of fighting around her data unicef says over eleven million children have been affected reported today also a long line for the million children throughout yemen and the people who live in the middle part slow. on.
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the lives of. the children. of a. un led talks with the saudi iraqi led coalition and who the rebels are expected to be held in sweden this month similar talks faltered last month after the representative said the saudis blocked their flights to geneva the question now will the renewed push for a diplomatic solution to the conflict ensure the wearing parties make it to the negotiating table this time around mohammed badie al-jazeera that's kind of you know from the by who's again a journalist who joins us on the line via skype from santa good to have you with us what are your thoughts on this latest attack on this base in which comes despite requests for the ceasefire from the u.s. echoed by the u.n. . well thank you very much that the attacks on the airport of sanaa today more than with more than forty airstrikes means it clearly
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that that you is call on for india the war on yemen well as it was a fake it bit off this morning. they wanted security bombaiyer and security mattis wanted to teach saudis to put to bomb more not to stop and it was very clear to india observer because if united states law on the start of the war it could stop it in one of many but it does not so secret three's mattison baumberger wanted to get saudis to escape late in the war and to continue not to start this is the very clear message that they wanted to did so you're saying that the u.s. allowing this. the few weeks deadline before it wants the fighting stopped is allowing the coalition to to carry out the operations that it that it wants to do
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how do you think that the hood is going to react to these places raids. i think that from from his from his side they are. defending themselves and they want to keep defending themselves and it's up to the saudis if they syria's if the united states is serious to stop the war it's in their hand it's very clear that it's in their hand in the hand of. if he wants to the start of the war are he going to start the war and then they grew fast truthy to do what it turned they want but are not from his side to start defending themselves because they are defending themselves so if i think lots of very. very if if a ceasefire comes into effect other who is willing to engage the yemeni government and the coalition in talks. i think if it is serious
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because it was you wanted to be engaged in a negotiation. of course it immediately but we should know that he did go she had to even go she did is that lucian would not be in the interest of the saudis now even if it's in the hands of saudis so saudis the do not want illegal she did sedition now up except if they if that united states is serious and they want to kill then just thought this and come to the negotiating table so does that show these you know from each side of course they are willing they are willing because it would be actually it would be i think to be four hundred feet is to go hit it even go hit it solution because now it is for yes and saudi arabia wanted it to be in four days or so this is why it would be
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a victory for of the and this is why saudi does not want this to happen that's a good message out of their insanity the u.s. economic embargo of cuba has been overwhelmingly condemned by the united nations the cuban sponsored resolution to the u.n. general assembly passed one hundred eighty nine to two with no abstentions cuba's foreign minister says the u.s. embargo is held back his country for generations new sanctions on venezuela's gold industry have been imposed by the u.s. which says the sector has been used to finance criminal groups national security adviser john bolton also threatened more measures against cuba and nicaragua he called the three countries a troika of tyranny accusing them of cracking down on dissent. we will no longer appease dictators and despots near our sure's we will not reward firing squads torturers and murderers we will champion the independence and liberty of our
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neighbors and this president and his entire administration will stand with the freedom fighters' the troika of tyranny in this hemisphere cuba venezuela and nicaragua has finally met its match we'll get a weather update thanks to one house as they were then. hundreds of rest of them phone services shut down as anger grows in pakistan over a landmark blasphemy case of life slowly returns to the iraq's oil hub but the threat from isis still hangs in the. alan looking down from space is a. must you probably think it's funny it's
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a cold front is coated behind it i think you're probably right it might well induce a few showers serious about paul's renewals and possibly round but nothing too much but his eastern end is always been rather more active with temperatures approaching zero we've got snow with no great highs in the bad zero person to person plateau. back in the sunshine of four degrees on saturday couples in the sunshine it eleven and it's sunny over baxter terror on towards the mediterranean coast but there is a massive cloud in the red sea and the hint of a circulation jerusalem at twenty one degrees could be showery most of the showers are south of this and even in saudi arabia arabia for the last week or so the drifting slowly north patch of terra was hints at something that the green suggest for the thunders light to be which means quanta conditions for bahrain the u.a.e. was temp is now rising up into the low thirty's loved if this time of year was very low humidity as well not quite as good there were in the red sea coast as you can see the rain has persisted in the still developing on the eastern side of south
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africa but is drifting in the next one for us just over the border i think soliciter into southern mozambique where it will still be pretty wet. in the eighteen seventies hundreds of the rings were banished to the farthest corner of an empire where their descendants still live today. my grandparents died with a heavy heart they left everything behind. you don't we would claim argyria an identity it's always present inside as this french territory in the pacific prepares to vote on independence al-jazeera world tells the story of exile in new caledonia.
