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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 305  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2018 2:32pm-3:00pm +03

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life in the normal you know ups and downs of people whether it's good or bad you know you you feel a little bit more like them and that was really the the reason and what alexander wanted to convey i mean the update for who's doing the film or and it's not really a spoiler for who hasn't but you have to have that family and god i mean the second kid who was born to the same name as the first kid. who passed away unfortunately and that kid is now growing and happy and strong and they've also had a second child so you know like like every situation where people live in extreme difficulty and hardship there is also normal life and things that bring families joy and their life goes on as well as honoring the final mini elfish as time goes so fos oddly this is not just didn't please pass mill film what is it the general audience of algae and i just think should take away from the film that you might.
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but for me the most important message of this film. also if you're out of your country just drug. all. you could just realize that people are more similar to you than what of course. is if you were in. this field will thank you for saving up a decade's worth of film it was worth the al assad casey thank you for being our guest here on the stream i am going to highly recommend that you do a binge watch of al-jazeera documentaries come here on my laptop i was just way you can start here with this the things we keep you can head across to a mole deck the legacy of slavery in the u.s. eighty and then finish up with for trump out as a adult calm look at documentaries and you'll find them or they enjoy the binge watch and i will see one line that we see. you.
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what makes this moment it's good we're living so unique and we haven't seen the president this is unpredictable freedom of speech is a valid motley plans and that is a perfect formula for authoritarianism in tyranny or near the light so long as there's nowhere to hide let me ask you straight up here is the two state solution no upfront retellings on al-jazeera the right to adequate. adequate who decides. housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. talks to al-jazeera.
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the u.s. says sanctions are possible in a few weeks against saudis linked to the killing of. a lot of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up schools a shot mobile services are suspended protests spread across pakistan two days after a christian woman is acquitted of blasphemy. a life slowly returns to normal in iraq's oil hub but the threat from i saw remains. there's no question that it is the right thing to do. walking out on google thousands of employees around the world protest sexual harassment workplace inequality.
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well the u.s. may now be getting tough with saudi arabia over the murder of. saying it could impose sanctions on those involved in the killing within weeks it's one month since you walked into the saudi consulate in istanbul disappeared turkey says saudi agents strangled the journalist dismembered his body and disposed of it in a premeditated attack castro reports from washington. the u.s. secretary of state says sanctions against saudi arabia for the killing of jamal khashoggi are likely coming to take us. probably have four more weeks before we have enough evidence to actually put those sanctions in place but i'm i think we'll be able to get there we're going to find the fact that a president said we will demand accountability for those who are involved in the
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commission of this i described sanctions would not be the only repercussion from the u.s. more than a week ago the state department revoked the visas of twenty one saudi nationals identified as involved in the operation to kill. secretary michael impale said at the time those penalties would not be the last word even as the u.s. continued to gather facts that included cia director gina haskell travelling to turkey and reportedly listening to the audio recording of killing turkey is leading the investigation it says she was strangled almost immediately after entering the saudi consulate on october second. no one will escape responsibility this issue has become universal it cannot be covered up and it is watched by everyone in the world turkey will transparently share with all international institutions the data of the investigation process we expect saudi officials to
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cooperate with the turkish side in the investigations through joint work to uncover all the circumstances of this crime. meanwhile the washington post reports saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman spoke with senior trump administration officials prior to the kingdom of knowledge killing in the private call been someone reportedly said he was dangerous and a member of the muslim brotherhood a point the journalist had long denied later in public prince amman would change his tune calling the show he's killing a terrible mistake. and not justifiable key questions remain about what exactly happened including what his killers did with his body the u.s. state department says it's calling on saudi arabia to return remains to his family as soon as possible heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington alive not designer
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harder in istanbul so zain what are we expecting to happen next. well the most message from turkey is that we will not let this go we will push until justice is served there will be no cover up and not just those who carried out the crime but those who ordered the the crime will be held to account but it has not been an easy investigation it's been a month since she entered the saudi consulate it's been it took three weeks for saudi arabia to acknowledge that he did not leave the consulate and that was he who was killed inside it took two weeks for them to give turkish investigators access to the crime scene so turkish officials increasingly frustrated with the lack of cooperation on the part of saudi arabia the head of the top prosecutor in saudi arabia was in istanbul earlier this week he held meetings with the man leading the investigation is samples chief prosecutor and according to turkish officials those
