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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 306  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2018 2:32pm-3:01pm +03

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they do that with us they're going to be arrested there's going to be a problem i didn't say sure i didn't say sure but they do that whether they're going to be arrested for a long time at least ten thousand people have been displaced by fighting in central african republic in the last four days camps set up for those who fled their homes have been attacked and at least two people killed more than seven hundred thousand have been displaced since former president francois was overthrown in twenty thirteen of protests in pakistan against be acquittal of a christian woman who was on death row charged with blasphemy have been called off . those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now. it's inside story.
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exactly a month ago she came to istanbul he was killed in istanbul one month on turkey and saudi arabia are now at loggerheads i mean investigation into his death is going no place this is inside story. hello and welcome from turkey today inside story coming to you from istanbul exactly a month ago today. the saudi journalist walked into that building behind me to collect some paperwork he was just about to get remarried instead of getting a stamp on a form and walking out of the building to meet his fiance the teacher instead he
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was tortured and brutally killed there are three questions to which we have yet to receive. who ordered the killing who carried out the killing and on top of that where is the body of jamal khashoggi there are two other questions as well is there a broader issue here is there a broader malays across the region and a saudi arabia crossed a rubicon has it done something that it thought it could get away with which it may not get away with we'll get to our guest in just a moment first charles stratford sets up our discussion today. also with the second four fifty seven am local time in istanbul. security camera footage shows him and his fiance hoodies entering the building of his recently acquired istanbul apartment hours later the couple arrive at the saudi consulate for her shows his appointment it's thirteen thirteen they stand at the barricades close by the show
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she gives her his two mobile phones they have agreed that if he doesn't reappear they should call a turkish government official who is a trusted friend. in an interview with turkish t.v. had he just said that although they were both nervous about her shows his appointment he had told her the consulate staff had treated him well during a previous visit on september the twenty eighth to does this imply a trap had been sent to virtual gave the tick to. jamal a smiling when he came out of the consulate he was very happy with the welcome he'd received he said the consulate staff and come to introduce themselves and offered him something to drink he was told that the documents he wanted would be ready in a few days' time at thirteen fourteen shows he enters the consulate never to be seen again for the quarter hours later at seventeen thirty three can be seen
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anxiously waiting outside she had already made the call but it's too late turkish and saudi investigators now agree that by this time was already one of them let me up almost as i'm making these calls i'm thinking to myself am i too late is something happening could i prevent something from happening to me. according to friends jamal khashoggi didn't like being called a saudi dissident in an interview which he came to a canadian t.v. channel in june he explains why he fled to america i list because what you got no space i had was getting no work and began to feel the pressure so i just decided to leave before it used to do it and just a couple of months that i had a lift feelings of mind where many people i knew. from trouble soissons goodness that i did a little boy if they were pleased i would have been told at my home by no bun from
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trouble at least if not i missed it and that's the thing i want in my entire minute i am sixty years old and they want to enjoy life and they want to be thirty just be quoted make and thirty it seems shows he was killed in this building for trying to do exactly that speaking freely for the good of a country that he said he loved his murder by man some of whom are described as being either close to or even parts all saudis in the circle leadership shows just how dangerous that endeavor was tall strafford the inside story stumble. ok let's get going with our conversation here today on inside story let's introduce three guests today they are. the. english language newspaper here in istanbul the tour she's an international strategist and. the university
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has just come to you first. will we ever see the body or what's left of it the body of jamal khashoggi well if we if we look at. what has been said by a turkish official washington post i'm afraid it's not likely that we're going to see mr cheese body because one of the sources told the washington post that it was actually melted and so if that's the case or if the body has been dismembered and the spores in a in a way that we are not able to put it together. you know i'm afraid it's going to be very unlikely that we're going to see the body fortunately. but if it is otherwise i think that's an question that riyadh needs to answer at this point because the prosecutors have invested have dig into the incident and investigation has been you
