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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 10:00am-10:34am +03

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on al-jazeera. the turkey's president says the order to kill journalists came from the highest levels of the saudi government. has i'm sick of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the pakistani government is accused of caving in to conservatives that's after a deal to end protests over the acquittal of a christian woman convicted of blasphemy. the trumpet ministration restore sanctions on iran but eight countries are allowed to import oil without penalty. you think if you go with you we have the numbers here. and refusing to bow out sri
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lanka's ousted prime minister tells al-jazeera that democracy is under threat. president says he's convinced the order to kill journalists came directly from the saudi state but he does not believe king salmen was the one who made the order much of type one has written an article for the washington post newspaper a month after her was murdered at the saudi consulate in istanbul joins us live now from there so what are we to make of the turkish president's comments in this in this piece in the in the washington post one month on now from the killing of jim out. well definitely the turkish president staying on the offensive. keeping up the pressure saying that
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turkey is not going to let this go until the full truth is revealed and those responsible held to account are to go on saying that he believes the one who ordered the killing it comes from the highest levels of the saudi government he didn't name who he believes was responsible but he did name the person he doesn't believe was involved in that is king sound man and really this is not the first time he mentions king and this is because turkey has been very careful that this crisis is not going to damage the relationship between riyadh and ankara a relationship that was really cordial before this crisis began so are to go on saying that he doesn't believe king sound man but he's also criticizing saudi arabia for not cooperating he mentions the visit of the saudi top prosecutor to istanbul earlier this week a visit that did not produce any tangible results the president again asking the question that has been asked over the past months where is the body of she or at least his his body parts because the chief prosecutor has has said that he believes
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she was strangled to death upon his entrance to the consulate and that his body was cut into pieces so erdogan really keeping up the pressure asking saudi arabia for example why aren't you questioning the consul general of the man who is in charge of this mission the man who was inside the consulate when she was killed and we have to remember in the leaks over the past few weeks this is how the consul general was depicted more of a witness than someone who actually played a role so that the president really staying on the offensive and demanding answers from saudi arabia and this time making his demands using the washington post which is of course you are you know addressing the international audience and the fact that the turkish president has not implicated the saudi crown prince. killing him is that perhaps a recognition that he still is still very much in power behind the throne in saudi
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arabia. well yes erdogan has not mentioned muhammad been so did the fact the ruler of saudi arabia by name but people who are close to the government house and that fifteen men hit squad well even the washington post's publisher is reiterating the findings and that is members of this hit squad are linked to muhammad bin some men they are members of his personal security detail something that turkey established weeks ago one of them. for example he's seen in photographs with the with the crown prince so there is a belief that you know this murder could not have taken place without the order or at least the knowledge of mohamed bin so a lot of questions still being answered the washington post the publisher even questioning the u.s. administration why aren't you doing enough why aren't you you know hurrying up this process what are these delaying tactics why aren't you punishing saudi arabia because if you don't punish saudi arabia in one way or another you are giving
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a license to kill other dissidents and there are many this events in turkey some of them of course friends of your mouth and these people are worried they're worried that they could they could be next. fall. t.v. a dissident voice raised from turkey that would otherwise not be heard. the. news this is an egyptian opposition channel which can't broadcast at home where the media is tightly controlled by the government it's one of a dozen television channels run by opposition movements across the arab world that broadcast from here. to its chairman a minority who once stood as a presidential candidate in egypt and who spent time in prison for opposing longtime president hosni mubarak left his country in two thousand and thirteen after challenging the current president of the fatah has sisi and what he called
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his to radical rule. through the person. told me to come to turkey was my dear friend for thirty five years he said it's the safest country for me to live in he believes and saw the why the president would never hand over opposition members in return for the deal so i took them as advice it seems turkey is safe for me but it wasn't for him. it's believed that she was murdered in the saudi consulate on october the second because he was a critic of crown prince mohammed bin salmen many arabs who spoke out against those in power and called for democracy and it up living in exile in istanbul this is one of the few districts where egyptians syrians yemenis saudis and libyans settled after escaping harsh crackdowns and repression at home. it was the arab spring in two thousand and eleven that forced many people to leave their countries syrians opposed to president bashar al assad members of egypt's now outlawed muslim
