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statement so it's all covered and we will see the think in the coming days when the saudis that coalition war will stop the attack and who are they that then we're going to see the united nation will ask again. to all the sides to cease fire just to to keep the saudi that coalition safe in this area that they have controlled ok just a mix i want to bring erick and to this eric hussein as are people they brought up the u.n. and that's a really good point what what we're all. should or could the u.n. have played along the way here what role can they play now. i mean now i think the u.n. can help mediate a peace process between the parties maybe not an immediate peace process the u.n. special envoy martin gryphus talks about stopping the fighting first and building peace later and i think the contact he's maintaining with both on saarland these and also side of the coalition and also denied states is very important to stopping the worst of the violence to stop in the missile strikes on both sides to
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potentially averting an escalation in the data martin group as was instrumental in over the course of the summer when a lot of un pressure and a lot of international pressure from humanitarians stopped a direct assault on the port and now we do see new sources massing and given the significance of the humanitarian situation that is extraordinarily concerning the united nations cannot solve all problems the dietitians cannot you know create a peace process from the ground up at best it's a venue to bring parties together and to get people in conversation we should be looking at the arm doctors themselves to take on responsibilities they have under international humanitarian law international human rights law we should be looking to yemeni civil society as well and yemeni women as well to include them in the peace process to buttress a peace process moving forward the u.n. is a venue it's not an actor that can create things and move things by itself ok fair enough and how much credibility dess the kingdom have now
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that obviously they they very publicly have been lying about what their story has changed publicly that's that's not up for debate about what happened to jamal khashoggi so having said that on the international stage how much credibility do they actually have now going forward whether it's a peace process whether it's talks i mean they have been allowed to investigate themselves when it comes to to killing civilians how much credibility the saudis still have on the international stage now. i would put it slightly differently and i would i would add just a return of prince ahmed the younger brother of king solomon from his self-imposed exile in london to return to riyadh the other day on how severe the crisis surrounding saudi arabia standing in the world and in within the international community is the saudi royal family are now gathering we of course don't quite know what kind of conversations are taking place but they fully
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understand. the present trajectory of saudi arabia's role in the region and in which the united states is unattainable so that's the first part going back to the issue of who they the united states has repeatedly they cleared both publicly and privately that it will not tolerate any capturing of that red sea port because it would essentially block and all entries of humanitarian supplies to yemen's population so the united states will not tolerate it now and it has not tolerated in the past even though we're seeing. hussein just some efforts to consolidate control on the ground level around the area but but if the saudis and immoralities would attempt to reach to capture that city i think that all hell will break break loose over and let me let me they are not quite going to do that just a moment i want to let era get in there because i can tell eric same to
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a bit skeptical if i'm not aware of it words of your mouth as to what you are saying eric go ahead. no i think de united states has technically drawn a red line around the ports don't attack the ports but the united states has given saudis and roddy's defacto permission to do all kinds of things around today though all kinds of things on the west coast all types of violence that are significantly exacerbating the humanitarian situation the united states could have exercised as leverage to stop this offensive before it ever really got going and stop the what oxfam i think recorded in september as the four hundred seventy thousand that have been displaced the united states is also and this was a publicly by state department officials the middle east institute not too long united states is also fine with. the saudis sort of exercising military leverage and had data to push the who these two a political solution and not whether that will work is to be fully up in the air but it's undoubted there's going to be significant civilian penalties for that and cost to civilians so i don't think the united states redline iran had data has
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really held and i don't think the united states really has acted properly or really done all it could to stave off a humanitarian crisis they're saying go ahead. i don't think there is a united stated line around data because if there was then why the saudi that coalition has been attempted for the last three months to enter the data the united states is fully back in the coalition war effort in yemen it doesn't matter where they are the border or in aden is if they just want to keep helping the saudi to push. into her day in the other area the united states the united nation actually want to help be a many before talking about cease fire they have at least to lift the blockade or to let food and medicine and fuel come into yemen because this is what the yemeni want is not about what the how do you want what do you want others what yemeni gently now we need they need medical help food supplies and this is blocked by the
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saudi led coalition. port is a war crime so this is the first thing to being on the united states must actually . say the name that that's all we did in a statement because i mean the united nations and us in yemen is a conflict in many conflict or a civil war in yemen is not like that if you don't mention the saudi role in yemen this mean that you are giving them a green a green light to do it if they want in our country ok silver there obviously members of the u.s. congress from both parties who have been critical of saudi for years and even more so now because of what has happened to the market to those members of congress have leverage to get the trump administration to do something. well the brother point here a site think that the kind of lobbying efforts that have been taking place in the
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past and the rhetoric saudi arabia united arab emirates are the full war against iran is ringing hollow at the moment precisely because it has showed you a fear so what has happened is that the appetite in washington and the mood has changed. it is clearly that the war in yemen now is gaining renewed attention and the question marks are being erased over what kind of partnerships do us saudi partnership what kind of results that partnership is producing in yemen i think that the next face of the debate this going to focus on the u.s. iran talks and how that could factor in in yemen obviously the relationship between washington and riyadh is strategic in the united states understands that saudi arabia has legitimate security concerns having said that the status quo of the war has not been sustainable for quite some time so i think that they're wrapped up
