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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2018 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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years ago i don't trump's sending out another warning to the migrant caravan in mexico heading north towards the u.s. border president says they are an invasion and anyone caught crossing the border illegally will be detained until their claim is heard in court the siloam is not a program for those living in poverty there are billions of people in the world living at the poverty level the united states cannot possibly absorb them all asylum is a very special protection intended only for those fleeing government persecution based on race religion and other protected status the u.s. department of justice has charged two former investment bankers in connection with the corruption scandal in malaysia one goldman sachs bank admitting to conspiring to launder money and violate and bribery law investigators in malaysia say billions of dollars was stolen from the state development fund one m d b those are the
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headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story. the u.s. calls for an end to the war in yemen and urges both sides to agree to a cease fire in the next thirty days but with the fighting into its fourth year he suffered as well as famine and humanitarian disaster will this time be any different this is inside story.
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come to the program i'm richelle carey enough is enough is the message from the united states to the warring parties and yemen and the americans want a halt to the more than three years of combat between hoofy rebels and the saudi and u.a.e. led coalition supporting the many government troops yes defense secretary is calling for a cease fire by the end of the month the united nations is welcoming the u.s. appeal to replace combat with compromise but the american message to saudi and iranian allies could fall on deaf ears thousands of reinforcements have been sent this week to the rebel held city of three data it is the report for the massive amounts of food aid needed to keep millions of humanity's from starving to death. the special envoy will continue to work with all parties to agree on tangible steps to spare all yemenis the disastrous consequences of further conflict and to urgently address the political security and humanitarian crisis in yemen curators
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all concerned parties to seize this opportunity to engage constructively with the current efforts to swiftly resume political consultations to agree on a framework for political negotiations and confidence building measures in particular and has in the capacities of the central bank of yemen the exchange of prisoners and the reopening of airport. stopping the war in the acts of aggression from aggressive state supported by the us is necessary we count in not acting as a graces against any of our neighbors states they are doing so against us and so when the war stops and the aggression against us stops we will be for peace which will preserve our independence and particular independent entity from any interference from any of the state within neighboring or not. as interest the panel now and washington d.c. eric i can bury an advocacy associate at yemen peace project in santa fe yemen
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affair specialist finally also in washington d.c. sigurd neubauer a middle east specialist welcome to all of you i will start with you eric a state department spokesperson says that this call for this ceasefire is in no way related to the murder of jamal khashoggi the timing do you agree with that do you believe that. not entirely i think in the aftermath of the murder we've seen a lot of congressional reaction we've seen a lot of very strong pushback from within the u.s. government what's been interesting about this pushback is how quickly it has pivoted to yemen and to u.s. involvement in yemen and i think that reflects not only outrage over the murder of a shut she which was a terrible event an individual tragedy but knowledge from members of congress knowledge from certain scorn of the administration that u.s. support for the side of the coalition in yemen is vital and that if you want to rollback saudi behavior whether it be or amorality behavior as well whether it be in yemen or elsewhere you need to start looking very critically at the support so i
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think it's to policymakers are very willing to connect to these two issues sigurd what do you make of the timing i would give the united states government really from secretary mabus to a secretary peo have consistently called for the resumption of u.n. peace talks at least for the last year and a half each time to united states as has demanded a concrete steps it has fallen on deaf ears and abu dhabi and in riyadh so the difference now is that the united states does believe that it has some leverage over to two parties into this conflict precisely because of the fallout over that because shoji if there so this is the recklessly attributed to trying to reverse a negative trend in the us saudi relationship over yemen so even before the leverage yes there have periodically been times that the u.s. says it has drawn some sort of attention to the conflict and yemen but just asking
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for it isn't the same is really having any force behind it or having any will to make it done or even. withdrawing from the role that they actually played in it do you think the u.s. has ever had the will to do something about this sigurd. the united states has always had the will the problem that we have seen and the u.s. saudi relationship over the past eighteen to twenty months unless president trump makes a deliberate statement. statements by his subordinates namely to move cabinet secretaries of defense and state have been ignored altogether and we have also seen that on the bureaucratic level the u.s. government has repeatedly call or and of hostility and resumption of peace talks. what what is different now is that the culmination of events whether it's a can show a fair whether it is the broader instability in the middle east and now the
