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the mediately after entering the saudi consulate on october second the judges. no one will escape responsibility this issue has become universal it cannot be covered up and it is watched by everyone in the world turkey will transparently share with all international institutions the data of the investigation process we expect saudi officials to cooperate with the turkish side in the investigations through joint work to uncover all of the circumstances of this crime. meanwhile the washington post reports saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman spoke with senior trump administration officials prior to the kingdom of knowledge killing in the private call been someone reportedly said he was dangerous and a member of the muslim brotherhood a point the journalist had long denied later in public prince amman would change his tune calling killing a terrible mistake and not justifiable key questions remain about what exactly
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happened including what his killers did with his body the u.s. state department says it's calling on saudi arabia to return remains to his family as soon as possible heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington a line out to say no harder in istanbul so they know what happens next. well the message from turkish officials is that we will not let this go justice will be served there will be no cover up and those responsible not just of you know carrying out this murder but who ordered this murder will be held to account but it's been a month since she has been killed and it has been a difficult investigation simply because according to turkish officials saudi arabia is not cooperating it took them three weeks to acknowledge that she did not leave that consulate building and he was killed inside it took them two weeks to
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give the investigators access to the crime scene to the consulate building as well as to the consul general's residence and saudi's top prosecutor was in istanbul earlier this week and he did not share much information with the turkish side in fact according to turkish officials he came here to find out what evidence turkey has so a lot of frustration on the part of turkey the justice minister weighing in saying that saudi arabia needs to work in close cooperation with us we know that saudi arabia's top prosecutor invited to somebody's chief prosecutor to visit riyadh he has still not said whether or not he's going to accept that invitation but we heard the justice minister say he doesn't believe that this should happen right now at least not before turkey's questions are answered by the saudi government but it's not just frustration on saudi arabia there's also frustration with the trump administration's handling of the crisis yesterday we had that we heard the deputy
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head of the ruling party say trump statement shows that he wants a cover up and if you read the editorials in turkey's pro-government press it says unless the united states doesn't exists pressure on saudi arabia saudi arabia will claim that they punish those responsible so turkey does not feel that you know the saudi arabians are going to carry out a fair and transparent trial and they also feel that the u.s. administration should do more should take action faster. zana thank you center harder in istanbul for our one hour special the. waiting justice as later on friday at twelve g.m.t. right here on nigeria. i'm peter darby here in istanbul a little later we'll have a live special news program for you one month on from the death of jamal khashoggi more than four weeks since he walked into that building behind me there are still three questions which have yet to be answered who killed him who ordered his
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killing and where is the body of jamal khashoggi that's a news hour special with live coverage from istanbul from twelve hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. following. the spotlights turned to how much money saudi arabia spends in the u.s. trying to buy influence in both politics and education some universities are now considering whether to cut ties with riyadh to go hang reports from washington. this is the university of new haven in the state of connecticut not the most scenic campus or the most well known but it is now drawing nationwide media attention for its relationship to saudi arabia it has a partnership to train saudi arabia security officers executive director of the middle east crisis committee stanley heller says his group protested when the deal was announced two years ago we were appalled that any u.s. college would be helping the saudi regime in any way but especially to help the
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police college. since we know the appalling situation of the of the justice system they were ignored then but are hoping now that saudi arabia has admitted to murdering journalist jamal khashoggi increased pressure will force the university to reconsider the prestigious university the massachusetts institute of technology or mit says it is reconsidering its relationship with saudi arabia now but these are just a couple of the dozens of universities the take money from the government and people of saudi arabia this is the the press did an investigation that it found the most saudi money goes here to george washington university in washington d.c. if you look at the database the tracks this information in all over the last decade the government of saudi arabia its citizens and its businesses spent more than six hundred thirteen million dollars in u.s. universities but they're not alone just in the gulf nation of qatar the same
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timeframe more than a billion dollars the united arab emirates more than two hundred and eleven million . asked about the saudi money much of which goes to research or scholarships for saudi students many university said it would be wrong to deprive deserving students of an education as for george washington university it says it regularly reviews programs with saudi arabia to make sure they are consistent with their educational mission giving no indication that they plan to change the relationship anytime soon patty calling al-jazeera washington all the saudi and iraqi coalition in yemen has targeted an airbase in the capital sana'a it says the rebels used to launch missiles and drones it is sending more troops to retake the port city of data as the un relaunches talks to end the war the us had called on the warring parties to stop the fighting and begin talks of the government in pakistan has cut phone
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services in some areas as it tries to contain protests over a blasphemy case demonstrators want the government to overturn the supreme court's decision to release bibi a christian woman who was convicted of insulting islam in two thousand and ten she was acquitted on wednesday. is in islamabad. tensions are running high guest on here in the city of islamabad it may seem to be business as usual but the security forces have already called on golf the red zone which is situated just behind that and an area which housed in the senate the supreme court. on august on television and the diplomatic the protesters are now trying to merge. they're continuing to stage a key point in. industrial had been closed in the city of karachi also reports that life is at a stand today commuters are also facing problems in the provincial capital of the
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one job because of several key points where the approach to. the security forces have also beefed up the information minister had already said that the government's patients should not be seen as that sign of weakness and focused on the military spokesman has also come out saying that this is a purely legal matter and that the army should not be dragged into such a phase. a surreal lanka's speaker is expected to call a session of parliament next week as pressure grows to solve the constitutional crisis it began when former president mahinda rajapaksa was appointed prime minister the sacked prime minister we could in a single is refusing to accept the decision or leave his official residence critics are accusing legit packs of a power grab smith is live for us now from the street lankan capital colombo so burn it the pressure appears to be mounting what's going on today.
