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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2018 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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to his a.k.p. party faithful here in turkey for him he dated the putting together of the final plan on september the twenty eight he is also publicly of course repeating himself week after week saying he believes the decision to kill jamal khashoggi was taken at the highest level possible our correspondents maria homed now on picks the riyadh connection. soon after jamal khashoggi leaves the saudi consulate this men. a saudi attention istanbul reportedly leaves to he flies to riyadh returning two days later on october the first a group of officials then travel from the saudi consulate to a forest on the outskirts of a stand bill and to the nearby city of your lover on what the turkish president says was a reconnaissance mission police sources say a losing me is among them at about three fifteen on the day khashoggi is told to
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return to the consulate nine of the fifteen min the saudi team arrived at a stand bill's attitude a port on a private jet from riyadh the wrist follow either on commercial flights or on a second private jet checking into two hotels near the consulate at nine fifty five around three hours before crucial derives one of the suspected saudi agents matter abilities motive into is the saudi consulate an hour before diplomatic vehicles pull up allegedly carrying some of the saudi agents shogi walks through the front gate of the saudi consulate at thirteen fourteen the last time he is ever seen alive. president richard says he is a text soon after tortured killed and then dismembered reuters news agency says this men sowed cutter. a top aide to saudi prince mohammed bin cell man supervises
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the killing virus sky cool for days after his disappearance saudi officials insist he left the building surveillance footage shows those behind his murder wanted to make it look that way one member of the team dresses in casual g.'s clothes even wears a false beard but tellingly his own shoes he walks out of the consulate throw back exit to make it look like she left about two hours after his the consulate collect vented from the consulate to the nearby residents of the saudi consul the scene there at sixteen fifty three all the time to show his fiance is waiting outside the saudi consulate a teacher alerts authorities and turkish intelligence and security agents rushed to atatürk a port according to sources they searched at least one of the private jets and baggage too but after twenty one hundred on october the second the second of the
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private jets departs for riyadh no sign of could show g. and a month after his murder still no sign of his body. well since the get go with the international diplomatic story we have her correspondents tracking the twists and the turns around the world of course but not least here in turkey we have correspondents today in all the key locations in a moment we'll hear from my colleagues in a hoarder who's outside the consul general's residence hall barbara is standing by for us at the turkey prosecutor's office sinan consumer who is in the capital ankara but let's begin with alan fischer at the consulate building itself allan saudi arabia had the key legal person in the country that relationship seems to not be going in the right direction what do we think they can possibly do next. for those undoubtedly a frustration from the turkish side that saudi arabians have said openly and
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repeatedly that they will cooperate with international inquiries company being held by the tartars and also by the united states but on the turkey side they feel that those are what's not being backed up by actions for a number of reasons it's hard to believe that it's exactly a month and two hours ago the jamal khashoggi walked through that door and was immediately set upon by a group of fifteen men he was killed within minutes according to the turkish presidency and just in the last hour or so we're hearing from a very close aide to the turkish president saying that he believes the body what's this all all that is really what the focus of the inquiry is no there is no doubt that from very early on the turks had intelligence that pointed to the death to the martyr of jamal khashoggi what they want to know or know is where is the body or the body parts remember of the fifteen people who turned up in this so-called thirty hit team one of them carried aboard so to dismember the body the other thing
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they want to know from the saudis is the saudis have said although not officially that a local cooperate to help dispose of the body the turks are very keen to find out who that is because although the saudis argue. that anything that happened inside the consulate under international law happened on saudi soil and therefore they should deal with it whoever the cooperator was broke turkish laws and these are tuckey citizen so they want leads to find out who he is so they can perhaps interview miss soon as possible so those are the two main areas where the turks are looking at the moment they believe that they want to find whatever remains of jamal khashoggi and portly to find out if there was indeed a local cooperate or or this is something that the saudis have said to try and deflect away from their obvious guilt in this issue. alan thanks very much reporting live there let's take it to my colleague is in a holder who is side that certainly consul general residence here in istanbul you
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don't have to be here for very long zain it's a work of that everyone is saying what allan was kind of hinting at there the focus of this investigation should be now where you are why is that so the turkish investigators. well yes turkish investigators they want to search a well in the garden of the consul general residence behind me it's been over a week since they put in this request so far saudi arabia not giving them access to that well but we have to remember the residence was searched on october the seventeenth two weeks after the murder which just shows you how the delaying tactics that saudi arabia has been using and that's why turkish investigators have been saying how you know frustrated they have been so they entered the consulate on october the seventeenth they searched the building but they weren't able to search that well properly because they needed a special team because of the deaths of the well but they did take water samples but like alan said the focus is to find the remains of she now we have to remember
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the saudi consul general is no longer here he left the country before his residence was searched but another question turkish prosecutors and investigators are answer asking is why isn't saudi arabia questioning the saudi consul general he was in his diplomatic mission when she was murdered and another question that they're asking is why the military attache at the consulate hasn't been questioned by saudi authorities especially since he left the night she was killed he left turkey so really a lot of questions remain and sirte. zain a thanks very much my colleague is at the prosecutor's office here in istanbul hashim the investigation and the relationship that it's built on seems to be going no place where you all are they still reaching out to the saudis are they still saying look we can work with you.