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brotherhood group they were forced to leave after the military coup in two thousand and thirteen they found safety in turkey until now. when the dissidents have been threatened with death this presenter live on an egyptian pro-government channel named a minor war as one of those who shouldn't be killed. his friend was killed and along with him the sense of security in what was seen as a safe haven the brutality of the murder a reminder of what can happen when you confront power but she's friends don't believe his death will be wasted. i believe god wanted jamal to achieve in his death what he wanted to achieve in his life which was to end oprah's of rule whether military tribal or religious i think his death will be a turning point in the region to get rid of these regimes. she wasn't alone those who fought for new leadership have found a place in turkey which has been described by some as the last corner of the arab
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spring some of which she's death has weakened build their demand for change senator al jazeera istanbul. was a columnist for the washington post on thursday the paper's publisher and c.e.o. fred ryan cold on the trump and ministration to get tougher on saudi arabia how we respond to jamal's killing sends a message to saudi tyrants and others around the world this is a crucial moment where we can take a stand and hold the global trend of increased attacks on journalists if those who persecute journalists get away with their crimes and are allowed to return to business as usual but only invites more of the same if saudi arabia faces no consequences for jamal's murder it sends a powerful message of tolerance or perhaps even encouragement and every journalist in every country will be at a greater risk. protests in pakistan against the release of
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a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges have been called off the government has reached an agreement with conservative muslim groups on wednesday's supreme court overturned the death sentence of bibi who had been on death row on charges of insulting islam kamau hyder reports from the capital islamabad. but said at a standstill jordan schools closed. for three days the protests over the r.c.m.p. b.k. shut down parts of several pakistani cities but i said man the whole city is filled with fear no one is coming out of the situation of unrest mostly roads a quiet not much transport is a violent i said bibi is a pakistani christian woman. did it is a goal after an argument. led them to accuse her of insulting islam this group priem court overturned the conviction this week saying there wasn't
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enough evidence but reaction in some quarters was a few. so when he went up. we did not accept the supreme court's one sided verdict at least so we request the supreme court reviews its judge part of it constitutes a larger bench to hear this case again we're focused on here prime minister emraan crown insisted he would an order law what he calls religious hardliners to cripple the country damaged property and fight with police there's goldman has taken a stand and i hope it's just sort of lives that the stand and it takes on and then to takes effective measures to deal with these miscreants and restores laws because people of pakistan who are peace loving they are really fed up with these people who abuse their lives and for their own small neural net. if you sense now
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it seems the prime minister has exceeded their decision by the ultra conservative group that it left beg cucolo for street protests before being struck with the government. but it's too soon to judge where did that signal is long term reform of focus on blasphemy law or just a short lived compromise to restore order. come out heidi joins me live now from lima lad so kamau big concession from the government and they effectively reversed the supremes court's judgment where. the supreme court graded reverse a judgment and bargain big decision by the government because the stakes were a high. bank. which has come out very strongly against the black for me laws but all the political parties who are trying to get mileage out of there
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because of their strong opposition to iran khan's government they would inflame a treaty language against that milledge against a good day today however on the other hand a country one that's done that and some of the political game who are using that had ammunition against the government and the government had limited choice but to compromise however it will be important to. read the blasphemy law if it gets proven to be told. and what does this tell us about the power that this block of conservatives has in pakistan right now. well it isn't. because you mentioned earlier that. the judgment from the supreme court cleared the prosecutor not have a weak case. on anybody just
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a minute accusation and enough to get anybody and so did. martin. laws should be wholeheartedly and it should be in conjunction with principle but it cannot be based on people taking the law into their own hands they did that dangerous precedent president that said bad for the supreme court granted there are a lot of people in pakistan who are deaf by the fact that deeds elements are still active and threatening and undermining the writ of the state to mouth thank you to mao hiding in islamabad. what's more still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back we'll look at the notorious life of mexican drug lord el chapo he goes on trial in the u.s. on monday. and president trump appears to do a u. turn on a threat to shoot undocumented migrants at the u.s. border.