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well down the road behind me this is the official residence of the prime minister and it's in that run a week from a single stays refused to leave since last friday his security detail has been noticeably reduced there is still some level of security but the man who says he's still the longest prime minister is refusing to leave now what's happened in the last couple of hours is the pressure is mounting on the speaker of parliament to recall of the president can do it on the speaker's been asking the president to recall allaman the president's been sticking to his lines of parliament is suspended until november the sixteenth now in exceptional circumstances the speaker can override the president's and just recall parliament itself out on hundred eighteen m.p.'s today at a meeting in a committee room of the parliament saying that they want the speaker to do just that to recall about some of george c.
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of and he's in the parliament about increases the pressure on the speaker house. so as of now then who has power. well we've got to run away from a single still says he's the prime minister we've got my hand the rajapaksa who was sworn in by the president last friday he's been acting as prime minister he's appointed on cabinet he is the wall who is trying so make it all like business as usual is getting on with what he says is government's almost trying to create the momentum which by default makes same prime minister and then we have the president of the speak as a matter of policy saying of the president is the one who is saying i'm not going to recall politicians all sixteen it's now with the speaker of the speaker seems a bit reluctant to go to the stage ways overruling the president because of the significant implications they fear that would but the issue is that all the m.p.'s
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on the side of. a single day ousted prime minister say they've got a majority in parliament and they believe that the time to not recall politics still sixteenth is a deliberate one so that by the month. so that the new prime minister has a chance to get the votes he needs to try and show that he has a majority in parliament so instead of these delaying tactics these m.p.'s are now saying no to speak as you should recall parliament next week so that we can have a vote as soon as possible at the moment bodies the tussle that's going on. then and thank you bernard smith in colombo are lots more ahead on al-jazeera when we come back we will not allow our generosity to be abused by those who would break our laws donald trump promises a crackdown on immigration saying asylum seekers could be detained in ten cities.
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from the me on my points of asia. to the sixteen streams. and over there we've still got some severe weather over parts of europe at the moment and in the mediterranean we've seen the worst of things recently very very strong winds very heavy downpours as well and this latest system is still snaking its way across us is still giving us some very heavy downpours at the moment as well particularly for parts of northern africa and then up through sicily into parts of italy and further north into the northeastern parts of italy in through slovenia as well this whole region around it is also a risk of seeing some flooding but it's the area in red where there is most highest risk so it looks like we're going to see that area where they continue during the day today and eventually on saturday will begin to ease a little bit but it's going to stay in place over the next few days so could continue to cause us
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a few headaches further towards the north and it's cool for now in paris up at eleven the temperatures are actually rising in london ahead of this system that's sweeping its way across that's bringing very wet and windy conditions across many parts of the u.k. and ireland over the next few days for the other side of the mediterranean you can see the cloud here that's feeding its way northward that's the one that's bringing us the severe weather across the mediterranean so as you can imagine it is chimney pots about geria well there's also the risk of seeing some very heavy flooding thunderstorms today. the with the sponsored by cattle race. went on line are you looking at wildlife and how the solutions come together to benefit all parties involved that's where we're going to be long term or if you join us on sand if you take me around the content. you don't have to set up your experiment for your experiment in the universe this is a dialogue everyone has a voice you actually raise several interesting point there that community members
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are going to join the global conversation on al-jazeera. and again you're watching a reminder of top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions are being prepared against saudis involved in the killing of the saudi leaders of so far resisted international pressure to reveal who ordered the journalist murder aides to crown prince mohammed bin man or implicated fine lines in some areas of pakistan have been cut by the government to try and stop two days of protests over a blasphemy verdict supreme court judges sparked outrage when they acquitted a christian woman sentenced to death for insulting islam eight years ago.