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meetings were not fruitful they were not satisfactory in fact the saudi top prosecutor came here not to help in the investigation but to try to find out what evidence turkey had so there is frustration here and it's not just towards saudi arabia's attitude it seems as well they want the trumpet ministration to help pressure saudi arabia to answer the questions that turkey has been asking for some time now where are the body parts of the i say body parts because as temple chief prosecutor says that. she was cut into pieces after he was strangled to death the deputy head of the ruling party saying that trump statements show that he's trying to cover up editorials and turkey's pro-government media say that unless the united states exerts pressure on saudi arabia saudi arabia will claim that they punish those responsible so many here feel turkish officials that saudi arabia will not there won't be
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a fair and transparent trial in saudi arabia even she's fiance in an. opinion piece she referred to the position of the us administration just one of her sentences the trumpet ministration in this tragedy the position is devoid of moral foundation we will continue to push the u.s. administration to help find justice so the message here is that saudi arabia needs to cooperate more the trumpet ministration needs to pressure saudi arabia so what the next move will be and who will carry out their next move we have to wait and see all right for the moment for us in istanbul or as in i was just saying fiance has written an opinion piece for the guardian newspaper in the u.k. teach a change is says the perpetrators should know that they can never erase his vision his beloved country they have only him bold and it it is now left to the international community to bring the perpetrators to justice of all nations the
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united states should be leading the way to trumpet ministration has taken a position that is devoid of moral foundation some in washington are hoping this matter will be forgotten with simple delaying tactics but we will continue to push the trumpet ministration to help find justice for jamal there will be no cover up our one hour special the murder awaiting justice as later on friday at twelve hundred g.m.t. right here on al-jazeera i'm peter doherty here in istanbul a little later we'll have a news our special for you exactly a month since the gruesome murder of jamal there are still so many questions so few ounces who murdered him who gave the order and where is his body and use our special from twelve hours g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. a falling out of the spotlight to how much money saudi arabia spends in the u.s. trying to buy influence in both politics and education some universities on now
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considering whether to cut ties with as you go i reports from washington. this is the university of new haven in the state of connecticut not the most scenic campus or the most well known but it is now drawing nationwide media attention for its relationship to saudi arabia it has a partnership to train saudi arabia security officers executive director of the middle east crisis committee stanley heller says his group protested when the deal was announced two years ago we were appalled that any u.s. college would be helping the saudi regime in any way but especially to help police college. since we know the appalling situation of the of the justice system they were ignored then but are hoping now that saudi arabia has admitted to murdering journalist jamal khashoggi increased pressure will force the university to reconsider the prestigious university the massachusetts institute of
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technology or mit says it is reconsidering its relationship with saudi arabia now but these are just a couple of the dozens of universities the take money from the government and people of saudi arabia this is the the press did an investigation that it found the most saudi money goes here to george washington university in washington d.c. if you look at the database the tracks this information in all over the last decade the government of saudi arabia its citizens and its businesses spent more than six hundred thirteen million dollars in u.s. universities but they're not alone just in the gulf nation of qatar the same timeframe more than a billion dollars the united arab emirates more than two hundred and eleven million . asked about the saudi money much of which goes to research or scholarships for saudi students many university said it would be wrong to deprive deserving students of an education as for george washington university it says it regularly reviews
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programs with saudi arabia to make sure they are consistent with their educational mission giving no indication that they plan to change the relationship anytime soon patty calling al-jazeera washington of the saudi led coalition has launched new offensives in yemen it's begun an operation to retake the port city of day they're currently under the control of the rebels the coalition sent in thousands of troops to the area this week in the early hours of friday and also attacked center international airport and an adjoining airbase the u.s. has called on both sides to stop the fighting and begin talks or people who fled the iraqi city of kirkuk are slowly coming back one year after government forces retort control from kurdish fighters who pushed eisel from the city but the threat of violence remains with security forces on the outskirts still battling to flush out remnants of weisel mohamed atta reports from baghdad. this is the city of could
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sum it up almost a year after it out the forces took control of the city to cut the special forces. old and stability is returning to its streets it was a highly on security situation is relatively better now it is but the economy is still fragile increase taxes and red tape getting out permits to continue our businesses is to some extent hindering our work. during that violence on the city but out the forces fierce of the nude conflict between book the kurdish authorities forced many families to flee the city most of them offices that autonomy are trying to restart their lives. in towns and villages outside could cook though it out the forces continue on oil production against the remnants of eisel who have been cutting out frequent attacks against civilians and security forces despite their ongoing operations against eisel it out imo fishelson assist the armed groups has been defeated and play down the fuse of
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a comeback plan we hope that both iraqi and kurdish forces unite together and eliminate any remaining pockets of terrorism across karkoc the security situation remains a challenge for everyone here if security is improved economy will be boosted. kid coke is a melting pot over iraq's major ethnic groups ops cuts and talking live side by side here. the recent the opening of good books after two commercial flights as instill discipline the residents of the city were there has been used as a military base by american troops since two thousand and three and later but it out and cut a special medical forces. john.


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