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and over the severe weather over the mediterranean is now easing it has been incredibly heavy over the past twenty four hours particularly of parts of sicily three mainland italy and up into slovenia we have had reports of flooding that system still going to stay with us over the next few days but it is easing as i say so not quite as severe the weather here instead is that calms down we're seeing a little area of low pressure nip to the northwest in parts of europe and that's actually the remains of an old hurrican hurrican striking plenty of cloud of rain ahead of it very windy too will gradually work its way south eastwards as we head into sunday it is breaking up a little bit as it does so meanwhile while all of that messy weather is happening for the eastern parts of europe it's very different hair kiev very warm up at twelve degrees we should be around five at this time of year and for bucharest
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we're at eighteen and we should be near a ten so i really very warm for us for the other side of the mediterranean we've also had some severe weather here recently too particularly over parts of tunisia and area is a link to that same system over the mediterranean there more wet weather is expected as we had three saturday and sunday and again some could be very heavy and cause quite a bit of disruption towards the west is cooler now forcing rubato maxim is just twenty degrees. after one of greece's deadliest forest fires turned a blissful coastal town into a bloody hell people in power asks whether the flames were found point institutional incompetence the number one responsibility for. this project. was not an accident it was a crime or maybe the fire is the real symbol the book recently come up to take
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but still still on the farm on al-jazeera. and again you're watching edge there are a matter of our top stories this hour turkey's president says he's convinced the order to kill journalists. came from the highest levels of the saudi government but in an article for the washington post one says he does not believe king salmen gave the order. protests in pakistan against the release of bibi a christian woman acquitted of last minute for me charges have been called off that began on wednesday when the supreme court overturned baby's death sentence. on the us government is restoring sanctions on iran that were lifted as part of the twenty
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fifteen nuclear deal from monday it's targeting oil shipping and financial sectors the other nations that signed on to that deal condemned the move atika lane has more from washington. it's probably fair to say u.s. foreign policy has never been announced like this but this is an actual tweet from the u.s. president meant to look like a movie poster warning that sanctions are coming from the president later on the south lawn sanctions are starting on or a. you know randi thank you the very beginning his top aides including treasury secretary steve talking tough as well on a conference call with reporters the treasury department will have more than seven hundred names to our list of blocked answer to this includes hundreds of targets previously granted sanction for leave under the j c p o as well as more than three hundred new jack nations this is substantially more than we ever have previously
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done but they are giving waivers to eight countries allowing them to continue to remain loyal with the promise they will reduce that amount over time the u.s. is breaking the international deal and the rest of the signatories say they want to stay in it proponents of the nuclear deal say this move will isolate the u.s. russia was abiding by it the chinese were abiding by it the europeans were abiding by it and most importantly the iranians were abiding by it's now the united states that is in breach of that agreement and is now actually going so far as to punish countries that are abiding by a u.n. security council resolution you really can't get more pariah than the european union created what they hope will be a workaround to still do business in iran u.s. officials are brushing off its potential but are warning allies they could face a actions as well right now talking tough while the world waits to see if it will
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be more than words petty calling al-jazeera washington. president trump has backtracked from suggestions the u.s. soldiers at the border with mexico would shoot migrants if they throw rocks at them he was referring to central american migrants trying to enter the country without documents. what they did to the mexican military is a disgrace they had a with rocks were very seriously injured and they were throwing rocks in their face they do that with us they're going to be arrested there's going to be a problem i didn't say shoot i didn't say shoot but they do that whether they're going to be arrested for a long time or the iran sanctions coming into effect as well as heated immigration rhetoric from donald trump come just ahead of midterm elections on tuesday they're seen as a referendum on the first two years of his presidency jhumpa spending the last weekend before the election campaigning for republican candidates in six states
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americans will be voting for members of the house of representatives some senators and governors republicans currently control both houses of congress but democrats are hoping to take back the house of representatives mike hanna has more from washington. well president trump is not standing in the selection but he's certainly putting a lot of effort into it he's attended rally after rally his message fear of immigration in particular by labeling the caravan that's crossing across mexico as an invasion sending troops to the border and what his critics contend is merely an election tactic but along with that fear of immigration president trump is also stressed economy economy he claims that his presidency has turned around this election will decide whether we build on the extraordinary prosperity that we've unleashed nobody can believe what's happened or whether we let the radical