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of the murder of jamal khashoggi has brought more attention to the dangers facing journalists friday is the un's international day to end impunity for crimes against journalists many of them are killed for doing their jobs and those targets in them escape punishment jonah ho reports. anticorruption journalist daphne cairo on a year killed when a bomb exploded under her car in malta one year ago yes a. palestinian photographer shot by israeli forces during a mass demonstration along the gaza border in april and at least eight journalists murdered in mexico so far this year their profession now categorized as high risk in that country and getting riskier almost everywhere else this year seventy five journalists at least have been killed roughly two a week and yet nobody gets punished for these crimes so what we won are buying
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international norms in the form of a united nations convention to address the question of impunity because impunity doesn't just affect their journalists or their families it affects the whole of society because the implication is that if you can get away with killing a journalist more people are likely to attack and kill journalists and in that way more journalists end up self censoring in certain societies where they're under threat in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight told a day not unlike this one bugbear in dissident and journalist yogi markov was murdered on london's waterloo bridge allegedly by a member of his country's secret service the weapon of choice a poison tipped umbrella. attacks on journalists are nothing new they've been going on bryza long as the powerful about something to hide from the people but the silencing of free speech is no less shocking for that whether by bombs by bullet or
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other insidious means. the two thousand and eighteen version of the umbrella murder on waterloo bridge the alleged strangulation and dismemberment of exiled saudi journalist jamal khashoggi inside the country's consulate in istanbul the middle east is at the louis radek of the. reporters without borders index for freedom of press it is the woods place to be a journalists we know of cases where journalists are. just one in many in syria in palestine in egypt across the region in the goeth this is a pattern that has gone on a full far too long what chance of justice for her and the great many others the u.n. notes that in nine out of ten cases the killers go unpunished jonah how al-jazeera london a us president don't trump is promising a crackdown on migrants from central america trying to claim asylum he says anyone
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crossing the border illegally will be detained until their claim is heard in court salim is not a program for those living in poverty there are billions of people in the world living at the poverty level the united states cannot possibly absorb them all asylum is a very special protection intended only for those fleeing government persecution based on race religion and other protected status of thousands of central american migrants are walking through southern mexico in the hope of reaching the u.s. john heilemann joined a family of four which is part of the caravan to look at the challenges they're facing on the journey. when alexander starts his day's journey at three am he's not even awake his system maria is and every step is a small tool it's not just legs
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a little used to walking a marathon every day she's developed to call. them on half whether it's because we're sleeping rough the winds get to her that's why she's sick this is a day in the life of the re is a lie a family durance travelling in a caravan trying to reach the us today's route forty kilometers to the mexican town of weeks they've left early to avoid the midday sun but dad alvin a struggling tool can push a stroller in a dorm break he explains why. this is that this is the leg it's bad it's this one with paul you know it's been seven months mum elin has sophie's eight months pregnant but she didn't want to have her baby back code that bennett said out alone he would have suffered like the other children they're born into poverty off the four hour was she struggling then the family gets a break a ride from a passing truck it revives the flagging children it set some down before
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a migration checkpoint one of several in the south from its commercial without papers their only hope to get through is by sheer force of numbers they have to wait for the others at least erling compressed two hours later the caravan catches up and passes together the type things worked. because mid day approaches the raise is have other problems the food. clothes a man pulls up out of nowhere and helps with the first two and then the third. become he said this is what makes concert been divided over the caravan but today help is ever present this lady simply sweeps up the family and pays the bus tickets just in time the end of their strength. and the money that makes you wonder what's going to happen to them i just had to help and i saw the baby they finally made it two weeks ago here they can rest but there's no shelter so we just have these
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blankets for the children don't sleep on the pier pavement as the rain foods they try and work out their next move. everyone says settling down now after what's been an exhausting day but they still go about two thousand kilometers to get to the buddha and at their current rate that's going to take them at least a month and a half but first there's a lawyer is family has to try and get through the noise their own home and how does it or weeks. the u.s. department of justice charge two former goldman sachs investment bankers over a corrupt of a corruption at malaysia's state development fund one m d b one banker as admitted to conspiring to launder money and violating u.s. and bribery law best to get to say public officials stole billions from the fund to buy property art and jewelry for malaysian prime minister najib razak is facing more than thirty eight charges plus louis is live for us now in kuala lumpur saw
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florence and how did the case of these two bankas fit in with the whole picture of what happened at that one m.t.b. and how and how it's connected with the former prime minister. well these are criminal charges filed by u.s. prosecutors and they come two years after the us department of justice file civil suits to try and recover assets that were stolen from bought with money stolen from one end and these criminal charges are being pressed against two former goldman sachs bankers as well as a third person a malaysian businessman or financier known as low take joe or better known as joe lo and these men have been accused of several things laundering trying to launder money. siphoned from one m. d.b. through the u.s. financial system they've also been accused of bribing officials so that goldman sachs can keep its lucrative contracts advising one m.t.b. on corporate transactions and these men are also accused to have or accused of