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know weighed concluded by the turkish prosecutors saying that the body was dismembered and disposed so we don't know where the body is at the moment if riyadh is not going to tell us i'm afraid it's a question that at least from the turkish perspective it is very hard to answer at this point so one month today he walked into that building the consensus is built over the last months saying that this probably goes all the way to the crown prince mohammed bin that's the consensus that's the assumption i'm using the words very very delicately here because new on everything in the story in your mind is the consensus right. well it seems that starting from two thousand and seventeen prince all money was interacted into the you know the top of the poverty of the saudi arabian government so he is you know kind of restructuring the national security. priorities and so server
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so it is unlikely that we think so somebody else so if this is kind of an operation it is ill. ill organized and ill execute it and hopefully that our nation's security agency as song old post apartment has you know bring it from the darkness into our very. own knowledge but at the end of the day it doesn't necessarily have to be prince or somebody else we should be focusing on what type of a state can do this kind of thing bridging human rights bridging all the international law ridging be they re end of quote mansion and still cold state it is absolutely impossible i mean we can i do call it is a cause a state or
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a state with no institutional capacity or no rule of law at all. they're identified one to one of the key elements of this that internationally presidents and prime ministers diplomats have to carry on addressing and it's it's a function of the way that president the one for example is a phenomenally well experienced politician who's going up against a saudi crown prince he's got a colossal lack of experience because he's never been a politician he's never been a successful businessman he's always just been a prince. well yeah there's a difference of experience a gap which doesn't work very well for saudi arabia obviously. but i think what sell was just said about the institutional capacity also plays its part here turkey is managing this crisis this international crisis wary well in
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a way that it for visits from turning into a bilateral issue so it's not like pitching prince oman against the turkish president. perodua what turkey is actually doing very successfully in that i should mention is internationalizing the issue multilateral izing the issue and this corner saudi arabia and whoever is responsible within the saudis system for this hideous murder of. in a very bad position to say the least so how does mr erdogan keep calm internationalizing it he spent two weeks leaking information basically somebody to probe predominantly via the daily sabah newspaper these language question but it is something he needs to keep it going he's delivered those two very strong speeches he was very presidential he clearly signals i will work with king solomon i cannot work with the crown prince but how does he keep it in the headlines well i think
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it's. you know his own character and bill it see too many to process but own couple of that it's also the ability and institutional kept us the old the foreign political mindset of turkey i mean. we've heard that we are running into a very different period of time so the. structure is absolutely changing and this is the same international system that we used to have let's say to the case sicko the great bell. this is our changing the international institutional kept us the is decaying unfortunately so in a very. hectic period of time and the very troubled some region like middle east cannot to live aid another problem all topple that you know mr add ons. i think and i believe it's my own perception that he is
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trying to keep the balance is in the way that it won't be creating another turmoil or another disaster within the region ok another turmoil on the sauce with the region that's interesting isn't it because so much of the death of one man feeds into the of the big issues in this region mike pompei of the u.s. secretary of state in the past twenty four hours talking fast about sanctions surely not going to happen this side of the u.s. midterm elections and nobody's giving us a timeframe for about. that is i think one of the one of the key results emerging from the very close and intense intimate relationship between crown prince miss crown prince mohammed bin salon and washington so that's one thing on the one side but i just want to elaborate with one with what silva said with regards to the regional turmoil and the implications behind that i mean this situation we are
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saying that mr are the on it has been able to keep it at an international level but this is not an incident a simple criminal incident that happened in turkey this has this by it's nature it's an international issue so the fact that he's a columnist at washington post makes it an international issue the fact that he's a saudi citizen and killed saudi citizen in saudi consulate makes and makes it an international issue this is you know it has a very small details that could affect turkey saudi arabia saudi arabia relations directly so mr are the one wants to move away from that this is not an issue in a way that just has happened between turkey and saudi arabia this is a this is an incident has regional dimension. because i mean we know is saudi