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again this is al jazeera the main news this hour the u.s. secretary of state says it may be weeks before washington has enough evidence to impose sanctions on saudi arabia over the murder of the journalist jamal ashaji my comp says the u.s. wants those behind the killing to be held accountable. the saudi emirate he coalition in yemen has targeted an airbase in the capital sanaa that it says has been used by hooty rebels to launch missiles and drones it's sending more troops to attempt to retake the port city of the data as the u.n. relaunches talks to end the war and the u.s. sanctions on venezuela's gold sector which it says has been used to finance criminal groups national security adviser john bolton also threatened more measures against cuba and. the us president donald trump is pledging a crackdown on migrants trying to claim asylum saying that anyone crossing the
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border illegally will be detained until their claim is heard in court he's called the number of people arriving from central america an invasion asylum is not a program for those living in poverty. there are billions of people in the world living at the poverty level the united states cannot possibly absorb them all asylum is a very special protection intended only for those fleeing government persecution based on race religion and other protected status thousands of central american migrants are walking through southern mexico in the hope of reaching the u.s. . home and join the family of four which is part of the caravan to look at the challenges they're facing on the journey with alexander starts his day's journey at three am he's not even awake he's system maria is and every step is a smooth. it's not just legs a little used to walking
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a marathon every day she's developed to call. them on half whether it's because we're sleeping rough the winds get to her that's why she's sick this is a day in the life that the re is a lie a family home durance travelling in a caravan trying to reach the us today's route forty kilometers to the mix content of weeks they've left early to avoid the midday sun but dad alvin is struggling through can push the stroller in a dorm break he explains why. this is that this is the leg it's bad it's this one with polio it's been seven months early in his sophie's eight months pregnant but she didn't want to have her baby but code. that out alone he would have fought for like the other children there born into poverty off the four hour was she struggling then the family gets a break a ride from a passing truck it revives the flagging children. it's set some down before
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a migration checkpoint one of several in the south meets km roads without papers their only hope to get through is by sheer force of numbers they have to wait for the others at least erling compressed two hours later the caravan catches up on policies together the type things worked but his mid day approaches the race allies have other problems no food. no spare clothes a man pulls up out of nowhere and helps with the first two and then the third. become easy to see the mexicans of been divided over the caravan but today help is ever present this lady simply sweeps up the family and pays the bus tickets just in time at the end of their strength. and it makes you wonder what's going to happen to them i just had to help and i saw the baby they finally made it two weeks here they can rest but there's no shelter so that we just have these blankets for the
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children don't sleep on the pier pavement as the rain fools they try and work out their next move so everyone is just settling down now after what's been an exhausting day and they've still got about two thousand summit says to get to the buddha and that they cover right that's going to take them at least a month and a hall but first there's a lawyer a his family has to try and get through the noise john home and how does he weeks. phone services are shut down and protesters continue to block roads in pakistan as anger grows over a blasphemy case involving a jailed christian woman that demanding the government overturns the supreme court's decision to release baby who was convicted of insulting islam in twenty ten she was acquitted on wednesday in a ruling that still vied the country let's go live out of islam about al-jazeera as pakistan correspondent is there so come all this growing anger coming despite prime
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minister khan's appeal for calm. absolutely and all go ahead in islam of traffic which ignore my. situation and it should be of karachi a white canes also the provincial capital of the fun job we are told that day industries that kill or didn't karachi that gets bogged on they cannot make ob key chokepoint have been drugged by the protected who have refuting bodge despite hundreds of race now the military spokesman general octavo food had also spoken saying that defeated a purely getting mad day of fall of the military should not be dragged into days off today what civic defend them of the men a civilian government and also the judge who dagwood big so the future ration vague and get on although dated a relative calm and a province of the book while province and also and but who just on education