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having personally benefit or enriching themselves now as you mentioned one of them has already pleaded guilty and he's been ordered to pay back nearly forty four million dollars the other man is also a former goldman sachs banker he's a malaysian citizen who's been arrested and is expected to be extradited to the u.s. and the third person the jolo that i mentioned well he's already facing charges in malaysia he was charged in accenture several months ago his whereabouts are still not known now he's issued a state's statement through his lawyer to say he's innocent and that he never had a formal position at one end now and that may be so but the former prime minister of malaysia who himself has been charged in relation to one n.d.p. had told in an exclusive interview last week that he saw lois roll in one m t v as one of creating value now not only that a malaysian government advisor has recently said that lho has been trying to strike
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a deal with malaysia essentially asking for immunity from legal prosecution in exchange for offering information so what are we expecting to happen next then for the former prime minister najib razak. well not to cross are already faces as you mentioned thirty eight charges in the courts in malaysia but these charges range from corruption criminal breach of trust to money laundering and really the investigations in the laser. really seem to have gathered pace ever since a new government took power following a general election in may because don't forget malaysian investigators had already been investigating this fund but they alternately concluded that no wrongdoing had been done and it was on it wasn't until the new administration came into power it reopened the investigations that not was charged and now his wife has also been charged in relation to not only that a top civil servant from the previous administration has also been charged florence
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thanks for that florence louie in kuala lumpur our european union proposal to create an ocean sanctuary in the antarctic appears to be failing in its bid to get enough support in a crucial vote in australia the european union and conservationists want to make the world dell see a no go zone for industrial fishing mining and deep sea drilling scientists believe it could be home to thousands of undiscovered species to some extent i'm disappointed. and they wanted to some kind of fish and they looked understanding as not their most unfortunately standing is not there much at the end of the day. after spending so many days on this india's issue especially understanding as not image. a bomb dye beach in australia maybe as surfers delight but every year nearly half a million people from all over the world head to sydney for an event called sculpture
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by the sea this year's lineup features one hundred artists we spoke to the founder who says the exhibition couldn't have a better back. i'm david handley on the founding director of sculpture by the sea in sydney australia in ninety ninety seven the exhibition was just a one day exhibition very quickly sculpture by the sea became what we believe is the largest annual sculpture exhibition in the world in terms of number of sculptures size the location i fled the corporate world in my mid twenty's i was living in prague and i encountered a sculpture in a wonderful sculpture park where sculpture was juxtaposed cited amongst thirteenth century ruins internationally people didn't really think about australia except for the fact we had a rule iraq on a reef and probably an opera house and i have a bridge but that was about it and i want to create something that projected a straight it both to itself and internationally is a more sophisticated and cultured placed to visit to live but also which was
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fundamentally relaxed like australia is i think pieces the art form look at how you could contrast sculpture by color by form by scale with something else a sculpture is meant to be exhibited outdoors and this place is perfect it's as if god in the local mayor got together to create the most perfect location for sculpture we could site huge sculptures which we crane on to the edge of the straight and continent and just around the corner we can have something nestled among the rocks anyone in the world can apply to be in sculpture by the sea we have a curatorial panel go through some five hundred submissions are only requirement is that the sculpture hasn't been exhibited before in australia i love this exhibition to have an idea that comes out of your head that so many people respond to an artist around the world respond to is very special the first seven years were very very tough we now have some four hundred twenty five to five hundred thousand visitors a year depending a bit on the weather and this year we've got artist from twenty one different countries and one hundred seven sculptures always we have just over one hundred
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sculptures layout has come together and it feels really special. all right let's get out of the top stories on al-jazeera the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions are being prepared against saudis involved in the killing of jamal khashoggi saudi leaders have so far resisted international pressure to reveal who ordered the journalist murder aides to crown prince mohammed bin man are implicated phone lines in some areas of pakistan have been cut by the government to try and stop two days of protests over a blasphemy verdes supreme court judges sparked outrage when they acquitted a christian woman sentenced to death when sultan you slam eight years ago can i has the latest from islamabad if it duration remains varied and given the fact that your day is friday and there will be congregational prayer the crowd don we're
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already getting reports that are closed down in that video garage for the third day running that your generation. go complicated by the fact that the per character that if you were going to buy it from their very key your point of the saudi in iraq the coalition in yemen has targeted an air base in the capital sana'a it says the rebels used to launch missiles and drones in sending more troops to retake the port city of data as the un relaunches talks to end the war the us had called on the warring parties to stop the fighting and begin talks u.s. president donald trump is promising a crackdown on migrants from central america trying to claim asylum he says anyone crossing the border illegally will be detained until their claim is heard in court thousands of central american migrants are walking through southern mexico in the hopes of reaching the u.s. those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now and it's the strain.