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arabia's. unsaid agenda with regards to turkish influence in the region and also it has an international mission because this is a figure that was a critical. who is a critic critical critical to riyadh and who has a dissident journalist and so it has an international dimension in the sense that there is borders and values that are crashed by this so it's not a one dimensional issue and i mean it's very hard to see with regard to your question it's very hard to see a quick outcome with regards to washington. sanctions on mohammed bin someone i mean i think the fact that he makes a lot of mistakes makes him a better figure for washington that washington can put its support behind. as far as mr erdogan is concerned he can carry on exerting pressure however he wants he's clearly highly skilled at court he's dumb since
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a month ago since the events of one month ago but he can't go so far surely he fractures the relationship. with riyadh because then nothing happens. that is correct absolutely and turkey is definite there of that while trying to eliminate mom had been so mun that is why president is on this trying to keep king solomon close and keep the doors of dialogue open in that regard. because turkish decision makers and mr added on is pretty much everywhere of the fact that the regional turmoil that we have been going to. in the middle east requires an necessitates cooperation in man way or the other from. an area of part no one country is able to so say this syrian civil war no one party
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is available to dissolve the tensions in the gulf no one party is able to so what would come after the speeding up of the iranian sanctions regime by the united states and turkey and saudi arabia despite at all on many of the issues that concerns the region are two heavyweights in this region and any way any leverage that turkey or saudi arabia can provide today or agendas from the other would largely enhance their positions that is why this becomes a game of strategy and edging on the side also. jamal is fiance to teach a just in the past twelve hours or so writing a very strong article one of the english language newspapers out of europe saying there must not be a cover up but this kind of plays to the general donald trump's son in law's reaction to it saying account of the precise quote but he basically said we need
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a truth we can work with and when he said that ten days two weeks ago people were outraged but everyone is moving to that position where they have a truce that they can work with. but it might not actually be the truth of what happened because they have to deal with the truth of what happened and some imaginable and the consequences would have to be so much harder fortunately these says the as my professor of middle this says that international relations has a cold face right this is you know there realities in poland takes and also the truth sometimes it's called lights to each other. you know let's remember a little bit about the whole of this u.s. so the relationship because they're to countries exactly the opposite to each other the regimes are completely different the values are completely different democratic values doesn't ever existed in. how come this two countries come together and
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create a strategy gallons in the middle east. in one part united states have the poverty of the dollar and in one part saudi arabia have the poverty of the energy so this two poverty actually lead to no itself time to time in order to settle down the relationship either in the region or in the global scale. maybe we don't touch too much but we are very old the fact that china is very silent about this case for example i mean in the event that u.s. put some sanctions in the event the tilley agent comes from the area then the oil prices and this energy business will go into a true loyal and it's the next run the saudis would like to proof or maybe to price oil not in u.s. dollars but in the yuan because there is the market up or running and growing day by day only last year four months after the shanghai oil market has
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grown at least seven person or so in the global crude turnover this is a huge thing you know the it unfortunately. vagrants alert is not about the fact that everybody was playing the game on the moral grounds because there are interests and there are strategies and also the design says will create a final decision i guess by. what is just said because master of the english language and my dear aren't nor coming out of washington but we should all remember. when he wrote that there was no virtue like necessity and this is the is the burning oil behind all of this it's the small that is why. this workable truth rhetoric is out there with the consciousness of the people
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who are private or even watching this case revolting to the fact that we need the truth that we could work with. it is actually the name of the game in many capitals around the world nowadays and we are seeing signs of that actually with what is happening in denmark with iranian operatives being charged with trying to eliminate nate some iranian dissidents in denmark so it's just like saudis are doing that and iranians are doing that so the do not harm the agenda. the bigger political agenda ok you're talking about agenda you're talking about interests and strategies measurement is the strategy or the agenda for mr earth the one that he wants to reposition turkey to be the regional superpower i don't think this discourse about how to do on utilizing this case to to reaffirm its regional influence is very it's very it's a very weak narrative i think because i was sad was approach to this case is