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the answer to that peter is no the corporation has hit a snag the turkish prosecutor found. that he was expecting his counterpart the chief prosecutor said. when he was here in istanbul or to deliver on the promises made by the turkish by the saudi government when it comes to prosecute the eighteen suspects detained by saudi arabia but also deliver some crucial information about the identity of the local collaborator and who gave the order to kill. the authorities here say that each time they were asking the sardi prosecutor those questions hoping for some sense of clarity here was the basis saying sometimes i don't have any information about this or no and then of the end of his trip here his vital turkish investigators to travel to society arabia and talk to their counterparts there about all the details there was an indication to the turkish
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government that the saudis are trying to. to prolong the whole prosecution what is next they're definitely going for they are on the offensive releasing those statements very strong statements from the turkish prosecutor hinting that they have strong evidence about what happened on the second of october and that is up to the saudi government now to show the world it is genuine about revealing the details about what happened and who gave the order it's become judicial and political. and this explains why the turkish prosecutor the turkish minister of justice has been saying over the last three days basically that it's up now to the international community to put further pressure on the saudi government for them to come out candidly about what happened one last thing here. the turkish prosecutor and the turkish justice of minister were talking about the need to give
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diplomacy a chance for all the parties to negotiate whatever they can do now this saying that the only way out is for the eighteen suspects detained in saudi arabia to be extradited and tried here in istanbul a request which has been dismissed by the science of government. thank you very much. the prosecutor's office here in istanbul. correspondent who for the past month has followed the political developments very closely. was the feeling. keeps up the pressure on the saudis whilst also maintains that very difficult relationship with the united states as well. while bitter yes it's an it's a double sided knife for for turkey regarding its strong relations with saudi
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arabia and its strong but if fragile relations with saudi arabia until now we have witnessed that person's iran has managed to put pressure over saudi arabia as he has become a specific side of this case he said that he's on the side of justice he said that he's going to call the responsible to account and this is what he tried to do on till now actually the first phase of this pressure was actually is through media it was the media pressure that put saudis in corner and made them change their state pretoria for a couple of times saudi arabia first denied. it being inside the consulate saying that he already left and then they denied he was killed but they had to call first everything they do to international media pressure over the leak information footages and other details and now we are hearing from the sources in the presidential palace that turkey is working on
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a diplomatic roadmap so it's going to be for it was the first media pressure now they are working on a diplomatic pressure at three step every road map in order to put diplomatic pressure over saudi arabia of course turkey wants to lead the investigation of the prosecution process as this incident took place in turkey and that's why they want to stay. as transparent as they can and they want to provide as many as much information as to the international public opinion but of course we have to i have to remind that since our dawn has begun running turkey for the last seventeen years we can say that he is the man of the crisis and he has dealt with many the mess the crisis including a failed coup also many international crisis like gaza flotilla crisis with israel where finally israel had to apologize from turkey and turkey was able to receive
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compensation also some other crisis with russia so we see that president our don is leading this diplomatic pressure process he is determined to ask people ask help hold the responsible accountable for this and he is not going to stop and last week when he spoke at the parliament he said that if there are any other culture is involved in this murder they will be held accountable too i have to remind here that when they hit when the fifteen member squad team came to turkey one of the privates jets that they fly flight in istanbul went to other countries so they are hinting second and third countries who can be involved in this case but we will wait and see what this diplomatic pressure roadmap is coming soon. ok send him we'll leave our conversations there thank you very much in the case of