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pressure that we're seeing from the administration come bind the with the rich rhetoric coming out of the congress including from both parties and the u.s. media is producing on president the pressure on the saudis and immoralities and that that message has not gone lost than i had or capital so right now the united states needs to continue to push forward to ensure peace talks can take place rather sooner than later eric do you see this as a moment that there could be. a re-evaluation of the relationship between it saudi arabia and the u.s. and perhaps as a result something actually will change in yemen. yes but just to briefly respond to some panelist points i do very strongly and want to continue strongly condemning the amorality led campaign in the west coast that is causing so much displacement
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but also the hutus bear a lot of responsibility for civilian suffering in terms of lang land mine in terms of destroying transportation networks in terms of conscripting people into armed service and that should also be pointed out and condemn sure about the congressional picture i think we are approaching a bit of an inflection point not with this administration's relationship with saudi arabian the emirates they seem to be all in but with congress's relationship with saudi arabia and the emirates i think is right that congress is no longer looking at saudi arabia and the emirates as reliable security partners we have two bills going on right now house concurrent resolution one thirty eight and senate joint resolution fifty four that will be coming up after the election each is a war powers resolution that invokes congressional warthe already has little use congressional war authorities to withdraw u.s. logistical and personnel support to the saudi led coalition's bombing campaign in yemen. if those got high vote counts or of those passed and i think in the senate side in particular there's a very strong chance that it passes that would represent a historic rebuke and even if it doesn't become law in the lame duck
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a little further the saudis number push this the more they are poisoning their long term position within the u.s. government in the more future ministrations going to look at them askance regardless of what the president ministration does who say we're about out of time but i'm going to let you have the last word fairly quickly away circle back and talk to you again in thirty days do you think that anything would have changed even a little. no i don't think that anything will change because the u.s. and so the relationship is based on money and this was clearly in. the election and how spoken about money many many times so as long as the saudi is actually given money to the united states nothing will change and i think the only thing that will change this war if. any be lost by the stick myside if they thought is it's saudi oil fields so the main economy backbone then i think this will actually hurt the united states and they might actually try to stop this war ok hopefully there will
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be a cease fire that's where i think everybody can hope for that and thank you all for joining me appreciate it very much eric i can bury hussein albuquerque and no power and thank you for watching us you can see the program again any time check out our website al-jazeera talk calm for further discussion go to our facebook page facebook dot com forward slash story and you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at story i mean we're still carrying the entire team by for now. november on al-jazeera radicalized you a new hard hitting series comes face to face with the hatred and violence of militant groups that attract young people around the world on november fifth the u.s. will impose additional sanctions on iran targeting the oil sites out we'll look at
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the impact that may have when migrant lives are in danger and see who should come to their aid people in power investigates the united states is getting ready for the u.s. midterm elections on november sixth join us for live coverage and analysis and a listening post continues to examine global media coverage and look behind the headlines november on al-jazeera. i'm his story say for the by me speak every week in new cycle brings a series of breaking stories told through the eyes of the world's journalists these two voices journalists were one of the few journalists that were actually doing investigative black joining the listening post as we turn the cameras on the media and focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most ski buys the rights to those stories but then he never publishes the stories they're listening post on al-jazeera.
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the u.s. says sanctions are possible in a few weeks against saudis linked to the killing of. a lot of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up schools are shot mobile services suspended as protests spread across pakistan two days after a christian woman is appointed a blast from. plans for a sanctuary in antarctica to protect wildlife failed after the ohs will face a stiff opposition. to nature we visit one of the world's biggest sculpture festivals in australia. a lot of the u.s. may now be getting tougher with saudi arabia over the murder of jim alpha shoki saying it could impose sanctions on those involved in the killing within weeks it's
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one month since walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul and disappeared turkey says saudi agents strangled the journalist dismembered his body and disposed of it in a premeditated attack castro reports from washington. the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions against saudi arabia for the killing of jamal are likely coming to take us. probably have four more weeks before we have enough evidence to actually put those sanctions in place but i'm i think we'll be able to get there we're going to find the fact that a president said we will demand accountability for those who are involved. to the commission of this i described sanctions would not be the only repercussion from the u.s. more than a week ago the state department revoked the visas of twenty one saudi nationals identified as involved in the operation to kill the secretary mike on pale set at
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the time those penalties would not be the last word even as the u.s. continued to gather facts that included cia director gina haskell traveling to turkey and reportedly listening to the audio recording of killing turkey is leading the investigation it says she was strangled almost immediately after entering the saudi consulate on october second the judges. no one will escape responsibility this issue has become universal it cannot be covered up and it is watched by everyone in the world turkey will transparently share with all international institutions the data of the investigation process we expect saudi officials to cooperate with the turkish side in the investigations through joint work to uncover all the circumstances of this crime. meanwhile the washington post reports saudi arabia's.


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