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democrats take control of congress and take a giant wrecking ball to our economy or to our future. americans now has the best economy in the history of our country and we want to keep it that way many observers contend it was under the previous president that the economy started to turn around and president obama's out on these campaign rallies as well the democrats heavyweight to galvanize the masses to go to the polls to cost their votes would democrat in support of this well by former vice president joe biden but a parochial bomb has been very careful in his language during the campaign very seldom referring to president trump by name but making very clear the implication that under this president the very nature of the society has changed oh america was at a crossroads. the health care of millions is on the belt. making
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sure working families get a fair shake it's all about. but maybe most of all the character of our country is on the way. in the closing weeks of this election we're seeing repeated attempts to divide us. with rhetoric. designed to make us angry and make us fearful the democrats need to flip twenty three republican seats in the house of representatives to achieve a majority that they need to flip to republican seats in the senate to take control of that body for the first time president trump may be facing a congress that isn't entirely republican controlled certainly something he hasn't had to contend with in his first two years opinion polls indicate the democrats do stand a good chance of taking control of the house of representatives not that good
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a chance of getting control of the senate however opinion polls back in two thousand and sixteen told us that president trump couldn't possibly win sri lanka's sac prime minister has told edges in a democracy is under threat. refusing to quit after he was fired last week by president monthly policy cena he's been replaced with mahindra touch a proxy a two time former president when a smith reports from colombo. for the past week run away from a single has refused to leave the prime minister's official residence here in the capital it's become a symbol of legitimacy he tells me after being fired by the president in what critics are calling a constitutional two day the thirty three london democracy in the last presidential election parliament religion we came forward on the basis that parliament is supreme that the president must act according to the beaches of parliament the
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nineteenth amendment to the constitution was drafted on that basis now what has happened is the president is trying to override the power of the parliament present my for a palace or a say in a swore in mahinda rajapakse as the new prime minister last friday. rajapaksa was president for two terms and scrapped term limits in twenty fourteen to try and stay in power but then lost the election he called a year later rajapaksa says he's got enough support in parliament to confirm his position but m.p.'s can't quote because presidents are saying or a suspended parliament why the delay you think in recalling parliament where they haven't the numbers where the number because of parliament initially thought you think if you go we have the numbers here. with we hear a lot of talk about persuading m.p.'s to join rajapaksa side how might they be persuaded what are you what are you hearing about what's going on there are
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funding their ministry ships and sometimes money the speaker has warned of the risk of a bloodbath if this is allowed to continue do you share those views of the speaker that there can be an appeal because people are getting the two granted by the reward for parliament democracy we why are we asked for a different set up and all of sudden we find even worth two thousand forty. defending a principle and the fact that the made during the war. in two thousand and fifteen to a poor democracy and if you lead them down they're close to be i and a singer says it's that desire to uphold democracy that's brought him support from a wide a section of society than just his traditional support base when parliament is recalled prime minister wickramasinghe says he'll leave his official residence here at temple trees to go and vote until then he's staying put bernard smith al-jazeera
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colombo. dozens of palestinians have been injured during the latest protests along the border with israel at least two hundred ten people have been killed since the weekly friday demonstrations began in march palestinians in gaza are demanding the right to return to ancestral lands and the lifting of israel's twelve year blockade on the strip i source says it was behind an attack that killed seven coptic christians in egypt gunmen fired at two buses on their way to him on a street near the city of minya two hundred sixty kilometers south of cairo six of the dead were from the same family present abdul fatah his sisi is promising to punish those responsible as was launched several attacks on coptic christians in the last few years ten thousand people have been displaced in the central african republic after fighting over the last two days at least two people have been killed in attacks on internally displaced people camps first pictures of the incident posted by doctors without borders show camps completely burned to the ground as