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. the murder of jamal khashoggi has been a very difficult one for the turkish investigators you'll remember if you've been following the story it was heading for two weeks before turkish investigators were given not fully unfettered access into that building when it comes to prosecuting a case of criminality there are two key factors here one they've got to have a body or. left of a body or they've and or they've got to have that ordeal recording that we've heard so much about over the past calendar month that in itself may be legally difficult for the turkish authorities i.e. the key question if they try to get that admissible as evidence into a court of law the key question that they would face would be how did you get it were you in effect bugging the saudi consulate that's something that they would have to answer let's get more now from alan fischer. the case of jamal khashoggi is
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one of lies. surprise and videotape fourteen days after the writer disappeared and after days of requesting permission turkish investigators were finally a load into the consulate with the insisted he'd been killed but really which this forensic expert says would help any potential cover up little island off along the main thing in incidents like this is to carry out the crime scene investigation within days or as soon as possible in this case it took two weeks for the forensic teams to enter the consulate and searched the surrounding areas this is a big handicap they can link to losing evidence you name it the saudis had initially insisted khashoggi left the building after attending a routine appointment but his fiancee was eight sede a crucial witness to contradict the lie the turks were clear it intelligence evidence allegedly including audio and video showed was dead and they revealed the images of the so-called hit team fifteen men who flew in from saudi arabia to kill
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the writer and crucially to clean up afterwards one allegedly brought aboard saw what king from here turkish investigators a built in case against the saudi nationals they believe are responsible for the killing of khashoggi but the series of well timed leaks the built up international pressure forcing the saudis to change the story from outright denial to an acceptance should you wish kill where. and when the carts allege the saudis claim there was a fight they got out of hand but the turks have contradicted that idea we see the writer was strangled as soon as he walked into the building his body dismembered the saudis can't or won't see what happened to the body infirm and it will be a silent witness to what exactly went on with them at the college where they claim there was a fight where we find the body this will be out assault after the examination we will find the way he was caught of it. so he's chief prosecutor has this week spent
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to fill these in istanbul but there's frustration here at what's seen as a genuine lack of cooperation but there are still crucial questions to be answered in this investigation where is jamal khashoggi as body and who ultimately give the order to kill him alan fischer al-jazeera istanbul ok let's delve more into the diplomatic issues following on the consequential diplomatic issues following on from the show actually joining us here in istanbul is me her friend he's formally the turkish ambassador to canada. at the center of all this was there a colossal miscalculation on the part of the saudis when it came to what they thought they could get away with. i think yes yes it was a miscalculation. i think this this incident reflected on the saudis their image. has been tarnished and they are isolated now and they were not expecting. such. a public outrage internationally so now it
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seems that they are trying to manage it but it's quite difficult given the situation the statement made by the turkish prosecutor how do they manage. probably with the help of their allies they would like to to keep it out of the radar of the media and probably they are expecting important who wants to take place in the days to come such as the about can. american elections and saw. and they they would leave it to die up and apparently now it's it's quite difficult. and also. because of the fact that the media has also made public. of the situation in yemen. that the saudis. have bombarded hospitals on school buses no there are at least fourteen million people facing.
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starvation. thousands of people have been killed so the american administration would like probably to. not to do war. in order to lessen the pressure on the on the saudis and also qatari blockade must must also be on the agenda in the months to come but we have to wait until the american. elections not enough behind undone i understand that they will be dealing with it there will be a new reassessment of the situation on the part of the american presidency. in order to. to deal with it they will but as regards turkish relations.


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