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washington post playing a central role and demanding justice for jamal khashoggi and tying it to broader u.s. saudi cooperation in the region is drawing tremendous scrutiny domestically here in the united states and it is leaving get ministration with little choice but to all up the pressure on riyadh and even though and i will add that the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia strategic including on on yemen so this is an extraordinary difficult balancing act that the president has to engage in right now hussein what do you make of the timing now that there seems to be more of a public push to draw attention to what has been happening in yemen for years more than ten thousand civilians killed. yeah i think the united states would do some kind of statement they want now to withdraw the attention of the killing of. two like to draw it into yemen is not to show what's happening in yemen it just to
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show that the united states is willing to bring peace into yemen and we all know and i said many times that the saudi cannot stay for two weeks without your support so i think the united states really wanted to stop the war they can stop it in a matter of days. actually we must look into the statement what the state would have told about the cease fire and if you look into it it is only a cease fire from the hoti the statement has requested. first to stop their missiles against saudi arabia to stop the drone strike against all got to be on of the united arab emirates and in return the saudi that coalition will stop striking highly populated area this mean that the saudi come bomb any area they can bomb brode there anything that's out of a major city like sun on a date and i think this kind of ceasefire it just only to protect the saudi and
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they always say money the war just to stay in yemen they do want to limit so let me ask you that when you say you're saying that you don't think that this call for a ceasefire is even handed does that mean you don't think it's genuine either. it is not a ceasefire. and i think that they said they're not united states is the one who is back in this war and they can stay with us soon as they want but we know that the united states have struck billions of dollars in deals with. some of the lot of just. in us history has been doing during this war. just doesn't matter to yemenis because the first thing that the united states actually can do and the united nations yemeni is to lift the blockade at least to leave for humanitarian aid supplies and fuel to come into yemen freely and then
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they control about peace eric do you agree with what hussein is saying that if the united states had wanted to do something about this sooner they could have a mean they are they are supplying obviously a lot of the weapons somewhat just support as well and horrific things continue to happen there particularly to civilians. yeah i mean he's right in the sense that you know the united states has extraordinary leverage in terms of refueling logistical support munitions sales and also targeting assistance as well and the administration has been very reluctant and resistant to exercising some of the celebrity and one of the very disappointing things about the pump a one mad a statements as that even though they advanced the strongest rhetoric yet on the conflict in the thirty day deadline for ending it and bring everyone to the table it was still rhetoric there was no sort of threat attached to that there was no actual push or leverage the united states can certainly stop or be a play a role in stopping the worst of the violence particularly stopping airstrikes that
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are targeting civilians in rural and urban areas and that is strong so much going to economic infrastructure the united states can't wave a magic wand and bring the parties automatically to a table that will produce a long lasting accord that has come from the in many parties themselves and even though. statement on the sequencing i believe sir deserve some criticism as has same pointed out the sequencing for reducing ballistic missile fire and reducing our struck should be simultaneous there who these also do have a responsibility to stop that ballistic missile fire which is justifying the united states using using that to justify continued hostilities so it's on all the warring parties to stop this here although the united states does play an outsized role so eric about that yes there are there are calls for a ceasefire shore but have you i'm sorry sigurd pardon me eric i want this question to go to have you seen or heard any actual solutions to this
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situation and yemen obviously the cease fire matters because people are dying clearly but beyond that it's one thing a call for to call sources call for a cease fire have you see anything out there in the public discussion that's an actual potential solution to what is happening there. i'm very glad that you asked that question because it's really important to understand for our viewers that u.s. diplomats remain in regular contact with the who the leadership which is based in oman and part of the who with the delegation that would negotiate in peace talks are based in muscat oman with a precise goal that they will be able to travel to to peace talks once they eventually take place they who think spokesman mohammad. based in moscow it and he's quite a moderate figure i would add and he maintains regular contacts with u.s. diplomats so the americans understand have a better understanding of what the who thinks wants what a roadmap to words