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basically just seeking the truth at this moment it is in a way we can see that you know this will shift. alan says but this is not because i don't is using this case to reach to the point this is because riyadh has put itself in a position after spending billions of millions of dollars to for their for their image of repairing the region and globally the fact that they have a maturely and in a brutal way executed at dissident journalist so this is not about whether i do one will use this case to to make his position more concrete in the region but this is about the fact that saudi areas. influence which president on has also praised previously in for example in the case we're doing to the crisis with france our he said you know so here is the older brother in this region but this is a case where saudi arabia's role is diminishing. because our bronze star jones
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approach to this situation is simply seeking the answers that will shed light to dismiss this brutal murder so solve we being a little bit naive if we want to assume that no one is trying to get to the position of definitive truth and therefore questions of moral ambiguity have to be abandoned perhaps but he maybe he needs to get to another acceptable from now i mean turkey demonstrated a way that is possible in the international system which is you can do a moral polis say and also make you'll regional influence accordingly at the same time you know moral it's a national interest doesn't have to be called like every so i'm right so this is the state traditions tradition of but time to time you know we got or turkey got problems to express what they're doing exactly but in this case i
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mean this is not about turkish position or turkey's searching a person afford its roots this is about what what is going to be the u.s. foreign policy from now on in the middle east and if. the prince song on with all this you know absolutely unbelievably you know harsh and wilder position in fulsome making will going to be survived in the in the future i think. this is much more important for me i guess that change cannot become from the political it's that change should become a crumb top bottom to a less just boil but you've got three very very powerful individuals here comes along donald trump you were talking about him the crumb prince out of those three men those three people which one is the most politically dextrous here well definitely. if and mr dunn is the more able guy
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in running such a crisis though there are different capacities year when it. comes to political dexterity mr add on is definitely the one with the political acumen when it comes to pass the and influence i would say that mr trump has the most. and when it comes to the role of energy and regional back doors along with bin sell month seems to be yearning for morning fluence but amongst those three i would say that moment in selma as that is the least apt to deal with this crisis and it is showing off in the way that the crisis is unfolding right now and that seems to be an appropriate thought on which to end our discussion thank you all very much to our guests. political news that it's a. international strategist at casting from the. university
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and thank you so you two for your company over the last half hour if you want more on the debate of course you can find it on our facebook page talks on twitter it's at a.j. inside story or you can tweet me i will tweet you back i'm at peace it will be one everyone on the team here on this special inside story in istanbul thanks for watching thank you for your time all season by.
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the right to adequate housing was adequate who decides. housing is not just about four walls and a roof it's about living in a place where you have peace security and most importantly dignity un special rapporteur. talks to al-jazeera. on november sixth the united states will vote will president total trump gain or lose ground will be live from the white house here on capitol hill as the results come in join us for special coverage of the u.s. big time elections on al-jazeera. off to one of greece's deadliest forest fires tons of blissful coastal town into a bloody hell people in power all six of the flames will find point institutional incompetence the number one responsibility of could be god is protecting the
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citizens was not an accident it was a crime but maybe the fine is the real symbol the book resisting coming up to take a bit from the still staring of the phone on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. with and for us. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story a feel we cover this region better than anyone else would. but it is you know it's very. different in the particulars because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues. the people believe tell the real story so i'll just mandate is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel
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inferior to the audience across the globe. with a look at the headlines here in algiers the. turkeys president says he's convinced the order to kill journalist jamal khashoggi came from the highest levels of the saudi government. out of the one says he does not believe king saul man gave the order. to hold them in istanbul clearly the turkish president staying on the offensive keeping up the pressure and telling the world really that turkey will not stop until it reveals the whole truth and hold those responsible for the murder to account like you mentioned the order to kill she was made from the highest the highest level.


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