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hate violence revenge an increasingly alienated generation is finding new outlets to vent it sank. in a new series. takes an unflinching. radicalized organization to young people revealing their inner workings and the often brutal consequences for those drawn into their extreme ideology radicalized coming on al-jazeera. hi i'm femi oke a and you're in the strain we're now live on al-jazeera i'm teaching and i'm with a twenty four hour news cycle and perpetual bombardment of information can sometimes be difficult to dig deeper into a story on this episode of this chain we will dive into three films now streaming
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on al-jazeera dot com that just that a church a trump a mall debt a legacy of slavery in the usa and the things we keep first stop the church of trouble produced for fault lines and this film correspondent josh rushing and producer and a day go inside america's religious right to explore its grassroots strategies and the powerful institutions fueling its resurgence take a look in the united states the religious right is on the we were always hunting for the guy who would take our script and read it they're going to take control of one of the parks and they've effectively done that full lines examines the trumpet ministration special relationship with the religious right what do you get out of the presidency and what evangelical support means for the future of the country. when i set my foot on correspondent just rushing and in new york for. you both.
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so good to have you here i want to start on my laptop with two tweets a tiny little history lesson from a journalist tom craton me he writes historically evangelicals were the theological conservatives who smiled engage the culture and were happy to share their faith but now and probably for a long time to come evangelical communicates a political fact more than a religious identity the fact that eighty one percent of white evangelicals voted for donald trump so and i will give this one to you there is a little to change in history when did that happen in then why did it inspire you to make this stop. rehab seemed a little eyes ation to the christian right in america since the eighty's that reagan we saw through the ninety's when the anti-abortion movement but i think it was surprising after the twenty sixteen election that so many evangelicals eighty
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percent white evangelicals turned out to for such an unscrupulous candidate and i was one of those americans that was a bit surprised by not. and i think many thought that perhaps these voters for kohn but i try but what we found and we you know began investigating this and looking into it further raised that this is a movement that has had a very. smart strategy for decades there are people who are not reacting to all attacks that are happening around them they have a vision for america and they've been working very strategically at the grassroots and at the federal level to achieve this for years and now they have a ministration that's very dependent on them as they're the ones that brought this administration into office just to learn so much about broad's of the evangelical church in the us despite your interactions with them the way that they talk to who
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you talk to there's a guy called jeff alex i'm going to start a little clip of him but before we do that tell us about him what do we need to know before we see that jeff owens a hardware store in the rule part of kentucky just nor tennessee just north of knoxville and he's fairly well known now for putting a sign of the store the says no gays allowed and he says that he can legally do that because of the supreme court decision regarding the baker in colorado and so we went and when asked if he is around i got a chance to talk to him asking two questions his a little bit of just asking jeff i make some questions to get out just because a man of his players made mistakes doesn't mean his own feet to run this country this country right now has a better shape than it's ever been in my lifetime in your left i mean it is left and it's better than it's ever been. there is no difference between a homeless or a homosexual a child molester and a woman that committed an abortion because she has killed her child and i think all
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three of deserve the same penalty. abortion there are be home why do you think i'm so mad at god he has been chosen by god to run this country and if anybody around him is against. homosexuality and against abortion. and for a children's rights to leave your.


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