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a deescalation and eventually peace talks can take place and what i wear will disagree with the two other panelists this that the united states on one hand sending messages throughout the public sphere by by issuing statements and in private we are seeing quite some arm twisting taking place so just because there are no public threats from the trump administration against saudi arabia and the united arab emirates against procedural matters that they could implement if peace talks are not. proceeding to fact that we have a thirty day. timeline for peace talks to resume is this in the six an event statement and itself saying tell us more about what is happening and who data or what you anticipate happening there. this moment saudi the coalition is gathered in tens of thousands fight us and send a new. vehicle south of where they does so they are preparing for
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a major attack on the data and i think. this could be the biggest attack that will be conducted in the data in the same time we see the statement about peace in yemen in the last forty years every time someone either from the united nation or u.k. or u.s. come release a statement about peace in yemen on folks on ceasefire we see a major attack that will take place straight after the invasion of aden and it came during a cease fire attacks on some areas on. the border of yemen was during the cease fire that they when they talk. it was do it in this type of statement so it's all covered and we will see the link in the coming days when the saudis that coalition war will start that attack and are they that then we're going to see the united nations will ask again. to all the sides to cease fire just to to keep the saudi
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that coalition safe in this area that they have controlled ok liz i just want to bring eric answered this eric hussain us or people they brought up the u.n. and that's a really good point what what we're all. should or could the u.n. have played along the way here what well can they play now. i mean now i think the u.n. can help mediate a peace process between the parties maybe not an immediate peace process the u.n. special envoy martin gryphus talks about stopping the fighting first and building peace later and i think the contact he's maintaining with both on sorrow on the of these and also side of the coalition and also the united states is very important to stopping the worst of the violence to stop in the missile strikes on both sides to potentially averting an escalation and data martin group as was instrumental in over the course of the summer when a lot of un pressure and a lot of international pressure from humanitarians stopped
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a direct assault on the port and now we do see new sources massing and given the significance of the humanitarian situation that is extraordinarily concerning the united nations cannot solve all problems the dietitians cannot you know create a peace process from the ground up at best it's a venue to bring parties together and to get people in conversation we should be looking at the arm doctors themselves to take on responsibilities they have under international humanitarian law international human rights law we should be looking to yemeni civil society as well and yemeni women as well to include them in the peace process to buttress a peace process moving forward the u.n. is a venue it's not an actor that can create things and move things by itself ok fair enough how much credibility dez sticking to him have now that obviously they they very publicly have been lying about what their story has changed publicly that's that's not up for debate about what happened to jamal khashoggi so having said that on the international stage how much credibility do
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they actually have now going forward whether it's a peace process whether it's talks i mean they have been allowed to investigate themselves when it comes to to killing civilians how much credibility the saudis still have on the international stage now. i would put it slightly differently and i would i would add just a return of prince ahmed the younger brother of king solomon from his self-imposed exile in london to a sewer turn to riyadh the other day on how severe the crisis surrounding saudi arabia standing in the world and in within the international community is the saudi royal family are now gathering we of course don't quite know what kind of conversations are taking place but they fully understand. the present trajectory of saudi arabia's role in the region and in which the united states is unattainable so that's the first part going back to the issue of who are they the
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united states has repeatedly they cleared both publicly and privately that it will not tolerate any capturing of that red sea port because it would essentially block and all entries of humanitarian supplies to yemen's population so the united states will not tolerate it now and it has not tolerated in the past even though we're seeing. hussein just some efforts to consolidate control on the ground level around the area but but if the saudis and immoralities would attempt to reach to capture that city i think that all hell will be break loose over let me let me they are not quite going to do that just a moment i'm going to let area get in there because i can tell eric same to a bit skeptical if i'm not aware of it words of your mouth as to what you are saying eric go ahead. no i think de united states has technically drawn a red line around the ports don't attack the ports but the united states has given
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saudi's number audi's de facto permission to do all kinds of things around today though all kinds of things on the west coast all types of violence that are significantly exacerbating the humanitarian situation the united states could have exercised its leverage to stop this offensive before it ever really got going and stopped the what i think recorded in september is the four hundred seventy thousand that have been displaced the united states is also and this was a publicly by state department officials the middle east institute not too long united states is also fine with. the saudis sort of exercising military leverage and had data to push the who of these two a political solution and not whether that will work is to be fully up in the air but it's undoubted.


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