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a result of those attacks fighting since the fall of former president bush in twenty thirteen has displaced seven hundred thousand people and forced another half a million to flee the country other drug lord who was once considered the most powerful criminal in mexico will go on trial in the united states on monday born into poverty in the mountains of sin a lower. rose through the ranks of organized crime amassing a fortune and overseeing an illicit empire with links around the globe john home on reports on the man known as el chapo. this is how the legend of mexico's most powerful criminal chapo ended a tired middle aged man bundled into exile in the us. and this is where it began in one thousand nine hundred four a cartel middleman who was caught on film for the first time walking gruesome and it just been put in a maximum security prison but it wouldn't hold him his first jail break legend has
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it was in a laundry basket. once he began climbing the criminal ladder to public enemy number one he's seen a low a cartel had links all over the world he even made it on to the forbes rich a list it was a huge leap for someone who in a rolling stone interview said he'd grown up the poorest of the pool. from the time i was six until now my parents are very humble family very poor my mom made bread to support the family i would sell it i sold oranges soft drinks candy. how did i go from that to miss cruz told criminal we asked someone who'd known him for years. everyone was waiting for him to come home because then there would be a party with ten or twelve bands of musicians it was beautiful and he gave out gifts someone like condell chapel to a mix can rub in hood but there's another side to the business he and his sin
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a low a cartel dominated. by order to clean up plazas corrupt police and after i don't succeed or someone gets out of line they killed him that happens all over the world so the narcos of sin to lower wouldn't be any different in two thousand and fourteen the authorities caught up with again but the great escape artist repeated his trick this time disappearing through his so floor into a tunnel complete with electric lighting and a getaway bike. mit's cruz government was humiliated and chappals legend grew he headed back to the place he knew best these are the mountains where chopper was born and raised they were his center of operations a hideout in a refuge he knew the people here and out of reverence or fear they would never give him up it took a couple himself to do that three's infatuation with mitt's consume their cost to you he invited her to the mountains bizarrely hollywood actor sean penn also came
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along but miss can authorities were tracking their communications once the celebrities left the tights and finally joaquin guzman was taken in january two thousand and sixteen this time there was no escape and the legend finally became just a man and a going. home in. sin alone. and has a secret with the headlines now on al-jazeera turkey's president says he's convinced the order to kill journalist jamal khashoggi came from the highest levels of the saudi government but in an article for the washington process wretched typewriter one says he does not believe king salmen gave the order they know what has more from istanbul turkey is not going to let this go this is not going to go away and of course writing in the washington post the same newspaper that actually used the
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contribution to this is a message really the audience is the the americans the international community because there's a lot of frustration here in turkey that the u.s. administration is not putting enough pressure on saudi arabia to cooperate and began saying that he believes the order to kill she was given at the highest levels of government. protests in pakistan against the release of a christian woman acquitted of blasphemy charges have been called off under a deal with the government cannot leave the country and demonstrators can file for review with the supreme court top court on wednesday overturned bibi's death sentence on charges of insulting islam u.s. president donald trump says he will reimpose the sanctions lifted on iran in the twenty fifteen nuclear deal signatories of that deal condemned the move the decision will come into effect on monday with this round of sanctions focusing on iran's oil sector among other industries. the us president donald trump has backed
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off from his earlier threat that troops would shoot at migrants at the mexican border if they throw rocks he made the comments on thursday referring to people from central america attempting to reach the u.s. without documents a sri lanka's ousted prime minister has told it is in a democracy is under threat. is refusing to quit after he was fired last week by president. dozens of palestinians were injured in the latest protests along the border fence with israel on friday at least two hundred ten people have been killed since the weekly friday demonstrations began in march. guards are demanding the lifting of israel's blockade those are the headlines we're back with more after inside story. on november sixth the united states will vote for president donald trump gain or lose growth will be live from the white house here on capitol hill as the results come in join us for special coverage of
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the u.s. terrible actions on al-jazeera. exactly a month ago jamal khashoggi came to istanbul he was killed in istanbul one month on turkey and saudi arabia are now at loggerheads i mean investigation into his death is going no place this is inside story. hello and welcome from turkey today inside story coming to you from istanbul exactly a month ago today jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist walked into that building behind me to collect some paperwork he was just about to get remarried instead of getting a stamp on a form and walking out of the build.


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