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institutions the code across the country and a situation it's quite content the prime minister had already taken off smaller china out on a very important great night the military and if it go to the floor didn't have beefed up the nation's security book but it's not a body or vague zone which how did the diplomatic enclave and key government in the nation didn't do ding have been called don't doll fight can. today rent it out friday prayers day will be a close watch to see if this situation x. can h.b.o. and a certain point and a lot of. cross to gauge many people trend date and major highway never being affected because all the d. broke a day by the. key points among many thanks indeed i'm serious come on hide of them i'm sorry no come home i had a reporting from islam about. people who fled the iraqi city of kirkuk slowly
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returning a year off to government forces. took back control from kurdish peshmerga fighters but the threat of violence still hangs over the city with security forces on the outskirts still battling to flush out remnants of eisel desirous mohamad abdalla reports. this is the city of could. almost a year after it out the forces took control of the city from cottage bush let it go full says. hold on stability is slowly returning to its streets. on a holiday and security situation is relatively better nowadays but the economy is still fragile and increased taxes and red tape getting out permits to continue our business is to some extent hindering our. doing that dance on the city but it out it forces fears of renewed conflict between book the conditional forty's forced many families to flee the city most of them offices that autonomy not trying to restart their lives in towns and villages outside could cook though it out the
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forces continue on oil production against the remnants of eisel who have been cutting out frequent attacks against civilians and security forces. despite their on going all professions against it out there i'm officials insist the group has been defeated and play down the fears of a comeback. we hope that both iraqi and kurdish forces unite together and eliminate any remaining pockets of terrorism across karkoc the security situation remains a challenge for everyone here if security is improved economy will be boosted. kid coke is a melting pot of major ethnic groups. cuts and talking live side by side here. the recent the opening of conflicts apple to commercial flights has instill discipline to residents of this it. has been used as a military base by american troops since two thousand and three and laid it out and cut the special medical forces. our thought we have overcome many obstacles to
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make the dream of reopening the airport for commercial flights a reality for the people of herco province our province is a symbol of iraq's diversity and it represents the unity of iraq kirkuk is also home to some of iraq's alderson most productive oil fields the province coming flipper liza's up to four hundred one fifth of. oil and there are plans to truck some of these coote to iran but the road to the border is yet to be sick you would make the fight against remnants of i still have been margin. about scientists and conservation a sense of pacing whether it's one of the most remote parts of the planet into an ocean century the weddell sea in antarctica could be home to thousands of undiscovered species many scientists support an e.u. proposal to make it a no go zone for intensive fishing mining and deep sea drilling al-jazeera sandra
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thomas reports now from the meeting in. the conference has been going on in the building behind me here in hobart but two weeks and yet it's all come down to the final day friday nothing particularly surprising about the twenty sixth st so years ago when an even bigger marine park was agreed for and talked it was about lunch time on the final day when the delegates all came out celebrating that i could reach consensus as things look but this time around the signs are not positive there's no suggestion that we'll be able to go in and watch the deliberations for ourselves but off the record break things that we have hide say there are still looks of the stuff has to be had and really time is running out this time around they'll be discussing fishing rights in the proposed marine park if there were to be any it so whether any mining can happen on the fringes of it territorial claims how long any marine park agreement would last these are very
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detailed issues which frankly should have been sorted out by now so fast things stand it looks unlikely the consensus is going to be a great us to. become the first woman to win saw all around well titles she's.


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